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Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Kurisan, Jun 26, 2020.

  1. Kurisan

    Kurisan Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 26, 2016

    The Battle of Hoth is over. The brave
    freedom fighters of the REBEL ALLIANCE have
    scattered to the stars. The evil GALACTIC EMPIRE
    is determined to hunt them down and finally end this
    annoying insurrection…

    Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa

    have departed on their own mission
    to track down their lost friend, Han Solo.

    In a perilous game of cat and mouse,

    the Rebel fleet now relies on its humble transports
    and special ops units to maintain constant supplies. But
    Imperial Agents are everywhere, watching…



    *** PM FOR MORE INFO ***
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  2. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 8

    Aug 31, 2004
    Character Sheet--approved by GM :)

    Name: T'Rani Beillane

    Species: Barolian

    Gender: Female

    Age: 27

    Appearance: 5'4". Shoulder length bronze hair. Amethyst eyes.

    Skills: Treat Injury, Knowledge (medicine), Knowledge (anatomies of sentient species) , Knowledge (medical droid interface), Cooking

    0 Strength
    0 Toughness
    +1 Agility, more in the form of recrreation/exercise in lieu of actual combat skills.
    +3 Intelligence (academic ability); T'Rani was always a conscientious and eager student.
    +2 Wisdom (“streetwise”, ability to read situations and people); More in the way of intuitiveness and being observant.
    +1 Charisma, T'Rani feels her influence is more subtle than overt persuasion or debate.

    Equipment: Datapadd, medical kit including vibroscalpel, bacta patches, portable scanner.

    Personality: T'Rani is warm and lively. Is a good listener.
    Likes/dislikes: Loves works of art and music. Enjoys dining out and the ocean. T'Rani dislikes clutter and hates those who throw their weight around.
    Habits: T'Rani is punctual and well-organized. She gets up early and enjoys a few moments of quiet to plan her day and at the end of the day to unwind.

    Bio: T'rani comes from Baroli and is an only child.
    By profession, she is a medic. She has a natural ability to put her patients at ease, and although she respects the abilities of the MD droids, she believes that more is needed than just technical knowledge.
    Her family has always supported the Rebellion after the loss of Alderaan, particularly, more in the open.
    Hearing about the victories of Rogue and Phoenix Squadrons has led her to want to join a Rebel team.
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  3. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    @Kurisan Approved [face_dancing]


    Name: Venge Jedha

    Alias: Ven, Vendetta

    Species: Human

    Gender: Male

    Age: 37


    Appearance: Venge is 6’4’, 242 lb with a muscular build and dark hair.

    Skills: Pilot, Brawler, sharpshooter, scout, operational logistics.



    Toughness: +3

    Agility: +1

    Intelligence: 0

    Wisdom: +1

    Charisma: -1

    Equipment: Pazaak card deck, Vibroblade, Death Hammer Blaster pistol ( model 434), datapad, communicator, cybernetic (left) eye Mod III

    Personality: Dour and often unapproachable, but always willing to go up against the Empire. He doesn’t consider himself a leader, but does what needs to be done.

    Likes: Solitude, Firing an E-Web at Imperials. Making Imps pay.

    Dislikes: Imperials, the Empire, cowards, politicians

    Habits: Tends to talk to himself when he’s not feeling agreeable.

    Bio: Venge Jedha is not his original name. That name he no longer uses, for it was obliterated when his home planet of Jedha was destroyed by the Empire’s nascent Death Star. Venge’s new name ensures that he remembers why he is, and will always be, a Rebel. As a young man, Venge had been working at a secret landing zone as a ship’s loader, run by Saw Guerrera’s men. It was his way of contributing to the cause.

    On that fateful day, they had been loading a transport when they saw the initial strike from afar. It immediately became clear that their planet was doomed, which prompted those at the secret landing zone to flee aboard a ship, with only their clothes on their backs. Since that day, Venge’s only purpose for living is to make the Empire pay.

    Not too long after, he’d gotten into a drunken brawl with two stormtroopers at a bar, and lost his left eye for his troubles. During a raid on an Imperial depot, Venge found out he was strong enough to lift an E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster for a short period of time, much to his delight.

    He is no born leader, but he is motivated and sometimes motivational. He joined the Rebel Alliance because he believes in their cause. They also replaced his left eye with a cybernetic one. And after their victory at the Battle of Yavin, there is no other place in the galaxy he would rather be.
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  4. Kurisan

    Kurisan Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 26, 2016

    Name: Stunno (real name unpronounceable by most sentients)

    Gender: male
    Age: 40


    climb, intimidate, pilot, repair, survival, track
    +3 Strength
    +3 Toughness
    - Agility
    - Intelligence
    +1 Wisdom
    -1 Charisma

    grav-hammer (improvised close combat weapon that strikes as hard as a vibro-axe), heavy repeating blaster
    Personality: Gruff and no-nonsense, but loyal and dependable. Can show surprising kindness to those he cares for. Slow to befriend others, but when he does, he is an ally for life.
    Likes: Powerful engines running smoothly, a rowdy bar and very strong spirits, straight-forward honesty
    Dislikes: overly-intellectual stuff, snobbery, fiddly things and small cockpits
    Habits: tends to get on with his work on the engines without complaint, or need for direction. Generally unruffled by events around him, but when roused can go into a fearsome rage
    Bio: Like many gigorans, Stunno was drafted into labour work by offworlders for his great strength and endurance. However, he had an aptitude for machines and found work in the engine rooms of transport rigs. He eventually saved up enough for his own space-tug and made money shifting ore-loads brought in by the asteroid-dodgers in the lucrative fields around the world known as Junction. He worked hard and spent his credits hanging out in the town’s bars, getting drunk and fighting.

    Things went downhill when the Empire took over the asteroid mining corporation and gradually squeezed out non-human riggers. The last straw was an unnecessary and expensive “re-licencing” procedure enforced by the Empire. Stunno argued back, got into a fight with some stormtroopers (which he would have won if they didn’t have stun blasters) and got himself thrown into prison. He accidentally got involved in a breakout and thereafter was recruited by the Rebel Alliance to work on their transports. He was glad to leave Junction and get some payback…
  5. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Force Ghost star 4

    Mar 28, 2004
    GM Approved


    Gender: Female
    Age: 34
    Race: Twi'Lek
    Homeworld: Ryloth
    Personality: Scarred from her past, dedicated to the mission, kind, a bit withdrawn
    Weapon(s): Westar 34 Blaster Pistol


    Skills: appraise, bluff, dance, discern motive, sleight of hand, spot


    0 Strength
    +2 Agility
    0 Constitution
    0 Intelligence
    +2 Wisdom
    +2 Charisma

    Short Bio: sold into slavery from early childhood Nyll does not remember her clan's name. Her red skin set her apart from the other Twi'Lek slaves. It meant that she was to be a prized possession to her masters. It was clear that she will grow to become a beauty. She had to endure abuse and humiliation, something that scarred her for life. One day she was saved by a female Jedi Knight, Dennii Sunwalker. All alone, she tried to make her way around the Galaxy. Nyll learned how to defend herself, joined a gang who was robbing the rich and helped the poor, but then the Empire came. Her gang quickly became a guerilla group fighting the oppressors. They were no match for the Imperial military so most of the gang members were executed. She too was slated for termination, but was rescued by a Rebel cell. Once brought to Yavin 4 she decided to join the efforts against the Empire. Took part in multiple operations fighting against the oppressors. Narrowly escaped from Hoth, had to go to ground before rejoining the Alliance.

    OOC: I would like to thank @Kurisan for the amazing picture and for the help with the skills and attributes!
  6. Kurisan

    Kurisan Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 26, 2016

    Keia Tamara
    Species: human
    Gender: female
    Age: 24


    Skills: astrogate, pilot, computers, disable device, move silently, knowledge (Imperial codes and systems), swim

    -1 Strength
    - Toughness
    +3 Agility
    +3 Intelligence
    - Wisdom
    +1 Charisma

    Equipment: Czerka 411 holdout blaster pistol, datapad, code cylinder, security kit


    Personality: quiet and serious, studious but not streetwise, can be shy but is insistent when she knows she is right. Keia is more comfortable calculating data and working from logic rather than instinct or hunches. She is not a natural leader but has an infectious giggle.
    Likes: Shimawi (an aromatic rice and fish bowl), strong caffeine, quiet times with friends
    Dislikes: Large boisterous parties, having to take leaps of faith
    Habits: Keia likes routine, keeps fit, and does yoan stretching exercises every morning

    Bio: Keia was born on Scarif but her family moved to Coruscant through an Imperial “relocation” program, as their native homelands were redeveloped. In contrast to the promises, her parents had to take low-paying manual jobs and they lived in a poor sector. Her father died through bad health in a toxic working environment. Her older brother ran away to join an underworld swoop gang. Her mother worked hard in cafés to put food on the table. When it became apparent Keia was “smart” from her school grades, her mother begged her to study hard, go the Academy and get a good job with the government. This promise she honoured, graduating into the Imperial Navy as a computer technician. She also obtained her transport starship license.

    While on her first posting to the distribution/port planet known as “Junction”, at the centre of a large asteroid-mining operation, Keia witnessed first-hand the Empire’s cruelty to non-humans. Something compelled her to fix a Gigoran’s unfairly confiscated rigger’s licence by hacking into Imperial systems and “re-purposing” the small amount of credits needed: Her first small act of rebellion. Unfortunately, her commanding officer noticed and had her thrown into the local jail and made sure she would be trapped with the most undesirable elements of society, knowing her Imperial uniform would almost definitely see her attacked while inside. Luckily, a certain Gigoran came to her rescue and after a chain of events, she found herself leaving Imperial service and joining the rebellion as a co-pilot and tech specialist.

  7. Kurisan

    Kurisan Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 26, 2016

    [credits fade to starfield...]​


    Docking Bay 6311, Planet Mygeeto, the middle of the night

    A blast door slid aside, its swoosh uncomfortably loud in the frosty semi-darkness.
    Three figures moved through the portal and into the hangar area. They approached a torpedo-shaped GR-75 transport ship that stood ready and fuelled. Loader droids handled a hover-sled carrying a large cylindrical tank, adding it to eighty others already on board. The robots had been ordered to work quietly, but each clang and pneumatic hiss of loading bay doors echoed in the great space. This was an Imperial-controlled planet but it had many visitors from across the galaxy, due to its nature as a banking hub.


    The three arrivals met two more silhouettes waiting beneath the nose of the transport. One of the newcomers, a Bothan called Maryk Beda’la, cleared his throat.

    “Thank you all for coming at such short notice.” His voice had the curious, growling quality typical of the furred species. “You heard about Hoth? This is why you have been activated now. Hoth changed everything.”

    Maryk let that sink in for a moment, then said, “Everyone, this is Captain Venge Jedha. Alliance Special Forces...”

    A grizzled man stepped forward beside the Bothan. He scratched at a thick black beard and gazed at the others through one cybernetic eye. He did not smile or make a greeting.

    Maryk continued. "Venge, this is the flight crew of the Galiceno. Keia Tamara will be your co-pilot.”

    A slender girl with tan skin and elfin looks stepped forward and offered a trembling hand. It was not taken.

    Maryk said, “She’s licensed, and a good slicer with inside knowledge of Imperial codes and systems. So be nicer to this one that your last one, okay?”

    Keia said with a nervous laugh, “What happened to your last co-pilot?”

    Nobody answered.

    Beside her, an even greater being loomed. This goliath was a grey-furred Gigoran, vox-mask across his mouth so that he could speak Basic, and a massive grav-hammer slung across his shoulders.

    “Ah, and this is Stunno,” said Maryk.

    Stunno growled.

    Maryk turned to the last person in the group; a willowy Balorian with amethyst eyes and long hair with a cerulean sheen, typical of the near-human species.

    “Everyone, this is Doctor T’Rani Beillane, based right here on Mygeeto. Doctor, I apologise for calling on you at such short notice. I appreciate you are leaving behind your practice and whole life here. We are thankful for the bacta,” he gestured to the tanks loaded on the transport. “This is truly precious to the Alliance right now. Hoth has created an emergency; I need you to supervise its transport, storage and administration when you get to the fleet – we are critically short of medical experts.”

    T’Rani nodded, “I will do my part. I’ve had it with serving Imperials and their banking cronies.”

    She did not seem to be cowed by the others.

    At that moment, a sixth figure zoomed into the hangar on the back of a jumpspeeder. The bike skidded to a halt and the figure kicked off in nonchalant style. As she swaggered through the gloom, the others saw it was a red-skinned Twi’lek who wore a look of amused disdain.

    Maryk purred. “Fashionably late, as usual, Nyll. You almost missed the flight. How much did you get?”

    “All of it,” said Nyll, with a shrug. She held up a credit chip triumphantly. “The banks won’t know till morning.”

    “All five accounts?” said Maryk. “Impressive.”

    “Minus some operational expenditure,” said Nyll, eyeing the bike.

    “And the other matter?” said the Bothan.

    “A lead, nothing more.”

    Maryk nodded. “Tell it to Alliance Command when you get there. They will be grateful.”

    “Good. Then I get my cut?”

    When you reach the fleet,” said Maryk. He turned back to Venge. “You need to get the bacta, and these agents to the Alliance, as soon as possible.”

    Venge nodded, turned, and walked up the ramp to the transport, followed by Stunno.

    After a few moments, T’Rani, Keia and Nyll followed.

    The Bothan stayed. The introductions had been made, the assets gathered. His part was done.

  8. Kurisan

    Kurisan Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 26, 2016

    On board the Galiceno, hyperspace

    The doors to the common room swooshed open and there was a commotion outside. The others looked up and witnessed Stunno physically dragging Keia through the doorway.

    “Stunno, stop!” she said. “I have to watch the cockpit!”

    The Gigoran grunted through the vox-mask, “She’s on autopilot, it’ll be okay for a while, I’ll take the next shift.”

    He cajoled her to a spare chair at the all-purpose table. “Team meeting. We’re on mission together, better get to know each other. Have a drink!”

    Keia sat. Stunno planted himself on a chair far too small for his bulk, at the opposite end of the table. Venge filled shot glasses from an unmarked bottle and shoved them across to everyone. T’Rani and Keia exchanged glances. Nyll sniffed her glass and wrinkled her nose.

    Venge and Stunno downed one each then refilled. Venge pointed at Keia.

    “You first.”

    Keia took a long sip and grimaced. Then she began.

    “Okay, well, I’m Keia Tamara. I’m originally from Scarif…”

    Just as with Alderaan, in polite conversation there is a thoughtful pause after mention of this planet’s name, always.

    “But my family got shipped to Coruscant on a relocation programme. I joined the Imperial Navy as a technician…” She glanced at Venge and quickly added, “Not because I liked the Empire! We were poor, my mother begged me to study hard and get a good job. There were few options except the government. Anyway, I saw what they were really like in my first posting at Junction. I got into trouble, hacked their systems to help Stunno, he needed a stupid licence renewal. I got thrown into prison and happened to meet some people that led me to the Alliance and Maryk. I guess I sort of fell into it.”

    She hiccupped. The drink was having an effect already. Venge refilled her cup and she took another gulp. She looked at T’Rani and raised her eyebrows. How about you?

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  9. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 8

    Aug 31, 2004
    T'Rani smiled at Keia. She had liked her immediately. She seemed competent and also very affable. the Giroan ... Stunno? He seemed a no-nonsense type but not a brute or bully. This Venge though ... he bore careful watching.

    She answered Keia's overture. "I'm Doctor Beillane from Baroli. I have never had the misfortune to be in the direct employ of the Empire. My family's Rebel involvement has always been low-key but nonetheless sincere. I am tasked to make sure the bacta gets to the destination intact. Also that the crew doesn't suffer any adverse health events. Including unnecessary hangovers." she laughed. "Tamara, feel free to stop any time you start to feel a bit whoozy."

    T'Rani glanced at Nyll.
    @TheAdmiral \ @greyjedi125 \ @Kurisan
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  10. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Venge Jedha
    On board the Galiceno, Hyperspace

    Venge held it all in for the time being, not to mention, the liquor was helping a great deal. He didn’t care much for these ‘get-to-know-you’ meetings, but it was made clear by his superiors that these were ‘necessary to forge a team spirit’. All that mattered to Venge, was to know if his crew members were capable of handling themselves and their posts, everything else was largely irrelevant. He didn’t trust reports to tell him if someone was useful, he was better convinced by actions.

    So far, the Gigoran was someone that seemed useful, as he instinctively knew when to act. Taking charge of the meeting was something he was silently agreeable to. Besides, he was also the ship’s engineer and had broken out of prison. He respected that. The doctor seemed to be part ‘politician and part physician’ from the sound of it.

    His designated co-pilot presumably had some useful slicing skills and also broke out of prison along the Gigoran. Hmmmm.

    That was all very interesting, at least for starters. He really hoped they did not start calling him ‘Captain’, because that was going to be a problem. All they needed to do is stick to their posts and fulfill their duties. No fuss, no muss.

    He could only hope.

    Now the red Twi’lek wasn’t taking her cue from the doctor, or maybe he was just imaging things. Didn’t matter. The chrono was ticking.

    Venge cleared his throat and sat back.

    “Ahem. It’s your turn.” He said gruffly to the Twi’lek.

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  11. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Force Ghost star 4

    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Nyll
    On board the Galiceno, Hyperspace

    The booze was nothing spectacular, but beggars can’t be choosers. She tried to cover her nervousness with a cool and no-nonsense demeanour, but inside she was pretty tense. Lately she was used to working alone as most of her previous crews got killed or worse… captured by the Empire. At least that way she risked only her own life and no-one else’s. But after Hoth things changed. The Alliance could not afford them to scatter around the Galaxy running around as there was the risk that they would not be able to bring them all back together. That was what the Empire wanted, to break them apart and then simply destroy them bit by bit.

    The crew was rather eclectic, which could be nice, but since that they had never worked together before the idea of getting to know each other was a good one. At least they could start assessing each other’s strengths and weaknesses. She was so focused on the stories that she missed her cue.

    The bearded guy was kind enough to remind her. She tried not to roll her eyes, but gave a fake annoyed look “Oh, I am Nyll, I don’t know my clan name.” she shrugged “I was taken when I was little, been bounced around as a slave and a dancing girl by different masters.” she sighed and tried not to cringe from the memory “A Jedi Knight saved me during the Clone Wars and I was on my own since then. Joined a crew, fought the Empire a bit, then most got killed, got on my own again, then was found by the Alliance and joined in.” she gave a cool smile “Not much to tell, I operate in the shadows mostly and love nice things.” she smirked. “I think that is it for now...” she eyed the bearded man.

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  12. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Venge Jedha
    On board the Galiceno, Hyperspace

    He coughed at the word ‘Jedi’. He’d never seen one. Ever. Heard stories and rumors. Good on the Twi’lek, though, getting rescued and all. But where were they on that fateful day? When the Empire came.

    Venge narrowed his eyes as he gathered his thoughts, ignoring the fact that all eyes were now on him, which he detested. Annoying as it was, he could take the scrutiny. These were ‘good people’ after all. Why would they place him among them didn’t make much sense.

    “Not much of a story either.” He began gruffly, then took a swing of his shot glass and refilled it.

    “Name says it all. ‘Revenge for Jedha’. I was there when the Empire came, turned the planet inside out, cracked it open like an egg with their Death Station. Millions died. Only a handful escaped. Now I hunt the Empire and make them pay. Lost my eye fighting stormtroopers. Joined some lawless men, killed me some Imperials, ran from Imperials. But no more. Got picked up by the Alliance, and here we are.”

    Venge immediately took another swig to hide the fact he really hated recounting that story, but he needed to make nice. Boss’ orders.

    He slammed the empty shot glass on the table, now that his part was over.

    “That leaves you.” He said matter of fact, his head turned to look at the Gigoran.

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  13. Kurisan

    Kurisan Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 26, 2016
    IC: Stunno, on board the Galiceno, hyperspace

    Stunno took another shot then replaced and exhaled through his vox-mask.

    “Good with the engines, I became a starship mechanic, then got my own rig. Hung out at Junction with the asteroid-dodgers. Things went downhill when the Empire turned up and took over.”

    The hairy Gigoran turned and gave Venge a respectful nod.

    “I tried to fight back, got thrown into prison. Then I bumped into this little one,” he gestured to Keia. “Best hotwiring I’ve ever seen – opened a cell door! Like she said, we got right outta town and right into the Alliance. Feels like…”

    He leaned back and put his hands behind his head, looking around the grubby interior of the transport. “Feels like home.”

    Keia then turned to Nyll and said, “You met a real Jedi? I thought they were, you know… Wasshe like?”

    She slurred her words a little and her cheeks were flushed.

    Stunno chuckled and turned to T’Rani. “See, she’s more fun when she’s drunk, Doc.”

    While she waited for Nyll’s description, Keia also looked sideways at Venge. He had been there on Jedha, when it had happened. She had only heard about her homeworld, Scarif, second-hand. She was aching to ask him more, but he seemed so… Well, it didn’t seem like the right time, yet.

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  14. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 8

    Aug 31, 2004
    T'Rani Beillane on the Galiceno, Hyperspace

    She grimaced in sympathy at each account and attempted a scowl at the Gigoran's encouragement of Keia's imbibing.

    She knew that circumstances would need to forge them into a cohesive team; only time would tell how successful that was.

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  15. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Force Ghost star 4

    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Nyll
    On board the Galiceno, Hyperspace

    Nyll listened to the stories of the others. A couple of them had lost their planets. Not only Alderaanians suffered from what the Empire had done, but given how important a world it was people tended to focus more on it than the other two worlds shattered. Nyll had no recollection of her homeworld of Ryloth. She was just a small child when she was taken from her clan, not even old enough to learn its name.

    “Oh it was a rather brief encounter.” she said with a sad smile “She was a petite girl, but back then she looked like the most impressive warrior that I had ever seen.” she chuckled “She freed all of us and went on to her mission. There were some Judicials with her who helped us get off world and then I just melted with the background.” Nyll shrugged, there was nothing much to add about that.

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  16. Kurisan

    Kurisan Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 26, 2016
    IC: Keia Tamara, On board the Galiceno, Hyperspace

    Even through the warm haze of the alcohol, Keia got the idea she was taking Nyll back to a time she did not want to remember. She nodded and smiled in acknowledgement of the Twi'lek's answer. She glanced around the table and detected a definite... frostiness... between T'Rani and Venge. Or maybe Venge was just like that with everyone. She still wanted to ask him about Jedha, but Stunno now talked to the grizzled soldier.

    "So tell me," said the Gigoran, pouring a shot for Venge. "What did happen to your last pilot?"

    Keia took the opportunity to talk to T'Rani. Her inhibitions were lifting with the drink. "Hey, what was the worst patient you ever treated?"

    She made a mental bet with herself that it would be a Hutt.

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  17. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 8

    Aug 31, 2004
    T'Rani answered: "I once had to treat an injured patient with 2 hearts. It was very tricky, making sure the blood flow was maintained correctly and that the connection between the 2 organs wasn't impeded. But if you mean temperament, Rodians are the worst. Perpetually grumpy."

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  18. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Venge Jedha
    Onboard the Galiceno, Hyperspace

    "So tell me," said the Gigoran, pouring a shot for Venge. "What did happen to your last pilot?"

    Venge huffed, remembering the story in his mind like it was yesterday, even as he downed another shot. “Ahhhh.” He expressed, savoring the liquor’s burning sensation with some satisfaction, then placing the shot glass down, indicating another refill. If Stunno really wanted to know, this was as good a time as any to tell that particularly sordid tale.

    “So…” He began as casual as he could muster, without sounding too annoyed, “We were transporting needed parts which were salvaged by Wookie allies, everything is going according to plan, when out of nowhere, we run into some random Imperial Patrol. Just our luck….” Venge throws his hands in the air, almost as if re-living the moment.

    “They ask us to identify ourselves, all that crazy business, yak yak yak, but we have a trump card, right?”

    “So, I find myself fumbling. I was given an older Imperial code for such a situation, but was having trouble finding it. Time was ticking, then I notice the pilot give an Imperial Code that allows us to pass with no trouble at all….right?”

    “So I say, 'Wasn’t that lucky. Where’d you get the code?' "

    “The pilot mumbles something, hesitates and stammers a little…”

    “I figure it’s nerves, ‘cause we almost did get boarded, and I don’t get boarded. So now, I’m trying to lighten things up, and I say, ‘What? you some kind of Imperial mole?’ “

    “Now, I’m laughing, but he stiffens up and I’m thinking, why isn’t he laughing, joke was pretty damn funny, right?”

    “So, I’m watching him now, 'cause he’s real still, then just to test him, I tell him I know a place where they have a Mairan, maybe we should have it read his mind. I start giving out some fake coordinates, then bantha-face suddenly goes for his blaster. I mean….really?”

    “So we tussle right there in the cockpit, it’s kinda funny when you look back, but he hits his head real hard against the dash…several times….now he's dizzy and bleedin’, making a mess.”

    “Just so you know, I’m not fond of Imperials, much less Imperial rats.”

    “Anyway, I think he had some trouble getting back into the ship from the other side of the airlock.”


    Venge makes a face, like he’s just smelled something distasteful. He’s definitely used too many words already, more than he really cared to, but orders were to make nice. He doesn’t even glance at the current pilot as he recalls the frozen expression of the traitor, slowly floating in the cold unforgiving vacuum of space. Sure, he could have taken him to interrogation, probably gotten some intel out of him. But why bother go through all that trouble.


    Without so much as another word, Venge takes another shot of liquor, then simply repeats the process.

    He wasn’t much for story time. He kinda disliked that too.

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  19. Kurisan

    Kurisan Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 26, 2016
    On board the Galiceno, Hyperspace

    An awkward silence descended on the table like a cold blanket as each member considered that response. Venge had basically just recounted how he had smashed his last pilot's head in, then flushed him out of the airlock. Even Stunno was lost for words.

    At that moment, an alarm screamed in the common room. The lights dimmed. An almighty impact rocked the ship. Glasses, bottles, and crew members were upended and sent flying against a wall.

    The rebels untangled limbs and righted themselves, exchanged shocked glances, then piled out towards the cockpit.

    Keia led the way, quickly sobering up. They entered the cockpit and Stunno swore. They were no longer in hyperspace. An ominous wedge-shaped silhouette dominated the viewscreen.


    “That’s an Interdictor,” said Keia, jumping into her seat and studying the data that flooded her screen.

    She uttered a colourful word she had learned from grizzled asteroid miners and began hitting switches.

    She explained over her shoulder, “It whacked us out of hyperspace with a gravity cone projected from those spheres. We’re now stuck in that cone and it is contracting – it will eventually focus into a tractor beam. We need to escape the cone before that happens!”

    She swung the nose of the Galiceno away from the Interdictor star destroyer and a pack of TIE fighters swarmed towards them.

    “They are there to keep us in the cone,” said Keia. “Keep them off us until we figure a way out of this!”

    Stunno growled to the others, “We got two quadlaser turrets, dorsal and belly.”

    Keia turned and looked at T’Rani. “The bacta…”

    Oh. The bacta. In the hold. That impact had overloaded all the inertial dampeners…

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  20. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Aboard the Galiceno \ No Longer in Hyperspace!

    T'Rani felt her gut clench. She didn't believe in coincidences. Not one bit. No one was that good at tracking, either. They either had a tracker somehow or a saboteur, if not onboard then elsewhere, hiding in plain sight.

    These thoughts flew through her mind even as she raced to the cargo hold to check the bacta tanks. Thankfully, the techs who had secured them had secured them tightly; the repulsors and dampeners were still intact although some of the connectors seemed to be somewhat strained. Would need to make sure those were secure, wouldn't want them to snap.

    She relayed the information over the general comm system.
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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Venge Jedha
    Aboard the Galiceno, Under Attack

    Everyone had gone silent. Good. Silence was always good.

    But of course, that didn’t last.

    Alarms blared and lights dimmed as the Galiceno was ripped from hyperspace by an Interdictor Class Star Destroyer, in turn sending everyone aboard for a spill, not to mention the liquor and glasses.

    “What the kriff….!!???”

    Venge’s eyes flared in anger at the sight of the Imperial ship, but something else caught his immediate attention.

    “It whacked us out of hyperspace with a gravity cone projected from those spheres. We’re now stuck in that cone and it is contracting – it will eventually focus into a tractor beam. We need to escape the cone before that happens!”

    The ship’s sensors picked up the signature of incoming TIE fighters.

    “They are there to keep us in the cone,” Keia said. “Keep them off us until we figure a way out of this!”

    Stunno growled to the others, “We got two quadlaser turrets, dorsal and belly.”

    “The Bacta…”

    In that instant, the crew had reacted to the situation without prompt, without fear or hesitation. Perhaps the Bothan had been right after all.

    “I’ll take the dorsal turret!” Venge shouted, already on the move and switching to speak via communicator as he ran.

    Keia you pilot. I’ll clear us a path. Stunno, be ready to funnel all non-essential power to the engines. We need to break the interdiction zone, then jump back into hyperspace, right now I don’t care where.”

    Nyll! You got the belly!!”

    Venge climed up the turret as fast as his arms and legs would take him, then moved into the gunnery cradle with practiced familiarity, even donning his head-set in a single motion and engaging the targeting systems within seconds.

    Doctor, do what you can about that bacta!”

    Proximity alerts began to blare within the turret and Venge was already in the moment, firing the quad lasers at the first wave of TIE fighters that came into range.

    True to form, Venge was at his best when under pressure, his mind working feverishly to solve a cascade situational changes.

    “Get us out of that cone!!” He yelled as he fired once again. It didn’t matter how close the cut it, as long as they lived to tell about it.

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Nyll
    On board the Galiceno, Hyperspace

    Nyll was not good reminiscing, far too many painful memories that she wanted to forget. The soldier recounted what started as a funny sounding story and ended with a gruesome death. She would need to be on the lookout for him. The Alliance attracted desperate people and some of them were not exactly the do-gooders as they wanted to paint themselves.

    She was taken out of her thoughts by the sudden emergence of an Imperial Interdictor. Those things were nasty, ideal Rebel killers as they trapped the nimble crafts the Alliance utilized and then mauled them to death or even worse… capture them.

    Nyll was out of her elements in this situation. All she could do was stay out of trouble and let the more experienced ones do the fighting. She was ordered to the belly gun though, so it did not last long. The Twi’Lek had an idea though. “Maybe I can convince them we are a trading ship? I can be quite the charmer...” she decided to chime in.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Venge Jedha
    On board the Galiceno, Hyperspace

    Venge grimaced, then let out a series of expletives once he understood that ‘Red’ was not taking the belly turrent. The man moved past the surge of anger he felt and kept focused on the situation. Venge immediately used his command codes to open the iris valve to the belly turret and jumped all the way down to the floor deck, then onto the turret. The TIEs were coming around and he did not want them to suspect they were down a gunner, because the Imperial pilots were guaranteed to exploit that weakness to their advantage, if they caught wind of it.

    “Do not open a channel to the Imperials unless Keia can slice into them through that channel or prevent someone from doing the same to us, otherwise do what you can to stall them.” Venge yelled.

    He gritted his teeth as he tried to do some predictive tracking and fired at the TIE squad trying to keep them in the ‘cone’. At the very least he managed to shoot down the trailing one and did some damage to the wingman's panel. Dang, those things were fast. Staying here much longer would just make things worse for the Galiceno. The moment they crossed the Interdictor’s event horizon, they would make the jump to light speed and be gone -anywhere was better than here. That wouldn’t leave them much time to change course a second time after that.

    But it was their best hope.

    "Status report!!?" He said, yelling once again.

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  24. Kurisan

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    Apr 26, 2016
    The Galiceno, under attack!


    Keia finished the switchover sequence to manual control, accelerated to combat speed, and took up a headset that linked her into the closed-circuit comloop of the Galiceno. The others all left the cockpit in a hurry, off to their chosen tasks on board the transport.

    T’Rani dashed into the spacious cargo hold and checked over the rows of bacta tanks. Luckily, the securing racks of the precious liquid seem to have held. The temperature/pressure regulators had scrambled on two modules, but with expert fingers she soon reset them.

    She turned a corner and yelped with surprise. A figure was standing there.


    “Oh I am sorry. I did not mean to startle you. I am J-A.S.P./R, they call me Jasper.”

    The little ASP labour droid almost looked grumpy for a moment. “They forgot to tell you about me?”

    The droid had some time in the past received a head swap and vocabulator programmed with a boyish male voice. He looked T’Rani up and down and worked out what she was doing.

    “There is one bacta tank in the rear that is loose!” he reported, turned and lead her down the corridor.

    Coming to the rear of the hold, T’Rani noticed two unexpected items amongst the bacta cylinders. They looked like small one-man tanks, with formidable-looking twin laser cannons. “MLC-3” was stencilled on their sides.


    She had little time to worry about this, however, as Jasper drew her attention to something else. A bacta tank was off its rack and needed securing before it rolled around and damaged anything else. The tanks were heavy, and she was not sure she or Jasper could handle it.

    Stunno huffed past on his way to the engine room.


    Keia listened to the signals going back and forth on the comloop. Nyll suggested trying to talk to the destroyer, but Venge was having none of it. Keia bit her lip. Even if they could convince them they were just traders, the Imperials would want to board and inspect. She knew the procedures.

    A pair of blasts rocked the Galiceno - long range warning shots from the Interdictor. She dared not open the comlink line to them; she knew they would be sending the standard automated orders to power down and surrender.

    Keia pressed the comloop, “Sorry, Nyll. I don’t think they feel like talking right now. Save it for when – no if – we get boarded.”

    Now to make sure that does not happen! she thought.


    “Raising shields,” Keia reported, flicking the necessary switches, watching from the corner of her eye as a wing of TIEs broke from the holding formation and swooped toward them.

    She checked the hyperdrive computer. It had crashed due to the sudden impact. This was probably as well. She completely cut the power so that no trace would remain of the previous coordinates it had been programmed. She took out the code cylinder Maryk had given her, memorised the Alliance fleet position, then slipped it into an incinerator, just in case. She had every intention of escaping this. She switched the hyperdrive computer back on.

    “Stunno, are the booster jets online?” she signalled on the comloop.

    “Need to connect the fuel-line,” he grunted. “On my way.”

    Keia nodded then said, “It’ll take a few minutes to re-calculate the hyperspace jump. Where do we want to go?”

  25. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    T'Rani had a succession of surprises, first the ASP droid named Jasper, who thankfully notified her of the loose bacta tank then the one-man tanks with laser cannons (was that something Venge was aware of and had sanctioned?)

    She activated her commlink. "Stunno, there's a loose bacta tank in here. Could you please help secure it before we lose it in all this jostling?"

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