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Saga "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" (Luke n' Han vignettes) Updated 10 June: "A Man of Honour"

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by JadeLotus, Jan 1, 2015.

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    So, new year, new fic thread. This will be a series of vignettes focusing on Luke and Han's friendship with particular order, time period or over-arching theme, other than that they are the Brotp to end all Brotps. Updates will be whenever I get a new idea - I have a few in the works, but hey, if there's anything you particularly want to see, just ask. Most will probably be set in Saga, but I will be trying to more or less stick to Legends canon if in Beyond, so no AUs here.

    The first is a repost from before the board move, but the rest will be new fics. Hope you enjoy!



    There were a few moments, after Han had been dragged from his cell and Luke had threatened Jabba, that they were all alone in the dark corridors of the palace, waiting to be loaded onto the skiff that would take them to their deaths.

    Han felt the fat, clawed hand of the guard hold him still. Almost alone, then. But as he was fairly sure the creatures didn’t understand Basic, if their unintelligible grunts were anything thing to go by.

    “Luke?” Han called out into the darkness. He wasn’t sure if he was still blind or if the tunnel was as pitch-black as the dungeons had been, but he still couldn’t see a thing.

    “I’m here, Han.” Luke’s voice was soft next to him in the darkness.

    “What’s been going on?” He’d managed to get a basic overview of the time he’d missed from Chewie, but the Wookiee had been notably silent on certain subjects.

    “I’ll be happy to explain it all to you later,” was Luke’s reply, and Han was convinced there was something they were all keeping from him. “Now’s not really the time or place.”

    Han nodded sluggishly, remembering too late that Luke wouldn’t have been able to see him in the darkness. Or, perhaps he could. Chewie had referred to Luke as a ‘Jedi Knight’, and not in that affectionate, teasing way that Han always had. There had been respect in the Wookiee’s tone. Han kept silent for several minutes, thinking of the last time he had seen Luke – freshly scarred from the Wampa, shaggy-haired and innocent. Like a kid, still. It certainly didn’t match up with the man he’d heard warn Jabba – and it had to have been a genuine threat – Luke had never been any good at bluffing.

    “Luke?” he called out after a long silence, his voice small and tinny as if it, too, was being engulfed by the darkness.


    “Do you really have a plan?”


    His voice was so confident, so sure, and not in that cocky Rogue pilot way; fuelled by drink and inhibition. No, this Luke’s voice was deeper, more resonating. More mature, Han realised.

    He didn’t think that would comfort him, but, somehow, it did.


    “You came for me.” Han looked intently into the glass of Corellian whiskey that sat before him, and could feel Luke’s questioning gaze on him. They had been drinking in the pilot’s longue for close to an hour, but suddenly Han’s words turned the conversation into something more serious. It was not long before they would have to leave with the rest of the strike team for Endor, and it might be his last chance to say what had been on his mind ever since Tatooine.

    “Of course I did,” Luke replied simply. “And you already thanked me for it.”

    Han looked up. “No. On Bespin,” he clarified. “Leia told me you came after us.”

    Luke looked down at his own drink and swirled the contents thoughtfully. It drew Han’s attention to the black glove on his right hand. It was hard to believe that underneath it lay a mass of bionic wires. Leia hadn’t been able to tell him much about the circumstances that led Luke to losing the appendage, but Han could imagine it was something he did not want to relive. Even so, Han could not help but stare, something which Luke quickly became aware of.

    “It doesn’t hurt,” Luke said softly, putting his drink down and flexing his fingers self-consciously. “Really, it’s better than a real hand.”

    “Yeah, that whole pulse thing is overrated.” Han took a violent swig of his drink and set back it down on the table with a clunk. “Just ask Threepio.”

    Luke smiled, but it did not reach his eyes. In fact, Han noticed, he had the look of a man who hadn’t properly smiled in at least...six months.

    “Leia also said you had some kind of vision, about us in danger.” Han tried to begin again.

    Luke pursed his lips and looked a little irritated. “Leia seems to be saying a lot of things.”

    Suddenly feeling abashed, Han leaned back into his chair. To be quite honest, he’d forgotten about Luke in his reunion with Leia, and it had been a subject they’d all studiously avoided since. He wondered how much she had told Luke about what had happened between them on Bespin.

    “About Leia...” Han began, unsure of what exactly he was going to say, but Luke cut him off with a dismissive gesture of the hand.

    “Look, you’re happy, she’s happy – let’s just leave it at that for now, okay?” Luke looked pained, and Han initially thought it was just doing to noble thing and stepping aside, but there was an undercurrent of...something to Luke’s expression that seemed to indicate it went deeper. Yet another thing they could not talk about, Han reasoned.

    He wondered how that had happened – time was, he reminisced to himself, Luke would come to him with everything from his troubles and/or successes with women, to the planning of the next manoeuvre, to his advice on what ale to try with Mon Calamari food. Now Luke seemed closed off, no longer a boy seeking guidance, but a man determined to do without it.

    There were also physical differences that had not escaped Han’s notice. Luke's hair was darker, and Han wondered how long he had spent locked away in his cabin, planning the rescue. The marks on his face had settled, forever leaving his skin marred - cheekbones slightly altered, removing the last traces of boyhood from his face. He wore black – so different from the whites and tans Han had known Luke to favour previously. All in all, he had the appearance of someone who had been irrevocably changed – he was not the cocky, exuberant boy he had known six months previous. It saddened him, slightly, even more because he feared Luke would never tell him the reason.

    “You had a vision of us in danger?” Han repeated, trying to prod some life out of his friend.

    “You don’t believe in that kind of stuff,” Luke answered, smiling thinly again. “Remember?”

    “Yeah, well,” Han dismissed the notion, “I believe what I see with my own two eyes, and ever since I met you I’ve seen some crazy stuff.”

    Luke’s smile faded. “You were in pain,” he answered, and his eyes glazed over, as if reliving the experience. “You were...tortured for my benefit...because he wanted me to feel it. He wanted me to come rescue you.”

    “Vader.” Han clenched his fist. If he ever saw that walking pile of wires again...

    “I would always come for you, Han,” Luke told him seriously, and met his eyes for the first time that evening. “No matter the cost, or consequence. Whatever it took to save you – any of you – I would do it.”

    “I know,” Han acknowledged quietly; Luke knew he would do the same for him. In fact, Han wanted to go out and find Vader, not so much for the torture he experienced under his orders – that was nothing – but for the kid. He wanted to rip apart all of Vader’s internal mechanisms for daring to cut off his young friend’s hand, for the hurt and suffering Luke now carried in his very bearing, for the age in his eyes. And because there was a part of Han that screamed you don’t deserve him, for Luke had been young and pure before Han had agreed to take him off Tatooine, before he’d been forced to guilt Han into staying with the Rebellion, before he’d chased his imprisoned form halfway across the galaxy.

    It was a sobering thought, to be loved so deeply. It was different with Chewie – Wookiees were unlike humans in that way. Humans, Han had always believed, were murdering, thieving, scheming beasts who were incapable of things such as loyalty or honour. And yet there was Luke – and Leia – proving his entire philosophy wrong. And even more frightening – they expected the same in return from him. And, strangely enough, Han was willing, even keen, to reciprocate. Why else would he have volunteered to lead this crazy mission?

    “So, what do you say, kid?” Han asked, even though that old nickname felt strange, now, on his tongue. “One more drink, and then we’ll bring down the Empire.” He grinned and looked around for the barman.

    Luke smiled then, a true smile, unfetted by grief or sadness. “Sounds like a plan.”
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    Love this.[face_dancing]
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    Seconded! Tripled! Fantastic characterizations & great Han POV =D= [face_love] I'll be watching this avidly.
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    Dec 22, 2013

    This ficlet feels familiar to me - was it previously on AO3? Either way, I'm stoked that you've brought it over here. :D

    Han and Mara have a LOT in common here, IMO. Han believed this by experience and Mara was trained to have this mentality, and then they both have to "unlearn what they have learned."

    Also - YES, BROTP 4 LIFE. XD
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    OMG stop, woman. Just stop. :_|

    I also feel like I've read this one before, but it's always nice to revisit things. I can't wait to read what you come up with! :)
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    What a great idea! I really look forward to reading more of these vignettes.
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    Two man, one friendship that goes deep. Please give us more of this!
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    This is spectacular! I can't wait to read more about my favorite brotp.

    Your Han POV is really great. He's never been one of my favorite characters, except for in fanfic and certain Legends books (I always found that Zahn and Allston wrote him the best). I love when I find a story that makes me appreciate him.
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    This is awesome. Luke and Han really are the brotp to end all brotp. Can't wait to read more!
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    Sooooo Han. [face_laugh]

    I watched the thread and I'm eagerly waiting for more!
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    Thank you!

    Thanks! :D I love Luke and Han's friendship.

    Yep, I previously posted on A03 (and here in the boards a million years ago :p) Han and Mara do have a lot in common, I think - they're both scoundrels!


    Thank you!

    Absolutely, their friendship is amazing and I'm really excited about exploring it more :)

    I really love Han, but more in the way he relates to the other characters than in the space pirate way. It's so easy to write him very superficially, so I'm glad the POV seemed right!

    They are, aren't they? Thanks!

    :D Thank you!
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    I agree with all of the above and look forward to more as the ideas present themselves,
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    Wonderful. I love seeing the evolution of Luke and of Leia through Han's eyes. In many ways, Han acts as our (the readers) interpreter of the Jedi experience. Excellent vignettes!
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    Love this!!

    I'm a big fan of Luke and Han friendship fics, especially set in the Saga. This was so heartwarming. I especially liked where Han was looking at his hand, thinking that Luke probably didn't want to talk about it, but he couldn't help but feel responsible.

    “I would always come for you, Han,” Luke told him seriously, and met his eyes for the first time that evening. “No matter the cost, or consequence. Whatever it took to save you – any of you – I would do it.”
    This line really got to me. <3

    I look forward to more!
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  15. JadeLotus

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    Thank you! I have a few ideas already, that just require some finessing.

    Thanks! Han really is the everyman of SW, isn't he? It would have been quite a shock for Han to have missed Luke's evolution from pilot to Jedi while he was in carbonite.

    Thank you! I love Luke and Han's friendship, but for some reason it never really got a whole lot of focus in the profic. I think Han must have felt a bit guilty that Luke and the rest of them had been running around for months trying to rescue him.
  16. JadeLotus

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    Title: His Welfare Is My Concern
    Setting: Three weeks after ANH


    Han Solo stalked across the flight deck of the Home One, begrudgingly admitting to himself that the Mon Calamari sure knew how to build a cruiser. The sleek, elegant curves of the Home One showed off the aquatic heritage of her architects, and although Han appreciated the style, it was not to his tastes. He much preferred the sharp angles and modular design of the Millenium Falcon, but objectively he could appreciate the cruiser’s streamlined design without feeling as if he was being unfaithful to the old girl. Still, he consoled himself that the name showed a stark lack of creativity.

    The bay of the Home One was full of X-Wings, both those squadrons belonging to the cruiser, and those which had been able to slip through the Imperial blockade around Yavin. It had been three weeks since the destruction of the Death Star, and only two weeks since Imperial Star Destroyers had boxed the Rebels into the system. Only the few fighters which had survived the initial assault and Han’s own ship had been able to slip through the Imperial net in order to rendezvous with a small portion of the Alliance fleet led by Gial Ackbar.

    Now he had to find the kid and say goodbye. In Han’s opinion he’d gone over and above the call of duty in helping the Rebels start their evacuation Yavin 4. He’d accompanied Luke and the rest of the snub fighters here, hadn’t he? He could safely leave the rest of the evacuation to Alliance High Command - Ackbar seemed to know what he was doing, and Han was unmoved by the not-so-subtle hints that he should stay. He still had a bounty to pay off after all.

    Besides, if he didn’t leave soon, Luke would get himself into trouble again and Han would spend the rest of his life following the kid around averting disaster. He wasn’t the kind of man to chase around strays or play protector to lost souls. Although, Han reflected, that was in essence the role Chewbacca played in his own life.

    But that was irrelevant, and Han quickly dismissed the thought as soon as it had come. He’d saved Chewie’s life once. Luke Skywalker had done nothing for Han except promise him an easy, well-paid charter and instead had almost gotten him blown up, shot, crushed and shot again with no prize to show for it.

    He’d given the reward back to the Alliance. Chewie had insisted on it, pointing out that the Rebels needed to funds more than ever since losing almost all of their Yavin-based snub fighters and qualified pilots. Han had pointed out that they needed the funds to pay off Jabba, and so Chewie had proposed that they keep only what they needed to achieve that task, and forfeit the rest. That had been in the drunken, glorious haze following the medal ceremony, and Han had regretted agreeing to it ever since. Although, the grateful look the princess had given him - the one she’d tried to hide behind cool indifference - had almost made it worth it. Almost.

    He finally found Luke tending to his X-Wing on the far side of the hanger. Although wearing a flightsuit and diligently working on a tangle of circuits protruding from an access panel with the skillful application of a hydrospanner, Luke still had the appearance of a boy playing dress-up in his father’s clothes.

    “Hey, kid,” Han said as he approached, leaning on the ship’s hull beside where Luke was working.

    “Hey, Han.” A smile spread across Luke’s boyish features that made him look younger than his nineteen years. He was pale, and Han noticed that his forearms, visible from where the sleeves of the flightsuit were pushed up to his elbows, were pimpled with gooseflesh.

    “You cold?” Han asked.

    “A little,” Luke shrugged. “Although I’m glad to be off Yavin.”

    Han patted Luke’s shoulder in understanding. The jungle planet had been hot and humid, and Han couldn’t imagine how much of a shock to the system it had been for Luke. The kid had been raised in a desert after all, where any moisture in the air or ground had been sucked dry before it could manifest. Sticky, steamy Yavin must have seemed like the seventh Corellian hell for the poor boy.

    “Missing Tatooine, are you?” Han found himself asking. “You’d be the first person in history.”

    Luke laughed and closed the access panel before pivoting on one foot to lean against the hull of the ship next to Han. “You know, when I was there, all I wanted to be was out here - on a ship, among the stars,” he looked around the docking bay and smiled sadly. “And it’s great. But now that I’m here...all I can think of is home. Except home isn’t there anymore.”

    Han nodded in sympathy; the old man Kenobi had pulled him aside not long after they’d fled into hyperspace from Tatooine. He’d asked Han to go easy on Luke, explaining what the Empire had done to his home and guardians. Han had of course dismissed his words and chided Kenobi for his sentimentality. The galaxy was full of tragedy, and it wasn’t his job to tip-toe around sensitive beings - he’d been pretty much alone his whole life and didn’t expect sympathy or special consideration from anyone. Kenobi had simply sighed and looked at Han with pity.

    “You miss your aunt and uncle, huh?” Han asked Luke, because now he understood Kenobi’s protectiveness of the kid. And as much as Han hated to admit it to himself, he had inherited it.

    “Yeah,” Luke said wistfully, leaning his head back against the ship’s hull. “They were good people - I mean, I wasn’t even their blood relative, but they still took me in. My Aunt Beru used to say that someday I’d make my way out in the stars, and she’d do anything she could to help me get there, if that’s what I wanted - even though my Uncle wanted me to take over the moisture farm. She risked trouble in her marriage and was willing to sacrifice security in her later years so I would be happy.” Luke sighed wistfully. “I never had a mother, but Beru….” Luke trailed off and swallowed heavily as he visibly forced back tears. “Did you ever have anyone like that?” he asked as he turned to Han, almost in a plea for solidarity.

    Long buried memories came unbidden to the surface of Han’s mind; the old Wookiee Dewlanna who’d looked out for him from the age of nine when he’d first been taken into the service of Garris Shrike. Han forced back the memory of her lying in his arms as she bled out from the blaster wound in her chest; the injury she’d sustained saving his life. With her dying breath, she’d made Han promise to live and be happy. He’d been Luke’s age when it had happened, so he knew how it felt to lose the only person in the galaxy who gave a kriff about you. He could tell Luke about her; could share that memory with the boy desperate to hear it, but it was a wound poorly healed, and one Han feared re-opening. Because then he would have to admit that although he had kept the first part of his promise, the second part still eluded him.

    So instead, he laughed and shook his head. “Nah.”

    Luke looked at him for only a fraction of a second, and then turned his head away. Han was certain that if he’d said the same thing to the princess, she would have seen though his lie easily, and pressed him about it. But if Luke suspected falsehood, he did not show it. Perhaps it was that farmboy naievete he carried about himself, that willingness to trust and take everything at face value.

    Or perhaps Luke had noticed, and was simply being kind.

    “So you’re off then?” Luke asked, keeping his gaze focused straight ahead.

    “Yeah,” Han said softly. “I gotta pay off Jabba, you know that.” Luke pursed his lips, his gaze unwavering from that fixed spot in the distance.

    “Look, I gave most of it back, what more do you want from me?” Han asked, slightly increased at Luke’s reaction. Even though he hadn’t said a word, Luke’s disappointment and contempt radiated from every pore. “All I kept was enough to give to Jabba - not a credit of it is going in my pocket. Not one! Fine thanks for saving a princess as well as your sorry butt, kid.”

    Luke’s chin tilted, and although his face didn’t move a muscle Han could almost hear what he was thinking.

    “Yeah, I know,” Han continued, preemptively cutting off the argument with a wave of his hand. He pushed himself off the hull of the ship and started to pace. “You saved the princess too, and blew up the godsdamn Death Star to boot, and all you got was a shiny medal and some new friends. Oh, and indentured servitude to this rag-tag group of Rebels, but you volunteered for that, didn’t you?” Han laughed in dry disbelief and ran a hand through his hair. “But I ain’t you, kid - I know when to cut and run, and if you had any sense you’d do the same.”

    Luke looked at him passively, waiting for Han to finish his rant. Silence fell between them, and somehow Han felt as if he was the child throwing a tantrum demanding why he should go; a mirror of their previous discussions when Luke had tried to convince him to stay. But it seemed the kid had finished arguing, and instead looked down at his boots and sighed quietly.

    “Look, you do what you want, Han,” Luke said and gave a shrug of his shoulders. “But do you know what Jabba will do with those credits?”

    Han sighed and rubbed the side of his face absently. “Yeah.” He had no illusions about the Hutts, but if it was the choice between getting paid and living another day, or starving with only the moral high ground for comfort, he’d pick the former every time.

    “I’m not making a donation to the Hutt cause, Luke,” Han said somewhat irritably. “I dropped a shipment and Jabba lost money - they were his credits to begin with. I’m just making things square and saving my own life in the process”

    “And that makes it alright then?” Luke looked up again, and his soft blue eyes had turned steely. “Look, it’s not just that you’re taking the creds from the Alliance - who as you know desperately need them for supplies, equipment and intelligence. It’s that you’re giving them to Jabba the Hutt, who will spend them on slaves to serve at his every whim, bounty hunters to eliminate rivals and enforcers to raze the homesteads of farmers just trying to survive.” Luke sighed again and turned back to face his X-Wing, resuming his work on the machinery. “I know you think it’s not your responsibility, but it is,” he said firmly, keeping his eyes on the hydrospanner as he worked. “When you choose to give those credits to Jabba, knowing how he will use them, you can’t detach yourself from it anymore. You become part of it.”

    “And what’s the alternative?” Han asked tiredly. “Wait, don’t tell me. Join the Rebellion.”

    Luke smiled as he unscrewed a fastener with his hydrospanner. “At least you’ll be fighting for something worthwhile.”

    “And how much fighting will I get done once Jabba puts a bounty on me?” Han asked. “I can’t do anything for your revolution if I’m dead.”

    “No,” Luke said quietly. “But the Empire’s already after us, what’s a bounty compared to that?” he asked, and threw Han a wry smile. “We probably already have Imperial bounties, anyway, or will soon once they figure out it was us who destroyed their Death Star.”

    When they figure out you destroyed it, you mean.”

    “Couldn’t have done it without you, Han,” Luke said, stopping his work and turning to him again. “As you’ve been so fond of pointing out. You’re already a Rebel in the Emperor’s eyes.”

    “Oh, great,” Han said sarcastically. “Two bounties for the price of one.” Then he sighed and ran a hand through his hair again. He couldn’t believe he’d let the damn kid get to him. Again. Neither could he shake the feeling of responsibility for Luke, that niggling voice in the back of his mind that said the only way the kid was going to survive was if Han was around to watch his back. At least until Luke found his feet and developed some much required survival instincts.

    “Alright, alright ” Han added with resignation. “I’ll stick around - but just a few weeks more,” he added firmly, poking Luke lightly in the chest with one finger. “Then I’m out of here.”
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    Han has to stick around for more that just a few weeks.;)
  18. Briannakin

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    Besides, if he didn’t leave soon, Luke would get himself into trouble again and Han would spend the rest of his life following the kid around averting disaster.

    Lol. Ain't that the truth!

    Great update.
  19. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Wonderful Han-voice. =D= The blend of I don't care, see how casual I am about everything but underneath he's one big squishy softie LOL [face_love]
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    Dec 22, 2013

    There's no guilt trip like a Skywalker guilt trip. [face_laugh]

    Luke would know, of course; he's seen and heard firsthand growing up how Jabba exploits the Tatooine farming communities and is nothing but a scumbag - and it's his thing to both see and expect the best out of everyone, even a scoundrel.

    YOU CAN'T STOP THE BROTP, HAN. [face_shame_on_you] You are powerless. :p
  21. mavjade

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    I really liked the introspection of Han's early life and the comparison that happened to Luke. And then how Han denied it... it's easy to see based on his life why he would do that, but how Luke even unknowingly can kinda use that to his advantage. You've captured both of them perfectly here!

    Wonderful job! =D=
  22. Chyntuck

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    Only three weeks after the Battle of Yavin, and Leia's persuasion skills already rubbed off like that? Or maybe, as ThreadSketch said, it's the Skywalker guilt trip. It's in their DNA ;)

    As I agree with Ny. You've got Han's voice and personality perfectly.

    When's the next update? :p :p :p
  23. skygawker

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    Love the interplay between Han's sarcasm/irritation and Luke's guilt-tripping :p Good work!
  24. JadeLotus

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    Mar 27, 2005

    My headcanon is that Han keeps intending to leave but just can't get past the goodbyes, and keeps saying "just a few more weeks" - that of course turns into three years :p

    Thanks! :)

    Thank you! Very true about Han, he really is a softie at heart :p

    :D Guilt trips are their specialty. Luke's trying to make Han actually think about what he's been a part of and not just detach from everything, because, yeah, Luke would know exactly how evil Jabba is and probably knew people on Tatooine who had suffered under his rule.

    Thank you! I'm actually reading the Han Solo trilogy for the first time and that parallel between Han and Luke at the beginning really struck me.

    Thanks! I think Luke already had some persuasive skills (he knew how to get Han to help him rescue Leia in the first place) :p but I'm sure proximity to Leia will help him hone them.

    Next update...soon-ish, hopefully! I have a few ideas.

    Thank you! :) I really like writing the friendship between the two of them.
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    I never thought of Luke pointing out about the credits and how they will be used in Jabba's or the Hutts' possession. Interesting view point - but as Han pointed out he owed Jabba the credits.
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