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  1. Alexis_Wingstar

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    Sep 16, 2006
    Title: Hearts in Shadow
    Author: Alexis_Wingstar
    Genre: Mostly drama and romance. There will be some action later in the story.
    Timeframe: Around 68 BBY - 73/74 BBY
    Characters: Mainly OC's from [link=]Clean Slate[/link], with some cannons making scattered appearances throughout. Doctor Shelia Gib, Healer Jon Orvis, and Alvis Javril are the main characters in this prequel.
    Note: Though technically, Jinngerbread created Shelia and Jon, I'm the one who fleshed them out and she pretty much handed them over to me for torturing. ;)

    [b]Searching Hearts[/b]

    [b]Chapter 1: First Date[/b]

    ?Shelia, is that [i]really[/i] you??

    The object of the question turned to see who addressed her. The man was tall and slightly on the heavy side, though muscular. His curly red hair was cropped short, and he had bright green eyes the shade of spring grass. She frowned, not recognizing him, though she found him rather handsome. ?I?m sorry... ??

    With a faltering smile, he introduced himself. ?Alvis, Alvis Javril. It?s been a long time.?

    Shelia?s eyes lit up as she gasped, ?Alvis! Oh my goodness! I didn?t recognize you. You...? she drew out the vowel sound before finishing with, ?...?ve grown up.? She immediately blushed. [i]Oh, that was brilliant,[/i] she chided herself, [i]try not to make too much a fool of yourself.[/i] She was just glad she hadn?t said the first thing that came to mind, which was that he was more gorgeous than any holo-vid star past or present.

    Laughing, he replied, ?So have you, and you?re a doctor now... not that I?m surprised. You were always patching up your dolls, not to mention making Zeke and me sit down for routine exams and finding one malady or another to treat.? He winked as he chuckled. ?You were so cute... and look at you now!? He looked at her appreciatively.

    Shelia blushed and glanced away slightly. She had been a portly child with crooked teeth and an overbite. Though she had worked hard with the help of her parents to get into shape, and a couple awkward years of braces had taken care of her pearly whites, she never thought of herself as anything but plain... if that... not at all attractive, and certainly not ?cute?. Still blushing because she knew she was flirting, she looked back up at him through fluttering eyelashes. ?I... um heard you?d become a surgeon, but I thought you were at Crevasse City Memorial.?

    ?I was, but I was transferred here yesterday.? His smile grew as he added, ?It sure is good to see you.?

    ?It?s good to see you, too,? she replied. Realizing she was staring at him, she quickly looked away, wondering exactly how red her face was and wishing she could dare take off her lab coat because it was suddenly getting rather warm. She was both relieved and regretful when she heard an announcement over the hospital?s intercom requesting her presence in the ER. ?Well... I gotta go.?

    ?Wait...? The surgeon grabbed her hand. ?Can we have lunch??

    She smiled back at him as she answered, ?I just started my shift fifteen minute ago, it?s too early to think about lunch.?

    ?Please? One o?clock at the Healer?s Roost... my treat,? he said quickly. ?I won?t take no as an answer.?

    ?It?s a good thing I wasn?t going to say no then,? she giggled. ?I gotta go.? She looked awkwardly down at his hand holding hers.

    Quickly letting go, he asked, ?I?ll meet you there??

    ?Okay,? she replied as she turned to go. Her heart hammered in her chest as she walked rapidly away. [i]Wow, Alvis Javril![/i] She hadn?t seen him since she was eight years old. Back then he was her brother?s best friend and she?d had a wild crush on him. She could hardly believe she was going to have lunch with him in a matter of hours. Rounding a corner, she smiled and almost laughed as she realized there was an extra spring in her step.


    ?What time is it?? Shelia asked absently as she finished washing her hands. She and the nurse had finished working with a patient who had come t>
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Yippee the healers'story. PM's please when you continue with this exciting story=D=
  3. Jedi_Perigrine

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    Apr 22, 2008
    Awww, guys are emotional mushballs, even behind our beefy testosterone driven facade. I hope she tackles him and forces him to at least have lunch with her.

    Nice update! I love the little details that really make me see the details in the two characters lives. They already seem like real people to me. :) Good job! Keep em comin!
  4. Alexis_Wingstar

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    Sep 16, 2006
    earlybird: I'm glad you like it, and as you can see in the first post, I have added you to the PM list. :)

    Jedi_Perigrine: LOL Just the image of Shelia tackling Alvis makes me laugh hysterically. I see I need to relate better what their size difference is if you think she could tackle him. [face_laugh]

    Okay, I'm posting this second chapter early because I want to get this story on the same posting schedule as "Clean Slate".

    [b]Chapter 2: Forbidden[/b]

    Alvis slouched in the overly soft armchair, staring at the foam in the mug he was holding as the ultimatum he was given as he left work echoed through his mind.


    He was walking to his landspeeder when he heard the shout. Frowning, he turned to see a short, stocky elderly man walking swiftly towards him. ?Doctor Gib, hello sir,? he greeted the angry looking senior physician wearily.

    ?I heard you had lunch with my daughter.? The way he said it made it sound like it was a crime.

    ?Well, yeah, sort of.? The taller man wasn?t going to mention he?d almost stood the young woman up, and had walked out before lunch had been served.

    ?Leave her alone,? Dr. Gib demanded.

    Anger and bitter resentment rose within Alvis. His fists clenched, and he purposely loosened them as he took a deep breath then released it before replying, ?I have no intention of hurting her, sir.?

    ?I don?t care what your intentions are, mister,? the older man poked him in the chest as he pointed at him. ?Shelia is a kind, compassionate woman, but she?s also naive and vulnerable. I won?t let you put her on a roller coaster with a broken track!?

    It took all his self control not to push the older man away from him as he took several calming breaths. He backed up slightly instead. ?Sir, I know I hurt your family...?

    ?You almost killed my son, you bastard!?

    ?Yes, I know.? He looked down at the ground.

    ?And you killed your own father!?

    Alvis?s lips pulled back in a snarl as he raised his head to glare at his accuser. ?I know that too, damn it! I have to live with that every day of my life! I don?t need you to remind me.? He paused a few moments, his chest heaving as he breathed heavily. He then continued in a calmer tone, ?I have no intention of pursuing a relationship with Shelia. I just wanted to thank her for the kind letters she sent me when I was in the hospital. I can?t promise to stay away from her in the course of my job as a surgeon, but outside of that, I won?t search her out.?

    ?See that you don?t. I?ll be watching,? Dr. Gib growled the warning before he quickly turned and stalked away.

    Alvis? fingers once more formed into tight fists as he watched the elderly doctor leave.[/i]

    Shaking his head, he whispered, ?He?s only protecting his daughter. I can?t blame him.? He took a long draught of the dark stout before placing the stein on the side table.

    He picked up his latest sketch pad and turned it to the first clean page before picking up the pencil. Drawing had become his release. He had several pads full of sketches from the very first one he drew for the psychologist who evaluated him soon after he?d been rescued from his wayward mother and her abusive lover. Though he couldn?t speak at that time about what happened to him during the five years in their captivity, his seven-year-old hand was able to draw with disturbing clarity what was perpetrated upon him. From that first sketch, he was hooked on this artistic outlet. His renderings in black, white, and shades of gray were his diary. He didn?t always have a subject in his conscious mind before he set pencil to paper, but once the graphite tip touched the parchment, pictures with uncanny detail soon took shape upon it.

    Tonight was no different.

    It didn?t take long for the image of the forbidden woman to stare up at him from the page. Her eyes held both kindness and sorrow. Compassion and pain.

    The image blurred, and Alvis quickly closed the pad. ?Shelia.?

    He couldn?t deny to himself he longed for her.

    Yet, he also couldn?t deny that he feared to be with her.

    He killed hi>
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    Apr 22, 2008
    OH dear. This isn't going to end well. Hmm, or is it? ;) Nice update, but seriously, where's the tackling? :D
  6. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Poor Alvis and his youth. No wonder he is doing this. I hope Sheila can be the one for him.

    Touching update@};-
  7. Alexis_Wingstar

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    Sep 16, 2006
    Jedi_Perigrine: Just for you:


    I hope you like it. [face_batting]

    earlybird: Yeah, Alvis has had it pretty rough. He's still struggling with the demons of his past.

    [b]Chapter 3: Shobi[/b]

    [i]Crap, crap, crap, CRAP![/i] Shelia thought in panic as Alvis pulled away from her with a shocked expression on his face. [i]Why the hell did I say that? Even if it?s true, why did I have to SAY it? You know that?s a good way to push a guy away to tell him you love him too early in the relationship! Quick, say something else... no, shut the hell up and pretend you said something else... like ?Olive yoa fish.? Yeah, that would make sense. What the hell is yoa fish, anyway?[/i]

    Even as she pulled further away from him, Alvis said slowly in a quiet voice, ?Shelia...?

    ?Forget I said that,? she pleaded as she rose from the sofa. She ran her fingers through her hair as she quickly continued, ?I?m tired and had a long day and I?m just saying every stray thought that pops into mind. I should go before I say something more to embarrass us.?

    That being said, Shelia just stood where she was, staring down at the plush carpet. She silently cursed herself as she felt her body trembling. When she was holding him while he wept, his head had slid down to her chest. She couldn?t deny that she felt arousal during this, even though she was only trying to comfort him in a platonic manner. It didn?t help that his torso was bear, as he had forgotten his promise to put something on. [i]Thank goodness for those silly pajama bottoms,[/i] she thought. Her heart was already beating rapidly, but it somehow sped up anyway when she heard him get up from the couch and felt his hand on her shoulder.

    ?Shelia.? His voice was soft and low, yet it somehow resonated through her, further arousing her. Even as she tried to control herself, reason it away, he continued to whisper, ?Please, look at me.?

    Even as he spoke, Alvis gently turned her to face him. As he put his hand under her chin and lifted it, she felt a tear trickle down her cheek. She cursed herself as she leaned her face into his light caress that wiped away the moisture. She wasn?t sure if it was his fingers that were trembling or it was herself. ?Shelia,? he repeated, ?I... when you handed Shobi to me... I... there was...? He stopped and swallowed before he continued more confidently, ?I loved you since that moment. Your letters to me was my lifeline, and I have longed to get in contact with you for so long. Yet I was afraid to. I was... a big part of me is scared that if I get too close to someone... let anyone get too close to me... I could kill them like I did my father.? He sighed heavily and shook his head. ?I don?t want to hurt you, and that?s why I acted so crazy at the restaurant. I love you, and I?m attracted to you...? He paused as he closed his eyes, then whispered, ?When you touched my hand at the table in the Healer?s Roost, I pictured the time I killed my father, only it was you lying there on the ground.?

    As he spoke, Shelia knew then it was he who was trembling. She could sense his fear even as he confessed it, as well as his affection for her - and passion. She didn?t know what to say, so without speaking, she put her arms around his waist as she stepped toward him. Leaning her head against his him, she could hear his heart beat. She smiled as the hair of his chest tickled her cheeks. Her breathing became heavy as Alvis put his arms around her shoulders, holding her tight. ?I?m not sure if this is really love,? she confessed quietly. She felt guilty as she sensed the pain her statement caused him. When he pulled away, she quickly took his hands in hers. ?Alvis, I... when we were kids, I... I had the hugest of crushes on you.? She blushed a bright scarlet as she revealed her secret. ?I... I just want to be sure that what I feel now isn?t just my childish fantasy.?

    As her eyes met his, feelings that were definitely not that of an innocent girl?s idea o>
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Lovely scenes with the two together and lovely written romance=D==D=
  9. Jedi_Perigrine

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    Apr 22, 2008
    Very sweet post!

    Reaching out to caress the back of Shelia?s hand, he replied quietly, ?I don?t need him as long as I have you.?

    I can't help but worry about this line though... I see Shobi coming back with pain for all, some day. Nice job!
  10. Alexis_Wingstar

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    Sep 16, 2006
    My apologies to those of you following this story and "Clean Slate", I haven't written an update yet for either one. A friend of mine from work who is obsessed with Starkiller was curious what I would do as an alternate ending to the first storyline of "The Force Unleashed". Well, since I love AU so much, I came up with an AU that spans the whole danged storyline, not just the ending. I've been busy making the outline for over a week. I'll start writing it soon... I do believe it will be an epic.

    I will try to write the chapters for these stories and post them by the end of the first week of June.

    BTW, Jedi_Perigrine, I don't think Shobi will be part of the triad romance. :p Though you are correct, he will be making a significant appearance later on in the story.
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    earlybird: Thank you @};-

    Jedi_Perigrine: I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Okay, here is the next installment. I'm sorry it took so long.

    [b]Chapter 4: Invitation[/b]

    Suppressing a yawn, Alvis took a tray in the staff cafeteria and looked up at the reader board. ?Today?s special: Fried gubbur legs and your choice of two sides and a small drink for 3 creds,? he read aloud and grimaced. Since he doubted the ?specials? at Aldera Universal Medcenter?s were any different than that of the hospital he worked at previously, he decided to eschew the advertised deal and get the grilled bantha burger instead. He also avoided the dubious-looking salad, as the contents within looked brownish around the edges and wilted. [i]I guess that?s what I get for having a late lunch. Not that I had any choice.[/i] The other sides didn?t look any better to him, but he did manage to pick up a generous slice of air cake. [i]Probably the best part of the meal.[/i]

    Once he got through the line and paid for his meager meal, he looked around for a place to sit. A smile spread across his face when he spotted Shelia seated not too far away, but it quickly faded when he saw who was keeping her company. Hoping to avoid an unpleasant scene, he started to turn away to look for another table.


    Sighing, he looked back at Shelia to see her waving him over. He looked over at her companion, and though the man didn?t look exactly thrilled, he nodded and beckoned him over. [i]Well, it?s too late to pretend you didn?t hear or see her,[/i] he thought as he headed over to their table. ?Good afternoon, Shelia,? he smiled nervously at the young woman as he greeted her, ?you look lovely today.? He then glanced over at her dining partner with a nod of respect. ?Doctor Gib.?

    ?Please, join us.? Shelia indicated the chair next to her.

    As Alvis sat down, there was a sudden chirping noise, and the older man muttered something under his breath as he glanced at his chronometer, tapping a button on the side. As he abruptly stood, he announced, ?I have to go. Sheelee, I?ll see you when you later. Alvis.?

    The young surgeon watched the elderly physician quickly make for the exit for a moment before turning to Shelia who was taking a bite of her salad. ?I hope he didn?t cut short his meal on account of me.?

    ?Mm...? She quickly chewed her food as she shook her head then swallowed before answering, ?No, he had a meeting with the board of directors and didn?t wish to be late.?

    ?Oh, okay. I just thought it was strange he suddenly is okay with me coming over to eat with you when yesterday he was telling me to stay away.?

    Shelia sighed. ?We had a... [i]little[/i]... talk after I got home last night, and he?s agreed to let me,? she paused slightly to make quote signs with her fingers as she continued, ?make my own mistakes.?

    ?You look tired,? he observed as he saw the circles under her eyes. ?Did you get any sleep last night??

    ?A little.? She grinned as she added, ?Just before my alarm went off. I need to get a new one since I turned it off by knocking it off the nightstand.?

    Alvis laughed. ?I?ve ruined more than my fair share of chrono-alarms that way. Especially during exam week at uni.? He tilted his head as he glanced at her. ?So, your argument lasted several hours??

    ?It wasn?t an argument, Alvis,? She corrected. ?It was a civilized discussion between adults.? When he regarded her with a raised eyebrow, she rolled her eyes. ?I did resort to a rather underhanded negotiating ploy at one point, however.?

    ?And what was that?? He asked with rising curiosity.

    ?Well, he laid down the law, and said while I lived under his roof, I would abide by his rule and his judgement. Sooo, I told him that was a problem easily solved and went up to pack my bags.?

    Alvis sat back and whistled. ?You didn?t actually move out, did you??

    ?No, but I would have if he didn?t relent.?

    ?Shelia, I...?

    ?This isn?t about you, Alvis. Well, you may be the catalyst, but it?s about him letting me go. It?s about my right to be treated as >
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Nice to see Alvis and Shelia getting along with the family

    And waiting for another update=D==D==D=
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    Apr 22, 2008
    Great post! I know how tense and awkward those situations could be...glad to see he handled himself well. So far. ;)
  14. Alexis_Wingstar

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    Sep 16, 2006
    Thank you earlybird and Jedi_Perigrine, I'm sorry I haven't been writing or posting. RL stuff is getting in the way. I promise I will continue this!

    Note: A big thank you goes to whoever nominated Shelia for best female OC. She's blushing big time right now. [face_laugh]
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