Saga Helmet; fic-gift for Chyntuck

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan
    Timeframe: Saga
    Characters: Poe Dameron, Finn and BB-8
    Genre: fic-gift
    Summary: an old vid-fragment leads to some fun

    Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to Lucasfilm and Lucasfilm belongs to Disney.

    Your Fic Gift is for:
    Their request: I want is an Episode VII-related story taking place in any era -- anything from some form of foreshadowing in Before to speculation about episode IX and beyond.
    I do not want: too much EU stuff copied-pasted in the New Canon.
    Characters: any canon characters or OCs. It would be nice if BB-8 could make an appearance though.

    Poe Dameron was polishing his helmet-visor when he saw in the already polished part a reflection. It was white and he began to smile. BB-8 was making a beeline towards where he was and he was accompanied by Finn.

    BB-8 was chattering wildly.

    “Easy little one,” Poe stopped his polishing.

    BB-8 didn’t stop but began to roll this and that way.

    “I think he wants to show you but,” Finn began with reluctance showing in his voice.

    Poe recognised that and the unspoken words and ordered “BB-8 visual.”

    Finn coloured even more when BB-8 rolled to a wall and plugged in one of his appendages.

    A vid-screen powered up and images began to appear. They were old. A holocam swooped through the dense forest and came to rest on a bunch of furry creatures hammering away on an array of what appeared to be helmets.

    “I never thought you would be upset by that,” Poe began to laugh.

    “Freeze frame,” Finn ordered. “Look closer. There on that helmet is my former designation FN-2187.”

    “Big bad bugs captured by cute little bears,” Poe observed the helmet closely and began to roar with laughter. “Ah your gramps had the look of a bug-face.”

    “Bug face,” Finn began to laugh. “But do you agree? It’s not as ugly as the helmet I had to wear when I was FN-2187.”

    “Yeah that is an ugly piece of design,” Poe grinned. “Every nitwit can buy one, paint it white and there you are stormtrooper number umpteen. And…”

    The vid-screen became dark.

    BB-8 had unplugged and was rolling away at high speed.

    “Come let’s follow him,” Poe began.

    “And see if he has found more,” Finn ran after the duo. “I really like to see the clone-trooper helmets.”

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    Excellent request and fun response. BB-8 - I will look forward to reading/seeing more of him and comparing him to R2 [face_laugh] and to I-Five. ;) Woot, snarky droid society. [face_rofl] =D=
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    Nov 1, 2004
    Nice use of prompts. I would write more, but, since I am spoiler free, I am not familiar with the characters.
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    Feb 27, 2014
    I enjoyed this—very interesting little speculation on [hl=black]Finn's origins,[/hl] and the idea that [hl=black]stormtrooper serial numbers/designations are in some way inherited[/hl] is a fascinating one. I like how you have [hl=black]BB-8 potentially knowing more about the history and backstory of things than the organic beings around him/her do,[/hl] much the same way [hl=black]R2 often knew more about what was going on than those around him[/hl] in episodes 4–6.

    And this line was just priceless: "Every nitwit can buy one, paint it white and there you are stormtrooper number umpteen." [face_laugh]

    Brava! =D=
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    Argh! I knew I should have reviewed on the spot, because of course everyone has said what I wanted to say *waves fist* I'm putting it all behind a spoiler tag, just in case.
    I loved, loved, LOVED your BB-8 -- overexcited chattering droid that ran into something interesting. He's the character I'm most excited about for TFA, and that's exactly how I imagine him (or her, because I'm still hoping that it's a little girl). Plus, I adore the idea that he's a repository of personal history, like Artoo.

    Like Findswoman I also loved your speculation on Finn's origins and the idea that stormtrooper numbers are hereditary. That is such a cool idea! The snark between Finn and Poe was priceless ("your gramps had the look of a bug-face" [face_rofl] ) and the last line had me laughing out loud. Stormtrooper fashion trends are just a crack!fic waiting to happen.
    Thank you thank you thank you! [face_dancing]
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    This was so much fun!

    I'm so excited for BB8 and you've really shows his(?) personality that I've imagined from the trailers, etc.
    I also liked the interaction between Finn and Poe, I hope they have this kind of relationship!

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    Jul 26, 2005
    That was cute.

    I’m not familiar with the characters yet, but your fic makes me look forward to getting to know them

    Great job on this

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    Please, do not read the spoilered part of my comment until you have seen TFA - this applies to both you and others. I should have commmented before the film, but yeah...MAJOR spoilers ahead.

    HOLY BANTHA POODOO, EARLYBIRD. HOLY.BANTHA.POODOO. You got the bit about Finn not technically having had a name right. You are clarvoyant, like your Dunai and Dunai-Elder. I guess I'll be careful around you, as you may tell me my future and freak me out for the time being! You also got that he and Poe become buddies immediately. I...I have no words! Do you work for Lucasfim? If so, can you hook me up with a gig there? XD

    And what is going on here? Ewoks and Makants? Ewoks and Yuzzums? Ewoks and Kete? The latter would be most fitting, plus Kete are annoying bugs.

    The whole concept with...

    ...inheriting numbers is awesome, too. And makes this story fun!

    I love how you wrote BB-8, too. :)

    Overall, an entertaining viggie. And I believe this is my first comment on your stuff, almost eight months after you left me one, so...sorry that it took me so long.
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