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Saga - ST High Desert Revelation (Rey, Ben) Episode 9 trailer spec. (Drama)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by brodiew, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. brodiew

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    Oct 11, 2005
    Title: High Desert Revelation
    Author: brodiew
    Character: Rey and Ben Solo
    Genre: Drama
    Time Frame: Episode 9
    Author Note: This is an Episode 9 trailer speculation fic. It has a horrible title. :p But there are no spoilers here. I have taken a little liberty with the opening scene of the trailer. If you haven't seen and don't want to know, stop here. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy.


    He said to breathe. Just breathe. Let the Force flow through her. Release the fear and the doubt. You are capable, he said. You are strong enough, powerful enough in the Force.

    She had read the ancient texts, studied them deeply. Her power had grown, her knowledge and abilities, increased.

    Master Skywalker had sensed her apprehension. He said: “You either do it or you don’t. If you say you’ll try, you’ve already failed.”

    She can sense him coming. So fast. The air and the ground vibrating, his presence in the Force glowing like a homing beacon. If their plan was going to work, she would have execute the maneuver perfectly.

    She turned, ready to time her jump.

    Now! She runs as if away from the coming ship, its whine rising in her ears.

    She moves into its path and it is upon her. She leaps into the air, over the top of the tie-fighter. She reaches to grab hold of the anterior hatch, but it slips through her fingers and she tumbles through the exhaust to a hard landing on the desert floor.

    As Rey stands and brushes herself off, she feels him nearby.

    “Again!” Ben Solo exclaims, his heat distorted form wavering toward her.

    “I almost had it that time,” Rey lamented. “So close.”

    “Our time is running out, Rey,” Solo intoned. “So much rides on this.”

    “No more talk,” she retorted. “We do it again.”


    Ben Solo never thought he would find himself in this situation. Ben Solo never thought…that had been his problem. He had reacted. Every time. Letting emotion direct his path, never mindful of anyone or anything thing beyond his immediate needs…wants. That was the past, if recent, and he was working on coming back to the light. That was the long term work. The short term work was pushing Rey toward her greater potential. Nothing like a desperate, yet practical lesson, with the fate of Resistance hanging in the balance. Resistance. Galaxy. The very fate of The Force. Whatever it took for Rey to bust open the flood gates.

    He wondered if she was hiding something. Could that be what was intruding on her focus? The old man would have taken it whether she wanted to share or not. The new man was not willing to cross that line anymore. The new man was willing to wait. But the smallest nugget of jealousy, of distrust, remained. He would ask her and be done with it.

    He could feel her in the distance. Still hesitating. Still doubting. She was keyed up, breathing heavily. In the Force, he could feel her reaching out. Wanting to succeed, but still allowing for the tiniest crack in her confidence.

    She would fail and they would do it again. They would do it until she landed the flip more than once.

    She did fail and they would do it again. But not before he asked her about his fear.

    Ben and Rey

    “I have something I need to ask you,” he said, directly.

    “Right now?” Rey responded. “We’re training.”

    “I think it could be important to our completing the mission.”

    Rey knitted her brow, showing uncertainty. “Okay, what is it?”

    “I am getting the feeling that you are hiding something from me. Something important. I can’t tell-”

    “Ben, I’m not hiding anything,” she replied, softly, averting her eyes at the last second.

    “You are a bad liar, Rey,” Ben said, with a smirk. “Did someone ask you to keep a secret?”

    “She regarded him intently. “This isn’t the place, Ben. There is more riding on what we are doing here than some nebulous secret. Let’s do it again.”

    Ben stepped toward her and raised his arms to grade her shoulders. He was not angry, but Rey sensed a threat and dropped into a fighting stance.

    Ben immediately put his hands up in surrender. “Rey. No. It’s not like that.”

    Ben put peace and goodwill into the Force and stepped back. “Please, just tell me.”

    Rey deactivated the brilliant blue blade between them and hooked it to her belt. Her defiant shoulders slumped and she kicked at the sand like bashful child.

    “I had dreams about telling you,” Rey started. “Beautiful dreams. It’s not a bad secret, Ben. But it is special. More special than a barren wasteland deserves.”

    Ben wasn’t sure how to respond. Her words implied something he had thought about, but only is basest, rawest sense. “So, what is it?”

    She kicked more sand, not meeting his eyes.

    He remembered their confrontation in the forest on Starkiller. Such amazing potential existing naturally without training of any kind. How fierce she had been and how genuine. He remembered her resistance to his intrusion in her mind. Her grief over the loss of Han Solo. And, her sincere desire to see him saved, to see him came back to the light. He had also considered their personal Force connection. Snoke had said it was his doing, but Ben knew that his former master could only enhance an innate ability. Were they connected in some other way?

    “You are my cousin, Ben,” Rey said, locking eyes with him. “I am Luke’s daughter.”

    Ben allowed the words to wash over him. Luke’s…daughter?”

    “It’s a long story and one I don’t want to tell now.”

    “Did he tell you on Ach-To?” Ben prodded.

    “He never told me, Ben,” she said, somberly. “He must have had a reason.”

    Ben snorted. “Luke had lots of reasons that for sure. It’s a new feeling, but I pity him.”

    “He wasn’t perfect, even though many expected it of him.”

    Ben bristled, but knew Rey was not placing blame in any specific direction. “Look who you’re talking to.”

    Rey wiped sweat from her brow. “It’s hot. We should either do this again or come back first thing in the morning.”

    “So, we’re done with the family meeting?” Ben jibbed with a wry smile. “It was just getting interesting.”

    Rey’s eyes glistened with sudden emotion. She was thankful for the sweat. Inside she was battling whether or not give her cousin a hug. The timing was terrible. The relationship awkward. She a brother in Finn, a friend in Poe, and now a cousin in Ben. It was her turn to rush him. He put up no defense has she wrapped his arms with hers. She rested her head on his chest for only a moment, before looking up at him.

    “Welcome to the Resistance, Solo,” she said, breaking into a nervous laugh. She released her hug and move around him toward the tie-fighter. “I could use a break. What about you?”

    “I think now would be the perfect time for a break, Skywalker,” he retorted, following her to the ship.
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    Dec 21, 2016
    Do I ship Reylo? Yes. But ship in this context is short for relationship. And a relationship does not have to be romantic. Platonic Reylo is also good.
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    Oct 11, 2005
    @Cowgirl Jedi 1701: Thank you for taking the time to leave a comments. I'm glad to hear this form of 'ship still meet the mark. :D
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    Feb 27, 2014
    I like this, I like this. :) Even after (especially after) having seen the film, I like this. It's nice to see these two talking face to face, honestly, and casually to each other, and even with a little bit of the banter factor! Which, of course, you're always an ace at and should keep up the fine work on! Thanks so much for sharing. =D=
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    This is really good. :) After seeing the film and not loving it, this is a nice balm for my trampled expectations.

    Loved this! The gentle teasing and obvious affection between them is refreshing. Great work!
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