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Beyond - Legends Hillside Exposé (L/M : OTP Thread Challenge #12)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Carlos Danger, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. Carlos Danger

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    Jul 25, 2013

    Title: Hillside Exposé

    By: Carlos Danger

    OTP Thread Challene #12: Landscape of Love. I had to write a story about my OTP characters with the setting being a hill.


    ‘Kriff! I’m going to die of heat exhaustion,’ Corran Horn thought as he gazed out through a thin opening in the black silicon fabric surrounding his concealed hillside position overlooking the Bankort Valley on the planet Teorra. The fabric obscured a person’s heat signature from active and passive sensors, but it also made the interior of the hiding position unbearably hot. He looked over to his friend sitting beside him and frowned. “How come you’re not sweating?”

    Jedi Master Luke Skywalker smiled. “Corran, I’m from Tatooine. This is Tatooine light-coat weather.”

    “It is also Corellia heat stroke weather,” Corran groused as he looked out the opening in the fabric to a winding road running through the valley below. “I still think we could have used probe droids to recon the valley.”

    Luke shook his head. “The Tzag-tik crime syndicate is careful. They scan for active and passive sensors before they move their human cargo…but they can’t sense someone scanning the area using the Force. We need to stop their slave trafficking operation.”

    Corran gave a curt nod knowing his master was right. He decided to change the subject to something a little more lighthearted. “Mirax has a cousin visiting next month. You should meet her. She’s single, your age, and fairly good looking.”

    The Jedi Master frowned. “Corran, you are as bad as my sister. Why does everybody want to hook me up with random women. I am capable of getting my own dates…if I so desired.”

    Corran wiped away the sweat dripping down his forehead. “I know that Luke, but it has been two years since the fiasco with Mara Jade and you haven’t ventured back into the dating pool since.”

    Luke turned away from his friend and Corran flinched when he felt Luke close himself off in the Force. He sighed deeply, knowing the mention of the past situation might be painful to his friend.

    “First off,” Luke finally said. “There was no fiasco with Mara. She just got tired of the sludge media making up stories about us.”

    “No fiasco? She left the academy in a huff. She won’t even deliver supplies we purchase from Talon Karrde’s organization; she gets Aves or Chin to fly cargo to Academy. Face it, she avoids you like the plague.” He reached out and put a hand on Luke’s shoulder. “All your students could see how much she meant to you. You might deny it, but it was obvious you really liked her. Luke, you can’t spend the rest of your life pinning over somebody that would rather cut ties with you than endure the ever-present paparazzi that follow you whenever you are in the public eye.”

    “Corran, don’t judge her!” Luke shot back. “The Galactic Herald had photo-manipulated scandalous and indecent photos of us supposedly…” Luke stopped and shook his head. “They were making up vulgar stories about two people who were platonic friends. I could see them alluding to something more passionate if we were at least dating, but we were only good friends at the time. She knew that if we did become more than friends the stories would become even more shocking and lewder. I’m a public figure. I have to endure the media frenzy, but if I could I would happily live my life in obscurity. I don’t blame Mara for opting for a quieter life.”

    Corran shrugged not knowing exactly what to say to make his friend feel better. He cocked his head to the side when he sensed something in the force. He turned and looked at Luke wide-eyed. “I sense Mara! Sithspit, it’s like she knew I was talking about her.”

    Luke smirked. “Don’t underestimate her power in the Force. She scares me sometimes.”

    “Something bad must have happened for her to show up here,” Corran commented as he pulled on his lightweight mimetic suit. “I’ll go out and see why she’s here.” He activated his stealth suit and crawled out of his hiding place and walked in the direction he sensed his old friend.

    He had gone less than a half kilometer when he saw her step out from the shadows wearing a Dark Cloak…a stealth outfit that was once used by Imperial assassins.

    “Mara, why are you here?” he asked nervously.

    Mara peered out from under her hood. “Corran, you wife started having contractions. It might be false labor, but the doctors think she could give birth soon. I was nearby so I volunteered to relieve you.”

    “She’s three weeks early. Is the baby alright?”

    “The doctors aren’t worried.” She pointed in a southernly direction. “You can take my swoop bike at the end of this trail. It isn’t exactly stealth, but his has exhaust bafflers and a thermal distorter to reduce the heat signature. You should be able to get out of here and to your ship without blowing your cover. After the mission I’ll get Luke out of here on my ship.”

    “Okay,” he nodded, anxious to leave and be with his wife, but he hesitated. “Mara, I know you had a falling out with Luke, but be nice to him. I can tell he feels terrible about that nasty story the Galactic Herald ran.”

    Mara’s face was partially concealed by the cloak, but Corran could see a hint of a smile. “Don’t worry Corran. I’ll be gentle with the Jedi Master. You need to get home to your wife. You may be able to get there in time for the birth.”

    Corran smiled widely. “Thanks Mara.” He then took off down the trail.

    Mara pulled her cloak around her tightly before moving toward Luke’s location.

    As she slipped into the concealed observation position the sun was starting to set causing the sky to light up in a beautiful orangish-red glow. She nodded to the Jedi as she settled down in the canvas folding chair vacated by Corran. “Skywalker,” she said softly as she dropped the hood of her cloak revealing her red gold hair and piercing green eyes.

    He glanced over to her and smiled. “Good to see you again, Mara. Why are you here?”

    She stood and looked out the slit of the silicon fabric to watch the sun settle over the valley below. “Corran’s wife went into labor early. I was the closest Force-user in the area.”

    Luke closed his eyes and shook his head. “How did the Academy know where you were located?”

    She shrugged. “Mirax is my friend. I may have told her I was going to be in this area.”

    He turned and gave her a stern look. “Really? Is that the story you are going with? So Mirax realizes you are in the same quadrant as me and her husband—who are literally located at the edge of the galaxy—and she doesn’t find that strange?”

    She turned and crossed her arms across her chest and glowered at him. “Why would she find that strange?”

    Luke chuckled under his breath. “Why? Because there are no trade hubs near this rimworld cesspool, that’s why. Aren’t you afraid she’s going to think you are a lovelorn stalker wanting a piece of the sexy Jedi master?” He gave her a mischievous wink before flashing a devastating smile.

    She barked out a scathing laugh. “No, I’m not afraid of her thinking that.”

    Luke didn’t let the subject drop. “With you conveniently nearby, she might believe you are having an affair with her husband.”

    She made a pffft sound. “Not likely.”

    His eyes narrowed as he stared at her intently. “You told her, didn’t you?”

    Mara’s mouth pressed down into a thin line before she threw her hands up in the air. “Yes,” she admitted before settling down in her seat. “She’s my best friend.”

    He chuckled. “I thought the former Emperor’s Hand would be better at keeping secrets.”

    “I guess I’m getting lackadaisical when it comes to operational security.” She rose from her seat and moved to Luke before dropping down on his lap and kissing him soundly. A moan escaped his lips as her mouth moved against his. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her tight and deepening the kiss. Eventually she untangled herself from his arms, stood, and started peeling off layers of clothing.

    “Mara, we can’t have sex here. We’re on an important mission.”

    She gave him an exasperated look. “I have no intention of having sex in this sauna. I’m trying to strip down to shorts and shirt, so I don’t get heat exhaustion.”

    Luke opened his mouth to say something, but Mara shut him up with a warning glare. “I swear Luke, if you say this a Tatooine parka weather I will turn to the darkside and neuter you with my lightsaber.”

    The Jedi Master made a show of closing his mouth firmly before breaking out in a wide grin. “We don’t want that. After this mission I’d like to bring you back to our ship and help you get cool before I warm you up again.”

    She rolled her eyes as she shrugged off her camouflage coveralls revealing loose shorts and a sleeveless undershirt. “Our ship?”

    “You have to admit, that’s my home away from home. I have my own closet. My toothbrush sits next to yours in the ‘fresher. Plus, I paid to have that oversized bed installed in the main cabin.”

    She heaved a sigh. “Okay, maybe it can be considered ours.

    She settled back down in her seat and then stood back up quickly. She turned and looked at the canvas back of the chair. “Why is the chair wet?”

    Luke glanced over. “I think that’s Corran’s back sweat.”

    She made a noise of disgust before moving to Luke and dropping back onto his lap.

    “So,” he said slowly. “Why exactly did you tell Mirax we’re lovers?”

    She shrugged. “I was with her talking about the pregnancy and I started thinking about our situation. Hiding our love affair is fairly easy. I meet you at random spaceports, we fly around the galaxy making love, and nobody is the wiser…but if I wanted something more…if I ever wanted kids…that kind of life would be impossible to conceal.”

    Luke’s jaw dropped. “You want kids?”

    She averted her eyes. “I don’t know. It could be Mirax’s pregnancy hormones are rubbing off on me. The feeling might pass as soon as I hear her screaming baby and get a whiff of a soiled diaper.”

    He embraced her as a grin split his face. “Then I better keep you away from the Horn’s shrieking and defecating bundle of joy…because I love the idea of children.”

    She giggled as he leaned in and nibbled her earlobe. “Why doesn’t that surprise me?”

    “So, are you saying you want to go public with our relationship?”

    She thought about it for a long moment before nodding. “Yes.”

    “Do you want to slowly let people see us dating…or should we reveal that we eloped last year?”

    She laughed slow and easy. “Why don’t we let your family know the truth now and then slowly let the public see us together.”

    Luke nuzzled her neck before asking, “What if the Galactic Herald writes another Imperial dominatrix/Jedi Master story.”

    She blew out a frustrated breath. “I got upset over them writing lies. Now that we are lovers…it may not bother me as much.”

    “Good.” Luke leaned forward and left a trail of kisses along her collarbone. “You know, if the lying part is what upset you about the Galactic Herald story…well you do have leather outfits and I can buy some fur-lined stuncuffs and make that fictitious story a reality.”

    She smirked. “Once we’re done with this mission and off this scorching hill…maybe I’ll take you up on that offer, husband mine.”

    His blue eyes lit up with passion. “I look forward to it.”
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    Dec 10, 2018
    Nice! Very well done!
    I loved how you gradually revealed the real status of Luke and Mara's relationship. [face_tee_hee]
    The interaction between Luke and Corran was great, and then Luke and Mara's conversation was absolutely wonderful! =D=
    I really enjoyed reading this. [face_dancing]
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  3. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Super and delicious use of the prompt. I really was surprised and applaud the gradual reveal. I thought Luke and Mara would have a heart to heart and get back on firm friendship footing. But [face_dancing] to find out they were already much more -- bravo for them being able to keep such a delightful secret! ;)
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  4. devilinthedetails

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    Jun 19, 2019
    Great entry for the challenge! Like others, I enjoyed the gradual nature of the reveal. I also think you did a wonderful job capturing the unique personalities of Luke and Mara as well as how they interact with one another. There was a lot of witty banter and mischievous affection in this piece, and I really appreciated every bit of it. Thanks for sharing and participating in the challenge:)
  5. brodiew

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    Oct 11, 2005
    Nice one, Carlos! I just love seeing more Corran Horn around these parts. Makes me think I need to do something as well. This short and fun and not just a little suggestive. I guess I knew Mara had it in her, being the Emperor's Hand, but Luke and furry stuncufffs? My head just exploded. :luke:

    Last edited: Oct 21, 2019
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  6. Carlos Danger

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    Jul 25, 2013
    Thank you @Jâd Sphera. I'm glad that their relationship wasn't so obvious from the start.
    Thanks! I am glad it wasn't too predictable.
    Thank you. In my head that is how Luke and Mara interact. The EU interaction between Luke and Mara will forever be canon to me. I hate what the ST has done to my poor Luke. I read today that Han's reputation is getting maligned even more in the new novels. Unless I was getting 'Fake News', it is reported that Han stole Luke's medal from EP4 and sold it for drinking money. Really? They are going to make Han a thief and alcoholic? Arrggg...don't get me started. =((
    I hope you recovered from your cranium detonation. Thank you for your kind words. I don't know why, but I always thought Mara would be a little on the kinky side...if only to embarrass the poor farmboy.

    Thanks everybody for reading. I can't believe I didn't respond before today.
  7. JadeSphera

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    Dec 10, 2018
    @Carlos Danger I hear you! Don't get me started either =((
  8. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004
    This was such a fun, lighthearted vignette! I enjoyed every word of it! [face_love] =D=

    [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    The banter throughout all of this was stupendous!

    Aw, this was sweet of Mara. I liked this for a few reasons - and not just for the beginning of Mirax and Corran's family! It shows how strong Mara's friendship with Mirax is - there's never enough of our awesome ladies just being awesome together - and how much she may not mind braving through a relationship with Luke as she says. [face_mischief]

    OH I GET IT!!!

    This twist was just so delightful! I had a big, stupid grin on my face when I got this far. To know that they're not just friends or lovers but happily married. Yep, my fangirl heart was all sorts of pleased reading this. [face_love] [face_love]

    This was such a delight! Thank you so much for sharing - it definitely was a treat to read in the face of the ST nonsense we have in canon right now instead. [face_not_talking] =D=
  9. Carlos Danger

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    Jul 25, 2013
    Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. Sorry for the slow response. I didn't see your comment until I went back to reread my story.
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    Nov 26, 2005
    This was a delicious vignette! [face_love]

    I loved that Luke and Mara were secretly seeing one another. Poor Corran didn't have a clue. [face_laugh]

    And the reveal that they'd already eloped was a fun surprise!

    Great post!
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