Saga - Legends Hoist the colours for the Sea Shanty/Ballad challenge

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    Hoist The Colours
    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan
    Timeframe: Legends, clone wars
    Characters: OC’s
    Genre: Sea Shanty/Ballad challenge
    Summary: Hospital squadron has a mission and a celebration

    Hoist The Colours

    Dramatis personae:
    Mick Kerebuy surgeon and commander Gold one (Dunai)
    Len Molino, nurse and Gold two (Human)
    Jason Beeler, technician and Gold three (Human)
    Jan Kirn, nurse and Gold four (Human)
    Alan Guyet, anaesthetist and Gold five (Dunai)
    Grant Bryjic, nurse and Gold six (Human)
    Sjon Saffy, technician and Gold seven (Human)
    Jim Kerebuy, surgeon and Gold eight (Dunai)
    Peter Sloan, surgeon and Gold nine (Dunai)
    Jadin Finn, surgeon and Jedi-knight (Dunai elder)

    For Mick Kerebuy hospital squadron was with the mix of nurses, doctors, technicians and clone pilots perfect for anything that would be thrown at them by the CIS. He had – after a serious injury – formed the squadron and was now after a day of saving injured clones in the great hospital in a deep sleep in his bed in the squadron-barracks.
    ‘Hospital squadron’ was the nickname of the squadron with the call signs of Gold one for their commander Mick Kerebuy and Gold two for Len Molino. Three was Jason Beeler, four Jan Kirn, five Alan Guyet, six Grant Bryjic, seven Sjon Saffy, eight Jim Kerebuy and nine Peter Sloan.

    Beeweep beeweep.

    Mick swung upright and moved his legs to the floor. With sheets flying every which way he ran in his boxers to the meeting room of his squadron.

    The meeting room was a bit different from the other meeting rooms. It had the usual lounge-chairs and table for a game of dejaric and bar but it had more. And that was because hospital squadron had beside the nine nurses and doctors in the team clone pilots to step in when the main job of the regulars made that necessary. There were eighteen lockers in the room. Nine had the names of the humans and Dunai and their call sign and the others just the call signs from Gold one to Gold nine. A clone pilot could be called from any squadron with the only requirement that he had trained with hospital squadron once.

    Mick ran to his locker and began to doff his orange flight-suit, smiling when he saw his brother doing the same.

    Jim asked “in for some vulture scrapping?”

    “Yes Jim,” Mick replied.

    More arrived, all more or less dressed the same. The last one – a small rotund man – was wearing a coveralls with grease stains.

    “I had to come from storage-room four,” Jason Beeler huffed. “The cooling-system was acting up.”

    “You can play with us,” Jan Kirn reached for his helmet. “I have to protect you and you can do the same with me.”

    “And make you an ace,” Jason was the last to seal his suit and gave his wing-mate a check-up.

    “Hospital squadron to protect and defend,” Mick Kerebuy ran from the room towards his Eta-2 actis interceptor. He was looking forward to the mission but dreaded something else and that was…

    - - -

    The King and his men
    stole the queen from her bed,
    and bound her in her bones

    ‘Aw no, gold three is at it again,’ Mick turned down the volume of his com. ‘I hope he sees that Vulture droid coming at his wingman.’

    Beeweep beeweep

    Ours, and by the powers;
    where we will, we'll roam

    Mick saw bits and pieces flying this and that way and mostly missing his Eta-2 actis interceptor.

    ‘Shields at eighty percent’

    hoist the colors

    Mick was glad that he was flying the shielded version of the fighter.

    “Got you covered commander. Four to go and I have won the ace-race. Someone is distracting you?”

    Now, some have died and some are alive
    and others sail on the sea.
    With the keys to the cage
    and the devil to pay,
    we lay to the fiddler's green

    “Techie Beeler is,” Mick muttered. “He is singing again that dreaded song. But he is good. Look at that.”

    “And he is reckless. But he has given us the nice fighters.”

    Yo ho, all hands,
    hoist the colors high.
    Heave ho, thieves and beggars;
    never shall we die

    “Hey Guyet, don’t sedate those vultures for him.”

    “Sorry Six. It’ll cost you and me.”

    “Yeah, but he is good.”

    “He is even better than you little big brother of our even smaller commander Kerebuy.”

    “We aren’t small. Yippee, take that droid scum.”

    Mick began to smile when he saw his brother Jim unleashing a barrage of fire against a vulture. And another positive; Beeler was now furiously busy chasing droids and not singing anymore. ‘But that will change as soon as we hit the Intrepid Enterprise. We will. One more to go and he has won.’

    “I got you Beeler in the ace-race. But thanks for covering me.”

    “You know what you have to do tonight.”

    “That’s Kirn winning the ace-race with Beeler covering him. No vultures left for us poor pilots.”

    Mick heard a soft sigh and toggled his com “Len we will have a celebration this evening.”

    “Yes and you have to listen again to that singing.”

    “I know,” Mick toggled the all-com. “Squadron, return to base. New Holstice is secure again.”

    - - -

    Mick was playing with his glass. Only moments ago he had ended the speech celebrating the ace-scorings of Jan Kirn. He had after entering the cantina of the Intrepid Enterprise seen at another table three of his friends from the hospital and that had given him a funny feeling. But that was ignored when he felt the fatigue after the combat entering his frame.

    Jedi-knight Jadin Finn was one of those friends. He was drinking blue milk with his friends, nurses Beran Daranon and Skon Peverin.

    “Pilots don’t drink blue milk,” Jim Kerebuy took a sip from his beer. “It’s for children and sissies.”

    “Blue milk is for babies and toddlers,” Jan Kirn commented.

    “Blue milk is for little blue beings,” Len Molino winked at Mick daring him to join the conversation.

    “Jadin is ignoring the talk as usual,” Mick whispered and placed his glass on the table. He rested his head on his hands.

    Jadin was with his innocent Bantha-pup eyes in for something funny and had a glass filled with the blue milk hovering with the Force towards Mick Kerebuy. It toppled above his head.

    “Eech,” Mick began to sputter.

    ‘Sloan again with his pranks,’ Jim thought and threw the contents of his glass towards Peter Sloan hitting Beeler.

    “My hair,” Jason shook his head and started with a mischievous grin on his face “Yo ho, all hands, hoist the colors high” before reaching for his glass and throwing the contents towards Sloan.

    “Heave ho, thieves and beggars; never shall we die,” Sloan chimed in and grabbed an unsuspecting clone pilot by his arm.

    The brawl was on.

    - - -

    Mick had put his fingers in his ears the moment he had heard that dreaded ‘yo ho’ but now he had to take action when he saw the black clad men arriving. ‘MP’s will have us all in the brig.’ No surprise for him was that the Jedi – starting the mayhem – and his nurses had left.

    Sjon Saffy and Len Molino hoisted Jan Kirn on the table.

    Beeler on the floor with Jim Kerebuy sprawled over his legs, sang “Yo ho, all hands hoist the colors high. Heave ho, thieves and beggars.”

    “Hospital squadron attention,” Mick pried his fingers from his ears.

    “Never shall we die,” Jason looked up and wriggled his legs free “uh?”

    “Alert,” Mick shouted.

    “Commander,” Jason stood up on unsteady legs.

    “Something up,” Jim was next to him.

    “MP’s,” Len whispered.

    “Leave this room in formation,” Mick commanded. And he was glad they followed. He had to give his pilots a talk. ‘Doctors don’t try to injure.’

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    Action packed & humorous use of the song prompt =D=
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    Such a fun fic with all the action and the celebration at the end! I loved the use of the song in the fic!
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    I adore the idea of a hospital squadron! :D

    I like how you used the song in the story. Sometimes that can be distracting, but it really worked here.
    All of these beings seem like type A personalities,( it happens a lot in health care, especially outside of traditional means of medicine) and it doesn't shock me that they got into a fight. But I really liked the line about doctors don't try to injure.

    That was a lot of fun! Great job with the challenge!
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    Your hospital squadron meets every song challenge with bravery and fun.
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    Thank you
    It was fun to do
    Type A personalities yes. Pilots are too. I love to write stories about pilots being in health care too.
    They do

    Thanks all for the nice replies
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    I like to keep it short and affectionate! Longer replies are difficult for me to manage these days. I hardly get to update my own stuff any more. It is pure stress! But there are so many talented other fanfic writers around!
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