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Before - Legends Holo-Diary of Master Dooku (Diary Challenge 2013), spans age 4 to TPM (Updated 1-13-14

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by CmdrMitthrawnuruodo, Jan 1, 2013.

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    Feb 25, 2011
    I'm rather enjoying this. Dooku's character and emotions are clearly there. I also enjoy the way this is written, the perspective and writing style works perfectly. The only thing negative I must add is Yoda's voice. His voice sounds a little off or maybe you intended to write his voice as you saw fit? If that is the case then okay, but if you're sticking to the original Yoda voice I would advise checking over his dialogue, it sounds odd at times. Other then that, I'm looking forward to the next update. Nice work. :cool:
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    Nov 9, 2010
    Those remotes are the devil. The first time I watched ANH, I thought the remote was teasing Luke, the second I thought Obi-Wan was controlling the damned thing. I think Dooku did pretty well though. :)
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    Jedi_Lover And the best job ever too, I bet! At least until your student goes all postal and wipes out your Order. Lol

    JaceV Good to see another reader :D. Thank you for the review. I do my best to stick to the way Yoda speaks, but it is difficult. I do go over the sentences a lot to get it right but it doesn't always come out, so thats probably why it sounds odd at times. I notice it myself and try to correct it if I can.

    Hazel Hmm *flips through Obi-wan's training journal to chapter How to Build Confidence in Your Padawan "If your padawan is failing in remote training and keeps saying he cannot do it, blind him and subtly control the remote..." [face_laugh]

    This next entry was inspired by the conversation between Dooku and Yoda in Dark Rendezvous. ;) This is also the last entry for Year Two. Starting Tuesday, the last three years for this month will be covered.

    Year Two – Day 180A

    Dooku is upset. He looks like he has been crying as he wipes at his nose with the sleeve of his tunic. He takes a staggering deep breath before he finds his voice.

    Denton and I fought again. We were practicing flips and jumping today. I have gotten better at flipping, but not as good as the horned freak.

    He sniffles and looks down at his hands, ashamed.

    He called me 'Yoda's pet' while we waited for Master Sulla to finish showing the older students how to jump the horse bar. I tried to ignore him and not get angry at him. Master Yoda says my temper is improving but I still have a long way to go. But how can I control it when stupid Denton makes fun of me? I am not Yoda's pet! Just because he teaches me himself doesn't mean I am terrible at being a Jedi.

    He looks away uncertainly for a moment before scowling darkly.

    I'm not a failure! Master Yoda praised me and continues to praise me! Denton is wrong and I told him as much. At least I don't hit myself with the lightsaber every time. He didn't like me reminding him of that, so he pushed me. I pushed back and the next thing I knew we were wrestling on the mats. Master Sulla broke us up but not before I used my practice saber against Denton.

    Dooku looks crestfallen now.

    Master Sulla took it away from me. I thought she was angry at me but looking back now, she seemed more disappointed in me than angry. I messed up, I know I did. Master Yoda said I should respect the lightsaber and I didn't. I... I used it out of anger. He probably won't teach me anymore now.

    He wipes at his nose again with the sleeve of his tunic.

    I will make things right. I will show Master Yoda and Master Sulla that I can control my anger. I won't let it get the better of me again. I won't use my lightsaber to hurt someone again. I won't let Denton get at me again! I promise! I promise! I want to make Master Yoda proud of me... I want my lightsaber back. I want... I want...

    Dooku hiccups and then gets up, too upset to continue, before running out of the room. The recorder shuts off after a minute.

    Year Two – Day 180B

    Dooku sits down in front of the recorder. He seems different somehow. He doesn't look as upset as before and the chrono times this entry several hours after the last one. The hologram seems distorted a bit before it clears. Occasionally, the image flickers and the audio fades as if the file had been deleted and someone had managed to mostly recover it.

    Master Yoda found where I went hiding when Master Naki couldn't find me. I ran to the huge garden, the one with the waterfalls and streams. I had hid myself in a cave behind the biggest waterfall. It was cold inside and a little wet, but I didn't care. All I could think about was how I failed Master Yoda and my parents and how much I hate Denton. I was certain that the Jedi would send me home now, but I find that I don't want to go back home. Not like this anyway.

    Master Yoda wasn't angry with me like I thought he would be. He had my lightsaber with him but didn't give it back yet. He seemed more saddened then angry, disappointed for sure. But he didn't yell at me or lecture right away. He simply sat down beside me where I rested with my knees to my chest.

    “Why so upset are you?” he had asked me.

    I shamefully looked away from him. “Denton got what he wanted.”

    “That would be what, youngling?”

    “You won't want to train me now.” I was certain that I would be sent back home this time. It was what I wanted ever since I first came here. But now when I feel that I will get what I want, I find that I do not want it. I have come to like being here and although I do not like some of the adults, I would miss the other kids in my clan, especially the few that I have made friends with. Here I can play and get dirty, I can do things I know my mother would not approve of...

    He frowned slightly as he tries to remember something before shaking his head and continuing.

    Master Yoda reassured me that he wasn't going to stop training me because I had gotten into a fight with Denton again. He showed me my lightsaber when he lectured to me about what I had done with it.

    “Your life, this weapon is. It is to be used in defense, never for attack and never in anger. Dishonor it you have by striking at Denton with it,” he had told me in a gentle voice. I knew he was being kind to me for a reason. I was upset and his more stricter tone would simply have upset me more.

    “I was defending myself,” I had dared to argue but Yoda shook his head in disagreement.

    “Defend yourself you may have, but done so in anger. Wanted to hurt the boy you did.”

    “What was I suppose to do then?” I met his gaze questioningly. I wasn't sure what I should have done. Denton was bigger than me and older and I couldn't beat him with my own strength. I wasn't going to let him beat me up either.

    “Into the Force, let go of your emotions you should. Fear leads to anger, anger to hate, and hate to suffering. Afraid you were, of being beaten by Denton and your fear led to your anger. Angry you were at being picked on by him again and your anger led to your hate. Hate him you do for bullying you and your hate led him to suffer. Suffer the boy now does as he sits in the Healers Ward for burns caused by your weapon. Understand do you, Dooku?”

    “He deserved it,” I stubbornly sniffed in reply and was rewarded with a smack on my knee with his cane. I had rubbed at the sore spot and glared at him. “What was that for?”

    “Deserve it he does or not, matters not. About you and your anger this is.” Yoda gave me a stern look and I knew he was not happy with my choice of words. “Chose to hurt him you do. Chosen differently you could have. Simply to stop the fight was a choice to you, but took the easy path you had instead. Why?”

    I remember hesitating in answering him. I don't remember why though. All I remember is that it has something to do with my mother. I remember crying again and Master Yoda stroking my head, telling me to let go. I felt something in my mind. He...

    Dooku stops talking and stares at the recorder a little blankly. He reaches up to rub at his eyes and blinks before his image suddenly distorts and disappears to be replaced by blinking red words:

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    Nov 1, 2004
    Poor Dooku...we all have to deal with our version of Dentons while growing up. :(
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    Nov 9, 2010
    :confused: What happened to the diary?

    If the masters stopped teaching every youngling that got into a fight, the Jedi Order would go extinct pretty fast. :p
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    Jedi_Lover Unfortunately. But... at least Dooku won't have to for much longer.

    Hazel Ah but that would be telling. [face_devil] We'll find out years later, though, when Dooku finds out himself.

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    Use the light switch, Luke. Trust your feelings!
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    uh-oh, the holo-recorder is on the fritz. :p
    It would be interesting to see Dooku become better and better at hiding his emotions... projecting a sense of calm...[face_thinking]
    It looked like Yoda was establishing a training bond with Dooku at the end of the entry.
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    I liked Yoda's character in this piece, striking Dooku with the cane seemed more like him, and it made me laugh a little. I see Dooku is still struggling with emotion. Maybe Yoda will help him overcome these emotions...or maybe not. It will be interesting to see. Somehow, Dooku seems like a more alive character now that you've opened up his background as a child. It brings the reader's closer to him. This is good.
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    benknobi1 Training bond? Mmmmaaaaybe. [face_devil]

    JaceV Oh he will certainly help Dooku, but not in the way you think. I'm glad you're enjoying Dooku. He is such an under-explored character. Lucasbooks only sees the heroes making a profit. I swear to this day that if they wrote books on the villains, they'd make more money simply because there just isn't any!

    I know I'm really late getting this entry in, but I've been busy with college and horses. Ugh. It's, unfortunately, short and although I had originally planned on fast forwarding through the next three years, I decided not to. Initiate Dooku is fun.

    Hazel Jedi_Lover

    Year Three – Day 30

    Dooku is sitting on his cot. On the floor are several pebbles and he looks deeply lost in concentration. Soon one of the pebbles starts to shudder as some unknown force tries to grasp on to it. Slowly it begins to lift off the ground and as it does, a smile appears on the boy's face. Just as he allowed the emotion, the pebble clatters back to the floor. He frowns at the recorder.

    Dang it! I almost had it this time! I've been learning how to grab things with the Force and even push things with it. Its really weird how I can touch something without actually touching it. Master Yoda has been teaching us. I'm told he teaches all of the Initiates how to use the Force directly and I look forward to learning from him. Speaking of learning, my lightsaber lessons with him have been tiring but fun. He's been teaching me Form I, Shii-Cho, now that I've managed to defeat the remote more times than it defeats me.

    He smiles proudly.

    I've been watching the other lightsaber instructors to see what other styles there are and there is one that I like. I don't know what it is called but the Jedi who uses it has never lost a fight. He doesn't move around a lot but I suppose that's a given considering his age. He's old but not older than Master Yoda. I don't think anyone can be older than him. Anyway, this Jedi I've seen him before but I don't remember his name. He was bald the last time I saw him, I think.

    Dooku looks thoughtful as he tries to remember the name of the Jedi he was describing.He shakes his head after a moment and continues talking about the lightsaber technique the man was utilizing.

    He seems to make his opponents move where he wants them to without putting forth much effort on his part. I want to learn his style and I'm gonna ask Master Yoda tomorrow what it is and see if he'll teach it to me.

    Year Three – Day 31

    Dooku looks disappointed but not upset.

    I asked Master Yoda this morning what lightsaber style that old Jedi uses and he told me that I was not ready for it. He said that if I learned it now, it would do more harm to my training than good. I don't see how it would. It didn't seem to affect Master Cerulian—that's who Yoda says he is—one bit when he sparred with the other Jedi. Maybe if I go to him he will teach me?

    Year Three – Day 40

    Master Cerulian said he would be honored but not until I was older. I asked why and he told me because Makashi, that's what he called it, took discipline of the kind that a youngling such as myself would not have and won't have until I became a padawan. He said if I make it to an apprenticeship to come seek him out and he would teach me. I will hold him to it.

    Dooku grins and turns off the recorder.
  10. benknobi1

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    Jun 12, 2002
    :D awesome, Dooku is quite the enterprising little initiate[face_devil]
  11. Hazel

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    Nov 9, 2010
    It's easy to get excited about all those different techniques.
  12. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    benknobi1 Yes he is. :D

    Hazel And become obsessed over them too, which we'll see as he gets older.

    JaceV Jedi_Lover

    In this one Dooku talks about an important lesson and gets chastised for language.

    Year Three – Day 101

    The boy is standing, the pebbles he had first practiced telekinesis on are floating freely in front of him, a smile on his face. He makes them dance in the air before gently settling them back on the ground.

    I've learned how to grab and hold things in the Force. Master Yoda had to trick me into doing it. Though it wasn't a mean trick. Still, it taught me what I needed to learn to do it.

    He lifts up the pebbles again and as he holds them, he continues to talk about the lesson.

    You see there were these stone bricks he wanted us to lift and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't do it. Some of the other Initiates could do it with some difficulty but I couldn't get one to even budge. I didn't understand why. I could lift these pebbles easily enough.

    I was becoming frustrated and upset and Master Yoda came over to me. He then asked me to lift this large, empty pot that was off to the side. I think Master Yoda called it an urn, I don't remember exactly. Anyway, he told me to lift it and so I did. Then he told me to go and pick it up and I couldn't. The darn thing was too heavy for me!

    He asked me why I could lift the heavy pot when I couldn't lift the bricks. I told him the bricks were heavy. He said the pot was also heavy yet I could lift it with the Force.

    “Why could you, Dooku?” he had asked me again and I thought about it.

    “Because I thought it was lighter than the bricks,” I had replied and he smiled at me. That's when I realized my mistake. Because I had believed the bricks to be heavy, I couldn't lift them. But when I believed the pot to be lighter, even though it really wasn't, I could do it. He had me do another attempt on the bricks and with what I learned, I imagined them to be as light as these pebbles.

    The pebbles swirled around a bit in front of him. He was grinning.

    The bricks rose up off the ground and I held them there for a few seconds before I had to let go. Although I can do it, I can't do it for long. Which fracking sucks!

    Dooku!” The pebbles suddenly drop to the floor with a clattering thud as the boy is startled. “How many times must I tell you that we do not speak such language?” Master Naki has come into view and Dooku is holding his head down.

    I'm sorry, Master.”

    Now where did you learn that word?” Her tone is lighter, more understanding as she kneels in front of him and Dooku furrows his brow at the question. This is the first time Naki has been seen. She is human, dark skinned with dark eyes and braided hair. She is also rather young, but old enough to have the wisdom borne from years of raising children.

    Um... Master Yoda?” It was obvious he was lying and she gave him a look for it. He defiantly met her gaze for a few moments before caving in to what has been deemed by the other younglings as The Sith Look. “One of the workers who was fixing the pipes in the refectory a while back. Something broke as he was fixing it and he said 'Frack”.”

    Naki shook her head lightly, the dark braids gently brushing across her shoulders as she did. “We must not go around repeating everything we hear, youngling. Now, finish up with your journal and get cleaned up. The clan will be leaving for supper in a few minutes.”

    Yes, Master Naki.” Dooku waited for her to leave before he turned to the recorder. He looks irritated rather than angry.

    I hate it when she does that. I know we can't exactly keep things to ourselves since we all pretty much share the same room, but she could at least let me know she was there.

    He sighs softly and takes a deep breath before letting it out. His stomach growls and he glares down at it.

    I guess I'll continue this later when no one can drop in unexpectedly again and I'm not hungry.
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    Nov 9, 2010
    Ah-ha! It's the 'size matters not' lesson Yoda loves so much. ;)
  14. Jedi_Lover

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    Nov 1, 2004
    I remember Frack was a swear word in the original Battle Star Galactica TV series. One day when I was a kid I swore, "Frack!" My father got really upset with me. I thought it was because he thought I said the F-word. I am explaining to him it was a sci-fi swear word. He looks relieved and said, "I thought you were into my briefcase." He opened it up and there was some papers that said, Operation Frac or maybe it was Frak. He worked on projects for the government. I still don't know what he was working on.

    Nice update!
  15. benknobi1

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    Jun 12, 2002
    haha ! weight matters not either. now i get it:p
  16. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jedi_Lover That's where I heard it first too. I often use it in place of the F word. I get scolded for it. I'm like... "Its not even a real word!"

    benknobi1 Its the whole "I can't believe it!" "That is why you failed." thing. :D

    Hazel JaceV

    This is in response to the mini-challenge for February. Dooku is in serious trouble. :eek: [face_worried]

    Year Three – Day 122

    Dooku's left arm is in a sling and he is sitting in a medical bed. He sniffs when he shifts the arm a little. It apparently hurts... a lot.

    Something terrible happened today in the Temple. I can still feel the shock from the other Jedi, so I know it wasn't suppose to happen or at least it is not something that happens often.

    He looks around warily before leaning closer to the recorder, his voice dropping to a whisper.

    I'm not suppose to mention this, but a Jedi lost it and killed another Jedi. I saw it happen. It happened in one of the sparring arenas. A Master and a Padawan were dueling. After my lessons I would go watch the others spar, sometimes with others from the clan. But this time I went alone and I wish I hadn't or maybe it was good that I had cause I don't know what he would have done had there been more of us.

    Dooku glances a little fearfully to the side at the sound of something dropping. A woman is heard behind the divider separating his room from the other room as she quietly complains.

    The two Jedi had been sparring for a while and the Master was talking to the Padawan about something the boy had done on their last mission. It seemed to anger the Padawan and he accused the Master of not understanding. The argument quickly deteriorated into a real fight. I was up above in the viewing area, where other Jedi could observe matches on the ground, you know. I was glad too because they started flinging things at each other with the Force and I was certain that if I had been down there, they might have used me too!

    The Master was holding his own against the Padawan and was trying to talk the boy into calming down, but he wouldn't listen or he didn't want to. He seemed to get stronger and the Master was getting more tired as the fight drew out. I don't understand why no one else came in to put a stop to it. I know Master Yoda would have had he been on-world at the time. I was the only one present and they both seemed unaware that I was there. I knew if something wasn't done, bad things would happen.

    I shouted down to them, “Stop! Stop it!”

    I shouldn't have though. The Master looked up in surprise at seeing me there and the angry Padawan took advantage of his distraction. His surprise turned to pain from the Padawan's blue lightsaber piercing his body.

    “No!” I had cried. The Master slipped to the floor and the boy stabbed his weapon down into him a second time before looking up at me. I backpedaled from the railing just as he leapt to me. I tried to get away but he caught me in the Force and dragged me to him. I … I... never have been more afraid of anything before like I was of him at that moment. I didn't want to die and I tried to get out of his grip but he held on tighter.

    He twisted my arm behind me so hard I heard and felt something tear. The Padawan kept a hand over my mouth to keep me from screaming before whispering coldly to me. “If anyone asks, you say nothing, Initiate.”

    I felt him straighten when the sound of voices could be heard below. He warned me to be quiet or else before he quickly fled the area. I stayed quiet for as long as I could but the pain in my arm was too much and I started crying. The others heard me and found me amongst the benches holding my arm. Master Cerulian was among the Jedi that came to see what had happened and found me first. He took me in his arms and told me it would be alright.

    But how could it? A master was dead and my arm was broken and I know that if I said anything that Padawan would come back and hurt me some more! Master Cerulian tried to ask me what had happened but I just shook my head and held on to him. I think he knows I had witnessed the whole thing. I wish I could tell him.

    The boy looks down and fiddles with the thin wraps poking out from under the sling. He sniffles a little more before changing the subject.

    Healer Ioyna says my arm isn't broken, it is just very sore from having been twisted wrong. She said my muscles and tendons have been over-stretched and a few days of bacta treatment will have them feeling good as new again. I hope so. I think I will miss my lessons with Master Yoda but after what happened today, I'm not so sure I want to learn now.

    Dooku looks uncertain before laying back in the bed. He would have continued except that Healer Ioyna entered the room with a small tray of food. She set it down beside the bed and smiled at the boy. She was young, recently Knighted from the looks of it, a slight stub of hair where the braid would have been was neatly hidden behind her loose and dark hairstyle. She was mildly good looking, but nothing to die for and seemed to prefer the simple robes of the Healers.

    How are you feeling?” she asked him, smiling warmly.

    It hurts.”

    I know, but the pain will soon pass in a few days.”

    Can I go back to the creche?”

    Ioyna shook her head lightly. “I'm afraid you will have to stay here for observation.” She glances at the recorder in his lap. “Is that yours?” Dooku grabs for it but she stills him with a gentle hand on his arms. “No, no. I won't take it, I promise. Is it for an assignment?”

    Dooku shook his head. “I... Its my journal.”

    Is it now? Anything interesting on it? Maybe a girl you like?” she was teasing him and Dooku made a face at the mentioning of liking a girl.

    Eww, girls are yucky! Why would I talk about one on my journal?” Ioyna laughed softly at his response but gives the journal an interested glance before he turns it off.
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    Nov 9, 2010
    Wow! What a terrible day for Dooku and for the Jedi.
  18. Jedi_Lover

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    Nov 1, 2004
    Lets pull out those security holocam recordings and find out who did that. No need to terrorize a little boy.

    Now he believes he is responsible for the death of the Master since he caused the distraction. That has to be tough on a little guy.
  19. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Hazel Probably be among the worse days of his life. Well... until he gets murdered himself.

    Jedi_Lover You'd think it would be that easy in Star Wars? As for feeling responsible, we'll touch on that after the murderer gets caught. He's a little worried about becoming a victim right now.

    benknobi1 JaceV

    Master Corran Halcyon is Corran Horn's um... Great-Grandfather or Nejaa Halcyon's father and my OC for all things security. I would have used Nejaa but he's younger than Qui-Gon by about a decade or two.

    Year Three – Day 122B

    Dooku yawns tiredly. He is still in the medical ward, laying in his bed. The timestamp shows this entry a few hours after Ioyna had brought him his dinner. He should be asleep at this hour.

    There is talk about what had happened. Master Corran Halcyon came in to ask me questions about it. He told me he had been brought in to investigate since he worked closely with the Corellian Security Forces back on his homeworld and was the best choice. He was kind about it but I didn't understand why he was asking. I thought Jedi were suppose to know everything that happens in the Temple. He didn't tell me anything and I refused to answer his questions. He seemed to understand and told me that everything would turn out alright.

    Dooku yawns again and shakes his head, trying to fight sleep.

    I heard him talking to Master Cerulian and what sounded like Master Yoda over a holocom while they thought I was sleeping. They mentioned something about recordings having been deleted from the databanks and that I know who did it but won't talk. Master Cerulian said that I must have been intimidated into keeping quiet. Then I heard Master Yoda mention my journal. He thinks that I might have mentioned what happened on it and that they should take a look. I hope they don't because if they find out he did it, he'll come for me. I just know it.

    The boy glances over to the door to his room when he heard someone passing by. He takes the recorder and hides it under the covers, using his own body to make a tent out of the blankets.

    I won't let them but I'm not sure how to hide this from them. They know I have it and they could take it from me easily if they wanted to. I know I should. Maybe if I let them take a look, he can't say I told them. From a certain point of view, I didn't tell any of them. They would find out from snooping.

    He rubs at his eyes and resists yawning a third time.

    I should get some sleep like Healer Ioyna told me to. But I'm afraid he'll come. I have a bad feeling about this whole thing. I wish I was back in the creche with the others. I know I would be safer there with the clan around me. He wouldn't hurt us all to get to me, right?

    He bites his lower lip uncertainly.

    I wouldn't want him to hurt Lor or Jo. They're my friends, sorta. They don't tease me at least. I know Jo would tell the adults what had happened had it been her. She's like that, not afraid to stand up for herself. I'm not either but... the Padawan, he felt... cold when he hurt me. I've seen Jedi angry before but not like him. It was like he couldn't control it or didn't want to. The other Jedi, they're angry for a brief moment before they let go of it into the Force like we're suppose to. This one, it's like he was holding it in, relishing in it even.

    I don't ever want to feel that again.

    He falls back onto the pillow, the blanket covering the recorder before he pushes it off. He's really struggling to stay awake now and it's a losing battle.

    So tired...

    He falls asleep. The fear melts away as the peace of sleep takes over. The recorder shuts down as someone enters a few moments later.
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    Nov 9, 2010
    I hope the Masters don't look at the diary without permission. It would be a breach of trust.
  21. benknobi1

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    Jun 12, 2002
    goood, Goood !

  22. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    Hazel Agreed. Originally this entry did end with them admitting to viewing it, but like you, it didn't sit well with me. Found a solution to it though. :)

    benknobi1 lol We haven't seen the last of the Padawan yet.

    Jedi_Lover JaceV

    We meet some of Dooku's friends in this one. They are not best-buds yet, just clanmates who like each other.

    Year Three – Day 123A

    Dooku isn't alone while he eats his breakfast. A young red-headed girl and a blonde boy are with him. The girl looks a year older than him but the boy appears to be about the same age as Dooku. The boy is holding the recorder out of Dooku's reach, who is sitting on the bed scowling at him.

    I'm Lorian and Yan is being a baby. He wants his recorder back.

    I am not being a baby!” protested Dooku.

    Lor, give it back to him,” the girl ordered. She came into view to try and take it back from Lorian. He holds it out of her reach and a good view of the ceiling is seen. “Come on, quit being mean. We're suppose to be visiting.”

    I'm not being mean,” protested the blonde. “I'm just playing around. See?” He comes back into view, but the angle is from above his head looking down. Apparently he's trying to keep it away from the girl while talking into it.

    That was Jocasta. She's a bit bossy.

    The recorder shifts view as he turns it to her. Jocasta is wearing her version of Naki's 'Sith Look' while holding her arms across her chest.

    We're visiting Yan after we heard he had gotten hurt. Master Naki was reluctant in letting us, but Jo persuaded her saying it would be good for him to have company.

    If I knew you were going to take my recorder I would have told Healer Ioyna not to let you in, Lor.

    Gasp! You would prefer Jo's company over mine?” Lor teased.

    Maybe. At least she doesn't tease me,” Dooku quietly answered and the camera-view changed to him. His scowl lessened when he glanced at Jocasta before returning when his gaze went back to Lorian.

    Ooo. Yan and Jo, swinging in a wroshyr tree, K-I-S-S... Ow! That hurt, Jo!” The recorder's view suddenly changes again as Jocasta manages to take it from Lorian. The recorder ends up lopsided in front of Dooku. He reaches for it and turns it upright, giving Jocasta a grateful look.

    I want to correct what I said last night. Lor does tease me, Jo doesn't.

    I-N-G! First comes loooove.”


    Ha ha! Bet you can't catch me!”

    Dooku rolls his eyes and turns the recorder around so it catches Jocasta chasing Lorian around the room. He leans into view, he's amused.

    It's funny seeing Lor getting beat up by Jo. She's smaller than him but that doesn't stop her from winning. I've lost a couple playful scuffles with her.

    Then comes forbidden marriage!” Lorian scrambles over Dooku's bed, jostling the recorder. Jocasta doesn't follow, rather instead she goes around. Lor goes under the bed just before she can reach him. “Then the Jedi baby in the Jedi ...! Ack!”

    Got you!”

    Yan, help!”

    No. You started it, you finish it!” Dooku smirked. He raises the recorder over the edge of the bed so it can see Jocasta pinning Lorian, his arm behind his back.

    Ack! I yield!”

    Say you're sorry!”

    Jo...” Dooku can be heard. “Stop...”

    She looks up at him, his tone no longer amused. “Why? He hasn't...”


    Okay.” She seems to sense something wrong and lets go of Lorian and the boy gets up, dusting himself off. Lorian seems oblivious of what had just happened and gives Dooku a lopsided grin.

    Thanks, Yan.”

    The recorder is set on the bed but falls over onto its side, catching a view of all three of them. Dooku looks upset, but is hiding it rather well.

    Maybe we should go,” Jocasta suggests and the dark-haired boy shakes his head in reply.

    No, stay. Just... no more wrestling, okay?”

    Sure thing,” Lorian answered and climbs onto the bed. He grabs the recorder again. “I'll give it back, promise.”

    So where was I... oh yeah! Jocasta is bossy.

    Lor...” the girl warns. Lorian grins nervously before adding:

    But she can be nice too... when she wants to be. Master Naki gave us permission to see Yan before our lessons. As I said, we had heard he had gotten hurt and Jo convinced our creche-master to let us visit. So here we are, visiting. He sprained his arm but won't say how he had done it. Though I did manage to worm out of him that he had hurt it in the viewing salon of one of the arenas.

    Can't talk about it anyway,” muttered Dooku, warily.

    Why not?” asked Jocasta.

    Was told not to.”

    Why? You just sprained your arm, it's no biggie. Right?” Lorian gave him a suspicious look. “It doesn't have anything to do with what happened in the other sparring arena does it? Hey... you weren't in that viewing salon were you?”

    I...” Dooku hesitated and glanced to Jocasta for help.

    Lorian, we should go.”

    The blonde boy ignored her as he pressed Dooku. “You were! What did you see! What happened? Did the murderer hurt you? He did, didn't he? That's why your arm is broken! Sithspit, if I could I would...”

    NO!” Dooku exploded and grabbed the recorder from his friend. “You won't do anything! Forget I mentioned anything, please.”

    Lorian and Jocasta exchanged looks. She approached Dooku and placed a hand over his good one. “Yan, you should tell the masters. If they can catch him, he can't hurt you or us.”

    Dooku looks away angrily. “I know that! But... you, he... You weren't there when he jumped up and hurt me. He told me not to say a word to anyone or he'll come back. I believe him. He... he felt cold, colder than the refectory freezers. He's worse than Denton! A lot worse!”

    Who is he?” Lorian inquired. “We can tell the masters for you.”

    He's...” Dooku shook his head heavily. “No... I can't. He's a Jedi. He'll know.”

    Jedi don't murder Jedi, Yan.” The boy reminded and Dooku sighed oppressively. “Did you tell this thing?” The recorder changed hands again when Lorian took it back. A good view of his freckled face fills up the image as he fiddles with the device.

    Give it back!”

    You did tell it.” The image shifts to show the rest of the room as Lorian hops off the bed and heads for the door with it. “The masters should be told, Yan!”

    No, Lorian, don't!” Dooku can be seen scrambling out of the bed but before he can get all the way out, the door opens up to reveal Healer Ioyna standing there, frowning at the commotion that was going on.

    What is going on? Initiate Dooku, you shouldn't be out of your bed.”

    Lor took my holo-recorder,” protested the boy as he climbs back under the covers. Ioyna looks to Lorian and holds out a hand for it.

    He told it what happened, Master.”

    We know, youngling.”

    You do?” Dooku exclaimed panicky as Ioyna returned the recorder to him.

    Yes. Master Halcyon listened to the security footage of this room when you made the entry. We know who is responsible now and rest assured he won't be bothering you anymore. Master Cerulian has volunteered to watch over you until he's caught.”

    Relief seems to fill Dooku's face for a moment before worry etches its way across. “He killed him... Why?”

    I think that would be best left to a Mind Healer explaining that to you, youngling.” She took the device from him and set it down on the nightstand and just before she turned it off: “After this ordeal is over. For now, you rest and you two... please do not aggravate him further or I'll ask you to leave.”

    We won't,” replied the two younglings in unison.
  23. Hazel

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    Nov 9, 2010
    I just had some major flashbacks to my school years. There was always someone that teased me ans someone who defended me.

    It's part of growing up.
  24. Jedi_Lover

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    Then comes forbidden marriage....I liked that line. :D Hopefully they will catch the bad guy and he won't terrorize Dooku anymore.
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    nice update.:) btw Yan Solo is Han Solo in French:p