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Story [How to Train Your Dragon] Berk in Time

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by fardell24, Feb 2, 2023.

  1. fardell24

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    Aug 31, 2020
    Berk in Time
    Dragons on a Timeship
    Part 1
    This is Berk. Most places have cats or dogs as pets. But we have dragons.

    Hiccup was doing what he liked best after a long day at the Dragon Academy. He was riding Toothless over the seas surrounding Berk. It was exhilarating, just him and his bud. However, something unexpected happened. He sighted something in the distance. It looked, big. Toothless gave an inquisitive growl.

    “I see it too, Bud. Let’s have a closer look.”

    Not long after, Hiccup could clearly see that the object was a kind of ship he hadn’t seen before. Also, it was much larger. He also knew the patterns of the currents in the area, that it would reach Berk some time the next day. “Better give them the heads up, Bud.”

    The sun was setting as Hiccup and Toothless landed outside Berk’s Great Hall. The door was open. ‘Something is happening,’ Hiccup thought as he dismounted.

    Stoick the Vast, Chief of the Hooligans of Berk, saw his son enter the Great Hall. “There he is now, along with his Dragon.”

    The woman who had identified herself as Nefertiti turned. “Rather small, isn’t he?”

    “Aye, he is,” Stoick said in a long suffering tone.

    “Hi Dad,” Hiccup said as he came up. “Toothless and I have found something.”

    “You can tell me about it later.”

    Hiccup nodded. “Who is this?”

    “She arrived on Berk this afternoon with Trader Johann,” Stoick explained.


    “Hiccup, and this is Toothless.”

    “Your Father told me that it was you who first trained Dragons.”

    “Yes, it was. I found Toothless, and befriended him,” Hiccup answered.

    “And Berk now lives peacefully with the Dragons.”

    “Yes,” Hiccup answered.

    “I see,” Nefertiti said.

    “Dad, Toothless and I found something. A strange ship, approaching Berk.”
    It was clear to Stoick, that his son wanted him to know straight away. “You say it’s approaching Berk?” he asked.

    “Yes,” Hiccup answered. “It would run aground sometime tomorrow.”

    “There could be anything aboard,” Stoick considered.

    “I agree. Which is why I want to investigate it before you’re obliged to open fire with our catapults.”

    “And you would be right in that regard. It could be a threat to Berk.”

    “I thought so,” Hiccup said.

    “Maybe Nefertiti could help,” Stoick suggested.

    “Maybe, but she hasn’t ridden a dragon before, and I doubt there’s time to find her one.”

    “Toothless looks big enough for two.”

    “Most dragons are. But I need to find the other Riders first.”

    “Of course.”

    “Can I come with you?” Nefertiti asked.


    Astrid Hofferson was surprised to see Hiccup arrive with a foreign visitor. “Hi, Hiccup. Who is this?”

    “This is Nefertiti.”

    “I’ve just arrived on Berk. I was talking to Hiccup’s father.”

    “I see,” Astrid said.

    “And I have found a ship which will run aground on Berk tomorrow. We need to investigate it before that happens.”

    “I’ll get Stormfly.”

    Hiccup and Astrid had got Fishlegs Ingerman to round up the Thorston Twins before they and Nefertiti approached the Jorgenson residence. “This could be touch and go,” Hiccup said.

    “How so?” Nefertiti asked.

    “You’ll see,” Hiccup answered.

    “Snotlout can be difficult,” Astrid added.

    Hiccup knocked on the door.

    Snotlout opened it. “Why are you here?” he asked by way of greeting.

    “Hello to you to,” Hiccup responded.

    “Something has been sighted near Berk,” Astrid said.

    “By me, I might add,” Hiccup said.

    “And the Chief wants us to investigate,” Astrid concluded.

    “Now?” Snotlout asked.

    “Yes now,” Hiccup said.

    “I’ll get Hookfang.”

    Soon, Snotlout reappeared with his Monstrous Nightmare, Hookhang. But they weren’t alone. His father, Spitelout was with them, along with his Deadly Nadder, Kingstail.

    “Spitelout? What is this?” Hiccup asked.

    “I’m coming with you,” Spitelout said.

    “Did Snotlout tell you what we’re investigating?” Astrid asked.

    “Yes,” Spitelout answered.

    “Then why are you coming?” Hiccup asked.

    “If there’s a threat to Berk, I want to deal with it!” Spitelout said as he drew his sword.

    “We’re just investigating to see if anyone is aboard that ship,” Hiccup said. “They would be frightened enough when they see our dragons.”

    Spitelout sheathed the sword. “I’m still coming.”

    “Got it,” Hiccup said.

    They soon met up with the other group. “So, what is this ship then?” Tuffnut Thorston asked.

    “That’s what we’re going to find out,” Hiccup said as Nefertiti sat on Toothless behind him. “Let’s go!”

    The Riders approached the ship. “It is fairly large,” Snotlout said. “Anyone could be on it.”

    “That’s why we’re investigating,” Hiccup pointed out. “You know my father will order it fired upon when it’s close enough to Berk!”

    Spitelout scowled. He did know that!
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  2. Tay Neir

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    May 26, 2022
    Love it. Now I want to know what's on that ship and if it is a threat to berk. Good job
  3. pronker

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    Jan 28, 2007
    Good start - and Nefertiti is an excellent name; I'm not up on the series to say if it's canon or not, but it's a really good name! :)
  4. fardell24

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    Aug 31, 2020
    Part 2
    The Riders landed on the top deck. They quickly noticed that it wasn’t made of wood, rather it seemed to be composed of some metal or other. “A little unusual,” Hiccup commented.

    “Try ‘very unusual’,” Astrid said.

    “And we don’t see anyone sailing it,” Hiccup said.

    “And I didn’t see any oars either,” Fishlegs pointed out.

    “No one sailing,” Hiccup said as he looked at the ragged sails. “No oars. What sort of ship is this?”

    They heard a sound nearby, a door into a cabin crashed down.

    “Is that a…?” Astrid asked.

    “Yes,” Hiccup answered. “A dragon. And where there’s one. There are probably others.”

    The Rumbleclaw roared.

    “Out of the way!” Astrid said.

    “Over here!” Nefertiti called from a room at the side.

    They all ran over.

    “More Dragons,” Spitelout groused. “Perfect.”

    “Someone must have captured them. We need to find out who,” Hiccup said. “Berk may be the only safe place.”

    “What if this is a trap?” Spitelout asked.

    “We’ll escape,” Hiccup said. “We need to find wherever it is being steered from.”

    “But how?” Snotlout asked.

    After a short time, they found an area with a wheel. “This matches descriptions of how Imperial ships are steered,” Fishlegs said. “But the rest of it doesn’t look Mikelgardian.”

    “Nor is it Viking,” Astrid added.

    “There is so much to discover,” Hiccup added. “There must be some information here.”

    “But would we be able to read it?” Fishlegs asked.

    “And before Dad decides that this thing is too close to Berk.”

    “Surely he wouldn’t fire on it while we’re still aboard?” Snotlout asked.

    “He would,” Spitelout said.

    “So, we have to hurry,” Hiccup said.

    They found some books at the back of the command area. But no one knew the language, the symbols were completely unfamiliar. “Great!” Spitelout groused.

    “Maybe there’s a map,” Fishlegs suggested.

    “Like that will help,” Snotlout objected. “We’re completely lost here.”

    “Even pictures of the dragons may help a little. But it may take too much time,” Hiccup said.

    “So, we look around some more?” Astrid asked.

    “Yes. Maybe there’s some mechanism somewhere, or we’ll find spare sails. I know it’s too big for us to tow with our dragons,” Hiccup said.

    “That’s an understatement,” Fishlegs said.

    “Something like this?” Tuffnut asked. He pulled a lever nearby.

    A trapdoor opened and Hiccup, Spitelout and Snotlout fell down to a lower deck.

    “What happened?” Nefertiti asked.

    “Oh, great!” Astrid responded.

    “Oops!” Tuffnut said.

    Hiccup and the Jorgensons found themselves in a large space filled with large tank-like objects. “We’re on a lower deck,” Spitelout pointed.

    “Trap doors! I hate trap doors!” Hiccup said. “But what is this ship? Are there dragons down here too?”

    “There’s a strange sound, like a cats purr,” Snotlout said.

    “I hear it too,” Hiccup said. “Some dragons make such a sound too. Fishlegs would know more. But it seems too regular to be a dragon. It could be some of these machines.” He gestured to the devices around him.

    “Any idea what they could be?” Spitelout asked.

    “Forges, probably,” Hiccup considered.

    “If they’re that big…” Spitelout mused.

    “Who knows what they make,” Hiccup said.

    “You feel some kind of thrumming?” Snotlout asked.

    “I do,” Hiccup answered. “There may be someone here, operating one of the forges.”

    Spitelout drew his sword! “I’ll be ready.”

    “We don’t want to antagonize him,” Hiccup said as the Jorgensons both charged off. “Of course!”

    Back on deck, Fishlegs was thinking. “Obviously there are more dragons on board.”

    “Over here!” Astrid said. “A nest!”

    Fishlegs walked over. “Those look like Zippleback eggs.”

    “Zippleback?” Nefertiti asked.

    “Our dragon,” Ruffnut explained, pointing to Barf and Belch.

    “I see,” Nefertiti said.

    “We should probably retreat,” Fishlegs suggested as he pointed towards another Zippleback approaching from further back on the deck.

    “Agreed, just don’t break the eggs!” Astrid said.

    Down in the ‘forge room’, Spitelout stopped running and sheathed his sword. “There’s nobody here!” he proclaimed.

    “Or maybe they’re not just forges,” Hiccup said. “I have read about blacksmiths who attempted to build things that could move carts or small boats.”

    “That’s crazy talk,” Spitelout objected.

    “They all failed of course. But what if someone succeeded?” Hiccup asked.

    “It’s still crazy,” Spitelout said.

    “Not as crazy as you think.”

    “What are you getting at?” Snotlout asked.

    “If I can get it working, we could get the ship to move itself away from Berk.”

    “That’s a big if!”

    “I know it is. I have no idea how these forges work!” Hiccup said throwing his hands in the air.
  5. pronker

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    Jan 28, 2007
    Impelling sense of urgency displayed here, get moving, people! And dragons.