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I’ve recently written something for fun but I’m unsure what forum to post it under?

Discussion in 'Communications' started by Twilek_Aide, Jul 15, 2020.

  1. Twilek_Aide

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    To clarify, it isn’t a fan fiction. It is creative article though. I originally posted this on Reddit on the Lekkulovers group. But since then I’ve been wanting to share it on our community here. I’ve been comparing Twi’lek names and meanings with their Earth origin equivalents and meanings. I’ve only done Female names so far. I plan on doing Male Names and Clan Names eventually. Disclaimer: I got all of the Twi’leki name meanings from the Twi’lek Lexicon:

    Here’s an example:
    Twi'lek First names and Meanings on Earth: Feminine character names

    Ignoring the joined name aspect of Twi'lek culture. Have you ever wondered where these names come from? Whether they're obscure real names from different countries of origin or completely made-up by SW Writers for fantasy sake? I have had a fun time going through feminine character names to see what they mean and comparing them with their traditional Twi'leki meanings in basic. I've covered character names from the films, a few from tv shows and a few from the expanded universe. I’ve used the Twi’lek Lexicon for this:

    Aayla (Arabic) meaning: “The Moon’s Light” (Twi'leki meaning: “Mist or Smoke”)

    Ann (Latin) meaning: “Grace” (Twi'leki meaning: “Moon”)

    Miela (Esperanto) meaning: “Honey Sweet” (The closest match in the lexicon is Mala, meaning: “mythical figure”)

    Dia (Spanish) meaning: “Day” (Twi'leki meaning: “Ice”)

    Numa (Arabic) meaning: “Beautiful and Pleasant” (Twi'leki meaning: “Sister”)
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    You could ask one of the Lit mods about posting it there. I think it would fit in the General thread stickied in the forum.