I am on a Star Wars Snipe Hunt

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    To the august members of the Jedi Council Forums,
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    I came across a fan made movie of Heir to the Empire released back in 1993, with almost no information available about it but for one webpage and a couple fan trailers.
    I know this is probably a time wasting snipe hunt but can anyone get my solid information on this or even a copy of this movie and the sequels based on the Original sequel trilogy?
    Thank you for any help you can give.
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    Just take a look at the info on that page: written by Lawrence Kasdan, directed by James Cameron, starring the actors from the OT plus Scarlett Johansson as Mara Jade (Scarlett Johansson was nine years old in 1993).
    This clearly does not exist. It's not a fan film, it's a fan's dream film.

    However, you can check out this thread for an actual fan adaptation of Heir to the Empire.
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    It's probably fake. It's not appropriate forthat site, since Fanpedia is NOT for fanfic, but REAL fan films.