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I just watched Absolute Justice From Smallvile 9 and I would like to awe and speculate

Discussion in 'Archive: SF&F: Films and Television' started by SevenMarx, Nov 2, 2010.

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  1. SevenMarx

    SevenMarx Jedi Youngling

    Oct 25, 2010
    PLEASE PLEASE PLESASE! NO SPOILERS! NO HINTS! NO FORESHADOW POINT OUTS! I don't even want to see highlighted text on here. Pretend like you're showing Star Wars for the first time to you're little brother and he doesn't yet understand why people say "I'm you're father."
    (the fact that this is a star wars forum did not influence the simile)
    First off, until now, I thought they were just going with the "Okay! WB REALLY screwed this story so now we're just going to do the best we can with what we got," route. I thought that this became an Else World's story (and a REALLY good one) where Clark Kent doesn't wear glasses Superman, doesn't have a pal, and Lex Luthor has been dead for a while now. I thought they were going to just do a unique interpretation of Superman, via a Superboy-themed show. But they're NOT! They're doing an Else World's Superman origin, sure, but apparently, after watching this episode, these guys still plan for Smallvile's Clark to evolve into CLASSIC Superman, and doing away with the Superboy part. I realize 3 discs into the set that the whole point of season 8 was to annihilate 7 years of bad storytelling from my mind. Yes. Mine. They did this to save my life. One more bad season and I would've died of grief.
    But now! Okay this is what's really bugging me......... Since Green Arrow killed him last season, I've always been like, "PFF! Yeah right! You can't KILL _Lex Luthor_!! Atleast not the freakin' Green Arrow!" So I've been looking out for little clues all season so far to see if he really IS alive, still. The Bottled City of Kandor (first clue). Lex Luthor is still a character in dialogue, unlike the Kents, Lana, even Jimmy! (second clue) This episode (of course) was the nail in the coffin (so to speak). When Dr. Fate revealed to him that he WILL in FACT face Luthor again- and TRIUMPH! Then it cuts to... Tes Mercer? Tes Mercer? (flash back: knows who Clark is from the beginning) Tes...? (flash back: first major character to appear in search of Lex) ....Mercer? (flash back to Tes OPENING the Bottled City of Kandor) Tes MERCER? (flashback to when I was a kid reading the Death of Superman and the real Lex Luthor had his brain transplanted into a clone, masquerading as his orphaned son).... one, and only one, hole in this theory... the Green Arrow... in the flash FORWARD episode she apparently LOVES Oliver... But Lex DID always want to save the world... I think I've made a good case for my investigation; I'm ready to get a court order for the arrest of Lex Luthor, aka Tes Mercer. All thanks to that ONE scene change.
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