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Beyond - Legends Icky stuff and creatures Star Wars wildlife watch

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Icky stuff and creatures
    Author: Earlybird-Obi-Wan
    Timeframe: beyond saga
    Genre: multichapter story
    Timeframe: 70 aby
    Characters: Halfir Majeski, Ivano Arvedai and more OC's
    #1 is the Worrt -- a mid-sized, frog-like creature we see in Return of the Jedi. This creature is similar to frogs and toads -- it eats insects and small rodents, using its long tongue to capture a meal. It also seems to be venomous.
    Small goal Write 500 words on Icky stuff and creatures for the Star Wars wildlife watch by @Seldes_Katne

    Here they are the first 500 words of the first chapter of

    Icky stuff and creatures

    Chapter 1

    The sun was shining brightly on the ocean, the beach and the sprawling Noranan city with its large harbour. Various beings could be seen going to this and that restaurant, tapcaf, shack, cart to get their lunch.

    On the lawn before the Noranan Technical school were students enjoying their lunch. Three girls and two boys were clustered around a girl sitting on the lawn next to a tree that gave shade to a large pond. She had closed the clearplast jar with a lid, trapping the creature inside.

    “A frog and what are you going to do with it Marlene?”

    “We have hyperdrive mechanics after the break.”

    “Ah yes and getting back the results on those exams.”

    “Will it scare him?”


    “Shhh there he is. Cover it with your jacket Janno.”

    - - -

    He was Halfir Majeski and he smiled. He knew what they were planning and remembered a similar event from his youth. His friend Jihan Eled-Non had been the one to bring it to the class-room scaring teacher Fringo when it jumped out of the jar. And it had him remembering the encounter on Tatooine with a similar creature. 'I will do the Worrt surprise. That shall scare them.' With that in mind he entered the building, took the stack of finished exams from the desk in the office and went to his class-room.

    - - -

    For seven employees of Noranan General hospital that lunch had been an early one, taken in the restaurant near the surgery wing. They were busy in a room next to a small hangar of the hospital and preparing for the arrival of the airspeeder and occupants that had to be decontaminated.

    Aradan Mirdees and Mick Kerebuy were ER-surgeons and checking their gear. Both had donned the clearplast coveralls with attached boots and were waiting for the nurses Skon Peverin, Matt Rigauds, Pat Rickeya, Beran Daranon and Kerlan Gulnare to get into their suits. Gloves and clearplast helmets with attached BA-tanks were on the bench. They would be donned when the airspeeder was in the hangar and cleaned by the droids.

    “It's OK” Aradan placed the scanner on the table.

    “And this too,” Mick had a big smile on his face when he put a bag filled with sponges and large clearplast syringes and squeeze-bottles next to it.

    “When our duo is clean, they are in for a surprise,” Beran guffawed.

    “They are expecting that,” Pat grinned. “And beware of Adin. He was a Jedi and knows his tricks.”

    “Soron Adameh too,” Skon grumbled. “He was in cahoots with Mirdees when...”

    “What's with me.” Aradan looked up innocently.

    “You and Soron had me totally wet and in that sink.” Skon pointed towards the large shower-facility in the room.

    The two subjects of the discussion were on approach in their airspeeder with the call-sign NH40 on the sides and top.

    Kaagi Adin was piloting the airspeeder with ease and guiding it towards their destination.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    continuing with chapter 1

    “They are coming and look at that.” Skon pointed at the display that was showing the supplies on the airspeeder. “OX is low.”

    “Gear up guys.” Aradan guided the straps of the BA-tank around his shoulders and began to put his helmet on.

    Six men followed and were ready when Mick pushed the door-release.

    - - -

    Soron was satisfied. The four durasteel containers attached to the struts of the airspeeder were filled to the maximum enabling the automated processing facility to ship the needed medicine to all the hospitals on Moniron. “We have enough icky stuff to last for a year and a half for all of us but it cost us.”

    “Yeah our air-supply is enough to get us through decon with only minutes to spare.” Kaagi saw the hangar-door opening. He steered the airspeeder towards the door.

    “The guys know. They monitor all the essential supplies in our craft.”

    Kaagi guided the airspeeder inside and settled it down.

    The hangar-door closed.

    Two loadlifter droids came through the door of the processing facility. One heading to the two containers on the left side and the second to the two containers on the right side.


    A shudder passed through the airspeeder when it rocked from right to left.

    Smoke could be seen and a dirty orange glow followed by water.

    Beeweep beeweep.

    “Trouble.” Soron grumbled. “That was the droid colliding on my side of the airspeeder.”

    “I hope the containers are undamaged.”

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    Great start, and congrats on reaching one of your WIPtober goals!

    Lovely description, I could totally picture the scene. [face_love]

    And then, a great way to shift from the students plotting mischief to the medical staff working and plotting mischief to something a little more serious with Kaagi and Soron's arrival and this:


    Looking forward to see where this goes. =D=
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    towards trouble as can be seen in this completed scene reaching my second WIPtober goal in Chapter 2 that needs completion

    Chapter 2

    Bee-weep bee-weep.

    The lights were blinking red and a siren was blaring. The small hangar also known on the master-board in the reception area as hangar five was now off limits for the waiting decon crew until the deluge of water from the sprinklers had stopped. All doors were sealed. Only a door leading from the hangar-space to the shower-unit could be opened by the two in the air-speeder

    - - -

    “We have 10 minutes to get through decon.” Kaagi saw the display on the air-supply.

    “Enough to get us to the shower-unit and our waiting mischief-guys.” Soron added. “We can open that door. And we have first responders coming and complaining or not about the small fire. I will inspect the damage when the sprinklers stop.”

    - - -

    “Now we have to wait. Conserve air.” Mick removed his helmet and sat down on a stool next to the door leading to the shower-unit.

    Six men followed his advise.

    Skon kept observing the display and was joined by Aradan.

    - - -

    All hospital fire alerts had an automatic signal going to dispatch situated on the second floor of Noranan police station 1. They alerted the nearest fire-station with a professional crew and the small volunteer crew of the hospital.

    If the alert was indicating a false alarm or a very small incident to be handled by them, the hospital volunteers reported immediately to dispatch and waited for the crew of fire-station six to arrive at the hospital to reset the master-board in the reception area.

    Technician Leod Irwihan dropped his hydro-spanner when his pager began to beep and ran to the first-responder room in the big hangar.

    Ersan Koroni – an engineer – was busy in the hangar and followed Tim Dereika who had been getting new supplies for the medevac.

    Engineer Rudi Selco was enjoying his cup of caf in the restaurant, put it down and ran.

    He was followed by Alwin Elenion and Kevin Kaol also busy with their lunch.

    “Mouraha busy with pancakes?”

    “If it is those guys from Six will have them for dinner.” Rudi replied.

    “We will see when we are needed and that's now.” Alwin passed Rudi and Kevin and looked on the large display in the first-responder room. “The fire is in hangar five. Sprinklers are activated.”

    “We will wait for the guys from fire-station six.” Kevin began to don his gear.

    “And more if there are containers damaged.” Alwin saw on the monitor that the air-speeder with Kaagi and Soron was inside the hangar. He walked to his locker and was soon busy with his gear.

    - - -

    'Automatic alert Noranan general hospital. Call for fire-station six.' That was announced in the ready-room of the station where three humans were busy with their lunch.

    Spoons, cups and napkins were dropped.

    “Mouraha busy with pancakes,” Jack Leland grinned. He was the old guy on the team being a human who turned 50 just a week ago. “Rookies let's go.”

    The two rookies Lex Orin and Jack Rusko followed him and were joined by the Dunai Ramon Zekan who donned his gear near the driver place and jumped inside.

    Fire chief Anwar Baldavin and Lionel Keranan – both Dunai elder – had been busy with the report of the last alarm and were quick to don their fatigues and join the crew.

    “I have a bad feeling about this.” Lionel sat down on his place and began to don his BA-gear.

    “We will see.” Jack Rusko guided the straps of the BA-gear around his shoulders.

    Anwar toggled the com and waited.


    “Dispatch engine six leaving at 1235 for automatic alert Noranan general hospital.” Anwar put the com down.

    Dispatch out.”
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    Aug 21, 2006
    A rainy afternoon has me reaching the WIPtober medium goal of finishing chapter 2

    - - -

    Squawk squeak

    Halfir Majeski looked up from his desk. During lunch he had been reviewing the finished exams of his students and had heard them coming in. And he saw it. There in a clearplast jar on the desk of Marlene Er-Rokka was the frog. He raised his voice. “Who caught that worrt?”

    Students looking his way.


    “What's that?”

    “I found it in the pond.”

    “Ah that's why you were busy with that jar Marlene.”

    “Yes and it's an ordinary Monira frog.”

    “And certainly not a Worrt my naughty students.” Halfir stood up and walked with brisk steps to the desk of Marlene. “Before I give you the results of your exams we have to get this frog back where it belongs and that's outside in the pond where you caught it. And I will tell you about my encounter with a Worrt on Tatooine.”


    “I like that.”

    “Get the lid back on.”

    “Finished and now outside.”

    Halfir walked to the exit with his students.

    A siren could be heard and it was coming nearer.

    “Six is getting supplies at Galan,” Tinela laughed.

    “Delicacies at Galan or pancakes,” Janno replied with a smile. “You know what the cooks in the hospital do.”

    “Burn them and get those guys busy,” Marlene nodded.

    “Or it is something serious my students.” Halfir headed to the large pond when he heard the truck passing on Colwood road.

    - - -

    “They will ran out of air in seven minutes.” Aradan saw the air depleting. “And no access for us until that water stops. Our first responders will know more.” He headed to a com-station.

    - - -

    Soron saw the deluge coming to a stop after four minutes and opened the door on his side, observed the ripped container and sacs burst open spilling their contents. The sludge of draxin was covering the floor everywhere. He closed the door immediately. “Damage to container one. Draxin on the floor.”

    “This is bad.” Kaagi grumbled. “The air in the big supply-tank is almost depleted. We can go outside and use the remaining air in our tanks. That will have us with five minutes to go to the shower and getting contaminated there when we have to open our helmet. It will put our mischief-guys at risk too. Or we can stay here getting contaminated by the mud and dust that's everywhere.”

    “That's the lesser evil. We have to remain inside and declare an emergency. That will get us decon crews from the fire-department.” Soron toggled the com in the air-speeder “EOR EOR Emergency. Decon needed. Air depleted in six minutes. We will stay in the air-speeder. Need extraction by decon-crews. And the infamous midillamin treatment. Hurry.”

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Chapter 3

    Alwin Elenion heard the message from Soron in the first responder room and toggled the com opening an automatic line to dispatch.

    Dispatch, give your report. No pancakes this time?

    A brief smile passed Alwin's features knowing who was responding. “No Dave. We have draxin contamination in hangar 5 and hurry. Kaagi and Soron will be contaminated. They are running out of air.”

    Will send decon teams and incident commander. Dispatch out.

    “With the pro's coming, we can continue what we were doing before the alert.” Alwin began to remove his gear when he saw another blinking light. He toggled the com. “Yes Aradan. Soron has declared an emergency. I have contacted dispatch. I will go to the ER-ready-room and brief the teams and our Medical Dispatch Center to reroute duties. We have midillamin treatment coming for the contaminated guys.”

    We will wait for engine 6 and go outside to help when they are ready.”

    “OK Aradan. Alwin out.”

    “They will need nurses at decon. I will go outside and help to secure the area.” Kevin donned his BA-gear with the mask dangling before his chest and walked to the exit.

    “We can help with a tent.” Leod saw Ersan and Rudi waiting for a command. “We have a tent for medical emergencies in the hangar. That can be used after they have gone through decon and is ready to use in five minutes. Let's get it outside and get more help.”

    The three technicians ran outside the first-responder room towards one of the storage-places in the large hangar.

    Tim Dereika followed. He could help too. The tent would be placed near the large hangar.

    - - -

    Aradan put down his com. “Now we wait until we hear the siren of engine 6.”

    “And with our technicians on the first responder team they will find a tent ready to use.” Kerlan remarked. “Leod will mobilize the entire department to get it there.”

    “Air will be depleted in four minutes.” Skon sighed. “And draxin-sludge is everywhere thanks to the sprinklers. Cleaning-droids cannot go in.” He pointed at the monitor. “And that crashed load-lifter droid is making it impossible to secure the draxin using a droid. We have to do it manually with help from the fire-fighters.”

    “We will go outside when the fire-department arrives.” Mick remarked. “We know the way inside the hangar and can lead them. Our coveralls will protect us. I will get medicines and more test-units. We will need them with more men at risk of getting contaminated.”

    Beran began to empty the large bag. Syringes and squeeze-bottles were put on the desk. “No fun this time and knowing Kaagi; he is in for a bad time.”

    Matt asked “Why?”

    “No thermal treatment and sedation for him because his grandson Turon is graduating tomorrow.” Beran replied. “Kaagi is very stubborn.”

    - - -

    Ploink. The Monira frog leaped gracefully from the jar and disappeared in the pond.

    “And now back for the tale?” Janno turned to Halfir.

    “Yes and exam results and they are all good so as promised,” Halfir halted dramatically before continuing. “I will tell you about the huge Worrt I met on Tatooine and what happened when I ordered a drink at Jabba the Hutts palace. Let's get back to our class-room.”

    - - -

    Aldo Karolan, Jay Dalair and Marhin Adin were back from their lunch and entered the ER-ready room at the same time as Alwin.

    Alwin spurted past the three to the com-station and contacted MDC.


    “Draxin contamination in hangar five after a fire. I have alerted the fire-department already.”

    Good action Alwin. That bad?

    “Yes Koranar. Kaagi and Soron are running out of air and will need treatment. And maybe more treatment is needed when our decon-team has to go in with the fire-fighters.”

    Will take action. Dispatch out.”

    “Dad in trouble?”

    “Yes.” Alwin began to brief the three and ended “Marhin, maybe you can convince your dad to have the sedation.”

    “No way.” Marhin grumbled. “Dad will use his lightsaber during the graduation ceremony. The students expect that. And my son Turan even more. But it's here and we can have dad in his bed doing his thing.”

    “And support him.” Alwin sat down near the com-station. “Old ceremonies are important for him.”

    - - -

    “Pittin-pup wait for me.” battalion commander Erdin Felaron huffed when he saw his partner with the same rank headed to the door where their air-speeder was ready.

    Ivano Arvedai was throwing his fatigues in the back of the air-speeder. “I will lead the rescue-teams going inside and you can be the incident commander.”

    “That's alright for me.” Erdin saw Ivano getting out of his white uniform-shirt after getting seated on the passenger seat. “I am too old for this sweaty hazmat-gear you have to wear. And you know.”

    “Do or don't there is no try.” Ivano folded his shirt neatly and placed it in the back.

    “Yes Yoda Arvedai.” Erdin was in his fatigues, sat down and gunned the engine guiding it into the air.

    Ivano saw the large decon-truck leaving the hangar of Noranan fire-station 1. The unit could clean contaminated persons and equipment using droids. He knew who was behind the controls in the cabin. Targo Harnin would guide the truck as fast as possible to the hospital. But for his friends Kaagi Adin and Soron Adameh it wouldn't be enough.

    “Hurry Erdin. Six will have enough disposable coveralls. I will don one and get inside.”

    “Patience my padawan. It's 1240 and we will be there at 1252.”

    “Breaking a speed-record master Skyspeeder?”

    “Yes but without the reckless flying of a certain Jedi-general from the past.” Erdin had a big smile on his face. He liked to fly the fast air-speeder.

    - - -

    Kaagi saw the display on the console blinking red. Zero air in all the tanks was reached. He turned the seals on his gloves and removed them. Now he could reach for his helmet-release and heard the faint siren getting louder when he removed the helmet and put it down on his lap. “Now we wait.”

    “Yes it will take more minutes to get to us.” Soron had done the same.

    Draxin dust was everywhere. Inhaling air was inhaling it with the inevitable dust.

    Midichlorians were dieing.
    Response was coming from the cells.
    Fever was coming.
    Force powers were diminishing.

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    Chapter 4

    Fire-truck six was near the entrance-road of the hospital.

    Anwar Baldavin toggled the com. He had heard more on the way to the incident from dispatch.

    Dispatch; time 1246. Give your message six.”

    “Six at the hospital. Engineers are busy with a tent.”

    Incident commanders Felaron and Arvedai will be there soon. Dispatch out.

    Anwar smiled and turned his head. “Lionel you know what Ivano wants.”

    “He will lead a team inside that hangar,” Lionel replied. “And we will have a ready to use tent to take care of the patients after they have gone through our decon-truck.”

    “No prying eyes from visitors or reporters.” Jack Leland said.

    “A first responder is there to direct us.” Ramon Zekan guided the truck near the tent that was almost completed.

    Anwar turned to his team. “Jack and Jack coveralls. You are humans and immune to the effects of draxin. Lionel and Lex help them and get a third coverall and BA-set for incident commander Arvedai when that tent is ready. We have to wait for him before we can go inside. And I don't know where.”

    “But they will.” Ramon saw a door opening next to the hangar-door.

    - - -

    “Six is there. We can go outside and help them.” Aradan stood up and walked to the door.

    Beran had collected the test-units and scanners in the large bag and followed with Matt, Pat, Skon and Kerlan.

    Mick was the last to go outside with a bag with medicines and more test-units in a second bag.

    All were wearing their gloves, BA-gear and helmets. Four nurses were carrying stretchers with equipment.

    Aradan headed to the fire-engine and greeted the for him well-known man. “Chief Baldavin. One of us can lead the way for the rescue. We know the way through the shower-unit inside the hangar. Nurse Kerlan Gulnare will help me.”

    “Of course Aradan but we have to wait for incident commander Arvedai. He will be very eager to rescue his friends Kaagi and Soron.”

    “The tent will be ready soon.” Kevin Kaol said. “We are here for assistance.”

    “Thanks Kevin.” Mick gave one of his bags to the nurse. “We will have at least two severely contaminated patients.”

    - - -


    “1252 Incident command on scene. Felaron will lead.” Ivano put down his com when Erdin guided the air-speeder down next to the completed tent.

    “Take care pittin pup.” Erdin saw Ivano going inside the tent. He followed in a more sedate pace.

    Ivano saw two fire-fighters in their blue uniforms busy getting into disposable hazmat-coveralls. Fatigues and boots were on the floor. Two BA-sets – one equipped with a second mask secured to a long hose – were ready. A well known man was helping and their chief was busy with the com-links

    “Ivano,” Anwar looked up and greeted his superior.”I know, you are here to lead the team inside the hangar. Lionel told me and has a hazmat-coveralls ready for you. And I am asking you to make it a formal command.”

    “I will lead the team.” Ivano replied with a smile on his face when he saw Erdin entering the tent. “Pittin master Felaron will be the incident commander.”

    “Get dressed pittin pup,” Lionel pointed at the sealed package. “I will help to seal you when you are suited.”

    Ivano removed his boots and opened the package. Feet were guided into the trousers and the attached boots, size big. No real support for his bad right foot.

    Lionel helped him to guide his torso and arms into the suit and closed it at the back. Gloves were guided over sleeves and taped. BA-gear was donned and the hood of the suit was taped to the face-mask. A second face-mask was connected to the tank with a long hose and dangling from a strap.

    Ivano put the connector with attached hose in the connection socket on the face-mask. He inhaled and exhaled. “Seals check and done.”

    “The decon-truck is in position.” Erdin came with the news.

    Ivano waited for Aradan and Kerlan to get ready.

    After a com-link check, the command to use the decon-truck for everyone going inside the hangar and a briefing about the durasteel containers the team headed outside and waited before the door leading to the room next to the shower room and the hangar.

    Ivano toggled his com-link “Team going in.” He connected the hose to his face-mask and waited for everyone to get ready. “Aradan lead the way.”

    Aradan carried one of the stretchers with Kerlan. A BA-set with mask was on the stretcher.

    Ivano opened the door and followed Jack Leland and Jack Rusko who were carrying another stretcher.

    The five headed inside. Aradan indicated the doors giving nods with his head.

    They passed the doors of the decon-shower into the hangar.

    The two Jacks headed to the left.

    “This is bad.” Jack Leland saw the appendages of a load-lifter droid stuck in a destroyed durasteel container when he opened the door of the air-speeder.

    Aradan hurried with Kerlan and Ivano to the right. They put down the stretcher.

    Ivano opened the door and saw the sweaty red face of Kaagi first. “Kaagi, I will help you.” He guided his hands under the shoulders trying to get a firm grip on the slippery suit and saw Jack getting his spare-mask.

    “Hey.” Jack Leland wrestled with Soron to get the face-mask on his head.

    “Darrin ai omne burzum ai omne.” Soron was mumbling in his native language and using his hands and powers to push Jack away.

    Kerlan had more luck to get the mask on Kaagi's face but felt one hand gripping him by his arm. Clearplast gave and ripped exposing him to the muddy sludge and dust.

    Ivano dragged Kaagi outside, wrestling with him and getting kicks on his legs and heard some tearing sounds. Something was giving but he didn't know what.

    Kerlan was hit by an arm and went down on his knees but managed to get both legs from his patient in a firm grip.

    Ivano held Kaagi down on the stretcher.

    Aradan secured the straps and put the BA-set between Kaagi's legs. “Patient secured. We will get him out Ivano and to the decon-truck.”

    “I will get Soron.” Ivano hurried as fast as he could to the other side of the speeder. He saw the destruction and the load-lifter droid. He activated his com. “We need teams to get the draxin to the processing unit.”

    Will get them. Felaron out.”

    “This isn't going to work.” Jack Leland had the destroyed face-mask dangling from the hose.

    “I have a second one.” Ivano took Soron by his shoulders, was helped by the two Jack's and guided him outside on the stretcher.

    Jack Rusko began to secure Soron's legs with straps.

    Jack Leland got one arm secured.

    Ivano got his second face-mask and bent down to settle that on Soron's face.

    “Ai burzum.” Soron wrestled his hand from Jack's grip and grabbed the hoses. One was ripped from Ivano's face-mask.

    “Easy Soron.” Ivano managed to get Soron's hand. “This mask will give you fresh air.” He saw eyes blinking and doubted that Soron heard him in his agitated feverish state.

    Jack guided a strap around the second arm and secured it to the stretcher.

    Ivano put the face-mask on Soron's face and guided the straps around the head.

    Soron was now breathing clean air.

    But Ivano? He tried to reconnect the hose and failed. The connection-socket was bent. “Out! Hurry.”

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    Chapter 5

    Ivano was feeling it. Midichlorians were dieing. He was leading the two Jack's who were carrying the stretcher outside the hangar, through the shower doors and to the outside. And he saw the rips in his hazmat-coveralls. All had them but he was the only one risking contamination being a Dunai elder. He knew he was contaminated but how bad? He saw the decon-truck and headed that way.

    “We have to wait.” Jack Rusko saw the red light. “Stretcher down.”

    Jack Leland had put the stretcher down before the ramp leading to the entrance of the decon-truck. Every minute counted for their patient. He waited with eager ears and eyes to hear and see the signal.

    - - -

    Eager ears were listening in a class-room. Eyes were showing delight and fear. The tale told by their teacher was captivating. The journey with eopies, a campsite in the abandoned cave of a Krayt-dragon, meeting the Worrt.

    “And that was why I refused that drink in Jabba's place.” Halfir ended his tale.

    “Worrt eggs disgusting.”

    “Made into a drink.”

    “And now we know that a Worrt has a purple tongue that snatches rodents with a large burp.”

    “Yeah and those poisonous teeth. Never known that a Worrt can kill a huge Bantha.”

    “And now I have the results of your exams.” Halfir began to give each student her or his paper.

    - - -

    Beeweep. A green light.

    “Now we can go in. Soron first.” Ivano commanded and saw the two Jack's disappearing with the stretcher and their patient through the entrance. He sat down on the ramp and tried to inhale as much clean air as possible through the connection-socket of his face-mask.

    - - -

    Kaagi was secured and carried on a clean stretcher by Aradan and Kerlan clad in blue coveralls through the exit of the decon-truck and towards the tent. He was now only covered by a towel. The suit had been removed by the droids with help from Aradan and Kerlan who had doffed their gear before getting decontaminated. He felt miserable, fever coursing through his body, wracking spasms from the beginning nausea had dribbling saliva leaving his mouth. But he could still use his Force-powers.

    “Dad,” Marhin Adin spurted to the stretcher. “You are badly contaminated. I insist on...”

    “No Marhin. Tomorrow it is important for our students that I am there for the ceremony with my lightsaber.” Kaagi managed to say between spasms and breathing fast when his stretcher was placed on a gurney after he was carried into the tent.

    “See, stubborn as a krayt-dragon intent on getting his prey from the pit of a sarlac.” Marhin turned to Alan Guyet who had come with Mick Kerebuy.

    “Ah you remember my tale about the stubborn patients I had to treat on New Holstice during the clone-wars.” Alan had a big smile on his face and saw the same on Mick.

    “I am not stubb.” Kaagi began when a spasm had him gasping for air and coughing.

    “Mick, you can test him and tell him how much bags he will need to chase the dead midichlorians away. May be that will have him going with the thermal treatment and sedation.”

    “I doubt that.” Mick took a blood-sample and walked to the analyzer. He had known more stubborn persons during his long career.

    Kerlan followed Mick. “I had a destroyed suit and want to know if I am contaminated too.”

    “Sit down Kerlan.” Mick took and examined Kerlan's blood-sample first. The results were showing after a few minutes.

    Kerlan knew and muttered when Mick began to get the attention of two nurses waiting in the tent. “That bad. But on a positive one bag and I am done. Get me on the full treatment.”

    “Jax and Ben; help Kerlan to the ER.” Mick inserted a sample in the analyzer, gave a data-pad to Jax and gave Kerlan a friendly pad on his shoulder. “Five days and you can leave the hospital.”

    “And that's not for him.” Jax saw another result coming on the analyzer. “Four bags of the midillamin mayhem. He will be sick for three weeks if he doesn't want the hypothermia treatment.”

    “Kaagi,” Mick raised his voice. “Did you hear that?”

    Kaagi shook his head.

    “I will tell him and Kerlan, you will be good. Take care.” Mick headed to where Kaagi was on his stretcher. “Marhin guide your dad to medium-care room 9 and start him on the first bag of Midillamin. Tomorrow he will have finished the fourth and eagerly expecting three weeks of nausea and two weeks to recover from that. I doubt he will be able to do his demonstration with the lightsaber.”

    “I will be there.” Kaagi grumbled. “Son, get me to that room for stubborn Jedi-knights.”

    Leaving the tent Marhin began to guide the gurney towards the ER-entrance of the hospital and saw the stretcher with Soron coming from the decon-truck carried by two fire-fighters in blue coveralls. And he saw a fire-chief running towards the entrance where a man was sitting and vomiting. A fire-fighter was with him.

    - - -

    “Targo. You don't have to do this.” Ivano muttered when the driver of the decon-truck began to help him to stand up.

    “I will help you and he too.” Targo Harnin said. “You must be badly contaminated. See vomit and you are very sweaty and must be running a fever. A short trip through decon will have us free of any draxin. And I need him to carry you to the tent.”

    “Alright.” Ivano accepted the help from Targo and Anwar and began to tell what he had seen in the hangar when he was helped through decon.

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  9. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Chapter 6

    Clad in a blue coveralls Ivano was shivering and nauseous when he was helped by Targo and Anwar to lie down on a gurney in the tent. The short trip from the decon-truck to the tent had cost him being almost unable to stand on rubbery legs and supported by his colleagues. Vomit dribbled down his chin. An almost empty stomach was churning.

    “I will lead the teams to secure the draxin.” Anwar patted Ivano on his shoulder. “Take care Ivano.”

    “You too and don't get contaminated like me.” Ivano saw Anwar headed to his team and Mick Kerebuy rolling up one sleeve of his coveralls to take a blood-sample. “It's bad. Hazmat sheets coming and more for me.”

    “Hazmat sheets?” Mick put the sample in the analyzer.

    “Icky thermal treatment to get those dead midichlorians as fast as possible leaving poor me.” Ivano managed to say between spasms of nausea.

    “With what you are showing now you sure do Ivano.” Mick reached for a datapad. “A few minutes and Jax and Ben will get you to the ER.”

    Waiting for the results Ivano heard the discussion between the fire-fighters and the decon-team. Spasms wracked him but no more vomit came. His stomach was empty.

    “We will help you chief Baldavin. One of us and two of your team and we can get the draxin secured in three shifts.”

    “That's great nurse.”

    “Daranon and with me are nurses Skon Peverin and Pat Rickeya.”

    “I will go in first Beran. I have to deactivate the load-lifter droid.”

    “Good nurse Rickeya. Jack you go with us. Lionel, Jack Rusko, second team and Ramon, Lex, third team. Get ready.”

    “You need four bags Ivano.” Mick gave the two waiting nurses a data-pad. “Jax, Ben, get my very nice patient to the ER.”

    “I hope I am the last one to get the treatment today.” Ivano saw Anwar with a nurse and Jack Leland walking outside towards the door leading to hangar 5 when he was guided towards the ER-entrance.

    - - -

    Jax had guided the gurney next to the entrance of an ER-room where two nurses were waiting. “Jilan and Jess will help you. And we have to go back and hope to be out of work.”

    “Thanks for the great ride.” Ivano saw the two leaving when he was guided next to a bed covered with a black sheet.

    “On your bed Ivano.” Jilan took Ivano by his shoulders. “We will guide you to the IC where Jago Amaral will tell you a very nice sleepy story.”

    “For the third time.” Ivano slid on the bed, appreciating his coveralls and the help from the nurses.

    “The third time?” Jess asked when he began to guide the bed towards the IC.

    Jilan helped him. He knew. He had been there assisting Jago and had been a nurse in the hospital when Ivano was born.

    “I had him after rescuing the Sarala family and getting injured. And the second time was when I was injured during an incident with a truck with hazardous materials.”

    “Here we are. Room number two with a nice view on the garden.” Jess guided the bed in the room where Jago Amaral was waiting.

    “Nice but not that much to see for me.” Ivano saw Jilan wiping his right hand. “Jago will have me sleeping during that.” He pointed with his left hand to the bag with the sickly green stuff that was hanging on a stand next to a bag with saline and a bag with prop-A.

    “I will and will be there to wake you after four of them have chased all the dead midichlorians out.” Jago waited for the nurses to fit his patient with monitoring equipment. He gave the lines a last check and patted Ivano on the hand with the IV. “Ready?”

    “Tell your tale Jago before they come with the thingies.”

    Jago opened the tap and took an airway tube.

    Jess was ready with a mask.

    Ivano saw the mask descending on his face. “Thingies and hazmat sheets and...”

    “Hazmat sheets. Ah I see. Thermal sheets are feeling almost the same as your hazmat-suits. They will be gone and more will.” Jago saw eyes closing and had the tube in and connected to the anesthesia-equipment.

    “Now we can fit him with the thingies before we can lower his temperature.” Jilan opened a package.

    - - -

    “Worrt eggs.”

    “Disgusting creature.”

    “And that krayt-dragon. Awesome and huge.”

    “We leave the frogs in the trees and pond next time.”

    “Yeah it's late but.”

    “We have a tale to tell our parents.”

    Halfir was smiling when he was walking to his ground-speeder. He had to get his wife home after her shift as a nurse in the pediatrics department of the hospital. 'She will be ready soon' He slid behind the controls and gunned the engine.

    Arriving at the entrance-road of the hospital he saw the fire-truck with a 6 on the front and sides leaving. A tent on the lawn before one of the hangars was almost down with one of the engineers from the hospital giving commands. Large bins with symbols for hazardous materials were on the lawn. Various trucks from news-agencies were on the parking.

    A police-officer directed him to the parking after he told her what he wanted.

    Eager to know what was happening Halfir parked his ground-speeder and headed to the main entrance. He greeted the receptionist. “Good afternoon Karoun. I am here to get my wife but what is happening there.”

    “We had an incident with draxin with many men contaminated. Incident commander Felaron and our director are now informing the press in the auditorium.”

    “Erdin Felaron and with him my friend Ivano Arvedai?”

    “Ivano Arvedai is one of the badly contaminated men now on midillamin treatment.”

    “That's bad. I will visit him when he is able to get visitors. And I know who to ask. Erdin will do his usual thing.”

    “Keeping Ivano here but that's not too difficult this time. Bed is all he wants after coming out of the sedation. And there is Mikja.”

    Mikja flew in Halfir's arms. “I heard what happened when I was in the locker room. Marla told us after she informed Dina Gulnare about her husband being contaminated during the rescue of Adin and Adameh. You sure have to visit your friend Ivano.”

    “I will tell him a scary Worrt-tale.” Halfir had a big smile on his face when he saw the faces of Karoun and Mikja.

    “That's one I like to hear when you come to visit Ivano.” Karoun said “But for now get home.”

    “We will.” Mikja said. “See you tomorrow Karoun and have a nice evening. I will be listening to the scary Worrt-tale hmm Halfir.”


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  10. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Chapter 7

    Kaagi was very nauseous. But he had a smile on his face when he was guided back to his room by Marhin and Turon. The day had begun seeing the third bag of midillamin getting empty. Aranella, Marhin, Erenya and Turon had come when the fourth bag was in. No one had argued with him about the treatment. He could be there at the graduation ceremony, holding his ignited lightsaber. And Aaqu Maerhin was the second healer holding his lightsaber when all the students got their papers.

    Turon was beaming. He was holding his grand-dad's lightsaber.

    “We will take it home dad and place it in it's usual place.” Marhin had the bed secured and got busy with securing the IV-line through the pump and reconnecting all the monitors.

    A sound of wheels and footsteps coming nearer.

    “Five, seven, yes. He will be here next to that very stubborn former Jedi.”

    “Who is that?” Turon took one step in the corridor holding the lightsaber aloft in a firm grip, unknowingly pushing a switch and getting it activated. “Uh oh.”


    “Turon. Press that switch.” Marhin rushed out of the room.

    Turon did and looked down. There was a suitcase lying on the floor. Looking up he grinned sheepish to the uniformed man. “Sorry uh inspector.”

    “Erdin Felaron.” With a big smile he picked up his suitcase. “I am here to set up my office to prevent escape-plans. Ivano Arvedai will be here soon.”

    “Escape-plans?” Turon shook his hand with the lightsaber.

    “Yes son. With escaping from the good care of doctors and nurses Ivano is also as stubborn as a krayt-dragon intent on getting his prey from the clutches of a sarlac.”

    “Never heard that.” Erdin grinned. “But I will tell him when he gets here.”

    “Being nauseous? Grand-dad is also a stubborn patient but he will stay here.”

    “And sleeping most of the time.” Marhin added. “I was busy with those medicines when you had your light-saber-demonstration. Let's get him sleeping. We can head home and show your mother your papers surgeon Adin.”

    “Congrats surgeon Adin.” Erdin headed inside room seven. He had enough time to visit Anwar Baldavin.

    - - -

    “Yes Ivano one more.”


    “And there. Open your eyes Ivano. And here is something for your throat.”

    Ivano felt a piece of water-ice in his mouth and a soft cloth wiping his eyes and opened them. A green sheet was covering him. He explored more with his hands and felt only some tugging at his right hand and some sticky patches on his chest. And he was naked and felt the soft sheets and had a big smile on his face when he saw two men clad in greens with clearplast masks before their faces. Jago and Jilan.

    “Yes as promised. Hazmat sheets and thingies are gone.” Jago removed the green sheet. “Only the IV will stay until you can keep drinks and food inside. You will be nauseous but there is a great distraction waiting for you.”

    “Erdin.” Ivano whispered.

    “Yes he is busy in medium care room 7 and Jilan and I will guide you there after removing this.” Jago took a monitoring patch.

    “Eeeuw. Bye hairs.”

    “Two, three, four and gone.” Jilan had the other three patches in his hands.

    “With more hairs and aww.” Ivano felt his empty stomach churning and heaved.

    “Easy Ivano. All that midillamin has to leave your body and that will take days.” Jago had a soft cloth near Ivano's mouth.

    “And this will have you decent again.” Jilan replaced the green sheet. “Tomorrow you will get a gown. Ready?”


    Ivano felt movement and saw familiar doors. An airlock was passed.

    A door was open and two men exited a room.

    “Dad is sleeping. Turon!”

    “I am careful. I know now what this does.”


    “Hey that's a lightsaber.” Ivano saw the actinic white glow.

    “Yes son, you do know but; deactivate now and give it to me.” Marhin got the lightsaber and turned to the two men guiding the bed with a well-known man in that bed. “Ivano Arvedai. Figures. I have heard about your stay in the Jedi-temple. And you are in a much better shape than my dad thanks to the thermal treatment. I have to get this back to where it belongs. Have a speedy recovery Ivano with Erdin Felaron helping you.”

    “Thank you Marhin and Turon.” Ivano saw the second bed with the unopened suitcase standing next to it when he was guided into the room. Blinking with his eyes he asked softly “but where is Erdin?”

    Footsteps were coming nearer.

    “Arvedai is there next to our dad in room seven Erdin. Bye.” That was the voice of Turon.

    “See you tomorrow. And good evening.”

    Jago and Jilan were busy with the IV-controller.

    “Good evening guys. I had to visit Anwar in room 8. But here I am your very reliable Ivano-sitter. I will call a nurse when needed and before that thing begins to beep.”

    “Now we can go back and wake my second patient.” Jago checked the IV-line.

    Ivano asked with a weak tiny voice “who?”

    Jago replied “nurse Rickeya was contaminated when he and chief Baldavin were struggling with the loadlifter droid. Rickeya was sedated by me because he wanted that with two bags of midillamin needed. Chief Baldavin needed only one bag. And you need your sleep. Jilan yes.”

    “Sleepy stuff coming.” Jilan injected the medicine in the tap and turned to Erdin. “Tomorrow you can tell him more.”

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Chapter 8

    It was six days after the incident that had ten force-sensitive men admitted to the hospital. Four were released the next day. They needed only an injection with midilvax and pills for five days to chase the dead midichlorians away.

    Six men needed the midillamin treatment. Anwar Baldavin and Kerlan Gulnare – needing only one bag – were released yesterday to recuperate in their home under the loving care of their wives.

    Four men were in the medium care rooms. Kaagi Adin was very nauseous and kept sleeping most of the time because he had refused the thermal treatment.

    Soron Adameh and Pat Rickeya were in room 3. They were recovering after the thermal treatment with bouts of nausea pestering them when they wanted something to eat or drink.

    Ivano was still very nauseous and sleeping a lot. But yesterday had been very nice for him when Tarhin Engaron came to visit him bringing his lost diary.

    Eager to record something in the diary Ivano had started with that, shaking his head when Erdin got busy in the afternoon with the new plans for the draxin-collecting.

    “Are you done?” Erdin looked up from his desk. I have the finished plans for you to review.”

    “I am and you know I am very glad that my diary was found by Tarhin Engaron in a puzzle-box. I have made entries in my diary about it being lost and found and about the incident. You can read them if you like.” Ivano placed his diary on the nightstand.

    “Yes and you can read this.” Erdin gave Ivano the reader.

    Silence followed with both men reading.

    Ivano was the first to put the reader down. With a tiny hoarse voice he said “great, a hangar that's a big shower with a door in the back leading to another smaller shower for our draxin-boys and with us meeting them after that in full hazmat-gear with the usual orange color. Those are easy to clean and will have us better protected than those disposable coveralls.”

    “We have to find a place for the facility but that will come when you are fully recovered. And your diary is nice and a great read. Some water?”

    “I will try.”

    “Try? What's with do or don't there is no try?”

    “Uh do master Felaron.”

    “Water is coming padawan Arvedai.” Erdin headed to the sink and poured a glass.

    With Erdin holding the glass Ivano took one small sip and felt it going down undisturbed. He waited. No cramps coming. And he emptied the glass. “That went good.”

    “You did.” Erdin placed the glass on the nightstand and returned to his desk.

    A few minutes of quiet reading followed.

    “Uh Erdin not good.” Ivano heaved and felt the water coming back.

    “And we have some cleaning to do and there he is your very helpfull nurse Jilan Gherian.” Erdin saw the nurse coming in with a tray. “He tried to ...”

    “No master Felaron, I remembered what master Yoda told to all the Jedi. I did drink water but it didn't agree with me at all, coming back the same way.”

    “Ah the green elf.” Jilan hooked a new bag with IV-fluid on the pole and saw the raised eybrows. “I was on the beach with my friends after school when I saw Pat Huling, a man known for his exciting adventures and stories. He had come back from a trip to Rhova and told us all about that and his meeting with Jedi in Rhivinna. The village was destroyed by an earthquake. He was there when Master Yoda asked him permission to take Fay Ere-Dun to be trained as a Jedi-knight. Her brother Jasir agreed.”

    “Pat entertained me too when I had to be distracted from what the medics were doing after that incident with a truck with hazardous materials. And Halfir was there to keep me from escaping. By the way; where is he?”

    “He promised to visit you but I don't know when.” Erdin helped with the new sheets.

    “And now sleep?” Jilan had a syringe ready.

    “Yes.” Ivano whispered and gave a satisfied sigh when Jilan injected the medicines in the tap.

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Chapter 9

    “Does this never end?” Ivano was sulking when he showed the wet towel and pointed at the sheet. “Nine days and I am still busy soiling all.”

    “Hey,” Erdin looked up from his reader. “Yesterday that porridge stayed in. You are recovering as expected. Jago was very satisfied after he examined your blood.”

    “Yeah but I am still troubled by the mayhem.”

    A sound of footsteps in the corridor.

    “Don't sulk Ivano and here he is as promised.”


    “Yes I am here and that looks like something I have seen on Tatooine in Jabba's palace.” Halfir indicated the wet sheet with the vomit.

    “It's only porridge. I tried and tried and did and nothing stays in with all that icky midillamin mayhem troubling my body.”

    “It is leaving your body in the usual way. And coming to my Tatooine experiece, I have to tell you what happened nine days ago. I was reviewing exams and had seen what my students were planning. They had caught a frog and were planning to release it in my class-room. I shouted who caught that worrt and that had me with students all asking what a worrt was. It had us going outside to release the frog and hearing the sirens and telling them after going back about my meeting with a worrt.”

    “What's a worrt?” Erdin put his reader down.

    “I can show you.” Halfir got a tablet out of his pocket and had the worrt description and picture on it.

    “Huge and ugly and it's even venomous.” Erdin gave the tablet to Ivano.

    “It resembles a big fat frog.” Ivano began to smile. “That would have been a great scare if we had that in teacher Fringo's class-room.”

    “Ah that frog but first I will tell you where I met the worrt. I was with my eopies on the road leading to the palace of Jabba the Hutt when I saw one catching a large rodent with its purple tongue and swallowing it whole making a very disgusting burp.”

    “Eech.” Ivano reached for his towel and produced a small blob on it.

    “And that.” Halfir took the towel and gave it to Erdin. “That was what I saw when I ordered a drink in Jabba's palace and had told about my meeting with the creature. A fat twi'lek male sitting at the counter poited at a bowl with a murky liquid and said 'you will like that after seeing what that worrt did. She eats to produce eggs and those eggs are made into a delicious drink.' I declined of course and settled for a glass of blue milk.”

    “And this is molonin-milk.” Jilan came into the room with a tray. “Maybe that will agree with you Ivano. You are doing great.”

    “I am?” Ivano took the glass and began to drink taking small sips.

    “Never heard about a worrt.” Jilan was busy with new sheets.

    “I have a description on my tablet and I have to tell about the frog and teacher Fringo.” Halfir waited for Jilan to finish.

    “That haughty woman.” Jilan grumbled. “I had her and was only planning something to make the lessons more interesting when she ordered Hanno and me to write a hundred rules after classes were over. And that was nice because the more usual work for culprits was fresher cleaning.”

    “Freshers.” Halfir began to smile. “We had shrieking girls after we decorated it with a synthrubber fish and had to clean the fresher. Jihan Eled-Non had to do the hundred rules thing when he had a frog in the class-room and put it on teacher Fringo's desk.”

    “She was jumping around when that frog went this and that way.” Ivano took another sip from his glass.

    “I caught the frog with Steve Magaron and you. We brought it outside and back to the pond. No rules or fresher thing for us. We had been nice for her.”

    “And that was our frog-tale.” Ivano had finished the milk. “I am quite comfortable. And now you can tell Jilan all about the worrt.”

    “That will be for a next time.” Jilan took the empty glass. “I have milk for Kaagi and he will like it too. And lunch is coming.” He left when another nurse came with a cart.

    - - -

    “See you.” Ivano had a big smile on his face when he saw Halfir leaving with his wife Mikja. After another glass of molonin-milk during lunch the nausea was gone. Halfir and Erdin had encouraged him to eat and drink more during the afternoon. More memories were shared. Jago had come to take another bloodsample and seeing the progress he had told Ivano that he could leave the hospital tomorrow if dinner and breakfast went without problems.


    Three months had passed.

    Workers were busy at a large construction site. A floor-plate was in the grapplers of a crane.

    The chief engineer was with Erdin, Ivano, Kaagi and Soron. All were holding a rope that was tied to a larger rope holding the floor-plate.

    There was a loud bang when the chief engineer pulled his rope that activated a fire-cracker.

    “Our new place to get rid of icky stuff.” Kaagi tugged at his rope.

    “And I hope no more draxin-accidents or we will...” Soron had his rope firm in his hands.

    “Have you and you under our care.” Ivano saw the plate being lowered.

    “And have us or our friend Halfir telling tales about scary creatures.” Erdin had the last word and released his rope.

    And coming to the end of this story I have reached my
    Large Goal
    Finish Icky stuff and creatures for the Star Wars wildlife watch by @Seldes_Katne .
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  13. Seldes_Katne

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    Mar 18, 2002
    Full credit for your use of the Worrt – it may not have tied into the accident/rescue portions of this story, but it certainly fits into the classroom hijinks in the side story. The class scenes provided some relief from the accident and rescue scenes. I like to try new foods (up to a point), so I would be interested in trying the Worrt-egg beverage (preferably non-alcoholic. And somewhere other than Jabba’s Palace – not the safest place in the galaxy to eat or drink). Is Halfir’s adventure on Tatooine written up anywhere on the fanfic boards?

    Pancakes seem to be a staple food in many places, even in the GFFA. :)

    One of the things I like about your writing style is the use of short sentences – they convey a sense of danger and tension; we know people’s lives and health are at risk.

    Your characters are all very professional. They’re obviously well-trained and experienced, and keep a level head even when things don’t go as expected. Glad to see everyone will apparently make a full recovery.

    Although I haven’t read a lot of your other work, I didn’t have much trouble keeping your characters straight and understanding who was doing what job. You’ve done well at keeping different scenes and points of view separate, whether through chapter breaks or those little punctuation marks showing breaks in the action. This keeps the reader from becoming confused as we move from one set of characters to another.

    All in all, an interesting piece.
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  14. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Thank you for the nice review and for providing the Worrt.
    It had me remembering a prank-story told by my mother. She had a frog in her class-room
    Halfir's story is written in various other stories. He became a merchant and got involved in the rescue of a Jedi-padawan on Tatooine in 'the Odyssey of the Kerebuy Hawk' and it's sequel 'Kerebuy Hawk down"
    Stories told by my grandfather when I was young had me becoming a volunteer fire-fighter when our mayor asked me to become the first woman-fire-fighter in Warmond
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