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    I'm sorry, but this is not a forum for unpublished non-professional work.

    As I didn't really like studying physics and maths at University I started imagining movies to possibly make. I had some very cool ideas. This one was one of the first ones. I want to know if it is good and will it be makeable.

    Title: The Ester Foundation

    Story: It starts on a moon called Carina 12 in the year 2496. A ship is dropping by to pick up an artifact of some kind. There's fighting and gun battle. A soldiers life is saved by some other soldier who is badly injured and is about to die. Before he dies he tells the soldier (Nic Ory) to give a disc to 'Zjak Vaughn' at Syndicate Enterprises back on Earth.... and so his new mission begins. Nic's new mission is to investigate a chemical manufacturing company (The Ester Foundation) of 8 guys who are suspected to be involved with some dangerous unknown project. Nic and Zjak (a 60 year old guy in a suit) go to Triton where there is a meeting where a couple of guys from the company are presenting a business proposal. During the meeting (where there are a few businessmen) the robot bodyguards go berzerk and start opening fire and the meeting is ruined. Everyone scatters. The main tycoon - Tom Slitzer - is jaded cause he was expecting to make a profitable deal. Zjak tells Nic to retreat and he heads underground. Zjak meanwhile goes for the EF's silver briefcase. They meet up at the chemical deposit area and escape on jet skis. The EF give chase. They manage to get away but there's nothing much in the briefcase. They arrange a meeting to give the briefcase and its contents back. Nic heads for venus to the EF's headquarters and meets the leader 'McGill'. They talk and McGill seems to be clearing things up and showing no signs of wrong doing. Nic leaves but before going uses the keycard Zjak obtained to investigate the restricted areas dressed in a lab uniform. He gets to a computer terminal and finds out about 'project x'. An EF member enters the area and Nic leaves via ventilation and ends up in the junkyard. EF members are dumping garbage in helicopter like machines and he avoids them to get away. Zjak's suspicions are confirmed with 'project x' and they proceed with the investigation. The next step is to head to 'Cyclore' a large industrial planet. On Cyclore Nic learns about 'Station 54' from a former employer of the EF an Indian Tycoon 'Kobal Kombayoshi'. It was abandoned due to lack of trust or funding. Nic needs to learn the location of Station 54 and ends up on a virtual reality machine where the files are supposedly kept secretly. Nearby in the EF building Slitzer has come back with an ambush to kill off the EF and obtain their secret video disc containing unknown valuable information. The ambush has soldiers with guns raiding the building and there is a gunfight. Giant flying ant insects get released in the gunfight and the EF don't have much of a chance. Nic is going through a forrest 'tour' file where an EF member is explaining about ecological balance. Eventually Nic sees the hidden Station 54 data and its on a small green planet called 'Neb'. The EF all get killed by Slitzer's soldiers save a couple. Slitzer manages to get to the secret level in the EF's building and there he meets with a T-Rex which kills him. The remaining EF know about Nic and try to chase him down which leads to a dual-train chase scene. Nic is fighting off the EF on the trains with his pistol. A flying security machine stops the fight by picking them up and putting them in the seperate trains. The train with the EF falls off and Nic gets away. On Neb Nic gets to station 54 which has a dome building. In it he finds the secret EF data disc. The rest is secret.

    I don't know if this film is possible to make but I keep obssessing about making it.
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