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    Jan 6, 2016
    AUTHOR: Hopeful Writer
    TIME FRAME: Star Wars - Original Trilogy
    Rating: General
    Characters: Han Solo, Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca

    SUMMARY: Han Solo becomes ill and taken to the Med Center, but what he suffers at the hands of the nurse may be worse than the illness.

    "I think they'd be more out of the way of the general traffic if they were moved farther back in the bay." Leia told Luke as she pointed to a crate of weapons and ammunition.

    "Yeah," Luke agreed. "I'll get some transporters down to move them sometime today."

    Hearing footsteps behind him, Luke turned to see who was approaching. A boyish grin played over his lips as he turned back to Leia. "Here comes company."

    Leia glanced back, but quickly spun around when she saw Han Solo nearing. "I'm not going to let him get to me today...I'M NOT!"

    "If you say so." Luke responded wryly. He was well aware of the verbal sparring between the two that had gone on since they'd first met, and he was convinced that the two inwardly enjoyed it as much as they said they hated it.

    "Well," Han drawled, "can't you find anything to do to keep you busy Princess? Wish I had time to just stand around and admire the ice caves."

    Luke saw Leia's jaw tighten as Han's taunt almost immediately did what she had sworn it wouldn't. "Hey, Han, what've you been doing to work up such a sweat?!"

    Solo wiped the beads of perspiration from his faintly pale forehead with a jacket sleeve." Just finished stowing supplies and provisions aboard the FALCON.' He answered, keenly aware of Leia's silence. "I didn't think you could find enough heat on this ice cube to make a gnzat sweat". But with those words, the smuggler reached out dizzily for Luke's shoulder to steady himself.

    Luke reacted with surprise and concern. "Are you alright?"

    Han shook his head to clear his fuzzy vision, and Luke placed a supporting arm around his shoulders. "Yeah...I'm...okay..." Han turned glazed eyes to Leia. "I was just overcome for a moment by her Highness' presence."

    Leia gave him an exasperated look and turned to leave.

    A stronger wave of dizzyness and nausea surged through Han, and the Corellian suddenly passed out cold. Luke struggled against Han's dead weight, but couldn't keep him from sinking to the floor.

    "Leia!" Luke called.

    She turned to see Luke attempting to lift Han. She hurried back and knelt next to them, placing a slim-fingered hand on Han's cheek. "He's burning up. Oh, Luke, he's sick. We need to get him to the
    Med Center."

    "Hey,..HEY!" Luke called to a couple of passing rebel soldiers. "Help us with Captain Solo. We need to get him to the Med Center right away."

    The Rebels rushed to lift the fallen Corellian. "Be careful." Leia admonished as she walked with them. Luke could see the concern on her face. She could never hide her feelings from me, he thought.

    After what seemed to Leia an eternally long time, they finally entered the double doors of Hoth's Med Center. Han hadn't roused once, and that had Leia worried.

    "Captain Solo took sick in one of the bay areas." Luke told the Medical Officer. The silver-haired chief of the facility went to the patient as they positioned Han on an examining table and dismissed the soldiers with a nod.

    Luke and Leia watched in anxious silence as the doctor quickly worked over Han, giving him a preliminary examination -- raising his eyelids to check for pupil retraction, checking blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and temperature. With an uncertain nod of his head, the doctor approached the waiting pair. I can't tell you anything now. I'll have to let a Two-One-Bee unit do a complete work-up on him."

    "Is it serious?" Leia asked.

    The doctor avoided her direct gaze as he answered. "I won't know until I have all the results. The symptoms he's exhibiting can be found in several ailments, some serious, others not."

    "When will you have the test results?" Luke wanted to know.

    "Since he is in no physiological stress, I'll begin the tests immediately. What I'd like you to find out is what he's eaten and drunk in the last twelve hours and if he's been to any uncharted places in the last few days."

    "We'll see what we can find out from his partner." Luke told him.

    "Good. I should have some answers for you by tomorrow morning."

    "Thank you, Doctor Hadley." The Princess said. She started to walk over to where Han lay, still unmoving on the examining table. The doctor gently caught her arm. "It might be better, your Highness if you kept your distance until I've had time to ascertain whether or not what Captain Solo has is contagious."

    Leia shook her head in acknowledgment, and, with one last glance at Han, turned to leave.

    Luke guided her though the double doors. "Let's find Chewie and get some answers to those quesions Doctor Hadley asked. That's the best thing we can do to help."

    They headed for the bay area, knowing it was Chewbacca's habit to remain near the FALCON. Luke wanted to be the one to tell the Wooliee that his partner had taken ill.

    Chewbacca woofed in recognition when he saw the pair approach. "Chewie," Luke began, wondering how the Wookiee was going take the news that Han was sick. "We need to talk to you for a minute. Han's in the Med Center. He passed out here in the bay earlier. The doctor wanted us to find out if Han had eaten or drank anything different in the last few hours." Chewie shook his head no, concern mirrored in his blue eyes. "Did you and Han make any unscheduled landings on your way here?" Leia questioned. Again, the Wookiee shook his head no.

    "Thanks, Chewie". Luke gave his shaggy arm a reassuring squeeze, Chewie moaned softly and turned his head in an inquiring pose. For a moment Luke was puzzled; then he realized what the Wookiee wanted. "The doctor said he'd have more information in the morning. Sorry, but Han' isn't allowed visitors right now." Chewie nodded in understanding and emitted another mournful wail. Luke patted the massive, furry forearm. "He'll be okay. Tomorrow maybe we can all see him."


    "Princess Leia, Commander Skywalker, Chewbacca, if you'll come into my office, I'll discuss Captain Solo's condition with you. I've just received all the tests results." Doctor Hadley ushered the trio into his sparsely furnished office. After all had been seated, the physician settled himself and opened Han's chart which lad on the desk before him.


    "Oh...Oh....oh..." A low moan escaped Han Solo's lips. He realized he hurt everywhere. The pillow hurt his head, the blanket hurt his chest. It even hurt to lift his eyelids. "Oh..oh......"

    Leia reached over from her chair and patted his hand gently."It's alright."

    Han slowly opened his eyes, which was quite an effort, at the sound of her voice. He winced, even the light hurt his eyes. It took a moment for the Corellian to focus on his surroundings. "Where am I?"

    Leia moved closer. "You're in the Med Center. You passed out in the bay. You're sick Han."

    "I knew it." He moaned. "I'm gonna die. I've never felt this bad in my life, not even after drinking a whole kyter of Obvarian brandy. Tell me, Leia, how long have I got?"

    Leia suppressed a smile at Han's melodramatics. "Three days." She answered soberly.

    Instandtly Han was totally alert. "THREE DAYS?!?" He yelled, in a startled voice, raising his head off the pillow.

    "Oh, Han." Leia's smile surfaced. "You're not going to die from this - even thought you might feel like it. It's a virus which attacks the muscles, that's what's making you feel so weak. With bed rest and medication, you should be over it and back,unfortunately, to your old self within seventy-two
    standard base hours."

    Han gingerly laid his head back on the pillow, an action that cause quite a bit of muscular pain. He groaned. "Aren't you afraid you'll get it?" he asked the Princess after a moment.

    "No. Doctor Hadley isolated the virus and it's one most everyone here has been innoculated against. Naturally, we don't have complete medical data on you, so if you were ever innoculated against this, it didn't take or your biological make-up resisted the antibody."

    Leia watched as Han struggled against the covers to find a more comfortable position.

    "One good thing." She offered in an attempt to cheer him up. "Doctor Hadley said once you were over this, your system will build up natural defenses against the virus and you'll never get it again."

    "Who'd ever WANT it again!" Han spat.

    A loud rattle at the door drew their attention, and were greeted by a burly, all-business, non-nonsense nurse carrying a medicine tray.

    "So, we're awake are we Captain Solo?"

    "Yes, WE are." Solo answered scarcastically while suspiciously watching her every move. "Who is THAT?" He mouthed the question to Leia.

    As if reading the Corellian's mind, the nurse turned from her tray and introduced herself. "I'm nurse
    Turza and I'll be taking care of you."

    'GREAT' Solo thought.

    Leia smiled at the look that crossed the incapacitated smuggler's face.

    "Now..." The nurse was busying herself with the articles on the tray -- "It's time for our medication."
    Han watched the nurse come toward him with a syringe in her hand. Resignedly, he struggled to
    raise the sleeve of his rebel issue hospital gown. She stopped at the side of the bed. "Not there,
    Captain." And the covers were deftly pulled back.

    "Wait a minute!" Han protested vehemently, snatching at the blanket. 'You don't're not gonna..." He eyed the long needle warily.

    "That's EXACTLY what I'm going to do." She informed him matter-of-factly while tugging at the covers again. "This medication is quite strong and it won't make your hip as sore as it would your arm,so that's where it goes. And...Captain...we can have this WITH or WITHOUT difficulty."

    Having no real choice, Han gave in and turned over. He just wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. Leia averted her gaze when Han's long legs were exposed and continued to study the wall of the small room until she heard a loud "OUCH!" followed by a string of various and colorful
    Corellian curses.

    "What did you say?" Turza demanded as she jerked the covers back up to Han's waist.

    "Just some old Corellian expressions of gratitude." Han muttered sourly.

    "I'm sure they were." She remarked with a raised brow. "You rest now and I'll be back in a little while with your mid-time meal."

    "Don't hurry." Han sassed in a low voice.

    "What Captain?" Turza questioned.

    "I said, 'oh goody'. He smiled at her.

    Leia reseated herself in the corner as the nurse gathered her things and left.

    "Where did the Alliance ever find HER?" Han asked.

    "She's one of the best. We're lucky to have her." Leia told him.

    "That depends on which end you're dealing with." Han retorted.

    "Hi, Han." Luke greeted, coming through the doors. "How're feeling?"

    "You don't want to know, kid."

    "You had everyone pretty worried yesterday." The blond Rebel told him.

    "Did I?" Han grinned suddenly, enjoying the attention. "Where's Chewie?"

    "They won't let him in. Didn't Leia tell you you're in isolation? No one can see you except people who've been vaccinated and they're not sure about Chewbacca. But, you can still see him." Luke went to the observation pannel and pulled back the slotted blinds to reveal the Wookiee, who brightened instantly upon seeing his friend alert and sitting up. Chewbacca waved and woofed some barely audible sounds. "I will." Han asnwered, waving him good-bye.

    "Guess I better be going too." Luke said. "I'll come back again later. Can I bring you anything?"

    "Yeah." Han answered. "A new nurse. Preferabley young and pretty."

    With a freindly laugh at Han's predicament, Luke opened the door to leave and found himself face to face with nurse Turze; she was holding a steaming food tray.

    Leia helped Han to a better sitting position, ignoring the pilot's scalding curses and exaggerated 'ooh's and 'ouches'. A little winded after the effort, Han watched as the nurse placed plates, bowls, a cup and utensils on the bed table. Han eyed the fare as if he thought it might fight back.
    Taking a fork he picked at the array of foods; tasting a bit of each and sipping from the cup. "Ugh." He spat, flinging the fork back on to the tray noisily. "That stuff tastes like wet sand, dry leaves and mud and that kava tastes like swamp water!"

    "Captain, Solo." Nurse Turze began. "That STUFF is nutritionally balanced to provide you with all essential vitamins and minerals needed to help your body combat your illness. You WILL eat it..
    very bit of it...even if I have to shove it down your throat."

    Han blinked at the nurse; then looked at Leia who was having considerable trouble trying not to laugh.

    "Now." the nurse piked up the fork...."What will you have?"
    Angrily, Han picked up the fork..."I'll have wet sand, dry leaves, mud and swamp water."


    "Did you have a restful night?" Leia asked, entering Han's room. "No. I did not!" He answered. That...that nurse kept coming in here at all hours checking on me or giving me some damn pillow to swallow."

    "You'll be out tomorrow." Leia said trying to encourage him.

    "I won't last that long! She's gonna kill me. I've finally figured out what she did befoe she came to the Alliance."

    "Oh, you did." Leia answered with a smile.

    Han gestured for her to stand closer. "She used to be in charge of torture for the Imperial Forces. She taught 'em everything they know."

    Leia laughed out loud. "It's a good thing you're not sick very often. You make a terrible patient."

    Han sniffed at her lack of sympathy.

    "Hey." Luke popped his head around the door. "Just saw your nurse heading this way with some wicked looking things on her tray, so I can't stay."

    "Coward." Han accused.

    "Well," Nurse Turze greeted coming into the room. "I can see you are feeling MUCH better.
    She glanced at Luke and Leia, "visiting time is over."

    "We were just leaving." Leia told her.

    Han's silent, pleading eyes begged them to stay.

    The nurse straightened the things on the cart. "Time for our bath, Captain Solo."

    Sheer terror gripped the Corellian. "BATH! You've GOT to be KIDDING!" He yanked the covers up to his neck with an iron-fisted grip. Nurse Turza wasn't impressed.

    "Uh...bye Han." Luke said as he and Leia quickly exited.

    "No....NO!.....N O !!" Luke and Leia could hear Solo's protests as they walked down the hallway. Luke grinned broadly; his imagination conjuring up all sorts of things going on in that sick bay room.


    "Ready for a visitor?" Leia asked as she entered Han's room. The bed was empty. Her brown eyes quickly scanned the cubicle. "Han?" She let the door wish shut. A slight rustle from the closet drew her attention. "Han?" She pulled back the curtain and peered in. Solo stood there, shaky and half dressed. He was donning his deck clothes.
    "I'm getting out of here." He told her tight lipped, NOW!"

    "Oh, Han. You can't leave until the doctor releases you. We're responsible for you."

    Han hobbled from the closet, wriggling into his boots and jerking his vest from a hanger. "You sure are." He told her.
    "Your whole bloody Rebellion is responsible for everything I've gone through these past three days!"

    "I know you're upset, Han." Leia began.

    "Upset?...UPSET? I've been poked full of holes, fed lousy food, had to bare my....well places I'd rather not bare, bathed from head to foot like I was a baby and given enough pills to choke a tauntaun. And I don't even want to talk about that thing called a bedpan.
    I'm tired of reading and watching holos and having that...that...nurse barge in here at all hours. Upset?" Han leaned over to Leia, his nose almost touching hers. "There hasn't been a word invented yet, sister, to describe how I feel."

    "But you can't leave until tomorrow."

    "I'm leaving now and NOTHING is going to stop me!" Han slapped the switch to open the door -- and came face to face with Nurse Turza. "Captain Solo. I'm so glad to see you are ready for our
    walk down the corridor."

    Leia couldn't help but laugh at the sick expression that crossed the now healthy Corellian's face.


    "Don't ever get sick here, Chewie" Han advised his friend, shifting his weight on the bedside.
    "They'll damn near kill you trying to get you well."

    The Wookiee chuckled.

    "It's okay, Han." Luke said from where he stood by the door. "Just as soon as Doctor Hadley comes in, you can leave."

    "I, for one, hope you stay healthy for a long, long time." Leia put in. "You're certainly not a model
    patient. Sick bay will never be the same."

    The door wished open and doctor Hadley and Han's favorite nurse came in.

    "All is back to normal, Captain Solo," Hadley was signing a series of papers on the clipboard. "Here's your release form. Don't try to over do for the next couple of days. Finish this bottle of medicine, and, if you have any problems, see me." He ripped the form from the clipboard and handed to Han along with a vial of pills.

    "Thanks." Han muttered as he shoved the pillis into a pants pocket.

    With a last nod, the doctor left the room.

    "I've enjoyed caring for you, Captain Solo." Nurse Turza said, lingering in the room after the doctor left.

    Leia bit her lip in apprehension of what might come out of the Corellian's mouth. But, Han was silent as he gathered up his packed belongings, handed them to Chewbacca and walked out of the room with the others. In the hallway, Han turned to Nurse Turza, who had followed and before she could
    say anything he grasped her in a strong embrace and placed a hard, sound kiss on her mouth.
    When she was released, Turza stood dazed; while Han's friends looked on in shock.

    "Thanks for everything" Han said cockily, flashing her his best grin.

    "It will take her three days to get over that." Luke commented as they all made their way down
    the corridor.

    "That's about how long it took me." Han retorted. With that, the Corellian smuggler picked up his pace and sauntered the rest of the way down the hall, flanked by Luke and Chewbacca.

    Taking a look at the entranced nurse, Leia smiled to herself. She always knew life in the Rebellion was unpredictable, but now with the antics of the wayward smuggler, it was going to be more interesting than ever. She hurried to catch up with the retreating trio..because.

    because...Her Royal Highness, The Princess Organa, did not want to miss one minute of it.
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    HA! Now, that was different. I loved how Corellian curses became nice words, how Han got "enough pills to choke a tauntaun" and how he was more or less afraid of the plain ol' shot in behind. :D Priceless, priceless, priceless. And once again, a good character study, since he obviously had to learn to be more patient. :)
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    Oh, this is delightful! I can just picture sickie!Han being just this way with any and all medical staff assigned to him, let alone that no-nonsense nurse (oooh, I have to say, I hate it when "we" and its forms are used that way, whether my medical personnel or any kind of service employee!). I have to say, I feel for him... shots in the, um, hip should optimally be done by someone with some kind of actual bedside manner, as should administration of food resembling swamp swill and big-people baths. :( It's hilarious, of course—but there's kind of a touch of pathos to it too, especially once we found out what Nurse Turza used to do when she worked for the Empire! :eek:

    As always, you've got Han's voice absolutely spot on. Especially this bit, which I can just hear in my mind's ear:

    Wonderful work once again! =D=
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    [face_laugh] Terrific and just how that would go! [face_mischief]