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    I'm currently attempting to make a guide to Imperial/Late Republic uniform colors. Nothing about armor or coveralls, just the service uniforms. I combed through all of my comics and did plenty of Wookieepedia research on the topic. But since I'm trying to be super thorough I'd like to ask you guys what you know on the topic.

    Main questions:
    What's the uniform colors for the Republic Army?
    Republic Navy?
    Imperial Navy?
    Starfighter Corps?
    Imperial Army?
    Stormtrooper Corps?
    Usage of grey versus olive?

    Here's what I've gathered so far...
    Republic Uniforms:

    -Judicial Department - All-blue.
    -Senate Guard - Light blue jacket, black pants.
    -Republic Navy - Olive-drab, grey-blue or white-ish.
    -Republic Army - IDK.
    -GAR - Blue-grey or dark grey.
    -Medical specialists - White uniforms, with brown belts, gloves and boots or white with red stripes.
    Unspecified captain - All-red.
    Unspecified sub-captain rank - Greenish color.
    Ranulph Tarkin - Red jacket, blue pants.
    Moffs - Olive drab.

    Empire uniforms:

    -Imperial slavers - All-brown.
    -ISB - Black pants, cap and white jacket or all-olive or all-white.
    -Imperial Army - All-olive for the most part.
    -Imperial Navy - All-olive for the most part.
    -Starfighter Corps - All-olive, all-black or light green.
    -Stormtrooper Corps - All-black or all-olive.
    -Imperial medics - white jacket w/ blue stripes, black pants or all-grey.
    -Imperial Surgeons - All-teal.
    -Imperial Scientists - All-white.
    -Diplomatic Corps - All-olive.
    -181st Imperial Fighter Wing - All-olive w/ red stripes.
    -Imperial liaisons - All-green.
    -Intelligence Directors - All-red.
    -Imperial Inquisitors - All-grey.
    -Grand Admirals - All-white w/ gold epaulets.
    -Moffs and Grand Moffs - Grey or olive-drab.
    -Ozzik Sturn - All-white.
    So what can you guys add to what I've gathered? Canon or EU. Anything I got wrong?
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    I'm guessing that the idea that black = Stormtrooper Corps comes from Daine Jir and Pol Treidum commanding TK-421.
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    And from black-uniformed Commander Praji, told by Vader to see personally to retrieving the Death Star plans from the escape pod to Tatooine. When we follow up on that, there are only stormtroopers on the scene, implying either he didn't follow Vader's orders (unhealthy) or he's down there in stormtrooper armor.
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    Same here! I've actually been working on a "Table of Ranks" of my own, and a sub-chart of that is a look at the Imperial Uniform hierarchy and a list of different color classifications. The best place is is start here: Saxton was really the first to try and classify all of the different known uniforms. That site is a bit out of date, but not inaccurate, and the assumptions there actually helped shape a lot of later official sources. Then, comb through the various EU works as you can. It's amazing what can be gleaned from various details mentioned in myriad works. I'd recommend sticking to the EU (1976-2014), as the post-Disney stuff is still subject to change. Trying to combine the two "canons" is only going to lead to major inconsistencies.

    There's also been a very recent discovery/realization regarding Imperial uniform colors from ANH:

    ...that rarer, light gray/dark white 4th variant uniform worn by the Syd Wragg Officer and Molock has yet to be explained.

    There is a certain hierarchy of importance when it comes to Uniform colors that should be noted. Any two Imperials of equal Rank, seniority, Insignia, cylinders, Service, and Position, can still have different Uniform colors. Uniform colors are NOT necessarily unique to a Service, or even a Position or role, but often to the individual Imperial in question. The Blackshirts are the primary example of this, as they seem to be worn by Officers who are somehow more elite than their more common Grayshirt peers. This "Color Heirarchy" is roughly as follows:

    Red (very likely unique to the Director of Imperial Intelligence)

    the rare Light Gray, Brown, Green, and Blue uniform colors seem to be unique to certain Services branches or to certain Officer roles, and really haven't been seen often enough to enable a more refined classification of them.

    The idea seems to have originated that way, but over the course of the EU morphed into something other than Blackshirts being exclusively Stormtrooper Officers, as there are plenty of examples of Blackshirts that are clearly not Stormtrooper personnel. Elite TIE pilots are honored with black uniforms, for example. Lt. Zuud of Imperial Intelligence (Analysis Bureau) and her older superior from the Empire comics. Shan Childsen, in command of a detention block and its contingent of Death Star Troopers (who are not Stormtroopers, but rather elite Naval Troopers). "Moff Tragg Brathis" from Tyrant's Test was specifically noted for his black-uniform, as was Commander/Captain Ait Convarion in The Bacta War.
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