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Science Fiction in all my dreams i DROWN

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Lawbreaker, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Muscle Beach, Santa Monica

    How? How could he possibly know he was here? How could he be here so fast? It was impossible. The phone was an unmarked burner, the call had just happened.

    How could Sidney be here?

    Annie felt every bone in her body tense and pushed her hood over her head, to conceal her trademark pink hair. She considered screaming, but in the panic it would probably just get easier for him to do his thing.

    If she found Ray first they could run. But this guy was obviously better at finding people.

    Annie cursed silently, knowing what her only option was now. She grabbed her backpack and reached inside, closing her hand around the gun's grip and pushing the slide back to load one bullet into the chamber. She was not experienced with weapons. She had shot once on beer cans with a boyfriend. She had missed most.

    So she began to walk, her heart pounding like drums in a club. She took an interception course towards the man ... the man who had tried to kill her earlier and who had killed the woman. The serial killer. Even in the backpack her hand was shaking.

    She would get close, as close as she could ... draw and shoot. Shoot the monster. Before he could shoot Ray, she would kill him. She had never killed a fly. Now she prepared to take a human life and knew nothing could prepare her for that.

    Draw and shoot.

    Just do it!

    Just damned do it!

    Tag: @Lawbreaker

    Her flat

    Elina froze as she realized she was not alone. Not many people had access to her flat and when she entered her worst option became a reality.

    Long-legged, dark skinned Amira was sitting there and smiled as if they were old friends.

    "I thought we agreed our business was concluded." She said with a cold voice and circled the woman. She had known it wasn't. That was why she had not changed her access data. Better to face her here than anywhere else.

    "Since when are you back?" Elina looked around her flat, wondering what Amira might have picked up or stolen. Marc was no longer a topic, so Amira had less in her hands than last time. Andy, she could probably not reach Andy ... except she had again gained access to her computer. After the last disaster Elina had tripled security and encryption though ... or had she left the files open? She cursed herself for not remembering.

    Tag: @Lawbreaker
  2. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    Gamescape Development Center

    Impressive, Incredible, Insane ... some verb with an "i" he needed to pick soon to describe his new workplace.

    "So if in a game your get into a place like that, it is about Aliens." Christian smiled and followed his Onbording Officer.

    When he finally got to his workplace and met his new Boss he felt so overwhelmed by all the tech and capacities he wasn't nervous anymore.

    "Pleased to meet you two, we had just been thinking if you got any Aliens here or time machines, because of that security ..." He took this as a warm-up place to start.

    Wong laughed. "If so that would be on Level 7, you know?" Wong winked. "They are working for the CNSA." The glass door was followed by another and another. Meetings everywhere.

    "CNSA?" Christian asked and tried to keep up.

    "Chinese Space Agency." Wong answered. "The guys who were on the moon last year?"

    Christian laughed. "I still believe that one was totally CGI." He said. Wong gave him a serious look.

    "Again ... Level 7." He winked and Christian was not sure of he was joking or not. He decided he kinda liked him.

    They passed another meeting room and he saw people there discussing ... CVs. Jack Burns was at the end of the table, obviously leading the discussion.

    They passed to an elevator. It reacted to their biodata and seemed to connect only one floor. A gateway. Whatever was up there was truly protected. Christian had the feeling this elevator was the only way to get there.

    "Okay, Level 7, got you. Then there would be the elephant in the room. What exactly is Tritec?" Christian tried to sound casual but the knowing smile of Mr. Wong told him he did not entirely buy it.

    "The big one. And you know what? Tritec is something better shown than explained." He pointed to the door of the elevator and smiled. "Welcome to Tritec, Christian. Prepare for a life changer."

    Christian wondered how the hell one did that. The week had been full of lifechangers. From this overpaid job to a life in unspeakable luxury and access to unlimited resources to follow up on a ten year old long forgotten dream ... not speaking of his super model girlfriend ... what could Tritec be that even came close to this?

    Mr. Wong's smile seemed to say ... you've seen nothing yet.

    Tag: @Lawbreaker, @SirakRomar
  3. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Kent Archer
    Gameface Headquarters

    They say that first impressions meant everything in the business world; this was the standard his father had instilled in him ever since he was a child. He always reiterated that if Kent wanted to succeed, it was vital that those who had cause to connect with him received the very best treatment from the onset. First impressions had the ability to make or break a business, and a positive experience could create long-lasting relationships.

    That’s where Gameface immediately failed to meet his expectations; the setup left much to be desired.

    The main conference area was essentially a garage with a couch, several workstations, and a strange contraption that occupied the center of the floor. He could not discern the machine’s purpose by simply looking at it, but Amy now sat in a chair directly across from it, having volunteered to participate in some kind of demonstration. Or rather, the three young men who had greeted them insisted on her cooperation...

    All three of them were casually dressed in hoodies and jeans, making them appear as if they were preparing for a night out with friends rather than a business proposition. Kent felt woefully out of place with his custom suit and expensive shoes. If not for the obvious Rolex on one of their hosts’ wrists, he would have never suspected them of operating an up-and-coming tech company. It all looked very primitive...very amateurish. He idly wondered what Quentin had initially seen in them.

    Was this a mistake?

    And yet, didn’t Apple begin with two guys working out of their garage all those years ago?

    Pushing that thought from his mind for the time being, Kent turned as one of their hosts, Andy, leaned across the couch and extended his hand. “Mr. Archer, right?” he asked in a cordial greeting.

    Kent started to rise out of habit, but quickly reminded himself of his surroundings and thought better of it. In the awkward moment that followed, he distracted himself by straightening his suit jacket before taking the man’s proffered hand and acknowledging him with a tired smile.

    “The resemblance is striking,” Andy continued after a moment. “I am deeply sorry for your loss. I met Quentin only briefly but he was a fine young man."

    It was the same tired speech...over and over again. A shadow seemed to pass over Kent’s features as he suppressed a sigh and lowered his chin marginally. “I...appreciate that, thank you,” he replied quietly before forcing himself to meet the other man’s gaze. While the pain was evident in his eyes, his words were sincere.

    “And thank you for also seeing us on such short notice,” he carried on after a brief pause, his voice more firm, confident. “I know...I am not my son, especially when it comes to his technological prowess, but I feel I can still be of assistance. At the very least, I would like to honor his memory by supporting his work. God only knows I should have paid more attention to that while he was still with us, but life is too short to dwell on our mistakes. The important thing is what we can learn from them.”

    Kent nodded to Amy and to the apparatus that sat opposite from her. “Shall we?” he gestured with a sweep of his hand. “I’m afraid I’m not as – shall we say, literate in ‘computer-speak’ as Quentin, so you may need to walk me through this slowly.”

    He then narrowed his eyes at Amy after she voiced her concerns. “Ehh...she has a point. Are you sure that thing is safe?”

    TAG: @Lawbreaker; @RachelTyrell
  4. Lawbreaker

    Lawbreaker Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 21, 2018

    Gameface Headquarters

    Rob raised his hands and smiled.

    "No problem, I will just show you what we do here step by step. So, thirty years ago a bunch of pixels were you in a game ... your avatar. Over time graphics got better. Finally we ended up with scanned actors who displayed limited mimic as they reacted to certain scenes who blended seemlessly with motion captured scenes where faces and mimic was simulated through hundreds of little dots attached to the faces of actors. Why? The question is why did gaming companies so much money on giving characters realistic exteriors?" Rob smiled.

    "Identification." Andy said smiling.

    "Bingo!" Rob laughed. So we at Gameface had a simple idea! Who do you identify most? Yourself."

    Rob nodded and his Indian colleague brought forth a laptop an put it right in front of Andy and Kent. There was a photo of Amy. "Let he be funny." Rob smiled. The Indian pushed the F and enter and the photo began to move.


    Andy snapped forth. Rob grinned as he saw the effect. "And yes, totally not dangerous. Have a look Amy." He said.

    "This can't be graphics." Andy gasped surprised. Rob nodded. "It totally is. Imagine a computer game where you look like ... you! Your friends look like your friends! We have developed a scanning technology allowing people's faces in low-res photorealism to be added into games." He folded his arms. "This is Hollywood! Movies did it for years! Christopher Lee was face-tagged to a stunt double a decade ago in Episode II. We just took this to the next level."

    Andy looked at Amy and then back at the screen.

    Tag: @HanSolo29, @RachelTyrell

    Muscle Beach, Santa Monica

    These moments were always strange, when the world slowed down and the whole world seemed to wait ... to hold it's breath. Silence as the brain filtered out all noise. Clearity as the same brain denied all distractions attention. Focus. Almost spiritual how Annie seemed to move through time and space, approaching "Sidney" from behind. The gun came up and pointed right at his neck. The hand was slightly shaking, bit that was adrenaline.

    Then the first shot right at his neck. Second to the head. Third. Fourth.

    And Sidney turned as if he had not been shot four times and the ancient looking Revolver came up, pointing at Annie and he fired.

    For a moment they stood there on the beach firing at each other at close range. The were basically holding the guns to each other's faces and fired three times.

    Just nothing happened. They both kept on firing and seemingly none of them was hit or hurt. Also this was impossible, Sidney and Annie were uninjured. It was as if their guns did not shoot bullets.

    "Who the hell are you?" The blonde man from un asked and from the side - as the screaming, panicking world of the beach returned - a voice called Annie's name.

    It was Ray. Sidney slowly turned at him and raised his gun.

    Tag: @St. Claire

    Santa Monica, Outside Sandy's house

    Cardigan smirked. Then he looked over to the suit wearing guest of Sandy who was just leaving the house. "Oh she seems to have moved up into the high end segment. Maybe Sidney makes these guys less picky."

    Then he turned back to Mary. "Clothes shop? You mean like honest work? You met here, did you? X marks the cat."

    He shrugged. "Anyway, call sign? Yeah, but maybe just try my mobile okay? That way I could also message you the address ... I'd say go with Universal. They really have these old school prop departments." He looked over to the guy with the shotgun. "You get me pink haired girl, will ya? Can't be that hard to pick her up. Rest of you guys patrol. Sidney seems to be in the neighborhood." The Uber finally arrived.

    "I guess I need a drink." Cardigan sighed as he made his way back to his car.

    "Ordered an Uber?" The Indian/Pakistani driver asked.

    "Ordered an Uber?" The Indian/Pakistani Driver asked again.

    "They did. And we heard you the first time." Cardigan said and shook his head.

    Tag: @Sith-I-5
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  5. Lawbreaker

    Lawbreaker Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 21, 2018
    Chapter 2: Even better than the real thing


    Tritec, Central Command Center

    "Tritec, okay ... let me show you what Tritec is." He entered the room with more than ... it had to be a hundred ... screens and they all switched on in a rather spectacular fashion showing ... a cacophony of pictures. People. Going about their lives.

    "Los Angeles, 2019. 26 million people. 26 million personalities. Over 800 billion noises a second and over 32.9 trillion thoughts a day. Every step, every move, thought, emotion and action ... is a simulation. And not any simulation. After 18 months of running ... we are 92% correct. Means 92% of their decisions are identical with the historical ones. The other 8% is probably us messing with the sim." Mr. Wong turned to the screens showing all kinds of people in all kinds of situations.

    "So now you wonder ... prediction models, psycho-history ... no, no, no. We simulate each of them individually. SIDs. Simulated identities, recreated through a data stream of information from social network profiles, psych evaluation, behavior pattern analysis to genetic codes and brain scans. They are so real, they actually rarely realize they are not." Mr. Wong smiled. "A combination of three groundbreaking technologies. One is a simulation of human behavior, one is a mass recreation of photo-realistic environments and one a cutting edge physics engine. Triple-Tech, or Tritec as we call it in short. Pretty impressive, is it? Oh I see, you don't get it yet. Show him." One the big central screen a young and very attractive woman appeared. She was wearing nothing but lingerie.

    "So you wanna watch Maria Cagena, nymphomaniac and sex addict who will kill herself in two weeks. This is not porn, this is documentary. So far she follows 100% the same pattern than in real life. Or maybe you want to watch Mr. Albert Cavarro? According to our archieves he will kill his wife tomorrow, also he will go to jail denying it was him. Give us a few more
    hours and we tell you how it happened." Mr. Wong shrugged. "A certain Christian Borg arrived there in September, if the simulation is still running you can watch you and your Dad on your US holidays."

    Wong smiled at Christian, who watched the screens with a fascination that was almost overwhelming.

    "That was when he had already cancer."

    Mr. Wong nodded.

    "Yes, according to his files he collapsed at Disneyland right? Very sorry. Ever wondered what would have happened if Disney had been closed on Tuesdays? We cannot influence a lot, but you wanna know and we close it down and see how things play out."

    "Are you serious?" Christian asked.

    "You see the potential." Wong smiled. "Wanna spend some time with your Dad?"

    Tag: @DarkLordoftheFins

    Elina's flat

    Amira smiled. "Maybe we do new business? Hm? Old friends and all that." Amira laughed. "Speaking of which your security system is a bit outdated, don't you think?"

    She stood up.

    "Christian Borg? Introvert, IQ of 150 plus, shy to people but confident in conversations, three girlfriends, eleven sexual encounters, the analysis of his porn site activity places him to be mildly dominant in bed, he likes art and is sceptical but fascinated of wealth?" Amira smiled. "Wow, who is that guy? Can I meet him? Or you wanna keep the good ones all to yourself?" She laughed at Elina. "And you still write with Annie? How is it going there? All good in fake L.A.?"

    Amira grinned. She knew she had her. Again.

    Tag: @SirakRomar

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  6. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    Gamescape Development Center, Tritec Center

    He was beyond impressed. He was awestruck. A simulation of reality that was so close to actual reality ... it was more than a simulation. This was an artificial reality. It was a world inside a computer.

    Watching his Dad ... watching anybody ... it was only the beginning.

    "You want me to connect you." Christian looked at Mr. Wong. "You want to go into the simulation!"

    What could you do with a technology like this? Movies were dead. People would life movies. Meet the Transformers or hunt murderers with their favorite crime fighter. You could meet people you never met. The applications for pornography were actually frightening. You could simulate outcomes of any event. Actually this explained why Gamescape was so successful. Peer group research was brought to a whole new level. You took data from 100.000 consumers under real-time, real-life conditions. Politics. Advertisement. Product Design. Everything could be tested before applied to real life.

    But most of all ... it would make every human being a gamer. Everyone had desires and he could life them.

    It would change the world.

    "The interface I will build ... it will allow us to interact with them, right? We could change the course of the simulation." Christian laughed at the possibility of application of this. It was mind-shattering. It was overwhelming.

    But certainly it was dangerous too. Could you even distinguish between being in a simulation and reality?

    "How complete is the simulation? I mean ... smells, taste ... all that works?"

    Tag: @Lawbreaker, @SirakRomar
  7. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Agent Mary Formal, Sergeant Nicole Gravely, sidewalk in front of the Sandra Preston residence
    Location: Santa Monica

    Cardigan smirked at the clothes shop suggestion, and looked past her to the house, where the hooker's suited friend emerged from the front of the house, "Oh she seems to have moved up into the high end segment. Maybe Sidney makes these guys less picky."

    Formal didn't say anything, but her eyebrows shot up in surprise. After Cardigan had warned them about Sandy's dopey boyfriend, which she thought was a little uncharitable, she had assumed that that had been Adrian. Not that the guy had been her 'John', to use the common US' colloquial for hooker clientele!

    Cardigan turned back to Mary. "Clothes shop? You mean like honest work? You met her, did you? X marks the cat."

    "Now that is an odd turn of phrase." She pointed out, narrowing her eyes at him. "Normally X marks the spot. Or is the cat called 'Spot' here, and you are just cutting out the middle man?"

    "Anyway." He shrugged, bringing them back on topic. "Call sign? Yeah, but maybe just try my mobile okay? That way I could also message you the address ..."

    During the pause, she waved her hand in that subtle way prescribed by Lucasfilm and tried to Jedi Mind Tricked him into giving her his phone number, since he hadn't already done that, and she wasn't psychic. She had friends and colleagues who were, but that was another story. "What is your phone number?"

    "I'd say go with Universal."

    "Universal? Oh, the studios!" She nodded, catching sight of something inside his SUV. "Oh hang on, we'll be needing that." She clicked open the rear door nearest to her, and leaned in, her trailing leg coming up a bit behind her, to snatch up their bottle of sun lotion off the back seat. The sort of thing you need to remember when travelling with a redhead in sunny climes. She slammed the door shut, and held the bottle to her stomach.

    "They really have these old school prop departments." He continued, then glanced over to the guy with the shotgun. "You get me pink haired girl, will ya? Can't be that hard to pick her up. Rest of you guys patrol. Sidney seems to be in the neighborhood."

    "Maybe we should go to the crime scene?" Nicole suggested from the lawn, then the sound of another vehicle drew her attention to something pulling up some metres behind the SUV. "Oh hey, this looks hopeful."

    The Uber had finally arrived.

    "I guess I need a drink." Cardigan sighed as he made his way back to his car.

    Mary was torn as to what to do next. She had the ever so slightest urge to follow Adrian, prompted by yet another movie detective's (Chris Tucker, Rush Hour trilogy) entreaty to "follow the money"; and Nicole's idea to go to that most recent crime scene two blocks away sounded like a good shout. However, she didn't want to go around in clothes that had been inside the Preston place. Nope, they were going back to the hotel to get changed.

    "Ordered an Uber?" Called the driver, who appeared to coincidentally be what she meant by "Asian".

    "Yeah, that was us." Gravely replied as she stepped across the grass towards him.

    "Ordered an Uber?"

    Mary frowned. He had said that with almost the same inflection and tone, an echo.

    "They did. And we heard you the first time." Cardigan said and shook his head.

    Ah well. She mentally shrugged and shot a glance to her partner. "Nikki, get in, I'll be there in a couple minutes. And tell him he'll need to open his windows. Cardigan," she called after the detective, "can we have your phone number, then?"

    Tag: @Lawbreaker
  8. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Muscle Beach, Santa Monica

    This was impossible. She could not have missed at that range. Neither could he. It was simply impossible. He should be dead. If not she should be dead! One of them had to be hit.

    But they not had survived. Unharmed as if no single shot had been fired! Impossible.

    Ray. She heard his voice and saw Sidney turn instantly. What could she do? Shooting would not stop him. Could she attack him at all?

    It did not matter, in a split-second her instincts took over and she threw herself against the man in the blue hoodie. She was petite and did not weigh much but maybe it was at least enough for him to miss the shot.

    "Ruuuuun!" She yelled while attacking the serial killer.

    Tag: @Lawbreaker

    Her flat

    Elina felt her stomach implode and her hands shake. How could she have been so stupid? How on earth could she have been so careless? Amira knew her way around security. She was more than a pretty face. She was a sinister snake of a woman.

    "Amira, please ... this is different. You got no idea how big this is. If you mess with these people ..." Andy would not take a breach of confidentiality lightly, but he was a peaceful man as far as she knew. Nevertheless, his money gave him influence and she was certain there were men working for him who did not share his peaceful nature.

    But what would happen to her then? There would be consequences. There would be severe consequences.

    What do you want? Money again? You wanna show up here messing with my life every time you go broke? It won't work like that. I won't let you blackmail me for an indefinite number of times. After all I know things about you. Breaching my security? That is a crime. Ever been to jail in China?" Elina tried to stay confident. It was all the defense she got now. She stepped closer to Amira.

    "You should see what prison does to beautiful women like you." She whispered.

    Tag: @Lawbreaker
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  9. RachelTyrell

    RachelTyrell Jedi Master star 3

    Feb 15, 2009
    Amy Cross
    Gameface HQ

    She looked at the screen and that was her in a badass outfit holding a gun. This was pretty much ... incredible. Groundbreaking. She had seen game graphics, even good ones. Until Dawn, those guys looked like their actors really. But this was a different level.

    "Are you serious? You could put me in a game? Like this? People will go crazy about this." She laughed out and looked at Andy and Kent. Quentin had kept it a secret what these guys were doing. Now she knew why. A technology line this would be worth a lot money.

    "Did Quentin know? I mean ... did he see this?" She looked at Kent. "I guess he must have been crazy about it!"

    Was this Tritec? She wondered if they had found the answer to their question.

    Tag: @Lawbreaker, @HanSolo29
  10. Lawbreaker

    Lawbreaker Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 21, 2018

    Gameface Headquarters

    Rob laughed at Amy. "That is exactly what GameFace does. You become the hero of your own game. Cutting edge graphics." He triumphantly said. As she asked about Quentin he shrugged. "Sure he knew what we were doing. He was totally enthusiastic about it."

    "Interesting." Andy finally said. "We need to implement with graphic engines of course and probably the current generation cannot handle such graphics. But very promising. What is the valuation of your company?" He asked and looked at Rob.

    "Ten million." Rob said and one could see he felt bolt.

    "I buy it." Andy said. "Hiring all of you for ten years with a high six digit salary. How does that sound?" He asked and suddenly there were a lot of smiling faces in the room. "Plus bonus payments of course if we bring this to production stage."

    Tag: @HanSolo29, @RachelTyrell

    Muscle Beach, Santa Monica

    She could not shoot him, but Sidney was not immune to her attack. He lost his balance and his shot missed Roy, but hit an unsuspecting woman in the arm instead.

    Angrily the man pushed Annie aside, opening his gun by pushing down the barrel and revealing the drum. Quickly he began pushing bullets into it as he stumbled forward looking for his victim who had vanished into the crowd.

    Tag: @St. Claire

    Santa Monica, Outside Sandy's house

    Cardigan put a card out and handed it to Mary as he looked at his guys circling his finger in the air to order them to get moving.

    The Uber driver got on his way to their motel right away, putting the AC down a bit.

    As they drove away they saw "Adrian", still in his much too warm three part suit walking down the street. As they passed he gave them a smile.

    Tag: @Sith-I-5
  11. Lawbreaker

    Lawbreaker Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 21, 2018
    Elina's flat

    Amira was obviously not intimidated.

    "Oh I bet it is big. I bet the guys behind it are mean and dangerous. They wanna blackmail your Christian? Get him out of the way? Subdue him?" Amira laughed. "I bet Christian would love to know who he quite literally went to bed with." She shook her head. "But I am no legal expert, but the jail cell might be something we share. Do we? What you do here can't be exactly legal." The woman returned to Elian's couch and spread her legs on the table.

    "Why don't we start reasonable, before we get into the real deal. 10k would be enough for me to keep myself busy. Too busy to tell anybody." The African woman nodded.

    "Are you sleeping at his place? Otherwise you can have the couch, while I take this wonderful bed of yours!"

    Tag: @SirakRomar
  12. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    Combined with Lawbreaker as always

    Gamescape Development Center, Tritec Center

    Mr. Wong smiled. "Took us eight years to get taste right. But yes, we can simulate all sensory perceptions and we do. The simulation is run on four Quantum X computers. We would need a fifth once the population reached 30 million." He shrugged. "And you are indeed a quick thinker. We have long been looking for a way to enter the simulation for many years now. We got close, but your approach seems to be the most promising." He nodded.

    "Get to work Christian. We will send you an access-link in a few minutes."


    Christian was still thinking of the possibilities of an artificial world you could travel to when he arrived at his work-station. A young woman awaited him there.

    "You are Andy's new Rick, are you? Lisa, I am responsible for data nodes. Well, me and some others. Looking forward to see if you are as good as they say."

    She smiled.

    "Hey, nice to meet you. Rick? I am afraid I was not briefed on my predecessors." Christian replied. So someone else had tried before him.

    "Rick Candle, he was on this project before you. Brilliant guy. Got close to solving it through neuro-interfaces." She said and looked around.

    "Really? I would love to see his work." Christian replied. "What happened to him? Could I meet him?"

    "Oh, I am afraid ... he is gone. Real tragedy. He ..." She looked around. "Took his life." She said whispering. "They said the project drove him mad, but really I think it was about this girl he was seeing." She winked. "Knew him quite well. He was dating a girl and things went south."

    Christian nodded. Well, he was dating a woman and was taking over the project. Looked like he was truly his replacement.

    He sat down in his workstation and opened the interface. "I will try to stay sane. After all just a job, right?"

    "Right." Lisa laughed, winked and turned to leave.

    Christian opened the file section and looked for Rick Candle. Riccan. He found the files under the username right away. They were thousands.

    Christian began to read.

    Tag: @Lawbreaker, @SirakRomar
  13. RachelTyrell

    RachelTyrell Jedi Master star 3

    Feb 15, 2009
    Amy Cross
    Gameface HQ

    Andy was clearly from the business. He also clearly had money. Looking at Kent she shrugged. They were not here to invest. Good for those guys, but it wasn't what the trip was about for her.

    "So is there any connection to Tritec? I mean he hung out with you guys before ..." She could not bring herself to say it. "Did you guys talk about Tritec?"

    There had to be a connection. She felt this was not an accident, Quentin asking this question to the world after encountering a revolutionary software like this.

    Tag: @Lawbreaker, @HanSolo29
  14. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Kent Archer
    Gameface Headquarters

    While Kent wasn’t the most informed when it came to video games and the many variations that comprised that unique market – most of his knowledge came from observing random articles his son had written over the years – he had to admit that these two boys have created something truly impressive. It was amazing how life-like the simulation appeared, mimicking everything from Amy’s subtle quirks to her personal mannerisms. No doubt this would have a tremendous impact on the gaming world if it reached its full potential.

    And yet, something continued to nag at the back of his mind, keeping him on edge…

    "Did Quentin know? I mean ... did he see this?" Amy asked excitedly, angling her gaze in Kent’s direction. “I guess he must have been crazy about it!"

    Crazy. Perhaps.

    Crazy enough to endorse this new technology and give it a raving review in his blog?

    Or crazy enough to warn people about some hidden danger?

    Kent inhaled deeply and ran a hand slowly over his jaw, his eyes narrowing as he continued to study the avatar on the display. Had Quentin stumbled upon something more sinister than a simple gaming program? Was this Tritec?

    While the boys quickly shifted their attention to negotiating numbers, which Kent found woefully premature at this stage – there were still so many elements that needed addressing at this point – it was Amy who took the initiative and mentioned Tritec by name. She was not fooling around anymore. This caused one corner of his mouth to turn up slightly with admiration; he was beginning to really like this girl.

    “It certainly seems to be the question on everyone’s mind,” Kent finally added, moving his gaze away from the monitor to regard Andy carefully. His expression remained amiable, the practiced exterior of a professional businessman.

    “And considering that this was the last entity he seemingly had any professional ties to, we were naturally curious.” He spread his hands, prompting them to provide answers.

    TAG: @Lawbreaker; @RachelTyrell
    Last edited: May 16, 2019
  15. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Her flat

    Elina stared at Amira and knew the woman was too desperate to give up.

    "I get you your 10k." She whispered and lowered her eyes. The money would buy her time. Time she needed to solve this problem. Looking at her couch she gave her a toxic smile.

    "Feel at home." She just said and turned. "I take a shower and sleep somewhere else." She said and then went to the bathroom. She locked it and wrote Christian.


    Then she activated the remote control and shut down her computers. All of them. Finally she changed the entry code of her flat. If Amira left she would at least have a hard time getting in again.

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Christian Borg
    Leaving Gamescape


    That was his reply to Elina as he made it out of the building. She had stayed over at his place anyway most nights. He informed his AI to let her in and went down to the garage where his driver was waiting.

    He kept on thinking about Rick Candle.

    The man had been close. He had been brilliant. Better than Christian maybe. Less creative, more focused and attuned tonthe tech.

    Obviously he knew nothing about him or his personal life. Maybe he had simply had problems and had killed himself.

    Yet, his work looked brilliant. Inspired. Who was inspired and killed himself? Who did brilliant work when in a personal crisis? It made no sense. If there was not an additional layer it made no sense.

    So why would such a man kill himself? What would shake him in his belief so badly he did fantastic stuff one day and killed himself the other?

    Two days before he died he wrote the last line of code. Christian had checked. Not a word afterwards. Not one number of letter. So what had he done in those two days?

    "Am I cleared for personal records of employees of Tritec?" He asked his AI through his wristband. "No." was the answer.

    Of course not. It did not help him with his job. Everything was for Gamescape about the job. Everything was about him getting this connection. Everything was about connecting two worlds of which one was under absolute control.

    Christian felt suddenly like a small wheel in a larger clockwork. He took his mobile and dialed Andy's number. He was calling the richest man in the world. He was not surprised by getting a mailbox.

    "This is Christian Borg, I started to work on the DIL today, but found Rick Candle's work. It is brilliant. He solved many problems already. But considering his personal story I wonder ho me reliable his research is. Could I get access to some background data on him, please? It would help me evaluate the research a lot and probably save us months. Thank you and good night!" He killed the line and rubbed the palm of his head.

    Half an hour later he was at home and the AI signaled him he was not there alone. "Hey Darling, I am at home." He said and smiled, walking through his flat looking for Elina.

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    Aug 21, 2018

    Gameface Headquarters

    Rob looked at Amy and then at Kent. Andy looked up as Tritec was mentioned. He did not show any reaction, just mild interest.

    "He loved the tech, but he never mentioned this Tritec thing." He sighed, then smiling at Andy.

    "Actually I think we are talking now. Maybe you join me in the house and we discuss a little?" He did a good job not showing his enthusiasm, but not that good a job. Andy nodded and they excused themselves to leave.

    Once they were gone the Indian looking techie approached them though.

    "Quentin knew a lot about all this. I spend some time with him explaining the laser tech. He mentioned Tritec actually." The man sighed. "I am really sorry about him. He asked me if I know about Tritec. He said it is something Adrian ... something told him about. He seemed stressed or about it honestly."

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Sgt Nicole Gravely, Agent Mary Formal, car, and hotel
    Location: Santa Monica to Los Angeles

    Nicole noted that her companion had put her hands together in a prayer position, and 'Namaste'd their driver, but he had not reacted in the slightest fashion to the Hindi greeting, and simply pulled away from the curb, doing a u-turn and heading back up the street away from Cardigan's SUV.

    The neatly-suited guy from the house, had flashed them an odd smile as they passed, making the young detective frown.

    She glanced back at Mary seated beside her on the back seat, and found that she too had been eyeing the guest. "Far too warm to be dressed like that, don't you think? Three-piece suit?"

    "Not a businessman. Not in a dive like that." Mary noted. "You thinking a cop or a fed?"

    "Why wouldn't he have reacted when we pulled our guns, if he was? And why wouldn't Sandy have mentioned it. She just called him 'Adrian'."

    "Caddie didn't seem to recognise him. He thought the guy must be a client."

    "So, where in Los Angeles am I going?" The driver asked, glancing up at them in the rear-view mirror, as they slowed at an intersection.

    "Oh, right. Do you know the Regency Inn, in Eagle Rock"

    "Is that in L.A.?"


    The driver asked for a zip code for the motel, so that he could enter it into the phone stuck to his windshield.

    "CA 90041-1145"

    Nicole decided that the Uber driver must be used to tourists, as he did not call her companion out on mentioning the 'CA' prefix to the zip code, as it was obvious that they were going to a place in California. Although, she considered, seeing as the account was with the Portland Police Bureau, perhaps he was open to any eventuality, even inter-state travel.


    Regency Inn

    Gravely didn't really understand what "hacienda-style" meant, but that was the term that she applied to the palm-tree fronted motel where Formal took her to, once they climbed the steps to the upper level behind the compact blue-hued reception area, where Mary had advised the worker there that she would be staying there as well, and to supply any extra towels, etcetera, that would be needed.

    As the warm breeze blew her hair into her face, threatening to dislodge the white stetson that she now wore, the detective glanced down into the car park that the L-shaped motel was wrapped around, and saw no sign of their driver, although his car was still there.

    After he had mentioned being unsure if he would be getting another job up here in L.A., Mary had told him that if he could stick around for about twenty minutes, give them time to get changed, they would be needing a ride to police headquarters-

    "Which one?"


    "Which police headquarters? SMPD, LAPD, or Portland."

    Nicole had felt herself feeling wistful. "I wish it were Portland. Too warm for me, down here."

    "LAPD, please. We can pick up our own vehicle there."

    The man said he was going to grab an iced coffee, whilst they did whatever they needed to do.

    Nicole turned to the sound of a key turning in a lock, and followed Mary into a pleasant combination of living area and bedroom, with two double beds, white sheets, and an odd blue sausage at the head of the bed, complementing the fluffy looking pillows.

    She regarded the arrangements suspiciously, whilst at the same time revelling in the refreshingly cold air provided by the air-conditioning (AC). "Were you expecting me?"

    The taller woman deposited an armful of the clothing that they had picked up at a dollar store, whilst enroute, onto the corner of a bed. "Strange thing. The hotel prices seem to be based around two people, and no children. Having you here, doesn't cost me anything extra in basic room rates." She indicated the way to the bathroom. "Have a quick shower, freshen yourself up. I'll get changed out of this whilst you are doing that."

    Gravely had no desire to hang around for that, so deposited the case notes folder on the coffee table, and stepped towards the bathroom.

    To be continued...

    Regency Inn motel -
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    Mar 30, 2007
    Muscle Beach, Santa Monica

    He could not be stopped, but he could be slowed down. He also was out of bullets. This gave her a moment to act. She grabbed sand and threw it into the eyes of the attacker. Then she turned and ran.

    Maybe he would follow her? A person he could not kill was probably as irritating as a person she could not kill to her. Especially because he was a killer and she was not.

    She tossed the empty gun aside and ran towards the street. She had forgot tonsils the gun clean and regretted it immediately.

    Once she got to the street she would run, run like hell. Until she was free.

    Then she needed to make a call. The emergency number, if she ever wanted to use it ... that was now.

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    His flat

    Christian was replying.

    Elina left the apartment without another word. Alina was probably considering this to be a victory. It was. Elina had left her the flat. She would get her the money. Using the App Transitpay she ordered the 10k in cash to be delivered as a priority and secure delivery. Then she called her driver to get her to the apartment of Christian.

    What would happen if she confessed? What would Andy do to Amira? Maybe get her kicked out of the country. He entertained excellent connections to the Government. Maybe he would also get her kicked into a hole out of which there was no escape. What would he do to Elina? Did he need her? Or would someone else take the job? Did Andy have another Elina? Would it be her going into the hole?

    She could not risk it. No.

    But did he know already? Was her flat under surveillance? Or did he trust her?

    If he knew he knew for a long time. This was the second time this happened. Not the first. He had never even hinted it. He was not one to play games ... no ... of course he was. That was what he used her for. Play games. Chessgames where nobody knew who was his piece and who was not.

    She recalled the man on the market. He had also known a great deal. Too much.

    Some revelations change not the perception of people. Some ideas change reality itself.

    Was this about Tritec? Was this about Annie? Had she assumed she knew all and in truth Andy had deceived her? Who said he had not more nefarious plans for his miracle technology?

    Amira was her problem. Going to Andy was too dangerous. So the only question was ... what could she do? Kill Amira? Silence her forever? She knew people. This could be arranged, but she had never killed anyone. Not herself. Not in a way she was responsible. Had she? Shaking her head she silently hoped Amira did not push her too far.

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    Mar 30, 2007
    ooc: Combined with @Lawbreaker and @DarkLordoftheFins who allowed me to post this second game-changer post, also he mostly wrote it.

    Christian and The Enigma
    Appartement of Christian and all over the place ...

    Elina was sitting on the couch, wearing nothing but her black silk kimono as he arrived. She quickly closed her messages and smiled at Christian.

    "Hey." She said and he returned the smile.

    "Hey." He said and came over to give her a kiss. She closed her eyes and enjoyed it.

    "Thanks for having me." She whispered and smiled. Flirting at him.

    "Why? I did not have you yet." Christian replied. They both laughed and he drew her closer to himself. As she knelt on the couch she got rid of her Kimono ...


    He probably looked dumb smiling like a school boy, but he could not help himself.
    Elina leaned against him, as he stared at the ceiling. "A shame they forbid tobacco." He grinned.

    "I can get you cigarettes." She answered. He guessed there was a lot she could get.

    "I want to show you something." He said and set up, picking up his jeans and almost jumping into it. "Get dressed, I gotta turn of private mode for it."

    Elina raised her brows, looked at her mobile and then pulled the kimono over her shoulders. Christian activated the huge screen and typed into his wrist-computer. The screen jumped alive and showed a street. Elina knew immediately what she was looking at. Christian had access? Playing dumb she smiled at him and looked up.

    "What is this?" She asked. Christian smiled and sat next to her.

    "A simulation. The most realistic simulation ever of the year 2019 in Los Angeles USA. We are running it at the company. People, behavior, physics, light ... it looks and behaves like the real world. It just is all in a computer. For example ..." he typed I to his armwrist computer and the picture of a man in his forties working out in a private gym appeared.

    "Is this ...?"

    "Leonardo di Caprio." Christian smiled and winked at her. "If we stay online enough you can see him fight or bang his girlfriend." He shrugged. "Amazing, is it? Unbelievable piece of tech. Way ahead of everything I have ever ever seen."

    Elina smiled and leaned back. "Is this a joke?" She asked.

    Christian shoot his head.

    "Is it exactly like LA 2019? I mean you simulate the people completely?" Elina crossed her legs.

    "No, it loose consistency with the historical reality due to outside influences. They have been trying stuff I guess." Christian answered and turned it off.

    Annie. Elina wanted nothing as much as ask him to show her Annie. "I see. Really, amazing. You are working on this?"

    Christian nodded. "Sort off." He smiled at her and then lay his head aside. Her reaction was ... off. He realized she did not ask any question. A non-tech person had to have even more. He realized she had seen this before. Elina could not withstand his look and looked away.

    "Wow." She just said and smiled. "The possibilities ..."

    "Have you ever heard of a guy called Rick Candle?" Christian asked. He saw she had.

    "The guy who committed suicide? I knew him, yes. Terrible story. He was so driven and yet sometimes so empty." She smiled. "Burn out they said. I never bought it. Depression. The worst kind of depression I guess."

    Christian nodded and sat next to her. His hand gently stroked her leg. She had known him?

    "Where did you meet?" Christian asked and eyed her. Elina shrugged. "Dunno, maybe a party. I did not know him that well. Common friends. You know?" She smiled.

    "Could I talk to them? Those common friends?" Christian asked. "I am trying to find out a little more about him."

    Elina looked up. "Sure. I'd reach out tomorrow." Elina looked at him and then smiled. "Really nobody knows a lot about his death. It isn't as if we all haven't wondered."

    Christian nodded and then stood up and slowly made his way towards the bar. "He worked on this, too." He said and made himself a drink. He held up a glass to ask if she wanted one too. She shook her head.

    "I would bet this was his apartment." Christian smiled. Elina raised her brows. "Would be quite a coincidence." She answered and watched as he drank half his whisky.

    "He also met a girl, fell in love with her. You know his girlfriend?" He asked.

    "Actually there was a girl, I think. Chinese form Beijing. I believe I recall her." Elina felt uncomfortable now and tried not to show. He was too smart to be fooled that easy.

    "But I believe he mentioned he lived with her downtown." She said and nodded. "Poor girl."

    "Yeah, poor girl." Christian said and emptied his glass. Then he filled it again. He looks down at his wristcomp and gave Elina's name in. She was not in the simulation. It had just been a hunch.

    "Tell me ... you ever met Andy?" He asked and looked up. Was there a reaction hiding behind her unmoved face? In her eyes?

    "Andy who?" She asked and Christian lay his head aside.

    "Andy Chang. Huo Chang. The owner of Gamescape." Christian asked. Elina looked at him and then laughed.

    "You are jealous!" She laughed out and stood up and walked over to him. She took his glass from his hand. Then she nodded.

    "It is him who I met Rick through. That is why I was a little concerned of reaching out. He isn't exactly easy to reach. And before you ask ... yes, I slept with him. It is over. Been over a year. No reason to be jealous. You are not one of the guys who want their girls to be a nun outside the bedroom, are you?" She asked and looked at him.

    "Well, I am quite a descent from there. I am an employee of him." He laughed. "No, he is pretty handsome and cool. I get why he would be attractive." He took another glass. "All good. No worries." He laughed. "Had the feeling when I found the picture is his."

    Elina sighed and nodded. God, he was dangerously smart. Andy had probably found his equal.

    Christian drank slowly and his head was racing. Andy and Candle. Elina and Andy. Him and Elina.

    "Why did Rick kill himself?" He finally asked. Elina looked at him. Christian shrugged. "What were the rumors I mean." He added them.

    "He was not well, Chris. He was ... dangerously unstable they said." Elina shrugged.

    Christian nodded. Then he took her hands. "If I try to find out who that girlfriend was, it wouldn't be you, right?" Christian asked.

    Elina shook her head. "No, you wouldn't." She said and smiled. Christian smiled.

    "You know what is better than drinking at home? Drinking out there." He smiled. "I will tell you why he was so depressed. I think I know."

    Elina smiled and inside she felt her soul freeze. "Really? Why?" She asked.

    Christian winked. "I bet you know some great places to drink." He said and smiled.

    "Tomorrow maybe? I am tired today." She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. She remembered the message by Andy she had received a few minutes before.


    Andy knew about Amira, Christian about Rick and Andy. Things were getting out of control. Last time this had happened someone had died. She liked Christian. A lot, actually. She did not wanted the same thing happening to him that had happened to Rick. Whatever this was.

    "Get dressed." Christian smiled. "I know where we go."

    With a sad smile she nodded. "Sure."


    Half an hour later she was sitting in the car with Christian. One of the self-driving cars. Christian typed in directions and leaned back.

    "Where do we go?" Elina asked when they turned on the highway.

    "Beijing." Christian said. Then he turned to her. "Or as far as we can. Depends." He smiled.

    "Depends on what?" Elina asked and uncomfortably straightened. "This is crazy, you gotta go to work tomorrow."

    Christian waved. "They won't fire me. I need to connect them to the simulation. But I guess you know that, do you?"

    The car speeded forward and Elina looked at him. "How would I know?" She asked.

    "Because Andy would have told you. Before he arranged us to meet. Right?"

    Elina stared at Christian. "Are you paranoid?" She asked.

    "A bit. Days like this make you paranoid." He raised his hands. "You are perfectly save." He smiled. "I assure you."

    The car was pretty soon alone on the highway. Nobody else was going to the speedway to the capital. Elina felt uncomfortable.

    "I think I wanna get out." She said. Christian looked at her. "On the highway? Too dangerous. I let you out half way okay?"

    Elina shook her head. "Christian don't. You have no idea what you are doing ..."

    Christian looked at her. The car suddenly stopped. Christian looked to the digital driver. The computer showed no sign of malfunction.

    "How long have you known?" Christian asked and looked at her. Elina felt her breathing speed up. "I don't know what you mean ..."

    "How long have you know we are a SIMULATION?!?" Christian asked.

    Elina School her head. "My love, you got some sort of breakdown ... I don't know what you are talking about ..."

    Christian smirked and opened the door. "Do you know who runs us?" He asked. Elina stayed silent.

    Christian got out and looked around. No car nearby. He took of his wristcomputer and threw it into the car. Then he began walking.

    Elina got out too. She ran after him, grabbing his arm and trying to hold him back. "Christian, don't do it. Let us go back and talk to Andy. He can explain."

    Christian looked at her, gently grabbed her hands and removed them. "I think I get all the answers I need here." He said and then turned and walked on. Elina closed her eyes and felt she began to cry.

    Christian kept on walking into the dark. It did not take long, until he arrived at the point where the darkness ended and light appeared before him.


    "Oh dammit." The words escaped his mouth as he saw the green lines of light and the rendering failing. He stood there watching the beauty of it and letting the horror of it float into his consciousness.

    They were a simulation. They also were a simulation.

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Nicole Gravely, Mary Formal, Regency Inn motel room
    Location: Eagle Rock, Los Angeles

    Gravely felt better for the quick shower, and frenetically rubbed at her hair with a towel within the steamy bathroom, while leaning back into the stone-tiled corner to check for any mess that she had left behind.

    A few minutes later, she wrapped a big blue - of course it was - bath towel around her, and called through the door, asking if her partner was decent.

    At the confirmation, she carefully unwrapped her mobile phone from the flannel that had protected it from the condensation, and padded barefoot out into the bedroom, welcoming the dry chill of the air-conditioned room, and quickly passed the double bed apparently claimed by the British woman, to go sit at the foot of the empty one, her towelled bottom sinking into the covers and mattress. "Wow, this is pretty comfortable."


    "Yeah, first time I have ever seen an establishment extolling it's mattresses as part of its selling point." Mary's face twisted in an apparent attempt to recall memory. "Simmons Beautyrest World Class Luxury Pillowtops." She glanced down to Nicole from where she was standing, tucking her long-sleeved button-down blouse into the dark miniskirt that appeared moulded around her hips, the white and black complementing each other. Along with her sheer stockings, it was a definite improvement on the Wonder Woman cosplay. "If we have that brand in the UK, I have never heard of them."

    "We should have gone to that incident on the beach."

    "What, do you just collect police badges? We're not Santa Monica P.D."

    "For being two blocks away, I heard no sign of bullhorns or any police sirens which would suggest SMPD were responding. We could have helped. We could have stopped this Sidney our first day."

    Formal paused, her hands around her back, still tucking. "You think that is why they can't catch him? That SMPD and LAPD are waiting for the shooting to stop before turning up?" She looked pensive for a moment. "Although Sergeant Beckett never gave any indication that we have caught this guy in the act. You could be onto something. Tell you what, next ongoing incident that we hear about, if we have our own transport, can leave what we are doing, are within two blocks, and know where we are going, we'll roll."

    "I'll hold you to that." Nicole frowned up at her.

    "If the wind changes, your face'll stay like that."

    "Har. Aren't you going to have a shower?"

    "I don't sweat."

    "But you have been inside Sandy's house."

    "Good point!" Formal wheeled round towards the bathroom behind her, then hesitated and completed the circle to scoop some clothes from her bed to drop it next to the detective. "Okay, there's your stuff. You have two changes of clothing which we will drop at the headquarters building." She straightened and pointed to the solid block of brown wood upon which sat their widescreen tv. "And your makeup stuff is at this end. My cosmetics are in the middle." With that, she stalked off to the bathroom, audibly shutting the door behind her.

    On the next bed, was a strengthened paper bag with string handles that they had bought at the checkout of the dollar store where they had bought the clothes.

    Nicole lifted it over to herself, and pawed through it, checking what they were taking with them to the Administration Building.

    The British woman had insisted on bankrolling the spree, getting three sets for each of them, almost completely ignoring the detective's desires, apart from the stetson.

    Given that direct sunlight was her near-mortal enemy, Nicole was pretty satisfied with the thing, and worth acceding to Mary's sartorial ideas for the few days till they caught this skel. Better that she direct her energy to catching the killer, than bumping up against her partner.

    Finding a rolled-up twin of Formal's stretchy black miniskirt, she lifted it out, unfurled it, and turned it over, looking inside for the label. She might buy this when she got home, as the thing looked pretty flattering. A 'Marc Olivier'. Not a brand that she was familiar with.

    She rolled it back up, and dropped it back into the bag, and went to work on the towel wrapped around her head. However, after a moment, Nicole figured she would switch on the news, see if there was anything on the Santa Monica incident, yet. She was half off the bed when Mary's voice called an instruction through the door: "No touching electrical equipment with wet hands!"

    She stared in that direction. How in-?

    "Well, what else were you going to do once a grown-up left the room?"

    To be continued...
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    Feb 15, 2009
    Amy Cross
    Gameface HQ

    "Adrian Morrel? The Club Owner?" She asked the technician.

    Is Adrian God?

    She looked at Kent. This was a breakthrough of sorts. They knew now at least where Quentin had picked up this term. They knew where their questions could be answered.

    "Maybe we should visit him next?" She asked Kent and folded her arms. "Looks like he might finally have answers."

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Christian and The Enigma
    Highway to Nowhere ...

    Elina was leaning against the limousine when Christian came back. She had just messaged Andy: HE KNOWS.

    It was all she could say now. She had failed ... again. Like she had failed with Rick.

    "You knew, didn't you?" Christian asked and folded his arms, standing a meter away.

    Elena nodded. "Yes, I know. I knew." She sighed deeply. "Listen Christian, what you did there ... it will have consequences."

    Christian nodded. "Certainly."

    Elian looked at him and felt tears fill her eyes. "I am sorry."

    "Rick, he found out too?" He asked and his head was whirling. He was not real. Nothing he saw was real. Not the smell, not the bad air.

    "Yes. He did." Elina nodded.

    "You slept with him, too?" Christian asked. His voice was cold now.

    "Yes." She felt dirty and embarrassed by this. She had never felt like it before. "I actually like you, Christian. I hope you can believe that."

    Christian sighed and nodded. "Time to talk to your Boss." He said. "Guess I should feel honored how much effort Andy put into controlling me and every damned aspect of my goddamned life. If we call it life. Existence? Maybe a better term."

    Elina nodded. "Yes, maybe it is time." She replied with her old coolness. "Can I ask you one favor before you go to see him?"

    Christian looked at her. "What?"

    "There is another me, running in the L.A. simulation. Her name is Annie. She is based on me as a teenager I believe." She looked to the ground. "Can I see her?"

    Christian stared at her for a moment. He wanted to hate her ... at least be angry. He felt simply overwhelmed right now. "Sure." He said and gestured to the car.

    They got back inside and the moment Elina entered the address in Shanghai it returned to it's usual state of activity and turned. Christian entered his code into the arm-computer and reattached it. Annie. He looked for her in the simulation and streamed the video feed to the screen inside the luxurious car. He coughed from the bad air he had breathed outside. It was not air, of course. There was no air. Only an algorithm faking air, pollution and one simulating breathing.

    "Who do you think is running us?" He asked Elina.

    "You should talk to Andy." She replied and her eyes were fixed on the screen as she waited for Annie to show up.

    "Ever wondered how they choose the camera angles?" Christian asked.

    "John Carpenter." Elina replied. "They use his camera work as a role model."

    "How fitting." Christian answered. Wondering whose camera worked they used to show them. Ridley Scott maybe? As he watched the skyline of Shanghai growing in his view he realized he was probably trapped in a world created by a Blade Runner fan.

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    Aug 21, 2018

    Muscle Beach, Santa Monica

    She reached the street and police was arriving on the scene. A dozen cars stopped and cops jumped out of them. They drew their guns, not knowing how useless they would be.

    There was no sign of Sidney who had probably vanished in the panicked crowd. There were no more shots either, so Ray had probably survived.

    She made it past the cops who hurried to the beach through the panicked crowd, before she felt a tight grip around her arm.

    "Hey Annie, if that is not the girl who lived." The man who had taken her smiled. "We have a few questions to you young lady." He held up his batch and grinned. His younger Hispanic colleague appeared from behind a car with a shotgun ready. He took out his mobile and put it to his ear. "Caddy we got Annie."

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Muscle Beach, Santa Monica

    Police, she had not even thought about police and that they might be looking for her. Suddenly she regretted and was thankful of throwing the gun away the same time. Anyway, she wondered if only Sidney could not wound her?

    Well, there was an easy way to find out. She had no time to get questioned. With a deep breath she clenched her hand into a fist and rammed it into the man's face as hard as she could, trying to break free of his grip.

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    Enigma and Christian Borg
    The Car

    The screen flickered and then it jumped alive and she saw Annie. Her younger self was running down a street somewhere near a beach. Police was there and when she did not watch a cop in plainclothes grabbed her.

    "Annie." She touched the screen.

    "That is you." Christian remarked. Elina looked at him and nodded.

    "Andy put her in there." She sighed. Annie punched the cop in that moment. "He wanted to know if it works."

    "He pretty much owns you, does he?" Christian said with a certain disgust. Elina looked at him and smiled with mockery.

    "You think he doesn't own you? Think of it. If this is a simulation and neither Governments nor other cities exist? He is a billionaire running a giant corporation that is probably the only one of it's size here. He rules this world in many ways. And he knows it." Elina turned back to Annie.

    Christian looked at the screen. That simulation was run by Andy's company. A world as real as their own. He ruled this world maybe, he literally ran the other one. He owned it. Andy owned a lot of things obviously.

    "Driver, take us to him." He ordered the car and leaned back.

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