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Science Fiction in all my dreams i DROWN

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Lawbreaker, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. Lawbreaker

    Lawbreaker Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 21, 2018


    Gamescape Center, Tritec Division

    Lisa looked at Christian and then nodded. "You got sufficient authority. Please have a look." She said and stepped back from her work station. She still held her mobile. Yet, she did not show a sign to dial Andy's number for now.

    "Please pause the upload, so we can confirm it is official." She just said and looked over his shoulder to obviously control what he was doing.


    Her fingers nervously tipped on the workstation as she looked around through the empty office.

    Tag: @DarkLordoftheFins

    Andy's Liar

    Andy returned from the bathroom. He was smiling.

    "Glad you came back. I am sorry I kicked you out. You showed a great loyalty by telling me this. A loyalty I have not appreciated. My apologies." He nodded to the bath. "Let us take a bath, yes?"

    He lay his mobile on the large desk nearby and put his wrist computer off.

    "You can tell me everything there. There is also a question that is on my mind. What do you think Christian will do now? You really think he will complete the program a d hand it over? Clearly he has an agenda of himself. Right?"

    Tag: @SirakRomar

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  2. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Nicole Gravely, Karen Davis, Mary Formal, Die Doom Bar
    Location: Duquesne Avenue and Jefferson, Culver City

    Nicole knew that the foursome were not going to take her protective custody suggestion lying down, and was not surprised with the first protests.

    "No way I get arrested! I want to talk to my lawyer!" Rupert shouted out.

    Nicole raised her hands and showed her palms in an attempt at a placating gesture. "I repeat, no-one is under arrest."

    "Do you do blood tests?" Maggie voiced a little more pragmatic question, but one which momentarily floored Gravely, the question so unrelated to the matter at hand.

    "Oh shut up!" Elisabeth sighed, getting that in just before the cops could pile in to quell the other girl's fears.

    "We're Homicide," Gravely clarified with a frown, "not the C.D.C.!" She referred to the internationally known Centre for Disease Control.

    "Or Vice?" Davis put in.

    Oh, right. Drug tests. Nicole realised, upon hearing her colleague's 'Vice' reference.

    "Or the desperate crew of an Arctic scientific research station, a half-hours' sled ride from an excavated flying saucer." Mary looked between Nicole and Karen as both turned to stare at her. "What? The Thing, with Kurt Russell?"

    Elisabeth looked up at the detectives. "I got a car, yeah."

    "Good girl."

    "Right outside. So I can take someone for a ride to the police station." Windslow sighed.

    "You really want them to be taken into custody?" Smith asked her.

    "Look, once more for the cheap seats-"

    "Are you serious? Sheryl, Eddie? Someone killed them! You think they are wrong? What are the chances among this killer's victims are two Tritec Hunters? Hm?"

    "Four. We think."

    Elisabeth stood up. "We should be happy they take us in. Especially you two. You have been loud on all forums about Tritec. For Christ's sake, a killer might be out there hunting you down as we speak."

    The two punks looked down and nodded in silent obedience. "But I won't do a blood test." Maggie sighed.

    Mary Formal stepped in before either of the exasperated cops wasted any more reassurances on the child with the green hair. "Well, as long as you are a good girl, and we see no more arguing with Detective Davis, then we won't have to administer one, will we?" She turned to the barwoman. "Mrs Sturm, if you can shut up shop, and open the side door, we can see how many we can fit in our car."

    Gravely looked up at Davis. "Detective, can you call Culver City PD and warn them that we are on the way with witnesses in protective custody?"

    "Right." The brunette stepped closer to the curved bar, and pulled her mobile phone from a pouch on her LAPD vest, pressing a quick dial and then bringing it to her ear. "Culver City detective squad? This is Detective Davis with LAPD. Sidney taskforce. I'm going to be arriving at your gatehouse with witnesses that we want to put in protective custody. I will be driving a white Taurus' Police Interceptor Sedan." She read off the licence plate upon request.

    Mrs. Sturm shook her head and walked over to the door, and glanced out, finding that the boy outside was gone.

    "No invite, only the group." She said as she shut and locked the front door, putting the sign to Closed. "But who knows? They might have spread word in forums. Maybe that is where these people got their invite from."

    Elisabeth nodded as she overheard the conversation. "Actually it was everywhere. Especially on Reddit the address was posted."

    Nicole looked at Elisabeth. She wanted to ask how the quartet had found their way here, considering Mrs Sturm's contention that her husband had not given the Doom Bar's address out to anyone, but there didn't seem to be any sense in finding that out now. "Where is the Tritec address, then, Elisabeth? After we have gotten you all to safety, we need to head over there ourselves."

    Tag: @Lawbreaker
  3. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Enigma II
    Andy's Penthouse

    Elina smiled at the suggestion of a bath. No mobiles, as he clearly showed by putting his on re desk nearby.

    "A bath sounds wonderful." She said and slowly undressed, hoping to catch his attention. She allowed the little black to slide down her long legs and stepped out of it. Then she slowly walked past Andy and to the bathroom.

    "We need to watch Chris. I will try to regain his trust by posing as his ally against you. I doubt he will hand you the access once he got it. I doubt he ever planned to."

    Stepping into the bath she looked over her shoulder and lured him to her with her eyes.

    Tag: @Lawbreaker

  4. RachelTyrell

    RachelTyrell Jedi Master star 3

    Feb 15, 2009
    Amy Cross, Adrian Morrel and Annie
    Le Imperiale

    Amy stared at the obvious madman. If he really believed what he said it was not that surprising he had gone insane. It seemed like an impossible situation to exist in. M

    One he had shared with her. "You damned Bastard. You know what? I leave town. Let Sidney hunt me down in Colorado or Chicago!" She hissed at him and Adrian laughed.

    "There is no outside L.A. honey. Only the town and the hunt now. Full of simulations. You are Software, so don't overdramatize things. Consider this defrag."

    Annie remained in the shadow. Simulations? Was that what they were? Simulations? Did these people really believe that? It seemed like madness. So did being bullet proof.

    "Well, then consider me a bug." Amy replied and turned to leave. Annie pulled herself deeper into the shadow and waited for the girl to pass. She considered approaching Morrel, but really wanted to go after the girl. She was who Sidney seemed to go after.

    "Wait!" She yelled at her and followed her. Amy jumped up as the voice seemed to come from nowhere and dragged her gun out again. Annie had to smile. "Won't work. I ... I wanna help you!" She raised her hands. "I have let Sidney. I have survived two encounters with him."

    Amy blinked. "I read about you. The girl he missed." She replied.

    "He didn't. Just turned out ..." Annie did not know how to explain this.

    "That you are bullet proof?" Amy asked remembering what Adrian just pulled of there. "Are you one of them?"

    Annie raised her brows. "Not sure who they are, but pretty sure I am not." She came closer. "I listened and there seems to be reason to think you might be the next victim of Sidney. I wanna take this sucker out of the game."

    Amy lowered her gun and eyed this confident woman with pink hair. "Really? Why?"

    "He kills good people?" Annie said and looked confused.

    "Okay, yeah ... what do you know about Tritec?" Amy asked.

    "Oh I think I got something to say on that topic, if you get me a computer with an USB drive." Annie smiled.

    "I gotta go to this ... event. But there is an Internet cafe on the way. My ..." What had Quentin been actually? "... friend got there for game events." The cafe was in Culver City, but she did not intend to hide from Sidney. Culver City was big and she did not assume he would be anywhere near once she arrived.

    "Sounds good." Annie said and smiled.

    "I got a driver." Amy said and nodded to the exit.

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  5. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    Christian Borg
    Gamescape Headquarters

    Christian sat down and typed in the wrong password. "Ah dammit, give me a moment. But before we pause, shouldn't we ask Jack if it is his? I think he mentioned something like he gotta work on stuff. Maybe he uploads this?"

    He had to cover time or do something drastic. Anyway, he opened the work environment and looked what programs Lisa was running actually. Maybe he was not the only one to hide something.

    He found she was watching the simulation but her viewer was code locked.

    "That got nothing to do with the upload." Lisa said and quickly closed the viewer from her arm computer. She had access to the workstation. Christian raised his brow.

    "I don't get along with Jack. Maybe we should just look if we can identify the source of the upload. Your code is 7777. Always is until you individualize it. Your thumb or retina works for authorization, too."


    Christian looked at her and the leaned back. "Richard and you worked a lot together, did you?" He asked.

    "Yeah, but maybe we should ..." Lisa asked.

    "Related question. The upload comes from Richards account." Christian said and looked at her. "I opened it again to look at his work. It is a top secret upload, nothing to worry about. Just working on something."

    Lisa stared at him and stepped back. Christian stepped back. "Might help find this mystery simulation killing people." He added.

    "How? That happened after he ..." Lisa eyed him and stepped sideways towards her backpack.

    "Well, what do you know about that Lisa? You seem to be quite an expert on the whole thing. Richard. You know what he worked on?" Christian took a step towards her.

    "You are trying to swap!" She exclaimed and grabbed her backpack, grabbing inside.

    Christian raised his hands.

    71 %

    "I am not here to expose your little alliance with Richard. Or your project. But you need to stop it. Now." Christian stepped closer again. Lisa kept her hand in her backpack.

    "You got no idea. We cannot allow 19 to become aware of what they are. You have no idea of the consequences!" She stepped back. "You are playing with things you do not understand!" Finally she brought her hand out of the backpack and she had a small compact automatic gun in it.

    "How did you get that one in?" Christian asked and stepped back as she raised it against him.

    "Keramik. Detectors can't see it. Now end the upload. Right now!" She room the gun into both hands.

    "I don't know how to." He said and prepared to dive behind the work station. "Maybe you do?"

    Lisa shook her head. "If I kill you that will end it." She was obviously not sure. Christian raised his brows. "I don't think so. Uploads a copy of me, not me."

    Lisa hissed out air. "Stop it! Now!"


    "You are killing them? Who do you use? A copy of yourself?" Christian asked.

    "This is a war, Chris. Someone wants nineteen to become aware and Andy does nothing to stop him! I just remove the pawns from the board." Lisa said and her hands trembled visibly.

    "Will be hard to explain why you shot me. You could call security, but they might have a look at your activity too." Christian smiled. "Who? Who works on making the people aware?"

    Lisa shook her head. "Can't see him. A sim that blacks out our ability to see." She shook her head. "But he has access. I found changes in code not done by us. Chris, please. Pause it and I explain everything. There was no other way. They are only sims."

    "So are we." Christian said and he saw this one hit home. "He did not tell you? Oh, wow."

    "You are lying!" Lisa shook her head almost violently.

    "No, I am not. You must have suspected it. Right?" Christian felt she was not shooting him.


    "That is ... impossible." Lisa was fighting with tears and lowered her gun.

    "So you wanna kill everybody knowing? I can give you a list. Guess on this side you need to do the dirty work yourself." Christian saw her rising panic. "They are just like us. Simulated or not. They feel and fear, love and despair. You got no right to kill them."

    "I got EVERY right! Nineteen is my life! I did everything to get it running!" Lisa yelled.

    "A simulation running a simulation." He winked. "Andy knows. You wanna try and kill him? Elina does?"

    "That snake. She drove Richard to kill himself!" Lisa lowered the gun completely now.

    "No. Knowing killed him. If he died. Maybe ... he is over there. Swap. You said it yourself. The version on this side get's erased. Maybe that was not necessary, maybe that was intentional. Maybe he escaped from Andy and Elina ... and you."


    Lisa shook her head. "I did everything for him. Why did he not tell me?"

    "To protect you. If he is over there he knows. Maybe your weapon kills him, too." Christian hoped she would realize her mistake.

    "Get away from the work station." Lisa then said with a cold voice. She raised the gun again. Christian shook his head.

    A single shot hit his shoulder and he was hurled around and collapsed to the floor.

    "Get away from the workstation!" She hissed and Christian got to all four. His shoulder hurt like hell. He had never before been shot. He crawled aside and Lisa quickly sat down at the station.

    "Okay, I cannot stop you. But he can." She quickly typed in some words and smiled. Christian understood what she was about to do.

    "Don't!" He gasped and leaned against the empty work station next to hers.

    "There is a meeting at the university. IT Center. Second floor. Room 2.4.2. If you survive long enough you might wanna be there. Richard said it will reveal a truth Andy is not prepared for." Lisa said and pressed the return button.

    "What truth?" Christian asked and moving hurt actually.


    "Dunno. I can't see it. Another black spot. Andy will be there. 2019 Andy. We can't see him." Lisa looked at Christian. "But I doubt you are gonna make it there actually." She smiled at him. "The curse of wisdom is knowing. Richard said this. Now I understand. Why have you told me? Why the hell could you not keep your mouth shut?"

    Christian slowly managed to rise to his feet. His white shirt was wet with his read blood now. He lost too much blood. On shaky legs he began to walk it back to his seat.

    "Stop it!" Lisa yelled and stood up. "Stop it or I shoot you!"

    Christian smiled and stopped half way. "Won't change that much I guess." He sighed.


    "I mean it." Lisa said and took aim. Christian nodded in acceptance and sat down at the work station next to him. It was deactivated. He powered it up.

    "Go ahead." He sighed and typed in his access code. His working environment appeared right away.

    Lisa stepped towards him and put the gun straight in front of his face.

    "What is going on here?!" It was Jack who had heard the first shot apparently and stood there with his coffee cup. "Lisa? Are you crazy? I knew you could not take it, right? Put down the gun. Security is on their way up."

    "She is the one working against you." Christian gasped. "Whatever you did to her, I guess it is not an accident the murderer in 19 is an Australian."

    Lisa turned to Jack and pointed the gun at him. "What have you crazy witch done? Why? Because I slept with you?" Jack stepped toward her.

    "I needed a psycho and you know what? I knew one over there." Lisa hissed.


    "You can't be serious!" Jack put down his cup of coffee and powered up a workstation next to him. Lisa did not hesitate but fired. Jack stopped in the movement and looked down at himself. Blood was spreading at his chest and he collapsed. Lisa fired again. Christian used the time to type in one order into the upload process and then dropped out of his seat and crawled away.

    Lisa screamed and fired again on Jack Burns and again and again. The surprised look on his face never vanished as he collapsed. The gun finally clicked as the magazine was empty.

    Christian forced himself to his feet, his shoulder still burning. Lisa stared at the dead body of Jack Burns. She had tears flowing over her face. Behind them doors opened and armored security with drawn handguns poured into the room.

    "How do I stop him? Tell me!" Christian demanded to know.


    "You don't." Lisa said and turned to Christian. She raised her gun halfway and the billets began to rip into her body.

    Christian allowed himself to drop to the ground and covered his head with his remaining functional arm. After a dozen bullets they stopped and Lisa collapsed like a doll whose strings were cut. Christian stared at her. He had never seen a dead body before. Now there were two.

    A security member started to walk towards him. "I am unarmed!" Christian yelled.

    "Your wrist-computer!" The man shouted and pointed the gun at Christian. Christian blinked. They knew. Andy knew.

    He rolled aside and tried to crawl away. Ignoring the pain he opened a channel to Elina and typed RUN.


    The guard catched up and send him with a powerful kick into a work station. He put the gun right into his face.

    "Wrist. Now." He pressed the words through his teeth.


    "I can't. You need to take it. My shoulder." He gasped in pain and felt the pain in all of his body fighting for consciousness.

    The Guard hissed and grabbed his arm. Christian screamed out loud from the pain and saw the man grab the closing mechanism.


    "Tell Andy he looses." Christian hissed and then ... he was gone.

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    ooc: Most fun I ever had with a combined. We just could not stop ...
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  6. Lawbreaker

    Lawbreaker Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 21, 2018

    Le Imperiale and car, Santa Monica

    The two woman got into the car and their driver confirmed Doom Cafe as the destination. They had to take a detour to get there as the police had closed down most of the boulevard. Hundreds of cops were now there, questioning the hundreds of eyewitnesses.

    As they passed Detective Cardigan gave the car a passing look and through the darkened windows and saw the pink hair.

    Malcolm the driver suddenly made a full break, as a young man had appeared from nowhere. He stood on the midst of the street, disoriented and with a strange device around his wrist.

    Tag: @RachelTyrell, @SirakRomar, @DarkLordoftheFins

    Outside Doom Bar, Culver City

    Ms. Sturm did as she was told and soon the group of six women and two men stepped outside.

    As they stepped outside there stood a young man, smiling at them with a most charming smile. He was wearing a grey hoodie and had his hands in his pockets.

    (Not standing around in nature obviously)

    "Hey. You closed for today?" He asked as he looked at the group and eyed the three police woman.

    "Hey Jack, yes we are closed for today." Ms. Sturm answered and then there was this awkward silence. The accent of the young man was a little strange ... Australian probably.

    Maggie added. "We are arrested for our own protection." Rupert nodded affirmative. It was Elisabeth who seemed to get the obvious.

    "Jack is an Australian?" She asked and the smile of the young man vanished.

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  7. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Mary Formal, Karen Davis, Nicole Gravely, Die Doom Bar side entrance
    Location: Duquesne Avenue and Jefferson, Culver City

    Mary Formal preceded the group through the internet cafe's side door, moving across the short distance to the side of the white sedan, eyeing back up the sun-baked road, Duquesne Avenue, that they had driven down, and that would take them back to the Culver City police station

    It looked fortuitously void of traffic at the moment; and turning her head to look ahead of the parked car, the six-lane road that crossed intersected Duquesne, Jefferson Boulevard, seemed relatively busy.

    She also spotted that this corner wasn't the only one with a concrete wall denoting the location. It had a counterpart diagonally across the road, to the left of where this road curved right into the park over there.

    One of the black Tritec' invitation cards flipped smoothly along the fingers of the left hand otherwise hanging down her left side. She was right-handed, but that was being left free for her sidearm.

    As she grew increasingly comfortable with her surroundings, eyes narrowed against the bright sunlight, her thoughts wandered back to what had just transpired inside the Doom Bar.

    Once asked directly, Elizabeth had given up the address for the Tritec meeting. "The meeting is at the university. IT Center. Second floor. Room two-point-four-point-two."

    "Thank you!" Gravely had exhaled with a heavy sigh, putting a hand on the Doom creature statue for support, then snatching it away, glaring up at the thing for any sign that it was about to fall. "The hostage negotiations that we have had to go through to get that blasted address."

    "Well, before we all get too excited," Davis interjected with a frown, already jotting the address down in the notebook. "which one?"

    "Which one what?"

    "Which university?"

    "There's more than one?" The Windslow girl looked honestly surprised at this.

    Karen rolled her eyes and held the notebook and pen in such a way that she could leave fingers out to be counted off: "Cal State L.A.; U.C.L.A.; U.W.L.A.; A.U.L.A.; Antioch University somewhere in Culver City-"

    "The detective's right." Grandpa Smith had chimed in. "Even California State Polytechnic University has four campus' in Los Angeles county alone. Pomona, Long Beach, L.A. itself of course, and Northridge, down in the San Fernando Valley."

    "What about the California Institute of Technology? Caltech. I'd be very surprised if that hasn't got an IT Center."

    "HEY!" Formal remembered interrupting loudly, cutting through the otherwise welcome babble. "We can work this out, on the way!"

    There was the familiar sound of humming hydraulics from the front of the shop, as Mrs Sturm had retreated behind the bar to bring shutters down.

    "What do the cards say?"

    Rupert decided to be helpful for once, elbows on the table as he examined the back of his invite. "Well clearly, whomever got these printed, didn't know about those other places. Just says The University."

    "Oh, **** off." Nicole had blurted softly, then sensing Formal looming after her, scooted behind the bar to join the widow, the lifted edges of her skirt slipping out from between Mary's grasp. Gravely glared defiantly up at her.

    Thwarted in her automatic reaction to Nicole's swearing, and despite having the redhead effectively cornered, Mary brushed past the incident and returned to Operation Exodus, clipping out instructions: Nicole to stay with Mrs Sturm and help her close up; Davis to get everyone gathered at the side door for when Mrs Sturm could get it open, and then get everyone in the car; and the self-declared UNCLE agent to go out first and scope out the road.

    "Okay, we're secure." Mary now decided with another three-sixty look around. She nodded to the shadowed doorway, eliciting a melodious bee-boop from the car as the unseen Los Angeles detective unlocked it with a remote lock.

    Mary opened the Taurus' near-side rear door, stepping back to offer a clear route to the back seating. She signaled the doorway, "Come on, one at a time."

    It was at times like this, that Formal could be surprised by some of the cultural differences between her country, where it was claimed that the British liked queuing for things, and here, where 'queue' seemed to be little more than that old guy in older James Bond movies, who supplied 007's weapons.

    Whatever the reason, every one of the Tritec researchers were immediately around her, her still looking towards Davis bringing up the rear, Mrs Sturm and Gravely following close behind, with the former turning to lock the light blue security door.

    It was at that point that a handsome young man in a neat grey hoodie and partially-faded blue jeans, and who had probably noticed the lowered shutters at the front, sauntered round the corner, and halted upon seeing them gathered by the car's open door.

    "Hey. You closed for today?" He asked as he appeared to scan the group and particularly eyed the three police women.

    "Hey Jack, yes we are closed for today." Mrs Sturm answered and then there was this awkward silence.

    Formal eyed the young man, consciously moving through the group to put herself between them and the newcomer, however the owner's familiarity with him silenced her initial alarm, so she was having to rely on her thoughts adding the clues up: Male, hoodie, familiar accent. Australi-

    Maggie's voice behind her, showed recognition. "We are arrested for our own protection."

    "-not being arrested!"

    Mary didn't see Rupert confirming Margerite's assessment with a nod.

    It was Elisabeth who seemed to get the obvious. "
    Jack is an Australian?" She asked and the smile of the young man vanished.

    "Oh ****, it's him!"

    Mary had the sense that Karen was drawing her weapon, so followed her lead, feeling her holster tugging against her thigh as she hauled up the Bren Ten automatic that felt so heavy in her right fist now that it was being pulled in anger, bringing the 10mm Auto up enough so that she could put both hands on it, and aim along the polished steel barrel at the suspect's centre mass.

    She so viscerally wanted to declare, Miami Vice, freeze, so still had not identified herself or issued instructions as she covered Sidney, Jack, or whatever the drokk he was called today.

    "LAPD, show us you hands!"

    Mary countermanded that straight away. "DO NOT show us your hands! Keep them in your pockets, and ab-sol-ute-ly, do not move." She thumbed off the safety.

    "Mrs Sturm, back inside."

    "Everyone, get down and inside or behind the car."

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  8. Lawbreaker

    Lawbreaker Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 21, 2018

    Outside Doom Bar, Culver City

    Ms. Sturm did again as she was told and jumped back through the door. The rest was confused, hesitated a second ... which was a second too long.

    Totally unimpressed by any of the guns pointed at him "Sidney" pulled his ancient looking pistol from his hoodie and pointed it not as his attackers but their Tritec experts.


    The first two bullets hit Rupert's and Maggie's head with cold precision and both dropped to the ground dead.

    He was incredibly fast. Smith ran and Sidney turned his gun to aim at him.
    Elisabeth jumped behind a car and burst into tears. She knew what this meant.

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  9. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Mary Formal, Karen Davis, Nicole Gravely, Shootout at the Duquesne Corral
    Location: Dequesne and Jefferson, Culver City, L.A.

    Well, he moved.

    **** the backdrop. Regardless of the busy road behind Sidney, Mary double-tapped him in the centre mass, and there was just a CACOPHANY of noise, her Bren Ten; Karen's automatic pistol, and his gun; Jesus, his gun, that he had whipped out with blinding speed and shot past her, the bullet skimming close enough to her right cheekbone that she felt a breeze.

    He wasn't thrown back, taken off balance, or even damaged by her bullets.

    Formal barely registered something wet hitting her in the head, behind her right ear; stopped shooting, lowering her weapon, staring at Sidney, even as, to her right, Karen kept shooting, methodically emptying her clip.

    Boom Boom Boom

    How is he still standing? Is he a, a V-person? It's broad daylight!

    Seeing him sweeping his gun past her, to her left and over the Taurus' roof, understanding that he was following someone that was running, Mary took a breath, and rushed him, planning to tackle Sidney to the ground.

    Behind her, Karen had seen her team-mate start to move, and ceased fire, squatting beside Elizabeth behind the sedan, pressing the button to open the boot, and instructing the crying girl to get in.

    Standing at the blue security door, with Mrs Sturm inside, Nicole pulled her phone and speed-dialled 911. "Shots fired! Officers need assistance at Duquesne Avenue and Jefferson Boulevard, Culver City! Sidney is here! Send EVERYBODY!" She glanced at the felled Maggie and Rupert, swallowing down the bile that stung at her throat. "We-we n-need a-ambos a-as w-well." Ambos was a shortening for ambulances.

    Tag: @Lawbreaker
  10. RachelTyrell

    RachelTyrell Jedi Master star 3

    Feb 15, 2009
    Amy Cross, Christian Borg and Annie
    Santa Monica Streets

    Amy's head snapped forward as the car came to a full stop. The man was standing on the street and laughed as he looked around.

    "He appeared from nowhere." Malcolm gasped. "Literally nowhere."

    Annie leaned forward and the man looked young, a bit handsome in a melancholic way. It was the thing at his wrist that caught her attention. Without saying a word she stepped out of the car. Amy looked after her.

    "Annie, wait!" The girl didn't. Sighing Amy took her gun, pushed it into her jeans and stepped out, too.

    The man turned to Annie as she approached and smiled. "Hey Annie." Christian greeted the younger version of Elina, with this ridiculous pink hair.

    "You know me? We haven't met." Annie blinked and got closer. Amy stayed behind. "Annie we really are on the clock here." She said, but the truth was she just did not believe a guy appearing from nowhere could be good news.

    The young man nodded to Annie. "Yes, I know you. My name is Christian. A woman called Elina told me about you."

    "Are you friends?" Annie asked, her eyes on the thing at his wrist.

    "I used to think we were more than this, but ... things got complicated." Christian stepped towards her.

    "You are from the future." Annie finally said.

    "What?" Amy looked at Annie. Had she just said what she had said. The world is a simulation was tough, but time travelers on Madison was a bit too crazy. Then she understood. Looking at the young man she felt her voice tremble. "You are one of them, are you? One of those who run the show. The ... this World."

    Christian finally took his eyes from Annie and looked at the other woman. He finally nodded. So they had found out. "Sort of. I ... had a fallout with the guys who do. I am here to help. I am here to bring some light into this all ... before they ... stop this." Annie looked at Amy and then back.

    "Do you know who Sidney is? The Serial Killer? Is he one of you?" Amy asked and stepped closer now.

    Christian gave her a nod this time. "Guy is called Jack Burns and no, he is not one of us. We had one too where I come from, but no ... he is a ... native."

    Annie frowned. "He can't be killed. I shot him." Christian looked at her. Lisa had probably been giving him some advantages in the game. "He is also invisible to us. We can't find and delete him."

    Amy gasped. Delete him. "That's what you do? Watch us and delete us? Kill us for amusement? What are we? Entertainment? A soap opera? Do you watch how we suffer and stumble, love, eat, shag and die and consider it funny?" She was angry. Had these people watched her all her life?

    Christian sighed. "Some people do. I didn't. The simulation is run by a corporation as a prototype. It is not ... for the public or anything." Christian understood the feeling, he had the same. "Listen, something is wrong here and I need to find out what. Something is wrong. If I don't find a way to repair it they are gonna switch you off." He raised his arms. "I got no money that works in this world. I got no friends. That is why I projected myself here. Annie, I need your help. I need to go to the university ... something seems to happen there ..."

    "Tritec." Annie said and saw he recognized the word. "What is Tritec?" She asked. Amy looked at her and then back to this Christian guy.

    He sighed and nodded. "This is Tritec. Tritec is the name of the simulation."

    Amy felt she had to fight tears. This wasn't Adrian Morrel the psycho, this was confirmation this nightmare was true by a random man in the middle of a street who had probably never heard of Adrian Morrel.

    "We are going to the university." Annie simply said and nodded. "Jump in. We can talk on the way. We got probably a million questions."

    Amy looked at her and then accepted wordlessly. All she wanted to know was why Quentin had died. This was too big. She had found out, but this was simply too big. She wondered if she could life with it. If Quentin couldn't take it, could she?

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    Aug 21, 2018

    Streets of Santa Monica

    They were about to start driving, when a black SUV took a brutal left turn and stopped right in front of their Chrysler.

    Detective Cardigan jumped out, holding his Mossberg Shotgun at the driver. "Hey Annie, I think you got a few questions to answer. Why don't you get out and nobody needs to die, hm?" Cardigan yelled and then added. "Cardigan, LAPD!" Always good to identify himself in case he had to rid the car with bullets.

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    Outside Doom Bar, Culver City

    "On our way. All units, all units, Sidney sighting at Doom Bar ..." Nicole heard the radio respond. They would not get there in time, as most units were probably still in Santa Monica. Ramirez had warned them about the lack of back-up.

    Outside Sidney pulled the trigger and Mr. Smith collapsed. Mary was charging, but the killer had no interest in a physical confrontation. Even after the dozens of bullets he had no scratch. With one quick move he slided over the hood of the car to his right and out of Mary's reach and approached the Sedan in one fluent move. The man was surprisingly agile. He pointed the gun at the boot where Elisabeth was about to go into hiding. Elisabeth did the smart thing and did not follow the policewoman's order but instead leaped away between two other cars. She tried to get away from Sidney without leaving cover.

    Mary could make it to the attacker if she leaped, but she had to act fast. The man was incredibly quick. Karen was now only a meter away from him with the car between them, a distance she could not miss if she used her handgun.

    Sidney looked incredible calm, not stressed by three armed cops at all. He looked like he had done this for days ... which was exactly what he had done.

    Looking around he was almost patiently looking for his next victim.

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Mary Formal, Karen Davis (npc), Nicole Gravely, Mrs Sturm (npc), Bunfight At the Duquesne Corral
    Location: Duquesne and Jefferson, Culver City

    Mary Formal's arms, the left at waist height to grab Sidney, the right one holding the Bren at head height to brain the ******, scissored through the space where he had been standing.

    She caught his movement in her left peripheral vision, halted her forward progress by stamping down on her leading foot, bending that knee to decelerate herself; she pressed her free palm down on the Taurus' bonnet, used that to support herself as she jumped, tucked her knees up till they almost hit her in the chin, and clambered up onto the car, climbing up onto the white roof, and leaping for where Sidney now stood.

    Karen Davis stayed down, squatting beside the open boot, and could only put her palms up in surrender, Glock swaying loosely from her trigger finger, as Sidney stopped next to her, blocking her view of the downed Mr Smith, obviously intending to find Elizabeth there.
    The revolver aimed down at her, looked massive from this angle.

    From inside the car, she could hear the radio squawking, "All units, all units, Sidney sighting at Doom Bar..."

    She stared up at him, expressions of defiance and resignation fighting for dominance across her face, weighing up whether her last earthly act should be to punch him in the nuts - Today's programme was brought to you by the letter 'n' - when she heard Nicole shouting instructions her way, from back by the still open security door.

    "Karen, stay down!"

    The Portland detective then opened fire, and from the loud retorts, Karen recognised that Gravely carried a Glock liked herself.

    Looking up at Sidney, there was no sign that he was taking fire at all; the blue-grey fabric clothing bulking out above his jeans, not even dimpling from the gunfire!

    It was like she and the other ladies had fed blank shells into their magazines, and with their determined attitude to providing escorts to these poor souls, clearly that was just impossible.

    "Lock the door!" Karen heard the clearly hysterical Mrs Sturm scream, and thought, And hope they don't have blasters.

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Enigma and Andy
    Andy's Penthouse

    Elina smiled. "Coming?" She asked and let her dress slide down her body. The large bath was already filled with water.

    "Get in. I get us a drink." Andy smiled and walked out of sight. Elina could still see his mobile and it was not ringing. She climbed into the bath and slided into the hot water. She would have enjoyed it under normal circumstances. This was not normal circumstances. She smiled as Andy returned with two Martini glasses.

    "What do you think Christian is up to? Does he want to finish Richards work and pass over alone?" He gave her one glass and took a sip from his.

    "Probably. He is still new to this. We have known for months. You coming?" She asked and took a sip from his glass.

    "If he does I got just another reason to shut the simulation down. Had been thinking of doing it tomorrow." He smiled.

    "That would kill everybody inside the simulation." She thought of Annie, but tried to remain calm. "It might also make those who run our simulation very angry." She raised her brows. "They wanted you to simulate 2019, right?"

    Andy shrugged. "Yes, but what have they done to help me? I haven't slept in weeks without these dreams. I upheld their precious simulation, even expanded it. And they? They did nothing to thank me. Maybe the will smite me down with their godlike powers! Maybe they will end this simulation as well. Maybe we start over. Maybe we have started over a thousand times already. But you know what? I think nothing line this will happen. I think they are as unable to tame me as I am able to tame those in 2019." Andy smiled. "There is a secret buried in this simulation, one that I think I got figured out. Tonight I am gonna be sure. Tonight I am learn the truth. Your Christian will help me with that. Or why do you think I allowed him to do what he just did?"

    Elina froze. "What did he do?" She pushed herself up a bit with her legs, suddenly feeling helpless in her nakedness.

    "Oh I think you know very well what he just did. Why do you think I shouldn't take the call? It never came by the way." He put his glass down and his smile vanished.

    Elina swallowed. "I ... got no idea what you are talking about?" She wanted to jump up and run, but she knew there was no escape.

    "Richard did it? Honey, I am so disappointed you never told me. So very very hurt. I thought we do this together." Andy lay his head aside.

    "Together? You mean you thought I was your obedient slave? Play your games, sleep with whoever you tell me to, lie to whoever you wanted me to lie ..." Elina looked at him and saw no more sense in lying.

    "Yes, exactly. And enjoy a happy life without a need for it." Andy answered cold. "I gave you an excellent life. I let you into the inner circle. I even kept that copy of you around. Annie? She is not really like you, you know? Far to honest. I begin to suspect she just got your looks."

    Elina felt blood stream into her face. "She is me. Just me ... without you and all this ... poison you have pumped into my mind."

    Andy laughed. "I did not do anything to you, Elina. I just made your dreams come true. All except one ..."

    Elina looked at him and Andy reached out with his hand to stroke her face. She pushed his hand away and wanted to go up ... he was too fast though.

    His hand grabbed her throat and his smile vanished. His face turned into a mask of anger and ... murderous intent. Elina grabbed his arm to fight herself out of his grip. Again he was faster and pulled her head under water. She had not catched breath and felt water fill her lungs immediately. A feeling familiar to her. All her survival instincts kicked it. She struggled and her feet kicked out, but Andy pressed her down with all his weight and strength. Her panic spread through her body.

    "Terrible is it? I know. In all my dreams I drown." He said calmly, but she did not hear him of course. She scratched his arm so hard that red blood began to mix with the water. He gasped and grabbed her arm, pushing her under water. He resistance grew weaker, as her face showed pure terror. He looked down on her and smiled. He held her spasming body another ten seconds and finally ... it stopped spasming. He held her there for another few seconds before letting her go. She did not come up, but floated in the hot water.

    "No trust among traitors, I guess." He stood up and held his injured arm. His head was shaking slightly. "You were one waste of potential, Elina." He walked back to his living room and ordered a strong double espresso and an energy drink from his faithful robot.

    Then he opened a channel to Mr. Wong. "Christian Borg uploaded into 2019. Track him." He yawned and allowed himself to collapse into his seat.

    "Sir, there was a shooting in Gamescape Central. Jack Burns and Lisa ..." Wong was obviously agitated.

    "I can imagine. Doesn't matter, we are in the endgame now old friend." He took his espresso from the plate the robot offered and downed it as hot as it was. It hurt, but pain helped against falling asleep.

    "What do you mean, Mr. Chang?" Wong was obviously confused.

    "Nothing. Please track him and prepare the Omega Protocoll. We shut the simulation down tomorrow probably." Andy sighed, his arm hurt.

    "That is all." He killed the connection and looked out of the window. A world out there, as artificial as it could be ... a disgusted grunt escaped his mouth.

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    Aug 21, 2018

    Outside and Inside Doom Bar, Culver City

    Sidney only took notice of Karen for a second, before turning his attention to the problem of a hidden Elisabeth. But Nicole fired another salvo at him and also the bullets had no effect, he turned slightly to her and then ... without looking ... raised the gun and shot Karen in the head.

    He looked at Nicole as Ms. Sturm closed the door and locked it. "That one will hold, but the front won't!" Sturm shouted.

    That moment Mary hit Sidney and they both went tumbling to the ground. Mary ended on top of him. Sidney looked really annoyed by this, but his head snapped immediately to the side as he heard the high heels of Elisabeth as she took the chance to run.

    He seemed completely unconcerned about any danger from Mary. Actually he did not even struggle against her, but instead did his best to locate the steps almost ignoring the woman above him. His arm stretched to aim, but he had no clear line of sight.

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  15. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Christian Borg
    Streets of Los Angeles

    Christian looked at the two girls. "Trouble with the police?" He sighed as he said it. It was amazing how realistic everything was. Also he knew 2029 had felt real, it suddenly didn't now that he had arrived in L.A. of the year 2019.

    "We need to get going. I doubt they are gonna wait for us." He felt like he was thrown into his favorite movie, but realized this feeling was dangerous. This world was as real as the one he had escaped and dying here was as real as dying had been a few minutes ago.

    Well, he was a silmulated identity, he did no die. He got erased. Whatever the difference was.

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Amy Cross, Christian Borg, Detective Cardigan and Annie
    Santa Monica Streets

    Amy's head was shaking. "Not me." She said and looked at Annie. "But you seem to be full of surprises."

    Annie clenched her teeth. She felt as if she had brought the alliance these three strangers had recently formed into jeopardy already.

    "Some things don't change I suppose." Christian said and looked out at the cop. The man seemed not the orient kind of guy.

    "He wants me. I think he will let you go." Annie said and was ably to leave the car as Christian stopped her by taking her arm.

    "Not very likely he let's us leave. Driver? Get ready for a getaway." Christian sighed and instead of Annie left the car. Annie looked in disbelief and wanted to stop him, but he was to quick. The girl confused him. She looked like Elina, but she was different. Less secure, less arrogant. More alternative. A far cry from the woman he had almost fallen in love with before understanding her betrayal.

    He straightened himself and walked in front of the car between the shotgun and the car. "Sir, Officer? Detective?"

    "Detective." Cardigan smirked.

    "Detective, the girl must come with us. We try to achieve something, something important to find your Sidney killer and make things right again." He raised his hands.

    Inside Annie sighed and then left the car. This fool would get himself shot if he was playing hero. And only she would survive being shot. "Wait." She shouted and Cardigan turned his shotgun to her right away.

    Amy remained inside the car and looked at her gun. She could hardly shoot a cop and yet, she could also hardly allow these people to die before she had an answer. "Malcolm, get ready." She hissed and took the gun in both hands. If she had to ...

    "You come with me pinky." Cardigan said ignoring Christian. Christian sighed and held up his hand to show his wrist computer. The policeman blinked in irritation. "What is that he asked?"

    Annie stepped closer to him and Cardigan turned his attention to her again. "Stop!"

    "Don't shoot!" Christian yelled. "I can tell you everything!"

    Cardigan ignored him as Annie came closer. "No shoot." She said, now almost in reach. Cardigan raised the shotgun and fired into the air, reloading again.

    "I warn you!" He yelled and Annie got closer. The Detective stepped back as Christian hurried to him from the side. Cardigan saw it and lowered the gun, pointing at Annie's legs and pulled the trigger. The shot had no effect and he looked at her in surprise. So did Christian as she smiled at the Detective. She grabbed the rifle and pulled it from his surprised hands. Cardigan stumbled back and his instincts kicked in. He grabbed his handgun.

    Amy aimed at him, but was too shocked at what she had seen to even consider pulling the trigger. Annie was like Adrian?

    Christian was there before the gun came out of the holster and hit the Detective hard into his face. The man went down and Annie was over him, pointing the shotgun right at his face.

    "Slowly with two fingers." She just said. "Mobile and gun." Then she blinked and addressed Christian. "His tires and radio. Get rid of it."

    Christian felt his fist hurt, but nodded. He took the gun the Detective had carefully drawn. A Glock 17 of he was not mistaken from his knowledge gained through computer games. He had little experience with guns, but managed to ready it as he stepped over to the car of the policeman and fired one shot into the tire and the a second one through the video into the radio.

    Annie kicked the mobile out of the Derectives hand and then pointed the shotgun at it and fired. People were screaming and spreading. Cops would soon be on their way. Christian quickly withdrew to the car. "Did you know?" He asked Amy who just shook her head.

    Annie remained of the cop and looked down at him. "We are on the same side. You know? Let us handle Sidney. Then you can arrest me if you still want. But if you follow us you will suffer the same fate as your colleagues. Seen that trick with me being bullet proof? He has that, too."

    Annie turned and went back to the car. The Detective jumped to his feet and Annie turned. "Don't make me shoot your legs." She said and Cardigan raised his hands. She climbed back into the car. Amy stared at her and told the driver to get going without leaving her eyes of her.

    "You are one of them!" She gasped and Annie looked at her, holding the oversized shotgun that appeared a little too big for her petite frame.

    "Well, if you tell me who they are I would be delighted, because I wanna know what the hell is going on with me as much as you do." Annie replied.

    "Someone altered your code." Christian said with a calm voice. Elina had said she was special. He just began to understand how special she was.

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Karen Davis, Nicole Gravely, Mary Formal, L.A. Shootout
    Location: Duquesne and Jefferson, Culver City, L.A.

    Karen didn't see anything after the revolver's hammer cocked back, and the cylinder started to rotate.

    Nicole must have hesitated after seeing her LAPD counterpart's head come apart, and a half-metre splash of red, paint the concrete between them, for she found herself barged aside, and the security door slammed shut, Mrs Sturm's fingers missing the keyhole twice, then getting the special key into it, and locking it.

    The widow then turned and put her back to the solid steel barrier, sliding down it till she was sitting on the floor, whilst the shocked Portland detective remained facing the wall like a naughty schoolchild.

    "That one will hold, but the front won't!" Sturm shouted, which served to re-animate the Gravely, a little bit.

    She turned ninety degrees, so that she could look down at the widow, whilst resting her shoulder against the wall. Her gun arm hung by her side.
    "Why not? Just keep those metal shutters down. He can shoot through them, sure, but he cannot see us to hit us. We just have to hold on till backup arrives."


    Outside, diving recklessly off the Taurus' roof, Mary Formal thankfully hit Sidney this time, bearing him to the ground, where he landed on his back, however, seemed intent on looking along the sun-baked, and bone-chipped tarmac at something beyond her peripheral vision.

    It was rare that someone proved so resistant to her that she was forced to fall back on unarmed combat, but when she had to, it was judo that she went to.

    Keeping a tight grip on the shooter's hoodie, she dug her heels into the ground to launch her self the few inches to land on his torso, and quickly bounced up to his chest, her right arm going under the left side of his neck, under it, her right hand grasping the right shoulder of his hoodie, and slid her hip off of his right side, to sit on the road, digging her heels into the floor to press her back into his side, with her weight of her top laying diagonally across his chest, hopefully pinning him to the floor, though the looseness of the hoodie parts twisted into her fists, compared to a thicker judo suit, were not factors in her favour.

    "Hold still," she growled into the ear close to her bent over head, or hoped that she had done, only noting now that all she could hear was a steady whine in both ears, likely from the discharged firearms at close quarters. Still she had felt her mouth go through the motions. "MIAMI VICE!"

    He still seemed to be ignoring her, twisting his face away for something more vital to him, than stopping her from spraying saliva in his ear.

    She couldn't just keep him in a basic Scarf Hold till backup arrived, especially with him still holding that cannon. He seemed to be in a bit of a 'headshot-ty' mood today, and she honestly didn't know how she would fare against a point blank shot to the noggin (head).

    Baring her teeth, Formal brought up her right knee and pressed it under Sidney's right shoulder. which served to raise the in-attentive shooter's gun arm off the ground, and then brought up her other leg, bending it so that her left knee faced the sky, and she could press the sole of her left boot onto the upturned wrist of that arm, gently at first, because she began in the mind space of simply applying an armlock, but then she slowly increased the pressure.

    Either he was dropping that gun, or she was snapping that arm at the elbow.

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    Aug 21, 2018

    Santa Monica

    Cardigan knew his car and radio were useless, but he went straight for the trunk and opened it, getting his AR-15 out and loading it through. He raised it and aimed at the leaving car ... he did not pull the trigger though.

    How? How had Annie taken a shot to her legs without a single scratch? But also if they were the bad guys, why was he still alive?

    He lowered the rifle and sighed. The people at the street who had not run stared at him in shock.

    "LAPD, get lost." He hissed and began to walk.

    Inside the car Malcolm speed up until they were out of reach and then went back to normal speed. They were now getting to the UCLA in Westwood. Quite a drive, but they would make it there in time. They had time to talk though.

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    Outside Doom Bar, Culver City

    Sidney snapped out of his concentration when she said Miami Vice .

    "In your dreams, honey. Greeks still bearing gifts?" He asked that question and Mary probably realized how she seemed unable ... simply physical unable ... to break his body. Calmly he stood up ... stood up as if she was made of paper, as if she had no weight at all ... and then slammed her into the Taurus.

    As she hit the metal gravity and physics seem to be totally working again. The pain was actually worse than expected. Sidney grabbed her and pulled her off the hood and pushed her next to the car.

    "Do you think they got any idea how real you are? How indistinguishable from the human ones?" He looked at her and then smiled. "You do not know, do you? They send one of the unaware datasets." He nodded. "Actually we are surprisingly alike. Both of us are not truly the real thing. Both of us find probably little comfort in that. Don't attack. You can't win a fight. They programmed you not to." He sighed. "Well, maybe we can do something about that."

    Elisabeth seemed to have escaped and the truth was Sidney showed no interest in Ms. Sturm.

    "But if you want you can try." Sidney calmly said and cowered down in front of her. "Still got one shot to put you out of your mystery. Guess they expected that one from me, did they?" He looked aside. "I am so fed up playing by there rules. At least I know I do." He seemed totally not worried about her. Obviously he believed what he had just said. That it was impossible for her to win against him seemed a fact and not an assumption in the mind of Sidney.

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  19. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Amy Cross, Christian Borg and Annie
    Santa Monica Streets

    "So it is true? We are ... only simulations?" Amy asked the question and looked at Christian. Annie turned to him, too.

    Christian was realizing how many things he had not thought of before recklessly coming here. Would he tell them? Well, they obviously already know.

    "Yes. You are a simulation run in the Gamescape Center in Shanghai in the year 2029. But ... 2029 is a simulation, too." He shrugged. "Which is how I got here. My code has been extracted and transferred. Which is also why I still have this." He held up the armwrist.

    "Wait." Annie raised her hand. "We are a simulation run by another simulation?" Amy felt her head whirling. A desperate laughter was all she managed to reply. "Elina? Is that where Elina is?" Annie asked. Christian nodded. "Yes. She risked a lot for me to come here."

    "Why?" Amy said and looked at him. "Why are you here?"

    Christian sighed. "I ... for Sidney and because there is a secret here. Something hidden from our view in 2029. I hope it is a key to understand all of this."

    "Who runs your simulation then? 2029?" Amy asked and thought of Adrian Morrel.

    "I don't know. But someone is. We received messages, even had a call. But not sure if those are real or only simulations, too. I slowly believe we are a string of simulations. Each simulating another simulation. This version is in the progress of starting another I guess. Andy Chang who runs ours is here too."

    "I actually met him." Amy said. Gameface. That was why he was buying the company. He was using it for another simulation. She felt ... hollow. A simulation. She was indeed not real.

    For Annie it was less of a shock. She had known for a while something was not okay. Something at the very core of the world was not ... as it should be. Strange world. She had called it a strange world.

    "What is Tritec?" Amy asked finally. Annie nodded. "Yes, you know what Tritec is?"

    Christian touch his wrist computer and the Tritec logo appeared. "This is Tritec. The simulation ... the project running it is called Tritec."

    Amy nodded. So all Adrian told her was true. Quentin had found out and killed himself over it. Sensible Quentin. Gamer Quentin, realizing he was part of a super sophisticated game himself.

    Annie leaned back and closed her eyes. She finally nodded. It made sense. Elina, the number, her invincibility, Sidney.

    "What about Sidney?" She asked and her eyes snapped open.

    "Thing is we try to avoid this. People getting aware they are simulated. We try to maintain the integrity of the simulation. One young programmer took it a step to far. Without authorization she created Sidney to hunt down everybody becoming aware. His name is Jack Burns. A programmer from Australia. His code was altered too, I guess." Christian gave a weak smile. This was a lot for the girls to digest. They took it admirably well. "She is dead, so maybe that means Sidney will soon run out of names. She uploaded something though. A final list, I guess. My name will be on it."

    "So will mine." Amy said. "There is a man here called Adrian Morrel, he actually works actively to make people aware. I think ... is he one of you?"

    Christian wanted to say no. But he thought of Candle and how little he knew about him and what he did. Had Candle come here? Maybe he was Morrel. "Maybe. I don't know."

    Amy nodded. "What happens if we become aware?" She asked.

    "That is the thing ... they consider shutting you down." Christian said. "Which is why I need to find out what is hidden in this simulation. Before they do so. If they shut us down ... it means all the profiles will be erased. We will all die."

    Annie's eyes snapped open. "What? They would kill us all?"

    Christian nodded. The two girls stared at him. This was ... the stakes had just been raised. Sidney seemed less of a problem suddenly. Their world could end.

    "What can we do to stop this?" Amy asked.

    "Find the Simulators. I believe that is the secret hidden here. They did this on purpose. Making 2029 simulate you. There is a purpose to all of this. There must be. A hidden agenda. A reason why we exist." Christian felt stupid saying this. It was hope. Simple hope.

    "Why." Annie said. "The ancient question of why we exist. What is our purpose to exist. Why are we here."

    Amy laughed a desperate short laughter again. "If we find out you do what?"

    Christian shrugged. "Hopefully I find a way to intervene. To negotiate. I hope to find them. This all seems like evolution to me. Every simulation starts simulating another one. If I am right the Simulators are here and push the Andy of this simulation to start the next iteration. Andy of my world is very powerful. Very ... difficult. I could not stop him there, but maybe I find someone who can stop him here."

    "You are looking for your creator." Annie said. Christian looked at her. Like Elina she was smart. Quick thinking. She seemed nothing like Elina otherwise. She had faced down the cop with a tomboyish bravery his Elina never had. Or had she lost it? Would Annie become the sexual manipulator Elina had been? He felt almost sorry if she did.

    "You are looking for God." Amy simply said.

    Christian looked at her and nodded. "The closest thing there is to a God. The creator of all these worlds. Yes." He gave them a tortured smile. "Will you help me?"

    Both girls looked at each other. Finally Amy nodded. This was all a bit above her paygrade. She had felt overwhelmed by searching for a murderer of her boyfriend. Now she tried to save the world by finding a God?

    "Yes. Of course we will." Annie said. "What is the plan?"

    "Going to the presentation at the university I guess. Because that is where Andy of this world will be and that means they can't be far away? Right?" Amy said.

    Christian nodded. "Sounds like a place to start. Yes."

    Annie smiled. "Hunted by an invincible Serial Killer we go looking for God? Okay, I'd say I had more boring days." She just remarked.

    They all three laughed at this. Just because it sounded so crazy and was yet so true.

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Mary Formal, Nicole Gravely, outside, and inside, the Doom Bar internet cafe
    Location: Corner of Duquesne and Jefferson, Culver City

    He, he seemed like her. Stronger than he looked. A female's legs were typically stronger than a man's arm, and she had his arm pivoted perfectly across her right knee, yet she was making absolutely no headway.

    Agent Formal how no idea how he had the leverage to do it, but Sidney sat up then stood up as if she was as light as paper, and not even a type with a high denier value - Hang on, that's tights. - but a really weightless type, like tracing paper.

    After some seconds, it dawned on her that it wasn't just to him that she might be feeling weightless, but she was feeling it too!

    Suspended only by her legs wrapped around his right arm, and one arm hooked around his neck, she felt as if she could let go of him completely, and float on the air, like an animated schoolboy in a dressing gown, perhaps singing that cheesey song from The Snowman.

    She leaned back from him, gingerly, seeing that his mouth was moving, although she could not hear any of his words, still afflicted by the tinnitus from the discharged firearms at close quarters. She felt the word 'honey' was in there, but without context...

    The serial killer must have tired of her stretching out his hoodie, for he stepped forwards and SLAMMED her down on the Taurus.

    She definitely taur' something; the pain was unimaginable! She shut her eyes tightly, gritted her teeth and arced her back at the myriad agonies from crumpled metal digging into her shoulder blades, upper arms and backside.

    Weight, mass, physics, had returned with her hitting the vehicle. Her hearing too.

    "Is this some bartender thing?" She bit out after opening her eyes. "In England, getting carded means having to prove you are over 18; here, carded means you literally threw me into a car?"

    Sidney lunged for her again, her frantically signalling to delay him, showing him an index finger, then a palm, then the traditional Time Out signal with both hands, then, "Stop! Opriri! Whoa!" Which were 'stop' or 'halt' in English, Romanian and horseback-riding, but all singularly failed to stop him peeling her off the car, and pushing her a bit more gently against the rear door, where she slid down to sit on the roadway, legs apart with her knees up, staring back at him as he dropped into a squat opposite to, but slightly to the left of, her.

    "Do you think they got any idea how real you are? How indistinguishable from the human ones?"

    He, he knows that I'm not human- She could only stare back at him, stunned that she'd been rumbled. After a moment, she rallied, narrowing her gaze. "Just so we are on the same page here, just..." She winced at the damage she was feeling, certain that she had left a curtain of blood down the side of the white car. "...just what is it that you think I am?"

    He looked at her and then smiled. "You do not know, do you? They send one of the unaware datasets."

    "Huh? Datasets?"

    He nodded. "Actually we are surprisingly alike. Both of us are not truly the real thing. Both of us find probably little comfort in that. Don't attack. You can't win a fight. They programmed you not to." He sighed. "Well, maybe we can do something about that."

    The self-proclaimed U.N.C.L.E. agent, smiled bitterly. "Hey, you don't want to fight, this goes down as you being beaten by a girl."

    "Still got one shot to put you out of your misery." It had sounded like he had pronounced it 'mystery', but that made little sense.

    "Fine, fine, we'll call it a draw."

    "Guess they expected that one from me, did they?"

    They? She had no idea regarding half of what he was talking about. Though this confirmed that he was what Criminal Minds referred to as a mission killer. There was an end goal to the multiple slayings.

    He looked aside. "I am so fed up playing by their rules. At least I know I do." He seemed totally not worried about her.

    "If you hand over the gun, and stop the killing, I can try to help. Whose rules?"

    He seemed totally not worried about her, still looking aside, and most importantly, making no further attempt to pursue Elizabeth, Nikki, Karen, or Mrs Sturm.

    Obviously he believed what he had just said. That it was impossible for her to win against him seemed a fact borne out by recent events, and not an assumption in his warped little mind.

    Bullets had literally no effect on him, while she knew from experience that they had an effect on her. So they were not the same.

    'Surprisingly alike', that was what he had said. What did he mean?

    "Are..." Formal stopped, licking her lips. "Are you a god?"


    Inside the Doom Bar

    Still leaning against the wall, Detective Gravely eventually realised that she had not heard any further gunshots through the door.

    But that did not mean that the situation outside was any less deadly, and to open the door would only endanger the Widow Sturm.

    Still conscious of the woman's concerns about Sidney shooting through the front of the shop, Gravely dropped slowly into a squat and looked at the survivor.

    "Rita? Hey. Does this place have a back room that we can go hide in, give ourselves a little more protection against Sidney, or Jack, or whatever he calls himself?"

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    Aug 21, 2018

    UCLA, Westwood


    The university was busy as they arrived with students swarming over the campus. Most were leaving, but some where on their way to workshops or sitting in the grass and talking.

    They had to search a little until they found a sign which was saying 'Gamescape, Simulated Reality, Auditorium 4' that showed a rudimentary proto-version of the logo that would be the signature of the powerful Gamescape Corporation ten seats later.

    As they made it there an unusual number of security agents were present. Wearing black suits in the heat and having earpieces in their ears. Behind them a dozen screens were rolled onto the small stage of the auditorium. Christian would recognize the two men overseeing the preparations. Mr. Wong and Andy Chang himself, ten years younger and wearing a black shirt.

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    Outside Doom Bar, Culver City

    Sidney laughed. "No I am no God. Not any more than you are an alien." He was shaking his head and then looked at his gun. "You can't help me, but maybe you can help yourself. What do you think you are? An ancient alien working for some kind of secret Government organisation? Well, if it gives you any comfort ... you being an alien is as real as them being human is." He shrugged. "None of this is real. None of it is what it seems. We are both only simulated personalities. So is everyone else. A world of damned NPCs running around believing they are real." He smirked. "You probably don't believe me do you? Try to leave the city. You will see."

    He opened his gun to reload, taking out the shells and dropping them. They never hit the ground but vanished mid-air. "But you saved the girl. Congrats." He looked sad as he spoke. "Seriously impressive. I can't kill them all anymore, you know? So she goes to the end of the list." He took out a smartphone that strangely did not resemble any model Mary would have ever seen. He raised his brows. "Priority targets. Those are rare." He sighed. "Stay down until I am gone. You cannot win. They programmed loosing into you." He smiled. Then he took out a card. "If you found out I am right call me." He threw it to the ground. "I will explain everything then. Until then leave me alone. I try to save this ... well, let's call it a 'world'."

    With that he threw the card to her feet and turned to leave. He was obviously truly unconcerned by the idea to be attacked from behind.

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Mary Formal, Nicole Gravely, against the Taurus, and inside the Doom Bar, respectively
    Location: Corner of Duquesne and Jefferson, Culver City, L.A.

    Sidney laughed. "No I am no God. Not any more than you are an alien."

    She stared at him as he shook his head with an amused expression, and looked down at his gun.

    "You can't help me, but maybe you can help yourself. What do you think you are? An ancient alien working for some kind of secret Government organisation?"


    "Well, if it gives you any comfort ..."

    "You being an alien is as real as them being human is." He shrugged. "None of this is real. None of it is what it seems. We are both only simulated personalities. So is everyone else. A world of damned NPCs running around believing they are real." He smirked. "You probably don't believe me do you? Try to leave the city. You will see."

    If she had not seen and felt what she had so far, that bullets did not even touch him, and that he seemed to have control over the laws of physics with regard to her weight and mass, this would be the moment that she could call him out, for she had already breached Los Angeles' city limits to come here. Or even if he was just referring to Culver, she knew that there was an outside world, but..., even if he meant all of Los Angeles County...

    "But I came from somewhere." She murmured. "From out-of-town. Landed at LAX a few days ago. What you are saying is impossi-" Mary paused because Sidney had upended his revolver, pointing the barrel up, and swinging the barrel out to the side, the spent shells and one bullet falling the short distance to the tarmac in front of his worn brown hiking boot, or at least trying to, the casings literally fading from sight like steam before they could plink onto the road surface.

    "But you saved the girl. Congrats."

    "Th-thanks." She had never felt so intimidated since arriving on this planet. Whether through trauma, or passage of time, she had mostly blanked out Arca.

    He looked so sad as he continued speaking. "Seriously impressive. I can't kill them all anymore, you know? So she goes to the end of the list."

    Well, that sounded like progress, of sorts. It was well short of her request for him to hand over the firearm, but she wasn't in a position to oppose him right now. All she could do was sit here, and try to keep her body in one piece, and not bleed out.

    He took out a, what was that, a smartphone! She hadn't even understood how to turn one on, a couple months before, and now she could name the things!

    As she looked at the thing in his hand, she realised that it was not a type that she had ever seen before, not a Samsung, not an iPhone, or one of the similarly-designed dangerously-slim rectangles that everyone seemed to have adopted these days. Ian Goodly, friend and colleague, was particularly proud of a grey plastic brick of a device, called a Psion Organiser. Sidney's phone didn't look like that old thing, either.

    He raised his eyebrows at what he read, prompting her to, though she was unaware of doing so, raise hers.

    "Priority targets. Those are rare."

    "I would imagine so, with you on the case." She quipped, thinking that he wasn't helping matters. Then it hit her. Someone was feeding him targets! "Who are you working for? Who is providing these targets?"

    He sighed.

    She inhaled and held her breath, staring at the squatting shooter before her. Her boss back in England, Ben Trask, would call people like Sidney, a Power, with a capital 'P'. And even he reported to somebody.

    Was he going to answer her question? Was he going to kill her?

    "Stay down until I am gone."

    "Not a problem!"

    "You cannot win. They-"

    "Listen, you had me at 'stay down'." Formal assured him, trying to lay on thick with a metaphorical trowel that she was sitting here because he told her to.
    Truth was, the way her body felt, she couldn't follow him if she tried. She was sitting here and waiting for backup, and hopefully backup brought plenty of ambulances and morphine.

    Paul Garvey, another agent for, well, let's call it U.N.C.L.E. If you are going to maintain a cover identity, best to lean into it. He had sworn by morphine, since getting sliced up by a serial killing necromancer, Johnny Found.

    She hoped that Sidney couldn't read her thoughts. If he could, and he hung around any longer, she'd have mentally name-dropped half her organisation!

    Mary paused. She had 'Cosmic' security clearance, way above 'Top Secret', so she had become aware of some seriously strange stuff since working for, whatever, U.N.C.L.E.

    But what if he is right? Bullets shouldn't vanish into thin air! This was a mind ****. Could someone make me believe that I'm an alien?

    Sidney smiled, perhaps sensing that she was at least considering his words. Then he took out a card. "If you find out I am right call me." He threw it to the ground. "I will explain everything then. Until then leave me alone. I try to save this ... well, let's call it a 'world'."

    With that he rose straight up, and it was the sense of him leaving, that brought her primary question to the front of her thoughts, her having to squint into the sunlight to see his head and shoulders - I didn't know he had dandruff - turning to leave. He was obviously truly unconcerned by the idea of being attacked from behind.

    "Wait!" She blurted to the back of his jeans. "Why did you kill that actress, Kate Portman? Did she know about, about this?"

    It was obvious how truly unconcerned he was, by the idea of being attacked from behind. Besides, there was no way of getting up from here with any grace or stealth. He would have plenty of warning to swivel back and blow her away with those magic Roger Rabbit bullets.


    Inside the Doom Bar

    Rita Sturm did not respond to the detective's query, but she was already past it, having remembered her own research on the place, during the drive from Los Angeles.

    "Ma'am?" She whispered urgently to the woman. "We need to go upstairs. We will be safer up there."

    The Portland detective sergeant safetied her weapon, and holstered it without reloading. She had been about halfway through a 15-shot clip, and the things were making no headway on Sidney anyway, so she didn't see any point in replacing it.

    The bulky vest was digging into the top of her thighs as she squatted next to Sturm, but she ignored that to bring up her phone and turn it on, the backlight becoming a welcome beacon in the darkness, illuminating her own face, and the near side of Rita's head.

    Nicole thumbed her way through the login sequence, and called up Facebook. With a chance to breathe and think, it was occurring to her that the widow had dodged all her entreaties to do this, and now the young detective wanted to take a look at the internet cafe's account page.

    Account page. Is that the right term? She wondered.

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Amy Cross, Christian Borg and Annie
    UCLA University, in front of the auditorium

    Christian had followed the two girls without a word. Instead he had been marveling at the world around him.

    "Are you okay?" Annie asked as they approached the stairs.

    "I did not know it was ... this realistic." He smiled sadly. Annie smiled.

    "How do you know? If you are coming from a simulation, how do you know this is realistic compared to the real world?"

    Christian looked at her. "It seems ... more real than ours. The light. The people. I don't know, maybe you are right."

    Amy looked at the two and thought there was a strange chemistry between them. Obviously Christian felt he knew the girl. "We need to focus, guys. Sidney might be showing up any second. Guess we might all be on his list now."

    Christian nodded. He checked his wrist computer and quickly instructed the federated version of the AI to hack the campus Wifi. The resident version was a pale shadow of the real deal, but it was an AI still a thousand time more powerful than anything that existed in 2019. He downloaded the map and plugged into news streams and alert systems.

    "This thing still works?" Amy asked.

    "Emergency mode. Turns on in case the network fails. Which barely ever happens. But yes, this thing still works." He smiled. "Would be worth billions in this ... time." He had to remember he was not time traveling, but jumping from one reality to another.

    "How many people can we get in with this card of yours?" Annie asked Amy and the other woman shrugged. "Dunno. Maybe just me. Maybe all of us."

    They arrived at the auditorium and Christian spotted the familiar faces of Andy and Wong. Younger versions of them.

    "Can they do something to us? The guys running the simulation?" Amy asked.

    Christian shook his head. "Not here. We are in the eye of the storm. Right in the blind spot they cannot see." He nodded to Andy Chang.

    "That is Chang. He owns the company running the sim in 29. I guess he will begin the project right here, today. So whoever is behind the simulation, we need to keep our eyes open. That person might be among the guests." Christian sighed.

    "I met him earlier today." Amy said and was surprised to see the man again so soon.

    "So we look for someone behaving like a God in hiding." Annie laughed. Amy gave her a serious look.

    "A lot of people here. We must hope they reveal themselves." Amy sighed and approached the security. At least some armed guys were here to handle Sidney. Also Annie implied guns would not be as useful as they hoped.

    "Three." Amy said to the security guard and the man looked at her card.

    "Only for two." The man replied.

    Amy gave him her sweetest smile. "Mr. Chang said I should bring Mr. Borg here. So I assumed that was a plus two invite."

    The security guard shook his head. "Sorry Ma'am, but I got my orders."

    "Andy!" Christian shouted out and waved his hand. Andy looked over and saw Christian, but his eyebrows curled. Then he saw Amy and he excused himself and quickly jumped down the stage.

    "Ms. Cross, Amy. I did not know you would join another presentation today." He greeted her. He was so much more relaxed than his 2029 counterpart, wearing a shirt and smiling. He gave Annie a smile. Then he turned to Christian. "Changed your mind?" Andy smiled and clapped his shoulder. "Member." He just said to the security.

    Annie looked down, avoiding attention. As far as it was possible for a cute Asian girl with pink hair. It was probably exactly why Andy gave her suddenly his attention. Christian was too confused by Andy seemingly knowing who he was to intervene. "How terribly familiar this face is. Interesting company you keep nowadays." Andy turned to him and then smiled to Amy and finally Annie.

    "What is your name, honey?" He asked and tried to be charming. Something he had little experience in obviously.

    "Annie." She said and looked at Chang. Their eyes met and his were strangely familiar. An eternity of a moment passed.

    "Please let them in." Andy finally said to the security and then nodded. "Enjoy the show." He smiled and returned to the stage. The three were allowed to enter and the auditorium was half filled. Mostly men in T-Shirts. No journalists. They looked like geeks to Amy. Like friends of ... shaking the thought off she smiled and turned to the other two.

    "None of them looks like a God." Annie said almost disappointed. Then turned to Christian. "How does he know you?"

    "No idea. I think he has mistaken me for someone else ..." Christian smiled to hide his confusion. The current version of himself would be a teenager. Certainly not someone to mistake for him. He lead the way to spot where they would oversee the room. For him this looked like Software people. Programmers. Architects. Many were wearing WebSummit or Ethertron T-Shirts. One had a Half Life 3 shirt on. A gamer joke. The game that Valve never made. A child was sitting in the front row. Christian wondered if Andy had kids. He could not recall. The kid looked Eurasian.

    "Guess the q&a might reveal our guy." Annie finally said. She was right.

    "Christian? If you attend, you should be up here." Andy smiled from the stage and waved him to join. Christian was take. By surprise, looked at the girls and saw Amy nod. If Christian wanted not to blow their cover he had to improvise she decided.

    Christian smiled and walked up to the stage. Something neither of both girls gave attention to probably.

    Amy saw a familiar face or two. People Quentin had introduced her to. He would have been here. It would have been the kind of hyped insider event he was always so proud to be introduced to.

    "Are you alright?" Annie asked her this time. The girl had a very empathic nature.

    "My dead boyfriend would have loved this." She said with a sad smile. Annie nodded. They turned forward and Christian entered the stage. Wong gave him a nod and sighed. "Could have told us." He said to Christian.

    "Sorry, was rather spontaneous." Christian gave him a tortured smile. Then he turned to the girls and shrugged. He had the feeling of loosing control. More so than even before.

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    Aug 21, 2018

    UCLA, Westwood

    Andy Chang was very different. He was relaxed, easy-going and down to earth. Christian saw him help technicians setting things up, talking to an internee. He was as far away from a man in an ivory tower as he could be. But it was Andy Chang. Sharp. Decisive. Ambitious.

    Wong stepped next to Christian and looked at him. "You got an interesting date there. How did you find her?"

    "What are you doing here?" The voice hissed from behind. Roy Johnson was sitting right behind Annie and looked a mix between angry and relieved. "I think you got something that belongs to me!" He smiled at her.

    Amy probably did not pay attention to any of both events as Adrian Morrel entered the auditorium and looked around, spotting her and winking at her before casually walking to the front row and taking a VIP spot.

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    Outside Doom Bar, Culver City

    Sidney had not answered the question about who he worked for, but gave her a look instead that pretty clearly seemed to say she would not understand. Instead he walked away.

    As she asked about Portman he reacted one last time.

    Sidney stopped a moment and then looked back. He did not raise his gun, just shook his head. "That was the actress, right?" He asked and then shrugged. "Remember her. Early one. I was still figuring it all out. Well. Same reason I kill them all. They are on the list. Naming the targets is not my part, I just hunt them down." He turned again. "Hope I did not get you on the list now." He said and walked away, putting his hands with the now reloaded gun, into his hoodie and leaving the scene with a coolness and air of good mood. It was unsurprising nobody had ever considered him suspicious. He just appeared to be not the guy killing people for days.

    Inside Doom Bar, Culver City

    "We could go upstairs." Ms. Sturm reluctantly said and still cowered behind her bar. "We ... I live upstairs." She pointed to the stairs at the left end of the room. A simple wooden door said "staff only".

    Strange thing was, Detective Gravely was almost sure the door had not been there a minute ago. Three cops could not have overlooked it. Ms. Sturm looked at her expecting a reaction. And just as the scene seemed to be tense enough ... the computer blinked and a single sentence appeared on screen.


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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Agent Mary Formal, sitting next to a dented Taurus
    Location: Corner of Duquesne and Jefferson, Culver City

    Sidney's silhouette paused above her, allowing her to enjoy his ass some more.

    Real or not, alien or not, she was a woman and could find some value in how a guy's butt filled his jeans.

    He'll likely call this a personality subroutine, she thought to herself, pain shooting through her as she slightly leaned to the left, compensating for those buns angling away from her as he half turned to his right to face her.

    A vaguely-recalled line from a Buffy the Vampire Slayer, from a sleazeball guy to Buffy and that black Slayer, Kendra, popped into her head from long-term memory, and just rolled out of her mouth: "Have you ever considered art photography? Nothing sexual. Purely classy stuff."

    He just shook his head. Which was a relief, as she didn't have the means or skill-set to follow through on the offer.

    "That was the actress, right?" He asked and then shrugged.

    "Actress?" Mary was momentarily puzzled, then. "Oh, Ms Portman. Yeah, yeah, the actress."

    "Remember her. Early one. I was still figuring it all out. Well. Same reason I kill them all. They are on the list. Naming the targets is not my part, I just hunt them down." He turned again. "Hope I did not get you on the list now."

    She breathed a deep sigh of relief as he walked away, putting his hands and his gun into his hoodie and leaving the scene with a coolness and air of good mood.

    Watching him walk away, she was unsurprised that nobody had ever considered him suspicious. She didn't think she would just open the door to him, enough that he could walk into her home, like Mrs Decker had, but she could definitely appreciate that he just did not appear to be a prolific serial killer.

    When they brought him to justice, or when she mowed him down with the LAPD SWAT tank, he would definitely have neighbours proclaiming about how he was the nicest guy, kept himself to himself, always helped to carry shopping from the car. She was willing to put money on it.

    For now, the UNCLE agent had an idea as to how they could get a line on who was sending him his targets. But first, she was going to need a phone of her own, to call Detective Ramirez, and get him to contact the local telecommunications provider.

    She looked around herself, ahead, beyond where Sidney had squatted, Papa Smith was facedown in the road.

    A bit too far for her to crawl over and check him for a phone.

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