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Saga In Love and War - ROTJ-AU - H/L, L/V - Completed!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by LadyPadme, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. TorontoJediMaster

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    Oct 14, 2001
    Good post...for H/L mush.

    It seems that Han's reasons are again self-pit. He doesn't feel he's good enough for Leia. Well, why doesn't he try and change? You know...try and take an interest in other things that Leia's involved in: like government? Or diplomacy? Or The Force? Or at least try a different wardrobe?

    Ever wonder what Han's closet looks like? Is it a dozen white shirts with an extra black vest and two extra pairs of black pants? Or, does he just have the one set that he wears all the time and puts his pajamas on when it's time for laundry? :D

    I'm still waiting for his reaction to Leia owning the Falcon. I still say she should get back at him by "redecorating" it. Maybe a new pink paint job? :D

    Did Luke ever tell Leia about him saying Anakin with Obi-Wan and Yoda on Endor?

  2. LadyPadme

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    Sep 26, 2002

    NETTYTHEPRINCESS: Thank you! Glad you liked Han's explanation.

    LovelyLea: I loved Leia's answer "you better mean it scoundrel!"

    - You wouldn't expect any less of Leia, would you? ;)

    Miska: Yes...they have been put through the wringer, haven't they?

    Tycalibur: * grins * I love those movies when Han/Indy get decked. :D

    TiaRaye: Thank you...and thanks for reading Convalescence as well :)

    DarthMasan: Wow, twice? Thank you! [face_love]

    KatarnLead: :D

    FreighterPilot: :( Unfortunately, yes, all good things must come to an end...

    Solo_Fan: Will talk about the Falcon briefly in next post...

    Puggy: For the past ten minutes, I've been sitting there, thinking, "Okay, with only one post left, how much havoc can LP wreak? How much evilness can there be in one, last post?"

    - Puggy, I just laughed out loud when I read that. I'm so tickled that I can scare people even now...

    Kab730: Thanks!

    JediArwen: :D Yes, men can be so foolish, can't they?

    Gabri_Jade: Thanks for the baklava.

    - I must say that you and your wannabe are making me dizzy with this icon chase...

    Jedi-2B: * grins * Don't worry! Since I didn't properly introduce Acktan, it's my fault!

    GreatOne: Wow! supercalifragilisticespialadocious? Cool!

    jade51999: * grins * Were you sitting there with a baseball bat ready to thwack Han if he said one wrong word?

    Sunshine: Sunny! Welcome back! Where did you go and how was your trip?

    J_Girl: So, you'd accept Han Solo's marriage proposal? Stand in line, sweetie...

    Kirana_Ti: You LIKE Mon Mothma? :confused:

    Bri_Windstar: * grins * I'm glad you liked those last two posties, Bri, dear. :D

    RebelMom: Ahhh, but if they were smart about these things, this story would have been a LOT shorter ;)

    EmilieDarklighter: Have I satisfied your longing for H/L to get together? Thanks!

    TorontoJediMaster: * face surprised * I thought you were going to sit this out and gag on the mushfest!

    - Ummm...sorry, Luke telling Leia about seeing Anakin on Endor with Yoda and Ben would be an off-screen kinda deal. But...

    And we wrap this up tomorrow night!

  3. EmilieDarklighter

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    Jan 19, 2002
    You have, dearest! Thank you so much! *grins* I shall have to read your other fics now. This is just marvelous. I've never liked Han and Leia so much. :D

    *waits eagerly for grand finale*

    Cookies, anyone?
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    Feb 15, 2003
    One more post? NOOOOO!
    This chapter was really a treat. You're one amazing lady, LadyP
  5. Gabri_Jade

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    Nov 9, 2002
    - I must say that you and your wannabe are making me dizzy with this icon chase...

    *grins* Yeah, me too. I'm sure I'll get tired of it before she does. But in the meantime, there are so many pretty icons I haven't tried. :p

    *takes a cookie* Thanks, Mei-Emmi! Here, have some baklava courtesy of JediArwen's generosity. :D

    *waits for final post with bated breath* :D
  6. LadyPadme

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    Sep 26, 2002

    Emmi: Mmmm....cookies! Thanks sweetie!

    RogueSticks: Thank you!

    Gabri_Jade: * laughs * I used to change my icon once a week until I found this one, and I really fell in love with it. Now, I'll have to do icon changing through my sock...

    All right, boys and girls, coming right up is the FINAL POST. It's been great, guys!

  7. LadyPadme

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    Sep 26, 2002
    Chapter Seventy-Seven

    (From the Galactic Associated Press)

    [blockquote]Princess Leia Marries Corellian Hero of the Republic

    (Orowood, Coruscant, Core Sector) ? Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan, 25 is to marry General Han Solo, 34 of Corellia today in a celebrity-studded ceremony at the Alderaanian Embassy on Coruscant. The marriage between these two heroes of the New Republic is expected to be the Galactic wedding of the century.

    Princess Leia Organa was next in line for the Alderaanian throne before the destruction of her home planet of Alderaan five years ago. She was the youngest Senator ever to serve in the Imperial Senate, where she frequently campaigned for Galactic aid to underserved regions and championed several Senate bills authorizing greater individual freedom under the Imperial Code. She later became a key member of the Rebel Alliance and, at great risk to her life delivered the secret plans of the first Death Star to the then Alliance headquarters on Yavin IV, aiding in the destruction of the Imperial base. She served with the Alliance until the destruction of the second Death Star and is believed to have been instrumental in the coup d?etat, which killed Emperor Palpatine. She served briefly as chief aide to Mon Mothma, the Provisional President of the New Republic but has recently resigned her work. She would not comment on future plans at this time; however, she is also a Jedi Knight and has not ruled out the possibility that she may pursue Jedi-related activities in the future. After the ceremony, she will take the name Leia Organa-Solo.

    Princess Leia was the adopted daughter of Viceroy Bail Organa (dec) of Alderaan, one of the master architects of the Corellian Treaty, which formed the Alliance. New information about her natural parents has also recently come to light: She is the daughter of Anakin Skywalker, who was better known by the title Lord Darth Vader (dec) and Padmé Amidala Naberrie (dec), former Queen of Naboo, and later Senator of Naboo and finally Vicereine of Alderaan. She has one twin brother, Commander Luke Skywalker (ret.) 25 of Tatooine, who was the hero of the Battle of Yavin. Cmdr. Skywalker served on the Rogue Squadron for several years. He was also instrumental in the overthrow of Emperor Palpatine. He is a Jedi Knight and has recently resigned his commission from Rogue Squadron to form a new Jedi Academy, which he is establishing in an as-yet undisclosed location.

    General Han Solo, a native of Coronet on Corellia was a graduate of the Imperial Naval Academy on Carida where he graduated as class valedictorian in ?14. He had a brief career in the Imperial Navy after which he was discharged; he spent several years as an intragalactic entrepreneur, running his own shipping business. He was one of the heroes of the Battle of Yavin, where he aided Cmdr. Skywalker in the destruction of the first Death Star. He then served the Alliance in many unofficial capacities for several years before being captured on Bespin and becoming a prisoner of war. He was incarcerated on Tatooine for 13 months before he was rescued by several Alliance members including Princess Leia, Cmdr. Skywalker and General Lando Calrissian. Subsequently, he joined the Alliance; he was given the rank of General and was originally chosen to lead the strike team on the moon of Endor to disable the shield generator for the second Death Star. He resigned his commission instead to join the strike team that went undercover on the Death Star and aided in the overthrow of Emperor Palpatine; for his work aiding the Alliance, the rank of General was reinstated following the Battle of Endor. Currently, General Solo is working as diplomatic liaison for the New Republic.

    General Solo was orphaned in early childhood and his family origins are unknown.

    Princess Leia is expected to be escorted up the nuptial aisle by her brother, Commander Skywalker. The bridal party is to be comprised of Winter D?altaire of Alderaan as maid of honor, with General Ryesa Senturi of Ryloth and Commander Rarayn
  8. LadyPadme

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    Sep 26, 2002
    So?.what did you all think of it?

    Another behemoth bites the dust :)

    Well?it?s been great having you guys all along these last six months. When I started this fic, I was hoping to get a few more readers than I had for Of Spies and Sabacc and now that this is completed, I find myself overwhelmed by the support I?ve received. I?ve had such a good time writing this and I hope everyone had a good time reading it.

    Again, I was amazed by the range of countries represented by everyone who came in here: US, Canada, Costa Rica, Brazil, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Israel, Australia and New Zealand. It?s really cool how a global village can pop up on the Internet like this. I was so excited to have met you all.

    So, now, I?d like to thank everyone who?s popped up into this thread. You guys made the effort to reply, so I?m going to thank everyone who?s replied in the order of your appearance on this thread:

    Knight_Ander: My first poster! Thank you for coming into the story.

    Diabla: Merci beaucoup! Thanks for reading!

    starwoid: Thank you for coming in?interesting how those sticky threads actually worked.

    DarthMasan: Tincri ? how lovely to have you in this fic all this time?and all the way from Costa Rica, too! Your enthusiasm has been really uplifting and inspiring. Thank you!

    LovelyLea: Great to see you here after Of Spies and Sabacc. Thank you for your continued support!

    Amsie: * LP bows low before her sovereign * Thank you for coming in to read this, your Majesty?and the fact that this fic is what led me to join the Handmaidens makes me even more grateful that you came? :D

    HanSolo29: Another old supporter from OSAS! Thank you for coming to read this fic, too!

    [hl=black]Kab730[/hl]: Thank you for coming?it was great to see you here from OSAS, too. :)

    [hl=green]RebelMom[/hl]: * grins * Mom, I don?t know what I would have done without you. Your support from OSAS was what kept me writing way back when you would sometimes be my only reader. Thank you so much! And have a great time on your trip. Hope to see you in some fics in the future.

    [hl=blue]inez_the_swampgirl[/hl]: I know DRL really caught you this spring, but thanks for coming in to read. It?s always great to see you around.

    [hl=purple]Gabri_Jade[/hl]: * grins * My dear, dear evil twin. If anything, I?m so happy I wrote this fic because this is how I got to meet you. You?ve become such a great friend over these last six months, and your support and your insights and your great sense of humor have been just wonderful. Could anyone find a more cool evil twin to share an evil master brain? Here?s to more wackiness and fun and a lot more fanfics between us! :D

    [hl=red]Leela[/hl]: Thank you so much for coming into this fic. After reading your wonderful stories I?m so impressed by your writing abilities ? and I?m so flattered that you would spend the time to read mine. It?s been great having you along.

    [hl=orange]Sologal[/hl]: Another friend from OSAS. And another fellow Han and Leia lover. It?s been great having you back for this fic, too.

    [hl=yellow]vader_incarnate[/hl]: Elli * bounces up and down excitedly * It?s been so much fun having you come in for this fic. I hope you?ve conquered Darth Chemistry Homework and we?ll see more of you in the summer. Perhaps I can finally challenge you to that chopstick duel?. :p

    [hl=cyan]Shloz[/hl]: Thank you for coming in to read this fic. Your comments and constructive criticism have really made me re-examine my writing, so I have to thank you for that as well.

    [hl=black]malaika[/hl]: Thank you for
  9. crystalrain

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    Jan 28, 2003
    *melts into puddle*

    Awwww! That's so sweet! And awww! *sniffle* [face_love]

    Great post, LP, but I'm gonna miss this story :_|
  10. LovelyLea

    LovelyLea Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jan 17, 2001
    Wow! Wow! and double WOW! Now THAT is the wedding scene we should have seen in the EU! (yeah, right) Absolutely great job! I am looking forward to your sequel! :) Thank you so much LP for sharing your talent for writing with us! It is a real joy to read your H/L stories! :)
  11. TiaRaye

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    Jun 3, 2003
    AHHHHHHH!!!! CrystalRain beat me!!!!

    EEEKKKKK!!!! So did LovelyLea while I was posting!

    Beautiful ending, LP. We finally got the happy ending we've waited for so long. Wow. I'm really sad to see this end. I'll be waiting for the next one!

    Thank you fo your great storytelling, your creativity and attention to detail. Thank you for all the evil Cliffies, and the payoffs. And for all the fabulous food you've left out!

    Congratulations on finishing such a formidable piece of work. I bow to you over and over!!!!!
  12. Sunshine

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    Feb 15, 2003
    Puggy: and LP updated In Love and War
    Sunshine: woo hoo!- *wait* IT'S OVER, THEN?!?!?!
    Puggy: uh huh
    Sunshine: *sobs* i don't think i can take it!
    Puggy: hehe
    Sunshine: *is serious*
    Sunshine: AHHH I'M READING IT!

    Lando laughed. ?Calm down, Han! It?s just a wedding! Billions?trillions of men have gone through this before you, and they?ve all survived! Come on! You?ve made it through the Death Star twice! This should be a piece of Corellian Cake for you!?

    Han snarled at Lando. ?Yeah, you shut up, too, Lando! Wait ?til it?s your turn.?

    Lando sighed elaborately. ?Well, seeing as there?s only one lovely Leia in the Galaxy, that might never happen?unless I can manage to convince her in the next half hour that she?s making the biggest mistake of her life getting tied up to a loser like you!?

    *dies laughing* Oh, wow, that broke the freaking-out-ness for me. *exhales* Broke the ice. Woo.

    Oh, God, I love Lando. He's hysterical.

    No, wait, Lando's funny, I'm hysterical, and not in the 'ha-ha' sense.

    So, Han's with the guys, and Leia's with Winter and that Rarayne (Vavoom!)... and where's the baby? Rydor? Ryyyyyyyyyydor! (Rydor rhymes with Endor, BTW)


    Because the wedding is beginning! *scream* I AM SO EXCITED!

    Boy, I must be scaring y'all.

    *gasp* It's Yoda! And Beeennnnnnnnnnn!

    And Ani! OMG, it's Ani! Her Daddy! *sniffles* Her daddy came to the ceremony.

    Holy snap.

    Oh my god, it's PADMÉ!!!!!!!!!!


    And nothing bad happened! No bad guy appeared with a gun to blow them all away to avenge someone, no ex-husband came out of the woodwork, no crazed old girlfriend, no bad guys, no NOTHING! IT WAS ALL GOOD!

    *throws arms around LP* LP, I love you and I forgive you for putting me through all the misery I had to endure through that fic! They're married! And happy! And no one freaking died!


    See, now I'm scared.

    Oh, Lord, it's Mara again. Me no like Mara. She paralyzed Han. Sure, Han got unparalyzed, but my grudge against Mara holds.

    Oh, it was a dream.

    I hate the force, 'cause it means that dream must mean something. Rats.

    MORE BABIES! Rydor and now we have Jaina and Jacen! COOL!

    Hi, Leia.

    And she's preggers! Jeez!

    *pauses* Well, if Han Solo was my husband...

    *waves* Hi, Han.

    A Mara story? Well, LP, with you writing it, I have no fear. Hey, you could make me into a Mara fan. Stranger things have happened...
  13. Sunshine

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    Feb 15, 2003
    *grumbles* stupid double post...
  14. Puggy

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    Oct 1, 2002
    Sunshine: OH MY GOD
    Puggy: SHUT UP
    Puggy: i'm NOT THERE YET
    Sunshine: I FINISHED IT!

    LP, you definitely had the two of us on the edges of our seats, hehe. Now, onto my comments, woohoo...:

    Princess Leia Marries Corellian Hero of the Republic

    Again, I find myself thinking there's gotta be a "catch" here, LOL.

    She served briefly as chief aide to Mon Mothma, the Provisional President of the New Republic but has recently resigned her work.

    I would, too, if I was stuck working for Mon Mothma. I can't imagine it exactly being the greatest job around.

    he spent several years as an intragalactic entrepreneur, running his own shipping business.

    Fancy name for smuggling, right? *Giggles* That's a great way to put it.

    All the sections were prepared for the waiting guests except for the North section, which was purposely left empty?that section was reserved for the dead; for the departed ancestors of the bridal couple?and in this case, in honor of those who died in Alderaan?s destruction. This was an ancient Alderaanian custom that predated even the dawn of space travel between the worlds of the Galaxy.

    Awww... That's a pretty neat tradition and a great touch.

    ?Just that if you hurt my sister I?ll take out your kidneys with the Force,? Luke said, deadpan.

    Haha! That's what brothers are for, heehee. Come to think of it, that's got to hurt... *Shudders at the thought of having her kidneys removed via Luke's Force powers*

    ?Come on, you?re marrying Leia?you love her, she loves you, you have a beautiful son together, and she even gave you the Falcon back as a wedding present when she should have tanned your sorry hide, so it must be true love?what?s there to be nervous about?? Lando asked.

    Aw, how cute! She gave the Falcon back.. Yay!

    but it was Leia who really captivated everyone?s attention as she entered. She wore a beautiful dress of white Alderaanian lace over a cerulean blue sheath. She wore no veil but had a lovely hairpiece of white and blue silken flowers beaded with Mon Calamari pearls and clear corusca gems. Leia?s glorious chestnut tresses were piled onto her head behind the hairpiece and her hair was elaborately coifed and curled with tiny corusca gems sparkling within the curls.

    Wow. I want a wedding dress like that... Although I'm sure the Alderaanian lace and Mon Calamari pearls might be difficult to find in this galaxy...

    Tears brimmed in Leia?s eyes as she looked upon her mother?s face for the first time in nearly twenty years.

    Oh my goodness! That's so... *Sniff* How incredible! The part about Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Anakin being there's great... But I think having Leia's mother there is really the icing on the already delicious cake. :)

    ...Han and Leia had eyes only for each other. With their hearts in their eyes, they pledged their love to each other again as their lips met for their first wedded kiss.

    *Melts into a big puddle*

    *Throws streamers and confetti and all that other good stuff* She gave us a happy ending! A beautiful wedding--it was all so perfect. I really am glad you went the happy-route; it gave a triumphant, "Look what we went through--and we're still together" feel to the story. Of course I would have liked any ending--happy, sad, angsty, or anything--but the wedding scene was a positive, lovely note on which to end.

    Well, LP, I almost can't believe this story's over. It's hard to think that a story I've been following about half a year has drawn to a close. What on Earth am I going to do on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays? Those need to be your posting days for The Jade Prophecy, which looks quite interesting, I must say. When you start posting it, I'll definitely be reading. :)

    So, what else can I say? I feel I need to give a really big, sufficient reply, without absolutely scaring you/driving you insane. LOL. I truly had an absolute blast reading this story, LP. Through all the ups and downs, you ne
  15. jade51999

    jade51999 Jedi Knight star 5

    Nov 5, 1999
    awesome ! last post..
    and LP i enjoy your writing very much..look forward to the sequal *grin*

    it was a pleasure reading

  16. Jedi-2B

    Jedi-2B Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 2, 2000
    Gosh, you don't do things halfway, do you? The whole story was extraordinary, but your wrap-up was unbelievable. Loved the press release on the lucky couple. This was my favorite line: ...he spent several years as an intragalactic entrepreneur, running his own shipping business. Well, that's one way of putting it. And I liked Chewie as 'best Wookiee.' :)

    Lovely ceremony -- MUCH better than The Courtship of Princess Leia had. And THEN, you personally thank each person who ever replied. Woohoo! I've never been called a maven before. ;)

    And last, but certainly not least, a preview of a Mara/Luke sequel. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Now I just need to catch up on reading Convalescence.

    Thank YOU, LP, for many hours of reading enjoyment.
  17. GreatOne

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    May 22, 2003
    Lovely ending! I am sooo glad everything ended happy! And I LOVED the "press release" version of Han's life! That was a hoot! Leia must have paid the reported BIG TIME to gloss over the shady parts of Han's past! LOL ---- You are a wonderful writer, and I look forward to your next story!
  18. Gabri_Jade

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    Nov 9, 2002
    [hl=aqua] YOU DID IT!!! [/hl]

    *grabs LP and swings her around* Woo-hoo! Lovely, Jieh! :D

    ?Just that if you hurt my sister I?ll take out your kidneys with the Force,? Luke said, deadpan.

    My favorite line. That's one of the most inventive threats I've ever heard. :D And you put up the first chapter of Jade Prophecy!!! Woo-hoo again! *cackles evilly at H/L fans on the thread* You know you'll be brought to L/M fandom if LP is writing them. Even Sunshine said LP could make her a Mara fan. *narrows eyes* Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.


    *blinks at huge thank you list* I knew you had lots of readers, but I didn't know it was that many! :eek: You're so popular! :D And well deserved, too. :) *hugs evil twin* *sniffles* The story where we first met is over..... *grins* But now we share an evil master brain. We must use that to our advantage. [face_devil]

    *hands LP cheesecake, Diet Coke, and huge bouquet of long-stemmed roses* (I'd say red, but this way you can make them whatever color you like. ;) )

    Cannot wait for The Jade Prophecy! :D *bounces excitedly*

  19. VadeyFan2002

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    Sep 30, 2002
    Thank you for this lovely fic and congrats on finishing it.

    *he spent several years as an intragalactic entrepreneur, running his own shipping business* What a description for smuggler! [face_laugh]

    Luke dreaming of confronting Mara, who wear a `white dress´ for that occasion, What a telling dream.

    In the end he will not only be able to say he married the woman of his dreams, quite literately, but that of his nightmares too.

  20. StonedRose

    StonedRose Jedi Master star 2

    Jan 20, 2001
    Oh, wow, that was fantastic. Finally, a wedding!! Ha ha, loved the press release. Great ending to a great story. And a sequel?? Yaaay! So I guess it's not really the end after all! I so look forward to reading more of your stuff in the future. :)

    And thanks for proving that big fics *can* be completed. I know you've given fresh hope to a whole gaggle of us. :)
  21. jedi-lelila

    jedi-lelila Jedi Master star 3

    Jun 14, 2003

    CHAPTER 75:
    I know, I know, I know...I do that "Once is enough Princess" bit in practically every H/L I do...I just can't resist! I figure you H/L'ers on the board won't mind as long as it leads to mush
    Don't worry LP I don't mind AT ALL. I melt into puddle anytime I read these lines!!

    And I really loved the towel part ?What are you staring at?? Leia shouted. ?There?s nothing here you haven?t seen before!? [face_love] [face_love]

    CHAPTER 76:
    At the beginning I thought that Han was already left, leaving Leia ALONE one more time.
    BUT I learned ONE thing about you, you evil lady, you love torturing us : so I waited thirty more seconds before screaming :D

    I'm glad Leia let Han explain himself; at least we now can see Han's magnanimity quite well :)
    I liked it You made a great job there LP

    ?You said you?d make it all up to me?you?d better mean it you damned scoundrel!?

    And now they're ENGAGED *bounces, dances and serves Champagne*
    And to think that I was ready to leave the forum because of the unbearable waiting of this wonderful moment, I'm glad I stayed. ;) :D
    That worthed it, it was far better than any "traditional" proposal [face_love] You knew how to made it unforgettable.

    You did make a great job there Ladypadme it's just a pity that there is only one post left

    PS: I hated what Mothma did to both Han and Leia. :mad: They didn't deserve it!!!!!!

    CHAPTER 77:
    "she even gave you the Falcon back as a wedding present" [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh] *wipes tears of laughter* That was hillarous, I loved this line (my favourite)
    That was the wedding ceremony..... awwwwww that was marvellous, wonderful, beautiful, magic, awesome, imposing, sublime ... *browses desesperately through her dictionnary to find others words* err majestic. Well, at the same level as their love for each other. I'm sorry I can't do better to explain how I feel, I'm still shaken by what I've just read. I'm moved.
    And EVERYBODY was here even Padme. I wasn't surprised that Yoda, Obi-Wan and Anakin were "present" to the ceremony but Padme TOO to give Han and Leia their blessing!!
    You did do right there LP
    You wonderfully describe the wedding If only mine could be so.... perfect :D :D ;)

    he spent several years as an intragalactic entrepreneur, running his own shipping business That's a far better euphemism for smuggler than free trader, no? :D :D

    to summarize all 77 chapters you made a wonderful and awesome stuff (I'm tempted to say as usual :) ;) )


    You began a new story ?[face_plain] you never stop!!
    I'll begin to read it right now
  22. RebelMom

    RebelMom Jedi Knight star 6

    Apr 20, 2000
    Beautiful ending. Loved the press release. I liked the visual of the empty seats for family - sad in a way but really wonderful. You tell him, Luke. Han ain't gonna get away with hurting Leia - not that he'd try.

    Sequel! Yes! Am I interested? Need you even ask? *bounces*

  23. returnofthejeni

    returnofthejeni Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 29, 2003
    I've been a lurker on this story, but I just have to tell you that this is one of the best stories I've EVER read!!
    I always looked forward to when you posted, and the way you write, it leaves me speachless! I can't wait for your sequal!!!
  24. EmilieDarklighter

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    Jan 19, 2002
    *huge grin*

    Before I start on that wonderful sneak-preview we got, I must say something about the MARVELOUS ending to this story.

    Wonderful wonderful wonderful, Jieh! I love the way you started it with a news article. (It gave me plenty of ideas for something, actually.) Very creative! And Luke's protectiveness before the wedding...*smirks a la Mara* :D All in all, a wonderful ending to a wonderful story. Now I'll have to go back and finish a few posts that I had to skip over to catch up. ;) :p

    Now, as for The Jade Prophecy...


    LP, believe me when I say I have no doubt you'll write Mara just fine. Better than fine, actually, with me an' Jieh 2 around. How could you not? ;) Hey, it's you! ;)

    Okay, okay, bad joke. :p


    *examines title* There was a prophecy about her, eh? *begins preliminary speculations* I love stories about prophecies, when written well. They're so interesting. *grins*

    Oh, and I love seeing how you're having the other Solo kids in there. Jacen and Jaina, and Leia is expecting...Anakin, I'm assuming? When I first heard about Rydor, I wondered if you were going to create a completely different set of children for Han and Leia.

    *hugs* LOVE YOU!
  25. LadyPadme

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    Sep 26, 2002

    Quickly grabs post 2200!

    :D :D :D :D :D