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  1. LadyPadme

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    Sep 26, 2002
    Disclaimer: All characters in the Star Wars universe are the sole property of George Lucas. Just borrowing from his creations for entertainment purposes; i.e. George owns the playground and I'm just playing in the sandbox.

    Summary: Set just before the Alliance moves its base to Hoth, a wealthy Rebel benefactor requests help in uncovering a spy, and Leia is asked to take the investigation mission, but there's a twist: She has to be married, first.

    Author's Note: I was hoping that I'd have much more story ready by now, but unfortunately, my muse has been VERY uncooperative. Therefore, for now, I'll be posting once a week, generally on Tuesdays. The first post is set today in honor of Valentine's Day, and the next post will be on Tuesday, February 15, then weekly thereafter, as long as I have posts available.

    - Oh and another note: This story (like Convalescence) was inspired by J_Girl's wonderful Of Love and Marriage. Enjoy!
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    Aug 11, 2004
    Told you I was camping out! [face_laugh]

    Can't wait!

  3. LadyPadme

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    Sep 26, 2002

    Chapter One

    ?Princess,? General Rieekan greeted as the door to the conference room slid open. ?We have a visitor.?

    Princess Leia Organa paused in the doorway and glanced toward the other occupants seated at the table. Most of the usual suspects were there: Rieekan, Mon Mothma, and General Dodonna, but there was also another man at the table, someone whom Leia didn?t recognize, but whom she realized must be someone of importance as she glanced toward his entourage of four elaborately dressed guards.

    The visitor was a distinguished looking man in his late forties or early fifties. He had handsome features and some wings of silver in his dark hair and he was dressed in an elegant but understated manner. He smiled and rose when she entered the room.

    ?Hello,? Leia said extending her hand forward with an uncertain smile. ?I?m Leia Organa.?

    ?Princess Leia,? the visitor said as he bent over and kissed her hand. ?What a pleasure to meet you at last. I?m Zorel Pradian.?

    ?Zorel?? Leia started and then paused. ?You mean you?re??

    ?This is His Majesty, the King of Visuvius,? General Rieekan clarified.

    ?The pleasure?s mine,? Leia said with a genuine smile this time. The Visuvius Cluster was one of the Alliance?s greatest clandestine supporters. Over the past few years the king had donated trillions in credits as well as several starfighters and cruisers to the Alliance?s cause, and more than once, he?d given aid that had helped the Alliance out of some very sticky situations. ?Welcome, Your Majesty.?

    The king shook his head. ?My dear, please don?t stand on ceremony with me. Please call me Zorel. I had the pleasure of meeting your father a few years ago?an admirable man. Please allow me to convey my condolences on his untimely death.?

    ?Thank you,? Leia said softly, adding, ?What brings you here??

    ?Actually, my dear, I was rather hoping the Alliance might be able to help me.?

    Swiftly, Leia looked around the room at the others wondering if the king had already told them what he wanted. She had a sudden feeling of foreboding. Whenever their allies demanded quid pro quo it was always trouble.

    ?It?s not that bad, my dear,? the king said with a chuckle. ?I?m not asking you to return a starfighter or anything. However, I do need some assistance. You see, for some time, I?ve suspected that there?s a spy within my court?someone who is feeding information about our activities to the Emperor. I came to request your help in uncovering this spy.?

    ?Oh, I see,? Leia said, feeling vastly relieved. ?I?m sure the Alliance would be willing to offer you every assistance in??

    Her words trailed off as she realized that everyone else sitting around the conference table seemed to be looking at her in an expectant manner.

    ?What is it?? she asked warily.

    There was an awkward silence around the table for several seconds before Mon Mothma said: ?With your years of diplomatic experience we thought that you would be the best candidate to run this mission.?

    ?Oh,? Leia said noncommittally. While she had run many successful missions on behalf of the Alliance and generally welcomed such assignments, there was something in the faces of those around her that made her very uneasy about accepting this assignment. ?Why do I get the feeling there?s something you aren?t telling me??

    ?Well, there is a catch,? General Rieekan said. ?For starters, you?d have to go to Visuvius, and you might be there for some time.?

    Before Leia could respond to that, the intercom chimed. ?General, Captain Solo is here.?

    ?Good. Send him in,? Rieekan said.

    A moment later, the door slid open and Han Solo entered the conference room. ?Princess, Generals, Mon Mothma,? he greeted. He looked around the room toward King Zorel. ?And???

    ?Your Majesty, this is Captain Han Solo,? Rieekan said. ?Han, this is His Majesty, King Zorel of Visuvius.?

    Han sat down on the chair nearest him, which also happened to be the one next to where Leia sat. He inclined his
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    Jun 10, 2003
    LadyPadme: It's great to see you writing H/L stories again!!! I'm sure Leia will be thrilled about what you've concocted for her in this little tale. Just what every girl dreams of--a sham marriage so that she can go undercover! Then again, she is marrying Han--not a dream she would admit to having, but I'm sure they'll find a way to work it out (after considerable angst, of course). ;) Good start!
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    Glad to see you finally had time to start this one up, LP! I'm sure this mission will cause all sorts of problems for poor Leia - especially the whole marriage thing. ;)

    And interesting cover art - I like! :D
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    So fast! :eek: Eeeep!

    Imagine my surprise when I found this...of course it was those cool colors that drew my eye ;) ( [face_love] Very romantic/valentiney [face_love] ) Saw it and jumped for joy. [face_dancing]

    Anyway, excited to see you posting a new story. =D= I'm sure it will live up to my expectations...except the lack of Luke/Mara. ( [:D] Hugs Kima [:D] ) :p

    Better read and reply huh?

    edit: BACK!

    Read it and loved it. Good to see Han and Leia at their classic ESB best [face_love]

    Han sat down on the chair nearest him, which also happened to be the one next to where Leia sat. He inclined his head toward the king. ?Hello,? he said casually before he turned and arched his eyebrow at Leia.

    Leia rolled her eyes, understanding instinctively the implication. ?Another royal,? was what he meant.


    So utterly Han [face_batting]

    ?She sure needs something,? Han muttered.

    ROTFLMAO! *wipes eyes* Oh my! [face_laugh]

    General Dodonna rose and escorted the king and his guards out of the conference room. The door had barely slid shut behind them when both Han and Leia began their vociferous and indignant protests.

    I can hear the sputtering and spewing in my head. Great start! =D=

    [face_love] [hl=red]HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY![/hl] [face_love]
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    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    I love it, LP! This is so classic Rebel-era H/L. :D [face_love]

    And the premise is just so great, the perfect thing to get such a rise out of the both of them.

    Count me in :)
  8. TheBeardedLady

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    Sep 8, 2004
    What kind of story would it be without me here making idle threats and sending you those death threat PMs you love so much?

    Let's have happy this time eh? H.A.P.P.Y. You know how I felt about that long seperation. Let's not make me that unhappy again. Please?
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    Now this is what I'm talking about! This is the kind of H/L torture I enjoy.

    . . . popcorn . . . anyone?
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    You got this going. It looks great. :)
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    Apr 20, 2000
    So the fun has begun. Looking forward to it and I hope your muse starts to cooperate. :)
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    May 22, 2003
    Enjoyable to reread this first chapter! Can't wait for more! :D :D
  13. dm1

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    Jun 9, 2004
    Oooh, this is going to get good! Can't wait for the next post to see what goes on in the Council after this bombshell. I bet someone is going to insult Han's "worthiness" and Leia isn't going to stand for that one! Nope, she doesn't care about him, doesn't want him and certainly doesn't love him! (Right....)

    Welcome back, LP, and let the fun begin!

    By the way, I love the cover art. What a nice wedding portrait!
  14. Falcon

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    Feb 7, 2002
    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh] I can't wait to see where you take this

    more soon
  15. jedi-lelila

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    Jun 14, 2003
    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    Great start LP!!! This new story sounds very funny and entertaining. :D

    Can't wait for chapter 2! ;)

    ~Lelila @};-

  16. zsuzsa

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    Mar 10, 2003
    IT STARTED!! [face_dancing] [face_dancing]

    My favorite OT time with Han and Leia undercover as a married couple. What more can I ask for...

  17. LaYa_

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    Jul 21, 2003
    It started! [face_dancing] Awesome! :D

    General Dodonna rose and escorted the king and his guards out of the conference room. The door had barely slid shut behind them when both Han and Leia began their vociferous and indignant protests.

    Well, well.. *turns to Leia* Hey, it's not that bad, you know, to marry Han.. 8-} *turns to Han* Same thing!

    [face_laugh] Ah well..

    Can't wait for more! (I'm going to tell my mother that you started posting In Name Only ). [:D]
  18. AvenKiel

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    Oct 18, 2003
    Yay, it's finally beginning!! Enough with this taunting preview, I want more!!

    Whenever you're ready of course! :D
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    Mar 26, 2001
    LOL. I'm intrigued, certainly. :)
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    Mar 15, 2004
    A great beginning. Can't wait until Tuesday!!
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    Ooh glad to see this one up! Hhahahhahaha poor Han and Leia...>:) This should be interesting, can't wait for more!
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    Dec 12, 2002
    Hello, my lady! :) waves hands

    It's so good to have you back even if it is only once a week! [face_dancing]

    And this is soooo promising... [face_mischief]

    So I have my kitchen full of all the nesessary suplies, I roll my sleeves up and here it is:
    Baklavas for everybody to celebrate the first post, yes GreatOne I include you too... :D

    I can't wait for the next chapter!

    [:D] and :*

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    Yea! It's here. Very nice LP.
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    Great start
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    Yay! New fic! *does happy dance*

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