Saga In the Service of the Order- Updated 12/7 Chapter 34: Sustenance

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  1. VaderLVR64

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    Feb 5, 2004
    Title: In the Service of the Order
    Author: VaderLVR64
    Characters: Anakin, Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Padme, OCs
    Timeframe: post AOTC
    Genre: AU, AU, AU
    Summary: Qui-Gon has been brought back from the dead by the helpful (or not so helpful) angels of Iego. How will his presence change the events of the AOTC timeframe and beyond?
    Notes: This is the sequel to [link=]Stronger Than Death[/link]

    I would like to thank Gina for looking at some chapters for me and giving me great feedback on some characters that I really needed. Once again, she has been patient and helpful above and beyond the call of duty!

    In the Service of the Order

    Chapter 1: ?The Art of Politics?

    ?Politics is the art of appearing candid and completely open, while concealing as much as possible.? Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson-Dune: House Corrino


    Birdsong hovered next to Siatra as they observed as Senator Amidala and the Jedi assembled for a press conference. They were undetected by anyone present, including the Jedi.

    Birdsong nudged her friend. ?He looks good, don?t you think??

    ?Who? Qui-Gon?? Siatra asked in a distracted voice.

    Birdsong made a sound of exasperation. ?Of course, Qui-Gon. He?s the one we brought back from the dead, now isn?t he??

    ?He did what we sent him back to do,? Siatra said.

    ?Yes, but will it be enough??

    Siatra smiled sadly. ?It will have to be, it is done now.?

    ?He saved them both, don?t you think??

    ?He changed their path, only time will tell if it was enough to save them or merely send them to a new damnation,? Siatra answered.

    Birdsong frowned at her fellow angel. Then she said brightly, ?He worked wonders with Anakin and Obi-Wan, though. Obi-Wan seems much more at peace now.?

    ?Yes, he is,? the angel in charge seemed to be observing young Skywalker quite intently. ?Still, that one has me worried,? she said as she pointed to Anakin.


    ?He is yearning for things that are not his to long for,? she nodded toward Padmé. ?His thoughts dwell on her.?

    ?Qui-Gon told Obi-Wan about his Padawan?s feelings for her. Surely his Master can talk some sense into him.?

    Siatra turned to Birdsong and said with a gentle smile, ?Since when has love been sensible??


    It had not taken long for the news media to discover that a Jedi had come back from the dead. It had been Senator Amidala who had provided a solution which satisfied their curiosity, while preventing the chaos that would have ensued if the Jedi admitted that Qui-Gon had indeed been brought back to life.

    The composed and beautiful young senator took charge of the media conference held in the senate press chamber, her face revealing nothing of the stress she had endured while being held by the Chancellor. Her captivity had been short, but the ordeal had not been forgotten. She did not allow it to affect her, though, and was back in her office the next day.

    ?Members of the press, I have been selected to address you because it was in my service that Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn reportedly died ten years ago.? She smiled gently, and gestured toward the tall knight who stood slightly behind her. ?It became apparent during the Trade Federation Blockade of my planet that certain forces were at work to undermine not only the sovereignty of Naboo, but the very structure of the Republic itself.? She waited calmly for the thunderous murmur of voices to cease.

    ?Master Jinn did not actually perish on Naboo, of course. There is obviously no way for someone to come back from the dead, even such an esteemed Jedi,? she said. ?But he did go deeply undercover, so deep in fact, that even his own apprentice was unaware that he still lived.?

    Obi-Wan acknowledged the senator with a short nod. ?At that time, Master Jinn infiltrated the Separatists? organization and ascertained the identity of their leader.? She paused once more, knowing that her next
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    May 2, 2004
    Hooray! The sequel has started! Even the angels know Anakin has the hots for Padme...could get interesting.
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    Aug 30, 2004
    I loved the first story, I can't wait to read this sequel! :D
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    Feb 5, 2004
    AnakinsHeir Thanks! I'm glad you're coming along for the ride again.

    Jedi_Chani I'm happy to be writing these characters again!

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    Count me in as well!


    Lauré ;)
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    Nov 7, 2003
    I read the first one by following a link from the interview and I loved it and so far I'm enjoying this one! Please post more soon, VADERLVR!

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    Jul 16, 2004
    great sequel start, post soon!
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    Hoooah! Yay! :D Sequal!!!

    *snrk* Birdsong thinks Qui is a cutie! Great tastes gal! hehehe

    Media being the hounds that they usually are... even in a different 'world' they're a pain! *snrk* how ironic that somethings don't change, eh? ;)

    Can't wait for more! Loved the bit about Obi gonna (and had done so in the past) tease Anakin about his pic being everywhere hehehehe
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    Yeah! You're posting this! I already know the end, and I think everyone else is going to love this one as much as I do. :D
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    i'm not sure if there are sufficient words to describe how much I like this story--the whole thing (just finished reading Stronger Than Death).

    it takes my breath away

    the ups & downs, highs & lows....all the emotional turmoil...I felt so scared for and proud of everyone at some point during the course of this story. What a great plot you have discovered!

    Great job! :)
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    I went back and read the prequel to this and WOW! I can only say that I have high hopes for this story.
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    I'm so glad to see the sequel started!
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    I also glad to see the sequel is up I just read Stronger than death today.
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    Great to see you're continuing, VL! I think they have every right to be worried about Anakin's thoughts. ;) It will be interesting to see what Qui's influence will be!
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    I am excited to see the sequel up and running- but I need to know if Palpy's body was ever found? Or does the paranoid padawan have a reason to start looking for a place to hide herself?
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    Yeah! The sequel's here! :D

    So the angels still have reservations concerning Anakin...Interesting!

    Can't wait to see where this goes. :)
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    Oohh yay! Sequel!!! *squeals* Yeah I can imagine someone returning from the dead would get a lot of press attention :p *snrk* Bet Qui-Gon didn't enjoy it very much... I am so thrilled! I loved the first story so much and I can't wait for more! So glad you decided to start posting!
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    laurethiel1138 Thanks! I'm excited about this project!

    CodeName_Targeter Glad you liked it and thanks for checking in on the sequel!

    son_of_kenobi Thank you!

    Kynstar Media ia media, even in a GFFA. I want to give a special thanks to my beta for helping me refine the bit about the media, she brought up some great points! :D Thanks for reading!

    VadersMistress Have you been peeking in my Word files? Oh, that's right, I told you how it ends! :p

    SarkaVrae Thank you! [face_blush] You always say the nicest things!

    BrokenNoseOfQui-Gon Love your username BTW! Thanks, I hope it meets your expectations.

    DreamOfKenobi Thanks! :D

    Jeditheskyisblue Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.

    tangled_sphere Let's hope Qui can calm the boy's hormones down! [face_devil] Thanks for reading.

    PadawanKitara Yep, I didn't cover that since I thought if the media accepted that Palps was dead there would be no missing body. Hmmm...maybe I should have made that more clear. Thanks for reading!

    Bekah_K Those angels will be keeping an eye on Anakin! :D

    Layren Yeah, Qui isn't much for the spotlight either! Glad to have you aboard!

    Chapter 2: ?Keep True?

    ?Keep true to the dreams of thy youth.? Friedrich von Schiller


    Obi-Wan stared at the council members, his joy battling with his sorrow as he realized that the day he had both anticipated and dreaded had come to pass.

    Anakin was to be made a Jedi Knight.

    He had made the recommendation himself just days ago. Although he still had some reservations about Anakin?s ability to control his impulsiveness, he felt that the young man might achieve more after being granted a knight?s status. What Anakin needed to learn now he would not learn from his Master, but from experience.

    He hoped that he would continue to be a part of Anakin?s life, even after he was a knight in his own right. After so many tempestuous years together, he had been almost surprised to find that he both liked and loved the tall young man. They had had a rocky beginning, and each had been cautious of the other. But they had mended the broken relationship and come to understand each other much better since Qui-Gon?s return. It was yet another gift his Master had given him.

    He listened as his Padawan was summoned to the chamber and stood waiting for him. He realized that today an entirely different chapter of his life would begin, and that the transformation brought with it a confusing swirl of emotions.

    Anakin looked nervous as he approached Master Yoda and glanced at the other council members. His experiences with these beings had not usually been positive ones, and he was always nervous when called before them. Obi-Wan reflected that perhaps Anakin had been right to be anxious in the past, but recent events had given him more reason than ever before to hope that his Padawan would fulfill his tremendous potential.

    ?Padawan Skywalker, your Master has approached this Council and made a request on your behalf,? Mace?s voice was stern, but even Anakin knew that such a tone was merely second nature to Mace Windu.

    Anakin kept his face impassive, reflecting none of the turmoil that Obi-Wan could sense through their bond. He merely stood there and waited patiently for the matter to be revealed to him. Obi-Wan smiled inwardly, gladly noting that Anakin had matured greatly in the short time since he had faced and defeated the Sith Master.

    He had faced the darkness within himself and emerged victorious. He felt more confident of himself as a Jedi now that he had vanquished the Sith, the ancient enemy of the Jedi. He finally seemed to feel worthy of the title Jedi.

    Master Yoda nodded approvingly at Anakin?s continued silence. Mace glanced at Obi-Wan and allowed a small smile to pull at his lips.

    ?Padawan Skywalker, Master Kenobi has requested that you be granted the status of Jedi Knight for your role in the
  19. Kynstar

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    Mar 2, 2004
    Oi! Another great chapter! How sweet! Obi surprised Anakin! :D

    Loved the bar scene with Qui and Anakin! hehehe their little banter of the 'faces' was great! hehehe

    Wow... Anakin will be a Knight after tomorrow... yep better enjoy the braid while ya can cuz what Qui says is true. Something that you've had for years then taken away will be missed :D

    Now he can actually grow his hair out ;) hehehehe

    Obi has a mission? Wow... wonder what it is? Hrmm :D

    Can't wait for the Knighting ceremony! Excellent work once more VaderLVR64!!
  20. Layren

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    Oct 28, 2003
    Awwwwwwww. I don't usually much like Anakin but the way you wrote him I actually found myself feeling sorry for him! So glad Qui-Gon was there to help him celebrate his knighthood even if he didn't have any friends to help him... wonderful job!
  21. BrokenNoseOfQui-Gon

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    Nov 15, 2004
    Qui-Gon and Anakin seem to get along very well. They're funny together.
  22. CodeName_Targeter

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    Nov 7, 2003
    ?You?ll be a fine Jedi Master, Anakin, when it is your time. Fear not, little one.?

    ?Who are you calling ?little one??? Anakin's indignant voice rose above the din of the crowd.

    LoL! *snickers* Hehe, so now Anakin's going to be a Jedi Knight... I sense chaos ensuing...

  23. SarkaVrae

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    new post! yippee!!

    Ani doesn't seem as obnoxious in your fic (I guess now that some of his "issues" have been resolved in a better manner) as he does in the movies. I'm glad. Starting to like the young Ani. :)
    poor guys--so misunderstood for so long! Hate it that he was so lonely...

    And they are sending Obi Wan on a mission--will he be there for Ani's knighting ceremony?? I hope so...they need the good memory. :)

    so good, VL!! keep it up!

    as far as your comment goes--I try to be encouraging, especially when I like something. no need to beat around the bush and hem and haw about it--just tell you like it is--and I like it. :) So, I try to say how I feel in the best way possible! Glad you enjoy my comments. :D
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    So good to see this up finally! I'll get chapter 6 marked up for you today.
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    This is great (just like everything you write). I'm glad to see the sequel has started.
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