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Saga - ST In the Shadows Shining Luke/Mara goofy humor vig for Jedi_Lover.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by brodiew, Jan 3, 2020.

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    Author Note: This ficlet was inspired by comments from @Jedi_Lover in the The Rise of Skywalker spoiler thread. It takes her ideas and runs with them, though where they actually end up may not have been her original intention. Both characters are intentionally OOC to a certain extend and I hope that you will take them in the spirit offered. This was a flash fic written for fun. Enjoy!

    In the Shadows Shining

    As Luke Skywalker peered over the smooth alter where he had meditated for many years, and gazed on the image of the twin suns of Tatooine, which he created for himself, he let go and...disappeared. He did not join the Force as others may have thought. No, Luke was more clever than that. He had just bought the Resistance time to escape by teaching his erstwhile nephew a Master's course in Force power. He was tired, but not dead. And, where else would he want to sleep but in the bed of the woman whom he had not seen in at least...a week.

    As he faded on Ach-To, he re materialized in the bed of his wife, Mara Jade Skywalker. Yes, the First Order was a threat and yes, Rey was a Palpatine, but everyone needed a break. Even his friend Ben Sisko had time to play a baseball game in a holosuite while in the middle of war with the Dominion. Heroes and Prophets and Warriors and Monks all needed a break now and again.

    Sadly, Mara was not in bed when he arrived. Leaving the bed chamber, Luke found her in front of her Holonet monitor furiously typing away. He kissed her now Strawberry Blonde head asked what she was up to.

    “No one is responding to Leia's call for help on Crait,” Mara said, frustrated. “They are too scared. Starkiller may be gone, but it's destruction of the Hosnian system will not be forgotten.”

    “I've seen this before,” Luke said, solemnly. “Done it all before.”

    “We have to help them, Luke,” Mara pressed.

    “We will. But we have to wait until Rey comes back to The Temple.”

    “What do you mean wait?” Mara replied exasperated.

    “I had a vision,” Luke answered. “After Rey visited the first time. Thank The Force I was able to get ride of her. I didn't want to train her; all that Palpatine Sithy-ness running through her veins. I'll let Leia do it. You know how it turned out with Ben. Too many Rens nor enough Roosters. I was the only one.”

    “Get over yourself, Farmboy,” Mara said. “This is the Empire all over again. We can't just sit back and watch it play out?”

    “We won't. Listen, when Rey comes back to Ach-To, she'll be ready to quit. All you have to do is appear to her, tell her I'm away from the phone, but you are my wife and also a Jedi Master.”

    “ME? Why do you want me to talk to her? She's your project!”

    “My project?” Luke shot back. “She found me. They weren't supposed to find us? We were supposed to retire in peace.”

    “Too bad, Skywalker. There is another war going on out there and you are not going to take a pass on it.”

    Duly chastised, Luke raised a mischievous eyebrow. “How about I make a pass at you?”

    Mara's determined visage broke and she smiled at him. Rising from her chair, she took her lovable and now cooky consort and kissed him passionately.

    “I'm sure there is plenty more that could pass between us, but first they will need a fleet. We can do it anonymously. Evoke Bail Organa and Mon Mothballs if he have too. Even the Legend of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Talk about how Princess Leia lost Alderaan just as the galaxy has lost the home of the New Republic.”

    Mara knew that Cooky Luke affected her in a special way. It was more that love. More than sex. More than devotion. She literally lost her ability to be serious when she was around him. And being serious was kind of her thing. At 60, after 20 plus years of marriage, she had gotten used to it. It was fun to let her hair down. But the first Oder was serious business and not to be taken lightly. Much less Supreme Leader KyloWrench-in-the-works. Either the kid was going to come back to the light and die or just die. She hoped it was the first. Rey seemed to have his attention, not to mention that the holonet was teeming with reports of his adolescent outbursts. Perhaps the kid was just playing Sith. OR that his Emo tantrum has gotten him into more trouble than he can get out of. Han Solo was dead. Killed by the kid on a power trip. Someone has to get him off the hamster wheel. Not going to be Luke. Well not entirely. He had just completed his part. Looking back to him, she notice a pained frown on his face.

    “What?” she asked, concerned.

    “Legend of Obi-Wan Kenobi?” Luke said. “You realize I had to dig up that old fossil.”

    Mara rolled her eyes. “If this is where you are, I may have to pass on passing anything between us.”

    “So, its a fleet they need?” Luke said, perking up.

    “A fleet to rival the First Order,” she agreed.

    “Not the First Order, Mara,” Luke said, gravely, raising his head and arcing a menacing eyebrow. “The Final Order.”

    “The Final Order? What is that?”

    “I'll tell you when Rey comes back to Ach-To. I'll just port out there and give her a pep talk like Yoda gave me and it will be all good. We'll get the fleet. Give it to Chewie and Lando and sit back and watch the fireworks. Literally. Now, about that Pass. And there better not be anything about how much better Lando is at making them.”

    “Are you 65 or 16, Farmboy?”

    Luke grinned. “Yes.”
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    I love it! Force teleportation is canon! Ha! That will forever be my head canon! Thank you for writing this story!
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    [face_laugh] :* Nothing better than writing something on the spur. [face_mischief] Except for L/M on the spur. 8-}
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    This was such a fun, quirky vignette, brodie! What a way to take a little idea and then just run with it! :D [face_laugh] [face_rofl]

    Yep, that's EXACTLY what happened. Head canon accepted!!! [face_rofl] [face_love] :D [face_dancing]

    Aw. [face_love] This vignette may be cracktastic, but this part really got me for it's honesty and heart. That really sums up Luke and Mara's relationship, in the best of ways.

    Bwaha!!! [face_love] [face_laugh]

    Yep, every word of this was brilliant! Thanks for sharing. [face_love] [:D] =D=