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Star Wars Intersections of Time: A Clone Wars Roleplay

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by TheSilentInfluence , May 30, 2019.

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  1. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Outspoken and Enraged Mod of SWTV and SWC star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    Summary: In a time of apparent peace set days before The Clone Wars begin, the galaxy is recovering from the Mandalorian Civil War and the Separatists spreading influence upon the galaxy as more join their cause. The Jedi Order is being met with disdain and the Chancellor of the Republic holds secrets that will destroy the Jedi Order. Who will you fight for as The Clone Wars take hold? Will the galaxy fall into its fate or be changed forever. Join us in Intersections of Time.

    You will be able to play both Canon and your own characters if you so choose. Please submit a character sheet for each. That way we have it on file. I must approve the character sheets before you post them.


    1. Please PM Your Character Sheet To Your GM

    2. Please follow the RP guidelines as posted by Jedi Council Forums

    3. No God Modding

    4. Be respectful of others.

    5. Have Fun!

    Updating Rules

    1) I will update once a week, on Tuesday.

    2) Three Strikes and you’re out unless there are other circumstances. That is if I have to tag you three times with no response. Please let me know if you will be away in advance.

    3) Game Masters Word is Law.

    The Character Sheet

    Introduction of Character







    If Mammalian, Which One?:

    Birth Date:

    Death Date:






    About the Character








    The Character’s Relationship With Others

    (How people view your character in general)

    Love Interest(s):






    First/Last Name of Character (Canon or Original Character) - Detailed description of how they met and what their relationship is and/or where it’s going

    [Repeat to desired amount]


    If So, Rank?:

    Fighting Style:

    Preferred Weapon(s):

    The Character’s Familial/Biographical Information



    First/Last Name of Family Member (Who the person is to Character, Status of Family Member)
    [Repeat to desired number of members]

    Familial Background:

    Character Background:
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  2. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Outspoken and Enraged Mod of SWTV and SWC star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    Approved by GM

    Introduction of Character

    Name: Alexandria Kasra

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Nickname(s): Alex

    Alias(es): None

    Species: Human

    If Mammalian, Which One?:

    Birth Date: 33 BBY

    Death Date: 20 ABY

    Occupation: Jedi Padawan

    Affiliation(s): Jedi Order, Republic

    Appearance: upload_2019-5-30_20-39-6.png

    Height: 5’3

    Weight: 120 lbs

    About the Character

    Personality: Alexandria is fearless and a very dedicated Jedi. Though she was born Mandalorian, it has been years since she has seen her home. She feels like she needs to do what is right when others won’t, and this has led her into some bad situations.

    Fear(s): Losing people she cares about. Heights.

    Likes: Reading, stargazing.

    Dislikes: Cowards, people who use others for their own gain.

    Habit(s): She paces when she is nervous.

    Flaw(s): Quick Tempered

    Talent(s): She is quite good with a light saber.

    The Character’s Relationship With Others

    Reputation: Most see Alexandria as a Padawan ready to fight at any given moment, when she isn’t reading in the library.

    Love Interest(s): N/A

    Friend(s): Diana Prince, Barriss Offee

    Master(s): Josephine Reid

    Apprentice(s): N/A

    Enemy(ies): The Sith, The Separatists


    First/Last Name of Character (Canon or Original Character) - Detailed description of how they met and what their relationship is and/or where it’s going

    Josephine Reid: Alexandria’s Jedi Master. They met after the youngling tournament when Alexandria was twelve and she was taken as Josephine’s Padawan shortly after. They trust each other, and while it was unusual for Josephine who is a Mirilian to take a human Padawan, most people have accepted it now.

    Diana Prince: Alexandria and Diana were in the same youngling Clan and became good friends. They haven’t seen much of each other lately, but when they do have a chance to get together it usually involves sneaking to the lower levels.

    Barriss Offee: Alexandria first met Barriss Offee after one to many fights. She was sent to her in hopes of calming her down, and healing the injuries she had sustained. Barriss and Alexandria have a quiet relationship.

    Jedi?: Yes

    If So, Rank?: Padawan Learner

    Fighting Style: Soresu

    Preferred Weapon(s): Her light saber.

    The Character’s Familial/Biographical Information

    Birthplace: Mandalore

    Homeworld: Mandalore

    Family: Wolf Kasra , Father, Senator to House Kryze, Orianna, Mother, leader of Clan Kasra. Talia, only other sister, ran away to join House Vizsla, Roderick, Younger Brother, Training to be a protector , Alexander, youngest sibling, a student at Mandalore’s government school.

    Familial Background: Orianna Kasra was the only child born to her parents during a time of peace before the Mandalorian Civil War. Her Clan was and is loyal to House Kryze and she has always put an emphasis on that with her children after she married Wolf (who was from a lesser clan and married into hers) and settled down. When Talia ran away, Orianna disowned her and has not made up her mind with who will take over the Clan. She was encouraged to give Alexandria up to the Jedi Order when she was two by House Kryze, who said she would have a fuller life. Although Alexandria never knew her parents, she always carried a small stone with their house emblem on it and she never understood why the Jedi Order had let her keep it.

    Character Background: Alexandria Kasra was given to the Jedi as a toddler. She does not remember her family but sometimes she wishes she knew them. Alexandria has always thrived in combat zones, which most would attribute to her Mandalorian Heritage, but Alexandria would say it was because she had such a good Master. As the Clone Wars approach, Alexandria is starting to feel different about the Jedi Order, wondering if this is a life that she truly wants.
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  3. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Game Host Who Loves Fanfics & RPGs star 7 VIP - Game Host

    Aug 31, 2004
    GM Approved...

    Introduction of Character

    Name: Ahsoka Tano
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Nickname(s): "Snips"
    Species: Togruta
    Affiliation(s): Jedi

    About the Character

    Personality: Ahsoka is compassionate and resourceful. She is courageous and is a natural leader.
    Fear(s): Letting others down and making the wrong move in a crisis.
    Likes: She likes having a small circle of friends and quiet times at the end of the day to reflect and unwind.
    Dislikes: Extreme climates and those who are disloyal.

    The Character’s Relationship With Others
    Reputation: She is known to be focused and single-minded until a mission is completed. She can also be counted on to snark with the best of them in informal moments.

    Love Interest(s): N/A
    Friend(s): Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Enemy(ies): Separatists and other unsavory types

    Jedi?: Yes
    If So, Rank?: Knight
    Fighting Style: Soresu
    Preferred Weapon(s): Lightsaber

    Homeworld: Shili
  4. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    GM Approved

    Introduction of Character

    Name: Venda Malreaux

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Nickname(s): Ven


    Species: Human

    Birth Date: 33BBY

    Death Date: N/A

    Occupation: Pirate

    Affiliation(s): Hondo Ohnaka, Lbertalia (A slicer collective)

    Appearance: Short with a thin fame and pale skin. Her hair is dyed a deep purple, her third such color change in as many months. Her eyes are brown though she has been known to wear contacts to change her eye color. She generally wears loose fitting clothing with plenty of pockets and, her datapad always on her hip.

    Height: 5'0"

    Weight: 90lbs

    About the Character

    Personality: Ven is good at her job and knows it, has an easy confidence about her and keeps level headed even in stressful situations.

    Fear(s): Losing her family, being captured and killed, or sold as a slave.

    Likes: Slicing, Drinking Stealing

    Dislikes: Hangovers, Slavers, Authority

    Habit(s): Sitting in chairs as if she had no spine, and idly fidgeting with tech in her spare time.

    Flaw(s): Overly confident when it comes to slicing, and maybe likes the drink too much.

    Talent(s): Top notch slicer, likes to think that no security can stop her.

    The Character’s Relationship With Others

    Reputation: Known as one of the best slicers in the galaxy she is respected by those in the know, and feared by those that only know her other name 'Wraith'.

    Love Interest(s): She's not telling.

    Friend(s): Hondo Ohnaka, other slicers around the galaxy

    Enemy(ies): Senator Simon Greyshade (She might have revealed some not so flattering information about him)


    First/Last Name of Character (Canon or Original Character):

    Alexandria Kasra- Not really a friend per say...more a frienemy. Venda and her crews have tangled with Alex and her master, each time just barely escaping the jedi's grasp. There have been times that Venda could have gotten away earlier, or could have done some damage to the jedi but, she resisted. Her reasons all her own.

    Hondo Ohnaka- A friend of her family, her parents were smugglers and pirates that worked for Ohnaka. Often little Ven would accompany her parents on their adventures. Hondo found her mischievous streak amusing and fostered it letting her spend time with his slicers and other rogues.

    'Whisper'- A slicer that Ven has communicated with on and off, they swap stories, share tips and troubleshoot problems together. They have had competitions in the past seeing who could break a security system faster, who could get more credits out of an account before the owner realized. They still do compete but, they're far more friendly now. She doesn't know they're name, age species, nothing that could let her identify them. And she's fine with that. All Whisper knows about Ven is her handle 'Wraith'.

    Fighting Style: Scrappy

    Preferred Weapon(s): A blaster pistol and a vibroknife for physical fights, her datapad and slicer gear for cyber fights.

    The Character’s Familial/Biographical Information

    Birthplace: Somewhere between Ryloth and Kessel

    Homeworld: None, she's grown up on ships

    Victor Malreaux Father, first mate of the pirate ship Ranger, Tian Malreaux, Captain of the pirate ship Ranger

    Familial Background: Ven was born on the CR-90 Corvette Ranger on a spice run from Kessel to Ryloth. She grew up around pirates and smugglers, her parents never really worried about her safety, they had enough respect in the 'Fleet' as it were that no one would bother their child. They also had more than one way to keep an eye on her. Her mom and dad taught her the basics of ship repair, and navigation to the point she could almost run a ship by herself.

    Character Background: The other pirates taught her lots of things, how to fight with a knife, how to shoot a pistol, how to hold your drink, and the thing she took to the most, slicing. As her skill grew she started taking jobs for herself. Before she was even 18 she had established herself as a capable and talented slicer. It was around this time that it was suggested that Ven work with other crews. Ven jumped at the chance, she had been itching to set out on her own. She'd grown up hearing tales of piracy, of Xim the Despot and others. She wanted to make her own mark. Though after a few run ins with a certain jedi padawan a different feeling began to form within her.
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  5. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Outspoken and Enraged Mod of SWTV and SWC star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    OOC: I will be posting our first post this Tuesday. I'm so sorry that it is late, but I am in Summer Classes right now and I got behind in my work.
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2019
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  6. Kev-Mas_Colcha

    Kev-Mas_Colcha Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 15, 2002
    GM approved!

    Introduction of Character

    Name: Kev-Mas Colcha

    Age: 32 Galactic Standard Years

    Gender: Male

    Nickname(s): Half-Blood Champion (he is rarely referred to as this as it is a title only a select few people know and one that even fewer will recognize him by in the current time)

    Alias(es): N/A

    Species: Thyrsian/Echani Hybrid

    If Mammalian, Which One?:

    Birth Date: 47 BBY

    Death Date: 25 ABY

    Occupation: Sun Guard Thychani Commander

    Affiliation(s): Palpatine/Sidious

    Appearance: Muscular build, pale almost iridescent white skin, long jet black hair and piercing cybernetic red eyes that glow almost as if they’re the tip of a lightsaber blade (little does anyone, including Kev-Mas himself know, that’s for good reason - they’re cybernetic eyes powered by kyber crystals that Sidious bled and corrupted). Wears black Sun Guard armor.

    Height: 1.89 meters

    Weight: 90 kilograms

    About the Character

    Personality: Vacant at times, rarely speaks, acts like anyone in his current situation (under mind control of Darth Sidious) would - like someone else is pulling his strings.

    Fear(s): Betrayal. This is just a projection of what his master fears the most though.

    Likes: Sparring, single combat, murder.

    Dislikes: Cowardice, feeble-mindedness, unworthy opponents.

    Habit(s): Tends to scan his surroundings systematically whenever in unfamiliar territory.

    Flaw(s): He has no will of his own and cannot make decisions without the consent of or orders from Darth Sidious. As such, there’s usually a slight delay before he takes any major action. Also, he cannot form any lasting close relationships beyond business acquaintances because of this.

    Talent(s): Master of the Echani Martial Arts, trained Dark Jedi

    The Character’s Relationship With Others

    Reputation: Unknown. He operates with a large amount of stealth and the only time he’s ever seen by an outsider is when he’s about to kill them.

    Love Interest(s): None.

    Friend(s): None.

    Master(s): Darth Sidious

    Apprentice(s): None.

    Enemy(ies): Whoever he is commanded to destroy.


    Sheev Palpatine (known to him as Darth Sidious) - After Kev-Mas was inducted into the Sith controlled Sun Guard, Sidious took notice in Kev-Mas’ abilities, particularly his Force sensitivity and selected him to become a member of his personal attaché of Sun Guard. Kev-Mas resisted, having joined the Sun Guard in the first place in order to expunge the Sith influence, but was forced into submission by the Sith Lord, who blinded him with a Force based attack and replaced his vision with cybernetic eyes, which were attached to a Sith Talisman and powered by Kyber Crystals, bled to a bright red color by Sidious. This talisman, which was implanted inside Kev-Mas’ head, placed Kev-Mas under the full control of Sidious in the same manner as a Jedi would be bound to their lightsaber.

    Jedi?: Sorta. He was trained as a Dark Jedi.

    If So, Rank?: Knight equivalent

    Fighting Style: Echani Martial Arts

    Preferred Weapon(s): Solar Pike

    The Character’s Familial/Biographical Information

    Birthplace: Mindor

    Homeworld: Mindor

    Ric-Ken Clowe - Father. Echani aristocrat who impregnated his mother at the brothel at a resort on Mindor.
    Karnu Colcha - Mother. Thyrsian slave who worked the brothel at a resort on Mindor.

    Familial Background: Kev-Mas was born 47 BBY on Mindor to an Echani man known as Ric-Ken Clowe and a Thyrsian woman known as Karnu Colcha. Karnu was a Thyrsian slave on the resort world of Mindor when Ric-Ken, an Echani aristocrat came to the world on vacation. Ric-Ken was one of the clients at a brothel Karnu was working at and that is when she conceived Kev-Mas. Eventually Kev-Mas was born, into slavery as well.

    Character Background:

    Kev-Mas had a very rough childhood and was forced to grow up fast. Tempered by the fires of forced servitude and endless abuse, Kev-Mas trained in secret in the ways of his ancestral Sun Guard, encouraged by the tales told by his mother of their heroics in battle and helped along by a former Sun Guard who happened to live on Mindor and agreed to train Kev-Mas in exchange for a promise to one day bring them back to their former glory, free from the influence of the Sith. Kev-Mas was determined to fight his way out of slavery, and in the process free his mother and all the other slaves.

    Eventually, at the young age of 14 years Kev-Mas found his freedom, as he murdered every single one of his handlers in cold blood. Little did he know, news of this act attracted attention from a powerful man across the galaxy, and he watched him closely while he pulled some strings to make sure his plans for Kev-Mas were set in motion.

    At 16, Kev-Mas traveled to Thyrsus to compete in for a place in the ranks of the Thyrsus Sun Guard. This competition was a gladiatorial type match, with every man to themselves. Kev-Mas, being a half-blood he was looked down upon as an outcast in Thyrsian society and the Sun Guard conducting the trials even tried to ensure his failure by refusing to give him a weapon. Despite that, Kev-Mas managed to steal a weapon from one of the competitors and come out victoriously. He fought to the death against other candidates, massifs and kath hounds and came out as the last man standing.

    However, Kev-Mas would not go on to become an ordinary Sun Guard. The man who had been watching him all along and making sure that his plans for him were set into motion was none other than the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious. After his victory, he was sent to Sidious’ hidden Sith Stronghold at the Grand Republic Medical Facility, and forced into servitude amongst the Dark Lord’s personal attaché of Sun Guards.

    Kev-Mas was literally forced into servitude however. Defiant until the last and completely unwilling to bow to another master after his childhood as a slave, Sidious was left with no choice but to place a Sith amulet inside of him that enabled Sidious to have complete control over Kev-Mas’ will. Everything that ran through his mind, Sidious would know about and if he were to think of any thoughts regarding taking back his freedom, he would be hit with a powerful jolt of force energy; thus, reshaping his mind by force. This amulet was hidden with and attached to cybernetic enhancements that were necessitated after a show of force that injured him. Ironically, the very skills that had freed him from slavery had delivered him into the hands of the cruellest slave master of all.

    During the Clone Wars, Sidious would call on Kev-Mas, usually through the mental link established through the talisman inside his head, to perform assassinations, sabotage operations and gather critical intelligence. His targets were not limited to either Republic targets or CIS targets either - the Sith Lord used him as a means to ensure that his grand plan with his orchestrated galactic war fell into place like he wanted. As such, his targets weren’t limited by faction but rather by whether or not they knew too much or got in the way of Sidious’ schemes.
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  7. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Outspoken and Enraged Mod of SWTV and SWC star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Alexandria Kasra,
    Jedi Temple, Courscant

    The Jedi Temple loomed above Alexandria has she walked up the steps of the Temple. She had been out all night; again. She just wanted a hot shower; some breakfast and a good sleep. As Alexandria walked into the hallway she quickly made her way to her room and managed to get cleaned up; by the time she left, the hallways were bustling with Jedi and Younglings, the latter on their way to classes.


    Alexandria started and took off down the hallway, making it into Master Yoda's Clan Meeting just after the last youngling. She put her hands on her knees and took a deep breath, heart hammering in her chest. "I'm so sorry Master." Alexandria put her hands together and bowed; but Master Yoda merely watched her with silent amusement.

    "Glad you could make it on time Padawan Kasra." Master Yoda smiled slightly and nodded towards Ahsoka Tano, a Jedi Knight that had once been a Padawan of both Obi-Wan Kenobi and Plo Koon. "Work on your punctuality you must. Perhaps even learn from Knight Tano you should."

    Tag: @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    IC: Darth Maul
    Dathomir, Outer Rim


    Darth Maul watched each individual ship through the force, wondering just who he could pull into his grasp. It was not that he needed supplies; but he did need a new group of soldiers. There was a pause in the force, just long enough for him to wonder; and feel that something was different. He laughed only slightly to himself; and gently tugged on the pilots mind and the spread outwords to multiple pilots; he would enjoy what was to come.


    Land here.

    Darth Maul waited just for the fool or fools that would walk into his trap.

    Tag: @galactic-vagabond422 @Kev-Mas_Colcha

    OOC: A short start, but the posts will be longer next time. Welcome to the game!

  8. Kev-Mas_Colcha

    Kev-Mas_Colcha Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 15, 2002
    IC: Kev-Mas Colcha
    Dathomir, Outer Rim


    Land here.

    A malicious voice called out to Kev-Mas as his modified Dagger-class Starfighter exited hyperspace over Dathomir.

    Yet another, more familiar malicious voice called out to him in reply.

    Yes. That's him. Entertain him. Play his little game. Keep him busy so my plans for this world can come to fruition.

    Yes, master, replied Kev-Mas through the telepathic link, in a droning monotone.

    Moments later, the small fighter landed on Dathomir, and the black armored Sun Guard exited the cockpit, hefting his solar pike and holding it at the ready, awaiting his opponent.

    Tag: @TheSilentInfluence @galactic-vagabond422

    OOC: I figured I'd use this scenario as a prelude to the second battle of Dathomir. I hope you don't mind me taking the creative liberty.
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  9. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Game Host Who Loves Fanfics & RPGs star 7 VIP - Game Host

    Aug 31, 2004
    IC: Jedi Temple - Coruscant -- Classes

    Knight Ahsoka Tano glanced over at the late arrival, a young Padawan, of Master Reid, if she recalled correctly, currently being amusedly reproved by Master Yoda for being late.

    She stifled a groan at being called on as the one to follow. It made her feel proud and gratified on the one hand, but on the other, it probably didn't make the other feel any better or more at ease.

    Ahsoka did not want to downplay the importance of being responsible, but she also didn't want to be thought of as a rigid stickler, either, who no longer remembered what it was like to be "young and impulsive."

    She spoke softly to Padawan Kasra who was now looking her way: "Punctuality is important to me, because if I run late, I always know I'm going to feel flustered and will forget something vital -- but what's more important than being on time is using it wisely and well. Learn all you can while in these classes; here's where you learn theory; out in the battlefront, that's where the true learning begins!"

    TAG @TheSilentInfluence
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  10. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Venda Malreaux
    En Route to Dathomir

    Our plucky heroine finds herself under the engine housing trying to fix a slight pinging noise that it has been giving off since she entered hyperspace...heading somewhere? She didn't really look at where she was heading just that she wasn't going to crash into anything.

    "Now why are they running the axillary coupling directly into the the main intake port. You don't do that." Now would be the time to point out that this wasn't her ship...she was borrowing it from a lovely group of smugglers that helpfully left it unattended. Swapping around the axillary coupling got rid of the pinging but now it was more of a knocking. "Ah, that's why." Fixing her mistake she let it be for a time, she might need to acquire a new ship once she got wherever she was going.

    She had some time so she acquainted with the ship, their pitiful security no match for her skills. In the cabins she found knick knacks, holos of families, significant others, and other things. One was into weapons with all the guns laying about in their quarters, another had tools and other work implements scattered about, another military paraphilia some defense force in the outer rim. The last one had some style. A fancy dress and some fine jewelry, clearly a charmer. Ven stood in front of the mirror holding the red dress up to herself...It wasn't her size, the woman that wore this was of a much fuller figure. Either way it was still every nice. However the jewelry was much easier to carry. She stashed the shiny babblues into her pack and tightened it up as she made her way back to the cockpit. Stopping briefly to turn her head at a rather scandalous holo that sat on the dresser of one of the crew. She wasn't embarrassed, she'd grown up around pirates not a group known for they squeamishness around really anything. She was just puzzled as to how two bodies could end up like that.

    With a shake of her head she returned to the cockpit just in time for her ship to transition to real space. The planet below looked weird, felt even weirder. Bouncing from planet to planet gave you a sense of places. You could tell when a place was strange or off putting. However she'd made it out might as well land. Finding a space that looked inconspicuous she might be able to set about fixing that engine now that it wasn't needed to propel her through space.

    She set to work getting it patched up before setting off again choosing another random world to show up at. Right now she was just working on the engine, ramp up and secured. She wasn't stupid.

    She was actually quite smart for a pirate.

    TAG: @TheSilentInfluence @Kev-Mas_Colcha
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  11. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Outspoken and Enraged Mod of SWTV and SWC star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    Update will be tomorrow.
  12. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Outspoken and Enraged Mod of SWTV and SWC star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Alexandria Kasra
    Master Yoda's Youngling Class, Jedi Temple, Courscant

    Alexandria tried to keep a straight face at Ahsoka's advice. She's not wrong, but I've fought before. At least, in small skirmishes. Still she relaxed and gave her a respectful bow. "I'm sorry Knight Tano. Thank you for your advice." She turned to Master Yoda who laughed at her formal behaviour.

    "Done something right you have Knight Tano, for Padawan Kasra to show you respect." Master Yoda motioned to the Youngling's and the other Padawan's who had joined them along with Knight Tano. He pressed a button on a device and the middle of the room and the room darkened and lit up with the stars that inhabited their galaxy. "Now, tell me; can one find the planets that Revan took during the Mandalorian War?"

    As the younglings blurted out answers Alexandria watched, wondering if she had ever been that small. She sighed and shook her head, thinking about her time playing tag with the other younglings, following Master Reid around like a lost Loth Cat when she had first met her. Meeting Barriss. I wonder how she is today. Sighing, Alexandria leaned back against a wall, and gently tapped her hand against her lightsaber.

    "Now, a demonstration yes Padawan Kasra? Know about the Mandalorian Wars you do."

    "I..." Alexandria shook her head and tried to smile at Master Yoda.

    "Will be showing us how Revan defeated the Mandalorians at Malachor V?" He pointed to device which had become a table; a battlefield clearly playing out. "Perhaps Knight Tano will learn a thing or too yes?"

    OOC: We can combo if you like.

    Tag: @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    IC: Darth Maul
    Dathomir, Outer Rim

    Yes good. Let me see who you are.

    Darth Maul emerged from the shadows, the hills covered with troops that seemed to have Mandalorian armor and yet the colouring was different. It's easy to lure with power. Darth Maul thought as he approached the craft. "Welcome my friend. I trust you received my message?" He stopped and turned to the side, where a few rocks were set up as a table and chairs. "Come and sit, I understand you know much of the world outside my planet."

    Darth Maul paused and frowned at the ship trying to get away. "Shoot it down. Bring me the pilot or the survivors." Darth Maul said to a few soldiers standing off to the side. They nodded and ran off, their ships soon taking off to the planet's atmosphere. He could see the flashing of lights way above him, feel their power in the force. "Shall we wait for our other guest?" Darth Maul asked as he turned to watch his visitor once more.

    It would be wise for you to stay.

    Tag: @Kev-Mas_Colcha @galactic-vagabond422

    OOC: Just give me a heads up next time. We're going to be combo posting for next week. Galactic you're being attacked by two Mandalorian Fighters, do what you can to get away.
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  13. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Venda Malreaux

    She was busy fixing the engine trying to get rid of that pinging noise. Eventually she found it a loose bolt that would rattle around in its housing. Using her spanner she tightened it down while tightening down a few more. That should get her through to the next planet or wherever she deem suitable for her to arrive. She spent some time making a route that would get her where she was going safely before lifting off again. However this liftoff wouldn't be as simple as her decent.

    Two fighters showed up on her tail. She swapped the deflector shields towards the aft hoping to hold off the fire coming in. This was not a dog fighter and she didn't have anyone to put on the guns to fire back. She would have to go somewhere or do something they couldn't do. Gunning for some mountains she looked for something anything. She slowed down letting them get close not too close, but closer than one would have liked. Evening out her shields she threw the throttle to full just glancing off a natural arch that must have been created over centuries of erosion, and eons of time. She collapsed it in just a few moments her ship taking a hard hit as she did.

    Looking at her sensors she hoped she got them both, or at least one of them. Anything would be better than trying to out run them. Something that would be impossible to do now as she damaged her front stabilizer and was now having to fight to keep it on course.

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    OOC: Combo post with @TheSilentInfluence :cool:

    IC: Ahsoka Tano in the Younglings Class

    Ahsoka gave a nod to Padawan Kasra's courteous reply and watched closely as Master Yoda continued:

    "Now, a demonstration yes Padawan Kasra? Know about the Mandalorian Wars you do."

    "I..." Alexandria shook her head and tried to smile at Master Yoda.

    "Will be showing us how Revan defeated the Mandalorians at Malachor V?" He pointed to a device which had turned into a table; a battlefield clearly playing out. "Perhaps Knight Tano will learn a thing or too yes?"

    Ahsoka replied: "Revan is indeed someone to learn from, an astute strategist,but there are also warning lessons in that particular Jedi's story, as well. But perhaps those are details for another time?"

    Alexandria gave Ahsoka a sharp look and nodded. It's still a victory regardless of how it was obtained. I've read enough about it to know how much Mandalorian's respect Revan.
    As she walked up to the board Alexandria took a deep breath and began to explain, "All of Revan's enemies were eliminated in a single stroke." She pointed out a large flagship hovering above the battlefield, "After Revan defeated Mand'alor the Ultimate on his ship." She paused and considered what she wanted to say next. "But it wasn't just the Mandalorian's that died when the super weapon was used, everyone in the area was killed. That's why Malachor V looks the way it does."

    Ahsoka studied the battle-display with a ripple of dread crawling along her montrals. She gave Padawan Kasra a fierce and probing glance as she asked,
    "I hope you are not suggesting that there is ever a circumstance where an indiscriminate and total destruction caused by an ever-so-efficient superweapon is justified?"

    Ahsoka gazed at the Masters in the room, in an open invitation to chime in.

    Alexandria felt her breath catch and shook her head fiercely. "No! But that's what Revan thought would win the war." She sighed and looked around for help, but it was her Master who came to her rescue.

    "Alexandria was born on Mandalore Knight Tano." Josephine Reid spoke from the side of the room. "That story would have been told a thousand times. No fault should be placed on her for speaking of Revan, both Jedi and Sith with such awe. Revan was the only one who ever beat them."

    Ahsoka nodded at the explanation from Master Reid. "Thank you for clarifying that ... " Ahsoka moved back to her seat from where she'd been closely examining the holo-table where the battle had been imposed. She waited for Padawan Kasra to continue or one of the Masters to direct the further discussion.

    Master Yoda walked over to Alexandria and nodded back to the battlefield. "An unessacary war by some and yet told to generations by others." He looked over and Ahsoka and then at Alexandria. "Knight Tano will accompany you and Jedi Master Reid to the underworld. Much to learn from each other you do."

    "Yes Master Yoda." Alexandria replied quietly. She bowed and stepped back, allowing Master Yoda to ask his younglings questions. She edged her way over to Master Reid who reached over and tapped her shoulder.

    "You're missing your prayers Padawan."

    Alexandria flushed and bowed before scurrying out of the room. When she was gone Master Reid nodded at Ahsoka and waved her over.

    Ahsoka observed the exchange and took in the mission assignment--going to the underworld with Master Reid and Padawan Kasra. She went over to Master Reid when called and said: "I am ready to serve where needed. Please tell me anything about this and about Padawan Kasra that you think I need to know for all of us to work well together."

    Josephine regarded Ahsoka with a smile. "Let's go for a walk Knight Tano." She turned and led the way towards the courtyard. "We're investigating rumors of war. I have a few contacts Alexandria has been keeping in touch with. It would seem that there are planets that do not want to be part of our Republic any longer." She sighed. "I hope Mandalore is not one of them. Alexandria acts like a Jedi when needed and is a good one; but I know she wants to see where she comes from."

    Ahsoka frowned. "That is worrying. About the worlds wanting to secede. Do you see their grievances as legitimate, and do you see a way of meeting their demands and settling the differences peaceably without resorting to war? Or do they just want out, and any excuse will do? As for Padawan Kasra, I can understand her feelings and I'm glad she can put those aside when needed ... unless you feel in all honesty they might cloud her judgment?"

    Josephine laughed. "I don't think they are unessacary. But they shouldn't resort to war. Diplomacy is what the Republic was built on so they should let that decide." Josephine gave Ahsoka a knowing look. "She can be brash but so can I. Perhaps that's why Master Yoda connected us when she was so young. Alexandria may be Mandalorian in blood but in culture she is Mirilian and a Jedi on top of that." She paused. "She'll do her job because she must, after the war if there is one...then Alexandria will decide for herself the woman she wants to be."

    Ahsoka laughed in turn. "Ah, the Jedi have no shortage of 'brash'... if I recall correctly, Master Jinn was often criticized for his inventive strategies for getting the job done, and Anakin Skywalker -- he's nothing if not impulsive." This last with a rueful fondness. "Hmmm. Thanks for sharing all this with me, Master Reid. Is there more we need to know before getting started, or are we good to go?"

    "No Knight Tano that will be all. Please prepare and meet us at the front steps of the Temple tonight." Josephine nodded her head respectfully and went in search of Alexandria.

    Ahsoka nodded in understanding and went to assemble all essential items, while at the same time making sure to keep the pack lightweight. She made sure to eat a filling meal at midday.
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    IC: Kev-Mas Colcha

    "Come and sit, I understand you know much of the world outside my planet."

    Kev-Mas stood for a moment, as his unseen master - ironically the former Master of the one who he currently spoke to issued orders to him through their telepathic link.

    The fool must think he can gain your allegiance. Take advantage of his lack of vision. Play along. Let him think you're his friend, all while allowing me to know everything he does, so I can set his downfall into motion.

    As Maul issued orders to shoot down another ship that had decided to try and run away, Kev-Mas nodded and sat, his red kyber crystal powered eyes flashing through the open crescent-shaped visor of his helmet as he focused his gaze on the disgraced Sith Lord. His eyes pulsed with a blood red glow, looking almost as if they were a weapon charging up to fire, but suddenly dimming before any alarm was caused. The Sun Guard held out his Solar Pike with an outstretched arm next to him, firmly rooted on the ground. If any sudden movements were made in his direction, despite his relaxed posture, he would be ready to defend himself.

    "Shall we wait for our other guest?" Maul asked.

    "What for?" asked Kev-Mas in reply, "Why is it that we are here?"

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    IC: Alexandria Kasra, Jedi Master Josephine Reid
    Underworld, Lower Levels, Courscant

    It was almost midnight when they were all set to go to the underworld. Alexandria led the way, lightsaber clinking against her side under a dark red cloak as she walked quickly through the crowd. Josephine turned to smile at Ahsoka before following at a slower pace.

    "I won't lose track of her." Josephine explained. Though sometimes I know she would like me to. "Slow down Alexandria." She muttered, reaching out with the force. She smiled when Alexandria slowed down and tossed Josephine a laughing smile over her shoulder.

    Alexandria looked back to make sure her Master and the Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano were following her before she ducked into a smoke doorway. It was crowded at first, until she made her way to a booth. Josephine sat at the far back and nodded at Ahsoka to sit with them. It wasn't a nice looking place, but Alexandria was at home; she smiled at a few patrons and a tall Twi'lek woman came over to greet them.


    "Bringing friends now." The woman said with a smile at Alexandria. She tapped her on the head and pushed her back. "You should be careful, Alexandria has earned her place here but you haven't. Jedi aren't trusted in the lower levels." She gave a measured look to Ahsoka and motioned her head. "You may call me Daesha." Daesha sat next to Alexandria and placed a datapad down on the table, the dark corner and smokey haze providing some cover. "Now, I know that Ryloth will remain loyal to the Republic, but I can tell you now that Mandalore and Raxus will not." She lowered her voice and added, "The Republic has been in control for far to long. I hope that we can succeed successfully"

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    OOC: We're going to combo again to move the mission along.

    IC: Darth Maul
    Dathomir, Outer Rim

    Darth Maul laughed loudly. "To bring a friend back to us. The loveliest of Sith Ladies." He turned and looked at Kev-Mas; amusement clear in his eyes. "Would you like to know who it is?" Darth Maul stood and walked over to a basin filled with what appeared to be a watery red liquid. He placed a hand over it and started to mutter in the language of his people. There was a glow and the liquid slipped from the basin onto the ground as it quickly transformed into a figure.


    Maul laughed out loud, hands outstretched as the woman manifested herself. "Darth Traya!"

    "I should hope your beckoning has more results then last time Darth Maul." Darth Traya replied sarcastically. She turned to Kev-Mas Colcha. "Or is there something more?"

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    OOC: Time to combo!

    IC: Mandalorian Fighter Pilots
    Above Dathomir, Outer Rim

    The two fighters pilots closed in on Venda fast, though the manoeuvres she took managed to knock one of the fighters off to the side; where it exploded in a rage. The pilot that was left veered sharply to the right; breaking off the assault and steering his fighter up into the clouds. There was static as he climbed up and dove back down through the sun; firing off a few shots that missed as he flew by for another pass.

    And then it exploded in a brilliant shower of sparks and light.

    "Need a little hand?" The voice was of a male; an amused tone radiating in his voice as a fighter flew by at an alarming speed.


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    IC: Venda Malreaux

    Sometimes you get lucky and knock a fighter out with falling debris from a rock formation you just knocked down. Sometimes your luck isn't enough to catch their partner in the same trick. Now you were stuck with a limping freighter that was fighting you like a wild nexu, with a very motivated and trained fighter on you tail trying to kill you. That was where Venda found herself. In a desperate flight hoping that the Malreaux luck would hold until she could get out of the atmosphere and get to hyperspace. As the fighter came around for another pass she tried to angle her shields to defect enough of the blasts coming in to give her just those few more seconds. Her sensors recorded lasers being fired but, not at her. The fighter that had been hounding her detonated sending burning wreckage scattering across the ground. And sometimes you get a savoir decending from the sky to blast your enemy into atoms.

    "Need a little hand?" A male voice called out over the comms.

    "Maybe a little, things have gone a little south on me." She replied breathlessly. Though it was a little put on, didn't want to give away the fact that this wasn't her ship, or that she wasn't here for purely innocent reasons. "I've got a jump already planned out just need to clear the mass gravity and I'm home free think you can get us there?" She had no intention of sticking with this guy for very long, but he was swooping in to save her, the least she could do was give him a way out.

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    IC: Ahsoka Tano, Underworld, Lower Levels

    Ahsoka grinned at the byplay between Padawan Kasra and Master Reid. There was a gentle warmth underlying it all that touched her deeply.

    As they entered the smoky interior of a doubtless disreputable hangout, Ahsoka noticed that Alexandria seemed comfortable in such environs.

    When the Twi'lek, Daesha, joined them in a secluded booth, Ahsoka absorbed the information she presented about Ryloth, Mandalore, and Raxus.

    Ahsoka spoke up voicing a point of curiosity: "Has Raxus and Mandalore done anything that would indicate their true loyalties, and if not, how do we get them to show their true colors?"

    Daesha smiled at Ahsoka. "Raxus has always been on the edge of the Republic, but we believe the Sith may be influencing them to take it further. As for Mandalore; their Duchess is losing support and those who call themselves true Mandalorians are starting to push back. The last thing we need is another Mandalorian War."

    Alexandria watched Daesha carefully. "What side are you on?"

    "The winning one." Daesha winked back. "But I'm sure you don't want to go around, the Jedi starting wars wouldn't be good for your reputation."

    Ahsoka mused on the information and weighed the implications aloud. "Seems like Raxus then is the least volatile, at least overtly. The Jedi can go in and undermine the Sithly influence and thereby eliminate that threat. Whereas poking around on Mandalore would probably set off a detonator of conflict. What do you think, Master Reid?"

    Josephine nodded in agreement. "Which is why I will be going to Raxus alone. You and Alexandria will be heading to Mandalore." She looked at Alexandria. "My Padawan has a way in as a Kasra, her father I believe; is serving the Duchess as a Senator. We can send you in together; no Jedi weapons; the Duchess would not allow them in the open..." Josephine paused, pursed her lips and added, "....but we can have a cover story."

    Daesha threw her arm around Alexandria. "She can say she has left the order and wishes to be Mandalorian again; you-" She nodded at Ahsoka, "-are a smuggler that was asked and paid by Alexandria to take her to Mandalore and help her find her family, but ended up bonding along the way and now you wish to become Mandalorian too. What do you think?"

    A tingle of amused anticipation ran along Ahsoka's montrals. She gave Alexandria a broad wink., full of mischief "A smuggler, eh? Well, let's see if we can pull it off!"

    Alexandria looked worried for a moment and said, "Gosh. Do you think so Knight Tano? That's the last place I want to be shot." She replied, trying to hide her own smile when she sensed Ahsoka's amusement.

    Ahsoka laughed. "A smuggler of rare gems, that's the cover I am thinking of, rare Corusca gems."

    Daesha looked thoughtful. "Yes, that could work." She took her arm from around Alexandria and stood, leaving the data pad on the table. "Let me know as soon as you leave; I'll be keeping in contact with you. Find out as much as you can as quickly as you can."

    Josephine nodded back. "Thank you. Hopefully we can stop this madness before it has a chance to begin." She turned to Ahsoka as Daesha left, and said, "I'm trusting you with my Padawan."

    Ahsoka suddenly felt the ramifications of more than the mission. "I will not take that part lightly, Master Reid. You can count on it." Ahsoka considered and suggested: "Do you think we need to have someone else along, just in case, or on alert in the event something unexpected happens, because you never know... You cannot plan for every contingency, as much as you'd hope to."

    Josephine considered her words carefully. "I understand your concerns Knight Tano. I am but a light speed jump away. If you truly need help I would recommend going to the Protectors. For Mandalorians, they are the closest friends the Jedi have. Now-" She gave Alexandria a long hard look. "You keep up you're prayers and listen to Knight Tano. You might be eighteen but until you become a Knight I expect you to follow orders." Josephine gave her a sad look. "Try not to become too Mandalorian in my absence."

    "Yes Master." Alexandria replied quietly. She looked at Ahsoka. "We should go back to the Jedi Temple to prepare. I want to say goodbye to Barriss."

    Ahsoka absorbed Master Reid's suggestions and exhortations. She nodded in assent. "Yes, we'd best head back."

    A short time later, Alexandria boarded a YT-2400 Corellian Class starship, making her way inside and leaving her bag of soate clothes and items on a seat as she wandered around. This is it. I'm going back to Mandalore. She tried to fight back the nervous feeling in her stomach.

    Ahsoka started to arrange her carryall contents in the passenger area. She could feel the apprehension from Padawan Kasra about returning to Mandalore. She wondered about whether to invite the other to confide her feelings or let her make the first overtures as to what, if anything, she wanted to reveal.

    "I don't remember what my parents look like." Alexandria said quietly. "The only person closest to a mother I've ever had is Master Reid. And Mandalorian's and Jedi hava a complicated history..."

    Ahsoka winced in sympathy. "They say you can never miss what you didn't know, but I believe you could... As for the complicated history, I can well imagine, balanced somewhere between wary mistrust and necessary alliances, perhaps?" Ahsoka considered her next question. "Is there anyone you can reach out to, for help or answers, someone whose loyalty is above question?"

    Alexandria scoffed at Ahsoka's question. "No one I can think of besides Daesha." She paused, hesitated and looked out the window and started frowning.

    Ahsoka absorbed Alexandria's answer, glad to know that if anyone came around acting all too "helpful", that they probably weren't to be trusted, at least not based upon prior personal knowledge. They'd have to prove their trustworthiness.
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    Update Part I of II.

    IC: Alexandria Kasra
    Entering Mandalore's Atmosphere

    Alexandria piloted the craft outside of Mandalore, waiting until they were intercepted by the Protectors, a group of Mandalorians loyal only to the crown. She looked at Ahsoka briefly and nodded to the planet, "It looks so...different then what I thought. More empty then the holovids show." There was a beep on the com. and Alexandria pressed it as a male voice came through.

    "Bic cuyir fenn rau be te protectors. Meg cuyir gar clan bal house?"

    "Taylir gar tracyn. Ni cuy' alexandria be clan Kasra, house Kryze. Ni ganar payt te jetiise ke'gyce." Alexandria replied quickly. There was a long pause at the other end, and the young man answered with hesitation in his voice.

    "Clan Kasra huh? gar Kelir cuyir escorted daab bal detained upon arrival bid vi liser verify ibic cuyir true. Gedet'ye vaabir not attempt at eyaytir." The squadron of fighters pulled up next to them and Alexandria shot Ahsoka an annoyed look.

    "Why do I feel like were walking into a trap?" Alexandria steered the ship down to the surface and landed where the fighters were. She stood up; turning off the ship and hitting the lowering ramp just as an escort was walking down from the palace. She hesitated, nervous. And in all of her Eighteen years Alexandria realised that she had never been as afraid as she was now. Alexandria looked back to make sure Ahsoka was still following her, and stepped out onto the streets of Mandalore.

    "That's the Jedtiise?" There was a collection of laughs from the armored warriors surrounding their craft and they lowered their weapons slightly. "Look at how small she is?"

    "That's enough!"


    Alexandria turned her head to see a young man, probably the leader and the one who had spoken to her sitting on his fighter and glaring at them. At her. "Jedi don't normally return to Mandalore. They never leave the order unless they get kicked out. What is your business here dar'manda?"

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    OOC: We're combing again. Please message me. We can use the same PM. Also I figured Fenn Rau was probably in his early twenties during the Clone Wars so that will be his age here. I hope no one minds.

    IC: Plo Koon

    "Copy that. Follow me until were clear and we can get out of here.But where your going is not where you need to be. " Plo Koon said quickly. "My name is Jedi Master Plo Koon. It's a pleasure to meet you." Plo Koon steered his fighter away from Ven and led her up into the atmosphere. "We will be going to the co-ordinates O-7. You can rest there and then I need to take leave to Courscant for a mission." There was a pause and he added, "Trust me when I say it's far safer then here. You can escape the Sith; for a little while. And I believe you may find what you seek."


    He entered hyperspace and disappeared, knowing in the force that Ven had no choice but to follow him to Mandalore.

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    OOC: Feel free to head to Mandalore; even catch a glimpse of Alexandria and Ahsoka if you want. You'll be meeting up with them next post. I apologise for such a short reply; if you want to combo feel free to PM me.
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    Combo with @TheSilentInfluence

    IC: Kev-Mas Colcha, Darth Maul, Darth Traya
    Dathomir, Outer Rim

    A rather angry voice beckoned to Kev-Mas through his telepathic link.

    Enough of these games. Now you shall be a messenger of my wrath. Attack them, for the defile the rule of two!

    "You continue to surprise me, Maul," spat out Kev-Mas, mockingly, "One would think that you couldn't become more foolish than you already have proven to be, but to further violate the rule of two by summoning an ancient Sith Lord to your beck and call? And what's this? You've already tried it before?"

    The seemingly normal Sun Guard stood and extended his Solar Pike towards Maul.

    If Maul was more knowledgeable about the Sith, he would know how foolish it is be to summon Traya... She is far too strong willed to be controlled...

    "Do you really think that an ancient Sith Lord as powerful as Darth Traya would allow herself to be controlled by the likes of you? A Sith Lord defeated by a mere Padawan, then disgraced and forgotten by his master... You delusional fool..."

    Almost instantly, a bolt of Force Lightning leapt forth from Kev-Mas' hands, using the ritual weapon of the Sun Guard as a lightning rod, hurling it towards Maul.

    While it was true that he ignored the other threat present, he hoped, and even trusted that his words would turn Traya against Maul and not him.

    Darth Traya pushed Kev-Mas Colcha back with the force and his lightning shot up into the sky. She frowned heavily at him and looked towards Maul with a shake of her head; as he looked ready to attack the Sith Apprentice.

    "Do not play games with me. Unless you wish to never return from the brink of death." Darth Traya looked at the sky. "You nor Maul shall control me, but you will do my bidding."

    "I do not wish to control you," said Kev-Mas as he got up and dusted himself off, picking up his solar pike as he did, "I wish you had never returned."

    "But seeing that you're far more worthy of my service than any other," Kev-Mas lied, taking a knee before Traya. Though he lied, his thoughts oddly could not be read, as if his mind had been wiped and erased while his body was used as a vessel controlled by a remote unseen master, "I pledge myself unto you."

    Darth Traya nodded, seemingly satisfied. She turned to look at the sky once more and walked over to a cave at the far side of where they stood. A Temple stood out of the rock, and Darth Traya motioned for Darth Maul and Kev-Mas Colcha to follow her.


    "Come." Darth Traya commanded. "We may speak further in here, and I will tell you my plans for the galaxy."

    Kev-Mas followed Traya into the cave. Little did she know, his allegiance was still bound to another Sith Lord, and what she was about to show him would reach his eyes too.

    "Ah yes, plans... Lets hope they go better than those plans you had some several thousands of years ago..."

    Darth Traya laughed bitterly. "Yes. Betrayal is another medicine all together. Tell me...what does it feel like to you; the dark side? Do you feel all powerful? Ashamed? Or has it made you the strongest you have ever been?"

    Darth Traya stopped, looking back at him knowingly through the force.

    "Power," he droned, for once being truthful in his words, at least if said truth was being measured using the mind of his puppeteer and not his own empty one, "Unlimited power. That is what it feels like to me."

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    IC: Venda Malreaux

    Ven swallowed loudly hearing that she had a Jedi master to thank for her rescue. They were often sticklers for rules, and laws. Though she knew some could be a little more flexible, but she wouldn't pin her hopes on all of them being so. Thankfully this one didn't seem interested in asking questions, just trying to be helpful. He gave her some coordinates, telling her to stay there. Ven bristled a little at that, but where else was she going to go. Plugging in the destination, her eyes widen at the final location.

    "Mandalore?" She whispered, checking her sensors she didn't really have time to argue when there were more fighters chasing her down. Throwing her hands up she pushed the lever and leapt into the relative safety of hyperspace. Slumping back into the pilot's chair she kicked her feet a little waiting until she transitioned back to realspace. This gave her time to inspect the damage done to the ship. Damage she caused to it. Thankfully there weren't any hull breaches though the stabilizer was still busted, that would need to be fixed on the ground.

    She continued to wander curious as to how she was going to get down to the ground. Ask really nicely? Fake like she had business? She could find a way just needed a little time...time was what she had as her ship hurtled through hyperspace. Poking through the rest of the ship she looked for anything that might be useful for getting past the patrols. A dark cloak, maybe, some weapons, not really, didn't like her chances taking on Mandalorians, she prefers a more delicate touch than that, then there was the dress...unfortunately she was not a seamstress and that dress was meant for someone with a fuller figure than a malnourished pirate.

    Checking on the engine she contemplated doing some drastic things to make things look worse than they were. That could work, help break past the partols, not like she had a legitimate reason to be there. Unless they took the word of a Jedi master as reason enough.

    This question swirled around in her head as she returned to the pilot's chair watching the comforting blue whirlwind. Soon it broke apart the stars snapping back into place though not the stars she left. Coming in behind another freighter a YT-2400 if she had to guess. With some fidgeting with the com she was able to eavesdrop on the conversation. She recognized a voice, Alexandria Kasra. Even if she was speaking gibberish Ven could recognize that voice.

    She'd tangled with Alex and her master more than a few times. With different crews and on different jobs. Ven had come to enjoy her little games against the padawan. And they were games to Ven, she couldn't take much of anything serious even if she tried.

    As Alex made her way to the surface Ven moved to follow close behind.

    The Protectors were waiting as Ven arrived, watching as Senator Kasra led his daughter away, with the Jedi Ahsoka Tano. Fenn Rau watched them go and turned to Ven with a frown. The other Protectors moved closer to their leader and eyed her with suspicion.

    "Now, who are you? And what is your business here?"

    Ven smirked a little watching Alex walk away. It dropped as the man came close to her asking what her business was here. "As you can see, my ship took a bit of a beating and I was looking for a place I could land so I can get some repairs." She gestured her thumb towards the battered freighter. It wasn't a complete lie she did need to effect some repairs, and having a shipyard in the system would be of use. But, now she was intrigued as to what Alex was up to.

    Fenn Rau gave her a suspicious look, glancing over his shoulder at Alexandria who glared at him. She's certainly...fiery. "I'm sure." He said quietly. Fenn Rau nodded at her. "Go and get registered with the docking authority's." He paused. "But stay out of Mandalorian business."

    "Will do." she gave a joking salute before scampering off in the general direction of the 'Docking Authority' before taking a hard turn towards Alex once the mandalorian's gaze was off her. She kept quiet following along behind the pair...didn't want to give away her presence too early...wanted to see what they were up to first.

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    Update Part II of II
    IC: Darth Traya
    Dathomir, Outer Rim

    "Power is good. It is a means to an end." Darth Traya frowned to herself and continued into the Temple, where the darkness surrounded her until she activated a lightsaber, red glowing against her face. "Tell me what do you know of the Sith Empire that once roamed the galaxy? It existed long after Revan; it existed long before him too." Darth Traya paused and pressed on a door which open into what appeared to be a throne room.


    Darth Maul looked around and walked off to the side to observed some old writing on the stonework. Darth Traya watched him and then turned back to Kev-Mas Colcha with a curious expression. "Do you know who once ruled all the Sith? Before Revan even existed?"

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    IC: Ahsoka Tano on Mandalore

    Ahsoka gave Alexandria a reassuring smile as they disembarked and glowered at the Mando who had snidely commented about Jedi leaving the order -- only by expulsion. She said curtly: "I never would have thought a Mandalorian would speak rashly on matters they could have no way of knowing. We are here to appraise the situation, if that is any business of yours." Ahsoka was used to being outspoken, being around Anakin Skywalker and the snarky Obi-Wan. It was second nature.

    Fenn Rau tilted his head, a small smile on his face. "Are you? Tell me; why would the Duchess wish to have an audience with you?"

    "Because that is my daughter Fen Rau."

    Alexandria turned to see a tall man in beskar take off his helmet as he approached; his long hair spilling out as he stopped next to Fenn. She looked at Ahsoka as her heart lurched in her chest and turned back to Fenn.

    "You listen here you red haired, impossible man. I don't know why anyone would listen to what comes out of your mouth. Let alone follow your orders. I'm not a Jedi anymore. So maybe get that through your thick head."

    Fenn Rau flushed in anger and turned away to collect himself. "Senator Kasra..."

    " certainly have your mother's temper." Wolf Kasra said gently. He turned to Fenn, amused. "Be careful Fenn; Jedi are,warriors too."


    Ahsoka moved closer to Alexandria and spoke softly so as not to be overheard: "You seem to be familiar with these recent arrivals. What are their motives and goals, do you think, besides the obvious? How far can they be trusted?"

    Alexandria shook her head. "Senator Kasra is my father...I think. But I've never met Fenn Rau before. He is just...annoying." She scowled at him. "We need to meet with the Duchess."

    Ahsoka nodded in understanding. "Senator Kasra, may we have a word, preferably away from all these vigilant eyes and ears?"

    Wolf looked at them and motioned with his arm, leading them a distance away. "Please, tell me why you have come?" He looked at Alexandria. "It is...comforting to know you are well."

    Ahsoka spoke up as soon as they were out of earshot. "We have heard disturbing rumors and wish to stabilize the situation if possible, settle the discord and retain Mandalore as a Republic ally, if at all possible. If not, to discover that and relay that to the proper authorities... For that, we need to speak to the Dutchess, or at the very least, someone whose influence and integrity she trusts to stand in for her, if her personal safety is an issue?" She paused. "I get the sense that time is of the essence, so the quicker we can get things in motion, the better for all parties."

    Wolf listened to Ahsoka carefully, before he shut his eyes and sighed. "The Duchess does not wish to be brought into any wars nor does she think an alliance with Jedi will help her cause. Fenn Rau is leader of her protectors and could convince her; but that might come with a price." He avoided looking at Alexandria. "Fenn is a young leader but a respected one. I will speak to him." He looked at Ahsoka. "We will speak again after dinner with the Duchess. The guards will lead you there and you should have enough time to change into something...Mandalorian."

    Ahsoka smiled in thanks. She sympathized with the Duchess' aversion to wars and political wrangling. Ahsoka glanced at Alexandria, wondering if the young Padawan was unsettled at meeting her father in this context. Did that make things easier or harder? It certainly made them more ... complicated, perhaps? She knew that clan loyalties governed the choices and paths of Mandalorians overall, but Alexandria was on a different path, with the Jedi. What if those came into conflict?
    She had to believe Master Reid was aware of the potential pitfall and had prepared for such a contingency.

    Alexandria smiled at her father as he left and turned around to see Fenn Rau watching her quietly. She snorted and turned away; reaching out and taking Ahsoka by the arm as a guard led them away.

    "He seems very arrogant. I'm worried about what Senator Kasra has planned." Alexandria sighed to herself. "At least we aren't divided as Jedi...much."

    Ahsoka nodded with a rueful chuckle. "Even when Jedi are divided, they work towards the common welfare and success that can be gained, instead of secret agendas and self-importance. We will have to tread carefully ... I am not ready to trust this Fenn Rau until he earns it."

    "I think he just likes showing off." Alexandria replied as they reached the palace. She looked back and saw Senator Kasra and Fenn Rau in the distance, though they were walking towards them. "I'm like that too, but at least I do it in moderation." She looked at Ahsoka. "What if it does come to war?"

    Ahsoka pondered this question for a long moment.
    "Work to protect the innocents and minimize collateral damage, as much as possible, while hoping it doesn't drag on!" She paused at the top of the steps leading into the palace. "As for showing off, Anakin Skywalker likes to call it using your skills ... he's always up for displaying his prowess at sparring and piloting." She concluded in a fond tone.

    Alexandria laughed. That's a good way of putting it. She turned when she felt a familiar pang in the force and scowled when she saw Ven making her way towards them.

    "Who invited the smuggler?"

    Ahsoka grimaced. From Alexandria's reaction, it wasn't anyone she wanted to encounter, so she continued on into the palace. If we act like we don't notice they're there, maybe they'll go away or at the very least tip their hand, she thought.
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    IC: Alexandria Kasra

    "Let's go. Let's go. " Alexandria urged, and they were quickly ushered up the castle steps. They entered a sparsely decorated throne room, where a young woman dressed elegantly rose to greet them expectantly. This is way fancier then any Jedi Temple.


    "I assume these are my guests? Come closer, both of you."

    "You stand is the presence of Satine Kryze, Duchess of Mandalore and all it's systems." Senator Wolf spoke up from behind them. Alexandria turned and saw her father approaching. He stopped next to her and Ahsoka and added, "This is Ahsoka Tano and my daughter; Alexandria Kasra. Both have come from a place of friends."

    Satine smiled a little, picking up on his term and nodded in understanding. "And tell me of the spy you picked up? Fenn radioed ahead to my security officers." She frowned as Fenn Rau came through the doors, holding on tightly to the arm of Ven as he led her inside. "Who are you?" Satine asked, though she sounded polite it was easy to sense the controlled fear behind her words.

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    IC: Alexandria Kasra

    "Let's go. Let's go." Alexandria urged, and they were quickly ushered up the castle steps. They entered a sparsely decorated throne room, where a young woman dressed elegantly rose to greet them expectantly.


    "I assume these are my guests? Come closer, both of you."

    "You stand in the presence of Satine Kryze, Duchess of Mandalore and all it's systems." Senator Wolf spoke up from behind them. Alexandria turned and saw her father approaching. He stopped next to her and Ahsoka and added, "This is Ahsoka Tano and my daughter; Alexandria Kasra. Both have come from a place of friends."

    Satine smiled a little, picking up on his term and nodded in understanding. "And tell me of the spy you picked up? Fenn radioed ahead to my security officers." She frowned as Fenn Rau came through the doors, holding on tightly to the arm of Ven as he led her inside. "Who are you?" Satine asked, though she sounded polite it was easy to sense the controlled fear behind her words.

    This was not part of the plan...Ven was just trying to find a side entrance, a maintenance hatch, an air vent, and other alternate entry points. Just to see if they were there. The fact that Fenn caught her already most of the way through a slightly ajar window was not evidence of any crime, the smuggler was just closing it, from the inside. She was innocent, an innocence she loudly proclaimed as she was brought into the throne room, being dragged by the taller Mandalorian.

    "I have done nothing wrong," her voice sounded muffled as she was brought closer, "this man has no evidence that a crime was committed. It was not trespass I was merely pointing out an obvious security flaw." Her words quieted as she was dragged over the threshold by her escort. Her boots were scuffed, her pants a little wrinkled from being dragged across the palace. Ven hung like a fish on a hook from Fenn's arm. When the Duchess spoke to her Ven's hand shot up as if she was a lawyer objecting in a court room, though she did not stand, choosing instead to have Fenn hold her up. "I am not a spy, just a merchant in town for repairs, and when I decided to take a walk around your lovely city I happened upon an open window. And I thought...What if someone of ill intent came here, they could slip right into the palace, and do nefarious things. So, I leaned in to close said window and in the course of doing so your security found me and assumed that I was breaking and entering, which he has no evidence of." She looked up at Fenn with narrowed eyes. She turned back to speak more, but found a familiar face in the room.

    "Oh, hey Alex?" she said waving her hand, her other arm still held by the overzealous mandalorian protector.

    Alexandria tilted her head and scowled. "Are you following me now? I didn't need you're help before and I don't need it now." She looked at Ven and turned away, tossing her hair over her shoulder.

    "What are you really doing here?" Satine asked, gaze flickering between Ven and Alexandria. She motioned slightly to Fenn and he loosened his grip a little, bringing Ven forward. "How do you know Lady Kasra?" She asked quietly, nodding towards Alexandria.

    "We know each other in a professional capacity. I saved her from some Pirates that had her outnumbered, along with other instances." Ven replied a dumb smile on her face. The fact that those Pirates were after Ven for stealing one of their freighters and Alex just got caught in the cross fire was immaterial. Her gaze moved to the Jedi pointedly avoiding her. "And it's Lady Kasra, really coming up in the galaxy." She paused for a moment, remembering what she was doing here. "As I said I was merely walking around your..." Her words were cut off by a harsh grip from Fenn, "Ok, I saw Alex here and just wanted to see how she was doing..I was getting worried." Again Ven directed her words to Alex, "You never call you never write, I mean how was I supposed to know you weren't dead in a ditch somewhere..."

    Senator Wolf raised his eyebrows at Ven and turned to Alexandria with a fatherly amusement in his eyes. This looks like it will be fun. Mandalore knows we need a little humor in here.

    Alexandria let out a frustrated noise and turned sharply on Ven, stalking up to her and pushing Fenn Rau to the side gently so he let go. "You saved me? You must have taken one too many hits to the head. I was the one that force pushed you out of the way so you didn't get killed!"

    Fenn Rau laughed, and Alexandria flushed when she noticed his gaze on her was something close to admiration. "You're very red in the face right now my lady."

    Alexandria sighed and added, "Why would I contact you when I never know where you are to begin with?"

    Ven fell to the ground when Fenn let her go, letting out a sharp cry as she crumpled to the ground. Thankfully her body rolled enough to land on her shoulder and not her face. She was still getting to her feet when Alex gave her final question. With an over dramatic dusting off she turned to the other woman.

    "Here I thought you were clever...You found me pretty easy on Ren Var," Another lopsided smile, "I was sure you'd already found me and was just letting me sweat...if you needed my contact information I would have given it. And you got off that rock in the ship I I still saved your life, you just saved mine, in my saving yours."

    "You stole you mean?" Alexandria pointed out. "Besides, what do I have to gain by being friends with a scruffy looking scoundrel like you?" She crossed her arms and stood next to Ahsoka casually, waiting for the Jedi Knight to chime in.


    IC: Ahsoka Tano in the Duchess' Palace

    Ahsoka appraised the elegant Duchess and then Senator Wolf arrived, and there was also the ever-vigilant Fenn Rau accompanied by a lady with a lot of 'interesting explanations' about what she was really doing skulking about in the city, which of course Duchess Satine did not swallow...

    Ahsoka picked up Senator Wolf's amusement at the snark between his daughter and the recent arrival.

    'Scruffy scoundrel'. Ahsoka's attempt at dignified aloofness dissolved into a low chuckle. "Forgive this ... display, Duchess. My companion is not, as you might assume, a wet-behind-the-ears crecheling. If half of what she and this other have disclosed is any indication they are both resourceful and prone to get into ... questionable situations. But we do not want to waste your valuable time. We would like to discuss the Mandalorian situation along with Senator Wolf."

    Duchess Satine smiled slightly at the display and nodded in acknowledgement to Ahsoka. "I'm sure you have heard we do not participate in war any longer. We are pacifists first and foremost."

    Alexandria turned her gaze back to Duchess Satine. "My apologies." She tilted her head and forced herself not to look at Ven.

    "I suggest we discuss the rest of this over dinner." Satine suddenly said. "You may stay here in the palace until we can resolve this." She looked at Ven, considering. "Your friend may as well, provided she behaves."

    Ahsoka gave a nod. She was all too willing to stay in the Palace in lieu of finding lodging in the city. It would save time at the very least, since they were to have dinner and discuss Mandalore's official and unofficial stance with regard to brewing conflict.

    Ven's ears perked up hearing that she wasn't about to be thrown into the dungeons, and the possibility of dinner. And if there was anything you could bribe her with it was food, and drink. This being a palace, it would have to have good food, and the beds, would be the softest thing she ever slept on...wait...her gaze shifted over to Alex smirking as she turned back to the Duchess.

    "Mam' for free food and a place to stay...I'll even keep my elbows off the table." The smile broadened into a face splitting grin. "Hey Alex you know what this means...slumber party...we can stay up late braid each other's about boys." Her stomach growled it's sound nearly resounding in the stone thrown room. "Sorry, skipped lunch...and breakfast."

    Satine clapped her hands. "Very well. You may retire for now. Dinner will be served this evening and we shall continue our conversation there." She held out her hand and Senator Wolf approached with a bow, helping Duchess Satine up from her seat and letting go; moving away respectfully.

    "Lady Kasra? I trust you and Lady Tano to keep the...scoundrel on a careful watch. Fenn Rau will assist you." Satine said firmly. She moved down the steps and to the side. "My guards will show you to your quarters." Satine Kryze left quietly and Alexandria visibly relaxed. Before she started to round on Ven again.

    "Listen here-"

    "This is not the time for that." Fenn Rau spoke up. He tilted his head and laughed. "You should rest, I'm sure it has been a long journey." He offered his arm to Alexandria and she stared hard at him before looping her arm in his, giving Ven a defiant look over her shoulder.

    He's certainly less annoying then Ven.

    "Ooooh." Ven started walking behind the pair, "Alex and....what was your name again? Sitting in a tree..." Her words died on her lips as she was ignored. She pursed her lips following behind the group heading towards the guest rooms. She turned to the knight accompanying Alex. "So how do you know Alex?" She asked of Knight Tano slightly to distract herself while she thought of a way to get back at the padawan.

    Ahsoka answered: "We know one another from the Jedi Temple, and her mentor is a friend of mine. Alexandria and I were tasked with a mission. Not as colorful a history as it seems you have with her."

    Ahsoka glanced at Fenn Rau and frowned. I don't trust his ... friendliness towards Alexandria. Not one bit. He's up to something or hopes to find out some secret and feels like Alex is an easy, gullible target.

    Besides keeping Ven on a close watch, it appeared Rau would also bear close scrutiny.

    "What mission?" she asked, having just been dropped into the middle of all this and having no clue what was going on. "Right colorful." she giggled to herself, "That's a word for it." She gave another smile to Alex before turning back to Ahsoka.

    Ahsoka responded carefully, giving enough details on the context but not the entire scope of the mission. "Rumors and suspicions of shifting agendas and loyalties -- allies who may need to be encouraged to stay that way." She grinned. "Alexandria is in a unique position to help with the Mando side."

    "That was a whole lot of words saying nothing." Ven remarked, she'd seen her parents do a lot of the same, talk fast and mostly nonsense to keep the authorities or other people off balance. Though if she trusted them, which being Jedi she should, but she didn't trust anyone that could read her mind...well almost anyone. "So you trying to make sure Mandalore stays out of this war?"

    "We want to be assured that at the very least their loyalties haven't transferred to the other side." Ahsoka answered. What would also be of interest would be to discover if the Duchess' stance mirrored that of the populace at large.

    Alexandria let go of Fenn's arm and turned around as she caught the last sentence of their conversation. "I feel like the Duchess has good intentions." She pointed out, and then smiled slightly. "Unlike some people. Have you ever done something out of the good of your heart Ven, or are you going to want money out of this?"

    Ahsoka was pleased to hear that about the Duchess, and she favored Alexandria with a warm smile of approval. She cut right to the heart of the matter; she was not thrown off by the affability of Fenn Rau nor by the unexpected arrival of her erstwhile partner in mischief. Master Reid would be proud, indeed. Alexandria was forthright and not easily taken in.

    "I saved you didn't I?" Ven said with a bright smile, "And I didn't even ask for fuel money. I'm not always so mercenary...just most of the time."

    Alexandria rolled her eyes and looked at Ahsoka. "You see what I have to put up with?" She shook her head as they arrived at the guest quarters.

    "I will take my leave then Lady Kasra, Lady Tano." Fenn Rau bowed slightly, though there was an air of mischief about him. "Our families are quite good friends you know." He pointed out to Alexandria as he left, "Loyalty is everything to Mandalorians."

    Ahsoka grinned as she entered her guest room. Was Fenn Rau's parting comment to Alexandria a promise or a reminder?

    "OoooOoo," Ven remarked, "I think he likes her." She walked with her hands interlaced behind her head looking around. As soon as she found the bed she leapt upon it feeling the soft sheet and mattress underneath her. "Wow, these are nice...Hey Alex do you think you could have lived like this if you stayed here?"

    Alexandria looked thoughtful as she entered the room, the door shutting behind her. "I don't know. My mother is head of Clan Kasra, but I've never even seen where I was born. I'm sure it would have been nice." She hesitated. "I'm afraid I'll like it too much." She jokingly added, before she sat on the opposite bed.

    "There's nothing wrong with enjoying things you know?" Ven replied, "You don't have long in this galaxy might as well experience all of it. I can cross this off my list now." The smuggler snuggled down a little more, still in her coat of many pockets, and pants with just as many. "What's on your list Alex..."

    Alexandria laid back on her own bed. Thought hard and shrugged. "I want to start a school, not just for Jedi. I want a family." She frowned. "My own, not just my Jedi family. But we're not supposed to get attached. To anyone. That's forbidden."

    "Really," Ven looked up from the bed getting up on her elbows. "You can't get attached...what does that even mean? No family, no more than have to give everything for the Jedi and the Order?"

    "Friends are okay, family in some circumstances yes. It depends. I was taken from my parents and the Jedi raised me. But my Jedi Master is also the closest thing I've had to a mother. She raised me too." Alexandria hesitated. " We cannot have any romantic attachments. Ever."

    "That seems...harsh, being taken from your parents and raised by people that don't know your home...Did your parents get a say in the matter?" Again her lips pursed, "You mean, you can't...that's gotta suck, not being able to be 'close' with someone. It's one of the fundamental experiences in life...and you just cut yourself off from it?"

    Alexandria shrugged, looking calm. "You don't miss what you don't know. My father is Senator Wolf Kasra, so at least I got to meet him today. I don't know if he or his wife, my mother, had a say in the matter." She smiled a little at Ven. "We're supposed to yes, but that doesn't always work. I can't say I've followed that rule myself."

    "Ooohh, Alex has a crush..." Ven rolled over onto her stomach kicking her booted feet in the air behind her. "Tell me more."

    Alexandria scowled. "Why would I tell you anything?" She looked lost in thought and then smiled slightly, "I'm interested in getting to know Fenn better...." Alexandria stared up at the ceiling, thoughtful.

    "Because we're stuck here for a while and have nothing better to do?" Ven replied though her eyes widened, hearing her talk about Fenn. "Oh, you like strong, vigilant, overzealous men?"

    "He just puts on a show." Alexandria pointed out. She laughed at Ven. "I have the force remember? Most people aren't good at hiding their emotions from a Jedi."

    Ahsoka was sprawled on the thick and luxuriously comfortable mattress. She listened with keen amusement to the back and forth between Ven and Alexandria. She had her own opinions about attachment and the pitfalls of divided loyalties which sprang from mandating when or if one could love. She was intrigued by Alex's mention of running a school and having a family. These were wonderfully 'normal' wishes.

    "Oh...have you probed my emotions?" She asked jokingly though the two jedi could feel her slight indignation. "And prying into someone's thoughts isn't that a little frowned upon? Also putting on a front?" She rolled up her sleeve showing the bruises he left on her arm. "Really?"

    Alexandria eyed the bruises. "I know how to heal those, if you want." And then, "His loyalty to the Duchess is everything. He was acting like a soldier more then a noble. But I'm sorry he did that." She glanced at Ahsoka then back at Ven. "You wish I could sense your emotions don't you?" She pointed out sarcastically.

    "I mean, I'm usually such an open book." She said with a bit of a smile. "Right loyalty, you sure he didn't just enjoy having power over someone?" The smuggler giggled a little bit sitting up. "Aww you going to kiss and make it all better?" She arched her brow just a little bit.

    Alexandria scowled. "I know how to force heal. But if you don't want any help that's fine." She thought carefully. "Everyone enjoys power, most just hate to admit it."

    Ven giggled a little more. "Maybe you need Fenn, might get you to lighten up a little." Eventually she stopped smiling. "You can do your force whatever on my bruises...they smart something fierce."

    Ahsoka glanced over at Alexandria with a smile. Despite her insistence to the contrary, it seemed she still could still muster up compassion for Ven, in spite of their unique history.
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