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Star Wars Intersections of Time: A Clone Wars Roleplay

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by TheSilentInfluence , May 30, 2019.

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  1. Kev-Mas_Colcha

    Kev-Mas_Colcha Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 15, 2002
    IC: Kev-Mas Colcha

    "Do you know who once ruled all the Sith?" asked Traya, "Before Revan even existed?"

    "Exar Kun," Sidious' voice echoed in Kev-Mas' mind through the telepathic link, "The Brotherhood of the Sith, led by a fallen Jedi named Exar Kun."

    Kev-Mas paused for a brief moment to think, and he then replied to Traya, paraphrasing his puppet master. "I believe I've heard that the Sith before Revan were called The Brotherhood of the Sith. Led by a fallen Jedi known as Exar Kun."

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  2. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Outspoken and Enraged Mod of SWTV and SWC star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    Update Part I of II

    IC: Alexandria Kasra
    Dinner, Mandalore

    The next few hours passed quickly, and Alexandria had managed to get some rest and clean up Fenn Rau came back to the room to escort them to dinner with Duchess Satine. She smiled back at Ven and Ahsoka as they walked towards the dining hall and were seated, Alexandria taking a place next to her father, Senator Wolf. She noticed a few other people sitting at the table and gave them a curious look, especially to a young boy sitting across from them, giving Alexandria a curious look.


    "This is you're youngest brother, Alexander." Wolf told Alexandria. He laughed at her expression and added, "Your mother missed you. Alex is going to the Government School here on Sundari. You would be surprised at how little he cares for fighting." Wolf patted Alexandria on the back and nodded towards Duchess Satine as she looked over with a smile.

    "This is a shock I'm sure, but we must attend to the matter at hand." She turned to Ahsoka and added, "The War that is coming will affect us all, but I must stress Mandalore's neutrality. We are no longer willing to fight and lose our lives, but we also do not want to lose our allegiance with The Republic."

    Alexandria's comm beeped and she looked down, gently shutting it off without looking at who it was. It beeped again and she looked down; apologising as she stepped away with an apology and answered, going to the far side of the hall.

    Alexandria you must return to the Temple. It's war. Alexandria looked down at the image of Master Josephine before it faded and a sharp alarm sounded in the palace. She looked around and there was a distant explosion in the distance, the fire and spoke spiralling up towards the sky.

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  3. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Outspoken and Enraged Mod of SWTV and SWC star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    Update Part II of II
    IC: Darth Traya
    Dathomir, Outer Rim

    "Did you know that or were you told that?" Darth Traya asked quietly. She looked around and stepped away from the Sith, Maul lingering in the shadows. "What do you think? Should we linger in the past or try to carve a new future for the Sith?" She walked around and touched the stone walls previously cast in shadow. "I want to have a force that rivals the Jedi, and we can use their...war to distract them from the real threat.

    Maul looked at Kev-Mas Colcha, and force pushed him away. "Unless you are too afraid of the power a Sith Order would have." He mocked and stepped away towards Darth Traya, guarding her like she she was a Queen. And then a sharp beep came from his communicator.

    "The plan is in motion. The Separatists and Republic are at war as well." Darth Traya looked around and bathed the room in darkness. "Find five red crystals, and I will give you a book of Sith so that you may learn. And then we will begin our strikes against this galaxy."

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  4. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Game Host Who Loves Fanfics & RPGs star 7 VIP - Game Host

    Aug 31, 2004
    IC: Ahsoka Tano -- Dinner, Mandalore

    Ahsoka had found the hours just past very restful, but something niggled at her, as if something dire was about to happen. She admired the opulence of the Palace and the foods presented for dinner. They were quite delicious.

    Not surprisingly, the Duchess got right to the point.

    "The War that is coming will affect us all, but I must stress Mandalore's neutrality. We are no longer willing to fight and lose our lives, but we also do not want to lose our allegiance with The Republic."

    "I thank you for your candor, Duchess Satine," Ahsoka answered. "This is a delicate balance, and one I know the Jedi will be happy to assist you to find."

    As she replied, Alexandria's comm beeped and she attempted to silence it but it went off again.

    Alexandria stepped to the far side of the hall after murmuring an apology.

    Ahsoka felt a spike of alarm from Alexandria as an alarm sounded in the palace, swiftly followed by the sound of an explosion.

    "Oh!" Ahsoka exclaimed, feeling ice form in the pit of her stomach. "I fear someone is not going to allow Mandalore to remain ... detached."

    She had hoped those vague feelings of foreboding would prove to be nothing.

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  5. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Best Roleplayer Summer 2020 star 4 VIP - Game Winner

    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Venda Malreaux

    Ven let Alex use her magical healing powers on her bruises. It felt warm and a little tingly, she grinned ear to ear watching the angry red marks change to purple, to black, to green, then to yellow, the pain fading all along the way. It felt nice, like having family around her again. Sure they were pirates and would slit your throat just as soon as look at you, but there was one stand by your own. Your crew, your people were your life, you protect them, you help them like you're own body.

    "Thanks Doctor Alex," she said with a smile, "Can I have a lollipop? For being a good girl." She was teasing again...she couldn't help herself Alex was so serious all the time...or making goo goo eyes at big strong Fenn. She just wanted to see her smile to see her laugh, get her to crack if even for a little bit. She could be so much more than just a guardian of peace and justice. She could rule the stars if she had the right people by her side...people like her. She laid back on the bed kicking her feet a little, she didn't really need to get all cleaned up or dressed up for the dinner.

    Se did give a cheeky wave to Fenn offering her arm for him to take.

    "I don't suppose you want to let me out of your sight...or your grip." She said with a tilt to head. Again just teasing.

    At the dinner she kept to her word, keeping her elbows off the table and eating with at least some manners.

    She narrowed her eyes at the young boy setting across from them, sharing the same name as Alex that was seated next to her. It was difficult to rationalize that, having another kid, naming them after your first becuase you miss them...that's gotta mess the kid up. Constantly living in another persons shadow, a shadow that you never got to know.

    She gave the poor kid a mournful gaze a 'You got it rough buddy.' kind of look.

    Alex excused herself and Ven followed behind...War...war was coming? There was an explosion outside, she could feel the rumble even this far away. She couldn't help the smile on her lips.

    "Looks like we're in it now Alex…" She said.

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  6. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Outspoken and Enraged Mod of SWTV and SWC star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    Update Part I of II
    IC: Alexandria Kasra

    Alexandria turned around sharply and stared at Ven, heart pounding. She felt a wave of panic go through her and before she grabbed Ven and pushed her in front of her. "Away from the windows, everyone go back into the living quarters. That should be more easily dependable while I figure out what's going on." She gave Ahsoka a desperate look because she really wasn't sure what to do and reached over to grab her little brother's hand.

    "Come on. I'm not leaving you behind." She looked over and pushed him towards Fenn who grabbed him and lifted Alexander up as he left the room, Duchess Satine following cautiously as they all piled in there.

    "I hope you'll inform me on what's going on Lady Kasra." She sat down and her guards stood nearby as the door shut behind them. Alexandria leaned against it and tapped her communicator again, trying to get through to anyone. She looked over at Ahsoka and shook her head, before motioning that she should try hers.

    "We need to find out what's going on Knight Tano..." Alexandria took a deep breath, realising that she was restless. Anxious. I've never been this way about fighting before. But I've never been in war before.

    "Will we be okay father?"

    Senator Wolf looked down at Alexander and nodded, "Of course. Your sister is going to figure out what's going on."

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    OOC: A short update to move the game along. We're going to do another combo. So feel free to start a PM.

  7. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Game Host Who Loves Fanfics & RPGs star 7 VIP - Game Host

    Aug 31, 2004
    OOC--Joint post with TheSilentInfluence and galactic-vagabond422

    IC: Ahsoka Tano \ Ven and Alex and Fenn -- Mandalore

    Ahsoka felt the roiling of emotions in her bones and montrals. She pushed it to the back of her mind and tried her own commlink. "Mine is also jammed. Is there a secure area where we can boost the signal? Alexandria, if Master Reid hasn't heard from you in a given time, will she alert anyone or mobilize assistance?"

    Ven was still feeling a little giddy, even as the smoke rose higher and higher in the distance. She knew Alex cared, as she protectively moved her away from the windows. The slicer was still smiling as the serious business began. Pulling her datapad from her hip she started looking for reports see what was going on, reaching out she plucked a comlink from one of the guard's belts plugging it into her datapad with out stopping to deal with his protests.

    "Ok got it," She said looking at the data rolling past the screen. "It's a multi-level interference wave, two tones constantly going that are blocking all frequencies. More power isn't going to solve this...we need to find the jammer. Given the range I would say it would have to be in a broadcasting tower." An image of the city from above appeared and she looked it over. "What's this?" she asked holding up her pad and pointing to a tall tower rising up near the center of the city. "Looks like the place."

    Ahsoka smiled at Ven. She was already proving to be a valuable asset. Now how to get to the tower... or could they disarm the jammer remotely?

    Alexandria frowned. "We can't leave Duchess Satine unprotected." She pointed out. And I don't want to leave my family here alone either. "Any idea on who caused that explosion?"

    "It could be Death Watch." Fenn answered quietly. "They are a group of radicals who don't think Duchess Satine is fit to rule."

    "That means there will probably be company at the tower." Alexandria pointed out.

    "I could disable it from here but we need to get to the top of the palace." Fenn replied. He looked at Ven. "Your friend could come too so long as she behaves."

    "Me behave," Ven smiled broadly, "Never...not even for you big guy." She put away her gear flipping the comlink back to the guard she took it from. "Besides the duchess has her guards, and big strong Fenn here, she should be well protected...unless you don't believe in them?" Her gaze looked to Alex again, searching her expression.

    Alexandria hesitated, just enough for it to be noticed visibly. "I could go. But we would have to move fast. I don't want Master Reid to worry. She would send an entire army looking for me." She drummed her fingers against her leg and nodded. "Any last thoughts Knight Tano?"

    Ahsoka was far less reckless than Anakin Skywalker but she could be decisive as much as he was. "I believe time is of the essence. And the smaller the team is, the better, for stealth, and because we don't all want to be pinned down in one location. Ven and Alex, and Fenn Rau...?"

    Fenn smiled at Alexandria as Ahsoka said this. "I would be happy to accompany you Lady Kasra." He pointed out and motioned for her and Ven to follow him out of the room. They walked quickly to the end of a corridor and started up a staircase.

    "It should be just up here. When the communications are fixed contact your Master." Fenn said as they climbed.

    Alexandria looked back at Ven. "I hope you know what your doing. You get me shot and I'll never forgive you, scoundrel."

    "I get to go on a field trip?" Ven said cheerily following after the big mandalorian. Out in the corridor she dropped her shoulders moving quickly and quietly in spite of her heavy boots. "I will have you know that I am a professional Lady Kasra." She said putting a little extra stress on the formal term of address. "And I am offended that you think I would get you shot."

    Alexandria couldn't keep the amused smile off her face as she turned back around, almost walking into Fenn. "I always run into trouble with you Ven." She teased lightly as they reached the castle roof.

    Fenn pushed the hatch up and they were greeted with the smell of smoke in the air and distant sirens. "Come on." He said as they walked towards the tower. "I'll cover you." He pulled out a blaster. "Be quick about things."

    "You love it." Ven shot back with a cheeky grin, despite the implications of what was going on, the slicer was having fun. Something about growing up with pirates, and living for the excitement and adventure of wandering the stars and taking what you wanted.

    She giggled moving across the roof and keeping low. Reaching the com tower she slid the last few feet, for fun really and jacked in.

    "Keep an eye out." she said to her jedi escort, "This might be a bit."

    Alexandria nodded and motioned Ven to go ahead. She unclipped her lightsaber and moved off to the side to keep an eye on her when she worked. She felt uneasy and kept looking around. "Hurry up." She muttered and Alexandria looked back over at Fenn who was watching the skyline.

    Alexandria turned back to watch the skyline. She scowled slightly at the chill that came over her before she was blindsided and knocked hard to the ground, her lightsaber clattering across the roof as she landed on her back. She winced as she looked up and Alexandria found herself face to face with armored Mandalorian's.

    f Ranger Medium Armor Cloak.jpeg

    "Don't move, Jedi."

    "Alex," Ven instantly dropped what she was doing, drawing the blaster from the small of her back and moved to protect the fallen jedi pointing her blaster right at the leader's unprotected face. "I'm no jedi." Her finger tightened on the trigger ready to pull it.

    "Don't, it's Death Watch!" Fenn shouted at Ven. "They won't show her mercy if you fire." He shook his head subtly and looked up towards the towers above them. "She doesn't need to get hurt."

    Alexandria felt winded and tried to sit up. She stared at the black haired woman and looked at the soldiers surrounding them. Their leader lowered hers and studied Alexandria curiously. "What's your name Jedi?"

    "Alexandria Kasra."

    The soldiers closest to them exchanged a few looks and trained their weapons on Alexandria again.

    "Arrest them." The woman said quietly. " She said before she brought her weapon down on Alexandria's head, knocking her out. "Take them to our Alor."

    Ahsoka tested her commlink. The jamming was still in place. Her senses tingled with a sense of ominousness and danger. What was keeping them...?

    "You fekking bas..." Ven screamed into the face of the nearest armored figure that would dare harm Alex. She brought her fist back to do something only to be knocked out cold by a vicious backhand from the leader. Her body fell over top of Alex, a last desperate attempt to protect her.

    Fenn winced as he was thrown with them. He put his hand out and helped Ven up before throwing Alexandria's arm over his shoulder after gently pulling her from under Ven. "Help me with her. Don't worry about the lightsaber." Fenn was eyeing the woman with scorn.

    "You don't know who she is."

    "Do you?" Fenn fired back. "Who do you think you are?"

    The woman laughed as a shuttle landed nearby. "I am the right hand of Death Watch. Ursa?" A woman in armor approached. "Load them on. I want them to be transported to my chateau immediately."

    Ahsoka glanced over at the Duchess. "I hate to say it... but I have a bad feeling about this. I have a feeling a trap has been sprung... Now, besides getting the comm array working, we have to extract Ven and Alex it appears." Her voice held a heavy tone of apprehension.

    Ven stumbled to her feet, jaw hurting head ringing. She watched as her datapad was still hanging from the comm antenna, program still running, a nice red button saying execute on it. All someone needed to do was press it and the jamming, might, might be broken. But it couldn't be her that pressed it, she was busy being herded away taken to a Chateau, whatever the frack that was.

    "Yeah I'm coming big guy." Her vision was still blurred and made it hard to think. She could find another datapad, just as long as she had a datadisk, she could make it a passable slicer rig, not as good as her Rose, but good enough to break any security that could be thrown at her. Narrowing her eyes she sneered at Ursa, the 'Right Hand of the Death Watch.' Sounded like some self important terrorist group to her. Believing their name needed to be scary and they needed to be scarier. "Will all the rebellion she had she spat in the face of the woman leading the group. Smart no, necessary, yes.

    Duchess Satine gave Ahsoka a cautious look. "I fear we may have more trouble coming for us. The Death Watch will do anything to stop the Jedi." She nodded at her guards. "Help Knight Tano, go to the roof."


    Ursa scowled at Ven and wiped her mask. "That was a mistake." They pushed them onto the transport and moved out of the city, flying until they reached a forest and an island surrounded by a lake.


    They were ushered off the shuttle and stepped out onto a platform where the shuttle flew off. And Alexandria started to wake up. She groaned and blinked in confusion, leaning forward as her head swam and dried blood made her face itch.

    The black-haired woman tilted her head and smiled slightly. "You don't remember me do you?" She sighed and shook her head. "Te jetiise took gar teh mhi." The woman walked away for a few steps and looked back. "Bring them inside, our Alor needs to speak with them."

    "Echuta karking koochoo," Ven shot back in huttese, knowing how to curse and insult in another language is always fun. Looking up she furrowed her brow, yep, defiantly self important sleemos, playing at being a government. "Does your Alor sit upon a throne, with a stick up his..." Again she was silenced by an armored hand striking her, leaving another bruise.

    "No. He does not." The woman answered quietly. "And I did not insult my sister. But the Jedi did take everything from her. Her family, her home." She shook her head and tapped Alexandria on the nose. "Mother kicked me out years ago, I'm sorry I couldn't save you from the Jedi little sister." She smiled slightly. "I am Talia, in case you have forgotten." Talia turned away and walked down the corridor. "Send them to the spare quarters, lock them away."

    The guards dragged them to a room with two large beds and a fresher off to the side. Fenn helped Alexandria lay down on one of the beds and stepped away, squeezing her arm as he did so. "I didn't realise Talia had joined Death Watch. I was young when she left though. My family would spend a lot of time with Clan Kasra."

    Ven sat down on the other bed with a huff, arms crossed, this was getting worse. Now she was still without a datapad and now they were prisoners of Alex's sister.

    "Frack you have a sister? Man the jedi are messed up." She rubbed her jaw, still red and swelling from the strikes she took. "And now it is coming back to bite you, not that you knew that. And what in Boboqueequee is Death Watch?"

    "I didn't know. The Jedi took me when I was a toddler." Alexandria covered her face. "Come here Ven, let me heal your injuries." She sat up and Fenn sat down next to her, holding her steady. She looked at him and frowned, "Did we know each other too?"

    "Only when you chased me around with a stick pretending to be Mand'alor." Fenn answered with a smile. He looked at Venn and nodded firmly. "So, our communicators might have a chance at working out here, provided we get to the right station."

    "Well, I mean I know that you told me." Ven chuckled, taking a seat next to Alex, her face was red and slowly swelling up. "Thanks for making time in your schedule doctor Alex." She pulled out her comlink starting to sweep the channels seeing if any were open, rather shortsighted of them not to take their equipment away. Not that she knew where they were, but at least the others would know they were alive.

    "Hold still." Alexandria brushed her fingers across Ven's face as her swelling went down and took away the pain. "Keep sweeping, you should be able to get a frequency out here away from the city." She took her hands away and sat back, against the wall. "See if you can reach Ahsoka first, then Master Reid."

    She hummed feeling that familiar warmth, kicking her feet rhythmically as the pain slowly ebbed away. It made it all feel just a little better, it would be better if Fenn was, here looming over them, but she would take what she could get.

    "Oh yeah, um..." she turned to her comlink sweeping the range trying to remember Ahsoka's contact, hoping it could get through the jamming. "Um...hey..." she spoke into the comm once her jaw was a little more healed. "Can anyone hear me?"

    Ahsoka stepped out onto the roof. She gasped when she saw it was deserted! Her commlink pinged, but the signal was a bit tricky. She boosted the gain a bit. Apparently, the blanket of jamming was less wherever this signal was coming from, or they hand't thought to jam in that vicinity. Either way... they were about to get some needed answers hopefully to where Ven and Alex had been 'escorted' to. "Yes, I can. Quickly, what happened, are you safe, relatively speaking, for the moment, and how are you situated on getting the communications working to reach off Mandalore?"

    Hearing another voice she let out a breath, the other jedi could hear her, that was a start. "I don't know exactly where we are..." she looked to Fenn or Alex hoping they knew, "But we are outside the city, some Chateau I think she called it, out on a lake in the middle of nowhere a short shuttle ride away." She hoped that was enough to get started. "We're doing fine, Alex is a little banged up, me too but Doctor Alex is seeing to that. Look around is my datapad still hanging from the antenna?" Recalling where she left it. "If it is you should just have to push the big red button and that should take care of the jamming...only press the button, you go digging into my Rose and I will know."

    Ahsoka laughed silently at the way Ven was describing things, relieved that she and Alex were unhurt. She took note of the datapad still attached to the tower. Thankfully it had been overlooked. She looked for a big red button and pressed it.

    "Yeah, it's here and I pushed the button you indicated," She answered into her comm. "Now we can get somewhere. I'll get in touch with Master Reid from here, and you can also if you wish. I'll take the datapad and keep it safe for you. Don't worry," She laughed, "I won't peek."

    She returned to the chamber where the Duchess was awaiting a report. "Duchess Satine, they seem to be all right, Alex and Ven and Fenn Rau ... they've been taken to an island chateau outside the city. I was able to remove the jamming; they neglected to remove the datapad Ven was using. Now I'll contact Master Reid and have her relay any messages as well as keep her up-to-speed."

    "You''d better not." Her words were half out of general paranoia and half out of embarrassment. There were somethings on there that she'd rather no one see. "And you can contact Reid...I have a bad history with her..." Mostly that one time she stole away her padawan for some mischief, and Reid came down with four other jedi to bring Alex back.

    "Why shouldn't we contact Master Reid?" Fenn asked curiously. He looked at Alexandria who was smiling slightly. "Lady Kasra?"

    "Ven and her don't get along." Alexandria said quietly. "She usually gets me into a lot of trouble." She sighed. "But I need to speak to her and find out what's going on." She looked over at Ven. "Tell Ahsoka to patch us through."

    "Ah, Ahsoka?" Ven spoke into the com, "patch us into the call with Rampage Reid," She gave a broad smile to Alex, relishing in the little nickname she'd given to the venerable Jedi Master. "Just don't tell her I'm here...ok?"

    Ahsoka stifled a chuckle and input the frequency Master Reid had provided. "Master Reid, wthis is Knight Tano and we have contacted the Duchess successfully. We have encountered an escalating situation. I will let the Duchess elaborate, if I may?"

    Master Reid answered quickly, though she sounded tired. "Knight Tano where is my Padawan? I've been trying to contact you for hours." She sounded worried. "Please put the Dunchess through."

    Ahsoka was relieved to hear Master Reid's voice and handed the commlink to one of the near guards to pass to the Duchess.

    The guard passed the comlink to the Duchess who started to speak quietly. "Your Padawan, along with one of my men Fenn Rau and a scoundrel by the name of Ven were captured by Death Watch; a group that seems ready to try to throw me out of power. I do not know why they took them specifically, but I plan to launch an investigation. Do you think your Padawan could escape?"

    Master Reid was quiet for a moment. "She could yes, Padawan Kasra is resourceful. But I won't be able to make it to help you at this point. The Separatists kidnapped some of our Jedi and now we are the entire Republic is at war with them." Master Reid sounded apologetic. "I know you do not want war Duchess, so I will not send Clones to your location."

    "Alex will be fine, Mama Reid...she's with me." Ven blurted out over the shared line she couldn't contain herself anymore, she was not one to sit and listen. "A thought occurred to me while you two were talking...their might be a way to pin down our location unless you already know your grace." She was using the honorific more as a joke than proper protocol, "Ahsoka, plug the commlink into my Rose, there's a port on the bottom edge, be gentle. It should automatically track the frequency we are using. It should at least get you to the nearest repeater tower...I I need to wipe Rose again....A jedi touched her."

    Ahsoka glanced at the Duchess. "Do you want me to attach the devices, or can you pinpoint where Alex and Ven are?" Ahsoka tried not to think too much about what Kenobi and Skywalker were likely to be experiencing ... it would be too distracting at the moment.

    Duchess Satine nodded. "Yes that would be the best option we have." She sighed, "Do what you must, and then report back to your Jedi Order."

    Josephine Reid listened quietly and added, "Be careful Alexandria." And then she spoke to Ven, "You had better hope that there isn't a scratch on my Padawan, thief."

    Ahsoka examined the datapad--which Ven called Rose. She plugged the commlink into the port on the bottom. The display scrolled and internal processes ran until there was a soft chime. "I think we've got the location!" Ahsoka exclaimed. "Now what can/should we do?"

    "Allegedly!" Ven shouted back. Sitting back on the bed waiting for the others to come up with a plan. Though her eyes wander about the space, looking for methods of egress. Ways to slip out before the real bad guys come.

    "You could send a ship to rescue us." Alexandria pointed out casually. "If we get to the roof then you can pick us up there."

    "That could work." Duchess Satine added. "You can lead a few of my guards Knight Tano."

    "And then you'll come straight back to the Jedi Temple." Master Reid added firmly.

    Alexandria looked at Ven. "Sure..." She smiled and nudged Ven gently, before adding, "I'll be there as soon as I can, Master."

    Ahsoka nodded and agreed: "Let's get moving!" She frowned at the tone of Alex's agreement. There was an undercurrent there... Whatever Alex and Ven had brewing as an adventure, being stuck in a war zone wasn't like a rompt through a theme park, not by a long shot. "Oh, we'll be back barring serious injury or incapacitation, Master Reid." Ahsoka said firmly.

    Ven smiled broadly. They were not getting back soon. Not if Ven had anything to say about it. She bounced off the bed and moved to the door opening it to look left and right checking for guards. They needed to get out of the room and get to the roof so that rescue could pick them up.

    "I don't think I like your family." She said turning back to Alex closing the door behind her.

    Duchess Satine nodded and turned to her guards. "I want three of you to go with Knight Tano now. May the force be with you." She looked at Ahsoka with a small smile. "Take care of yourself."


    Alexandria looked at Ven curiously. "You can't kidnap me Ven." She looked at Fenn, who raised an eyebrow at her. "I need to go back to the Jedi Order."

    "I will watch out for your little brother." Fenn said, as if he could read her expression. "It doesn't take a Jedi to see you're worried about him."

    Alexandria smiled at being caught and added, "I don't know him, but he seems like an anxious child." And then, "I hope the only family you don't like is my sister Ven."

    Ahsoka nodded in thanks to the Duchess and exited with the guards and headed towards the Palace's bay for domestic transports.

    "Do you really have to go back to them?" Ven shot back, "I mean you can do just fine on your own, with me by your side. We can make a little trouble? In the end what have the Jedi given you huh? A had that they took you from it. Training? You can find that anywhere. Family? again you had one here, they took you from it. So in the vast scheme of things the Jedi have taken everything they had given to you. So why stay with them when you could have fun. When you could have more than just a lightsaber and the clothes on your back....The galaxy could be yours..."

    "I haven't met your mom, but still named your brother after you because she missed you, your father is a politician, I don't like politicians, and well your sister is a right gaggalak mursto. So you I like."

    "I have a responsibility. Do you even know what that is?" Alexandria looked furious. "I was raised by the Jedi. My Master is the closest thing I have to a mother. And I don't know why my parents gave me up but if you know anything about the history between Jedi and Mandalorian's you would understand."

    She took a deep breath and stood up. "We need to get out of here." She looked back at Fenn who followed her as Alexandria went to the door. "I need to get back to the Jedi Temple." She didn't look at Ven. "It's my home now."

    "I know what responsibility is, I just avoid it like the plague." Ven replied moving to the door and quietly opening it. "You weren't raised by the Jedi you were taken. Your home is wherever you want it to be...and it doesn't have to be a stuffy old temple surrounded by old beings telling you want to do." She carefully slipped out keeping low, "Don't you ever want to break out, do what you who you want?" Tact was never Ven's strong suit, and as she said the words she gave a somewhat annoyed look to Fenn.

    "I've never read my file. But the Jedi ask. That's what were taught." Alexandria followed Ven and lowered her voice, Fenn following behind. "I make my own choices, Ven. At least I can claim responsibility for my actions."

    Fenn laughed a little at Ven's remark. "I'm sure Alexandria will love who she wants." He frowned and added, "Actually...nevermind."

    "Yeah, I'm sure they ask very nicely." Ven shot back her voice low, her footsteps soft. "Hey, when things go well I take responsibility." She gave a slight grin to Fenn behind them, waggling her eyebrows. "Oh I'm sure big guy, and you think you can handle her?" With a devilish grin she continued on.

    Ahsoka kept all her senses on higha lert but they arrived without being apprehended or stopped, thankfully to the pickup location. She had kept her commlink on idle but ready to activate. "OK, let's scramble." She now said. "Ven, you can come along or discreetly disappear..." She left it open for Ven to decide. She didn't owe them anything. Ahsoka wasn't sure if Ven would slow them down or prove to be an asset...? But she and Alex were the ones who had to keep a low profile. Master Reid was counting on it.
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    IC: Alexandria Kasra
    Escaping The Chateau, Mandalore

    "You're both awful." Alexandria said as she moved past them. She wasn't sure why they were being allowed to move so freely, and wondered if the woman who claimed to be her sister had anything to do with it. This was too easy; and she half expected to be captured at any moment. But they made it out with no interference. So far.

    When Ahsoka contacted them Alexandria sighed and looked at Ven. "You can come if you want; but you'll need to find work on Courscant. I need to stay out of trouble." Alexandria said as they walked to the pick up location. "Master Reid would kill me if I ran away. I have a responsibility Ven, especially now that were at war." She felt a jolt of fear in her stomach at the thought; and knew it probably showed on her face.

    "How much longer?" Fenn asked, softly.

    "Were just about there." Alexandria answered. And then they were out in the open, the trees surrounding the Chateau casting a shadow at their feet, and Alexandria felt another lurch in the force. "I think were being followed-" She looked around and saw Ahsoka; half running to her before a shot rang out by her feet; causing her to stumble and fall over. She looked up and saw the glint of a scope in the trees.

    "Sniper!" Fenn shouted. "It's an Ambush!"

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    IC: Ahsoka on Mandalore -- Attempting an Escape

    It felt easy ... could it be because they had eluded detection or beca;use a trap was being laid? The Force was a tangled mire at the moment to Ahsoka's senses, perhaps because of the violence and underlying schemes filling the emotional environs ... but also because she had a suspicion for whenever things went off too easily, still she didn't like to be a pessimist, preferring to be prepared for the worst while hoping for the best... oh no!

    Ahsoka broke into a run as Fenn's warning of a sniper rang out.

    An ambush...! She breathed a silent apology to Master Josephine Reid.

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    IC: Venda Malreaux

    It was too easy, but Ven would take that. It would give them breathing room. But, she couldn't let her guard down, this was still a hideout for a dangerous group of psychopaths. Odd that they were just giving them a way out. The banter with Fenn helped with the nerves a little. Though as they got into the open a shiver ran down her spine. This felt very wrong, she looked back over her shoulder at Alex giving a slight smile. Then a shot rang out striking the ground near Alex's feet she tumbled to the ground. Ven followed her to the ground crawling on her belly to whatever cover was nearby. Drawing her pistol from the small of her back. Reaching out her hand she tried to pull Alex to the cover she had found. With a quick breath she looked over her shoulder firing off a few shots in the general direction of the sniper.

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    IC: Alexandria Kasra
    Escaping the
    Chateau, Mandalore

    Alexandria felt her head smack off the ground as she tried to dodge the sniper's shot, and then felt Ven drag her back towards cover. She breathed heavily, wondering who wanted to kill her so much; as she drifted in and out of consciousness. Alexandria could hear the Sniper taking more shots; before there was one louder then the rest and she heard nothing else. It hadn't sounded like it came from anyone on the docking bay; but Alexandria didn't have much time to think of that before she slumped over; against Ven.

    "Get her on the ship." Fenn Rau called out, moving quickly to Ven's position. He dropped looked around as the Sniper stopped firing and turned to Ahsoka across the hanger. "Start the ship!" Fenn called out; and motioned to Ven to help him with Alexandria.

    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha @galactic-vagabond422

    OOC: Short update but we can combo to move things along. I'm sorry there has not been an update in a while. But I'm done school for the term so it should be more regular until the holidays are over.

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    GM Approved.

    Name: Bryxa Braxalbrave

    Age: 42

    Gender: Female

    Alias(es): Bryxa

    Species: Human

    Birth Date: 64 BBY

    Death Date: N/A

    Occupation: Jedi Knight

    Affiliation(s): Jedi

    Appearance: Black woman, black and red dreads, typical jedi robes.

    Height: 6'0

    Weight: 167 lbs

    About the Character

    Personality: Loyal, caring, determined, but overall a relaxed gentle, playful demeanor.

    Fear(s): The unknown threats to the peace and the tides of war.

    The Character’s Relationship With Others

    Reputation: She is viewed within the Jedi Order as a capable, knowledgeable Jedi Knight. A future master in the Order. Trustworthy and known to be a source of counsel for masters and padawans alike.

    Love Interest(s): None

    Friend(s): She has a close relationship with Master Windu

    Jedi?: Yes

    If So, Rank?: Knight

    Fighting Style: Jar'kai expert practitioner

    Preferred Weapon(s): Double bladed yellow lightsaber

    Birthplace: Coruscant

    Character Background: Bryxa is a Jedi Knight and the Jedi are she has ever known. She has no memory of her family. In her teenage years, Bryxa was recognized as a padawan that had always been at peace with herself and the Force. She was studious and trained hard. She has always steered closer to the investigative and peacemaking missions of the Jedi and has become one of the more renowned Jedi Knights for her sheer experience. She has traveled to the edge of the galaxy, seeking only to serve the Jedi Order and maintain peace, but through her travels she has begun to suspect that things are not what they seem in the galaxy.
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