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Library Intervention (Quick Reference)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by Bravo, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Bravo

    Bravo Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 10, 2001

    Updated: 7-10-2014

    Command Staff
    • Captain Jason Lasso (human, male, 25 years of age); Bravo
      • Captain of the Johnny Boy
        • Leader of the Mercs
          • Callsign "Quagmire"
    • Commander Yavscout (N/A---Elf---male, unknown age) Sith-I-5
      • Commander, Second-In-Command, of the Johnny Boy
        • Has mysterious powers and a unique skill-set
          • Callsign "Safety"
    • Major Havah Jeth (Arkanian, male, 33 years of age) Mitth_Fisto
      • Third-in-Command of the Johnny Boy; former Squadron Leader.
        • Tactical Officer
          • Callsign "Spook"
    • Chief Medical Officer Russel Cook (human, male, 45 years of age) NPC
      • Chief Medical Officer of the Johnny Boy
        • Former Imperial; Clone Wars veteran doctor
          • Callsign "Doc"
    • Chief of Security Beskaryc Taab (human, male, 50 years of age) Bardan_Jusik
      • Chief of Security (and of Intelligence) of the Johnny Boy
        • Bounty Hunter / Mercenary for Hire
          • Callsign "Ironhand"
    Administrative and Support Services
    • Lieutenant Colonel Chris Street (Chiss, male, 51 years of age) Mitth_Fisto
      • Commands "Outpost Nowhere"
        • Former Commander of the Mercs (and sniper); last of the "Big Three" from Taller's old Clone Wars Command; acts as a aid and council to the Command Staff.
          • Callsign "Eyes"
    • Hanger Chief: Chief Sydney Ayers (human, male, 58 years of age) Vehn
    • Combat Medic: Boras Felroah (Selkath, male, 54 years of age) NPC
      • Callsign "Golden"
    • Chief Engineer: Tim Williams (human, male, 62 years of age) NPC
      • Chief Engineer of the Johnny Boy
        • Has a blaster rifle named "Sandy" that he talks to
          • Callsign Unknown
    • Chef Mr. Biggs (human, male, 42 years of age) NPC
      • Chef of the Johnny Boy
        • Former pirate; recruited at Bespin in 0 BBY
          • Callsign Unknown
    • Mercs' Historical Officer: Nick Skysand (human, male, 15 years of age) Bravo
      • Chief Historical Officer of the Johnny Boy
        • Rescued by Captain Rick Taller from slavers at age 12; been with the Mercs since.
          • Callsign "Butter"
    Jedi Liaisons
    • Jedi Knight Hank (Human, male, 43 years of age) Bravo
      • Jedi Adviser on the Johnny Boy
        • Surviving Jedi Knight from Order 66
          • Callsign Unknown
    • Jedi Prophet Timmy "Old Man Blue" Waters (Human, male, 62 years of age) Bravo
      • Jedi Adviser Johnny Boy
        • A Wander and Outcast from the Jedi Order; has been "listening to the Force" and doing it's will for years
          • Callsign Unknown
    • Jedi Knight Mahaben (Miraluka, male, 47 years of age) greyjedi125
    Kingdom of Jod Liaisons
    • Jedi Master Alexander Zat (human, male, 53 years of age) Bravo
      • Direct Royal Family Liaison; "keeper" of the Ancient Scrolls
        • Surviving Jedi Master of Order 66; former high member of the Jod Church; Outcast from Jod Church and hunted now, protected by the Royal Family
          • Formed the Jod "Elites" to function as elite Jedi assassins for the Jod Church
    • Jedi Assassin / Ninja "He" (Near-Human, male, N/A years of age) Bravo
      • An Elite sent to escort his former master (and Ancient Scrolls) and now sworn enemy Alexander Zat under Royal Family Order
        • Has some yet fully explained history between Lieutenant Colonel Chris Streets and himself from the Unknown Regions
          • Callsign "He"
    • Bridge Officer Bob (human, male, N/A years of age) Sith-I-5
      • Official Military Liaison between Merc and Kingdom of Jod forces
        • Has served aboard the Authority, Johnny Boy, Sword of Justice, and now the Delicate Delinquent
          • Callsign "Bob"
    • Lieutenant Zotoman (human, male, N/A years of age) Sith-I-5
      • Kingdom of Jod Liaison between Merc, Block prisoners, and Kingdom of Jod forces
    Guardians Squadron
    Starfighter Squadron
    ****Colors on [Guardian] labels denote the Flight your attached to. Blue is One flight, green is Two Flight, orange is Three flight***
    • [Guardian One/Lead] Captain Jason Lasso (human, male, 25 years of age); T-65 X-Wing Space Superiority Fighter Bravo
      • Captain of the Johnny Boy/Squadron Commander.
        • Leader of the Mercs
          • Callsign "Quagmire"
    • [Guardian Two]Pilot Officer Atin Taab (human, male, 15 years of age); T-65 X-Wing Space Superiority Fighter Bardan_Jusik
      • Starfighter Pilot with the Mercs as of shortly before the Battle for Port Haven
        • Father is Taab
          • Callsign "Scorch"
    • [Guardian Three] Flight Lieutenant Winterkill (Nagai, male, 23 years of age); T-65 X-Wing Space Superiority Fighter greyjedi125
          • Callsign "Specter"
    • [Guardian Four] Pilot Officer Benjamin Totter (human, male, 29 years of age); T-65 X-Wing Space Superiority Fighter NPC
      • Former Ace Imperial TIE Pilot; now a drunk
          • Callsign "Ace"
    • [Guardian Five] Commander Yavscout (N/A---Elf---male, unknown age) Modified N-1 Starfighter Sith-I-5
      • Commander, Second-In-Command, of the Johnny Boy
        • Has mysterious powers and a unique skill-set
          • Callsign "Safety"
    • [Guardian Six] Pilot Officer Tiaca (Terellian Jango Jumper, female, 27 years of age); T-65 X-Wing Space Superiority Fighter Mitth_Fisto
      • Bounty Hunter
          • Callsign "Tiss/Reco"
    • [Guardian Seven] Pilot Officer Masha Tinovorsh (Human, female, 24 years of age); Z-95 Headhunter variant Heavy_Isotope
          • Callsign "Edge"
    • [Guardian Eight]
    • [Guardian Nine] Major Havah Jeth (Arkanian, male, 33 years of age) T-65 X-Wing Space Superiority Fighter Mitth_Fisto
      • Third-in-Command of the Johnny Boy; former Squadron Leader. Three Flight lead
        • Tactical Officer
          • Callsign "Spook"
    • [Guardian Ten]
    • [Guardian Eleven] Pilot Officer Sunri Lasca (Human, male, 22 years of age); Modified Aurek class Tactical Strike Fighter SkywalkerT_-65
          • Callsign "Sunny"
    • [Guardian Twelve] Pilot Office Kannari Oshi (Cathar, female, 30 years of age);T-65 X-Wing Space Superiority Fighter jedi_padawan_leigh
          • Callsign unknown
    Shuttle Pilots and Reserve Pilots
    Act as shuttle pilots and reserve starfighter pilots when they are needed. Generally serve as "Jack of All Trades" positions and are skilled in various aspects needed by the Mercs.

    • Chief of Security Beskaryc Taab (human, male, 50 years of age) Bardan_Jusik
      • Chief of Security (and of Intelligence) of the Johnny Boy
        • Bounty Hunter / Mercenary for Hire/Captains the Crusader. Guardian 13
          • Callsign "Ironhand"
    • Pilot Officer Havoc Neb (Sullustan, male, 31 years of age)NPC
      • A Freelance mercenary for years that made a small profitable empire....until his modified TIE Bomber was stolen and all his credits gone with it; he seeks to rebuild his profits with the Mercs, buy a long range ship, and travel back to his secret hideout to start over again.
        • Guardian 14
          • Callsign "Slick"
    • Pilot Officer Seira Trasks (human, female, 37 years of age); NPC
      • Recruited at Skip One
        • Former bounty hunter Guardian 15
          • Callsign "Rogue"
    • Crewperson Mary Formal (Arcateenian, female, 242 years of age) NPC
      • New pilot with the Mercs as of the Battle for Port Haven
        • Flies the Luck's Gamble and acts as a reserve starfighter pilot and commando. Guardian 16
          • Callsign "Live Free or Die Hard"
    • Pilot Officer Connor Harrison (Human, male, 37 years of age); Jedi General Gelderd
        • Guardian 17
    Important Non-Player Characters
    NPCs for the Johnny Boy; others are colored respectfully

    • Bridge; Top ranking Non-commissioned Officer and Sensors Officer: Wa Yay (Gossam, female, 39 years old)
    • Bridge; Chief Helms Officer: Andrew 'Guitar' Monk (Human, male, 27 years old)
    • Bridge; Helms Co-Pilot: Jityar 'Drums' Ba'tar (Gungan, male, 27 years old)
    • Bridge; Captain's Personal Assistant: Dak (M-3PO military protocol droid)
    • Medical; Nurse: Ulrike (Human, female, 30 years old)
    • Medical; Nurse: Natalie Cunnings (Human,female, 28 years old)
    • Hanger; Lead Hanger Tech: Ler (LE-series repair droid)
    • Hanger; Hanger Tech: Kalka'tech(Wookiee, male, Unknown)
    • Hanger; Hanger Tech: Talka'pa (Wookiee, male, Unknown)
    • Hanger; Hanger Tech: Alo'zhan Ghevar (Pho Ph'eahian, male, 39 years old)
    • Hanger/Engineering, Crewman Elizabeth "Ellie" Hart (Human female, 19 years old) Hanger and Engineering support/tech
    • Engineering; Rachael Williams (Human,female, Unknown). Daughter of Chief Engineer Tim Williams
    • General Crew (Boatswain, Deck Hand); Charlie Watertin (Human, male, 33 years old)
    • Security; Zhoul Al'Kesh (Devaronian, male, 29 years old)
  2. Bravo

    Bravo Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    Johnny Boy

    See the Story of the Johnny Boy at the end of this post below.

    Imagine created by CPL_Macja

    Johnny Boy
    Note: Interior ship details are taken from It should be noted that some interior details have been changed from the details on the website for the uses of this game, so please pay close attention to the interior details.
    Note 2: Data and stats are taken from Wookieepedia.


    Model: Customized Marauder-class Corvette
    Class: Corvette (see: Anaxes War College System)
    Role: Flagship, Privateer, Mercenary-warship
    Cost: Not for Sale

    Length: 195 meters
    Width: 131 meters
    Height/depth: 22 Meters
    Maximum Acceleration: >2,500
    MGLT: 75 MGLT
    Maximum Speed (atmosphere): 1,000 km/h
    Engine Units: 3 Girodyne engines equipped with engine-baffling; 1 dorsal, 2 side-by-side on the ventral (adopted from
    Hyperdrive: Class 1.0
    Hyperdrive Backup: Class 8.0
    Power Plant: One main reactor, two smaller (15% the size) solar fed back-up reactor cores, one in each wing (charged at 100%, can be recharged by the main reactor or solar panels; can be used with main reactor to support energy out-put for weapons, shields, sensors, and communications).
    Shields: Redundant shields, military grade Supreme Defender shield generator technology, 500 SBD
    Armor (Hull plating): state of the art Titanium-reinforced Alusteel hull with trace elements of Mandalorian iron to strengthen the hull (250 RU)
    Sensors: Military-grade Frabritech sensors, including:
    Communications: Rated to Imperial II-class Star Destroyers
    Targeting Systems: St2x targeting computer
    Note: Redesigned for warship specs
    Cargo Capacity: 300 metric tons
    Consumables: 3 months
    Escape Pods: 43 class-6 escape pods
    • Command Crew: 3 (Captain, Commander, Major)
    • Officers: 9 (Chief Medical Officer, Chief of Security / Intelligence, Chief of Staff, Chief Engineer, Hanger Chief, Chief Gunnery Officer, Chief Quartermaster, Squadron Leader, Chef)
    • Jedi Liaison: 1
    • Kingdom of Jod Liaison: 3
    • Enlisted: 117
    • Gunners: 48
    • Security / Infantry / Hands on Deck: 40 (three shifts of 8, plus 16 extra for other duties / support)
    • Starfighter Pilots: 12
    • Passengers: 24
    Total: 257

    Armament (36 weapon emplacements):

    • 2 Double turbolaserclusters
      • 1 on each wing-tip spear
    • 6 H9 dual turbolaser turrets
      • 2 dorsal mid-wings
      • 2 ventral mid-wings
      • 2 retractable bow
    • 2 H9 single turbolaser turrets
      • crowned the starboard and port dorsal sides of the wedge-like forward section, just meters behind each side viewport of the bridge (covering the approach that the removed "turbolaser stations" would have covered, but just clear of the path for the warhead launchers)
    • 8 AG-2G quad laser cannons
      • 4 crowned the forward wedge-like section of the ship's bow, positioning 2 quad laser cannons roughly a bit back from the bridge and in the middle of the wedge-like section side-by-side, each one able to rotate 360 degrees (but build-on safety measures preventing the turrets from turning on on each other), and 2 more quad laser cannons directly opposite the top two on the ventral side of the ship.
      • 4 quad laser cannons had 2 dorsal on either aft raised platform to either starboard and port of the aft engine block, with 2 ventral surface of the ship, opposite their dorsal twins. Same build-in safety measures as the other quad laser turrets.
    • 6 M-g-2 general-purpose warhead launchers
    • 9 small retractable Point-defense laser cannon (anti-missile) defense system
      • Bridge; 1 in front of bridge; dorsal, 1 behind bridge; dorsal (2)
      • Hanger; 1 in front of hanger; ventral, 1 behind hanger; ventral (2)
      • Mid Ship; 1 dorsal
      • Wing; 1 starboard, 1 port (2)
      • Aft; 1 dorsal, 1 ventral (2)
    • 3 Tractor Beamprojectors
      • 1 Bow dorsal
      • 1 Mid-ship dorsal
      • 1 Hanger Bay ventral

    Special Notes:
    • The ship's exterior hull would adopt a silver and yellow paint scheme (see: imagine, replace red with yellow).
    • The Combat Simulator Room (third level, see below) is essentially a padded gym room with various hand-to-hand training weapons and even a laser practice weapon firing range.
    • The Armory (third level, see below) is a highly secured weapons and storage room; it is guarded around the clock by two sentries, has holo and sensor security recordings, and is also the Chief of Security's Security Office.
    • The "Doctor's Office" (second level, see below) has been replaced with a small library.
    • The Troops Barracks / Troop Quarters are essentially quarters for security personnel and passengers. The quarters are very militaristic and plain.
    • The Troop Barracks / Troop Quarters on the Third Level have been completely replaced by Vehicle Hanger Bays and Droid Recharging Stations.

    Note: The interior uses this website as its reference, however a few things have been changed (see "Special Notes" above). The first imagine at the top of the page is of the exterior of the ship (different color, however). The second imagine below the first is of the first level, while the third imagine is of the second level, and the fourth imagine is of the third level. The bridge is considered its own level and is connected to the turbolifts via a flight of stairs. Below are 3 imagines of the first, second, and third levels.

    • Bridge (appears to be the upper-most, unlit gray viewport, directly above the big lit---yellow---viewport on the bow: see imagine)
      • Systems Control (port, starboard)
    • First Level
      • Dorsal airlocks (port and starboard)
      • CO Ready Room (port, Captain's Ready Room)
      • XO Ready Room (starboard, Commander's Ready Room)
      • Turbolaser fire control (port; replace: Officer's Meeting Room, imagine 1, imagine 2)
      • Turbolaser fire control (starboard; replace: Astrometrics Lab)
      • Turbolifts (4)
      • Equipment access
      • Troop Barracks
      • Troop Hygiene

    • Second Level
      • Crew Canteen (Mess Hall)
      • Senior Staff Cabins (Captain, Commander, Major, Chief Medical Officer, Chief of Security, Chief of Staff)
      • Crew Lounge
      • Ship Systems (port)
      • Logistics Office (starboard, Quartermaster)
      • Brig (port)
      • Sickbay Ward (Starboard; Medical Bay)
      • HoloComm Pod (port, middle---big white rectangle; replace: Hologram projection pod and Briefing Room, imagine)
      • Storage Lockers (port)
      • Doctor's Office (starboard; replace: library)
      • Tractor Beam Control (port)
      • Crew Cabins (port, starboard)
      • Troop Quarters
      • Turbolift (4)


    • Third Level
      • Cargo Bay
      • Cargo Lift (port, starboard)
      • Crew Cabins (replace: Senior Crew Cabins: Officers and Pilots)
      • Hanger Bay
      • Troop Quarters (port, middle corridor, starboard = replaced: vehicle hanger bay and droid recharging stations)
      • Troop Rec Room (port; weight and exercise room)
      • Troop Canteen (starboard; replace: Combat Simulator Room)
      • Main Galley (starboard; replace: Armory and Security Office)



    Upon entering from one of two turbolifts, a person walks out into an open area that expands about 5 meters forward (deeper into the bridge) and 3 meters to port and starboard of the bridge; this open area is known as the Command Deck and rounds off deeper into the deck, ending in a short staircase that descends down to the forward viewports and Helms Station (a waist high safety railing runs around the whole Command Deck. The Command Deck is identical to that of a King II-class Battleship, in that the Captain's Chair is on the starboard side of the deck and the Commander's Chair on the port side of the deck, both a bit back from the safety railing (both the Captain's and Commander's Chairs are like this imagine). Both the Captain and Commander chairs can rotate 360 degrees and the Captain's Chair has a master command arm rest as well on the right side and both the Captain's and Commander's armrest have cup holders on the left armrests. In front of both the Captain and Commander Chairs, recessed into the ground, are two holograpic displays / HoloNet transceivers, that can display live battlefield data and HoloNet communications to both command officers. However, unlike the King II-class Battleships, the Johnny Boy's Captain's Chair and Commander's Chair can interface with the recessed holograpic displays and perform all ship functions without a bridge crew. Effectively, if duties are split equally between the two, two Command Officers could at least run the ship during non-combat conditions and, in a pinch with Gunnery Stations set to automated, could even run the ship during command operations semi-effectively without assistance. On the back of both the Captain's Chair and the Commander Chairs is a personal head-set and mouth comlink, a breath mask attached to the left side of the lower chair with emergency portable comlink next to the breath mask, and a mini-flashlight attached to the right side of the lower chair. In hidden storage compartments on both the Captain's and Commander's port armrests are security coded compartments that conceal a single Scout Trooper Blaster Pistol and C1 personal comlink in case of an enemy boarding action where the bridge is taken hostage.

    From the most aft point of the open area (towards the bridge's entrance/exit), two small stairways are on either side of the bridge and both go down into a Crew Pit area. Before each stairwell on either side are two stations: on the port side of the ship with a wall console and screens behind them and a semi-circle of screens in front (like the Death Star consoles, but not raised and in a lighter gray and white color) is a standing crew member who manage the Damage Control and Maintenance Station. On the starboard side of the ship with a similar wall and console construction as the port side, is the Security Station manned by another crew member. Both these stations have mini-storage in the wall for collapsible raised chairs that snap into secured positions (with crash webbing as a harness) on the floor so the crew members can sit, however often the crew members stand due to the comfortable foot covering over the flooring for them. The Security Station has a hidden emergency kit under where the seat connects to the floor; the kit contains two blaster pistols with spare energy clips, two E-11 blaster rifles with spare energy clips, two hand-held comlinks, two box lights, and two breathe masks; hidden in a drop-down key pad protected drawer under the security station's console are two blaster pistols, whose codes are only known to the Command Staff and Security Station crew member. Both Damage Control and Security Stations have the following directly on the under belly of their console stations: own personal head-set and mouth comlink on the back of the chair, a breath mask attached to the inner left side of the lower console, emergency portable comlink next to the breath mask, and then a mini-flashlight attached to the inner right side of the console station.

    On the port side of the bridge are the Port Crew Pits; the following stations, from closet to the rear of the bridge (by the stairwells) to the forward viewports: Hanger Control, followed by 2 Communications Stations; the additional communications station added by the existing one to handle the upgrade in communications and types of communications Lasso would add. All consoles (see: imagine, view screen on console---as shown---not above console) on the bridge have the following has a chair and own personal head-set and mouth comlink on the back of the chair, a breath mask attached to the left side of the lower console, emergency portable comlink next to the breath mask, and then a mini-flashlight attached to the right side of the console station. The Port Crew Pits wrap around a bend and spill out into an open forward area where the Helms Station is located.

    On the opposite side of the bridge, the starboard side, are the Starboard Crew Pits; the following stations, from closet to the rear of the bridge (by the stairwells) to the forward viewports: ComScan, followed by 2 Sensors Stations; the additional sensors station added by the existing one to handle the upgrade in sensors and types of sensors Lasso would add. All consoles (see: imagine, view screen on console---as shown---not above console) on the bridge have the following has a chair and own personal head-set and mouth comlink on the back of the chair, a breath mask attached to the left side of the lower console, emergency portable comlink next to the breath mask, and then a mini-flashlight attached to the right side of the console station. The Starboard Crew Pits wrap around a bend and spill out into an open forward area where the Helms Station is located.

    In the open area in front of the raised aft bridge section (a single small stairwell leads from the front open area up to the raised bridge section), is the Helms Station. The Helms Station is two separate stations in fact, with the Helms Co-pilot on the port console, while the Chief Helms Officer is on the starboard console. Both consoles are lower consoles (unlike the other stations) and only come to sitting height, thus giving both Helms Officers an unobstructed view of outer space in front of them (see: imagine; looks like the two console station to either side of the picture, but the top crest of the stations are lower to just below the bottom chest line, not obstructing the view of the crew, and the top view screens are removed). Each Helms Officer seat has the following: own personal head-set and mouth comlink on the back of the chair, a breath mask attached to the inner left side of the lower console, emergency portable comlink next to the breath mask, and then a mini-flashlight attached to the inner right side of the console station.

    In between both Helms Stations is an open area of ten feet, where an emergency box is located under the floor in the middle of that 10 feet (with a simple silver colored key pad protected hatch way) with the following: first aid kit, four extra breath masks, four extra hand-held comlinks, 2 box lights, 2 small emergency portable power generators, 2 tool kits, enough emergency rations for twelve people for a week, a portable long-range sensor and communications kit, two blaster pistols with two spare energy packs each, and two E-11 blaster rifles with two spare energy packs each as well.

    To the port side of the bridge, by the exterior window on the port side of the bridge and with a view of the front side of the bridge, is Gunnery Station #1 (replaces the "Turbolaser Control" on port side). The gunnery station shares a 3 console area in a rectangular square area: two consoles (imagine) with similar arrangements as the other consoles---Communications, Sensors, ComScan, etc.---and having wall consoles as well to show the Johnny Boy and other important stats as related to the ship including incoming enemy fire and where enemy fire is hitting is against the port side wall. To the bow (or right) of those two stations is a similar semi-circle station (without the wall consoles; a raised seat comes out from the floor when desired) as to the Damage Control and Security Stations. This semi-circle station faces the forward viewport of the ship (like the Helms Stations) and is on the port side of the ship. These 3 crew members, the ranking crew member being the Chief Gunnery Officer in the semi-circle station and supported by two Gunnery Officer Technicians on either of the two other wall consoles behind him, coordinate with the gunners of the Johnny Boy about targets to take out and defensive and offensive fire tactics. The station can calculate in-coming enemy fire, determine tactics used by enemy gunners, track incoming enemy missiles and other weapon ordinance, have their own sensors and damage report system, and have a console wall-sized imagine of the Johnny Boy (like the Damage Control and Security Stations due as well) to show where enemy fire is having effect and where they have to redeploy the Johnny Boy's weapons to counter the enemy's fire. Like Damage Control and Security Station, the Chief Gunnery Officer has the following directly on the under belly of his console station: own personal head-set and mouth comlink on the back of the chair, a breath mask attached to the inner left side of the lower console, emergency portable comlink next to the breath mask, and then a mini-flashlight attached to the inner right side of the console station.

    The starboard side of the bridge, by the exterior window on the starboard side of the bridge (not in view of the front view ports by the Helms' Stations), is Gunnery Station #2, which is identifical to Gunnery Station #1 and replaces the "Turbolaser Control" on the starboard side. Instead of a Chief Gunnery Officer, this station has a "Senior" Gunnery Officer Technician in place of the Chief Gunnery Officer. The Chief Gunnery Officer is overall in command of both Gunnery Station #1 and #2.

    In between both Gunnery Station #1 and #2 and the two Helms Station are access doors that lead off the bridge and to the Officer's Meeting Room, Astrometrics Lab, Ship Systems, and both the CO and XO Ready Rooms.

    Captain and Commander Ready Rooms
    • Captain's and Commander's Ready Rooms (identical)


    Officer's Meeting Room



    Astrometrics Lab


    Mess Hall (Crew Canteen)
    Note: Double the below picture in size. Viewports are the big lit (yellow) viewports on the bow of the ship. Add in "Main Galley" (Kitchen) here where shown in pictures below.



    Senior Staff Cabins

    These quarters are not only coded key pad protected and eye scan protected, they are also some of the finest quarters aboard the Johnny Boy. Each room comes equipped with a full back wall view of the stars, as well as a master bedroom, personal kitchen, refresher, living room, and personal communications station for the ship and a HoloNet Transceiver. It also comes equipped with carpeted flooring and a Hologram Projector for entertainment purposes.

    Medical Bay (Sickbay Ward)
    Note: The Doctor's Office is in the medical bay, per the below photos.



    Crew Cabins
    Note: 9 rooms per row, 2 rows per port and starboard (4 rows total), and 5 person capacity per room = 180 crew members (total crew is 177 plus gunners, minus 6 senior staff quarters, 171 crew total. 9 spare bunks.)

    Crew quarters house five crew members per room (men and woman in separate quarters) and are 5 bunks to a wide open room which doubles as a living room. Two personal refresher stations plus sonic showers are in each crew quarter against the far wall; crew quarter shift rotations are designed where there is always 2 or 3 of the 5 crew members per crew quarter on shift and the other crew members off shift.

    Twp bunks per each side of the room, with the fifth bunk (ranking non-commissioned officer in the crew quarter), against the far wall by the only viewport in the room. The living room houses a general table for all with 5 chairs, while by each bunk is a small wall storage locker. The quarters also house two couches in the middle living room as well as a coffee table in front of both couches. A single main light is in the middle of the ceiling, with each bunk having individual smaller lights above the head-rests in the walls.

    Senior Crew Cabins (Officers and Pilots; Third Level)
    Note: 6 quarters per port and starboard (total 12 rooms), with 2 person capacity per room = 24 officers and pilots capacity.

    The crew quarters on the third level on reserved for officers (non-senior staff quarters, which includes: Chief Engineer, Hanger Chief, Chief Gunnery Officer, Chief Quartermaster, Squadron Leader, ) and pilots. The Senior Crew Cabins are essential regular crew quarters, but with 2 bunks per room (one on each wall), and two privacy walls each wrapping around each bunk's head and then running all the way down to the back of the room; each "half" of the room has their own refresher and small table in their half of the room, as well as a larger walk-in closet and a door for entrance and exit. Each privacy wall runs width wise about a quarter of the way deep into the middle of the room, separating the room into halves with a small common living room in the front of the quarters with a hologram projector for entertainment (sadly, these quarters lack a viewport, but make up for it with the extra space per person and the extra privacy).

    The Story of the Johnny Boy
    Posted by Bravo on February 26th, 2013 in 2 posts at 12:41pm and 10:59pm.

    Johnny Boy, Marauder-class corvette

    Aside from Merc and Jod maintenance crews and some Merc security droids and the organic security team watching the holo cameras for security, the Johnny Boy was empty. Taller rode alongside in his hover chair while Lasso walked besides him. They walked through the hanger, intending to walk deeper into the ship.

    OOG: Listen to music until 5:45; the video itself can be of a mirror into the Johnny Boy.

    Lasso's footsteps and Taller's hover chair echoed throughout the hanger bay. Taller began as both looked around the hanger.

    "Her keel was laid by Sienar Technologies several years before the start of the Clone Wars. She was first owned by a small planetary government in the Outer Rim. Was there for the majority of the Clone Wars, before the Confederacy of Independent Systems invaded the planet in the second year of the war. I remember seeing her then first, coming down from the sky like a shinning bird. Her turbolaser cannons rumbled across the sky, striking the CIS positions advancing on my brigade's small out-post; I was a young infantry Lieutenant then commanding a non-clone platoon. Her double turbolaser clusters on her wing-tips lit up the day sky with thundering green bolts that turned the ground that the CIS was advancing upon into dirt and debris. She rocketed away from the ground support role, her engines rocketed so close over us that we had to get down least we get blown away from our defenses. I watched her then, fly away towards space. There was something about her that spoke to me. Maybe it was the sun reflecting off of her mint condition hull. I don't know. All I know is that I remembered every last detail of her hull when she flew over us so close.

    "We ended up winning that battle. But I heard months later, the CIS made another run at the planet and this time, without a Republic Fleet in support, the small planetary government's forces, even with a Clone garrison there, couldn't hold back the onslaught. With the planet lost to the CIS, I devoted my spare time and resources into finding that ship that saved our brigade that day. While I know its the man behind the machine that makes the machine, for whatever reason, the Johnny Boy always stuck in my spirit as something special. I ended up finding her after the end of the Clone Wars, abandoned on Port Haven's beeches. Port Haven's de facto governor, Hallomar, was trying to sell her for whatever he could get. The ship looked in pretty bad shape.

    "I asked Hallomar what happened. He winced at that question. He said that the Johnny Boy, nicknamed as such by the crew from the small planetary government, had carried women and children survivors from that planetary government here. Along the way, the Johnny Boy had withstood a relentless pursuit and attacks from CIS forces. When she dropped out of hyperspace over Port Haven, she only had one engine left, most of her government crew was dead, and most of her weapon emplacements were destroyed. Her hull, from the mint condition I first saw it, was battered and broken. The Johnny Boy was broadcasting an emergency signal, indicating civilians on board. The CIS dropped out of hyperspace right behind them. Hallomar was able to muster the local smugglers into a effort to rescue the ship from the CIS. They did, but by the time they destroyed the last of the droid ships, the Johnny Boy was aflame and going down to the planet below. The smugglers were able to tractor beam her and slow her descend into the water below.

    "By the time they got the ship to the beech and opened the hatch, all of the government crew was dead. Mirco-fractures in the hull had spread from the intense beating it had taken over its escape, finally ripping holes into the armored hull on its final approach to Port Haven and whoever had survived from the government crew was dead by the decompression. It wasn't pretty Hallomar said. Most of the interior of the ship was dangling wires, ruptured pipes, blown out quarters, fires, debris, and broken bodies. When the smugglers got to the passenger hold, they found the women and children. Not a single one hurt. If the Johnny Boy would of taken a few more hits, her reactor would of been exposed and gone critical. But, she didn't. The Johnny Boy endured, keeping those women and children safe until it couldn't hold out any longer.

    "Hallomar said that just after they got the last passenger quarter door opened and got the last woman and child out, the ship's reactor failed, turning off and the whole ship, from bow to stern, went silent and dark. It was said that the smugglers stood there, in honor, of a ship that did it's duty to the last. For another year, the Clone Wars dragged on, and the Johnny Boy sat on the beech, in disarray. The government crew had long since been put to rest further in-land. But Hallomar couldn't find anyone to take the vessel, even for parts. Some of the smugglers who saved the women and children that day said it should stay as it should, in honor of it's sacrifice. Some of the smugglers who would fly in for supplies and rest, who weren't there that day, claimed the ship was haunted. Hallomar always knew something different though.

    "When I came along," Taller was said, opening the blast doors to the bridge and him and Lasso entering, "I told him my story. Hallomar said one of the government had kept a journal and had mentioned my brigade. Hallomar went on to say that if I felt that connection to the ship that he did, then it was mine for a small fee. I paid it. When he went to take me on board for the first time, he said that the ship's reactor had shut down years ago and no one was ever able to restart it. Even the savvy of savvy techs weren't able to get her running again. When I stepped on board, through the hanger the first time, I felt something, as if this was home. I went to the bridge with Hallomar. Hallomar pressed button after button and nothing happened, even sitting in the Captain's Chair and trying.

    "I asked him to get up and I sat in the Captain's Chair. I felt around, feeling the seat, closing my eyes and sensing the ship. I sat back in the chair, putting my arms over the armrest, and the reactor core started up. Lights flickered on..."

    OOG: Back from work. Okay, to finish this. I know the last time I had posted for Terrell Vacks was on the DD, well since I kind of placed him in limbo ever since then months ago, lets pretend that somehow he made it back to the Johnny Boy at some point. I know, lame, but I kind of need him for this post and he's been, well, just in limbo since.

    The same video/music from above is playing once again, but this time only to 3:59.

    IC: Jason Lasso
    Johnny Boy, Marauder-class corvette

    Taller moved his hover chair up to in between and forward of the Commander's and Captain's Chairs. He looked out across the bridge and through the transparisteel viewports of the bridge. While the view was of the station's hanger, Lasso could feel (not through the Force, but through just a feeling) that the Captain was envisioning memories of the bridge at different times.

    "When I purchased her, Hallomar asked me one favor: to use her in the way that he felt the Johnny Boy's spirit. So I said I would, because I felt that same spirit. The ship felt alive, like nothing I'd ever felt before. I could feel it's desire to do good to the galaxy. At the time, I had roughly a brigade of non-clone and clone troops with me that had disobeyed Order 66. So, we pooled together our resources, credits, favors to call in, and the local smuggler population, some of whom joined our first crew. In the following months, the Johnny Boy came alive on the beech. It was an amazing sight to see. By 19 BBY, she was ready to go.

    "I had refused to have a new reactor installed and rather, have the existing one resupplied and updated. We had the ship in orbit above Port Haven and ready for our first crew. Like those women and children, the Johnny Boy protected us through mission after mission. We always came home...maybe sometimes a few less of us then who had gone out, but we always came home. The Johnny Boy never let us down, even through the darkest of times. It seemed that even when we seemed to loose our minds a decade ago and cold mercenary on the galaxy, the Johnny Boy...she seemed to never loose faith in the good in us. Somewhere, she knew that we would come about and fix ourselves. Late at night, if you walk the halls and just listen, you can her speaking to you. The ship. Through it's groans and flutters, computer clicking and engines, she'll tell you how she's doing, how her day went.

    "You just need to listen. And, she'll bring you home. Always. She'll never let you down. I wish Lasso I could tell you all the stories and memories I have of her. All the times that I think we wouldn't make it and we did, or all the times we saved so many lives and she brought those with us out of harm's way. Or the times I laughed with her...and cried with her. The times that she was sick and I took care of her and the times that we were down on our luck, and she always brought us through to the next contract. She can be stubborn at times, that's for sure. But she'll be the one you can always rely upon, even in the darkest and coldest nights. I'm going to miss her, that's for sure."

    "Miss her?" Lasso asked, looking at the Captain who had tears in his eyes.

    "It's been said that, when a person devotes their life to something and they see the end coming..." Taller looked at Lasso with tears in his eyes, "...that they'll know. And there will be peace about it. I meet a man named Time who told me that I had three years left to survive. If I chose to accept his gift of life for three more years to save my life, that my three years would be devoted to those I loved the most. While I don't know what Time meant by three years now, I do know this. My heart is with the Mercs and will always be. And for as long as the Johnny Boy flies, I will fly with her, even in death. Lasso, do you remember what I told you about your memories loss?"

    "That I would find myself, Captain," Lasso said.

    Taller nodded, "Yes. And I told you that you would have to face your past. But, that I had confidence in who you were and would support you. In life, there is no playbook, no right answer. All we have are our choices when life is all said and done. I regret many of my choices; the pain I put others through, the letters I had to write, and the mothers and fathers I had t deleiver those letters to, letting them know that their son or daughter died not as a soldier of a proud country, but as an outlaw, a rebel against society, against the galaxy. That they were scum, like me, worth nothing more then the paper our warrants for arrest are written on. However, that their lives were worth more then the galaxy could see now, but would see in the future. Not because we fought and won, because we might very well loose this Galactic Civil War. But because we fought for what we thought was right in our hearts, for our loved ones, for others we didn't know. It doesn't matter that your right, Jason. It never does and never will. What matters is that you stood by your convictions, when it seemed everyone else was telling you that you were wrong.

    "I'm not a man who I would want people's children to know about in history books. No, I'm not that man. But what I do want people to remember about me, isn't me. My life is a mess, I have no heir to my family line. I'll be dead in three years. What I want people to remember of me is that I was a man of my convictions. Whether those convictions were right or wrong, I want people to know that I stood for something when a lot of people, when faced with oppression and fear, said nothing and stood for nothing. And I don't blame them and I never will."

    Taller wiped tears from his eyes and grabbed Lasso by the shoulders, "What I want you to know Jason, is not that I want you to be the best mercenary, best starfighter pilot, best friend, best husband, or best father. None of us---you, me, or anyone else---can be the best at anything. But, what I do want from you Jason, is for you to be able to stand by your convictions, even when the whole galaxy tells you not too. Because, at the end of the day, its not about the rest of the galaxy. Its about what you did with your life. And through those convictions, you be the best mercenary, best starfighter pilot, best friend, best husband, and best father that you can be. Not what your father did or your grandfather. Not what your mom or best friend did. But the best you can be," Taller shoved something cold and metallic into Lasso's hands, clasping Lasso's hands tightly with his, "Promise me you'll do your best. Promise me."

    Lasso nodded, shaking and tears starting to collect in his eyes, "Yes, Captain."

    Taller nodded, "Good," he tightened the grip around their hands, "Good. The Johnny Boy needs a strong leader. And I have seen something in you Lasso, something deep down. Vacks and Streets, they'll good leaders. But they follow my orders, my tempo, my style," Taller shook his head, "No, they cannot lead. I need someone with vision, with passion, with conviction. That's what the Johnny Boy needs. That's what the Mercs needs. Vacks and Streets will always be by your side. Always. As will Dak. You need to rely on your courage, your conviction, to find your past and confront it. You need to be the stronger leader I know you can be. Havah will be there as your rock in the darkest of times and Winterkill as your light. Yav will watch your back, while Kasumi will tend to your wounds and be your patience. Fress will keep you honest, while Zieleb-Xan will be your guide. Others will come, they always do. And whether for a short time or a long time, they will provide the structure you need to lead the Mercs."

    Taller unclasped his hands over Lasso's and Jason saw the master-key to the Johnny Boy. Jason looked up at Taller, "Why me?"

    "Because you don't give up. If you did, you would have already after The Block. Treat the Johnny Boy well. Get the crew back safe from every mission. Mourn your dead, but get back up and serve your crew everyday. Don't ever stop. Put them first, put you last. Honor. Pride. Sacrifice."

    Taller went to leave and Jason turned around, "Where are you going?"

    Stopping his hover chair as the bridge blast doors opened, Taller turned around and said, "I have a promise to keep. I've been putting it off for too long. I'll see you and the Mercs again at Project Zero. Make me proud, Lasso. Captain Lasso."

    Jason stood there for a long moment after the Captain left in silence.

    The blast doors opened and Vacks walked in. He leaned up against the open bridge blast doors, "What's your orders, Captain?"

    Lasso looked at Vacks in disbelief, "Your really going to follow my orders? He served with you in the Clone Wars! He's a warrior, not me!"

    Vacks shook his head, taking his helmet off, "It doesn't work that way, Kid. Taller briefed Streets and I before he meet with you. We know his reasons and do what he says," Vacks looked around at the Johnny Boy's bridge, "She'll do you right. You won't have to worry about that."

    "Where is he going?" Jason asked.

    "Taller? He made a promise to a girl long time ago. He wants to keep that promise before Project Zero hits."

    "He doesn't plan on coming out alive from it, does he?" Jason asked.

    "Oh, no, no," Vacks shook his head with a small smirk, "He'll be coming back. The Johnny Boy is his everything. That's why he's so passionate about it. He's getting a big-wig promotion to this thing called The Council to oversee the war efforts against the Empire. He just knows that his body is breaking down. Without his legs and now with his heart issue, he knows he can't be as capable as he wants to for the Mercs. And it takes a man to step away from their love in life for the sake of others under their care. He's doing this because he can't give us a hundred percent anymore. But, he knows you can."

    "Why me? Why not Havah? He's been here longer with the Mercs then me."

    "Could you imagine Havah behind a desk? He'll turn the Captain's Ready Room into a gym within a day. Havah would go nuts behind a desk."

    "Kasumi? She's smart."

    "The Force is her air. I'd wager to bet that Endor is her home and that's probably where she'll return to when this is all said and done."


    "I get the feeling he's more teacher and mentor then mercenary leader. I may be wrong, but I would think he would rather study and educate the galaxy, rather then blow stuff up as a living."


    "He has the DD. Good one though."


    "She'd capture the Death Star single handily, force Vader to eat his underwear, and then blow up Palpatine's palace with the super laser. The Galactic Civil War would be over in less then a week. We want to get a piece of the action too."

    "So I'm it?"

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    Ships & Vehicles

    Acquired by Captain Jason Lasso through a Kingdom of Jod Loyalist raid during the Jod Civil War (0 BBY) on a pirate nest near Actualize Station in the Kingdom of Jod, the Bantha-II has been upgraded with military grade armor plating, an E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster turret on the front railing, supported by a mounted LS-150 Heavy Accelerated Charged Particle Repeater Gun (with a large ammo reserve it feed from hidden in the deck plates of the skiff) on the port side and a mounted Z-6 rotary blaster cannon (with large energy reserve under the deck platting) on the starboard side, with two HH-15 projectile launchers hidden in floor compartments on the skiff right before the drive cockpit, with eight rounds per launcher; finally, a Model CR-24 flame rile was located roughly in the middle of the skiff, in a floor compartment. While the skiff isn't made for front line combat duties against other armored vehicles, it does provide a weapons platform for infantry support and a reasonable combat vehicle on backwater planets where more modern warfare vehicles are not expected to be encountered. It also provides a excellent escape vehicle in last ditch situations and is the most commonly used Merc vehicle where blending in with the locals is not needed.

    For simple runs into a town for supplies without the anticipation of conflict or for covert insertion missions, the visible weaponry on the rails can all be concealed in floor compartments near the bow of the skiff.

    Included with it's weapon load-out, the skiff has been loaded with various equipment for survival in case left to the elements without support for a period of time, including (installed along side compartments in the rear driver area on the interior of the skiff):

    1. 1 OmniNode communications set
    2. 1 Medkit
    3. 1 Field Kit
    4. 12 Ration Bars
    5. 4 DuraShelters
    6. 4 chemical-infused glowrods and3 powercell glowrods
    7. 4 Roamer-6 breath masks
    8. 4 C1 personal comlinks
    9. 1 8-Gauge shotgun
    10. 1 Adventurer slugthrower rifle
    11. 1 Slugthrower Rifle
    12. 1 Imperial Heavy Repeater

    Acquired by Captain Jason Lasso through a Kingdom of Jod Loyalist raid during the Jod Civil War (0 BBY) on a pirate nest near Actualize Station in the Kingdom of Jod, the Robo-Hack has been upgraded with heavy armor plating, upgraded engines and power generator, and the droid brains have been replaced by a traditional pilot station (although no one can look through the driver window to tell there was a difference between a human pilot and droid pilot). The Robo-Hack looks the same like any other Robo-Hack in the galaxy, right down to the color detail. She has been upgraded beyond the armor however, to include sensitive military grade communications and sensors equipment, providing the Mercs with a mobile undercover command post. Included with the updates are stolen Imperial Intelligencesurveillance equipment and technology. Because of the additional equipment, including the pilot, the Robo-Hack can only carry 3 personnel: 1 pilot and 2 surveillance techs.


    ---Name: Speedy Trial
    ---Class: A-24 Sleuth Scout
    ---Speed: 100 MGLT
    ---Hull Rating: Stock
    ---Shields: Stock
    ---Ejection System: Escape pod equipped
    ---Life Support: Yes
    ---Hyperdrive Class: 1.0
    ---Weapon(s): Stock (2 forward firing laser cannons)
    ---Crew: 1 (+1 Astromech, R2-E4, "Specialist", though often referred to as Beskar'ad)
    ---Passenger(s): 1
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 2 metric tons
    ---Interior Description: cargo area converted to contain a well stocked armory.
    ---Other Details: Security system has been fully upgraded.

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    ---Outpost Nowhere---

    "Outpost Nowhere" main complex. Building to far right is the "command center". Building to the left is the primary mining plant.

    "Outpost Nowhere," primary mining operation, directly out of the first picture above coming at you with the ground-based pipelines.

    Information: Located in the Outer Rim Territories, Outpost Nowhere is on the planet of Rhen Var in a snowy and icy mountain region (see picture in link for mountain), tucked away deep within the mountains themselves and almost impossible to find, unless you were looking for the base. From the mountain range where Outpost Nowhere is at, a person can see the vague outlines (on a clear day) of the Rhen Var Citadel and the Rhen Var Harbor in the far distance.

    Outpost Nowhere is located deep within a network of underground ice caverns in the mountain range, the base is well hidden and equipped. Staffed almost exclusively by the rescued prisoners from The Block and Kingdom of Jod personnel, the base is the new home port for the Mercs (renamed the Guardians) after Port Haven was ravaged by the Galactic Empire. Small and out of the way, the base is commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Chris Streets, Captain Taller's former third-in-command and now the Guardians' new base commander. The base is staffed with 200 "Block" personnel, 37 Port Haven refugees, and and 100 Jod Personnel (70 of which are cold-weather equipped Strategic Command Army Troopers for security and defense; the other 30 are support personnel). With Christ Streets, there is 338 personnel total in the base.

    The base has a small mining operation (see above pictures) that mines the local ice cavern for crystals, metals, other materials of worth, and liquids of various types deep within the planet's crust. The small mining operation also produces the energy and heat the base needs. The mining operation keeps base personnel busy (and not bored) and provides a secondary wave of income when base personnel take one of the freighters to local markets off planet to exchange the mined worth for credits. The mining operation also produces extra material for starship repair and a machine shop has been build to produce parts for the Johnny Boy and other Merc (Guardian) equipment and vehicles. The mining operation is so small that it doesn't register on a passing star ship's passive sensor scans of the planet for energy or heat spikes.

    Outpost Nowhere came about as a need for a new home port after Port Haven was blasted by the Galactic Empire. As the Mercs scattered after Project Zero, Captain Jason Lasso took the information retrieved from "Two Thumbs" and discovered the mysterious and ancient Jedi relics on Rhen Var. Following Two Thumbs' data, Lasso discovered the underground ice caverns up in the mountain region and, after much scouting and wondering around more-or-less loss, found the Castle Gate, Castle Town, Temple, and Underground Lake. Utilizing Two Thumbs data and realizing that
    Rhen Var would be of far more importance then almost anyone else thought, Lasso constructed an agreement with the Kingdom of Jod to add support to Commander Yavscout's personnel from The Block and together, the Mercs (now known as the Guardians) have set-up a base as to operate out of and to discover the secrets left behind by Two Thumbs.

    Points of Interest (in order of appearance as one enters the base):

    • Main Entrance; the only visible part of the base, the main entrance is all but invisible on most days due to extreme weather conditions in the mountain range. The four structures by the entrance are communications and sensor structures that also provide advanced detection of life forms, droids, and any other objects or persons moving towards the base, both on land, by air, or in space. The structures are armored.
    • Grand Corridor; this corridor leads from the main entrance into the base itself, providing a long trek for all who cross it. The corridor leads directly into Outpost Nowhere (entering in the far---back where the light is coming in from---portion of the picture of Outpost Nowhere; opposite of the bridge in the picture; entrance from the bridge is here: note the "Grand Corridor" to the far left of the picture).
    • Outpost Nowhere; the "central complex" of the base, all below points of interest either lead to or from here. Pic 2, another view; Pic 3, the primary mining operation, the blast doors leading to Ghost Decent.
    • Ghost Decent; situated behind the blast doors in the third picture of Outpost Nowhere above; you enter Ghost Decent via the ice ridge walkway leading into the picture OR via a path off to the right and out of the picture that leads to the wood plank steps leading downwards along the wooden elevator. Ghost Decent leads several places: if you take the wood plank steps heading upwards and out of the picture at the far end, you enter the Hanger Bay and Repair Bay. If you take the path off to the right of the picture, you can take the wood plank steps upwards or downwards along the elevator. If you go upwards, you enter the tunnel and discover Castle Gate, Castle Town, the Temple, and the Underground Lake Entrance down a short ways. If you head downwards along the wood planks, you enter the Storage Bay of the base. If you take the dangerous wood elevator all the way down to the very bottom, you enter the Secret Treasure Room.
    • Hanger Bay; base hanger bay for small craft; located near Outpost Nowhere.
    • Ice Bridge; the ice cavern connecting the Hanger Bay and Repair Bay to each other.
    • Repair Bay; the repair bay for the Johnny Boy (picture of entrance/exit to repair bay).
    • Castle Gate; a mysterious structure deep within the series of caverns near Outpost Nowhere, connected to Ghost Decent via a branch-off ice corridor. Its purpose and builders are unknown at the time, but the Jedi Order is suspected of building it. But the "why" behind the structure is still a mystery.
    • Castle Town; the mysterious structures just beyond the Castle Gate. It is currently used as base housing and is also used to house guests and any crew from the Johnny boy if the ship is undergoing repairs on planet.
    • Temple; only known as the "Temple" by the residents of Outpost Nowhere, this mysterious area is near the Castle Gate and can be accessed by crawling through a collapsed ice corridor on the far end of Castle Town; the other access in is by a near-by outside lake via a boat; the lake itself is in a underground cavern (see "Underground lake entrance" below), which is accessed by a break in the rock formation above, shinning light into the area from the sky above. The underground lake is tucked away and well hidden in a mountain range and is not likely to be found.
    • Secret Treasure Room; a discovered hidden treasure cave (currently under investigation as to its origins).
    Description (if available):The base itself staffs as follows (338 personnel):

    Command Personnel (including mining operation):
    • Lieutenant Colonel (Chris Streets; Base Commander), Major (Jod Military Forces; Second-in-Command, Security), Captain (Block; Logistics, Hanger Bay, Repair Bay)
    • 30 Command Staff personnel (10 per shift) (Block)
    • 6 Command Staff personnel (2 per shift) (Jod)
    • 6 Command Staff personnel (2 per shift) (Port Haven)
    Base Personnel:
    • 100 Mining Laborers (Block, Port Haven)
    • 10 Hanger Bay and Repair Bay Technicians (Block, Port Haven)
    • 10 Maintenance Technicians (Block, Port Haven)
    • 10 Hanger Bay and Repair Bay Technicians (Jod)
    • 6 Maintenance Technicians (Jod)
    • 1 Medical Doctor (Jod)
    • 3 Nurses (Jod)
    • 4 Army Medics (Jod)
    • 70 Strategic Command Army Snow Troopers (Jod)
    • 12 Mark IV sentry droids (for sentry and patrol)
    • 40 B1 Battle Droids
      • Post-Battle of Naboo models (no central computer needed)
      • Cold-weather adopted / equipped
      • Snow camouflage coating
    • 6 DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droids
      • Cold-weather adopted / equipped
      • Snow camouflage coating
    • 4 Droidekas
      • Cold-weather adopted / equipped
      • Snow camouflage coating
    • 50 Starfighter, shuttle, and vehicle pilots (Block, Port Haven)
    Vehicles and Air Speeders (all cold-weather adopted / equipped):
    Starfighters and Shuttles:

    ---Port Haven---


    Information: Located in the Outer Rim Territories, Port Haven is a Shadowport that has been the Home Port of the mercenary group known as The Mercs (later renamed the Guardians) since 19 Before the Battle of Yavin.

    - Port Haven was razed to the ground in 0 BBY by Mara Jade and a Imperial Task Force in a event known as the Battle of Port Haven.

    - Port Haven is currently occupied by Imperial forces as of .5 ABY.

    Description (if available):

    • The trash heaps had been replaced with permacrete defensive walls that were 10 meters high. Three watch towers stood sentry---watching the dangers of the jungle---on the North (by the gate behind the Octagon), on the East (just North of Hallomar's Shack / Curing Tent), and on the South (just behind the Public Hangers). Just tower had a basic set-up of a search light (only turned on when needed), a set of Model TD2.3 electrobinoculars, and a 6-2Aug2 hunting rifle. Most of the sentries were either regular smugglers to Port Haven Hallomar could trust and were a good shot or were part of the semi-legit Port Haven Security Force, which was a rag-tag group of stranded smugglers who worked security at Port Haven to earn enough credits to get off world at some point. Manned 24/7, the watch towers provided security for Port Haven against the predators of the jungle.
    • Several Low Security Public Hangers (which were open landing pads with a small "hanger" of shelter at the far end away from the ship) were to the South of the settlement, where the permacrete wall had been pushed back in this area and some of the jungle had been cut back to allow 7 hangers for landings; the permacrete wall now surrounded the hangers' grouping far edge.
    • To the Norh of the settlement you had Free Trader's Alleyway that cut through the jungle path; permacrete defensive walls (10 meters high) kept the vast jungle at bay on either side, while several hotel buildings sat up against the security barriers and several small small booth and cart stores had set up shop in the ally itself.
    • Free Trader's Alleyway ended (at the top "North" of the map for the jungle path) in the infamous Octagon, a fighting and entertainment arena; the permacrete defensive wall surrounded the octagon's outer edge to the jungle, but had a security gate behind the octagon's structure that lead out into the jungle.
    • A scrap yard was directly to the East of Hallomar's Shack and Curing Tent, up against the inside of the permacrete wall, which was pushed out some towards the jungle to hold the amount of scrap in the yard.
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    Delicate Delinquent

    Though assumed by most who encountered her, to be an originally Imperial vessel, the SRV Delicate Delinquent started out as a Seiner Fleet Systems' scientific research vessel (eg. the SRV prefix), Imperial Intelligence (Double-I) had been known to borrow her for long-range scanning and probing.

    Four years after Order 66, Double-I parked her on the edge of a jumped up little star system, called the Union, keeping a long-range eye on their military fleet movements.

    It is ironic, therefore, that in 0 BBY, the Immobiliser 418 cruiser fell victim to another jumped up little star system, the mythical Kingdom of Jod, while she was alone in Imperial space on unknown business.
    She was attacked and scuttled for reasons pertaining to the "Guardian of the Stars" Prophesy.

    Soon after, the Mercs took her on as a secondary ship, as having the larger vessel increased the scope of the contracts that they could take on.


    Pic of the outside of the ship

    Name / Model
    Interdictor-class heavy cruiser
    Designer / Manufacturer
    Seinar Fleet Systems
    Combat Designation
    Capital Starship
    External Dimensions
    Length: 600 metres

    Width: (at widest point): 300 metres

    Height: 100 metres

    Internal Dimensions
    21 decks, 14 in main hull, 7 in the command tower.
    The decks are numbered from the bottom of the ship, with 1-3 housing repair bays, maintenance rooms, and other areas.

    Deck 1-3 - Main Reactor, concealed roll-out Golan Arms heavy quad-turbolaser cannon for ventral hangar defence

    Deck 3 - Repair Shop / droid labour pool, Shooting Range

    Deck 4 - Main Hangar, TIE Hanger, Bow Compartment (access to torpedoes and bow shield generators)

    Deck 5 - Flight Control (overlooking Main Hangar)

    Decks 6-7 - Unexplored

    Deck 8 - Crew cabins, canteens, Medical, bowling alley, games' room, armoury and store of Go Team armour.

    Deck 9 - One section fortified as a brig.

    Deck 14 - corridors giving access to ventral (top hull) quad laser emplacements

    Deck CT-1 - lowest level of Command Tower. Mostly unused. Meeting Room.

    Deck CT-2 to CT-4 - Unknown

    Deck CT-5 - Computer core

    Deck CT-6 - Bridge

    Deck CT-7 - Sensor and shielding equipment for the superstructure on the hull above the command tower.

    Power Systems
    "The Dirty Dozen", or "Auxilary Shields" - 12 default shielding generators spread throughout the ship, protect different parts of it.

    "Main Shield" - Salvaged from a wrecked Nebulon-B frigate, a Serridge SEAL shield generator has been installed in one of the gravity well spheres (Rated at 160 SBD).


    18 Taim & Bak Gx-7 quad-laser cannon along equator and dorsal spine.

    1 (concealed, roll-out) Golan Arms heavy quad-turbolaser cannon to protect ventral hangar.

    Missile carousel inside hull to the left of the bow, Deck Four.
    Hole in hull made by escaping spacetroopers. Carousel holds up to six missile launchers, subject to supply, and is controlled either locally, or from the bridge. Prior to Florn mission, carousel holds two launchers
    Launcher One - Arakyd Flex Tube proton torpedo launcher (4 torps), salvaged from a wrecked Rhen Var Y-Wing;

    Launcher Two - Krupx MG9 concussion missile launcher (8 missiles), commandeered from the Gamma-class assault shuttle.

    1 Nen-Caervon PX-4 Mobile Command Base, parked in TIE Hangar. Guards the ventral docking aperture from the inside.

    2 Phylon Q7 tractor beam projectors, salvaged from a wrecked Nebulon-B escort frigate

    Gravity Well Spheres
    Three spheres contain SFS G7-x gravity well projectors

    The fourth, with the Neb-B shield generator, has an external docking port in the upper dome, with extensible docking tube, and walkway on the inside of the dome.

    Main drive: Class 2.0

    Backup drive: Class 8.0

    Maximum Acceleration
    1,210 G

    Onboard Craft
    24 TIE Fighters
    1 Theta-class shuttle "Sharknado"
    1 Gamma-class assault shuttle
    1 Theta-class AT-AT Barge (with AT-AT)

    Additional onboard craft, as at Florn mission
    2 Incom T-65 X-Wing fighters, plus Major Jeth's
    1 Naboo N-1 starfighter (Yav's)
    1 TL-1800 shuttle
    1 Bantha-class assault transport "Fluffy" (docked on rear of command tower)

    Roleplaying Games to feature this vessel

    Galaxy at War III: Schism of the Sith - 4 years after Order 66
    [link=]The Galaxy at War Part IV: Prisoner of Coruscant[/link] - same timeline

    Star Wars: Intervention - 1 BBY
    Intervention: Echoes of Eternity - 0 BBY

    Ship environment created and designed by Sith-I-5
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