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Before - Legends IseStar: Reborn in the Star Wars Universe After a Fatal Car Crash

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    I'm sorry, but I couldn't get this idea out of my head. I might as well do it and see where it goes. Don't expect too much cause it's gonna be as tropey as possible. link:

    Chapter One

    There were two hours before he was due to arrive at Galidraan with his Padawan Komari Vosa and the rest of the Jedi strike team. Jedi Master Dooku sat in the main cargo hold of the ship, meditating about the upcoming mission. The Governor of Galidraan requested the Republic for help in dealing with a group of Mandalorians murdering political activists. As a result, the Jedi Council tasked Dooku with the mission, providing twenty other Jedi Knights and a detachment of Judicial Forces to help him with the mission. There were no other details provided, which the middle-aged Jedi Master found a little suspicious, but the urgency of the situation did not allow time for Dooku to ponder this over. The Judicials had been slow to respond to the Governor's request, so it was probably going to be the Jedi alone against an unknown number of Mandalorian warriors.

    The two hours had passed quickly and soon the Consular-class cruiser's pilots announced their arrival to Galidraan. Thankfully, the Jedi Council had provided the pilots with the coordinates of the Mandalorian camp, so they began their descent near the planet's snowy mountains. Just as the cruiser started its landing sequence on a clearing near the Mandalorian camp, an alarm began to sound in the cockpit. Dooku, who was at this point in the cockpit looking outside toward the Mandalorian camp, looked at the pilots in concern.

    "What's going on?" The Jedi Master asked.

    "Brace yourselves!" The cruiser's captain shouted through the intercom. Five seconds later, an explosion was heard as the cruiser violently spun ninety degrees to the left. The pilots tried to keep their crippled cruiser steady, but the ship was rapidly losing engine power and began to fall down. Ten seconds later, the Consular-class cruiser crashed into the forest just short of the intended landing zone. Dooku stood up, coughing as smoke filled the cockpit.

    "Are you two alright?" Dooku asked, sensing that the pilots were still alive.

    "I'm a bit banged up, but I'll live." The ship's captain replied.

    "What happened?" Dooku asked. The captain turned to the Jedi Master.

    "We've been struck by another ship, presumably at our rear." The captain said. "Not sure if it was intentional or not, but this ship is toast for sure."

    Dooku and the pilots climbed down from the cockpit and jumped out the ship from a gaping hole in the hull. Komari Vosa was already outside waiting for her Master.

    "Thank the Force you're alive!" She cried out, rushing to Dooku and hugging him tightly. She quickly released him and stepped back, looking at the burning wreckage of the ship.

    "Unfortunately, there are ten fatalities." Komari reported. "I remember most of them being in the main cargo hold, which had been pierced by a tree. Knights Harnik, Qi'Ra, Baal, Chang, Jenica, Cadena, Niivan, Lupin, Belfor, and Grenville have been killed. Knights Yuzu and Wendell have also sustained serious injuries."

    Dooku massaged his temple as he felt an oncoming migraine of frustration hit him.

    "This mission is a failure. There is no chance we can destroy the Mandalorian camp at this rate." Dooku said simply. "Padawan, get to the forest canopy and scout for fires elsewhere. The pilots have said that we have been involved in a collision with another ship."

    "Yes Master."

    Komari leaped into the trees disappearing out of sight. A couple of other Jedi survivors dragged the unconscious bodies of Yuzu and Wendell and set them on the snowy ground before starting emergency medical procedures. Another survivor approached Dooku.

    "Master, I sense a life form two klicks west of our position." The Jedi Knight reported. Dooku raised an eyebrow. The Mandalorian camp was to the north, so there is someone else around the area.

    "Follow me, we will check up on this person." Dooku replied. The Knight nodded and both set off to the west. It didn't take too long to reach the spot, but once they did, the Jedi were greeted to the sight of an escape pod dug into the ground. On top of the escape pod stood an expressionless, black haired human girl dressed in some sort of uniform. Upon noticing the approaching Jedi, the girl immediately produced a pair of blaster pistols and pointed them at the Jedi. She held her fire, but remained in a defensive posture.

    "Identify yourself." She said coldly. "I will not allow anyone to harm my master."

    "We mean you no harm." Dooku said, stopping his companion from drawing his weapon. "We have merely come to investigate a lone lifeform separated from the Mandalorian encampment."

    The girl lowered her weapons, but did not put them away.

    "My master is inside the escape pod. He has sustained minor injuries and is currently not conscious. His vitals are operating within normal values." The girl said. Dooku and the Jedi Knight looked at each other before they peered inside the escape pod. There was indeed a young man inside, currently sprawled on the floor with cuts to his head and face. Dooku felt for a pulse and was able to find one.

    "What are you?" Dooku asked, turning back towards the girl on top of the escape pod. "We have only sensed one lifeform here yet there are two of you."

    "That is correct." The girl said. "I am H2A-N/A, Human Android Adjutant – Navigation/Assault-type, or Hana for short. I have been created to accompany my master Teruhashi Ryusei."

    "She's a droid?" The Knight whispered. "That's impossible… She looks just like a real person."

    Hana then suddenly jumps down from the escape pod and stands in front of the escape pod entrance, blasters drawn.

    "Attention: Twenty-five lifeforms of unknown hostility have surrounded this position." The droid stated with a hint of uneasiness. Right on cue, a large group of heavily-armed Mandalorians emerged from the forest canopy and landed around the escape pod, surrounding the Jedi and the escape pod's occupants.

    "Surrender." The leader of the Mandalorian group said. The Jedi Knight activated his lightsaber, but Dooku put his hand on the Knight's arm, shaking his head.

    "We are outmatched here, Mandalorians are not your typical blaster wielding opponents." Dooku told the Knight, who reluctantly lowered his lightsaber and shut it off. Hana looked around at the Mandalorians, quietly assessing each of them.

    "Tch. Chance of victory: 0.0039%. Assessing hostility…" Hana said. "Hostility non-lethal. Initiating disarming protocols."

    Hana put down her weapons and stepped away from the escape pod.

    "Mandalorians, my master is inside the escape pod unconscious. He requires medical attention." The girl said. "Please help him, for I cannot do so."

    "We'll take care of him." The Mandalorian leader said. "Drop your weapons, Jedi. We have already captured the rest of your group."

    Dooku and his companion dropped their weapons and surrendered. The Mandalorians confiscated all of the weapons and pulled the young man's body from the escape pod before marching their captives back to their camp.

    Thirty minutes prior…

    "Tch!" Hana growled in frustration as she tried to shake off the pair of enemy ships attacking her master's freighter. It hasn't even been an hour since her master arrived in this universe and he and herself were already in danger of being killed. Ryusei still hasn't woken up; presumably still conversing with Lady Eris about his rebirth. A violent shudder rocked the ship as the cockpit alarms began to scream out. Then the shaking began as the ship entered Galidraan's atmosphere, prompting Hana to abandon the cockpit as the ship began to glow as it began to burn. The android went to her master's quarters and picked him up, blood running down his face from apparently hitting his head on the ceiling.

    "I got you, Master" Hana said quietly as she took the young man to the ship's sole escape pod. She threw him inside before climbing in, shutting the hatch and blasting off the falling freighter. The escape pod raced downwards as the freighter, which began to break apart, streaked across the sky and struck another ship on its left rear side.

    "Yabe…" Hana muttered to herself. "I should've changed the ship's direction before leaving."

    The escape pod eventually crashed into the ground, sliding several meters before coming to a rest. Thankfully, the crash did not damage anything, so after confirming that herself, Hana opened the escape pod's hatch and climbed out. The droid scanned the area for sentient lifeforms, finding a dozen lifeforms a few kilometers east and more than three hundred to the northeast. Presumably the large group of lifeforms northeast were some sort of settlement that can help heal Master, which would make the lifeforms to the east crash survivors from the other ship. Oh, someone must have noticed the commotion, several lifeforms converging to her at rapid pace. Running would not be an option, the only thing that is logical at this point is to wait.

    Pain. That was the only thing Ryusei felt as his life came to an abrupt end. The last thing he remembered was being on vacation in Germany. What was he doing? Wait, it's coming back to him. He was on the autobahn… Oh, there was an accident. Images of the wrecked station wagon he rented for the trip flooded his foggy mind, crushed between a large number of other vehicles. The pain was unbelievable. The crash had been much too severe for even the wagon's advanced safety features to be of any use. Damn, now he must be dead, a virgin twenty-three-year-old Japanese man who finally saved up enough money for a trip to Europe. What's going to happen now? Will he be stuck in this dark purgatory for eternity?

    Before that train of thought could continue, a light filled the area around him and Ryusei stopped floating, unceremoniously falling down in an instant. He got up and was met with a beautiful woman wearing a white gown.

    "Ryusei Teruhashi, I am so very sorry that we have to meet under these circumstances." The lady said. "You were not supposed to die in that traffic accident, but had you lived, your life would've been nothing but misery."

    "What? I don't understand." Ryusei said quietly.

    "Had you been left alive as you were supposed to be, you would've been left completely disabled for the rest of your life. Left in a coma for several months before moving back to your parents unable to do anything yourself." The lady said sadly. "Lucky for you, I took pity on your situation and let the internal injuries take you. Thus, because you died before your time, you will be reincarnated as compensation."

    "Wait, how come I'm chosen for reincarnation while there are lots of people out there in a similar situation as I was to be and they are not dead?" Ryusei demanded, a little disgusted. The lady sighed.

    "Unfortunately for them, I am but a single entity. While I try my absolute best to save as many of the gravely injured as I can, I cannot be everywhere. Thus, many unlucky souls slip through my attention and live wretched lives." The lady continued somberly. "But, as I was able to get you, you will be sent to a world that I know you will be familiar with."

    "Oh." Ryusei murmured. "What should I look forward to?"

    "Well, as we are running short of time, your new android assistant should be able to fill in the details. Her designation number is H2A-N/A, or Hana for short." The lady said. "Now, it's time to wake up."

    "Wait, but I—"

    Before Ryusei could finish his question, the light shone even brighter, blinding him before everything went black. A few seconds later, a splitting head pain jolted the young man awake, causing him to sit up from the cot he had been resting on. Immediately, a chill pierced through Ryusei's body as he looked around. He seemed to be in some sort of makeshift medical tent acting as a clinic. Snow covered the ground outside as armored men meandered around the camp. Wait… That armor…

    Ryusei quickly looked around inside the tent, ignoring the painful headache he was experiencing. There were advanced medical tools everywhere, some of them that he had never seen before. This place seems very familiar…

    "Master! You're awake!" The voice of a young teenage girl rang out as he felt a body crash into him for a hug. "Thank goodness. I thought Lady Eris would never wake you up."


    "Oh, of course, where are my manners? I'm sure the Lady has told you about me, but I am Hana, your companion. No need to introduce yourself, I know everything about you." The girl said. Ryusei turned around to look at her as she got off of him and stood next to the cot. Hana was the spitting image of a stereotypical Japanese schoolgirl, complete with a seifuku, long black hair, and a yellow ribbon hair tie. This girl was so out of place in this universe he spent ages studying, but she's here regardless of the fact.

    "Everything?" Ryusei asked nervously. Hana giggled.

    "Of course, but that's neither here nor there." She said, "We have been delivered to Galidraan 956 years after the Ruusaan Reformation."

    The android then leaned in to whisper.

    "Or as you know it, 44 BBY."

    Ryusei looked a little shocked at this. This was when the Battle of Galidraan occurred, which destroyed the True Mandalorians and ensured that Death Watch would be a problem into the future. It also started the Jedi Master Dooku's path to the Dark Side. Perhaps he could do something about this.

    "Has the battle occurred yet?" Ryusei whispered to his assistant.

    "Nope, and it won't happen the way you would think." Hana replied. "Thanks to a twist of fate, half of the Jedi coming here were killed when their ship crashed, and now the Jedi don't have the strength to fight the True Mandalorians and win. In fact, they have all been captured save for Dooku's Padawan, who tried to ambush the Mandalorians from the trees and got killed as a result, but not before getting a few of them."

    "Huh. Things are already changing." Ryusei commented. "Vosa was supposed to get killed on one of the moons on Bogden, but that's out of the question now."

    "Hush, the Mandalorian leader is coming."

    A very familiar Mandalorian stepped into the medical tent, spotting the now awake Ryusei.

    "You're finally awake."

    Ryusei quickly steeled himself, hiding the awe he felt for meeting a previously thought fictional character.

    "Nice to meet you, Jango Fett. I assume the battle has not occurred?" Ryusei said cautiously. He knew the battle hadn't occurred, but he just wanted to make sure it hadn't. The Manda'lor narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

    "What battle?"

    "Why, the battle with the Jedi of course." Ryusei answered. "From what Hana told me, we were on our way here to stop the Jedi from attacking you by mistake, but we got shot down and were forced to abandon ship."

    Jango paused for a moment, mulling over what Ryusei had said. Why were the Jedi after him and his men? They did nothing wrong, there must be something going on here.

    "Perhaps you can help me." Jango finally said. "We captured the Jedi who came here and they are being difficult to talk to. Those dogmatic idiots…"

    "Lead the way, Manda'lor." Ryusei replied. "I was hoping to talk to them too."

    Jango motioned him to follow, so Ryusei got up from the cot and followed the Mandalorian out of the medical tent, Hana in tow. The trio ended up at the center of the camp, where the nine non-injured Jedi sat on the ground, meditating and surrounded by dozens of Mandalorian warriors. Ryusei immediately recognized the oldest Jedi in the group, Master Dooku. While the older Jedi had not grown out his beard nor had he gone completely grey yet, Ryusei could still tell by the signature look of superiority painted on the middle-aged man's face as he meditated.

    "It's good to see you and your associates are well, Master Dooku." Ryusei spoke, bringing the Jedi out of their meditation. Dooku slightly raised an eyebrow upon seeing the younger man in front of him.

    "So, you are the person this fascinating droid is protecting." Dooku said, briefly switching his attention to Hana before going back to Ryusei. "Your ship cost us several lives and our mission."

    "While the crash might be an accident, the wrong information you were fed wasn't." Ryusei said. "Tell me, if my doomed ship hadn't collided with yours as I have been told, then you would've blindly thrown yourselves into a pointless battle. Think about it for a moment."

    Dooku remained silent as he thought about his mission. Now that he had time to think, the Jedi Master reviewed his mission. The only thing that he was tasked to do was to eliminate the Mandalorians who killed several innocent civilians in one of the planet's various towns. He was provided the coordinates to the camp where the perpetrators were located, but judging by the fact that the so-called murderers captured them instead of outright destroying them, something seemed amiss. Blast, if Komari hadn't been so stupid as to attack, perhaps there wouldn't have been this frigidity between his group and their captors.

    "Well, I did find that the lack of details we were provided to be suspicious, but I don't have enough information to know what is going on." Dooku said. "Is there something the Governor of Galidraan is not telling us?"

    Ryusei laughed lightly at this.

    "Of course. The dear governor is working with those actually responsible for the murders of those innocents." Ryusei stated. "The Governor is a Death Watch supporter and he tried to use you in order to destroy his enemies, which are these fine men here. Had you taken the small amount of time to investigate the Governor's claims, then you would've found out that the True Mandalorians weren't responsible for killing innocent civilians. Thus, a battle between the Jedi and the True Mandalorians wouldn't occur, not that it would occur if I hadn't told you all this."

    Dooku and the other Jedi present couldn't help but feel taken aback. As Ryusei's words sunk in, they began to feel outrage. Some of the Jedi started cursing the Governor for lying to them while Dooku merely sat there in a cold rage. Ryusei looked at Jango Fett with a sly smile.

    "Say, Jango Fett, I reckon that it's time to teach the Death Watch a harsh lesson. They tried to silence me, but I won't let this injustice stand." The younger man said. "Now that the Jedi know the full truth about this planet's situation, perhaps they are willing to help."

    "Say kid, how did you know all this?" Jango replied, looking a little suspicious. "I was only just attacked by Death Watch shortly before the Jedi came, and you weren't here."

    "Well, I watched Death Watch kill a bunch of innocents." Ryusei lied. "It wouldn't be smart of me to intervene now, would it?"

    Jango nodded in understanding.

    "If you will excuse me, I have a few things to discuss with Hana in private." Ryusei continued. "I'll let you and the Jedi discuss your next moves."

    Ryusei and Hana left the Mandalorian with the Jedi and walked to a secluded part of the True Mandalorian's camp. After checking that no one was close by, Ryusei turned to Hana.

    "Ok, I need explanations. The Lady as you call her didn't explain a lot to me in regards to my powers and such, if I got any." Ryusei said quietly. "I know how this whole isekai thing works, but I need info."

    Hana just smiled as she held out her palm.

    "Lady Eris has thought of that, so she left a message." The android said. The holographic image of that woman Ryusei saw in the afterlife appeared on Hana's hand, smiling as brightly as she had before.

    "I hope you are in good health Ryusei Teruhashi, because this message will automatically be deleted after its conclusion." The hologram said. "I figure you are the type of person who knows how the story goes and you should be happy to know that I did not disappoint you in that regard.

    "Apart from bestowing to you my creation H2A-N/A, I have also given you two gifts exclusive to you. The first is Force Prodigy, which basically speaks for itself. You can use the Force and you are a powerful user of it at that. The second is Enhanced Flash Learning. What this does is it allows you to learn any skill at a faster rate than what you would normally learn. You can use this to learn new combat skills, new languages, anything, though there are a few exceptions which Hana can explain at any time if you require it.

    "The galaxy contains many fascinating and wonderful things waiting to be discovered and/or experienced. I wish the best of luck to you, Ryusei Teruhashi, and I better not see you again until you are at least 100 years old. Bye-bye!"

    The message ended and the hologram of Lady Eris disappeared from Hana's hand. Ryusei couldn't help but smirk widely. Being blessed with such gifts would mean that life would be very comfortable if he played his cards right. But the road ahead is long and he will have to be very careful, as the future is uncertain and the threat of the Sith still lingers over the galaxy without anyone knowing.

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