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BC Island Farms Santa's "Lite" Parade

Discussion in 'Canada Discussion Boards' started by TR0773, Oct 10, 2005.

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  1. TR0773

    TR0773 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 22, 2003
    This is a request to any and all interested Costumeing Fan Force members to come over to Vancouver Island to augment the Outerrim Squadron in our endeavour to show the public, Star Wars pressence in British Columbia! This has been my pet project that I have wanted to pull off all year! I am also requesting reinforcments from Garrison Titan, Badlands, Cloud City Squad, and Rebel Legion.
    This event will have local television coverage and is an excellent time to see one of the most beautiful cities in Canada!

    Here are the big details:

    - Date: November 19, 2005
    - Time: All participants must be present and ready to go for 5:00 PM, Ideal to show up early to dress, and sign any waivers, head counts, and last minute details that may pop up.
    - Marshalling Area: Superior at Government.
    - Parade Route: Government to Chatam to Capital Iron
    - Reference Web site:

    Other details:

    - Lights! Your costume must be decorated with illumination of some kind, the parade is both in the dark and falling in with the theme of Xmas, stock up on chemical lights now during Halloween (multiple colors). There is no limit but please don't cheap out on this detail.
    - No Santas or variation on the theme of Santa, the organizers are a little passionate on this point.
    - We have a Vader, and Emperor locally, please default to a secondary outfit, and apologies if these are the only suits you have.
    - I need a definite "I will attend" by Nov 9th to submit to the Comittee. "Sorry can't attends" please do not reply unless you said you would come in an earlier letter, you'll just confuse me, but please make plans to come next year!
    - Please be willing to sign a waiver dismissing any responsibility/liability from the event organizers of the parade, in the event of damage to your outfit during the parade.
    - My dream is to have 25 white troopers marching down Government Street, we will definitely turn some heads! If we get 8-15 I'll still be thrilled! I have a 501 st banner that will be leading our group or mounted on a vehicle if, we can throw Palpatines throne together soon enough!
    - The march isn't very far 6-8 blocks so this would be ideal to incorporate as a small family vacation. I have a little space at my house for the money crunched, and can pick up people from the airport or ferry as needed.

    - Questions Concerns please do contact me: Randy at:
    malarat @ pacificcoast . net (without the spaces)

    Many thx in advance of your support!

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