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    JCC Rules and Policy
    (Rev. 2011)



    I. Behavior

    A. Being a positive contributer
    [ol][li]Do: Show tolerance[/li]
    [li]Don't: Flame others[/li]
    [li]Don't: Troll threads[/li][/ol]

    B. Posting etiquette
    [li]Daily thread limit[/li]
    [li]Offsite linking[/li][/ol]

    II. Topics
    [ul][li]A. Spamming[/li]
    [li]B. Serious topics[/li]
    [li]C. Parody threads[/li]
    [li]D. WUL threads[/li]
    [li]E. New games[/li]
    [li]F. Redundant topics[/li]
    [li]G. Spoilers[/li]
    [li]H. Discussing Star Wars[/li][/ul]

    III. Moderators
    [ul][li]A. Mod at the post level[/li]
    [li]B. Give us regular folk some credit.[/li]
    [li]C. Give some leeway in serious discussions.[/li]
    [li]D. New threads are usually more active than older, upped threads. [/li]
    [li]E. Post and have fun![/li][/ul]

    IV. Official Profanity and Disallowed Words List


    The JCC rules and policies list is here to make sure that everyone understands the basic expectations for this forum.

    No rules list could cover every possible thing that might occur, and sometimes moderators will have to use their personal discretion about what is and isn't appropriate for the JCC. If you don't understand the reason for a moderator action, please PM that moderator and ask them about it. If that person is offline, you can also PM another JCC mod, or an administrator.

    If you feel that an issue affects more than day-to-day things on the JCC, you can start a thread in Comms in order to start a board-wide discussion. If a specific moderator action has brought up an issue that you feel has significance for the entire JC, [i]please make this point of wider interest clear in your Comms thread.[/i] "I believe we should revisit the issue of how open-ended discussions and social threads differ from spam" is a statement that clearly involves board-wide policy. "Why did Mod_X lock the thread congratulating my sock for making zero posts in five years?" is a statement that refers only to a specific mod action. Threads about specific mod actions will be locked, and the users directed to contact the forum mods or admins directly.

    [u]Posting Guidelines[/u]
    Finally, remember that the [link=][color=blue][b]Terms of Sevice[/b][/color][/link] and the [link=][b][color=blue]Rules of the Jedi Council[/color][/b][/link] are still in force here, and users with poor posting habits will end up in trouble with the administration.

    For a guide to better posting, check out the New Users thread, found [link=]here.[/link]


    [b]I. Behavior[/b]

    [b]A.[/b] [u]Being a positive contibuter: posting do's and don'ts[/u]

    [ul][b]1)[/b] [u]Tolerance[/u]
    Please do be tolerant of others. Acceptance of differences is essential for getting along on a board as large and diverse as JCC. Other posters may have interests, personal styles, and beliefs that are different from yours, and that's okay. It's part of what makes this board so interesting.

    If you run across a thread that you think is boring or stupid, there's no harm in just walking away and letting others with different tastes enjoy it. If you feel another user is a jerk, it's best to just to write it off as a personality conflict and ignore their posts. Alternately, if the person's behavior is so bad that it constitutes a TOS violation, PM a moderator and let them deal with it. Mods are here so that users don't have to fight it out post-for-post on the board.

    [b]2)[/b] [u]Flaming[/u]
    Please don't resort to flaming. Flaming is verbal abuse of another poster. Sometimes it involves disallowed words and sometimes it doesn't, but its basic purpose is always to humiliate or belittle another person.

    [b]3)[/b] [u]Troll>
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