Saga Jedi Snapshots 2 (JA short stories - humor/serious)

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    Well, guess what? The original was turned into a Sith's breakfast. So, here we go again! I'm reposting my short stories and I'm kind of hoping that if anyone else would like to pitch in: please do!

    Ejedir: Do you have a copy of A TEST OF FAITH? It got crunched in the transfer, it would seem.



    Qui-Gon?s head snapped up suddenly as he heard the alarms go off. They?d been found out. He pulled Obi-Wan to his feet from where they had been hiding amongst the bushes.

    ?Get back to the ship. Tell Master Ashdal to stand by to take off. NOW!? He knelt down by the young girl who was still breathing heavily after their cross-country escape. ?Go with Obi-Wan. He?ll make sure you?re safe. I?m going to stay here and see if I can?t slow them down a bit.?

    The girl nodded and picked herself up from the ground following his apprentice at a fast clip towards the ship.

    If only my padawan were as obedient, he thought ruefully.

    From some distance away he heard the whine of an approaching swoop. No, more like two. Qui-Gon readied himself, lightsabre in hand. This was make or break time?


    Rufus Merdan paced the floor.

    He knew that the game was almost up. Once the truth of his scam came out there would be swift retribution from the Republic and the best he could look forward to was an entire lifetime behind bars. Not for the first time he cursed the fact he hadn?t recognised the two Jedi for what they were sooner than he had. And when he?d had the opportunity to remove them he?d let it slip by. Such shoddiness was going to lead to the end of his very profitable little venture.

    Nine years. He?d been on Nargotria for nine years. A singularly unattractive little planet with very little to recommend it other than the charms of it?s inhabitants. Some had been slaves. Some had simply nowhere better to go. Most of them had been abducted and forced to stay.

    For as long as their looks remained.

    Merdan had made such an inspection of his ?camp? last week. He saw himself as a gardener, attending his prize roses and plucking out the weeds. Two of the female ?workers? had failed to come up to his standard of attractiveness and he?d taken them outside and shot them out of hand.

    Nobody would miss them.

    His little harem was a well kept secret from the Republic, but was known within certain circles as a stopping off point for shady characters and frustrated business men alike. There was no accounting for some people?s tastes, but they catered for all sorts on Nargotria. It hadn?t been difficult to get guards to volunteer to strand themselves on this dust bowl. The perks of the job had been very inticing.

    There were thirty-four women in total on Nargotria. No, he amended. Thirty-two now. There had been many, many more at one point but a strange wasting illness had spread amongst the women and some of the guards and so he?d been forced to dispose of anyone who sickened or even looked as if they were showing any symptoms of the disease.

    The eldest of the survivors was aged roughly fifty although she didn?t look it. As well for her she didn?t, he thought coldly. The youngest was a girl of about nine. She?d been snatched from a high-class private transport with her mother and brother some four years earlier whilst heading back to Corellia. They?d kept the woman, of course, but the boy was of no use to them and so he?d had him removed. He?d toyed with the idea of killing the girl as well, but changed his mind at the last moment.

    Some clients liked them young.

    All of this was immaterial now. If he didn?t succeed in stopping the Jedi then he would have to abandon his enterprise and start up all over again in some other place. Preferably one that hadn?t just joined the Republic.

    Two guards bounded through the doorway and came to a sliding halt.

    ?We?ve lost our two swoops.? Said the first guard with a sour expression upon his face.
    ?Transmission cut out suddenly. That?s what I mean by lost.? He growled.

    Merdan ey
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    ?Three weeks,? Qui-Gon raised his eyebrows as he handed Mace Windu a cup of Caf, ?three whole weeks since my home was invaded by a tornado with legs.?

    Mace laughed, enjoying the time away from more pressing matters elsewhere. ?You asked for it.? He grinned. ?You were the one who swore all manner of nasty and un-jedi like things if the Council didn?t grant you the kid?s custody.?
    ?Don?t remind me.? Qui-Gon closed weary eyes.
    ?You don?t regret taking her in, do you?? Mace frowned suddenly. ?If you?re having any difficulties then we could try to find somebody outside the temple??
    ?No.? Jinn replied immediately. ?I stand by my promises. Nor do I regret making them in the first place. It?s just??
    ?What?? Windu asked, adding more sweetener to his Caf.
    ?Having somebody that young round the place is making me realize how young I no longer am.?
    Mace laughed. ?Old, Qui. The word is old. You can say it, you know. It won?t kill you.? He stirred the liquid in the mug. ?Yet.?

    Jinn sighed for what seemed the hundredth time since Mace came to speak to him.

    ?She?s come on a lot since we brought her back, but I really think she?s only just beginning to get used to life here. I?m not sure she likes being stared at. Being a non-Jedi has made her a conversation point for the temple gossips. You know, the people who don?t know anything about her background.? He placed his cup on the table.

    ?When she first arrived she spent most of the time in the infirmary getting treated for that wasting illness she picked up on Nargotria. An-Paj warned me she?d do very little but sleep. Well, fine. I can cope with that. What he DIDN?T tell me,? Jinn rolled his eyes,? was what she would be like once she started recovering.?
    ?And what has she been like?? Frowned Mace.
    ?A complete and utter nightmare.? Confessed Qui-Gon wearily. ?One minute she?s so tired she can hardly keep her eyes open with her fingers and the next she?s like a tiny whirlwind. I thought Obi-Wan used to be hyperactive but it was not a patch on this!?

    ?You should take her back to see An-Paj.? Mace offered.
    ?I did. He was a bit more forthcoming this time. He said that the drugs that she?d been given were causing the hyperactivity but that it would wear off after she stopped taking them.?
    ?And when does she stop taking them?? Windu asked hesitantly.
    ?Another two weeks.? Jinn gulped softly. ?And that?s not it by a long shot.? He stood up and beckoned Mace over to the kitchen area.
    ?Open it.? Qui-Gon said, pointing at the refrigeration unit.

    Mace blinked but did as was instructed. Pulling back the door, he looked in and found himself staring back at-


    ?That was full yesterday.? Jinn shook his head. ?Between my new Ward and the force sensitive termite, I have absolutely nothing left in this apartment that is remotely edible.?
    ?You don?t call your padawan ?the termite?, do you?? Laughed Windu.
    ?Only when he?s out of earshot.? Qui-Gon admitted dryly. ?This was yet another thing that An-Paj neglected to tell me when she came back from the infirmary. Making sure she has regular meals is one thing. Stopping her eating long enough for her to take her regular meals is another.?
    ?You can hardly blame her for having an appetite.? Mace smiled reassuringly at his friend. ?She looks half starved.
    ?Tell that to the packet of Takkini chips I purchased yesterday.? Jinn shot back.

    He looked up at the ceiling.

    ?What Gods hate me enough to saddle me with two constantly snacking children??


    Vernice Ashdal sat and braided Jemmiah?s hair later that night. She had been yet another visitor to Qui-Gon?s apartment to see if he was coping with his new responsibilities, or crying into his cereal, or slitting his wrists?

    ?What is it with girls and hair?? Jinn pondered to Obi-Wan as they finished drying the dishes. ?I?ve never understood this penchant for platting and braiding and putting in ornamental clasps.?
    ?I know.? Kenobi agreed. ?She?s got nice hair though. The color, I mean.?
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    The chrono on the wall said it was four. Qui-Gon?s stomach said it was at least two hours later than that. The truth of the matter was that he couldn?t be bothered to fix himself any food, and anyway, knowing who he was living with made the chances of there being any food left in the place rather remote.

    Sighing, he let his tall frame sink into the chair. HIS chair. The really comfortable one that molded itself around your body. The master?s chair.

    The one that everyone wanted to sit in.

    Recently it was becoming a power struggle to see who would get to sit in it. Usually he won. Obi-Wan tended to defer to his master anyway, but Jemmiah would occasionally make a run for it and get there before he did. Once, when she had considered herself to be safely in possession he had picked her up using the force and deposited her on the carpet.

    ?That?s not fair!? The ten-year-old had growled at him. ?You?re bigger than me!?
    ?Tangles, I promise you faithfully that when you are bigger than me, you can sit in the chair all you want.?

    She?d stalked off in disgust.

    Well, today was different. Today he deserved this rest in his comfortable seat. He?d spent the last seven hours teaching the initiates how to swim. Not an experience he was keen to repeat in a hurry; infact he would be quite pleased if he never set eyes on another child ever again?

    The door chime went.

    Groaning, Qui-Gon pushed himself out of the chair?s comfortable embrace and made his way to the door.

    ?Hi, Master Jinn!? beamed Jemmiah as the door slid back. Her eye quickly caught sight of the vacant seat at the same time that Qui-Gon realized what she was thinking.

    ?Oh, no you don?t!? Jinn raced her back to the chair and got there just hundredths of a second before she did. He threw himself back down with an extremely smug expression.

    ?Better luck next time, Tangles.? He smiled.
    She wore a hurt look. ?You?re supposed to let me win now and again.? She mumbled.
    ?Not a chance.? Qui-Gon shook his head. ?Humility is a very good lesson for a child. Just think of it as another part of your education. Talking of which,? he watched her walk into the kitchen area, ?how was school??
    ?Good.? She replied airily. ?We started this mural on the classroom wall.? Jemmy frowned suddenly in thought. ?Then the teacher came back in the room and we went back to drawing on the desks.?

    Qui-Gon folded his arms. ?Are you aware of the money that goes towards getting you an education?? He asked her.

    She spread her arms in a generous sweeping movement. ?That?s OK. They can take it back. I don?t want to go anyway?? She stopped when she saw his annoyance. ?Why don?t I find something to stuff my face with before I say something even more likely to get me murdered?? Her hand reached into the refrigeration unit and came away with something extremely chocolatey.

    ?Put that back!? He scolded. ?That is for after meals and not before??

    Too late.

    ?Mmmm!? Jemmy walked back through and perched on the edge of the dining table, swinging her legs back and forwards. ?This is REALLY good.? She said between mouthfuls of cream, chocolate and pastry.

    Qui-Gon looked at her. ?Is it?? He said under his breath. His stomach began to growl ominously
    ?There?s another one in there.? She said before taking a second bite, pausing only to lick the cream off her fingers whilst watching him out the corner of her eye. ?My word, this is good!?
    ?You are an evil young lady.? Qui-Gon grumbled.
    ?Yes, but I?m an evil young lady with a double chocolate Corellian pastry!? She grinned at him.
    ?That?s not fair.? He said.
    ?Well, all you have to do is go over to the refrigeration unit and??
    ?Let you have my chair? I don?t think so.? He was adamant. Jemmiah shrugged and made a great show of enjoying the last few mouthfuls of cream.

    ?Oh, well. I had to try.? She smiled cheerfully at him. ?I suppose when you get to your age and your body starts slowing down and falling apart all the time, it?s understandable t
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    Chariots of ?Ire??

    PART 1: Humiliation.

    Qui-Gon couldn?t believe it. He just couldn?t believe it!

    If anyone had given odds prior to the race that he and his apprentice would win the most prestigious event in the Master/Padawan sports day he would have said that they were a crystal shot of a lightsabre. But for whatever reason, the force had deigned that the day would be theirs. A triumphant collaboration: a perfect matching of master and trainee, together in complete unison and harmony. Strong in the force.

    All the events were designed to be both challenging and fun. The Jedi had always had such a bad press for being stuffy and rigid, and for the past ten years Yoda had been trying to find ways of making the image of the Jedi a little less severe.

    These events had been the result.

    Most of them had been created specifically with the idea of working with the force. Puzzles, lightsabre matches, tasks of agility and skill? it was meant to be highly competitive, yet fairly fought.

    No cheating.

    Qui-Gon thought that if Yoda had been aware of just how competitive it really was, he would probably have abolished the whole thing. A Jedi should take pride in his achievements and always strive to do his best, but not at the cost of inducing bad feelings and un-sportsman like behavior. And Qui-Gon wanted to win!


    He and his apprentice were just ten points clear of their nearest rivals, Master Sal-Fina and her padawan Ambianca. The points tally showed that if Sal-Fina and her stuck-up apprentice won the final event, they would be declared over-all champions. And Qui-Gon was not about to let that happen.

    The last event was the silliest of the lot: the sack race. Why Yoda had decided to include this in the schedule was quite beyond Qui-Gon?s imagination, yet strangely it had become the one that everyone wanted to do well in, for no other reason than it had little to do with skill, or the force. Luck, and teamwork perhaps. It was rendered all the more ludicrous because Yoda had invited, as always, a member of the press to witness the events and Qui-Gon couldn?t help feeling that there was something undignified in Jedi being seen two to a sack, hopping along the ground. Or falling on their rears.

    This year, it would be fine, Jinn told himself as he and his thirteen-year-old padawan lengthened their jumps, covering the ground in an amazing display of co-ordination. He thanked the force that he had a padawan who was tall for his age, and as determined to win as his master. They would not lose, they would not!

    Just yards to go!

    Without warning, Qui-Gon found his force sense alerting him to the presence of another set of rivals on his far left. He made the mistake of looking across and nearly stumbled.

    Sal-Fina and Ambianca!

    Ambianca was a mere child. She had been claimed by her master at an extremely early age, more to do with looking like a little clone of Sal-Fina rather than any particular force skill she may have possessed. The long blond locks of the master and the short, spiky gold hair of the padawan could just be seen at the edge of Qui-Gon?s vision, although he?d already known who was making that determined charge towards the line long before his sight had confirmed the fact. To see it all taken away from them now?

    It was going to be close. The line was coming up fast.

    Qui-Gon called on his padawan to make the supreme effort, but infact got a response of a very different kind. From in front of him, he felt his apprentice reach out with the force?

    And the next thing Qui-Gon knew, Sal-Fina and Ambianca were on the ground in a large, sprawling heap.

    As Master Jinn and his padawan went crashing over the line, he knew that every force sensitive being in the gardens had felt what had been done. This was not going to be good. He looked up, and found himself staring into Yoda?s markedly displeased face.

    Oh, Sith.


    ?Disqualified.? Qui-Gon said in disgust. ?After all we did? We were by far the best Master/Padawan combination out the
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    Chariot?s of ?Ire??

    PART TWO: Embarrassment

    Here we go again, thought Qui-Gon Jinn.

    He?d seen Yoda shuffling his way across the floor towards him, tapping the floor with his stick with every step he took. Another lecture, he guessed. Yet one more futile attempt to persuade the tall Jedi that now was the right time to take another padawan. Another young life to shelter, and nurture and teach the ways of the force.

    Another Xanatos.

    Qui-Gon had just completed his enforced half yearly visit (certainly not a pilgrimage) to watch the young initiates training and showing off their prowess with the lightsabre, knowing fine well that whilst he was watching the combatants, Yoda would be watching him. His former master knew exactly how Qui-Gon felt about the idea of taking a new padawan.

    It was NOT an option.

    He couldn?t risk it. Xanatos had betrayed him. He?d chosen to overlook the faults that his former apprentice had, and in hindsight there were many, with the result that the once promising young student had turned. It had been his fault, Qui-Gon reflected. He?d spoiled him, cosseted him. Ignored the devious and manipulative side of his personality. Invested so much time and love. Instead of correcting him for his mistakes, Qui-Gon praised him. Everyone had seen it except for him, and now he felt the shame so deeply that he could never take the risk that a further apprentice might not let him down in the same, heart-crushing way. Yoda could nag until he turned blue in the face. Qui-Gon would not be dissuaded.

    There had been one boy, a near thirteen-year-old youngster that had somehow caught his eye even though he had refused to let himself be swayed. His rejection of the boy had pained him, but it had to be done. Better the Agri-Corps on Bandomeer than a clouded, uncertain future with a master who might fail him. It was easier and less traumatic to refuse him as a padawan now.

    And yet the boy stayed in his mind.

    Obi-Wan. That was the boy?s name.

    He received Yoda?s expected lecture without really listening. He knew that they were considering making him take another padawan, and by announcing the intention they hoped it would force Qui-Gon?s hand into choosing for himself. Well, he would not be blackmailed.

    I can?t chance it, Qui-Gon thought. I can?t set myself up for another fall.

    He shook his head, and looked at Yoda.

    ?I shall NEVER take another padawan.?



    ?Master!? Obi-Wan yelled excitedly as he ran through the doorway of the apartment. ?We?ve been invited to take part in the annual Master/Padawan sports day!?

    Qui-Gon Jinn?s head snapped up so swiftly that Obi-Wan was surprised that his master?s neck hadn?t broken. Blood seemed to drain from his face at an appalling rate, leaving the young padawan wondering what he could possibly have said to cause such a drastic reaction. He did not want to offend Qui-Gon, especially as events in their not too distant past had put a considerable amount of strain on their bond, and Kenobi hoped he hadn?t said anything that would prove detrimental to their reestablished relationship.
    Jinn stared off into space, seemingly in a world of his own. Although Obi-Wan could not understand, he was in fact reliving the last ghastly time he had participated in the sports day. Xanatos had done him up like a Corellian Kipper?

    ?Master?? Obi-Wan swallowed, timidly trying to reassure himself that he was not going to be on the next flight to Bandomeer, ?I?m sorry if??
    ?That?s alright.? Qui-Gon nodded, switching his attention back to his concerned apprentice. ?I think it?s a perfectly reasonable suggestion.? Obi-Wan didn?t think his master looked too convinced but said nothing. ?You might want to invite Jemmiah. I?m sure she would like to watch. It might make her feel less intimidated with her new surroundings.?

    ?Yes, master.? Obi-Wan bowed slightly. ?Most of the other masters and padawans have been invited, too. Menali-Jay Abran and his master, Kryztan Harkley and Master Berlingside, Ambianca Machie'
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    Chariots of ?Ire??

    Part Three: Misery

    ?He?s up to something.? Mace squinted as he watched Qui-Gon stare unenthusiastically at the food on his plate from his vantagepoint across the refectory hall. ?He?s definitely up to something.?
    ?What makes you say that?? The jovial Jedi master Dex Berlingside took Jinn?s measure, noticing the unease and untypical nerves that had progressively got worse over the past few days. They quickly glanced away when Qui-Gon seemed to become aware that he was under some kind of observation.

    ?Did you see the way he jumped just now?? Mace continued in hushed tones. ?Sign of a guilty conscience if ever there was one.?
    ?What, Qui-Gon?? Berlingside laughed. ?When did you ever know Qui-Gon Jinn to have one of those??
    ?Frequently!? Windu grinned.

    His companion sat back in his chair. ?He?s been acting most odd in the last week or so. I mean, how often does Qui-Gon come here? He always said he?d rather have his teeth pulled without painkillers than eat in the refectory. He knows what the food?s like down here.?
    ?We ALL do.? Mace pulled a face. ?That?s why I say us coming here to watch him was a very bad idea.?

    Berlingside nodded absently, smoothing a stray silver-blonde wisp of hair into place. Vivid green eyes watched in amusement as Qui-Gon made another attempt to swallow a mouthful of the unappetizing gloop that had been congealing for the last twenty minutes or so on the tray in front of him.

    ?Poor man. Looks like a Gundark chewin? a wasp.? He smiled.

    Mace choked on his drink, and out the corner of his eye he saw Qui-Gon look suspiciously towards them.

    ?Ooops. We?ve been rumbled.? Berlingside showed an array of shining teeth. ?It must be bad, whatever it is that?s keeping him here. My old master used to say that before I became a knight, I would have to pass a series of trials, and that they would consist of a starter, main course, sweet and a selection of home-baked pastries from the temple refectory. I believed him for the best part of ten years.?
    ?And what happened?? Mace asked, wiping tea off his chin.
    ?I passed all my trials. I became a knight. He was really proud of my achievements, so much that he offered to take me out and buy me a celebration meal.? He raised an eyebrow and indicated the chosen venue with a sweep of his hand.
    ?He never!? Windu chuckled.
    ?He did. You think you know a person all these years, they nurture you and treat you like their own child, but as soon as you?ve flown the nest they try and poison you with a double portion of roast Nerf and Seruli dumplings.?

    Mace shook his head in amusement. ?I wonder what it is that?s got him so on edge? Perhaps Obi-Wan would know.?

    Berlingside nodded. ?Worth a try, I suppose. Mind you, Qui-Gon can be as closed as a book when he wants to be. Could be shielding from Kenobi, too.?
    ?Look at him.? Muttered Windu. He watched silently as Qui-Gon sighed to himself, and gave up the battle with his food, opting to pour himself a glass of water instead.
    ?He could be in love!? Laughed Berlingside.
    ?Leave it alone, Dexi!? Mace coughed. ?Qui-Gon Jinn? In love??
    ?Why not??
    ?He?s never got over his crush on Depa Billaba, for starters. No, I?m afraid he?s dedicated to the teaching of the Jedi ways.?
    ?So am I, and I don?t live like a monk!? Berlingside grinned.

    ?So I?ve heard.? Snorted Windu.
    ?I look on it this way. If I put myself out of circulation, it would be a tragic loss to all the ladies in the galaxy.?
    ?And what does young Harkley have to say about that?? Queried Mace.
    ?He watches and learns from the old master!? Berlingside winked. ?Look. There he is now.?

    He nodded over to his sixteen-year-old padawan. Kryztan Harkly was an extremely good-looking boy for his age, and had survived the rigors of teenage acne and greasy skin completely unscathed. There was a spring to his walk and a bolt glint in his black eyes as the youth took in the females sitting down to their repasts throughout the hall. ?Sets all the ladies hearts a fluttering!? Dex said proudly. ?In which respect may I add, he?s jus
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    Glad to see these back at last :D
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    I WAS LOOKING FOR THESE! WAHOO! Anyway, I've got a few snapshots to post . . .next time though. Too tired tonight. Just bringing this up!!!
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    ?I am so tired,? Qui-Gon groaned as he headed back home with extremely weary legs. ?That is the LAST time I let Mace talk me into playing Seven aside Gabali with the initiates.?

    He?d told his padawan not to stay up too late just on the off chance that he would be forced to have a couple of restorative drinks with his partners in crime, Dex Berlingside and Mace Windu. His intuition had proven correct. Except for the number of drinks involved.

    Windu was a total idiot, Jinn groused. Whose big idea was it to schedule the game before the children?s bedtime? The crèche masters would get very little in the way of peace tonight?

    As he got to the door of his apartment he could hear the distant sound of voices talking. Jinn glanced at his wrist chrono. Jemmiah should have been in bed AGES ago. And his padawan had stayed up beyond his instructed hours as well.

    Right, thought Qui-Gon. I?ll show you who?s the master round here?

    He opened the door and was met by the sight of Obi-Wan lying slouched on the floor, face in the palm of his hands, watching the holo screen idly. Jemmiah was sitting on the couch with her hands wrapped round a cup of what Qui-Gon guessed was probably hot chocolate.

    Evla spoils that girl, thought Qui-Gon silently. Ever since we brought her back Jemmiah?s introduced that Corellian taste for all things sweet into our household. My padawan will most likely need several teeth extracted if he continues with his predilection for Corelli treacle.

    Obi-Wan looked up, unfazed.

    ?Jemmiah couldn?t sleep.? He said, using their coded phrase for ?Jemmiah?s had screaming nightmares again.?

    Qui-Gon nodded and left it at that.

    ?Ten more minutes padawan and that?s all.? He put on his stern voice.
    ?Yes, master.? The boy nodded before turning back to the screen.

    Qui-Gon followed his apprentice?s gaze to the screen.

    What he saw rather disturbed him. It was certainly NOT the sort of viewing material he would have deemed suitable for either padawan or child.

    He made a force snatch for the control and switched channels.

    ?A word if you please, padawan.? Qui-Gon ordered his rather flushed looking apprentice into the adjoining kitchen area, making sure to keep his voice low.

    ?When I said make sure you went to bed in plenty of time, I expected to be obeyed.?
    ?But?? Obi-Wan began.

    Jinn held up his hand to stop the boy?s protestations in mid flow.

    ?I?m not so concerned about that. You?ve given me your reasons and I accept them. And whilst I also don?t usually allow the holo screen on at this time either I also agree that it was a good way to keep Jemmiah?s mind occupied.? His vivid blue stare fell upon the boy. ?But what I do NOT accept was the type of thing you were watching.?

    ?We weren?t!? Obi-Wan sulked. ?I was flicking channels when you came back. When you started speaking
    I just left it on that channel. You?re always telling me to pay attention when you speak.?
    The boy looked hurt. Well, if nothing else at least he had been listening to what his master had said, Qui-Gon thought ruefully.

    ?In that case, I apologise.? Qui-Gon said.
    ?Y-you do?? Obi-Wan frowned.
    ?Yes. I?m not an ogre, Obi-Wan.? He put an arm round his shoulder. ?You?re tired. I suggest we get some rest.?
    ?Yes, master.? Nodded the boy dutifully. ?Oh, how did the match go, if you don?t mind me asking?? A smile tugged at the boy?s lips.
    ?We lost.? Qui-Gon sighed, ruffling Kenobi?s short hair. ?As you well knew.?
    ?But they were only seven initiates. How could you lose?? Obi-Wan asked.
    ?We lost because our net keeper cried off at the last minute and our replacement wasn?t?how shall I say it, up to the job.?
    ?Master Quirida-Xac.?
    ?WHAT! But Master Quirida-Xac?s over seventy! Not to mention his other problems??
    ?Quite, padawan.? Qui-Gon strode past the boy looking straight ahead. ?Quite.?

    Jinn walked over to the eleven year old Jemmiah Gleshan, who regarded him with large, rounded eyes.

    ?Time for bed, Tangles.? He warned.

    She nodded, draining her mug of chocolate
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    ?We?re going to have to hurry! He usually comes back about now.?
    ?Relax. There?s plenty of time.?
    ?You don?t understand. He?ll be livid if he sees us playing these games.? The first voice hissed in concern.
    ?You are such a worrier.? Put in a third voice. ?Stress is a very bad thing. It can lead to all sorts of nasty illnesses.?
    ?I am NOT stressed!? Number one rejoined.
    ?Ulcers. You can get them from stress.? A female voice offered her opinion.
    ?I do NOT have ulcers.?
    Number three sighed. ?No. You don?t have ulcers. You?re just a carrier. This is supposed to be FUN!?


    ?I told him we were meditating in the gardens.?
    ?What all of us?? Queried number two.
    ?It was the best I could do at such short notice. I?m not used to lying with any great imagination.?
    ?Then you should get used to it. It?s part of basic Jedi training. Said individual should be prepared to lie and cheat as when required if it?s for the greater good of the order.? Number two grinned.
    ?You invent rules just to suit yourself.?
    ?It?s true.? Argued number two. ?Well, from a certain point of view.?
    ?C?mon guys,? the female voice broke in. ?This was meant to be a break from the rigors and strains of everyday Jedi duty. When do we ever get time off together?? She grabbed at a packet of hot Banajj crisps. ?Who?s for more?? She asked, her mouth full.
    ?Manners? tutted number one, wiping the crisps that had been sprayed on him from his hair.
    ?You?re impossible.? She glared reproachfully. ?Lighten up a bit, instead of sitting there like a great big slab of marble!?
    ?Yeah,? rejoined number two. ?No wonder they call you frosty!?

    Number one looked shocked. ?Frosty? Who calls me that??
    ?Number three snickered. ?I know somebody who does.?
    ?Doesn?t happen to be a female that starts with a ?J?, by any chance?? Number two laughed back.
    Number four smirked.
    ?Very droll.? Number one crossed his arms. ?I?m still worried, though.?
    ?We?ll have the place all tidied up. He?ll never know we were here.?
    ?You KNOW what he?s like about these games.?
    ?You?re just moaning because you?re so bad at them.? Number four said in a lilting voice. ?If you were to practice more??
    ?And how am I supposed to do that?? Number one said in frustration. ?He knows when I?m so much as thinking about playing with the console.?
    Number two frowned. ?Do you do anything other than whine? I don?t know how he puts up with you.?

    The rattle of fingers against console was the only sound for a while, until a ?Blap!? sound indicated that the game was over.

    ?Sith!? swore number two loudly. ?It killed me! How did it do that??
    ?I though you were supposed to be good at this?? smirked number one.
    ?I?m better than you, any day!? challenged number two.
    ?Settle down!? Number three stepped in, ever the peacemaker. ?Let?s have some more of that Alderaani wine.?
    ?Not more, PLEASE!? Implored number one.
    ?Oh, shut up!? chorused the other three. ?It?s your turn with the console.?

    Number one gulped guiltily, and took the console from his friend. ?What if he comes back?? He asked fearfully.
    Number three smiled. ?He?s getting checked over by the healers, isn?t he? I?m sure they?ll give him a full examination. One that will last a good few hours. I?m sure we?ll be safe for the time being.?
    ?Yes.? Number four added wickedly. ?Those healers can be VERY thorough, can?t they!?
    ?Tell me about it.? Groused number two. ?Rubber gloves will never look the same to me again!?

    Reluctantly, Number one depressed the start button on the console, and after a moment found himself lost in the game, utilizing the force around him to sharpen his Vampire-slaying instincts.

    Got you! He grinned.

    This was easy, after all.

    ?I think I?m beginning to enjoy myself.? He said triumphantly.
    ?Is that so??

    The voice of a fifth person entered the fray and four guilty looking faces whipped round in shock. Standing on his crutches, a lone figure entered through the doorway.

    ?I just want to know one thing.? The stern voice repeated.
    ?W-what.? Shook the
  11. Jemmiah

    Jemmiah Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2000

    ?Well what??
    ?You wouldn?t.?
    ?What makes you say that??
    ?Because you?re?you?re a coward!?

    The conversation had gone round and round in similar fashion for the last hour as the little group made their way down towards the sea. Florizan had been the ideal choice for a vacation. It was a lush, verdant and prosperous planet and one where Jedi were looked upon in an almost reverential manner. Relatively undisturbed by tourist types, it appeared to Qui-Gon to be virtually idyllic.

    As he surveyed the warm, salty waves Qui-Gon decided that the time to cut a little loose and enjoy himself had definitely arrived.

    ?I?m game.? He said finally.
    Mace looked more than a little startled. ?You are??
    ?I just said so.? Jinn smiled at him. ?But what about you??
    ?Well?? Mace frowned. He?d been banking on his friend bottling out. ?I suppose if you are prepared to strip off for all the world to see??
    ?It?s hardly the whole world.? Qui-Gon replied patiently. ?The padawans are back at the camp. They have their lessons to attend to.?
    ?Even so.? Mace felt uncertain.
    ?I?m certainly going to go in.? Berlingside pulled off his socks one after the other and dropped his boots onto the golden sand. ?I?ve got nothing to be ashamed of.? He treated them to his biggest Corellian grin.

    Faced with such solidarity, Windu took comfort and nodded his assent.

    ?Been a good few years since I tried this.? He said, removing his belt.
    ?You?re just scared incase somebody sees that tattoo on your butt.? Dex Berlingside remarked as he removed his tunic top.
    ?Relax, Mace. Just think of it as reliving your wasted youth.? Qui-Gon said reassuringly.
    ?I had less scruples in those days.? He countered as he started to undress.
    ?Scruples?? Berlingside frowned. ?Never heard it called that before.?

    The handsome Corellian stood completely naked, looking towards the inviting sea.

    ?Last one in is Sith spit!? He yelled and charged down towards the glittering waves.
    ?You got a head start, you sneaky Corellian!? Mace growled as Qui-Gon removed the last of his clothes and followed Dexy at a fair clip. ?Wait up, Qui!?

    Fumbling as he rid of himself of the last of his garments, he reluctantly strolled down towards his fellow Jedi.

    Whoever heard of Jedi going skinny-dipping at their age?


    Kryztan Harkley grumbled to himself as he tossed aside his lessons for that morning.

    ?Some vacation.? He groused. ?Our masters cart us all the way to this so called paradise and then make us spend the best part of the day inside a tent doing galactic geographic studies!?
    ?You think THAT?S bad.? Jemmiah pouted at him. ?I?ve got learn archaic poetry! My sixteenth birthday is only two weeks away. I?ve got a party to plan, and I have to read this ancient nonsense.?
    ?Really?? Letina Sorrell pulled a sympathetic face. ?Makes my humble history assignment seem insignificant.?
    ?Let?s have a look.? Kenobi walked over to peer at the book screen she was reading from. ?I?m sure I can find something worth reading.?
    ?Good luck.? Jemmy grimaced.

    He flipped through the screeds of text. As Jemmiah had said, a lot of it was fairly heavy reading. Eventually his eyes alighted upon one that seemed more understandable.

    ?How about this?? He pointed at the words.

    ?But to see her was to love her
    Love but her, and love forever.
    Had we never loved so kindly,
    Had we never loved so blindly,
    Never met-or never parted-
    We had ne?er been broken hearted.?

    Obi-Wan hadn?t been aware he?d said the words out loud.

    ?That?s nice.? Jemmiah said, surprised. ?I like that. You can read it at my funeral.?
    Obi-Wan shook his head. ?I have never met anyone so morbid in my life!?
    ?Everyone dies.?
    ?But you are obsessed with death.? Obi-Wan sighed. ? You?re younger than Qui-Gon and myself. You?ll be reading it at MY funeral.?
    ?I don?t think so, Ben.? She said sadly. ?I have the feeling that you will outlast everyone.?

    Kenobi frowned. ?I?d hate that. Let?s change the subject.? He said, reali
  12. Jemmiah

    Jemmiah Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2000

    ?This is my idea if hell.? Jemmiah stated firmly to Obi-Wan.

    The crèche was filled as far as the eye could see by a Sithly swarm of the youngest of initiates, aged roughly between two and five. Jemmiah had supposed that being force sensitive the squidlings would have been instructed in the importance of proper behavior.

    Not a bit of it.

    ?It?ll only take half an hour,? Jemmiah sarcastically mimicked her guardian Evla Sovalla, who was the crèche master in charge of the little dears. Except that she had to take one little boy to see the healers after an accident on a slide.

    Why, Jemmiah cursed silently, had she picked that moment to visit her guardian? Half an hour, indeed! That had been an hour ago.

    ?It?s not that bad.? Obi-Wan replied, as one of the kids flicked him with paint. It splattered across his face, leaving a big trail of red across his nose.

    ?No, I can see you?ve got everything under control.? Jemmiah snickered.
    ?I?m doing better than you are,? he retorted as he rubbed the paint from underneath his eyes, ?at least I?m trying to be nice.? He set his teeth in a smile. He had the vaguest idea he resembled a holo news presenter.

    ?Why should I?? Jemmy grumbled. ?I hate kids.?
    ?They?re OK.? Kenobi shrugged indifferently. ?Provided you can hand them back at the end of the day.? He dodged a foam brick.

    Jemmiah couldn?t help but sulk. The sparkle in her eyes had completely disappeared and altered into something altogether more sinister. A small Wookie child got to feel the heat of her glare as it sat picking at its nose.

    ?Don?t stare like that!? Hissed Obi-Wan, ?You?re frightening them.?
    ?I don?t like children getting too close and brushing against me.? She shivered.
    ?He was over five meters away!? Obi-Wan exclaimed. ?Say something nice to the kids!?

    Jemmiah looked horrified.

    ?Pardon?? She asked. ?Did you just put the words ?nice? and ?kids? in the same sentence??
    ?I give up.? He folded his arms. ?Why don?t you play with them. Didn?t you ever play when you were a child??
    ?Who with, thin air?? Jemmiah bit back. She saw the look in his eye and backed down. ?OK, OK,? she grumbled, ?I?ll try and be nice. But the emphasis here is on TRY. I don?t care what Yoda says on the subject.? She let her gaze rest upon a freckle-faced boy not too far away and tried to smile sweetly.

    ?If you could look as if you weren?t about to go for their jugulars, that would be really good.? Kenobi said dryly.

    She sighed. It was obviously more difficult than she thought.

    The little boy stared up at her. ?My name?s Toms.? He said with a wide, gap toothed grin.
    ?Hi!? Jemmy drawled. She studied him a moment ?You?re Corellian, aren?t you??
    The boy nodded.
    ?That?s good. That?s really?good.? She frowned. What else should she say? Sith, she hated kids!

    An idea struck her.

    ?Hey kid, you know what us Corellians are good at, don?t you?? She grinned.
    ?No?? The boy blinked.
    ?Causing mayhem and mischief. You any good at mayhem and mischief, Toms??
    ?Yeah!? He giggled.
    ?Good!? She smirked, and let him take her hand. ?I think this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.?

    Obi-Wan watched her in amusement. So much for the ?I hate kids? routine.

    A foam brick hit him on the head.

    ?OK. Who threw that?? He snapped.


    Twenty minutes later and Evla had still not returned.

    ?Time for lunch.? Obi-Wan said, looking at the nutritious gloop that had been served up.

    Did I really survive on this stuff for twelve years, he wondered?

    ?Yum! That looks really?really good!? He lied unconvincingly.
    ?Stop fibbing, Ben. It looks like a great big pile of cat sick.? Jemmiah argued. She fished into her shoulder bag. ?Who wants some candy?? She asked, her ears immediately being assaulted with little soprano screeches of ?ME! ME!?
    ?You can?t!? Obi-Wan gawked. ?They don?t allow it here??
    ?Yes, well. I?ve been left in charge for Siths sake! How will the kiddies know what they?re missing if they don?t ever get to taste candy??
  13. Morpheus mercenary

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    Apr 12, 2000
    i was wondering what happened! cool.........more stories!!!
  14. Jemmiah

    Jemmiah Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2000

    Obi-Wan had never known pain like it.

    For what seemed like the thousandth time in the last five minutes his mind screamed in complete agony. It ripped through him; burning and searing like a red-hot flame. The heat radiated off his skin. And just when he thought he?d recovered sufficiently, dampening the residual needle-like sensation with the force, the torture would begin again.

    He didn?t know how much more he could take.

    At twenty-one years of age, Obi-Wan was in good physical shape. He had perfect musculature and was extremely fit; every one at the temple had said so. Even his torturer seemed to eye him appraisingly. But now he felt he was nearing the end of his tether. And as for his master?

    Qui-Gon was over thirty years older than his padawan, although he too was in excellent condition. But there were few occasions when he?d ever felt so tempted to give in to the darkside as he did now. The intensity and severity of the pain that lashed him was almost intolerable. He watched the well practiced hands descend upon his bare torso, and gritted his teeth.

    ?Sith!!!? He yelled.

    Obi-Wan gulped, turning his head round to face his beleaguered master who lay next to him.

    ?I can?t stand this.? Qui-Gon whispered, his face ashen. ?This is beyond agony.?
    ?I..I know, master. But we have to be strong.? Kenobi?s resolve began to crumble when he saw that it was his turn once more.
    ?It?s excruciating!?
    Obi-Wan nodded. ?I don?t understand how any being should be subjected to this indignity.?

    He watched and waited for the torture to begin again. The hands came down upon his chest, and there was a sickening, tearing sound. Kenobi thought he saw black spots appearing before his eyes.

    ?Hang on, Obi-Wan. We?ll get through this. We must.? Qui-Gon reached his hand out and laid it on his padawans' shoulder. Obi-Wan flinched. His skin felt as if it were being flayed and stabbed all at the same time. It was bad enough that he should suffer this torment, but to have to watch Qui-Gon go through it too was unbearable.

    ?Whoever thought this up has a sick and depraved mind.? Qui-Gon shouted, and then wished he hadn?t.

    His turn again.

    The swift, wrenching sound was almost as bad as the pain that accompanied it. Jinn felt as if he were going to throw up. ?You don?t really need both of us,? he said hoarsely, ?If you must torture someone then let it be me, but don?t make Obi-Wan suffer with me.?

    ?No, master.? Kenobi felt his strength bolstered by the courage of the man beside him. ?If you can endure it, so can I. Let there be no more talk of this kind. I shall not leave you to suffer alone. I will not have it.? Tears formed in his eyes.

    ?My brave padawan.? Qui-Gon murmured proudly, before facing his captor once more. ?Do you worst.?

    The torturer raised an eyebrow.

    Oh, Sith. Qui-Gon watched as the hands returned to the stricken body of his apprentice. The familiar wrenching sound was this time accompanied by a shriek.

    ?I take it back!? Obi-Wan yelled. ?Torture him instead, just leave me alone!?
    ?I?m sorry master,? he whimpered. ?Even a Jedi has his limits.?
    ?Fine.? Qui-Gon snapped. ?But just remember that this is absolutely the LAST time I ever let Jemmiah give me an all-over body wax to raise funds for the Temple.?

    Jemmiah smiled as she reached for another strip.

    ?You think this is bad?? She grinned deviously. ?I can assure you that it?s downhill all the way from here!?

  15. Jemmiah

    Jemmiah Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2000

    ?Make sure he?s comfortable.? Came an authoritative voice in the background. ?I don?t want him turning nasty.?
    ?I?ll say,? said a young female in reply, ?It was a nightmare even getting him THIS far.?
    ?How?s it looking?? another male tone cut into the conversation. ?OK so far??
    ?He?s in pretty bad shape.? Replied the female, shaking her head. ?What a mess??

    The object of their concern struggled and cursed as they continued their examination.

    ?That?s it. Restrain him.? Said the first voice. ?I?m not having him writhing about when I?m about to start a delicate operation. Can?t you sedate him a little??
    ?What with?? The young female asked. She bit her lip and then came up with the semblance of an idea.
    ?Wait here. You two pin him to the table if necessary.?

    ?Lemmmego!? Snapped the angry patient as he tried feebly to overpower his captors.
    ?It?s for your own good!? Retorted the older male. ?I don?t know how you?ve managed to go on like this for so long.?


    ?Oooooh. His beginning to get nasty.? The young male said. ?What now??
    ?Sit on him.? Yelped the other as they both used the force to pin his arms solidly against the table.
    ?Nurse?? Called the first man; ?Are you ready yet??
    ?Just about.? Came the muffled reply.
    ?I?ve NEVER seen such a bad case before.? The young male shook his head mournfully. ?Do you think he?ll be alright??
    ?I?m worried about shock. It?s a complicated procedure that we?re doing. I?m worried that it might not be too much for him.?

    ?He?s not big on surgery, is he?? The young male frowned. ?How are his life signs??
    ?Plenty of fight left in him.? Muttered the older man, wiping sweat from off his brow.

    The female returned to the room where the patient lay spread out on the table, carrying a tray with a bowl of steaming water, a cotton swab, a pair of tweezers and what appeared to be wrist restraints.

    ?You can?t use them on him!? the young man said. ?That?s barbaric!?
    ?I thought you wanted him restrained??
    ?Not with those!? The elder man inspected the binders. ?Where did you get them from, anyway??
    ?Just hold him down!? She hissed, irritated.
    ?Ready.? Replied the others.

    The older man flexed his fingers. ?Tweezers, nurse.?
    ?Tweezers.? The woman handed the object to her colleague.
    ?I could do with some light.?
    ?I don?t think I want to see.? The young male craned his head all the same.
    ?URGH! It?s worse than I thought.? The older man gasped. ?The smell is overpowering??
    ?Could be gangrene.? The young woman said optimistically.

    ?Leavemealone!? cried the patient in the throes of distress.

    ?Might have to cut it off.? The older man said doubtfully as he inspected the damage. ?No, wait a moment. It?s beginning to?yes. That?s it!? He sighed in relief. ?Got it!?
    ?Well done!? the woman congratulated him.
    ?Now for the other one.?
    ?Are you sure you?re up to it?? Asked the young man. ?It?s a lot to ask of anyone.?
    ?The force will guide my hand.? He replied. ?I?m going in.?

    The young woman paused to wipe the man?s forehead with a cotton swab. ?Thank you.? He muttered as he picked up the tweezers again.
    ?Very delicate.? Nodded the younger man as he watched the master at work. ?Such skill is rarely witnessed.?
    ?This one?s proving a little stubborn.? The older man?s brow furrowed in concentration, as he redoubled his effort to keep the squirming patient pinned to the table with the force. ?Let me see what we?ve got here.?

    He examined the offending limb carefully, studying it from all angles.

    ?Hmm. I think it?s going to have to come off.?
    ?Good. The sooner the better.? Replied the female, brandishing another set of tweezers. ?I?ll go in this side and you pull from the top.?
    ?Agreed.? Nodded the elder man. ?Here we go then. One, two, three?!?

    ?You did it!? The young man could have clapped in delight. ?An-Paj couldn?t have done better!?
    ?No time for self congratulation.? The other replied. ?Let?s get this thing cleaned up and into a sterile dressing.? He turned to the woman. ? Swab.?
  16. Jemmiah

    Jemmiah Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2000
    Here?s one that takes place a few days before ?Elementary, my dear Obi-Wan? and a few weeks before ?A Night to (Almost) Remember?.


    ?I?m bored.? Jemmiah groaned as she dragged her shoulder bag across the grass of the temple gardens.
    ?You should think yourself lucky that your tutor only teaches you on certain days.? Obi-Wan replied morosely. ?For some of us this teaching thing is an all round the clock effort.?
    ?You?re free now.? Jemmiah smiled.

    ?True.? Kenobi shielded his eyes from the glaring rays of the sun as they trudged over to their favorite part of the temple. It was an old tree that blossomed at certain times of the year, where Obi-Wan had once made a swing out of an old piece of wood and some rope. The swing was long since gone, partly because the council hadn?t approved it in the first place but mostly because Obi-Wan had nearly managed to kill Jemmiah when he?d been a little to ambitious with his force push. That had been over four years ago.

    ?You?re thinking about that swing, aren?t you?? Jemmiah laughed. ?You nearly did for me then, didn?t you??

    He caught the teasing in her voice. ?My master was beginning to think he was a jinx. You could just see him thinking ?not another one for the healers!? He was terrified everyone would have him labelled as a neglecter of children!?
    ?I still like this place best.? She shrugged. ?It?s nice and peaceful. Just what you need after a hard days study with professor perfect.?
    ?What?s he like?? Obi-Wan asked with perhaps the slightest stirring of jealousy.

    ?Tall, dark, good looking?that?s the plus side. But he likes mathematics and Galactic Geography so that more than cancels out any virtues he has.? She shuddered. ?Sith, I hate mathematics.?
    ?I?d never have guessed.? Kenobi grinned as they crossed over towards the tree.
    ?He says if I?m good his going to give me special tutoring.? She replied impishly, watching his face darken.

    Obi-Wan fell silent. Just tell her, he thought. Get it over with. The worst thing she can say is no. Damn it, Kenobi. Ask her out before somebody else does!

    ?Jemmiah,? he sat himself down under the shade of the tree, ?I was wondering??
    ?Yes?? She looked at him casually.
    ?Er?I was wondering if,? he swallowed, ?you could tell me what the time is.?

    Jemmiah shrugged. ?It?s five minutes after the last time you asked me. Is something wrong? You don?t have to leave already, do you??

    Was that disappointment, Kenobi wondered?

    ?N-no.? He smiled. ?Have you heard what they?re doing to the gardens??

    Jemmiah shook her head, and then proceeded to twist her chestnut hair around one finger. Obi-Wan swallowed. Sith, I wish she wouldn?t do that, he thought! I?m not sure she?d be too happy if I told her I had a thing about her hair?

    ?They?re, er, putting in some new sprinkler system?or ?something.? He said, still keeping his eyes on her hair.
    ?Really? That?s nice.? She said idly. Looking up suddenly, she spotted Kryztan Harkley and waved at him. ?Look Ben, it?s Kryztan.?

    She stood up and walked over to meet the blonde haired young man, loping away with her loose Corellian gait. Obi-Wan watched her go.

    ?Great.? He said.

    The pair returned a minute or so later, with Harkley sitting between Jemmiah and himself.

    Even better, thought Kenobi sarcastically.

    ?Did you hear about the new sprinkler thingy that they?re installing in the fountain gardens? It?s supposed to be massive!? Kryztan asked, filled with importance.
    ?Yes.? Obi-Wan replied shortly.
    ?Oh.? Harkley blinked in surprise. That had rather taken the wind out his sails.

    ?Why are they putting it in?? Jemmiah asked. ?Surely it?ll cost an arm and a leg to fit up properly. And the money could be much better spent keeping you in Bacta for the next half year or so.?
    ?Thank you.? Obi-Wan muttered.
    ?Yoda?s getting it done for free. He?s invited virtually everyone to the grand opening next week. Padawans, masters, initiates?journalists. That sort of thing.?
    ?Reporters?? Obi-Wan groaned. ?My master HATES t
  17. Jemmiah

    Jemmiah Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2000

    It was dark in Obi-Wan?s apartment by the time he crawled back from his little foray at the ?Hell?s Chance? Cantina. It had been an extremely enjoyable occasion for all concerned. His long-standing friend Jay Abran had used the force to drop ice cubes down the necklines of passing women. Simeon Cates had frightened half the locals to death with that disgusting trick he did with his toes.

    And he?d asked Jemmiah out.

    When she?d agreed, he?d nearly passed out in surprise.

    That surprise had continued throughout the whole evening, infact he?d just sat there in a complete daze until the proprietor had eventually thrown them out. He hadn?t even noticed the time.

    As he glanced around the room, Kenobi felt relief. His master must have gone to bed. Letting out a faint sigh of gratitude, Obi-Wan activated the lights to come on at a low-ish setting and scrunched up his eyes slightly as his pupils readjusted themselves.

    Sith, my head hurts, he thought. That?s the last time I let Simeon make up the order for the ?Sabaac deathmatch? game. He put far too much Corellian brandy in it.

    Nonetheless, Kenobi turned round with the vaguest hint of a smile tugging at his youthful features-

    And found himself staring at the very much awake visage of Master Qui-Gon Jinn.

    ?Good morning, padawan.? He said, allowing not a single trace of emotion to bleed into his words.
    ?G-g-good morning, master.? Obi-Wan managed to stammer.
    ?Have a nice time out with your friends?? Jinn asked, arms folded across his chest.
    ?Jay Abran, wasn?t it?? Qui-Gon made a show of wracking his brains. ?That was who you said it was, I?m sure.?

    Obi-Wan nodded.

    ?Just Jay Abran? Nobody else?? He stared levelly at his fidgeting padawan. ?You didn?t for example, meet up with any other acquaintances at some point??
    ?W-why do you ask, master?? Kenobi tried to figure out why his Qui-Gon was going so easy on him.

    Qui-Gon stood up. ?Do you know what the time is, padawan??
    Kenobi glanced at his chrono. ?Ten minutes past three in the morning, master.?
    ?It was a rhetorical question.? He walked over to his apprentice. ?And what time did I specify you had to be home by??

    Kenobi tried to gulp but found his throat was just too dry.

    ?Twelve, master.?
    ?Well, it?s good to see that your memory?s not defective, even if your time keeping is.?
    ?Sorry, what was that? Was that the first tiny beginnings of an apology trying to squeak its way out of your voice box?? Jinn frowned.

    Obi-Wan felt his blood freeze.

    ?Tell me, Obi-Wan,? the masters? forehead creasing in consternation as he observed his squirming apprentice. ?Do we have to have a little talk??
    ?About what, master??

    ?You?ve been to the ?Hells? Chance? Cantina, haven?t you padawan?? Qui-Gon stated.

    How did he know? Kenobi couldn?t believe it.

    ?You met up with Simeon Cates and Kryztan Harkley. And.?? He paused dramatically, as if trying to get a firm picture in his mind. ?Tanni Welasa.?

    How? Had he been followed? Obi-Wans? breath had been taken completely away in astonishment.

    ?You had a total of seven drinks: at least one of which was the house special.? He shook his head. ?Very inadvisable, padawan. I think that may have been a mistake.?

    Kenobi?s mouth dropped open.

    ?Master, how did you know?? The padawan demanded.

    ?Observation, my dear Obi-Wan. You?ve got the smell of Corellian Tabacc on you. The strong stuff, that both Master Berlingside and Kryztan Harkley like to smoke. So it was pretty obvious that HE was there. Tanni Welasa suffers from that unfortunate skin ailment and has a tendency to shed his skin and fur all over the place. Such as your robe.? He indicated the clumps of dander that bedecked his padawans? clothes. ?Simeon and Tanni are best friends. Where one fishes up, the other won?t be far away.?

    ?You?ve had the house special, because you?ve come out in an almighty rash, which is the effect that too much of that Alderaani Rum mixer has on you. And by the look of you, the consumption of
  18. Jemmiah

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    Mar 5, 2000

    Posted by WAMPASMAK:

    (Note: this occurs about three days after ANTAR)

    Garos sat in his quarters, frantically willing the computer to download faster. The holo was large, and he didn't have much time. He was due to see Master Yoda any minute now about that cantina crawl business. He was no doubt planning to transfer him, and that was the optimistic outlook. But he had one chance. For several years now, he had had a program attached to the temples surveillance systems, recording everything. He wasn't very good with computers, but he had found that for a decent fee, you could rent someone who was. Blackmail went against him, but he had no choice.

    ~Download complete. File "Yoda015" copied to external connection.~

    Hmiol smiled. This had to work. It was his last chance.

    The door chime sounded, and Master Windu walked in with a look of sympathy on his face. "Master Yoda will see you now."

    "Bad, this is. Not just for yourself, but for the Jedi as well."

    "Surely it can't be all that terrible." Hmiol pleaded. He wasn't going to pull his last card unless he had to.

    Yoda sighed, and pressed a button on his chair. A holo recording appeared, from the news. It was about the fire.

    Oh, Sith... I knew he saw it, I didn't know he RECORDED it!

    "Bad, that is not?" Yoda asked. "Banished, you shall be."

    Hmiol allowed the despair on his face to shift to a confident smile, A move he would never have dared before the cantina crawl. But things had changed that night. At least for him. "Oh, really?"

    He stepped closer to Yoda. "Well, that's funny, see I have a holo too. I think you might like this one." He pulled from his tunic pocket a small holo projector and activated it. Together, Yoda and Garos watched a short recording involving Yoda, a woman and numerous repeatings of the word, "Snugglebuns". When it was over, he pulled a small remote control from his other pocket.

    "I press this button, and that very recording will be transmitted to nine of the largest press stations on Coruscant. Do you want that?"

    Yodas bottom lip sat in his lap. He tried to speak, but only a faint groan got through his constricted throat.

    "Now, as you were saying. About that cantina fire..." Hmiol?s finger hung menacingly above the button.

    "Blackmail, this is."

    "Yes, so it is." Garos said, smiling wider than before.

    Yoda swallowed, then finally spoke. "Happen, these things do. Banished, you are not."

    "Thank you. See you tomorrow, Master Yoda." He winked, then bowed, then turned and began to walk away. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him. He stopped just short of the door. "On the other hand..." he said, turning around. He placed his finger above the button again as he began to make his demands.
  19. Jemmiah

    Jemmiah Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2000

    "Just one call!"
    "Please, master!"
    "I'll make it quick. I promise."


    "OK. But it had better be quick or else..."

    Obi-Wan dashed over to the Holonet terminal to place his call before Qui-Gon could change his mind.

    Which he was seriously considering.

    Somehow the Jedi master doubted his padawan knew the meaning of the word quick when it came to the small matter of contacting his girlfriend. However, the young man had moped almost from the moment they had left the temple until they had reached their suite in the hotel they were staying at. He'd barely spoken to him once, and all because he'd refused point blank to let Obi-Wan put in a 'frivolous' call from the ship they were travelling on.

    Who'd be young again, Jinn thought bleakly?

    He settled down in the chair and watched with idle amusement as his apprentice tried to contact his ladylove. Evidently, absence was not getting the chance to make the heart grow forgetful. But whose heart? His or hers?

    It took a further five minutes of frustrated teeth grinding and hair pulling before Obi-Wan finally got through to the object of his desire...

    "Hello? Jemmy?" Kenobi said anxiously.
    "Ben?" Came back a surprised voice.
    "Where were you?" Obi-Wan asked. "I was starting to worry."
    "I was in the bath, if you must know." Jemmiah 's voice replied.
    "Yeah?" Obi-Wan's smile became a leer.

    Qui-Gon rolled his eyes and tried to concentrate on the report for tomorrow's talks he had on his lap.

    "I'm sorry the picture's bust." Jemmy sighed. "Letina said she'd help me fix it tomorrow. You'll just have to close your eyes and remember how beautiful I am."
    "I don't have to close my eyes," grinned Kenobi, "If I reach out with the force I think I can just about see you...standing there, covered in that damp pink bath towel..."

    "Oh, PLEASE!" Jinn shook his head. "I'm going to order some of that funny tea they give to over sexed prisoners."
    "I hope you enjoy it, master!" Kenobi laughed, before receiving a force swat to his rear.

    "Rela, Spider and me are going to the S-W-O-O-P track." She spelled it out quietly so that Qui-Gon wouldn't hear.
    "Why are you whispering?" Qui-Gon raised his voice suspiciously. "And you said a quick call. We have this report to go over."
    "Yes, master. I know." Obi-Wan frowned. "I'll be only a few more minutes."

    Qui-Gon sat back against the chair and settled in for a long wait.


    "Time's up, padawan." Jinn folded his arms.

    Kenobi did his best to ignore him.

    "Are you eating something?" Obi-Wan frowned as he heard the faint yet distinctly familiar crunch of toast against teeth.
    "Yes 'Termite', I am!"
    "That's not fair." His stomach began to growl at the thought.

    "You were the one who called me." Jemmy pointed out as she bit down on the golden slice of Alderaani dough bread. "Mmmm! It's a pity you're not here. I could have shared it with you. One bite at a time! And I know how you like to nibble things." She laughed musically. "Do you know what I've got on?"
    "Corellian treacle."
    "Is this you or the toast?" Obi-Wan smirked.
    "That would be telling."
    "PADAWAN!" Qui-Gon chastized.

    "Anyway, it's not what you've got. It's how you use it." Jemmy said coughing on some crumbs.
    "Are you OK?" The padawan asked, concerned.
    "Yeah," she spluttered. "Next time I'll try not to inhale..."

    Qui-Gon cleared his throat pointedly.

    "Sounds like a nasty cough your master's got there, too." Jemmiah smiled. "What's his story?"
    "He's got 'getofftheholoterminalitis', by the sound of it." Obi-Wan tittered.
    "Sounds bad. Maybe he should see someone about it."
    "And what would you recommend?"

    "Ooooh, let me see." Jemmiah paused in thought. "Complete bed rest. I find that's a pretty good cure for most ailments. There's nothing like just lying there, holding on to your..."
    "Err, Jemmy. He's listening." Obi-Wan blushed.
    "I was going to say pillow." Jemmy grumbled.
    "Oh. Yes." Kenobi blushed; glad she couldn't see him. "Of course."
  20. Jemmiah

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    Mar 5, 2000


    ?This is the BEST game I have ever played!? Rela grinned. ?I never got to play this stuff when I was a kid.?
    ?I never got to play ANY games when I was a kid.? Jemmy grumbled as the parcel was sent round the circle.
    ?No?? Meri?s brow creased. ?How come??
    ?Because where I grew up there wasn?t any kids.? Jemmiah replied, straining her ears for the sound of the music cutting out.
    ?You must have played some games?? Spider asked as she tried to hold on to the parcel a little longer than was permitted.
    ?Nope. Well?not unless you count hide and seek with the guards. I got very good at that.? Jemmy said flippantly. ?And stop cheating, Spider! That prize is mine, do you hear? Mine?.MINE!?
    ?If you wanted it so badly you shouldn?t have donated it in the first place.? Letina grinned wolfishly.
    ?I?m not complaining!? Meri chuckled.

    The music stopped.

    ?Jaz! Take off the next layer!? Kylenn clapped her hands. As Jasmyn did so, a great round of applause went up from the group.

    The music started up again, and the parcel continued its journey round and round..

    ?We had a few parties and things when we were initiates.? Kylenn remembered.
    ?Yoda used to come and sing to us.? Letina grimaced.
    ?Oh, I?m sorry I missed that!? Jemmy said dryly. ?Are you sure this music timer whatsit of yours isn?t rigged??
    Kylenn looked shocked.? As if I?d do something like that!?
    ?We all saw you at that Cantina. You will never be seen as Miss Sweetness-And-Light ever again.?
    ?You had to bring that up.? Kylenn groaned. ?It?s not as if Sal-Fina didn?t make a full recovery.?
    ?More?s the pity.? Jemmiah said under her breath.?

    The music stopped once more.

    ?Dimallie!? Letina pouted. ?How?d you get so lucky??
    ?It?s the person who gets the last wrapper off the parcel who gets the prize.? Rela said tartly. ?And I?m telling you guys, it?s going to be me!?
    ?ME!? Squeaked Jemmy indignantly.
    ?Me!? Spider, Jaz and Letina called out together.
    ?Talk about competitive.? Kylenn shook her head in amazement. As Rela took the parcel she couldn?t help but squeeze the outer wrapper.
    ?Don?t prod, it?s delicate.? Jemmy grumbled. ?You don?t want it to break before the last layer?s off!?

    Rela sniffed. ?I only wanted to see what lurked behind the covering.?
    ?Keep that up and you won?t get to.? Jemmy drawled. She took the package and gave it back to Spider, who almost failed to notice that the music had faded again.

    ?Whoa, my turn!? Spider challenged Jaz.
    ?Is not!?
    ?Is too!?
    ?You were too slow!? Jaz complained as the package was pulled back and forward between the two young women.
    ?Oh, give it to Spider.? Meri said in exasperation. ?You?ve already had a turn.?

    Sulking, Jaz returned the package to the triumphant Spider.

    ?Not many layers left!? Jemmy rubbed her hands.
    ?There?s no way YOU are gonna win.? Rela laughed.
    ?Course I am.? Jemmy said. ?I deserve to win, therefor I will. The force is going to choose the most deserving person. ME!?
    ?Garbage!? Meri added.

    For the next four minutes the parcel went round and round. Kylenn got to take off the next layer, followed by Spider yet again.

    ?Me!? Rela crowed triumphantly.
    ?It?s not the LAST layer.? Letina reminded her.

    Jemmiah grinned.

    ?But the next one is!?


    The noise of the party drifted outside the apartment that Jemmiah stayed in with her guardian. No, Qui-Gon amended as he accompanied Evla back to her rooms, the noise could be heard from as far away as the turbo lift?

    ?What?s going on?? He frowned at the high pitched, feminine shrieks and cheers.
    Evla sighed. ?Jemmiah wanted to invite a few friends back.?
    ?Dare I ask who?? Jinn said in a voice laden with dread.
    ?Rela, Meri, Kylenn? Oh, and that Gerri girl.?
    ?SPIDER?? Qui-Gon said in horror.
    ?Who?? Evla shrugged. ?I said yes. She?s been a bit down of late and I thought it might cheer her up.?
    ?They?re probably tattooed in every nook and cranny.? Qui-Gon shuddered.
    ?And what would you know about those?? Evla teased.

  21. Jemmiah

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    Mar 5, 2000

    ?This is hot work!? the female voice replied.
    ?It?s supposed to be.? Obi-Wan Kenobi replied, gasping, his breath coming raggedly.
    ?You should push harder.?
    ?I?m doing my best!? groaned Obi-Wan.
    ?Come on, is that the best you can do??
    ?Criticism. That?s all I ever get from you, little Miss smartmouth! I?m the one who?s doing the work!?
    ?I enjoy watching you getting all worked up and sweaty!? She teased.

    Qui-Gon and Mace Windu looked at each other. They couldn?t believe what they were hearing. They?d managed to sneak into the apartment that Qui-Gon shared with his padawan, truthfully to check up on the apprentice and his young friend. Not that Qui-Gon didn?t trust Obi-Wan. Of course not. He had been really well behaved since that unfortunate business with the zoo...
    Then again, with Qui-Gon keeping an eagle eye on him, he hadn?t been given the chance to misbehave. Especially not with HER.

    Obi-Wan was obviously far too engrossed in whatever he was doing. And Qui-Gon had a fair idea what it was?

    ?Put your back into it, Kenobi!?
    ?What does it look like I?m doing?!?
    ?You?re getting a bit red in the face. Perhaps we should stop.?
    ?Absolutely NOT!? He replied defiantly.


    ?You know, I like watching you suffer.?
    ?You don?t say!? Obi-Wan growled.
    ?But you don?t look very comfortable. Perhaps you should try a different position.?

    Outside Obi-Wan?s room, Qui-Gon gritted his teeth so loudly he thought that his apprentice might hear. Mace put his ear to the door. ?What is going on here?oh!?
    ?Better?? asked the female Corellian voice.
    ?Mmm, I think so. I was beginning to get cramp I was on the floor so long.?
    ?Poor baby.? The voice cooed. ?Where does it hurt??

    The reply was mumbled, and Mace and Qui-Gon struggled to hear.

    ?Where did he say it hurt?? grinned Mace.
    ?Windu?!!!? Qui-Gon hissed. He tried to listen once more.
    ?Want me to rub it better??
    ?How could I refuse an offer like that??
    ?Perhaps you should try those ropes??
    ?That is IT!? Qui-Gon yelled, furious. He dropped his shielding and unceremoniously stormed into Obi-Wan?s room, Mace Windu following on his heals.

    Two surprised looking figures stared back at him.

    ?Master Jinn?? Eighteen year old Jemmiah Gleshan looked at the Jedi master in a pretence of puzzlement.
    ?Obi-Wan, what DO you think you?re doing?? Threatened Qui-Gon dangerously. ?I want the truth!?
    Disheveled, Kenobi stared up at his master, disbelief and hurt playing on his youthful features.
    ?Press ups.?
    ?Pardon?? Qui-Gon looked confused.
    ?Press-ups. You know, when you press down on the ground, and then up again. Press ups.?
    ?Thank you padawan. I know what they are.?
    He looked at Jemmiah, standing calmly and completely composed. Not even slightly flushed. In one hand she held her wrist chrono. In the other she held a pair of skipping ropes.

    Ropes. Oh.

    Qui-Gon gulped.
    ?Jemmiah?s come round to help me with my exercise routine. I?m being tested tomorrow for my fitness and stamina, remember??
    ?Er..Yes, padawan. I do recall now that you said something about it.? He looked slightly shame faced.
    ?You were checking up on us, weren?t you?? It was a statement, more than a question. Kenobi crossed his arms in indignation. ?You should try trusting me, master.?
    Qui-Gon nodded. ?We?er?we shall leave you to your training padawan.? His eyes dropped guiltily to the floor, and he elbowed Mace roughly to get him to move.
    ?What? Oh, er yes. See you around, Obi-Wan.?

    The pair exchanged embarrassed looks as they turned and fled as quickly as they could. Obi-Wan could hear them muttering ?I did not,? and ?Yes, you did, you said they were??
    Jemmiah called out after them ?Don?t worry, Master Jinn. I?ll try not to exhaust him!?

    The door closed swiftly behind them.

    ?Well, not too much, anyway.? Jemmiah brushed a stray lock of chestnut hair from her face. ?They?ve gone. ? Her eyebrow?s raised expectantly.
    ?Good.? Kenobi grinned. ?I never thought they?d believe that exercise garbage.? He lo
  22. Ejedir2

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    May 20, 2000
    Here they are. . .some of them anyway:D

    Title: A Test of Faith

    Mace Windu stared forlornly at the approximately .3 meters of metal sitting on the table before him. He sighed. This was going no where fast. All that was really left for him to do was to bind the parts together with the Force. And then of course. . .trust the thing to work. Why had he let Qui-Gon talk him into this sithly bet? The tall Jedi Master had insisted that no one could come up with a completely new format of a working lightsaber in just six days. New format meaning no components that had been used, and the parts couldn?t be in the same order. The worst thing was that he wasn?t allowed to test it before he went before Qui-Gon. In a moment of pride Mace had accepted the bet. //My Master was right,// he thought sourly, //pride is for and from the Sith!// Taking a deep breath he reached out and connected with the Force.

    An-Paj looked up as a decidedly nervous Mace Windu walked into the healers? area. ?Why, no broken bones, no body temperature spike, no cuts or bruises, no Obi-Wan? Why are you here??

    ?Uh, I need your help. Preventive measures of course, just so you won?t have to treat me later.?

    ?But. .? An-Paj feigned gloominess, ?I like treating you almost as much as I enjoy torture. . .uh treating Obi-Wan.?

    ?Thank you, but seriously An-Paj, where could I get. . .? Mace faded off.

    ?Where could you get drugs? Bandages? Bacta! Yes, that?s it, bacta. . .? An-Paj was clearly enjoying himself.

    ?No. Um. . some decent wodryrarmer.? Mace mumbled through his last word or two.

    ?Some wodryrarmer? I don?t think I?ve ever heard of it. Would you care to enlighten me?? The healer asked innocently, folding his arms across his chest and leaning back in his desk chair.

    ?You Sith! All right. I need body armor okay. Body armor!? Mace banged his fists down onto the desk.

    ?Mace, you?re hair is fall, I mean, you?re head is steaming. Calm down, we could fry hawk-bat eggs on your forehead. Did I hear you right? Body armor?? An-Paj was now decidedly chuckling. ?Uh, this wouldn?t happen to be repercussions of that bet you made with Qui-Gon. . .is it? You know what your Master always said, ?Pride is for and from the Sith.?

    ?I know. I know.? Mace?s face was turning blue. ?Just tell me. Where can I get some?? Mace?s fists were bunched up and shaking radically. An-Paj couldn?t believe he would get this riled up over something this trivial.

    ?Now, I?m sure I can fashion you something. When do you need it??

    ?Uh, tomorrow.?

    ?Tomorrow,? An-Paj rubbed the back of his neck. ?It won?t work as well as you might like, but I think it will do.? //Mace is definitely not going to like this. . .//

    ?Thank you.? Mace had returned to his normal cool and walked regally out of the room. An-Paj grinned.

    ?Master, he?s coming.? Obi-Wan had just heard from Bant that Mace Windu was headed in their direction. The day had come to test Master Windu?s new lightsaber design.

    Qui-Gon turned his head in the direction of the open door. //What in the name of the Force is that sound?// From down the hall a steady clanking of metal could be heard, with an occasional off-beat. ?Do you hear that Padawan? I believe that is our esteemed Master Windu come for target practice.?

    ?I hear Master.? Kenobi grinned in an almost sithly manner, ?This is going to be so fun.?

    ?Padawan. .? Qui-Gon cautioned. ?Jedi do not take revenge.?

    ?Then why are you smiling?? Obi-Wan grinned wider, ?Master,? he added as an after-thought.

    Qui-Gon realized that he had and wiped the smile off of his face immediately. ?I am not.?

    ?Are too.? Obi-Wan challenged.

    ?I am not.? Qui-Gon insisted, ?Now go and check your power pack charge.? He knew full well that the power pack was charged, he had checked it himself not five minutes before. He couldn?t get in a childish argument with his sixteen year old Padawan, at least not unless he had the last say. He watched Obi-Wan pick up the blaster
  23. Ejedir2

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    May 20, 2000
    Here?s the follow-up to "A Test of Faith".

    Title: Yoda Green

    An-Paj smiled happily, he?d found yet another excuse to dope Mace up to quiet him. This time it was because he looked a little pale and An-Paj had declared him sleep deprived, besides the incident with Mace waking up and trying to strangle him had not been pleasant, not to mention the first time he saw Qui-Gon just a few minutes before. . . .

    It had been one hour after the incident, and Mace was still unconscious. Qui-Gon looked worriedly at his friend. ?Is he going to be all right??

    ?Probably, if he doesn?t get too annoying, or I may be forced to worsen his condition.?
    An-Paj winked at the tall man next to him. ?I?m kidding, he?ll be fine. Have I ever been that cruel??

    ?Sometimes I wonder.? Qui-Gon stated, ?I?ll be back in a couple of hours.?

    ?Fine with me.? An-Paj gave the man exiting a scowl, ?May as well bring that Padawan of yours, he?s more likely than not going to be injured.?

    ?I?ll see what I can do,? Qui-Gon turned back toward the door.

    ?Of course, it?s not like I ENJOY healing him or anything,? An-Paj hastily assured him.

    ?You?re right of course,? Qui-Gon turned to face the healer once more, ?You enjoy torturing him. I?ll see you later.?

    An-Paj shook his head slowly, there was nothing that escaped that man?s eye. He turned back to his patient . ?Macie-poo. . .time to wake up.? The healer patted his cheeks a little harder than was needed. Mace Windu?s eyes snapped open.

    ?You! I?m going to kill you. You Sith! You Healer! You, you, you evil man. . .it!? Windu wrapped his arms around the healer?s neck and proceeded to squeeze. Simeon Cates burst into the room.

    ?Master Windu! What are you doing?!? The young apprentice looked exasperated.

    ?I was thanking An-Paj for all of his help, a hug, no problems here.? Mace slowly released his grip.

    ?Thanks all the same Master Windu, but I think I?ll skip your displays of gratitude,? Cates eyed the scene warily and retreated from the room.

    ?Master, I?m fine, I will not go down there unless I absolutely have to!? Obi-Wan folded his arms defiantly.

    ?Yes, and even when you do absolutely have to go, I must drag you down there with you kicking and screaming the entire way. It?s time for your annual check-up.?

    ?Like I need one, I was just there last week.? Kenobi flustered and blushed regally.

    ?Exactly, we?ll call it a friendly follow-up and look in on Mace while we?re there.? Qui-Gon took his Padawans arms and pulled him toward the door.

    ?Master, are you sure you want to go down there if Mace is awake?? Obi-Wan was hinting at something.

    ?Obi-Wan, it?s my fault he?s down there in the first place, I feel that I should be there.?

    ?Master, that?s exactly why I asked. . .?

    ?Padawan, Mace is a Jedi and Jedi don?t take. . .? Qui-Gon began his lecture, then faltered.

    ?Revenge, yes I know.? Obi-Wan brightened, ?But you do!?

    Qui-Gon winced, ?Do not follow my example in such things as this. Jedi should not and do not take revenge.?

    ?Right,? Obi-Wan lifted an eyebrow. ?If you?re going to make me go, we may as well get it over with.? Master and apprentice walked in the direction of the healers.

    Qui-Gon walked into Mace?s room. ?How are you doing old friend??

    ?I am not old. You are old!? Mace was definitely not happy Qui-Gon decided with finality.

    ?Ah, good to see you too.? Qui-Gon walked closer, ?At least I still have my hair.?

    ?Yeah, but it?s going gray. Come here.? Mace commanded.

    ?I?d rather stand here.? Qui-Gon said with commitment.

    ?Fine.? Mace jumped out of bed waving his arms wildly and running toward Qui-Gon only to collapse feet from his target, experiencing a nasty bout of vertigo.

    Qui-Gon shook his head slightly, //Thank the Force for gravity.// An-Paj stepped into the room with a look of amusement on his face.

    ?You?re back I see. Thank you for bringing your
  24. Ejedir2

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    May 20, 2000
    A NEW ONE!!!!

    Title: Blinded

    Obi-Wan sat across the table and stared at his Master. //This is so boring. . .// Qui-Gon Jinn felt the boy?s stare on him and looked up.

    ?What is it Obi-Wan?? Qui-Gon sighed and put down what he was working on.

    Obi-Wan looked away, ?Nothing.?

    Qui-Gon laughed lightly, ?Don?t try and fool me Padawan.?

    The sixteen year old looked back at the Jedi Master, sometimes Master-Padawan bonds weren?t all they were cracked up to be. ?Yes Master.?

    ?So. . .? The tall man urged him on.

    Obi-Wan paused a moment. ?Well, the truth is,? he paused again, ?that we never do anything FUN. It?s pretty boring right now.?

    Qui-Gon again gave his rare laugh and smiled, ?Well, being a Jedi Knight isn?t all fun and games Obi-Wan. There are duties to perform as well.?

    ?I know, it?s just that, we never do anything. . . .spur of the moment.?

    Qui-Gon leaned back in his chair, ?We?ll see what we can do.? He became serious once more, ?but for the time being,? he pointed to his Padawan?s books, ?Study.? Obi-Wan bent his head and did as he was told.

    It was late in the afternoon, Qui-Gon was strolling along slowly through the corridors of the Temple. His mind thinking back to the discussion he?d had with his Apprentice a few nights before. //I?m not that boring, am I?// he mused to himself. Qui-Gon thought back further, and found that Obi-Wan was right. He rarely had done something exciting, acting on the moment?s adrenaline since HE was a Padawan. The Jedi Master continued walking. He?d decided to take a walk through Coruscant?s streets. Maybe inspiration would present itself.

    It was almost dusk. And Qui-Gon was still leading a boring life. He headed back toward the Temple. ?Quinn!? Qui-Gon twirled around at the call of that name. No one had called him that since he was a young man. Qui-Gon scanned the crowd looking for the one man who would call him that. ?Quinn! Over here!? Qui-Gon saw a pair of waving arms and walked in the general direction of them.

    ?Kabe? Is it really you?? Qui-Gon questioned.

    The young man gave him a roguish smile, and mocked him, ?What do your feelings tell you??

    ?Very funny. You haven?t changed a bit! Well, except you have a goatee, your eyes are blue, and your hair is black.? Qui-Gon?s eyes twinkled. ?But, you?re the same old Kabe.? He embraced the man in a light hug, then backed off.

    ?I can see that your people skills are the same as always.? Kabe laughed and motioned for Qui-Gon to follow him into the tap-cafe. ?Come on, I?ll get you something.?

    Qui-Gon had been about twenty-three when he?d met Kabe. A four year old, blond haired, green eyed kid. He had been out walking around Coruscant, much the way he had been a few moments before, when he?d stumbled across the young boy. Kabe?s parents had been killed en route to Coruscant. They were smugglers or pirates, Qui-Gon could never really figure out which. They left Kabe in the care of an old woman, a friend of theirs, while away. Once this woman learned that the boy?s parents were never coming back, she threw him out on the streets and moved away. Kabe had been fending for himself for about five months before Qui-Gon found him.

    It had happened quite on accident. Kabe stole some fruit from a street stand, and was being chased after. The four year old turned a corner and ran straight into Qui-Gon?s stomach. The then Padawan, scooped Kabe up in his arms and carried him back to the corner market. He then paid for the fruit, took the boy to a less busy street, and let him go, without thinking another moment about it. Qui-Gon woke the next morning, and walked outside his room, to find himself being rammed in the stomach again by this young boy. Apparently, he had followed Qui-Gon the whole way back to the Temple, and to his room. Then the little boy spent the night outside Qui-Gon?s door, waiting for him to come out.

    Qui-Gon spent the next few months finding Kabe a home, and eventually did. The name Quinn had come about beca
  25. Ejedir2

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    May 20, 2000
    Is anyone reading these? Just wondering:D