Saga Jedi Snapshots 2 (JA short stories - humor/serious)

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    That's sad Kit... poor Tara. The Gathering sounds like a wonderful time for the Jedi to let their hair down a bit... too bad it seems to bring back such awful memories for Tara....

    Fabulous snapshot Kit! :) :)
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    Jemmy you are such a sass! No wonder Qui-Gon is sporting so many grey hairs!

    Fabulous!! :D :D :D
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    Excellent snapshot, Kit'! I really liked the tension between Fitz and Tara, it was very well written. I look forward to more stories about them, you can expect me to raid your computer. :D
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    Thanks Leona and Imzadi :) Much appreciated :)

    This is a snapshot that I wrote about four months ago, but took until earlier today to complete :) I hope you like it.





    ~Time LineLate -14, early -13~


    Red-eyes, shaking hands, shivering, miserable, desperate. Needing.

    Sara folded her hands desperately to stop them shaking. She tugged nervously at her clothes, her eyes aimlessly scanning the hall, never settling on anything particular. Her stomach hurt, her eyes hurt and she felt sick. But worse of all she needed. Needed so bad it was almost a physical pain in itself. The Need consumed her, filled every part of her being until she her only escape was another hit.

    She knocked again, a quick tapping against the wood. It had been days since she?d last had any. She thought she could overcome it, but she couldn?t. Sara rasped her knuckles against the wood again. She needed so bad it felt like she was going to die.

    ?Please?for the force?please?? Sara said more to herself then the person on the other side of the door. If she got through the next few minutes, if someone simply opened the door, then she could go back?face the pain again. Sara wiped the back of her sleeve against her nose. It was dripping again, as it always did as she came down. When she needed? Restlessly Sara paced the hall. Where were they? Why weren?t they opening the door? She knocked again, rapping loudly against the wood. This time the door opened and she collapsed inside unable to take her weight on her now wobbly legs.

    ?For Gorra?s sake Sara!? Mickel barked, ?I was coming already? What?s the matter with you??

    Sara rolled onto her back, she couldn?t find the energy to get back up. The look on Mickel?s face was pure horror.

    ?Jordie?? Mickel called hurriedly, he pulled Sara into a chair and began to hurriedly massage her hands and arms. Some cynical part of Sara kicked in and told her that it wasn?t because he cared but simply because he didn?t want a druggie to overdose in his posh apartment. Mickel didn?t want the security forces asking questions or even worse the Jedi, because she died in his apartment. It felt like ages to Sara before Jordie walked into the room and even then there seemed a huge time between each step he took. The green-skinned, blonde-haired Gammoid looked at Sara and his wordlessly anxious brother and sat silently down on the couch opposite Sara. He pulled out a cloth from his pocket, wiped his hands and motioned to Sara.

    From somewhere inside her Sara managed to find enough energy and pull the credits from her pockets. The credits that she had stolen from Master Ash-ka and also from An-Paj when she had seen the healer earlier that morning. Sara knew that what she had done was wrong, that it went against the Jedi code, but she couldn?t help it?not when she needed like this. Mickel disappeared into the other room while Jordie kept an eye on Sara.

    A few minutes later the Gammoid was back a small packet of white tabs in his hand. Sara could see each individual tablet jiggling against each other. She pushed credits across the table but the Gammoid didn?t pick them up, he just eyed them gingerly like they were covered in slime. Mickel dropped the pack of tabs onto the table and left again to go into the kitchen.

    Sara?s eyes followed him desperately hoping he would come back soon, she was too weak to pick the tabs up herself. Her joints had begun to ache, not just the larger ones but every single joint in her body ached with a fiery squeal of pain. Mickel appeared again, a plasti-cup containing water jiggled in one four fingered hand. Carefully he gave her the tabs and then the cup of water. It sloshed slightly over one hand and the water dribbled down her fiery hot skin. Quickly she placed the tablets into her mouth, ignoring their acidic taste and gulped them down with water.

    ?Don?t mother her Mickel.? Jordie snapped. Mickel didn?t do anything but glare back. Sara thought about saying something, but a wave o
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    Wow, that was very disturbing Kit... to see anybody like that, much less a Jedi... do you have more of how she finds herself in this predicament??? What about how this addiction plays out???

    Very well written, but I need more!! :D :D
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    Scary. Very good Kit'! I can see Sara turning to drugs after all that happened to her, but will she be able to hide it? Great work, very creepy!
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    I am so sorry Kit'! I have no idea how I missed your Tara snapshot! I wished I hadn't but what a wonderful surprise to be able to read it now.

    Poor Tara. I really wish she had stayed and tried to work things out. But that just means that they'll be more with her and Fits in the furute! ;)

    OMG! What pushed Sara into such extremes? Very intense discriptions into her fix. A fabulous set of posts!!
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    Grrrr...and I could have sworn that I had replied to at least one of your posts Kit!!! :( I'm so sorry...

    Fitz' relationship with Tara is very interesting. It seems like they fell back into "friendship" very easily following the previous year's dispute. Perhaps the force is trying to tell them something? ;) The descriptions of the children walking along the branches gathering the fruit was wonderfully vivid - and actually made me quite hungry! *stops to munch biscuit* I hope we will be seing more of Tara and Fitz very soon!

    The second post was indeed very dark and disturbing. Poor Sara's pretty messed up at this point by the look of things. It'll be interesting if she needs help from other people or if she finds the strength within herself to get over her misery.

    Wonderful set of posts Kit, and I am very sorry not to have responded before. :(


    This post is for all my fabulous friends at Christmas. It's not a Christmas post as such but I think the message is especially relevant. Big hugs to you all! :)

    TITLE: What money can't buy?
    By Jemmiah
    Set: About four months after Jemmy is taken in by the temple.


    "?And then when I got back from school," Sophie let her voice deliberately rise so that everyone in the classroom could hear her, "I found that my father had bought me my own pet cannoid! She's such a sweet little thing and she just ADORES me!"

    Sophie's classmates ceased packing away school equipment into their bags and crowded around their distinctly smug looking classmate, who was handing out holopics showing her holding her newly acquired pet. As they looked on amidst ooooooohs and ahhhhhhhs, their eyes enviously studying the image of the small, fluffy white dog in Sophie's pudgy arms, one person alone in the class continued to ignore the hubbub, her back turned against the centre of attention by way of a deliberate snub. It was, as Jemmiah clearly recognised, Sophie's way of belittling everyone around her - but herself in particular: the impoverished orphan with poor connections and extremely feeble prospects. Whilst most would think that having Jedi as guardians was kind of special, Sophie disagreed vehemently. What was the point of having all that so-called power if you could never use it for yourself, she would argue? They had no material goods to speak of, which meant they had no real influence and in turn was of no importance whatsoever. Infact, as Sophie had been quick to point out, the Jedi served no real purpose at all in the galaxy, classing them as little short of vermin.

    And that was exactly what she thought of Jemmiah Angeline Gleshan.

    Well, she could think what she wanted, the Corellian girl reminded herself obstinately, rustling her bag as loudly as she could so that Sophie would see that somebody wasn't paying her the slightest bit of attention. Sophie went out of her way to make her life a misery. She stole food from her locker. She used threats and insults to get whatever she wanted. Jemmy had met her type before. In her old life, back on Nargotria, she would have simply backed down and gone out of her way to do as was requested - anything for a quiet life. Not here, though?not now. Jemmy would not be put upon by stupid cowards like Digwurt!

    "Last year I got a Sand Hamster," Sophie continued, making her voice carry further still to all the corners of the room, "but my brother accidentally sat on him. So this year I got a cannoid! Isn't she just the most wonderful thing in the galaxy?"

    Everybody agreed instantly. There were few that would argue with Sophie. All except for Jemmiah who continued to pack, feeling the radiating displeasure from Sophie's eyes falling squarely between her shoulder blades.

    "I got a gold pendant with a teardrop Corusca stone for my birthday." Piped up a brash little voice, that of a small dark haired girl who dared to steal some of Sophie's thunder, which Ms. Digwurt did not take at all kindly.

    The temerity! The insolence! The?the barefaced cheek! Just who were they talking about here???

    "I'm sure it's lovely
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    That Snapshot will keep me smiling every time I think on it Jemmy!!! It's amaing that so manyh of the children in Jemmiah's class put up with such a bully. I'm glad to see Jemmy say exactly what she did and even more happy at what she'd finally done to the brat later in life during a certain cantina crawl!! ;) :D :D

    Lovely pressie Jemmy and hugs and love returned tenfold!! :) :)
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    After spending the weekend at my in-laws celebrating Christmas with them, it was wonderful to come home and read this. It made me feel snuggly and remember that Christmas is about more then giving Mini-Mouse more stuff then she can fit into her room. ;)

    And I'll second Leona. It was nice to see Sophie get what she deserved in ANTAR! :D :D
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    This was something I've had written for awhile, but just got talked into posting. (Thanks Jem ;)) Enjoy!

    Bedtime Stories

    The door slowly opened to reveal a dark moonlit room. A small woman with wild red curls silently walked into the room. As she looked around a small smile appeared on her face. Clothes were thrown everywhere along with piles of toys and mechanics that had been tinkered with. Looking around again her gaze landed on the bed that was tucked into the corner. Not a sound was heard as she made her way over to the bed. In it slept a young boy who was deep in that boneless sleep that all young boys seem to fall into along with having all his blankets thrown off and tangled up around his legs. His arm was hanging over the bed and in his hand he clutched a slightly worn but well-loved stuffed krayt dragon.

    She reached down and lovingly brushed her fingers lightly through the boy?s fiery colored mad hair that well matched her own. Gently she took his arm and placed it back up on the bed and next to his head. Then somehow she was able to untangle the blankets from around him and cover him back up. Bending down she placed a kiss on the boy?s head.

    ?Sweet dreams, my troublemaker.? She whispered.

    Looking up she saw the stuffed toy seemingly stare at her.

    ?And you too Santos. Watch him well for me.? She smiled as she also gave the toy a goodnight kiss.

    Noiselessly she turned to leave the room, but sighed to herself and began to pick up some of the discarded clothes. Arms now laden full of laundry she made her way to the door. As she turned to close the door a loud snore assaulted her ears. She peeked back inside to see that he had succeeded in kicking most of his covers back off. She just smiled and shook her head as she closed the door.

    ?He?s just like his father.? She whispered to herself.

    Still smiling she placed the clothes in a hamper that had been outside the door and picking it up, started her way down the hallway bare feet padding on the floor. She soon came to another door and again slowly opened it. Moonlight also flooded this room, but was helped along by the small Nigel Nerf nightlight that gleamed in the darkness. Placing the hamper on the outside of the door the woman slipped inside this room. She looked around and noticed the vast difference from the previous room. Dolls and stuffed toys stared back at her and instead of piles of clothes on the floor they were just thrown neatly over a chair. Quickly she scooped up the clothes and went and threw then in to the waiting hamper.

    Turning back into the room she tiptoed to the bed that was placed in the center of the wall between two windows. She spotted dark curls peeking out from beneath the covers. Bending over she pulled the blankets down and tucked them up beneath the small elfin like face that appeared, and gave the small child a kiss on the forehead.

    ?Sleep tight sweetheart.? She said quietly.

    Turning to leave the woman had just reached the door when she heard a quiet whisper.

    ?Mummy? Will you tell me a story??
    ?You should be asleep.? She said pointedly but couldn?t help and smile.

    A small girl with long dark curls sat up in the bed looking every bit alert hugging her stuffed wookiee. The woman knew that at any moment a pout would appear. With a smile on her face she walked over and sat down cross-legged on the bed facing the little girl.

    ?Okay, what story would you like to hear??
    ?The Jedi and the Soldier.? The girl told her happily.

    Surprise lit the woman?s face as she brushed a thick lock of her own hair over her shoulder, which at her dismay was still as fiery red as ever.

    ?I haven?t told you that one in a long time.? She admitted. ?I?m sure that you most likely remember it better then me.?
    ?Please Mummy??

    The woman smiled and patted the girl on the leg.

    ?Okay. Get settled in bed first.?

    With a huge grin the girl snuggled down in her bed and pulled the blankets up to her chin with wookiee doll nestled in the crook of her arm, but her ga
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    Awww, that post just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! Everything was perfect, especially the way that Simon and Angel were discussing the truth behind the story after Rela had gone! And the way that Angel noticed Nadine was following Simon about more than she was, LOL! I also love how much Simon resembles his dad (but with his mother's red hair) and Santos - that was such a great link! The Jedi and the Soldier and the Jedi and the wonder the children are so interested! And it was nice to hear Simon's memories of the temple and of his special 'friend'. :)

    Again, a big warm awwwww! :)
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    My turn now! :) Should seem a bit familiar to those who read TLST! ;)


    TITLE: Food for thought
    By Jemmiah

    "Are you sure we should be doing this?" hissed Obi-Wan, furtively looking around the shiny chrome surfaces and polished worktops.

    "It was your idea! What do you mean are you sure we should be doing this?" The Togorian's reply came back in the form of an indignant growl, issued by felineoid vocal chords. Padawan Tanni Welasa was an intelligent, loyal individual - but as was so characteristic of his species did not suffer fools gladly. There was no time to argue over who was to blame: all that anyone needed to know was that it was all Obi-Wan's fault! As he ducked beneath a large metal ladle, Tanni cast an annoyed look at his companion.

    Kenobi was a good friend, but a little headstrong. It HAD been Obi-Wan's idea to go snooping about the place regardless of what he said - against his master's wishes - but now that they were actually in the thick of things the padawan appeared to have lost all of his nerve, and that irked Tanni tremendously. In his book, you either did a thing wholeheartedly or you did not do it at all. So far, during their early exploration of the darkened room, Obi-Wan had spent a surprising amount of time skulking in the shadows just a few steps behind Tanni's silver striped tail?

    Obi-Wan stopped beside what looked like some kind of colander for draining vegetables.

    "It seemed like a good idea at the time." He ventured timidly.

    "But now you've remembered what your master will say to you when he finds out you've been sneaking about inspite of all his warnings, yes?" Tanni rumbled, instinctively flexing his claws. He wasn't really in a position to insult Obi-Wan, for there was little doubt that his own master Vernice Ashdal would be every bit as severe on him as Master Jinn would be on his apprentice. "What can I say? Maybe you should have thought of that before you dragged me along for the ride. One of these days Obi-Wan, your penchant for spying will get you into serious trouble?"

    "I am NOT spying!" Obi-Wan's voice became heated, and even although the room remained darkened save for the glow of Tanni's green lightsabre, the Togorian could see the disgust radiating from his friend's eyes. "How is this spying? I'm just trying to help everyone! Is it my fault that we arrived on this planet during a week of national fasting?"

    Tanni felt his insides begin to rumble at Obi-Wan's timely reminder of their predicament, and willed his innards to compress and stifle the noise. The problem had been exactly as Obi-Wan described: there was no food to be had! Four days of living on ration bars had left Tanni believing that his beautiful coat would start to shed through a combination of stress and lack of nutrition. He was a carnivore! That meant that he had to eat meat at regular intervals or else his body would start to lose its natural abundance of springy energy! He'd even started to wonder what Obi-Wan might taste like with a little bit of seasoning and perhaps a caramelised Papyri fruit stuck in his mouth, surrounded by a bed of wild rice and sea truffles?

    "Sorry." He muttered, his whiskers drooping. "You are right, of course. Although I cannot help but feel the jedi council might have advised us as to the situation on this planet! We might have brought more rations with us..."

    Obi-Wan nodded, and straightened up, narrowly avoiding hitting his head off a low-hanging frying pan.

    "I'm surprised my master hasn't considered this already." He gestured around the eerily empty room. "I've no idea why he was so adamant that we keep to our rooms."

    "Well, at least the fasting stops tomorrow." Tanni smiled brightly, his sharp, white fangs reflecting a glowing green from the illumination of his lightsabre. "And then the feasting can begin!"

    "We shall both have starved by that time." Obi-Wan grimaced, placing a hand against his tightened stomach muscles. He'd tried meditating like his master had suggested - and it had worked for a time. Now, however, with the t
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    Imagine my surprise to find not one but two snapshots!! :D :D

    Mouse, yours was so sweet and poignant and I find the entire Cates family just adorable and love that the kids are growing up just like the parents... serves them right!! :D :D The story of the Jedi and the Soldier was just delightful.

    Jemmiah, it took till the apparent blaster shot for me to realize what story I was reading.... and then laughed out loud!! I loved how Tanni was hungry enough to start thinking about how Obi-Wan may taste... though with the idea of stinky feet may put him off. Poor Qui-Gon... all that worry over his Padawan *heh, heh*

    Whoo-hoo!! Excellent snapshots ladies!!
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    ROFLOL!! I always knew that Obi-Wan's stomach would get him into trouble! But I couldn't help but laugh at Tanni thinking of all they different ways he could serve up Obi!

    Yes Qui-Gon I would say that you are being tested every day! That's what Obi-Wan, Jemmiah, and Rela are there for!

    A fabulous post Jem!! :) :)
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    Here's another one! Enjoy!

    Family Life


    Simeon rolled over in bed with a groan. Cracking one eyelid open he spotted a red haired bundle of energy bouncing next to the bed. He must have gotten that from his mother. Closing his eye he reached over and grabbed his still sleeping wife and pulled her towards him.

    ?I will love you forever if you?ll get up with him.? He begged.
    ?You?ve already promised me that you?ll love me forever. Besides I?m Mummy and he?s asking for Daddy.?
    ?Daddy?? Simon chirped again.
    ?You are such a sithcat.? Simeon told her.
    ?Never said I wasn?t,? she grinned while keeping her eyes closed.
    ?Pleathe Daddy??

    With another groan Simeon rolled over and sat up on the edge of the bed. He mumbled something about it being unfair when he heard Rela make a big deal about stretching out. Blinking owlishly he caught sight of his son staring up at him, and Simeon smiled down at him.

    ?You win Red. I?m up. Now what do we do??
    ?Bekfatht!? the little boy lisped excitedly.
    ?All righty then!?

    Simeon stood up and swept Simon up into his arms. Together they made their way out of the room, but Simeon could have sworn that he heard giggling coming from the bed behind him. They soon reached the kitchen and began the search for something to eat.

    ?What would you like to eat Red??

    Still holding his son in his arms Simeon walked over to the cabinet where the cereal was kept. He opened it up to find several selections for them to choose from.

    ?Okay we?ve got Jawa Chrunchies, Nigel Nerf?s Sugar Bombs, Frosted Gundarks??
    ?Nerfth! Nerfth!? Simon chanted as he reached up for them.
    ?The nerf it is then!?

    Simeon reached up and grabbed the box and handed it to his son. Red held the cereal in a tight hug against his chest as his father carried him over to the table. He found himself sitting in his special seat that lifted him up so he could reach the table just like his Mummy and Daddy. His dark eyes watched as his father fetched a couple of bowls along with the blue milk. Those same eyes lit up as his cereal was being poured into his bowl and was soon joined by the milk.

    ?Milk turn!? he happily announced with a clapping of his hands.

    Simeon looked into his own bowl of Nigel Nerf Sugar Bombs and noticed that indeed the blue milk was in the process of changing color.

    ?So that?s why you like them. They turn the blue milk white.?

    Simon didn?t answer. Instead he crunched merrily away on his breakfast. Suddenly in mid bite the little boy began to point frantically at the table.

    ?What is it Red?? Simeon asked as he was in the middle of chewing.
    ?Daddy! Antoth!?

    Simeon looked over at the stuffed kryat dragon sitting on the table next to his son.

    ?What about Santos?? he asked.
    ?Antoth bekfatht too!?
    ?Can he eat cereal?? Simeon asked playing along. ?I thought he?d rather have real nerfs for breakfast.?

    Very seriously little Simon brought his finger and began to tap at his chin in a studious way. Simeon tried not to chuckle at the small unwavering look his son had on his face, but the corners of his mouth still managed to turn up in amusement. With a solemn look Red turned up to look at his father and gave him a nod.

    ?Can he share yours?? Simeon asked not wanting to dirty up another bowl and having to hear about it from his wife.
    ?Uh-uh.? His son told him with a shake of his mad red hair. ?Antoth don?t thare.?
    ?He liketh hith own bowl.?
    ?Oh share!? Simeon clarified. ?Does he want milk??
    ?Uh-uh. Giveth him a tummy ache.?
    ?That makes perfect sense.? Simeon muttered to himself as he poured another bowl for his son?s stuffed kryat dragon.

    As soon as the cereal finished pouring Simon?s little hand situated his dragon just right so that his mouth was now sitting in the bowl. Once Red was sure that Santos was ?eating? he went back to munching happily at his own breakfast. Simeon just smiled as he watched his son and he finished his own bowl. It wasn?t too long before Simon looked up
  17. Jemmiah

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    Mar 5, 2000
    ?So that?s why you like them. They turn the blue milk white.?

    ROFLOL! That's what I love about SW. You make an non-normal thing absolutely normal! :) And Simon is just far too cute! When he told Rela that his Daddy snored I just burst out laughing!

    I hope you write many more young Simon snapshots, Mouse! :)
  18. mouse2

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    Oct 29, 1999
    Thanks Jem! I have a few more that are begging to be written. The little troublemaker won't stay out of my head.

    Now up, for those that may have missed it! :D
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    [face_blush] I can't believe I missed this from almost a week ago!!!

    Such a sweet post... a wonderful snippet of life in the Cates home. The more I read of them the more I like... though I love them all so much already!!

    ALways a treat to read from you MOuse!! :) :)
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    Mar 5, 2000
    TITLE: The Lying Game
    By Jemmiah


    "You're quiet this evening."

    Qui-Gon's observation was tinged with more than a hint of concern, not merely the musings of a man who was finally enjoying some peace and quiet after a long hard day. Now that he was back in his apartment, seated in his comfortable chair, the master could afford to take a look about him and try to focus on the tasks awaiting him next day. A combination of the force and plain perception alerted him to the fact that Jemmiah seemed unusually preoccupied - and a brooding Jemmiah usually spelled trouble.

    As much for his own peace of mind as for hers Qui-Gon pushed himself out of the chair and, brushing the creases out of his clothing, walked over towards the couch where she sat alone, gloomily staring at the floor with her chin rested on her hand. He took in the slightly drawn brow and the pursed lips, wondering what it could be that put her in such low spirits.

    "Are you alright?" He continued, not altogether certain if her behaviour was due to boredom or perhaps feeling slightly out of sorts. "Maybe you should go to bed?"

    Jemmiah answered him with an indifferent shrug of the shoulders, and when no further reply was forthcoming Qui-Gon chose to seat himself next to her on the sofa so that she would have less of an excuse to avoid him. Just because he had reached the end of his teaching day as a master didn't mean that his duties as a pseudo-parent had ceased too, and if Jemmiah were having problems then it fell to him to get her to talk through her troubles.

    "Is there something bothering you perhaps that you would like to discuss with me?" Pressed Qui-Gon, hoping to strike the right balance in tone between masterly adviser and caring guardian. "Maybe I can help you?"

    Jemmiah turned to face him at that moment, eyes round and solemn. It was difficult sometimes for Qui-Gon to remember that she was in fact ten years of age when she looked a good many years younger, and he was always careful not to be perceived as talking down to her. Still, no matter how small and innocent she appeared, the large nerf-eyes always took him by surprise.

    "Master J." Jemmiah's voice was both serious and worried. "Can I ask you a question?"

    Qui-Gon spread his hands in an open gesture that indicated his willingness to listen. "By all means. That is what I am here for."

    "Okay." Jemmy wet her lips a little too nervously for Qui-Gon's liking. "Is it ever okay to lie? Or is it always wrong no matter what you do?"

    Instantly Qui-Gon's suspicious mind - honed by years of looking after padawan learners - went on a full red alert warning.

    "Why?" he demanded sharply. "What have you done?"

    "I haven't done anything!" Jemmy whined, feeling more than slightly hurt at his lack of trust in her. "Promise I haven't! It's just that there's something bothering me and I wondered if there was ever any situation where telling fibs would be the right thing to do."

    "You mean," Qui-Gon stared back at her as if trying to peel away the guarded layers of her mind, "does the circumstance ever merit being deceitful? If the truth would be more hurtful to the person than what they wanted to hear?"

    "Yes!" Jemmiah nodded enthusiastically. "That's exactly what I meant. See, you know all this stuff."

    "So do you." Pointed out Qui-Gon reasonably. "You know the difference between right and wrong."

    She made a disparaging sound at the back of her throat and all but turned up her nose at what he had said. Of course she was old enough to know right and wrong - she wasn't stupid! But that hadn't been what she had asked. Why was it whenever she asked Qui-Gon a question he always tried to hold a full-scale inquisition to determine what lay behind her reasons for asking? Wasn't it enough just to ask?

    "Master J, I was brought up to know the difference between good and bad, right and wrong. My mother made a point of it." Jemmy began to feel awkward with having brought her family into the conversation and wished she hadn't done so, for it would give him the opportunity to
  21. mouse2

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    "From a certain point of view." Jemmy grumbled, annoyed at being outsmarted. "Now I know where Obi-Wan gets it from!"

    "Obi-Wan still has much to learn, about the force and as a person. In time he will?"

    "Learn to tell even bigger lies?" Jemmiah supplied triumphantly.

    ROFLOL!! So it's something that they're taught! ;)

    I love the fact that Qui-Gon automatically got suspicious about Jemmy's questions. Kind of like a father! :D

  22. Jemmiah

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    Mar 5, 2000
    Thanks Mouse! :)

    Just kicking this up!
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    lol, the Force tells me that a certain young Padawan is going to be in a bit of trouble tonight when he sneaks in and finds someone large and disgruntled waiting up for him.
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    Just to clairfy, the character of Brinkley Hamin was used to replace Bruck Chun in my Promises Kept story since, JA spoiler (highlight to read)...

    Bruck dies in the JA books. Although I didn't know that until I was already halfway through PK.

    Hope this helps! If not PM me! :)


    An Unwelcome Return

    He was back! Force how he had missed the temple, just not some of those that were in it.

    This time things would be different. Time had passed and he was now older and wiser. Maybe, he mused to himself, just maybe the time away had done him some good. He was closer to his master. Then again when she?s the only one around to talk to that tends to happen. He had also been able to develop an interest in many things that were not highly taught in the temple.

    Too bad he was now stuck waiting in the infirmary for his return physical. He could be relaxing and making himself feel back at home in his old quarters with his master instead. Did anything in the infirmary run on time? Or was their motto hurry up and wait?

    While he was deep in the process of reading the horribly out of date reading material, a set of doors burst open and a small figure blurred by. Without pausing it walked straight into the infirmary. He started off in the direction it had gone. Now that wasn?t fair! He had been there first and waiting patiently.

    There was something familiar about that blur though.

    Rising up from his seat he was now determined to find out who it was. Silently he walked through the same door and began to follow.

    It wasn?t long before he caught up with the figure, which happened to be peering through another set of door as if looking for someone. The red hair was hard to miss and he recognized her instantly. He told himself that maybe this would be the perfect time to get reacquainted.

    ?Hello Red,? he said politely while giving her a grandiose bow.

    He watched as she turned toward him slowly with disbelief written all over her face.

    ?Kriff! How did you get back into the temple?? she asked despairingly as she put her hands on her hips.

    He kept the smile on his face s pleasant as possible as he straightened up. Force he had forgotten how fiery she was.

    ?I?ve completed my outside training and they invited us back, which I am quite happy of. I hadn?t realized that you would still be hanging around. Maybe we could have a chance to catch up on old times?? he told her pouring the charm on.

    ?Let?s not pretend that we both don?t knew what really happened on Selyr Brinkley. We needed help and you abandoned us.? Rela angrily reminded him.

    He had never noticed how her eyes flashed darkly when she was angry. Oh yes, she would be a challenge, but one worth playing the game for.

    ?What are you doing here?? she finally asked.

    ?I should ask you the same thing,? he replied lightly. ?But since you asked I?m here for a physical. Most Jedi have them on their return to the temple. You, I am assuming are looking for your accident prone boyfriend Oafy.?

    Rela threw her head back and laughed at him shaking her head no.

    ?Me and Scrubby? I don?t think so. He?s got his heart set on a lovely Corellian, a match of which I heartily approve. I on the other hand have got a thing for a healer.?

    Brinkley fought to keep the smile on his face. He couldn?t believe that Corellian waif was still here, if that was who she was talking about. Typical Oafy. Falling for that skinny child that shouldn't have even been brought into the temple. She did not belong. As for Rela, he thought she was more of an individual then to fall for a pretty face, and speaking of the devil there he went.

    ?A healer, eh? Well the Handsome Healer just walked around the corner,? he told her hoping to appear helpful.

    ?Who? Gethin?? Rela smiled and shook her head. ?No, not that one.? Looking down the corridor she smiled and pointed.

    ?That one!?

    Brinkley hoped he kept the look of shock and disgust off his face as he looked where she was pointing. Simeon
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    Urgh! Brinkley Hamin, scourge of the temple! The padawan who makes Kryztan seem normal and Bruck like everyone's best buddy! Stay away from him Rela! You've got his number - keep your eyes on him! Sounds like there might be trouble ahead...

    Fantastic snapshot! :) :D