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Jedicon WV XI 2014

Discussion in 'FanForce Conventions' started by BIGMAC, Dec 22, 2013.


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    Jan 15, 2004
    JediCon WV is West Virginia’s original Star Wars show. And in 2014 we’ll be celebrating Episode XI – fanboy speak for our 11th convention.

    We started this way back when as a way to have some fun and meet other Star Wars enthusiasts.

    And we have.

    But we also discovered it’s a great vehicle to raise money for our charity of choice: Children’s Miracle Network ( CMN ).ALL money made from ticket,food and silent auction sales go to CMN .

    So, while this is a marketing ploy it’s we’re also gonna bring you some entertainment and introduce you to some phenomenal people we’ve met over the years. And we’re gonna invite you to participate.

    JediCon WV – Episode XI – will be held at the Matthew Barker Memorial Complex in Paden City, WV, June 21, 2014. This is our first time at the venue but we needed a larger location.

    Yeah, we’re excited about that.

    And our panelists.

    On tap we’ve got – in no particular order :

    Brian Stillman, producer of Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys. Stillman is making a documentary on the Kenner line of licensed likenesses we first gen fans grew up with. See what he’s been up to at

    Bill McBride has agreed to be a part of our show. McBride is the curator of The Darth Vader Toy Museum. His Web site is Go check him out.

    Bryan Prosek, author of Earth United, is another first timer with us. His book is available at

    Kim Simmons, billed as the Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker, returns with wife Pat. What the loosely veiled reference to the Jimmy Stewart western refers to is Simmons was the principle photographer for much of the Kennner Star Wars toy line. And just a great guy. He and Pat have been long-standing guests of JediCon WV and we appreciate their help.You can reach Kim here: or here:

    Finally we’ve signed on Blind Wave Productions ( ). These guys are two-time winners of the Lightsaber Choreography Competition and makers of fan films. For a sample of their work slip over to YouTube. They really are amazing.

    That said we’ll also have our vendors with SW collectibles for sale including - modern,vintage and everything in between – video game booth, local 501st and more.

    As time goes on I’ll be posting updates on the show.

    For more info check us out at and like us on FaceBook ( ) or if you have any questions please feel free to send me a PM and I'll answer as soon as I can.

    Thanks for looking and hope to see you at this years show!