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Joker Origins film

Discussion in 'FanForce Community' started by Alek_Gearhart, May 5, 2013.

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  1. Alek_Gearhart

    Alek_Gearhart Jedi Youngling

    May 5, 2013
    Trying to get everything together to make a fan film about the origin of the joker.

    Would love to know what people think of the teaser and ideas that are in it?

    Edit: Locking this because this belongs to FanFilms (and got reposted there already).
  2. hear+soul

    hear+soul Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 5, 2004
    Dude- that was awesome. I thought you were going to use that music from Drive at the beginning there, which I didn't necessarily like the idea of, but just using what you did was great- kind of hit an slightly unnerving note, which is, i think, the right one.

    It's a bit on the stylized side, dialogue-wise, but I like that. It felt like it stops just short of being too corny, and that's good.

    I was surprised by the high production quality and interested in where the story's going. The use of Harley Quinn as what I'm assuming is the catalyst for his transformation is a stroke of genius. To me, she's never quite fit as anything other than joker's sidekick on BATS, and everyone always wants her to be so much more....... this makes her significant in a big way. And all the stuff she was saying to him, while it was a little much, for me, it was all great stuff and was necessary and understandable in the context, plus I think it worked. I could see it happening, even if it was skirting the edge, but that's how this story should be.

    The line about forgetting who you are was brilliant.

    Really fantastic stuff, overall. Acting was good.
Thread Status:
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