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    Hazel - Yeah the Callista era was pretty bad. I wonder how come Luke could walk on Lava and Anakin couldn't...of that's right...Obi-Wan cut his legs off. I think that put him at a disadvantage.


    Entry 57: Coruscant

    We finally get back to Coruscant. It was too late to call Kira, so I took a taxi back to my apartment. I had been away for almost two weeks and I was sure everything in my cooling unit had spoiled. I thought I was going to have to eat ration bars again until I opened the refrigeration unit and found a twelve pack of my favorite carbonated drink and a note. "I prepared a few meals and placed them in the freezer for you. Just heat and eat. I love you! Kira."

    I open the freezer portion and found a dozen meals stacked inside, each with the cooking instructions attached to the container lids. There were casseroles, soups, pastas and deserts. I pulled a pasta container out and smiled. She was thinking of me while I was gone. It was such a sweet and touching gesture that I just stared at the homemade prepackaged food for a moment and wondered what I have done in my short life to deserve her.

    I heated up the pasta, grabbed a cold drink and sat down to watch the holonet. I wish Kira were here with me. In fact I wished she would be with me forever. I know Mara thinks I am rushing into things, but I want to be married and have a family. I definitely do not have commitment issues. Perhaps it was time to shop for an engagement ring. Or maybe Kira could move into my apartment. There is plenty of room and she wouldn't have to commute from her parents' house where she is temporarily residing. I just don't know if I should ask her to move in first or just ask her to marry me.

    I need time to think about this.

    Entry 58: Coruscant

    The next day I discovered two more potential Jedi had been added to our ranks while we were away at Eol Sha .

    Han and Chewie had traveled to Kessel on a diplomatic mission in an effort to get them to join the New Republic. Han probably needs to work on his diplomacy, because he irritated someone and he and Chewie ended up in the Spice Mines of Kessel. They made their escape with the help of a Force-strong teenage boy named Kyp Durron. Eventually they ended up captured again by Imperials and sent to a place called The Maw. They escaped again, this time flying a stolen Imperial super weapon called The Sun Crusher. I have to admit, Chewie and Han are great at escaping. Han said the only time he was actually held prisoner successfully was when he was encased in carbonite.

    Luke asked Han what happened to the Sun Crusher. Han just shook his head and said Admiral Ackbar confiscated it on behalf of the New Republic and had top men investigating its powers.

    "What top men?" Luke asked.

    "I asked them that very same question," Han stated, "but all they did was repeated the phrase 'top men', which really irritated me because it was like they didn't trust me!" He gave a quick gesture of disgust. "That thing could wipe out the Imperial remnants, but the NR idiots probably boxed it up and put it into some far-off warehouse where it'll be misfiled and lost."

    Han's probably right. You can't trust governmental bureaucracies.

    The young man he brought back from Kessel is interesting. Kyp is of average height and build with dark hair and brown eyes…or are they green. They seem to change depending on the light. Luke says he is extremely powerful in the Force.

    Personally, I don't like the teenager. He feels wrong in the Force…prickly…like he's mad at the world. Luke told me that a Jedi should be calm and serene. This boy is neither…he has an undercurrent of hostility directed against Imperials and the people who enslaved him on Kessel. When I pointed it out to Mara she told me Luke already noticed it and will work with the teen. She also said that most teenage boys are like that at some point of their adolescence. I just hope he outgrows the teenage angst.

    I did laugh when I noticed him checking out Jem. Hey, he's eighteen and Jem is only five years older…maybe she will find her Jedi mate after all.

    The other potential Jedi is a woman named Tionne. She actually came to Coruscant to search out Luke. She is a human female with silver hair and white eyes. The white eyes are a little disconcerting. I have never seen anybody with white irises before. Kam doesn't seem to mind though. I often catch him hanging around her and listening to her play a string instrument she calls a Double Viol. She is very nice and knowledgeable about the Jedi. She said her grandmother taught her Jedi lore. She's not extremely strong in the Force, but her knowledge more than makes up for that weakness. Luke showed her the books we recovered on Ossus and she lit up.

    We did receive some bad news. In the Maw there was a small fleet of Imperial Star Destroyers commanded by a female admiral named Daala. I didn't even know females were allowed to be in the Imperial Navy…I wonder how she got that job.

    So now we have another thing to worry about. If the New Republic leaders were smart they would take the Sun Crusher or the Galaxy Gun (Kam told me that was the name of that space cannon we salvaged in the rubble of Byss) and blow up all those Imperials. But that would make too much sense. Instead, Mon Mothma will probably give the Jedi a couple thermal detonators and a small contingent of Ewoks and tell us to take on Daala.

    Hopefully there is somebody in the NR leadership that doesn't like to do things the hard way all the time.

    Entry 59: Great Western Sea, Coruscant

    A Jedi Knight's work is never done and I think if Luke had his way he would work non-stop in an effort to restore the Jedi Order. He had been working with his students daily, negotiating the logistics of maintaining a school, and overseeing the construction of the New Jedi temple. I could see it was wearing him down.

    Kira suggested that we invite Mara and Luke to join us at the beach over at the Great Western Sea, close to the Manarai Mountains. Kira's family would go there when she was younger so she knew it was a great place to relax. The Great Western Sea is the only large body of water visible on Coruscant and consisted of a huge manmade reservoir with artificially created islands floating on it.

    Because we didn't want to be mobbed by the paparazzi and tourists we had rented out one of the private islands. The isle came with changing rooms, a small kiosk where drinks and food could be purchased and the normal accompaniment of lounge chairs and other tourist niceties.

    Kira and I arrived early by water speeder. Mara said Luke would be a little late because he was in a senate meeting, but he would be there.

    We went to the changing room to put on our swimsuits. Kira looks absolutely stunning in a low cut teal one-piece swimsuit. I had gone to the store earlier that week to purchase a new swimsuit for myself. For a minute or two I considered getting one of those tight designer shorts that I knew Luke favored…but I just couldn't bring myself to wear something that revealing. I tried one on at the store and was shocked when I noticed the suit outlined my entire package. I didn't need to endure hearing, "Is that your lightsaber in your trunks…or are you just happy to see me" jokes from Mara all day. I ended up buying a pair of colorful contoured jammers with a 5 inch inseam…modest but still sexy. Hopefully Luke is not going to try to outdo me again like he did the last time we went swimming. I can imagine him coming to the island wearing low-rise briefs with a contoured zipper pouch in front—and he'd do it just to impress Mara.

    Kira and I snagged two lounge chairs, a couple cold drinks and sat back to relax. Mara shows up about a half hour later wearing a casual jumpsuit and carrying a tote bag. We point out the changing rooms to her and she went off to dress.

    When she came out I took one look at her and started choking on my drink. Stang! Mara is definitely trying to impress Skywalker. She is wearing what I could only describe as a micro-bikini. It wasn't exactly a thong, but the bottoms didn't have a full back. I think the women call it a cheeky-cut since half of their butt cheeks are exposed. The tri-cut bikini top was so small I was surprised she didn't fall out of it. Or perhaps it wasn't a top at all, but something she spray-painted on. Mara came up to us and asked if the water was warm. I was speechless, but Kira told her the water temperature was regulated to be just under body temperature.

    When she walked away Kira smacked me across the chest and glared. "You can at least have the decency to pretend you are not ogling other women at the beach."

    "What? I wasn't ogling!" I proclaimed my innocence. "Mara is like my sister…I am more horrified that she is in such a skimpy outfit. Imagine how your brothers would react if they saw you wearing that…that's how I feel."

    Kira rolled her eyes. "You were still looking."

    A thought came to mind and I started to laugh.

    Kira turned to me. "What?"

    "I am just wondering how long Luke will be able to look at her before he has to go into the water…and then curse the fact that the water isn't cold."

    Kira chuckled. "We should know soon enough. Here he comes."

    Luke came jogging up from the dock area wearing a plain tunic and pants. "Where's Mara?"

    I pointed out to the water. "She's swimming. The changing room is back near the cantina." I said while throwing a thumb in that direction.

    Luke smiled. "No need, I wore my suit under my clothes." He removed his tunic and pants and I almost laughed. Okay, it wasn't a bikini brief with a zippered pouch, but it was close. It was a pair of lowrise, contoured C-ring, square cut shorts. The C-ring pouch is supposed to be for the comfort of the wearer, but we all know it is to put your best assets forward. And I couldn't help but notice Kira admiring his suit. Luke smiled and grabbed a towel, which he placed over his shoulder.

    Mara saw Luke and came out of the water calling his name. As soon as the Jedi saw her I started counting. One! Luke sees her and his jaw drops. Two! She waves at him and I was astounded her top stayed in place. Three! I notice Luke took his towel from around his shoulder and wrapped it around his waist. Four! Luke blushes as the towel begins to tent outward. Five! Luke says he wants to go into the water and runs off. He did take the time to grab Mara up into his arms as he ran into the water with Mara shrieking happily. They waded out into the water until it was above waist level.

    Kira laughed. "Was that about ten seconds until he had to go into the water?"

    I shook my head. "Nope, five." I give her a mock glare. "And I noticed you were checking out Luke. At least have the decency to pretend you weren't checking out his lightsaber with dual power packs."

    "I wasn't checking out Luke…I was looking at his suit. I can't believe he wore such a sexy outfit. He seems so shy."

    I chuckled. "When it comes to Mara, Luke is not shy at all. If we weren't here he'd probably be doing naked somersaults." I stood up and looked toward the cantina. "You want some food or drink?"

    "Not for me," Kira said.

    I went to the kiosk and got an ice cream cone. When I returned I could no longer see Mara and Luke in the water. "Where'd they go?"

    Kira looked up and squinted against the water's glare. "They were out swimming." She gave me a look of concern. "Luke is from Tatooine…does he know how to swim?"

    I smiled drolly. "Yes Luke and Mara know how to swim. We swam in the Palace pool before the Imperials destroyed most of the place." I looked across the water hoping to get a glimpse of them. "Knowing those two they are probably practicing Aquatic Force-Enhanced sex." I chuckled and reach out with the Force to see if I could sense alarm from Mara. I blushed when the only thing I detected was playfulness and desire for her Jedi.

    "They're alright…and I think they are going for the record for holding one's breath underwater." I hesitated for a second. "In other words, they're busy."

    Kira's eyes went wide as she gaped comically. "They're having sex out there!"

    I smirked. "I can neither confirm nor deny that statement."

    "Oh come on."

    I gave her a faint grin. "Oh come on?" I laughed. "Well, when you put it that way…I don't know how I can resist such a well thought out and persuasive argument. Yes they're making out… having waterlogged Force-Enhanced sex to be exact."

    She shook her head in astonishment. She then turned to me and gave me a troubled look. "That's something you can't have with me…as a non-Force user…does that bother you?"

    My brow furrows. "What? No! Anyway, I think the Force plays a part in our relationship. I can feel your emotions and feelings when we make love. And when I drive you wild your emotions flood over me and enhance my experience. I am only sorry you can't feel what I'm feeling."

    "So you are not going to leave me for some Jedi woman?" Kira asked half-joking.

    "No, because we have something other Jedi couples don't have." I gave her a smug grin.

    Her eyebrow rose. "Oh, and what's that Jedi-boy?"

    I dipped my finger into my soft-serve ice cream cone and placed some of the frozen confection on her lips. "We have tasty Food-Enhanced sex!" I closed the distance between us and kissed the ice cream off her lips. "Yummm, you taste so sweet. It's too bad we didn't bring any whipped cream."

    I dabbed some more ice cream down her neck and down her cleavage and slowly kissed it away. "Is this a clothing optional beach? I could dab some in your navel."

    She pushed my head away laughing as I nuzzled her belly. "Stop it."

    I stood up and tossed the ice cream to the side. I then used the Force to levitate her out of her lounge chair and into my arms. She screamed in surprise as she moved through the air.

    "See, we can have Force-Enhanced sex." I chuckled then kissed her passionately. When our lips separated I looked down at her, gazing at her beauty. "Gods! You're gorgeous." I kissed her again and then glanced over to the changing rooms. "You know there're locks on those doors."

    She gave me a devious expression. "Mark are you suggesting we make love in a changing room while our friends are out swimming?"

    I blew out a breath of amusement. "You mean our friends who are trying to duplicate a Calamari mating ritual?"

    She looked to the water and then back to me. "Okay, but let's hurry."

    A half hour later, Kira and I were back in our lounge chairs…I was sporting my stupid "I just had sex" grin on my face, which must be something genetic because when Luke and Mara finally reappeared on the beach he had the same exact look on his face.

    Kira glanced at me and then to Luke and started laughing. "Now I can see the Skywalker resemblance."

    We all knew what had just happened, but nobody addressed that particular bantha in the room. We just relaxed with drinks and good food for the rest of the day.

    When it was time to leave Luke was much more tranquil and had a genuine smile on his face. He takes too much responsibility on his shoulders. He needed this. The Jedi can't be all work. They need some downtime.

    I think I have a new motto for the Jedi:
    Work Hard, Play Hard, Stay Hard

    No, no, I am sure somebody would take that out of context. How about:

    Work Hard, Play Hard, Stay Hardcore!

    That sounds good.
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    Yeah! That would SOOOOO be taken out of context. [face_laugh]
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    I think this is one of my favourite journal entries. I can just imagine Luke and Mark with their stupid grins :D
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    Hazel -- Thanks. That was actually my Army company's motto. I used to have a t-shirt that had that slogan.

    Briannakin -- Thanks. I think it was Hazel that recommended I write something about the two couples going out and having fun. Or maybe it was you or ginchy.

    Thanks for reading!

    ENTRY 60: Club Dango, Uscru Entertainment District, Coruscant.

    I just got back from a party at Club Dango and I definitely want to record what happened today.

    Luke arranged a little celebratory get-together with friends. He kept quiet about what the celebration was about, but I just assumed that it was Luke and Mara's engagement party. It turned out it was an engagement party, but not the type I was thinking about.

    Luke threw party for his friends Wedge, Lando and his wingmates from Rogue squadron. The actual engagement was between the New Republic Fleet and Admiral Daala's Imperial Star Destroyers. It was a big battle and the Rebels were victorious—and that is definitely a reason to celebrate.

    The festivities were held in a private back room of the establishment and things were getting a little loud as the group of pilots tossed back drinks. Even Luke, my stoic Jedi Master, was imbibing on this night.

    Luke raised a glass of Daruvvian champagne. "To Wedge, Lando and the Rogues and the destruction of Daala's Fleet and the Death Star prototype!"

    "Here, here," Han said as he raised his glass. The pilots all gave a loud hurrah. Leia was sitting next to Han nursing a glass of wine and looking tired. She just had their third child (who they named Anakin) a couple months ago, and with three children under the age of three she probably has little time for sleep.

    Kira accompanied me to the party and appeared to enjoy herself. I did become a little nervous at the start of the party when I saw her and Mara holed up in a corner booth whispering to each other. They'd talk, look over to me, and then Luke, whisper something else and then burst out laughing.

    Maybe I am being paranoid, but I have a sneaky suspicion that they were talking about us. When I asked Kira about it she said it was just girl talk. For some reason I have a difficult time visualizing Mara participating in girl talk. Make-Fun-of-Mark talk is more like it.

    Kira and I chatted with Han and Leia for a while. Han bragged about his new son and had to show us dozens of holos of the baby. Kira was gushing over the holos of Anakin. "Isn't he absolutely adorable?" She'd ask me while giving me a look I couldn't quite identify. To be honest guys don't want to see baby holos. Maybe one holo, but I don't need to see your baby's first bath, first diaper change, or first puke. I finally dragged Kira away from the baby pictures and we went over to listen to Lando and Wedge's tell tales of their recent heroic exploits.

    "So anyway, Admiral Ackbar orders me to lead Rogue squadron against Daala's fleet." Wedge was saying. "Of course, I thought the idea that a squadron of X-wings taking out four Star Destroyers is a bit barvey, but Ackbar usually has a good plan."

    "Unless it turns out IT'S A TRAP!" a dark haired Rogue pilot chortled with a bit of a drunken slur. I later found out this is Wes Janson a pilot who flew with Luke during the rebellion.

    Wedge frowned, "Be quiet Wes!"

    The pilot responded with "Yub, yub." Which caused some laughter, but I didn't understand the reference. It must be one of those "You had to be there" situations.

    "Anyway…" Wedge continued. "The Admiral told me that Han…" he lifted his ale mug in Solo's direction, "had captured a top secret starship and he wanted Lando and me to pilot the craft on the mission." He took a chug of his drink and then continued. "According to Solo this ship is called the Sun Crusher and it can run through anything. It has Quantum-Crystalline Armor that makes it impervious to almost any laser fire. Han said he blew through the bridge of an Imperial-Class Star Destroyer without any damage."

    I look over at Han. He told me about the presence of the Imperials and the Sun Crusher, but he didn't brag about taking on a Star Destroyer. I guess that is all in a day's work for Han.

    "So," Wedge continued. "Lando and I are in the Sun Crusher in forward position. We are to take out the four Star Destroyers and the Rogue Squadron would do clean up of any Tie Fighters."

    Wedge paused again to take another long swig of ale. I can see Kira is following the story wide-eyed. I think she is the only person in the room without combat experience so she is very impressed. "What happened next?" she asked prompting Wedge to continue.

    Wedge smiled at her and I noticed his eyes raked down her body. In fact I noticed that most of the Rogue Squadron guys have been checking out my girl…especially Wes Janson…who obviously thinks he is the Force's gift to women. Of course it doesn't help that she's wearing a stunning little black cocktail dress that doesn't do much to conceal her impressive cleavage or her sexy curves.

    "We went on a ramming rampage," Wedge continued. "We would set sights on a Star Destroyer and ram their bridge. One after another, they all went down." Wedge raised his hand up towards Lando and the two men smacked their hands together while making an'Oh-Rah' yell.

    "What did the New Republic do with the Sun Crusher?" I ask.

    Wedge looked up to me and shrugged his shoulders. "The admiral took it back. I think they are going to secure it somewhere until it's needed again."

    I nod my head in understanding. That's good. It would be stupid to destroy these super weapons while the Imperials are still out there causing trouble.

    The waitress came into the room with another round of drinks, which resulted in a shout of approval from the pilots. I walked over to the table where I left my juice and soda water that I ordered earlier. I had a feeling I will be the designated driver for a few people tonight.

    I look back to Kira and that damn Wes Janson is talking to her again. That's the third time I found him flirting with her. I swear that guy is going to have a really tough time piloting his X-wing after I pull his arms off. I walked over to Kira and snaked an arm around her possessively. I look down at her and smiled. "Having a good time, love?" I then kissed her, not caring if I interrupted Wes midsentence. I broke away from Kira and notice he's still standing there like he was going to continue his conversation. What's with these Rebels? Oh I know—there are only three women within the rebellion (that I know of) making it the biggest Nerf-sausage Fest in the galaxy. They need to go out and recruit more females.

    I look down at Wes and give him my most intimidating stare. He is around 1.7 meters in height but I'm well over two meters. "I'm Mark Tantiss, Kira's boyfriend." I hold out my hand in a friendly gesture—a gesture that I hope would hide from Kira my annoyance with this man. As he reaches out to shake my hand and I have to smile at the difference in hand size. It looks like I am shaking the hand of a youngling.

    He manages to put on a nervous smile. "It's a pleasure meeting you. Are you one of Luke's Jedi students?"

    I nod. "Yeah, I worked with him to kill the Emperor and destroy Byss."

    Wes's eyes go wide and he lets out a low whistle. "I heard about that." He shakes my hand with more enthusiasm. "I am happy to meet you. When I found out about that particular operation I was astonished that anyone would volunteer for that suicide mission." He motioned toward Han. "Well, except for Han and Luke. That was an amazing accomplishment! You must be one hell of a Jedi!"

    "Thanks," I say as we dropped our hands. Stang, I'm starting to like this guy.

    Another pilot came up to Wes (I later found out his name was Hobbie). "Wes, I talked to a couple of those waitresses and they are getting off shift soon. They would like to meet a couple Rogues. You want to go?"

    Wes lit up. "I think I have time to show them some of my special maneuvers." He turned to me and lifted his drink in a salute. "Nice meeting you Mark, Kira."

    I gave him a wave then turned to Kira who was smirking at me knowingly. "Getting a little jealous, Mark?"

    I blush. "A little, but that is only because you are the most beautiful woman in the room."

    Kira scoffed. "You better not let Han or Luke hear you say that."

    I smile. "Okay, you are the most beautiful woman to me."

    She takes my hand and pulls me down into a small couch. "Don't be jealous; he was just making polite conversation."

    "Hah, please!" I shook my head in amusement. "Don't forget I can sense his intentions in the Force and I have to tell you—that wasn't innocent banter on his part."

    She gave me a sultry smile. "Oh really, what were his intentions?"

    I leaned over and whispered in her ear. She looked at me surprised. "Really? Wes seemed like such a nice man."

    I rolled my eyes. "These are Rogue pilots, heroes of the Rebellion; they probably have women throwing themselves at them all the time. They're players and much more sexually experienced than I am. So, yes, I'm a little jealous; they probably steal away a lot of guys' girlfriends."

    She leaned back in her seat and crossed her arms across her chest and gave me a playful glare. "You're jealous of their sexual experience? So are you saying that you want to go out and get more sexual experience?"

    "Yes I do… but only if you are my instructor." I grinned broadly.

    She laughed. "Good answer."

    At that time, Lando sauntered over to where we were sitting. He gives a winning smile as he extends a hand out to Kira. "Hello. I'm Lando Calrissian…I don't think we've met."

    Kira and I both stood to greet the hero of what was being called The Battle of the Maw. She offered him her hand, which she probably thought he was going to shake, but Lando brought her hand up to his lips and gave it a kiss.

    Kira looked a little uncomfortable. "It's a pleasure to meet you," she said while pulling her hand away quickly. "I'm Kira Starkos and this is…" she turns to me and paused. For a second I thought she forgot my name. "This is my fiancé Mark Tantiss."

    I was so startled that I just stood there wide-eyed. Eventually I realized Lando's hand was extended towards me. I pull myself together enough to give him a handshake, but I am still looking at Kira.

    Lando grinned. "Congratulations, when is the big day?"

    "We don't have a date set yet." Kira says quickly as she glowered at me. I think my staring has begun to unnerve her. I shift my attention back to Calrissian and try to think of something to say, but my mind went blank.

    Lando engaged in a couple minutes of pleasant conversation with Kira and then gave his goodbyes. I sat down on the couch my mind reeling and my heart thundering crazily. I've wanted to ask Kira to marry me for weeks. Was this a hint that she wanted that also? Or was she just tired of pilots flirting with her and decided this was a way to get rid of Lando?

    "Mark…Mark!" Kira's voice broke through my musings. I look over to her and she doesn't look happy. "For Force-sake Mark, I said that so he'd leave me alone. Mara warned me about Lando Calrissian—so you can wipe that look of sheer panic off your face."

    "Huh?" I say a bit confused. I then realized she interpreted my look of surprise as alarm over the thought of marriage.

    "Don't worry; I won't ever say that again." Her voice was strained as she gave me a tight smile.

    "Kira, you just surprised me. That's all." I am not sure what to say. I want to ask her to marry me, but I want to do it in a private romantic place…not in a room full of drunken Rebels. I don't even have a ring yet.

    "Mark, Kira!" I hear Mara shout out enthusiastically. She walks up to me with a wide grin and gave me a hug. Luke came up behind her looking equally excited. "I have to find out about your engagement from Lando? When did this happen?"

    "Ummm…not long ago." I mutter. Frack…I need to extricate myself from this room and talk to Kira privately.

    "Umm, Mara, Luke, can we keep a lid on this until we can tell Kira's parents?" I look at Kira. "Can I talk to you privately?" I then turn back to Luke and Mara.

    "Excuse us please." I gave them my best disarming smile as I gently took Kira's arm and guide her to the balcony at the back of the room.

    As we exited into the cool night air Kira's anger appeared to ebb away. "Sorry Mark. I didn't think Lando would go running to Luke and Mara."

    I took a deep cleansing breath and let it out slowly and then pulled her into my embrace. "Kira there is only one way to fix this mess."

    She looked down to the floor. "I know, tell everybody it's not true…we're not engaged."

    "No, I think we have no choice but to get married," I said with a joyful grin.

    "Stop joking, Mark," Kira protested.

    "I'm not joking. I have been waiting for a woman like you all my life. I love you."

    Kira gave a small laugh, "All your life…Mark you are less than a year old."

    I smiled then gave her a gentle kiss and pulled her back into a hug. "When you say it that way it doesn't sound so impressive."

    She chuckled and hugged me tightly. "Maybe not, but I've been waiting all my life for a man like you. And at twenty-eight standard years of age that is impressive."

    I give her a mock look of horror. "You are twenty-seven years older than me? Ohhh, I have to think about this some more. I don't know if I can handle being the kept boy-toy to such a mature woman. Maybe I should look for somebody closer to my age."

    She rolls her eyes. "You have the mature part right. Mark if you dated a female your age you'd end up in jail."

    I laugh. "We don't want that happening. I have a much better destiny in mind." I take a deep breath to steady my heart. "In fact, I know exactly what and who I want in my future." I drop down to my knees. "Kira, will you marry me."

    Despite all our kidding around she actually looked surprised that I'm serious. "Kira, I am sorry that I don't have the ring. I thought this was a party for Luke and Mara's engagement…so proposing on their special occasion was the last thing on my mind." I paused, waiting for her answer. "Marry me?" I ask again.

    She grabs my hands and pulls me to my feet and gave me a hug. I can see tears in her eyes. "Yes, yes, I would love to be your wife."

    I grab her off her feet and swirl her around while kissing her. This is a dream come true—a joy beyond words. I'm going to be a husband to one of the most beautiful women in the galaxy. As I lowered her to the ground I know I must be grinning like a fool.

    "Do you want to get out of this place and go ring shopping?"

    Tears spilled down her face but her eyes were full of love and warmth. "Definitely!"

    I just want to officially note this in my datapad: This is the happiest day of my life!
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    D'awww! Very funny, yet sweet. Goodness how I love Mark/Kira!
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    Briannakin -- Thanks for reading. I think Kira is a good match for Mark. I also think it is unique for a Jedi to have a spouse that has a totally normal job. She isn't a spy, a Jedi, military intelligence, or any other risky profession.


    ENTRY 61: Coruscant

    We acquired four more Jedi recruits this month—three men and one woman—all have medium to high Force sensitivity according to Luke. Two of the men served with Luke during the Rebellion; Keiran Halcyon is a blond Corellian-born X-Wing pilot and the other man is Kyle Katarn a former Imperial Stormtrooper turned rebel. Both men are very guarded about their pasts, but then so am I…so I guess we all have that in common. Well, that and all three of us have awesome looking beards.

    The other two are a couple: Cray Mingla and Nichos Marr. Cray is a tall blond female with a doctorate in artificial intelligence. Nichos is an artificial intelligence programmer. Both are experts in their field, which makes me wonder why they want to be Jedi. Why leave a comfortable, good paying career where you have the respect and admiration of your peers to train for a job that can be brutal, messy and sometimes fatal? I guess some people want to develop all their latent talents. Or maybe it is the mystique of the Jedi that attracts people to the order.

    Jedi students to date: Jem, Rayf, Mara, Tionne, Kam, Kyp, Kyle, Kerian, Cray, Nichos and me. Luke hopes to train us to a level that we can help teach future Jedi apprentices.

    For the time being, Luke is scrambling to try to figure out how his Jedi are going to support themselves. I am sure back in the days of the Old Republic the Jedi were easy to take care of because of the "No Attachment" rule (another thing we discovered in the Ossus books we acquired). The leadership didn't have to worry about families to support.

    I noticed that the "No Attachment" rule was one tenet that Luke was quick to ignore. Oh sure, he'll suggest I wear a ridiculous braid and cumbersome Jedi robes, but when it comes to not having relationships…no way! Even if he did want to institute that particular rule I am sure Mara would have a thing or two to say about that.

    Anyway, he needs to find out what to do about finances. His Jedi students will either have to find part time jobs or a stipend system for students and salaries for the Jedi Knights must be established. This is not a big deal to me, I have my restaurant as a source of income, but people like Kyp, Jem and Rayf came to Coruscant with little more than the clothes on their back. Keiran said he is married so he has a family to support.

    Luke said the New Republic would probably foot the bill. I asked him if that would make us government employees. He said no. He was under the impression that the Jedi would remain autonomous.

    For some reason I think that might be impossible. If a government is fully funding an army of warriors, they have every reason to expect those warriors to be loyal to them. If we were completely autonomous, what would happen if the government started a war that the Jedi didn't support? Would the government cut our funding? Kick us off planet? Exile us until we decided to follow orders?

    Luke can't see this possibility because the government currently consists of his friends, military comrades and family. But what will happen twenty or thirty years down the line when you don't have Mon Mothma leading the NR, but somebody who may not be pro-Jedi?

    Maybe because of my trooper flash-training I favor the Jedi being part of the New Republic military…perhaps as a Special Forces type of unit. We could go in as a group or one Jedi could be attached to a conventional unit as a Jedi asset. I'm going to run this idea past Luke. I would like to work with the military. I also would like to attend some military schools not covered in my flash training, such as flight instruction, counter-espionage school, and Jump training.

    Meanwhile, Mara is going on another run with Karrde. She said she is going to rendezvous with a woman she will train as her replacement. She showed me a holo of the lady. She's a nice looking brunette named Zara Maru. Mara said she was a former Imperial Intelligence officer who defected after the destruction of Alderaan. She didn't go to the rebel side, but she definitely no longer had any Imperial sympathies.

    I asked Mara how she knew about her. It turns out Zara Maru was on Palpatine's fifty most wanted list. If Mara or any other Imperial saw her she was to be…and I quote… 'Terminated with extreme prejudice'.

    I grinned. "When you contacted her, did you tell her you once had orders to kill her on sight?"

    Mara rolled her eyes. "Telling a person they were once a target for assassination is usually not the best way to make a good first impression."

    I laughed. "I don't know, if I remember correctly that was one of the first things you told me…and we get along fine."

    Mara shook her head. "Mark, you're …different. Also, I think your Skywalker DNA makes you attracted to dangerous women."

    I made a face. "Kira's not dangerous."

    Mara snorted. "I've seen how she feeds you. All that rich food and creamy desserts…she's just letting the cholesterol kill you slowly."

    "Maybe," I chuckled, "but death by chocolate is not a bad way to go." I look at the holo again. "I notice you picked a replacement that is attractive and about Karrde's age…are you finding a replacement and playing matchmaker?"

    She shrugged. "Karrde never was one to mix business with pleasure…but if I have to find a replacement I might as well find somebody easy on his eyes."

    Ha! I don't care what she says…she's playing matchmaker.

    Good...Karrde deserves to find someone special and maybe have a family. After all, it was his blaster that killed Palpatine. The galaxy doesn't know this…most believe Luke and Han are the heroes of Byss. The rest of us have purposely kept in the shadows. Karrde is a smuggler who needs to remain neutral. He works in Imperial areas of the galaxy just as much as in Alliance territories.

    As for me, I would be happy if the galaxy never heard of me. I don't need to answer any uncomfortable questions like:

    "Mark, Is it true you are the clone of a son-of-a-Sith created a lab by an evil dark Jedi clone and genetically mutated to become a giant. And is it true that you were probably scheduled to be muted and chemically lobotomized so you could become a completely subservient extension of your creator's will…but luckily you were saved by the son and daughter of Lord Vader, an ex-Spice smuggler and the former Emperor's Hand?"

    No thank you. Luke and Han can be the heroes. I don't need the notoriety.



    ENTRY 62: Coruscant—The Wedding Announcement

    Princess Leia Organa Solo officially announced the engagement of her brother to Mara Jade yesterday during a huge press conference transmitted across the galaxy via the holonet. Immediately the conspiracy theories emerged. The first question reporters had was if the marriage of the Rebellion's greatest hero and Mara Jade the former Emperor's Hand was an arranged wedding as part of a peace plan between the New Republic and the Imperial Remnants.

    An arranged marriage? Really? Don't the reporters have eyes? I can see asking that question if Mara had the looks of a Hutt…but she's a fine looking woman. Anyway, she hasn't been with the Empire for years and has no connection to the current Imperials. Holo-reporters are idiots.

    Conspiracy theory number two was their marriage was to solidify the Jedi power-base and establish a Force Empire. No, I think the marriage is to solidify their union so they can have Force-enhanced sex on a daily basis. Although, I have to admit, the idea of a Force Empire of Imperial Knights is interesting.

    Then people wanted to know if the timing was significant. The news of the destruction of Daala's fleet and the prototype Death Star was declassified a week ago…and there had to be a connection.

    Ha…I know why it was announced now and it has nothing to do with politics…Mara's pregnant.

    They haven't officially told anybody (except maybe for Luke's family), but I figured it out. First Mara was actively shielding her thoughts from me, which made me suspicious. Then one day I saw Luke and Mara standing together across the courtyard. Luke whispered something to her and then rubbed her stomach is a strange way. It wasn't a sensual touch, but a tender and caring hand caressing her lower abdomen as if he was trying to sense something there. A wide grin broke out on Luke's face and then he picked her up off her feet and twirled her around once before he set her down and kissed her passionately. Okay, I'm no Corsec investigator, but I am pretty sure there was possibly, maybe some significance to his actions.

    I got confirmation the next day when I saw Mara alone at the Palace and I said, "So Skywalker finally knocked you up."

    The resulting punch in the arm and subsequent threats to cut off parts of my body if I opened my mouth was proof enough.

    So I guess Mara wanted to get married while she could still fit in a wedding dress.

    It's about damn time they got married and started a family.

    I need to start thinking about my wedding. I guess I have to find out when Mara and Luke are getting married. I don't want scheduling conflicts.

    Kira hasn't pressured me to set a date yet…but her mother...oh wow...her mother wants grandchildren….NOW! Neither of Kira's brothers are married, so the pressure is on. Hey, I am fine with having kids now, but Kira has her career. She finally worked her way up to the apex of her profession, so she might want to wait. But it's not like the owner of the restaurant is going to fire her if she gets pregnant…especially if he's the one fathering the child. That's one thing I like about being her boss…there are some awesome employee-employer benefits!
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    Ha…I know why it was announced now and it has nothing to do with politics…Mara's pregnant.

    Hahahaha! I love that line.

    I really hope that we get to see daddy!Mark in this journal.
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    I love that Mark always thinks of Kira's career and life first. He so sweet! [face_love]
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    I miss Mark!!!
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    Briannakin -- I think daddy Mark is scheduled to be one of the last entries.
    Hazel -- He is sweet. I just figure he is grateful to be alive.
    ginchy -- I missed him too. I have enough journal entries to do about two to three a week and finish out the end of the year. So I want to post more of him.
    Thanks everybody for reading![:D]


    ENTRY 63: Bachelor Party, Coruscant.

    I just got back from Luke's bachelor's party. Han thought it would be a great idea if all of Luke's male friends went down to the lower levels of Coruscant to a place called the Red Rancor… which sounded like a nice safe place to celebrate impending nuptials….not! Han, Lando, Chewie, almost all the Rogue pilots that flew with Luke during the rebellion, the Wild Karrde crew, and a handful of Luke's Jedi students were at the party.

    It was awesome to see Chin again. He gave me a big hug followed by a slap on the shoulder.

    "Did you bring Nibbles?" I had asked him to bring my pet ysalamiri down from the Wild Karrde for me.

    "They're in the shuttle," Chin said.

    "They?" I asked.

    He chuckled. "You don't want Nibbles to get lonely. I brought down another female so she'd have company."

    I smiled. I missed my pet. Mara once commented on how strange it was for a Force-user to have a Force-Void tree lizard as an animal companion, but that particular animal had saved my life more than once. Also, I snooze better with her around. When I'm asleep I'm often awakened by disturbances in the Force… and on Coruscant with trillions of sentient beings… there's always something happening to disturb a Force-user's sleep.

    "I heard you're getting married," Chin said. "Don't do it. You need to play the field so you can get other women out of your system before you settle down."

    I rolled my eyes. If playing the field got women out of your system, Chin would be a celibate Bendu monk by now. "Chin, you know Kira, so you also know she's a major catch."

    He shrugged. "She does cook great," he admitted.

    I smirked. "She does a lot of things great."

    "Oh ho, another whipped Wild Karrde crew member." Chin chuckled as he slapped me on the back.

    "Another?" I asked confused.

    He winked at me. "That new crew member, Zara Maru, is working out fine for Karrde."

    I grinned happily. Mara is a pretty good matchmaker after all. "Come on, let's get you a drink and congratulate the groom."

    Luke was having an awesome time at his party. You can tell he is really close to these people. I think every one of his friends would put his life on the line for Luke…I know I would. Near the end of the night he was fairly tipsy and was saying some things that probably would irritate Mara if she knew about it.

    Luke was sitting in a booth with me, Chewie and Han. Han joked about Mara possibly killing Luke on his wedding night. I had to chuckle…yeah Death by Kriffing is more like it. Ha!

    "Han, Mara would never hurt me. We have a bond within the Force. It's incredible. It's like we can see into each other's soul. She knows everything about me and I know everything about her. It's like one soul in two bodies. There are no secrets." Luke rambled while sipping his mug of ale. He must be drunk. I have never heard a man drone on about love so much as I have this evening. He has it bad for Mara. 'Shhpuuuu' goes the lightwhip!

    Han snorted. "Luke, to be honest, that doesn't sound very appealing. There is no way I would want Leia to know all my secrets."

    Luke's eyes narrowed. "That's my sister you're talking about…what secrets are you keeping from her?" Luke sounded irritated as he started to rise out of his seat on wobbly legs.

    Han put a hand on his brother-in-law's shoulder and pushed him back into his seat. "Calm down Luke, I'm talking about losing a little too many credits in a Sabaac game type of secrets." Han looked over to me. "Mark, you like dating somebody who doesn't know your every thought, right?"

    I shrugged. "I wouldn't know. Kira seems to know my every thought even without the Force…anyway, I don't keep secrets from her."

    Han scowled at me. "So when she asks you one of those typical woman questions that get most men in trouble…like… 'Does this dress make my butt look fat'…you answer her honestly?"

    I smiled. "Yes, because she has an awesome butt, but I know what you mean. Kira once made me some exotic dishes that probably appealed to some species but it made my stomach lurch…but I told her it tasted great. Let me give you a heads up…don't eat Gran food…ever! It taste bad going down and it makes everything come out in record time."

    Chewie gave an amused harrumph.

    "Don't laugh," I said. "Wookiee food is just as bad. Everything is raw."

    Chewie said something in the Shyriiwook language that I didn't understand, but Han obviously did. He almost choked on his drink because he was laughing so hard. I was going to ask Han what Chewie said, but then decided any comment that involved the subject 'eating something raw', I probably didn't want translated.

    "No, no, it's wonderful having our bond," Luke continued with a goofy 'I'm so in love' look on his face (I know that look because I see it in the mirror whenever Kira is around me). "It is a deep form of intimacy."

    Han, fully recovered from his laughing fit, shrugged. "Hey Kid, if you like Mara knowing all your secrets, that's fine." He got a sly grin on his face. "What did she say about your old girlfriends?"

    Luke shrugged his shoulders. "Mara knew I wasn't a virgin."

    Han's smile grew broader. "What did she say about 'The Kiss'…you know the one you got on Hoth?"

    I jumped in my seat when the Wookiee let out a loud whooping sound, which I could only interpret as laughter. I looked at Luke who was glaring at Han and then back to Han who had a poodoo-eating grin on his face.

    "What are you guys talking about?" I asked. I am very curious as to what they're referring to. I have to shield around Luke, but by the look on his face I can tell he's annoyed.

    "Nothing, Mark," Han said while laughing.

    I was about to ask Luke again, but we were interrupted by a couple of tattooed goons who wandered up to our table.

    "Hey, it's the Hero of the Rebellion, Luke Skywalker," The taller fellow with a tribal tattoo on his face said with a pronounced drunken slur.

    "We heard you are getting married to the Emperor's Hand. Couldn't you find anything better than a traitorous Imperial to play house with?" the second man chimed in with a smirk on his face.

    'Are these guys actually trying to pick a fight with Luke?' I thought in disbelief. Maybe they assumed Luke wouldn't do anything because he's a Jedi Master, but the fact that he was sitting next to a Wookiee, the legendary 'shoot first' Han Solo and a two-meter redheaded giant should have given them some pause!

    I looked back to Luke. He rarely gets angry, but I can tell he doesn't like anybody talking about Mara. He tried to stand but Han put a hand on his shoulder. "Luke, these guys are professional rabble rousers." Han pointed to other men in the crowd with holocameras. "They work with the paparazzi. They want to provoke you into a fight."

    Luke sighed. "Then let's go home…the media sleemos obviously know we're here and why."

    I stood up putting myself between the men and my friends as they moved toward the club exit. I didn't like the idea of letting these guys have the last word, but we definitely didn't need any trouble the night before Luke's wedding.

    The two guys looked around me and gave it one last try. "Where are you going Skywalker? Off to Kriff the Emperor's concubine?"

    Blood suddenly rushed to my face as anger built up inside of me. I was sure the veins in my neck and temple were visibly throbbing. I looked back to Luke. I really hoped he hadn't heard that last remark but he did. Chewie, Han and Luke turned around, all looking furious.

    I would never want to do anything to bring dishonor to the Jedi Order, but the look on Luke's face was permission enough for me to risk doing so. I grabbed the man by the front of his tunic and he yelped as his feet left the ground.

    "Don't you ever talk about my sister that way!" I was furious! I have Palpatine's memories and I KNOW there was nothing EVER sexual between her and the Emperor.

    The man looked shocked. He expected a response from Luke, but he obviously didn't imagine he was going to infuriate me. "Your sister? Oh kriff!" the man sputtered.

    His friend moved forward, his arm cocked back preparing to strike me, but I spun towards him with his comrade still in my grip. My attacker couldn't redirect his punch in time and ended up pummeling his friend in the head and knocking him out. I dropped the unconscious man on the ground and started after the other guy but Luke had already coldcocked him with a wicked right hook. I can see the flashes going off from holocameras and I winced at the thought of us being plastered over the HoloNet tonight. But Luke scowled at the reporters and made a waving motion with his hand, looking every bit the Jedi Master. The holoreporters' cameras crackled and flickered. I smiled as I realized Luke had used the Force to render them useless.

    By then the Rogues noticed what was going on and they wanted in on the action. Wedge, Hobbie and Wes snatched the fried holocameras from the men and smashed them on the floor. That caused a major scuffle. I saw Chin running up to the melee with a grin on his face. I think he lives for bar fights.

    At this point it was an all out brawl. Gods, I hope Kira doesn't find out about this. She made me promise that I would stay out of trouble tonight.

    A bunch of locals joined the fight but they are no match for Rogues, smugglers and Jedi. I looked over to see Kam and Kyle tossing gang members across the room. Karrde was in a corner holding a drink with a big grin on his face; he obviously enjoyed the fight. I saw a purple cape swirling around and realized Lando was holding his own against a couple of thugs. Chewie held a panicked gang member over his head before he tossed him over a couple tables. I caught a glimpse of Han before he busted some hooligan's nose with a straight jab.

    I ran up to Chin who was now trying to hold off two swoop gang members. I knocked out one man with one punch and Chin took out the other. He grinned at me. "Just like old times, huh, Mark?"

    "Unfortunately," I said when suddenly the side of my head spiked with pain. I reach up and felt blood. "What the hell?" I looked to the ground and saw a broken beer bottle. I then noticed that the room was full of flying chairs and bottles. I used the Force to deflect a few more projectiles coming in our direction. In the distance I heard police sirens.

    Luke came up behind me with a happy drunken smirk on his face. It looks like he's enjoying this! "Come on Mark, Mara will kill us if we end up in jail."

    I grab Chin's shirt and pull him in the direction of the exit as I signaled to Karrde to follow us.

    "I have a speeder," I said to Luke as we burst out of the building. "Need a ride?"

    Han spotted an airtaxi and flagged it down. "No need, I'll get Luke and Chewie home," he said.

    I nodded and took off towards the parking area. Karrde, Chin and I jumped into my vehicle and we took off just before the police arrived. People were flooding out of the club and disappearing into the crowded streets as I pulled away.

    "How's my head?" I asked Chin as I drove the speeder down the skyway.

    Chin inspected the side of my face. "The cut's not bad, just a scratch, but you have a nasty bruise forming."

    I sighed. Kira was going to kill me.

    I dropped Karrde and Chin off at the shuttle. I picked up the ysalamiri with nutrient cages and told my friends I would see them at the wedding.

    When I got home Kira was waiting up for me. Her smile immediately turned to a frown when she saw my face.

    "You got into a bar fight, didn't you?" She accused me.

    I tried to give her my most innocent look. "What, me? No." I set the ysalamiri cages down inside the doorway. "Why would you think that?"

    She went to the kitchen and moistened a paper towel. She came back to me and gently started to clean my wound. She gave me a smirk. "Okay, then tell me how you got hurt."

    I know it is impossible to lie to her, but I thought maybe I would joke around a bit. "I definitely wasn't in a bar fight with a swoop gang and a bunch of paparazzi…I got this cut and bruise…umm…by…." I looked up at the ceiling in a mock expression of deep thought making it obvious that the next thing to come out of my mouth was going to be a lie.

    "I…ah…got it during a lap dance….yeah…that's it. There was a female Barabel stripper there, or at least I think it was a female, and things got a little rough…you know when she shakes her behind in your face that tail can swing around dangerously."

    She put her hands on her hips. "Oh, I see, you were injured by a giant lizard-like stripper." She pursed her lips together. "Tell me what really happened right now or you're cut off," she threatened.

    My eyes flew open. "You're going to cut me off from sex?"

    She frowned. "No! Why should I have to suffer because of your bad behavior? I am cutting you off from homemade chocolate desserts."

    "Noooo!" I moaned. "Okay, I was in a bar fight with a swoop gang and paparazzi, but I didn't start it…well, not really."

    Kira rolled her eyes as she went to the 'fresher and got a few bacta patches. She adhered them to my head as she shook her head in disgust. "What did they do to provoke you into a fight?"

    "These guys were saying to Luke that Mara was the Emperor's… concubine!"

    Kira stepped back with a look of horror. "No! They didn't."

    I nodded my head. "Yes, they did."

    She shook her head and her brow furrowed in anger. "They are just damn lucky that Mara wasn't there." She thought about it for a second. "They're also lucky I wasn't there or they'd be digging a stiletto heel out of their crotch!"

    Ouch! My hands instinctively dropped in a protective position over my groin just at the thought.

    "I hope you and Luke beat the kriff out of them."

    I started laughing and kissed her. "They won't be saying nasty things about Mara again." I looked over to the cages I brought in. "Chin brought me Nibbles and another ysalamiri. I was going to build them a cage here until they can be in their final home in the Jedi temple. Is that okay?"

    It was my apartment, but Kira moved in shortly after our engagement, so she has a right to veto this pet arrangement. She just shrugged her shoulders. "I don't mind, but you have to clean the cages."

    "Deal," I say as I grabbed her up in my arms. "Since I told you the truth can I get some chocolate…perhaps in bed?" I gave her a wink.

    "You are a naughty boy." She smiled widely.

    One thing that's good about being a non-drinker, while everybody else was passed-out drunk or nursing a hangover, Kira and I were able to continue the party throughout the night.

    I love Kira. And chocolate. Or chocolate-covered Kira. Ha!
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    These boys... you can't let them out without supervision. :p
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    Go Mark! I love how protective he is about Mara, not that she needs it.
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    Hazel - No, those guys get in too much trouble without the ladies to keep them in line.
    Briannakin - Mark is a sweetie. I wish more guys were like him.

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. I am still having a problem with formatting. The paragraph breaks all disappear when I paste the story in. In anybody knows what I am doing wrong please feel free to let me know.

    ENTRY 64 : Luke and Mara's Wedding, Imperial Palace, Coruscant.

    I never saw Luke nervous before today. Even when he walked on lava and fought a Fire Dragon he looked calm, but an hour before his wedding he was anxiously pacing in a back room of the newly rebuilt Palace chapel.

    Han was doing his best to calm Luke down, even though he appeared almost as uneasy as the Jedi Master. I think Han had a case of stage fright. As Luke's chief attendant his image would be transmitted across the galaxy along with the bride and groom…that's enough to make any man tense.

    "It's natural to be nervous Kid, but you're doing the right thing here," Han said.

    "Yeah, especially since you knocked her up," I added.

    Luke glowered at me. "Not funny, Mark. I'm not nervous about getting married…I've had this vague feeling of anxiety and dread for the last couple weeks and now those feelings are getting more concrete."

    "We can have things checked out, if you want," Han said.

    Luke pulled at the collar of his formal wear. "There is definitely something wrong." He looked up to me. "Mark, get some of the Jedi students and place them on the entrances and exits. They should be trained well enough to sense evil intent in any of the guests. Tell them not to confront any suspicious person without back-up."

    He turned to Han. "See if you can get a larger Corsucanti Police presence outside the palace. Tell them there are rumors of trouble occurring. With all the political elite here we need more security."

    "You got it Kid." Han pulled out his comlink and started making calls.

    I took off and gave the instructions to the ushers and Jedi apprentices. I was hoping that Luke's vague feeling of dread was simply cold feet, but I don't think we'd be that lucky…I'm getting a bad feeling also.

    I placed Jem, Rayf, Tionne and Kyp near the Palace entrances. Kam, Kyle and I were ushers in the wedding but would be ready to respond to trouble if called. We all had small comlinks placed in our ears to communicate covertly. I wished Kerian was with us, but he was off on a mission and Cray was probably at the hospital with her fiancé Nichos who recently was diagnosed with a fatal disease called Quannot's Syndrome.

    I looked around the huge chapel. Gods, I never in my life have seen so many people. The restored amphitheater of the Imperial palace is said to hold two thousand people, but I think twice that number was crowded into the seats and were standing in the open area next to the stage.

    Kyle, Kam and I helped invited guests to their seats, but kept a close eye out for danger. I felt better when I was told an elite tactical unit of the Coruscanti Police had arrived and was providing perimeter security. I have no idea why they weren't there in the first place. It's only the biggest event in the galaxy. This place should have been crawling with security.

    "Mark," Jem's voice came over the com. She and Rayf had learned Basic but they still had thick Ossus accents and my named sounded more like 'Merk'.

    "Mark here," I replied.

    "The police have encountered trouble on the south side. Should we lock down?"

    "Yeah, the ceremony is about to start." I saw Jem start to close the door, but an Ithorian put his foot in the doorway, preventing it from shutting. I could see a strange look come over Jem's face as the alien presented her his invitation. She took it and looked over to me nervously. I reached out with the Force and I could feel what she probably sensed…it wasn't the Force signature of an Ithorian…but a human in disguise.

    I reach up to the comlink screwed into my right ear. "Kam, see the Ithorian in your aisle?" There was a click telling me that was an affirmative. "I think it's a human in disguise."

    Kyle came over the comlink. "I'll be over to help you Kam."

    All three of us converged on the towering Ithorian. We stopped the dark-brown alien and he presented his invitation. It looked real, but why would a guest come in disguise? I could see Kam look down at the alien's free hand…the one not holding the invitation.

    "Deadman switch!" Kam yelled as he grabbed the imposter's hand. All three of us must have been pushing that button down with the Force simultaneously because we heard the cracking of bone and then a very human scream coming from within the Ithorian costume. As Kam held the deadman switch down, Kyle and I each grabbed one of the suspect's arms and used the Force to escort him out of the amphitheater and into the hands of the New Republic security detail.

    I thought he might have been a suicide bomber, but under his cloak was a datapad. I later discovered that the man was an Imperial sympathizer who intended to download a virus into the New Republic computers that would go out and destroy the old Imperial communication system, severing all worlds from one another.
    I had to chuckle. Mara told me months ago that when the NR retook Coruscant the first thing the leadership did was have Karrde's old slicer, Ghent, put in computer firewalls and virus protection to prevent that very scenario.

    Once the intruder was in safe hands we returned to the ceremony. I made my way to where Kira was and sat down. Luckily, I didn't miss much. I was able to hear Mara and Luke give their vows.

    "Mara Jade, do you freely bind yourself to Luke Skywalker, to be his companion, partner, aide and comfort for all the days of your life?" Admiral Ackbar, officiator of the marriage, asked.

    I chuckled softly. Mara is going to bind herself to Luke? Kinky! That's something I'd like to see…or maybe not. Kira gave me a warning look. Shavit! I think she knows what I'm thinking. I swear she has the Force…or maybe she just knows me really, really well.

    "I do," Mara said softly.

    The Mon Calamari Admiral continued. "And you, Luke Skywalker, do you promise to forsake all others, to be Mara's comfort and confidant, friend, lover and companion for your mortal days?"

    Behind me I heard somebody whisper, "It's a trap!" I'm pretty sure it was Wes Janson.

    "I do," Luke replied.

    At this point I could see Mara and Luke whispering something to each other, but I couldn't make out what was said. Kira grabbed my hand in hers and gave it a squeeze. I looked over and she had tears in her eyes. Why do women cry at weddings? Whoever is paying for this ceremony should be crying. It must have cost a fortune.

    The Admiral asked Han for the rings. Of course, Luke had his Artoo unit hold the rings. His relationship with his Astromech droid is creepy. That would be like me having my pet Nibbles as my ring bearer.

    Han took the rings from the droid's mechanical claw and handed them to Luke. The two exchanged rings and were pronounced husband and wife. They turned to each other, both looking completely love-struck, and kissed….and kissed…for a very, very long time. I think they forgot this wedding was being filmed. I wanted to yell, 'Get a room!', but I was certain that would result in a well placed elbow strike to my ribs. Luckily the room was full of Rogues. "Stay on target, Red Leader!" somebody yelled out, followed by rowdy laughter.

    Mara and Luke were still in a passionate embrace when they both broke out laughing. Luke reluctantly pulled away from his bride and I could see his face was flushed. I wasn't sure if it was from embarrassment or desire, but if the intense emotions that flooded over me through the Force were any indication, it was probably a little bit of both. I wouldn't be surprised if the happy couple skipped out of the reception early to get a head start on their Honeymoon.

    Luke reached out and took Mara's hand and then turned toward the audience.

    "I present to you, the Skywalkers," Admiral Ackbar announced in a deep rumbling voice.

    Kira burst out crying once more. Gods, if she gets this emotional over Luke and Mara's wedding what is she going to do during our nuptials?

    After the ceremony Kira and I were invited to a reception for five hundred of Luke and Mara's closest friends. And I say that facetiously. I think every important person in the galaxy was there, including Senators, world leaders, royalty and New Republic Generals and Admirals. There were some people Luke and Mara actually invited such as the Solos, Rogues and Luke's Jedi students.

    Mara moved from one political figure to the other, charming them all. Palpatine trained her well when it came to mingling. It is a useful skill for an assassin. Luke, on the other hand, looked uncomfortable meeting the VIPs. Only when he was around the Rogues and Jedi did he look relaxed.

    Kira looked at the throng of people, turned to me and said, "We should elope."

    I chuckled. I wish we could, but I am pretty sure Kira's mother would kill us if we did. "How about a small wedding?"

    She nodded her head. "Very small."

    The music started and Mara and Luke started their first dance as a married couple. I held out my hand to Kira. "Would you care to dance?"

    She smiled. "Absolutely."
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    Are you cutting and pasting from FF.n, or from a word document. I found that when I just copy and pasted from LJ, all my formatting got messed up.

    Daww! That was sweet!

    Behind me I heard somebody whisper, "It's a trap!" I'm pretty sure it was Wes Janson.

    [face_rofl]I want a Rogue Squadron peanut gallery if I ever get married.
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    Yes, that was very sweet! :D They deserve it.
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    Yeah, I am cutting and pasting from FFN. After I first experienced problems I would cut and paste the story into a word document and the I tried to see if it would do the same thing and it did. So then I tried removing formatting and that removed all the paragraph breaks once again. So I was in the same boat. So now I cut and paste into Word and then I add another space between all the paragraphs and then I paste it in here and usually that works. But when it doesn't and I try to edit it and add a space nothing happens in the edit window. So I push return again and again and when I save now I have a bunch of spaces. So I have to add the space and trust that it will be there when I save because the space between paragraphs will not show up in the edit window. That is the only thing I am having problems with. It is a little frustrating because I didn't have this problem in the temp boards. I don't know what is happening.

    Thanks for reading and reviewing.

    Hazel -- Thanks for reading and the nice review.

    Let's try this again.

    ENTRY 65: Coruscant

    This day didn't exactly turn out the way I planned.

    It started out well enough. Today was the day I would be tested on my lightsaber techniques. Kam was chosen to be my opponent and we were to duel until one of us yielded or neither could continue the fight. I was nervous all week about this particular exam…not because I didn't think I could hold my own…but because Kira was going to be there to watch me fight. For some reason having her there made me anxious. I wanted to impress her and that might be a distraction. I was going to ask her not to come, but then I thought if I could be distracted by a woman in the viewing stand (albeit an extremely sexy and beautiful woman)…then I wouldn't make much of a Jedi.

    Kam and I walked to the center of courtyard where a dueling area was set up. Both of us were dressed in Jedi robes because Luke had some holo-reporters that were going to record the duel as part of a recruiting holo (no beskar armor for me today). That was just another thing to make me nervous. Now if I screw up it's not only in front of Kira, but probably the entire galaxy.

    We stood facing each other, activated our lightsabers and gave each other a salute. We then went into a fighting stance and waited for Luke to give the command to fight.

    "Begin!" Luke shouted. The words were barely out of his mouth before Kam lunged forward. I quickly parried his attack and countered with one of my own. Kam backflipped out of the way and my blade swooshed through the space he once occupied.

    Kam is a master of the Ataru form of lightsaber combat. During our previous practice matches I spent most of the bout trying to keep track of his location. It's like fighting a Jedi hawk-bat hyped up on glitterstim spice. He's there one second and then the next thing I know he is flying across the courtyard twirling and cartwheeling.

    I can flip and spin, but it takes more energy to move my bulk…I know Luke tells me that 'Size matters not', but if that was always true then why did the Jedi develop the Fifth Lightsaber Form, Shien/Djem-So, for the tall and muscular Jedi warriors? Of course, Luke doesn't say that particular phrase to me much anymore…I guess he got sick of me responding with 'That's what she said'. Ha!

    I somersaulted away from Kam's flying dive, avoiding his blade by centimeters. We both get on our feet and circle around each other and then attack again. The next hour or so consisted of a blur of attacks, parries, reposte, feints, counter-parries, more backflips, spinning blades and counterattacks.

    To the viewers in the stands it probably looked like two men sparring with the grace of dancers and the agility of gymnasts, but to the duelers it is a grueling painful match. Within ten minutes most men would be exhausted. Only with the use of the Force are we still standing.

    After a series of attacks and counterattacks, Kam throws up his hand and Force shoves me back. I knew that was a legal move and should've been ready for it, but I wasn't and I was thrown back about five meters and landed on the ground. Kam moved in for the killing blow, but I was able to roll out of the way and bring my blade up to repel the attack.

    I get back to my feet and Kam and I circle around each other again taking the time to catch our breath and trying to draw the Force back into our bodies to fortify our strength. My knees were getting shaky and I don't know how much longer I could go on. The thought of yielding flitters through my mind, but I push the thought away. I'm not going to yield with Kira looking on.

    I advanced on Kam and try a Force shove of my own, but Kam was ready for it and only stumbled back a meter. I bring my saber bearing down on him but his blade crosses mine. Our blades remained crossed and snapping with energy, that is until Kam put a boot to my chest and pushed me back.

    We both look at each other utterly exhausted.

    "Yield Mark," Kam tells me.

    I shake my head. "I'm not going to yield…not with my fiancé watching." I motion with my head toward the viewing stands.

    Kam grins. "I'm not going to yield with my girlfriend watching either." He motions over to where Tionne is standing next to Mara and Luke.

    My shoulders slump; this match may go on for a very long time.

    "Come on Mark. Nobody expects you to beat me. I have been training all my life—first with my father, then under a darkside instructor and then with Master Skywalker. You on the other hand have been training for…what… a year from what Luke tells me? Yield Mark, you can't beat me."

    I almost laughed. I knew exactly what he was doing. I let him know, in so many words, that his taunting tricks wouldn't work. His eyes went wide as I advanced and thrust my hand up for another Force shove. Kam steadied himself, pushing back with the Force and moving back only a meter. Before he could regain his footing I stopped pushing with the Force and instead pulled him in my direction with the last of my energy. Kam's eyes went wide as he moved towards me until my glowing blade impacted him dead center on his chest.

    He looked down and gasped in pain. I deactivated my blade and smiled as I held up the orange handle of the practice saber. "Good thing these things aren't real."

    Kam stumbled back, exhausted. At that point the last of my energy was expended. I dropped to the ground trying to catch my breath. After a few minutes I heard the sound of feet running and Kira calling out my name.

    I was lying on my back, totally exhausted. She leaned down next to me. "Are you okay, Mark?"

    "Come closer," I whispered to her. When she did I grabbed her up in my arms and kissed her. She kissed me back and then laughed as she tried to get out of my grip.

    "Let me go, Mark, you're filthy."

    I can see the sweat and dirt from my clothing rubbing off and soiling her shirt. "I am filthy…I'm also sweaty and dirty."

    "Funny," she said as she stood. She offered me her hand and did her best to help me up.

    I embraced her again and this time she didn't protest. "How about you and me go back to the apartment and get cleaned up. I need somebody to wash my back," I said.

    She gave me a sensual smile. "I can do that."

    As we were about to leave I could see Kam talking to Luke and Mara. All three were staring at me with troubled looks on their faces. I can sense through the Force that there was a problem. "Kira, I think Luke may need me a little longer." I gave her a soft kiss. "Why don't you go on ahead and I'll meet you shortly."

    She gave me a concerned look, but nodded her head. "Okay, I'll see you when you get home."

    She took off and I walked over to where Luke and Kam were standing. Mara had a medical kit out and was putting a bacta patch on Kam's chest wound. It was a nasty welt, but nothing that wouldn't heal in a day. As soon as I got close to Luke I started shielding to prevent Force backlash.

    I looked at Kam then Luke and Mara—I can tell they are upset about something. "What's up?" I asked.

    Luke gives me a forced smile. "Mark, can we talk privately?"

    Uh oh…that didn't sound good. "Sure."

    We move to an undamaged area of the palace where Luke had set up a temporary office. Luke sat at his desk and Mara, Kam and I took seats across from him.

    I frown. "So are you going to tell me what is going on?"

    "Mark, according to Kam, during the match…right before you beat him you said something…something that deeply disturbed him."

    I looked at Kam confused. "I said his taunting wasn't going to work." I look back at Luke. "What exactly is going on?"

    Kam shook his head. "Mark, you said 'Nie Dun Moch fue'tas'."

    I looked at him like he was crazy. "I don't even know what the hell that means."

    "Dun Moch is a Sith lightsaber technique where you taunt your opponent in the hope of distracting him or jeering him into making a false move. You said 'No Dun Moch tricks' in the Sith language."

    "What the…I didn't…" I stop and thought, really thought. What did I say? I turned back to Kam, "I said that?"

    Kam gives me a hard look. "Yes, you said that, and it makes me wonder why you can speak the Sith language."

    "How do you know it?" I countered.

    "I trained under Sith, remember?"

    I looked down at the ground. "Oh yeah."

    Kam turned to Luke. "How do you know he is not a Sith infiltrator?"

    "He's not, Kam," Luke reassured the Jedi.

    "Haven't you noticed he closes down in the Force whenever he's around you? He is actively blocking you out. He could be Sith and you may not sense it."

    Mara jumped to my defense. "Mark's no Sith. Luke and I have known him his entire life."

    Kam frowned and I can see he is trying to figure out that comment. He knows Mara and Luke met only a few years ago. Obviously Luke didn't tell him about my origins. Luke sighs and looks up at me as if asking me permission to tell Kam the truth.

    "Go ahead Luke, you can tell him," I said.

    Luke nodded his head. "Thanks Mark," he turned to Kam. "Mark's a clone we found on Wayland. Joruus C'baoth created him…we think to be an Imperial Sentinel."

    Kam looks at me slack jawed. "So he is a darksider clone?"

    Luke shook his head. "He wasn't cloned from a darksider. He's my clone."

    Kam burst out laughing, but then turned silent when he saw nobody else was amused. "Luke have you noticed he doesn't look anything like you?"

    Luke smiled. "His genetic code started as mine, but was altered by C'baoth to make him taller and more muscular. He dyed his hair and altered his eye color to further disguise his looks. Mark and I have to shield from each other because of a painful Force backlash…or feedback we experience when we are near each other. As for his training it appears he was given ARC ground trooper flash instruction."

    Kam's eyes narrowed. "Then how does he have Sith knowledge?"

    Luke turned back to me and cocked his head to the side. "Mark, how did you know about Dun Moch?"

    Bloah…this was a situation I was hoping to avoid the rest of my life.

    "From Palpatine…from his memories." I looked over to Mara for some assistance. "I told Mara about my encounter with the Emperor. That I was able to see his thoughts and memories…remember Mara?"

    She looked at me confused for a moment, but then I could see in her eyes that she remembered. "Do you mean our conversation on the Falcon, after we escaped Byss?"

    "Yes!" I was relieved.

    "Mark, I thought you just got brief images…how…I mean…what exactly happened to you?"

    I sighed. "I got his memories. I don't know if they are all of them or some of them, but they're there."

    Kam looked at me. "So you could write down what Palpatine knew?"

    I shook my head. "If you told me to record all the secrets of the Sith…I couldn't do it. For some reason the memories have to be triggered. And it usually only happens when I am stressed, in danger…or sometimes during nightmares." I turned back to Kam. "When you started taunting me I must have recognized it as a Sith technique. I think I was reciting something Palpatine said in a similar situation."

    "What other times has it happened?" Mara asked.

    "When Luke mentioned Yavin IV I knew it was once inhabited by Sith. When we were on that mission to find Gantoris…when Luke walked across the lava…I had a memory of Palpatine on the lava world of Mustafar…and when we were on our salvage mission to Byss I was reminded of a flesh eating plaque the Empire released." I looked back to Luke and Mara. "You don't think I'm in danger of going to the darkside, do you?"

    Luke stared at me for a moment then turned to Mara. "I have to shield from him, but you don't. You are the best person to answer that."

    "No, absolutely not…at least not on his own…maybe if he underwent the torture Kam endured…but I don't see him being tempted. I trust Mark with my life," she turned to Luke, "And I have a hard time believing anybody with darkside tendencies would want a ysalamiri as a pet." She laughed.

    Luke gave me an even look. "I think you're right."

    Kam stared at me for a few seconds then sighed. "I'm sorry Mark. When you started talking like a Sith out there it just threw me for a loop." He stood up and extended his hand. I stood and shook it. "Of course, that's the only reason you won the match," he said with a grin.

    Shavit, he's still pulling that Dun Moch crap on me. I smiled. "That may be true…but I still won."

    I went to leave, but Luke called out to me. "Mark, after you are cleaned up and rested…I do want to discuss what you have remembered so far…from Palpatine."

    I frowned but nodded my head. "Sure thing."

    Kriff'n Palpatine.
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    More like kriff-blocking Palpatine

    Of course, Luke doesn't say that particular phrase to me much anymore…I guess he got sick of me responding with 'That's what she said'. Ha!

    Sounds like something I would say. Lol!
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    Excellent work with the training duel. =D=

    Having Palpy's memories can't be easy for Mark, but luckily he's a grear guy who isn't tempted by them.
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    Briannakin --thanks. Mark is a bit of a smart alec. Hazel -- Thanks for the compliment on the duel. I don't like writing action and I suffered over that scene. I appreciate you both reading and taking the time to comment.

    ENTRY 66: Corran & Mirax Horn, Coruscant

    Luke came back from a mission he took with Keiran Halcyon—the blond Corellian that has been studying to become a Jedi. When I saw Keiran I was a little shocked because his blond hair was now dark brown. Luke explained to me that Keiran was at the Academy under an assumed name because Invid pirates had kidnapped his wife and he didn't want anybody knowing he was refining his Force skills in order to find her. His real name is Corran Horn and his wife is Mirax Terrik Horn.

    Kira wanted to meet Corran and Mirax. So she had Luke, Mara, Corran and Mirax over for dinner at our apartment. She made an amazing Corellian themed meal of fried Endwa, Charbote root, smoked nerf, followed by Ryshcate and washed down with Corellian spiced ale.

    All three women hit it off. I'm glad Kira met Mirax. They are both non-Force sensitives who love and live with Jedi men. It is nice for her to have somebody whom she can commiserate with when we are off on Jedi missions.

    I was always friendly with Corran while at the Academy, but now that he doesn't have to maintain a façade he is much easier to talk to. I like him. He has a sense of humor and a laid-back personality. I am told that his father-in-law owns his very own Star Destroyer. Stang! He better not irritate his in-laws!

    "We should go to the spa together one of these weekends," Kira said to the other two women.

    "Definitely! In fact, we should make it a girls-night-out after that," Mirax added. "I heard the Hapan all-male dance troupe is on Coruscant next month."

    'What was that?' I thought. 'Is that that troupe that…?'

    "Whoa, whoa," I said in shock. "Isn't that the group that ties their…you know…their packages into strange shapes?"

    The women burst out laughing. "No, you're thinking of 'Knot Now—Corellia's legendary masters of genital origami," Mirax said when she finally caught her breath. "And how do you know about them?"

    I was stumped for a moment. How did I know? I gasped in shock when I realized that little tidbit of information came from Palpatine's memories.

    "Believe it or not, I think the Emperor Reborn was a fan of that troupe."

    Mara and Luke burst out laughing. Mirax and Corran looked at them in confusion until they explained to them about my run in with Palpatine and how some of his memories were imprinted in my mind. That revelation had them rolling in laughter.

    Overall it was a great night, although I now wish I didn't quit drinking. I could use a strong shot of whiskey to purge those new thoughts out of my brain.
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    [face_rofl] [face_rofl] [face_rofl]

    That is one embarasing memory to have, especially if it's not your own.
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    I think I may need bleach to purge those thoughts from my mind.
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    Hazel -- I can't believe there are such things as genital origami performance troupes on Earth.:eek:
    Briannakin -- Sorry about that. :p

    Here we go into the Callista era, but don't worry this is going to be the way it should have been written. ;)


    ENTRY 67: Illness, Death, Creepiness, Coruscant.

    Over the last few months Cray Mingla's fiancé Nichos Marr struggled to survive having been stricken with a fatal disease called Quannot's Syndrome. A few days ago I was told that Nichos finally succumbed to the disease. I was waiting for details about the funeral but they never came about. I decided to go down to Cray's quarters to give her my condolences and to inquire as to the time of the services. When the door opened I jumped back in shock and gave an unmanly yelp of surprise. Well, it wasn't a yelp as much as a "Whoaaaahhh! What the kriff!"

    There standing at the door was Nichos Marr. At least, it looked like Nichos Marr. The hands and face were of Nichos, but the rest of the body was smooth and gray in color…like he was wearing a body suit. What disturbed me the most was that I couldn't feel him in the Force. It took me a moment to realize this was not Nichos at all, but a facsimile of what once was the man—a human replicate droid.

    "There is no need for alarm, Mark," Nichos said in a monotone voice. The fact that his face remained expressionless was unnerving.

    "I'm not alarmed," I lied. Well it wasn't really a lie. I wasn't fearful, but I was definitely freaked out. "What happened?"

    The Nichos droid made an attempt at a smile. "The technicians of the biomedical institute on Coruscant developed this body for me. I transferred my personality and hopefully my Force essence into it prior to my death."

    I stared at him slack jawed. "Why?" I know that probably was a rude question, but having your mind trapped in a droid body sounded like a horrible fate.

    Nichos gazed at me dispassionately. "To live, of course, and to spend my life with Cray."

    "What the...why?" It was like that question was running through my mind in a loop. I just didn't see the point of living without a human body. I know some religious groups do it, but I still don't understand it.

    Luke once told me about the B'omarr Monks who live Tatooine. They believed that they could better achieve enlightenment if cut off from all physical sensation. Therefore, they would have their brains removed from their body and placed in a nutrient-filled jar and mounted on a spider-like droid called a BT-16. Once away from their body the brain could fully concentrate on the pondering the mysteries of the galaxy.

    After a few years of this I would assume the brains would start pondering, 'Why exactly did I think this was a good idea?' or 'Gods, I could go for cloud cake right about now,' or perhaps 'How could I forget that brains can't have sex!'

    I guess I wouldn't be a good B'omarr monk.

    As I stood at his doorway bewildered, Nichos' blue artificial eyes stared at me blankly. "I am not sure I understand your confusion." When I didn't respond he said, "What was the purpose of your visit?"

    That pulled me out of my stupor. "Umm…" I shrugged my shoulders. "I wanted to know when your funeral was going to take place…you know…to pay my respects."

    Nichos nodded his head. "My physical body was cremated shortly after its demise. There will be no funeral."

    I stepped back from Nichos. "Okay, sorry for…I just wasn't aware of the situation…you just surprised me."

    The Nichos droid gave another unnatural looking smile. "That is quite understandable." He paused for a moment. "Thank you for thinking about me."

    As he closed the door I moved away from Cray and Nichos' quarters quickly. My comlink buzzed and I reached into my pocket and pulled it out. "Mark here."

    "Mark," I heard Luke's voice come over the device. "Are you okay? I felt a spike of alarm in the Force."

    "I'm okay," I answered. "I just saw Nichos, that's all."

    There was a long pause and I thought I lost the connection at first, but then Luke came back. "Stop by my office, I'd like to get your advice on something."

    "I'm on my way," I said as I turned off the comlink.

    As I entered Luke's office I saw he wasn't alone. Mara was there sitting on a small couch. Her hand was resting on the small bump of her belly. She was about five months pregnant but barely showing. I smiled upon seeing her. Her happiness projected strongly through the Force. I think after decades under the control of Palpatine the fact that she is a wife and soon-to-be mother must seem like a dream come true.

    "Sit down Mark," Luke motioned to a chair near his desk. I sat and looked up at him expectantly. "How did your introduction to Nichos go?"

    I frowned irritably. "A heads up on the situation would have been nice."

    Luke lowered his head and sighed. "Cray and Nichos just returned today. Mara and I were discussing how and when to introduce him to the other students when we felt your alarm."

    I shook my head. "I feel nothing from him in the Force…he's not going to continue to train as a Jedi, is he?"

    "Cray believes she can overcome that problem with more research," Mara spoke up.

    My brow furrowed. "How can he touch the Force without a body? Midi-chlorians are needed to manipulate the Force. The best he can hope for is having his Force essence to occupy the droid body…like a Force ghost."

    "Midi-chlorians?" Luke asked with a perplexed look on his face. "Is that something you read in the Ossus books or is that another Palpatine memory?"

    I stopped to think. Stang! I'm pretty sure it's a memory that floated up to my consciousness. It has become more common lately and I don't know why. I ran my hand through my hair nervously. I hate when this happens. "I think it's a memory," I admitted.

    "Did that just come to you?" Mara asked.

    I nodded my head. I sometimes think they believe I am holding out on them…which I am. I have made a vow to myself that some of Palpatine's dark knowledge will die with me. Sith knowledge is dangerous and the more people I tell the more likely the knowledge will be used for evil sometime in the future.

    "So, you don't think Nichos will regain his ability to control the Force?" Luke asked.

    "No, I think it is possible to have a strong Force essence in a non-organic…like in the holocrons…but controlling the Force is another matter."

    I shifted in my seat uncomfortably and asked the question that puzzled me. "Why would he do that?" I shook my head, confused. "I love life, but I could never do what Nichos did. I wouldn't expect Kira to live with a droid with my personality. She might think it was a good idea when death was near, but she would face a lifetime without real human touch, without sex…or at least not natural sex, without the possibility of me fathering children with her. If we adopted how would the children react to a droid father?" I looked at the floor in thought. "I know this is none of my concern. I just find their decision disturbing in a sad way…it's hard to explain."

    "We understand, Mark." Luke admitted. "I am a little uncomfortable with their choice…but it is their decision to make." He paused for a moment in thought. "I have to accompany Leia and Han to Ithor for some planetary celebration called the Time of Meeting. I think I'll take Cray and Nichos with me. It'll give me time to observe Nichos and determine if he can continue his Jedi training."

    "I'm going with you," Mara insisted.

    Luke frowned. "Mara, with your horrible bouts of morning sickness, you're in no shape for a long journey. I wish you would stay here. This is a diplomatic mission, so you don't have to worry about my safety."

    Her eyes narrowed. "Luke, what about those nightmares you've been having? They could be visions of the future."

    Luke sighed. "The future is always in motion. And if they are visions then that is more than enough reason for you to stay. We can't risk the life of the baby. Nichos and Cray will be there with me. They're trained as Jedi."

    Mara gave him a stubborn look. "A Force-Void droid and a Jedi with marginal Force ability is not much help. I want to go."

    Luke let out a deep breath and his shoulders slumped in defeat. "Mara…"

    "I'll go," I interrupted. "Mara, you would never forgive yourself if anything happened to the baby. I'll go with Luke, if that'll make you feel any better."

    Mara frowned at me and it looked like she was going to protest when a queasy expression crossed her face and she jumped up and ran to the 'fresher. I could hear the lid of a toilet slam open followed by gagging sounds.

    Luke turned in his chair to face the 'fresher. "Do you need any help?" he called out.

    "I think you've done enough!" Mara snarled back. "You got me in this condition."

    I snickered.

    "I heard that Mark!" Mara yelled out.

    Damn! She has great hearing for a woman with her head over a porcelain bowl puking her guts out. After a few minutes we heard the toilet flush and water running in the sink. Mara came back looking disheveled and nauseous. "Fine, you go with him Mark! But you better bring him back in one piece. I don't care how peaceful this diplomatic mission is supposed to be. Trouble follows Luke." She turned to her husband. "I'm going back to our quarters to lie down."

    Luke stood and tried to kiss Mara goodbye, but she covered her mouth complaining about morning sickness breath. She tolerated a kiss on the cheek before she left.

    Luke sat back down at his desk and looked at me. "I guess you're going to Ithor."
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    Trouble follows Luke

    Understatement of the century.

    Great chapter. Nichos would have freaked me out too. Cray was never 'right' in the head.
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    Nov 9, 2010
    There is something very weird about this whole phase. Mixing droids and people's souls doesn't sit with me very well.

    Although sometimes I think Artoo is more sentient than the sentients. :p
  25. Jedi_Lover

    Jedi_Lover Force Ghost star 5

    Nov 1, 2004
    Nichos and Cray were a conveinent plot device for the Callista bodysnatching episode. I know you can say it was the Force at work...but isn't it a weird coincidence that Cray is an expert in putting human personalities into a droid body? Then her boyfriend conveniently comes down with a fatal disease and will die...unless you know somebody who can put his personality into a droid body...who could Nichos get to do that for him...oh yeah, his girlfriend. And after all these coincidences then Luke finds the soul of a Jedi trapped in a computer who needs a body. Come on! I think it would have been cool if Nichos gave up his droid body to Callista. That would be fun to watch. Mara probably would have found that fairly humorous.

    Briannakin -- Cray was one messed up Jedi. And I also thought it was a little too convenient that two superstars in the field artificial intelligence would suddenly say, "Let's forget about our lifelong work in a high paying field and instead study to be a Jedi". That is like a guy with a doctorate in astrophysics to decide to give up his research to become a private in the Army so he can get shot at and make a fraction of the pay. It could happen...but unlikely. Stupid plot devices.