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Beyond - Legends Journey to Really Far Away! SW/Trek Crossover; updated 12/30/2017.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by WarmNyota_SweetAyesha, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Game Host Who Loves Fanfics & RPGs star 7 VIP - Game Host

    Aug 31, 2004
    by WarmNyota & earlybird-obi-wan :D Disclaimer: Borrowing the characters for a bit of fun. We own only the original characters.

    AN: After suffering a strange anomaly with a wormhole after visiting a red dwarf, the Enterprise crew :oops: finds themselves far from home. ;)

    Dramatis personae
    Luke Skywalker, age 71, Jedimaster
    Mara Skywalker, clone 1, wife to Luke
    Ben Skywalker, age 26, husband of Seha
    Seha Dorvald, age 30, wife of Ben
    Kyp Durron, age 59, Jedimaster
    Corran Horn, age 70, Jedimaster
    Mirax Terik Horn, age 71, wife to Corran
    Valin Horn, age 39, Jediknight
    Jysella Horn, age 36, Jediknight
    Cilghal, age 68, Jedihealer

    Jim Kirk, age 33, captain
    Spock, age 36, exec
    Nyota Uhura, age 27, communications
    Leonard McCoy, age 39, chief medical officer surgeon
    Jeran Baldavin, age 112, surgeon
    Lionel Majeski, age 33, anaesthetist
    Ker Djarada, age 215, nurse
    Clara Deyman, age 26, nurse
    Jana John, age 43, nurse
    Marc Jullio, age 42, nurse
    Florian McLintlock, age 42, chief cook
    Kyle Crisson, age 43, weapons master
    Mira Ahart, age 54, chief ICT
    Kyp Blaine, age 56, scientist
    Dion Ammer, age 27, ensign
    Allura Neville, age 25, scientist


    "Captain's log: stardate 4713.7: We are in an uncharted region after going through what Spock calls a wormhole. The Enterprise sustained some damage on the warp drive-engines and the technicians are working to repair them. We have only impulse-power and are drifting towards a nebula."

    "Monitoring communication bands." Nyota said. "Light traffic from what I can gather; from what appears to be planetary to orbital transport control facilities. Trying to figure out what the exact language is, although some words seem familiar."

    "We'd better get those engines back online, quickly." Jim said. "We want to be able to make a quick exit if necessary."

    "Thankfully, the weapons are functioning fine." said Mr. Cirsson.

    "Shields operational as well." Sulu added. "All juiced up."


    “You look sleepy,” Valin Horn gave Ben Skywalker a playful push when he entered the training room. “I will be able to defeat you.”

    “Yeah, or,” Ben smiled “Kyp has planned something. You know what he did almost a year ago to Corran and Kyle.”

    “A prank to get an Ewok doll after a rope-climb that was irresistible for two eager competitors. Corran broke his leg and it led us to a mission to Corellia. My dad got a lot of memories. Your dad got a firoka-fish and the Dorsetti-holocron and was able to clone Mara using a hair,” Valin's gaze was faraway with recalling; then he focused again on Ben. “But you look sleepy.”

    “Seha’s doing,” Ben sighed. “Last week I moved to the couch to get some sleep. She is tossing and turning and visiting the fresher very often. And over the last days it’s getting worse. She kept me awake with her wanting this and that with this being hot chocolate-milk and that the weird foodstuff. Today she has to see Cilghal. But thank the Force,” he looked skywards “the boy is due in a few weeks.” He started to fall down gasping “Seha!”

    “Something is wrong, Ben.” Valin managed to grab Ben and started towards the exit of the training room.

    “Definitely,” Luke appeared followed by Corran and Kyp. The latter was trying to hide an Ewok doll in his cloak. He and Corran had been planning a prank for the young Jedi.

    "Mara is seeing Cilghal for her checkup." Luke informed. "Her appointment was before Seha's." He reflected as they made their way to the healers' wing that it was wonderful having Mara back again. She still had her agile litheness and her red-gold tresses were only lightly touched with gray; they were still as abundant as ever. Her green eyes had lost none of their radiance. As for her sharp wit, that was ever-present.

    As they entered the medical facility, an alarm signaled over the intercom system.
  2. ZaraValinor

    ZaraValinor Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 31, 2002
    You had me at Ben Skywalker. But I'm very interested to see how this continue.
  3. Cowgirl Jedi 1701

    Cowgirl Jedi 1701 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Dec 21, 2016
    I'm interested to see what happens when our two groups of heroes meet.
  4. mavjade

    mavjade It's so FLUFFY! Fanfic Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Sep 10, 2005
    Great start!
    The cast looks great, you guys! It makes me quite excited!

    Poor Ben, so tired from a pregnant wife! But I love the interaction between he and Valin.

    I look forward to more!
  5. Lady_Misty

    Lady_Misty Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 21, 2007
    I'll bite, not a fan of cloning Mara but I'll withhold judgement.

    Poor Jim Kirk, he doesn't know the half of what is about to happen.

    I do like that they aren't sure where they are, some fan fics would have them figure out that they are in another galaxy within a short amount of time but they haven't and just know that they went through a wormhole and ended up in uncharted space which is mostly true and that the Universal Translator can't translate the language(s) from the communications they are picking up, they don't know the language, and I like the bonus that Uhura thinks she understands/recognizes some words since several Star Wars Languages are based off of Earth Languages: the language Greedo spoke to Han is a real language or based off of one, Embo speaks mangled French(?), a friend of mine said that there was mangled Spanish/South American Language in TPM and the Ewoks speak in a language from China; of course some of them the words are gibberish or don't translate to what's going on.

    That's going to be fun to translate that, if the Universal Translator realizes that the language being spoken is supposed to be French and it translates 'Smurfs' and who knows what else. [face_laugh]
  6. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Game Host Who Loves Fanfics & RPGs star 7 VIP - Game Host

    Aug 31, 2004
    Thanks. These kinds of things are fun to read and write!

    I'll probably be posting mid-week and/or weekends.

    Ben grasped Seha's hand urgently and asked Tekli: "What happened?"

    "We may have to induce labor within the next few days; it appears the placenta is starting to separate prematurely. We're going to try to forestall that, but if we cannot...."

    Cilghal put in: "Jaina had to do that with Roan. Perhaps if she could come here, she could provide support and assurance through the process?"

    "What do you think, Seha?" Ben asked. He personally approved of the suggestion.

    She answered: "Yes. I would like having her here."

    "Corran and I will go to Bastion and ask her to come. We can get there as fast as a message and probably quicker, since we can avoid all the layers and layers of undersecretaries and functionaries surrounding her and Jag."

    "That's a great idea." Cilghal agreed. She removed a data-disk and placed it in a sealed cube. "Just in case you need medical backing for official channels."

    "Probably won't but it's better to have it and not need it." Corran said.


    “Whistler, what’s that?” Corran had exited the nebula surrounding Shedu Maad following Kyp’s X-Wing.
    A spacefaring vessel of unfamiliar size and shape registered on the starfighter display.
    He had never seen its like before and with Whistler only bleeping and giving no clue to what it was, he became worried.
    ‘Was Admiral Daala planning something in secret? Where did she build this starship of unknown design? And how could it have found Shedu Maad? Was there some unknown technology aboard?’

    Beeeeep! Whistler informed. But Corran was too occupied to read the translation; he immediately became aware of what the astromech was alluding to.

    An actinic blue beam came from somewhere on the spacecraft.

    “Kyp!” Corran managed to shout. as he saw the beam colliding with the X-wing’s shields and the craft beginning to tumble.

    Beeep! Whistler warned.

    “Kriff; what kind of weaponry do they have?” Corran tried his controls and was reaching for the power-boost when he felt himself freezing and seeing nothing for a moment.
    Some disorientation and he felt something solid under his buttocks.
    He blinked, saw only a wall, heard some noise, reached for his lightsaber and jumped to his feet, turning towards the noise to see Kyp standing on a circular disk.

    "How did we wind up here?" Kyp asked.

    "And where is here?" Corran added.

    "Something tells me we're about to find out." Kyp said.

    “Easy, we mean you no harm,” that came from a red-shirt standing behind a type of counter. “We just transported the two of you from your disabled skyplane.”

    ‘No harm,’ Corran thought reaching out with the Force and put his lightsaber back on his belt. “Our X-wings are fully functional. I was just planning the hyperspace jump to…”

    “We are on an emergency mission,” Kyp interrupted. “We have to reach Jaina and Jag as soon as possible to help with a pregnancy. Get us back in our X-wings and we won’t bother you any more.”

    “A medical emergency; that’s my specialty. I am Dr. Leonard McCoy and was summoned to the transporter room to see if there were casualties.”

    Corran eyed the blue-shirt and saw a smile appearing on the friendly face.

    “Is that a lightsaber?” McCoy asked, enthralled.

    “It is.” Corran took it from his belt and ignited it.
    The reaction of wonderment was one he'd experienced before with sentients who encountered Jedi for the first time; it did not happen often but did so on occasion.

    “Wow! It works!” McCoy exclaimed.
    He was used to the artificial ones that he and his colleagues had for fun.

    “Have you seen lightsabers before?” Kyp asked.

    “Yes.” McCoy smiled. “I am a big fan of the six Star Wars movies and own them. The lightsaber-battle between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin in Revenge of the Sith was executed brilliantly. And when Vader threw old Sheevy-pants down the shaft on Death Star 2 ... that was marvelous!"

    “Sheevy-pants, you even have his given name right.” Kyp chuckled. “How did you get all this information?”

    “Kyle Crisson, ah that’s the man there,” McCoy indicated the redshirt entering as they spoke, “has quite a collection of books and so called fanfiction. In role-playing he dons the uniform of X-wing pilot Wedge Antilles.”

    “Is this real?” Kyle came further into the transporter-room, stopped next to McCoy, eyed the two on the disks and focussed on the very familiar uniforms. “And why are they here?”

    “For a medical emergency,” McCoy replied “and…”

    “Mister Crisson, bring our guests to the briefing room.” That came from the com.

    “I'd like to see their faces when they see Spock,” Kyle whispered only for McCoy to hear. “When I first saw Spock I thought he was Thrawn in disguise.”


    Jim surveyed the newcomers across the briefing room table. They had emerged suddenly from the shadow side of the planet from an orbital docking facility; they had not answered any attempted hails. A low-energy phaser beam to attract their attention had seemingly done some damage so the pilot and his companion in the other craft were beamed aboard. It had been decided that the tractor beam might break the crafts apart, so it was best not to risk it.
    Introductions were made, and Jim was struck by the similarity to names he had read about in some of his favorite novels. Perhaps these were the children of hard-core dyed in wool Star Wars fans? Although the way mcCoy was acting, you'd think they'd stepped right out of the holofilm screen.

    "We're happy to hear that your star fighters, as you call them, are undamaged. Apparently they are better shielded than they look."

    "They are well-armed as well, though not of course able to take on a vessel of this level of armament." Mr. Durron said.

    "We will be happy to render any assistance we can with your emergency, as long as we are here, although our first priority is to return to our own ..." Jim paused. "Point of origin."

    "We won't need any help with that, thank you." Mr. Horn said. "Where, precisely, did you come from?"

    "That's a bit ... complicated. Mr. Blaine will be able to describe its logistics as well as Spock." Jim answered.

    Mr. Durron smiled. "Sounds like you're the ones in a bit of a bind. Perhaps once our mission is completed, we can help you with resolving your dilemma?"

    "That would be most appreciated. Mr. Blaine, if you would elaborate?" Jim instrructed.
    Their visitors would either think they were crazy or believe them; it was an even toss-up.


    Corran smirked when he heard the first name of the scientist they were consulting with. Two Kyps -- how interesting! How likely was such a coincidence?
    Blaine and Spock gave details that were quite convoluted, but the veracity of their account could not be disputed.
    Their story was incredible but they had no reason to lie; and neither he nor Kyp D. could detect any deception.

    "We'll pass these details along to our chief scientists as well." Kyp D. said. "If there's a solution, working together I am sure we'll be able to find it."

    "If there is any linguistic assistance you require during the discussions, I will be more than happy to provide it." The lovely Communications Officer offered. She was striking, having large expressive eyes and the rich warm coloring of Lando's and Tendra's youngest daughter.

    "Thank you." Kyp D. replied. "I am surprised we can understand one another given the initial miscommunication?"

    Uhura smiled. "I ran the initial exchanges through the Universal Translator along with communications traffic from your space-dock facility. With a few examples, it was able to derive vocabulary and grammatical structure. Folksy idioms of course will take more time. As we were discussing in the briefing, I was giving it more data to process." She indicated a portable device connected to her datapadd.

    "Nice!" Corran approved.

    She favored them with a long curious look. "Did you ... was -- is there a Grand Admiral Thrawn?"

    "Yes; he proved quite a formidable opponent." Corran affirmed. "How do you ...? Never mind. I probably don't want to know."

    She laughed, a melodic, happy sound. "Oh how splendid! Thrawn is so utterly fascinating, his tactical genius, strategizing through art! His demeanor ..." Here she laughed again. "The entire Chiss demeanor is so very familiar to me, reminding me as it does of those of Vulcans in more than one facet." Here she gave the Exec a teasing, loving look.

    "Nyota." The object of her enthusiasm spoke with indulgent tenderness, as if used to such things.

    "Yes?" The Lieutenant responded in sheer innocence.

    Corran stifled a grin, as he exchanged glances with Kyp. He and Mirax, and Kyp and his wife as well, had such sources of inside, intimate humor. Some things apparently transcended time and space.

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  7. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    Love the fun and banter
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  8. Cowgirl Jedi 1701

    Cowgirl Jedi 1701 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Dec 21, 2016
    This is so good, I have a hard time knowing what to say beyond "I like it!":D
  9. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Game Host Who Loves Fanfics & RPGs star 7 VIP - Game Host

    Aug 31, 2004
    LOL final update -- for this year anyway. ;)

    “Mr. Horn, as I recalled you don’t need any help with your emergency but tell me,” McCoy said “maybe I can help. We have the medical facilities of the Enterprise that are quite advanced and you know how you came here…”

    Kyle indicated McCoy. “The transporter. He doesn’t like the atom-scrambler at all; most of his staff share that aversion, but all have their love for the GFFA. I play Wedge Antilles and see now interesting details to add to my uniform. Surgeon Baldavin would love to have a real lightsaber with a blue beam in his hands, playing Obi-Wan Kenobi and he can deal with any medical emergency just like McCoy here.”

    Kyp grinned. "We'll take you up on that offer It will be a lot quicker than our original objective. I'm sure Ben and his wife will be quite happy to get assistance earlier."


    The Enterprise moved into a syncrhonous orbit. Baldavin and Jana John stand ready to go to the med-ward below.
    Corran and Kyp have in the meantime been talking to Mara, Luke, Ben, and Seha.

    "Where are you, exactly?" Mara said. "You left but didn't evacuate the system. Luke and I sensed surprise from you but no danger."

    "That'll take some explaining." Corran said and did so.

    Mara's voice was concerned. "Is this on the up and up?"

    "It seems to be. I don't sense any duplicity. Neither does Kyp."

    "That is certainly a convenient and welcome encounter you had then." Mara sounded relieved. If Corran didn't pick up anything based on his Jedi senses as well as CorSec background, that spoke for the trustworthiness of their new allies.


    Ben and Seha were excited. "Fascinating source of help we're getting." He commented with a chuckle.

    "Yes. And we will have a successful healthy delivery."

    "Oh, we would in any case." Ben answered. It was true that the medical team and Seha would be doing and undergoing the most strenuous part, but he would be less than honest if he denied that he had felt more than a twinge of anxiety over how the delivery would transpire. Even with competent healers and up-to-date equipment, crazy emergencies still could occur.

    "Did you ever think you'd be a father?" Seha asked.

    "There were times I wondered if I'd get married much less become a parent. But when you find the right person things just have a way of falling into place." He concluded with a smile.


    Nyota and Spock were working on fitting out portable mini-translators.

    "I think that's the last command sequence. There ought to be enough to go on to build more vocabulary and syntax. The output will hopefully match the input." She laughed. "Otherwise, the conversations will get pretty interesting."

    "You will be joining the landing team just in case, I suppose?"

    "I wouldn't miss it! I will be meeting the wonderful team of Luke and Mara! Their love had such a unique beginning. No one can tell me it didn't start on Myrkr." She smirked. "Callista was just a road bump."

    He gazed at her speculatively for a moment. "That is an interesting metaphor."

    Nyota exclaimed with appreciation: "It is just fortunate you and I never had such a thing happen!"

    "That would hardly be logical, now would it?" Was his teasing remark.

    "Oh, you!" She laughed and whispered after a gentle kiss: "I do love you."

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  10. Cowgirl Jedi 1701

    Cowgirl Jedi 1701 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Dec 21, 2016
    Right up until the last little bit of dialogue, I was thinking we were classic ST-TOS here, but then, BAM! Kelvinverse. Got nothing against it, but without obvious indicators or the author specifying otherwise, I will never not immediately assume the classic Trekverse. Because that was my first exposure to Trek, and therefore the version that's most stuck in my brain.
  11. mavjade

    mavjade It's so FLUFFY! Fanfic Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Sep 10, 2005
    Hehe.. this is fun! I love how the ST crew know the history of the SW crew.
    And I can totally see the Chiss and Vulcans getting along quite well.

    Nyota on the team with Luke and Mara should be fun, and I'm excited to meet Ben and Seha's baby. :)
  12. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Game Host Who Loves Fanfics & RPGs star 7 VIP - Game Host

    Aug 31, 2004
    “Not your Obi-Wan disguise,” McCoy was doubled with laughter when he saw Jeran beginning to stuff the cloak and uniform in a large rucksack. “Medical blue will make a better impression.”

    “I thought Luke would like to see his old mentor,” Jeran put the rucksack down “but you are the chief but he” he paused and turned with an impish look on his face “is getting his Vader-suit.”

    “Too scary for Luke and Leia,” McCoy shook his head when he saw Ker Djarada putting the Vader-cloak in a bag. And Lionel Majeski was trying to put his stormtrooper-mask in a bag where assorted white parts were visible. “Only the necessary gear, please. We are going in for a medical emergency, not shore leave.

    "Please not the transporter?" Djarada asked.

    "Thankfully, we can take one of the shuttles. Kyle is waiting for us in the shuttle-bay.”


    “No. Oh boy, more disguises,” McCoy saw Kyle Crisson fully dressed as Wedge. “Kyle that’s orange. You have to dress in red and yes you can take any weapon you want because you won’t need it. Go change lieutenant.”

    “Yes, Sidious,” Kyle headed to a turbolift.

    McCoy saw the equipment being loaded into the shuttle. The last package – containing all to set-up a fully operational OT-room – was being guided up the ramp when Kyle returned.

    “Better now?” Kyle came to halt before McCoy.

    “Yes,” McCoy replied “but quite a weapons-display for a show?”

    “Sure,” Kyle had a grin from ear to ear. “We cannot let the lightsaber wielders have all the fun!"

    “Thanks, Kyle, for arranging this atom-scramble free transport and the delicious McLintlock lunch,” McCoy had swallowed the last piece of his hamburger.
    From the cockpit of the shuttle, he had been directing the three doctors to place the OT-tent. He grabbed his bag and went to the exit of the shuttle. “And have fun with that guy.”

    Kyle began to smile when he saw McCoy indicating an older man sporting all kinds of weapons and hurried to get his ruck and the two large drag-bags.
    He was the last to leave the shuttle and made a beeline to the older man. “I am Kyle Crisson.”

    “Kyle Katarn,” the older man shook hands with a big smile on his face. “It seems our parents had the same idea.”


    McCoy halted near a clearing where Jeran Baldavin, Ker Djarada and Lionel Majeski were busy with the OT-tent.
    Only a small patch of grass, occupied by two Jedi – offering their assistance when needed – was free.

    Lionel asked: “where are Jana and Marc?”

    “I will contact them,” McCoy replied. “They have been busy to get the delivery-bags ready.” He took out his communicator. “McCoy to medbay.”

    “Medbay, Chapel here."

    “Christine, are Jana and Marc ready?”

    “They went to the transporter-room five minutes ago and should arrive any time.”

    “I see,” McCoy began to smile when Corran Horn and Kyp Durron took a giant leap away from the patch of grass, landing on one of the higher branches of a tree.

    Two cylinders of swirling particles became two Mirana humanoids.

    “We are ready,” Marc Jullio looked up.

    Corran and Kyp came back to ground with sheepish smiles.

    "Stang, that's amazing! That, what did you call it? Transporter, it's a marvel that sentients can come and go through that without a serious accident and some essential part of them winds up ... detached or scrambled." Kyp observed.

    McCoy grimaced and said with feeling: "My sentiments exactly! That's why I avoid the thing as much as I possibly can." He made introductions.

    Corran eyed Marc and Jana, whose exotic markings held his avid admiration. He smiled. "Come this way. I'll introduce you both to the Skywalkers and the healers, as we call them, and let them set up here."


    Cilghal and Tekli were very impressed by the features of the portable medical equipment. the functions were similar but the details were different.

    The medical teams were in complete harmony, focused and cooperating for the well-being of the patient. There would be no pushing ahead or holding back. If anything, the level of cooperation was higher than ordinarily.

    This gave Ben and Seha a heightened sense of confidence in the process as well as the outcome.

    As the hours went by, there was an issue with oxygenation. But it was solved with a bit of software tweaking.

    Then Rian was safely delivered and lovingly, happily received by his parents and the proud medical teams.


    When Jim and the bridge crew were told of the happy outcome, they all felt relieved and gratified.

    "Now we can tackle your problem." Kyp said over the comm.

    Jim and Nyota decided to be the ones to meet with Luke and Mara.

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  13. divapilot

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    Nov 30, 2005
    Yay! The baby is here! I like how you’re blending these two stories.
  14. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    Well, the link from the threads listing, came directly to this latest update, so that was what I began reading.

    With OT potentially meaning Original Trilogy, I was not sure what an OT-Tent was, however the reading was easy enough with McCoy loading a shuttle, and giving Sartorial advice to Kyle Crisson.

    Best bit of this piece was the two jedi jumping into the lower branches of a tree, then your visual description - consistent with the 2009 Star Trek reboot - of the transported individuals arriving on that patch of grass; then McCoy supporting Kyp Durron's caution with his own long-held worries about the transport process.

    Very good work, and an interesting read.
  15. Lady_Misty

    Lady_Misty Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 21, 2007
    I think it's hilarious that some crew members wanted to go down there in costumes. And I do agree that some people might freak if someone showed up dressed as Vader.

    I'm surprised that they didn't take into consideration that they couldn't pick up their transmissions or properly consider all the consequences of tapping the fighters with a tractor beam.

    I do bet that there's going to be lots of questions about how these strange people have holo dramas and books of their past.
  16. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Game Host Who Loves Fanfics & RPGs star 7 VIP - Game Host

    Aug 31, 2004
    This is a blast merging realities.

    @Lady_Misty -- your comment brought something up -- thank you, so I provided a brief, nontechnical explanation. ;)

    AN: Since I cannot update the thread title with the date of the current post, it would probably be best to "watch the thread". @};- [face_thinking] I'm doing that for fics I'm reading, in any case. :)

    Two men – one lugging two drag-bags on his shoulders and now clad in camouflage gear – settled down in a clearing in the forest.

    “This is our practise-range,” Kyle Katarn indicated the vaguely familiar shapes at distances ranging from 100 to 2000 metres.

    “Stormtroopers,” Kyle Crisson began to smile “Majeski should see this.”

    “Plas-sheet representations, yes, but they are fun for us.”

    “That’s my weapon when I have to protect my troops,” Kyle Crisson handed the Blastech 300 sniper phaser to Kyle Katarn. “It fires high velocity particles with an accuracy of hitting the target centre mass at 1000 metres. And this,” he started to open a second drag-bag, “is the prime weapon if you really want something dead. But I mainly use it for competition. It’s old, found by me during one of those competitions. I bought it from a sniper. It’s a famous .300 Winchester magnum sniper rifle.”

    “Can you hit that?” Kyle Katarn pointed at a target at the 2000 metres range.

    “Easy,” Kyle C. took position and started to regulate his breath. After a few minutes he was ready and fired one shot.

    “A head-shot,” Kyle K. looked through his binoculars. “And another WOW. Can I fire this one?”

    “Sure, get ready.”

    Kyle K. fired two shots with the sniper phaser. “I should have had this weapon when I was facing Desann and his dark Jedi.”

    “Ah. He was a real person too? I had a lot of fun playing you. Now this and you can play me," Kyle C handed Kyle K the Win-mag and began indicate the target.

    Kyle K. fired and fired five more.


    Jeran, Ker Marc and Jana are impressed when they see a real lightsaber demonstration between Corran and Kyp.

    “Wow, did you see that?” Jeran had gleaming eyes.

    “I did,” Ker grinned. “I think I am too old for this.”

    “But Vader was old too,” Jeran said “and you are not that old.”

    “We both are older than all Jedi here present,” Ker said.

    “Older than me?” Kyle Katarn came with Kyle Crisson to the clearing where the two Jedi were demonstrating their skills.

    “Yes,” Ker indicated Jeran. “He is 112 years and I am 215.”

    “Uh, Jeran, Ker, we have some demolishing to do,” Marc – mesmerised by the lightsaber-battle and subsequent demonstration to enter a building – had his comlink out.

    “For them,” Jeran indicated Valin and Jysella who were now cutting through an old transparisteel window with their lightsabers. “That’s what I call demolishing.”

    “McCoy wouldn’t like that,” Jana indicated the OT-tent. “And Kyle even less, when the shuttle becomes a smelly barbecue gone wrong wreck. Where is that guy by the way?”


    Jim, Nyota, Mara, and Luke were enjoying light refreshments in the Temple's main science laboratory.

    Mara was telling Lieutenant Nyota Uhura of how she and Luke had been addressing the situation of the Enterprise crew.
    "Luke and I have been investigating how you know of our history. It appears that a 'gateway' between our realities have sprung up more than once in the past allowing egress from one to the other. Apparently a traveler from our worlds wandered into yours and shared our history at some point and they became legends/points of cultural entertainment for you."

    "Wow! That's fascinating." Nyota exclaimed. Then she smirked. "My betrothed ... he's influencing me even in the adjectives I select to describe something astounding."

    Mara laughed.
    She sensed through the Force that Nyota was bound to another much as she and Luke were, empathically and otherwise.
    She commented: "Such a bond is quite unique and special, haven't you found?"

    Nyota's eyes were soft. "Oh, very much so!"

    Jim and Luke were speaking earnestly as Luke explained how their scientists would peruse the Dorsetti Holocron and other archives to find a way through the wormhole.

    "I don't think it should be time-sensitive, in that if you don't go back through by a certain point you're stuck here." Luke was saying thoughtfully.

    Jim chuckled. "Well, if we are, we will certainly miss our families and friends back home, but more than one of my crew will indeed feel comfortable here. So many aspects are actually familiar."

    Nyota began to examine the Holonet for articles of interest to add to the data sets and have more samples of Basic to put in the Universal Translator.
    She was particularly interested in how the Skywalkers and Solos had fared over the years in the 'press' versus how things had actually been.
    It was her experience that there was always a wide disparity: exaggerations versus complete misrepresentations.
    When she mentioned this to Mara, the latter rolled her eyes. "It would take more time than we have to clarify the variations on the theme of hero/legend."

    "That I can well believe!" Nyota answered.
    Nyota saved her files as Jim approached with Luke. "We'll let you know as soon as we've found something. It shouldn't be long." Luke assured.

    "We cannot thank you enough." Jim said sincerely.

    Mara and Nyota exchanged warm farewells and Nyota and Jim left the laboratory.


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    Tags work too.

    Stormtrooper cutouts. *giggles*

    So if people from the GFFA ended up on Earth and vice versa what kind of information was exchanged, besides Star Wars?
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    Yes, Trek crossover! :) Nice start WarmNyota_SweetAyesha & earlybird-obi-wan. There are a ton of possibilities with such great characters.

    I like the fact that Star Wars exists in the Trek universe. It's a smart choice that will produce some fascinating exchanges. Trek characters idolizing SW characters... priceless!

    I'll be following this. Keep it coming.
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    When news came that a way back through the wormhole had been discovered, there was relief which was palpable mixed with regret that new friends and fan-indulgences would have to be curtailed.

    Kyp Blaine mentioned to McCoy as they snacked on nachos in the rec lounge. "There was another divergent bit of history I found. A variant discovered by the team studying the Guardian of forever discovered a timestream where our history was a source of entertainment as was the Star Wars franchise."

    "My goodness!" McCoy responded. "It's enough to make your head spin! So what's the reality, anyway?"

    Nyota was writing an account of recent events to her sister and replied: "This is the reality we know. So there's no point in wondering about any others that might be out there, unless and until we stumble on them."

    "You sound like Spock." grumbled McCoy.

    "Only telling the facts, Doc." She rejoined.

    "You'll be interested to know, Nyota," Kyp said, "that in one version of the timestream, Thrawn was married to an artist."

    Her eyes glowed. "That's my canon, Mr. Blaine, I'll have you know!"

    "But in another, he was married to an entirely different lady, named Minerva."

    "Hmmm." Nyota said. "Now that is interesting! Our Grand Admiral got around, apparently." She laughed and went back to her letter, unperturbed.

    Kyp Blaine laughed in turn.



    Ben and Seha were reveling in being new parents, and Luke and Mara were basking in being grandparents.

    "Guess we're getting old." Luke teased Mara.

    "Speak for yourself, Farmboy." Mara retorted.

    Luke laughed and gave her a tender look. He loved her snark as much as anything else and found it refreshing to be able to immerse himself in it and other facets of their connection.

    "I'll show you who's decrepit." He said.

    "Boast away, Skywalker." She said, before he gave her a kiss that took her breath away, just like always.

    Some things never changed, Mara reflected, just got better with time.


    [face_laugh] [face_love]
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    Huh, and thanks for saluting fan fiction!
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    My extreme pleasure [face_laugh] =D=
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    a perfect ending
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