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"Junk Goddess: Dawn of the Scrapyard" (NEU/Legends AU; Jaina/Ganner, Leia, OCs; humor/fluff/etc.)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Onderon1, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Onderon1

    Onderon1 Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 18, 2008
    A/N: Something I wrote for a friend a while back, and mildly spoileriffic for my enormous AU I'm still chipping away at, lo these many years into the project ... [face_hypnotized]:p

    As to the "THEM!?" :eek: part of the pairing - the
    start of the answer can be found here:

    Readers of my Vong War trilogy - the third part of which
    will be updated later this week, thanks again to all the readers :D - will find mild spoilers here, but nothing too mindblowing, I promise. I'm really a sucker for happy endings. :p

    28.1 ABY: Lower Levels,

    "Wanting to help rebuild is wonderful, Jaina ... but I don't see why you want to live ... here."

    Jaina bit her tongue (gently; she'd just finished fighting the Vong, she wasn't about to imitate them) as she turned to her mom amidst the still mostly-intact first-floor conapt Ganner had found to move into.

    The entire complex was among the few liveable buildings in the former Western Sea district; like much of the planet, the artificial infrastructure had been warped, twisted, or just outright shattered to blend into the biotechnical ecology that the Yuuzhan Vong had tried to recreate on Coruscant. The World Brain's subversion by Jacen had frustrated the Vong's desires.

    But what was left was something ... new. Unexpected, vibrant, full of possibilities - and dangers, sure, but so was life.

    And something new - that needs ... shepherding? Jaina pondered as she tried to find the right words to explain herself.

    She took her mom's hand, sitting with her at the reclaimed kitchen table, and began, "Do you remember Raaltiir? I mean, back before - before Yavin?"

    (Jaina was still hesitant to bring up Alderaan, even months after she'd knitted things back together with her mom; she didn't want Leia to think she was trying to get in some cheap dig, even though she suspected Mom would understand.)

    Mom concentrated, nodding - then brightened with comprehension. "Things were far worse, there - the Imperial blockade, and Tion's repression. At least here, things are just damaged, and can be ... repaired," she said, smiling knowingly.

    Jaina grinned back, waving a hand toward the expansive yard being fenced in by Cappy and another R2 unit. "I'm not Anakin, but I'm no slouch with a hydrospanner, either. And ..." she trailed off - her next point was a bit sensitive.

    She glanced into the living room - she and Ganner'd fixed up the central living space, kitchen, a bedroom, and the refresher, with the babies' crib and playpen in the living room until they could finish rehabbing the spare bedroom.

    Rian and Roan were happily playing with their toys in the playpen, as Winter, Threepio, and the Noghri watched them. The scene was both comforting and a bit haunting to Jaina, but she returned Winter's smile before turning back to Mom.

    "Mom ... so much of my childhood was ... fenced in. And it HAD to be, I get that - at least until Pellaeon-Gavrisom! - but the Empire's not the enemy any more, and so many of the rest of the threats are dead or scattered. I want the boys to have childhoods, as well as learning how to control their Force powers and be responsible citizens," Jaina tried to explain.

    She hoped the phrasing hadn't hurt Mom's feelings - Jaina had come to grips with her own chaotic upbringing, after all - and she reached across the table, squeezing Mom's hand as she added, "Living upside - what there is of it - it's not free."

    Jaina could sense her mom's - not frustration, exactly, but concern, which touched her, as Mom thought for a moment.

    "I could rattle off how dangerous it is down here, but you already know that. And ... I know how difficult it was for you kids. But ... Jaina, if you and Ganner live down here, you'll be outside what security we can provide," Mom replied gently.

    "I - we - know. Ganner and I've talked about this. Winter, Threepio, the Noghri - I do appreciate what they were able to do for us, how they helped us - what they've sacrificed for us. But security can be a trap as much as a defense, Mom. And - there's a lot of different kinds of duty," Jaina said, waving toward the kitchen window.

    She stood, watching as new neighbors started settling in across the way; Ganner was working with a multi-species repair crew, helping to fix up buildings and make the small block the start of a community - the kind Jaina had rarely lived in.

    She smiled over her shoulder at her mom and added, "Part of what led the old Jedi down the wrong path was cutting themselves off from other sentients - from the so-called 'common folk.' These are the people who need help, right here - rebuilding, or starting over, to make Coruscant something new, Mom. I know the Senate's planning to move its deliberations to different worlds, rotating semi-annually - but if we leave Coruscant to fester, we've failed these folks."

    Jaina turned to face her mother, conviction mixing with warmth as she said, "And, Coruscant is my home."

    She worried Mom wouldn't understand, and watched as Mom stood, looking and feeling - thrown for a loop, Jaina figured.

    "We moved you kids around so much, but, with our conapt here -" Mom began, stopping as Jaina smiled sadly.

    "I never wanted to hurt you, so I kept it inside when I was younger ... but ... what's Alderaanian in me is - the ideals, the commitment to peace and freedom and helping others. I ... I can't be 'Princess Jaina Organa,' Mom. It's not that I'm more of a daddy's girl - I know what you've given me, and I am SO grateful - but I was born here. The cosmopolitan mix, the chaotic order, the life among the duracrete - it's like all of my different sides, in a planet. I'm Coruscanti," Jaina replied.

    She lowered her shields - it was painful, what with the increasing numbers of people around, but she wanted Mom to understand she wasn't trying to be hurtful - and reached out her hand, grateful as Mom held it, then hugged her.

    "I - think I understand, Jaina. I just - do you really think raising the boys here will be safe?" Mom asked, leaning back.

    She looked up at Jaina as the younger woman grinned again, flicking a blonde-dyed forelock out of her eyes.

    "Ganner and I are good in the self-defense and fighting departments. Gan's even thinking of opening a martial arts dojo, maybe teach the neighborhood kids self-defense and self-discipline, give them a place to go after school," Jaina said.

    "Plus, Jacen and Tenel Ka, or the Temple, are just a Force-call or comlink ring away. And I never quit being the Trickster Goddess, you know. 'Ayja Deist' has a pretty nifty ring to it, I think ..."


    Once Mom, Winter and the rest of their party left - after distributing food and blankets provided by RePlanetHab - Jaina checked on the babies, and helped Ganner prepare their dinner as they sat outside, looking at the newly fenced-in yard.

    "I found a pretty stable old school - Wirtnar and the rest of the work crew think they can salvage the gymnasium, even if the rest of the building was torn up by the Vong. Seems the priests thought the 'blasphemous teachings' in the rest of the school were the problem, but the gym was 'worthy because it honed the body,'" Ganner said, nibbling roast nerf.

    Jaina nodded, keeping an eye and her Force-senses on Rian and Roan; the boys were half-dozing after being fed (now at 7 months, they were starting on some solids, and it was a mercy that they still got tired out after eating). "Typical Yuuzhan Vong. Improve the flesh through exertion - not bad by itself, but minds matter, too," she opined, thinking as she ate.

    She smiled at Ganner as she sensed his curious, supportive thoughts, and he asked, "Big yard. Ideas on what to use it for?"

    "I was just remembering how Zekk and I used to sneak out and collect junk when we were kids. Most of it wasn't anything special, back then ... but now, there must be tons of salvagable parts and equipment just rusting or moldering out there. I like some green space, and I wouldn't want to go back to how Coruscant used to be - cold, sterile - but ..." Jaina began.

    She focused her Force-sense, extending her technometry outward - she wasn't as attuned to the cyberpathic Force power as Little Brother was, but she was no stranger to it, either. There were hundreds, maybe thousands, of abandoned droids, and infinitely more non-sentient computers out in the wilds - and that didn't even count the "basic" machinery.

    Jaina glanced at Ganner and asked, "What if we salvaged even a 100th of what's out there, Gan? What could we do to help people who aren't as well off as we are - d'you think we could make a living off of selling to those who can afford salvage?"

    He started to grin - supportively - and reached for her hand, as Cappy rolled over chirping, and the boys cooed in greeting.

    "I think, o Goddess, that you could pull off the ultimate trick with your idea - turning the Vong's vision into something for everyone. Lot of work, though; you could probably work for the rest of your life, picking through everything that fell down here from the Fall of Coruscant," Ganner noted, smiling as Jaina squeezed his hand.

    "Yeah ... but there's no reason I can't fly, even here, too," Jaina replied, smiling wistfully at her boys as the babies waved. She wouldn't risk leaving them without a mom, of course, but she was a Solo - and they'd need to learn to fly someday.

    Something Ganner had said sparked an idea, and she reached for the datapad and stylus beside her chair, starting to draw. "Y'know - what if we don't work alone? There's only so much that people can do by themselves, and astromechs are limited in how well they can cross ground - no offense, Cappy," she said as her red-and-white droid warbled.

    "Bte-twwoot-dwoop-pwreet," Cappy replied, sounding almost like he agreed, and the babies laughed along.

    Ganner nodded, watching as Jaina drew a sphere - then, a domed head, and asked aloud, "Magnetic connection and wireless guidance ... ? The sphere'd help cross unstable ground - maybe multiple grapplers, for junk recovery and stabilization - an astromech, but one independent of the two-legged stance ... still able to interface with snubfighters ..."

    She looked over, happy as Ganner radiated awe and love, and he said, "You really are amazing, you know that?"

    Jaina leaned over and kissed his face, replying, "I'm finally home, with my family - makes it easy to start anew."


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  2. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    SQUEEEEE. I loved Jaina with her mom, candid and yet sensitive and tactful. Her ideas for starting a different kind of lifestyle and community -- very intriguing indeed. She and Ganner are really a family with their twins, in a rustic setting. A blend of new and exciting experiences with breathing room brought about by no mega-threats. Thanks for sharing. It's very gratifying. [face_love]
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  3. Cowgirl Jedi 1701

    Cowgirl Jedi 1701 Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 21, 2016
    My favorite part was that Jaina basically just came up with BB-8.
  4. Onderon1

    Onderon1 Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 18, 2008
    WarmNyota: Thanks. :D I've had the idea of "Jaina as 'junkyard goddess'" for a long while, but explored it mostly down the line, when Rian was older (and in various AUs where either Rian or Roan would exist - but not both, until the events of earlier in this AU). This is sort of a "how did they get there" look in on the Solo-Rhysodes ... ;)

    Cowgirl: Exactly! :D=D=

    The idea of BB-8 being invented by a character whom we know is a fairly new one for me; but as this story started to unfold, I realized that such a droid design would be perfect for salvage/exploration/etc.on a world ruined like Coruscant was in the NJO.

    And, tbh, Anakin Solo gets a lot of the fun with droids in 'fic. I figured it'd be a good idea to let Jaina show off her skills, too. :)
  5. brodiew

    brodiew Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Oct 11, 2005
    What an interesting idea, @Onderon1! It was nice to get back into the NJO if just a little. I do not hate on the NJO, even if I was not happy with some of the damage it left in it's wake. SBS is a well written whether you like the consequences or not. That said, have Ganner and Jaina together with children is a nice twist. Like Anakin, I was sad to see Ganner go, if not in a spectacular fashion.

    I also enjoyed the conversation between Jaina and Leia. Leia's concern is as any mother or grandmother would be, but Jaina and Ganner are strong with the Force. They can protect themselves. Your idea of community and domesticity along with the active scavenging business bodes well for the future. I may need to look into your previous fics in this AU. :D
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  6. Ewok Poet

    Ewok Poet Force Ghost star 6

    Jul 31, 2014
    As somebody who is yet to tackle your Vong trilogy (I feel like I need a wee bit more background, considering skipping Legends straight to NJO [face_thinking]), I might be saying nonsense. Again. Gee, by now I need a copy and paste snippet for this. [face_laugh]


    So, this one was just perfect. Probably my favourite fic of yours, ever!

    Both teams J/J and J/K might as well hunt me down and perform a sai-cha, but I kind the idea of the girl getting the third guy while two guys more or less try to woo her, one in rebellious and the other in socially awkward ways. Meeting halfway, just like Jaina did in Wrecking Ball when she, err, had that one wild night that resulted in Rian and Roan. And the world she now lives in with her family and her beloved is of that kind, too. Half the Coruscant we know, half the terraformed planet. Being able to find beauty in that kind of a world is a part of the balance both she and the whole Galaxy should be striving for.

    If I remember well, Anakin Solo should be alive in this universe, too, getting his own happy ending with Tahiri (like it should have been!)...but do the others know it?

    Seeing a girl work her tools is always cool.

    Ania Solo vibes, right here! :) I need to start Legacy II all one or two installments and I don't remember a single thing.

    With the fenced-in childhood she talks about to Leia, everything that kept on happening from TTT on, I can get how Jaina wants actual, real, genuine freedom for the boys. She reminds me a bit of Mission Vao here, though it's just a tangent. Wanting to live in the REAL world, with EVERYDAY beings, work with MULTI-SPECIES crews, do her own chores, all of that is the reality she lacked, having been labelled as one of "Leia and Han's Jedi children" before she was even born. I can totally understand her choice.

    And as strange as Coruscant is at this point, it sounds like the lower levels are a better place to be at. The community has been broken and, by helping others and showing that there are no barriers among the rich and poor, encouraging everybody to mingle after the old system has been destroyed, they contribute to the overall recovery.

    Running a junkyard might be a bit of her dad's sense of adventure and upbringing in Jaina. Shattering one's image of oneself as untouchable is a bit like her mother did when she joined the Rebellion. The body is what led her to have the boys, the mind is what led her to this.

    And woah, wait, this then ties into the Sequel Trilogy? Duuuudeeee, you're a genius! =D= They are creating the BB droids already![face_dancing]
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  7. Onderon1

    Onderon1 Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 18, 2008
    EP: Thank you, very much. I'm honored that you like this one so much. :)

    You're correct, in that Anakin and Tahiri are both alive and happily together here; at this point in the timeline, they're off helping start to put the rest of the galaxy back together (there's a story there that I've yet to revive ... [face_thinking]

    And Jaina taking charge of her life, I think, is a critical event. She stood up to help fight the Vong ... but that work-life mastery balance was something she was unable to achieve far (whether in Legends or here). The stakes became a bit higher, here ...

    You've also put a finger on another very important point, about the events of Maelstroms (that's where all this started; Wrecking Ball is where Shawnkyr confronted Jag over the events of Maelstroms).

    Jaina did let her emotions lead her, instead of her leading them - at the same time, neither Jag nor Ganner should be absolved (Jag for calling out Shawnkyr's name, and Ganner for failing to say "no" to Jaina - it's important to note that everything that happened that night on Hapes was consensual).

    But both Ganner and Jaina took responsibility - and found happiness together. (Not that Jag is irresponsible; I've definitely got 'fics in mind where he's spending time with Roan, but at this point, he's also got his duties to the Ascendancy.)

    Plus - thanks for the thumbs-up re: BB-8. :) His class of droids are a fun bunch, and I want to write more with Jaina creating the BB-series. :D

    I need to update Songs of Yun-Bantha again today - I want to try (!) to finish the Vong War trilogy I've been working on, then move to more (and more varied) stories in the same timeline. :D
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