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Before the Saga Just a spoonful of trouble - UDC IX

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Kit', Apr 27, 2020.

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    Aug 3, 2003
    Another great set! Love the different settings and emotions in each one.

    Lovely! [face_love] And is this the same clearing from "Shrine"?

    [face_laugh][face_laugh] I especially liked this drabble. They may be scoundrels but they love each other!

    Great work, again! =D=
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    Yay! It's one of my favourite lines and hopefully I'll eventually get around to making a poster for it on my classroom wall. I didn't realise how old the original quote was though until recently - did you know it goes all the way back to Ancient Rome?

    It is! I'm trying my hand a bit at world building in that there are quite a few places that pop up across the various Scoundrel fics (or will). The whole USJS/Scoundrel's stuff has kind of become it's own little world/side universe (at least for me) which is fun to play in. Thank you for reading and commenting, it's very much appreciated :)
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    This week's one is back in time to early temple days and the a good old USJS challenge of Truth or Dare. Hopefully I got Kirsten, Rani and T'Lor's characterisations right. I also tried to do something sneaky with the words of the challenge - hopefully people will be able to spot it.


    Week IX - Truth or Date


    “Hurry. Hurry.” The panic and worry in the voices of her compatriots made Kit’s hands tremble.

    “I’m trying to. I just want to be careful, otherwise this could all go terribly wrong.”

    The two glasses clinked together, the liquid changed colour and there was a small puff of smoke. There was a collective sigh of relief.

    “Right, what do I do now?”

    “You drink it Kit.” Kirsten laughed


    “It’s truth of dare. You chose dare. You drink it.”

    “Fine, but if I die you’re explaining it to Master Zahalin. Also, I’m never playing this stupid game again.”

    “Come on, drink the whole thing. Speed is of the essence. Besides, you said that you would try anything once.”


    A pair of legs flew down the corridor and through the open door which slammed shut behind her. T’Lor collapsed in a heap as Rani caught her. The girl was panting heavily and sheened with sweat but the look on her face was one of gleeful exhilaration.

    “Did you get it?”

    “Yeah, I thought she was going to catch me though.” She flicked the object high into the air and caught it again.

    “Wha…does we do wivv it now?” Kithera slurred staring at it with a glazed expression. She wobbled as she went to stand up and then sat down heavily again.

    “I don’t know,” T’Lor grinned, “but just think about how annoyed your Master is going to be when she discovers it’s gone.”



    “Are you sure?” Rani asked. “That’s a pretty dangerous choice there Kirsten.”

    “Well, so far Kit’s had to drink something called an Exploding Rancour,” she motioned to where Kithera was grinning dazedly. Even lying on the couch, the girl was still managing to look unsteady. “And T’Lor’s had to steal an item from Zahalin.” T’lor swung the item gently and grinned, “So maybe truth is less scary.”

    “Hmmm…if you could kiss anyone in the temple. Who would it be?”

    “That’s a hard one. Let me think.”

    T’Lor looked at Rani and grinned. “Who do you think?”

    “What about Knight Ariah?”

    “Oh yeah, Alex…” There was a sigh.

    “Uh, this is my question. Don’t put words in my mouth.” Kirsten held a hand up. There was several seconds of silence, all girls absorbed in the moment. “The person is-“

    The three more sober padawans were so absorbed in the game they didn't hear the door swish open and the Master enter until it was too late.

    “Master Jinn.” Kirsten’s voice was raised in alarm.

    “Master Jinn?” Kithera looked aghast, "I think I'm going to be sick.”


    Qui-Gon took a few second to take in the scene. Three padawans, his included sitting on the floor giggling together and Padawan Rinani staring wildly at him as she lay green face on the couch. After a few seconds the girl made a madcap run towards the fresher and he could hear her being violently ill. Internally he groaned, all he could hope for was that she had actually made it.

    The three remaining padawans looked at him guilty in the half gloom. Even from the doorway he could smell the sweet scent of whatever alcohol someone, his own padawan probably, had managed to purloin. He looked at the three guilty faces.

    “Padawan Veko and Padawan Kaden go get Rinani changed,” he tried to keep his voice steady, “and Kirsten, you can make everyone some very strong caff.”

    “Yes Master.”

    “And padawan?”

    “Yes master?”

    “Make mine a double.”


    “What were you thinking?” Master Jinn’s voice wasn’t angry but disappointment curled around every word. In front him, Kirsten, T’Lor and Rani hung their heads. Kithera was sitting on the couch, her head over a bucket. “I expected better of you especially padawan. You are the oldest but yet you are not the voice of reason.”

    “Sorry Master,” Kirsten’s face was downcast.

    “I think all things considered, cleaning the ‘fresher is probably punishment enough. I believe Rinani’s efforts could only be described as explosive. As for Padawan Rinani, I do believe the hangover will suffice.” On the couch the girl groaned.

    “As for this,” Qui-Gon held the dainty object in the light, a wry grin on his face, “I will return this to Master Zahalin. I think she and I have much to discuss.”
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Superbly pranky use of the prompts =D= [face_mischief]
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    Oct 30, 1999
    Thank you! Have to keep USJS moving until we can get to a good place for our own Truth or Dare session :D;)@};-

    Week Ten is back in time to a much younger Namia and Taeyn.


    Week X

    That’s Mr. Idiot to you (Party)

    He watched her twirl across the room, dark hair against golden-brown skin, talking and chatting effortlessly to those around her. Lighting up the room by her mere presence. Qui-Gon elbowed him.

    “You need to do something.” The taller padawan said, elbowing him again.

    “Do something about what?” Taeyn replied, crossing his arms defensively.

    “I don’t know, the moment she’s in the room your Force presence literally glows and then you act like an idiot.”

    “I do not.”

    “Fine then. Prove me wrong. Here she comes.”

    “Hi Taeyn.” Her smile. He felt like his heart had stopped in his chest. He stared at her mouth opening and closing like a fish. She smiled again and shrugged then waltzed away. Taeyn looked up to see Qui-Gon, hand over his mouth, laughing at him.

    “Padawan Idiot it is then.”

    Skyrockets (Firework)

    “You are the absolute worst.”

    “Yeah, well, it’s my secret love.”

    “I thought I was your secret love.”

    “Well yes, but Namia, this is my secret, secret love.”

    “Watching the Space ships take off?”

    “Yep, watching the giant rockets of the sky. Sometimes I dream of having my own and going off to see the galaxy.”

    “We’re Jedi Taeyn, we’ll see plenty of the galaxy.”

    “Yeah, but I want to see the bits that I want to see. Not go where I’m told to go.”

    “Do I get to go too?”

    “Of course. I have to combine my secret love with my secret, secret love. Then it’d be my secret, secret, secret love. The most love.”

    “You’re the worst and I love you.”

    By lawful means (Gift)

    “I bought you something,” Taeyn smiled at Namia and pulled the tiny chain out of his pocket. The tiny, red, heart of fire sparkled in the light. She raised an eyebrow.

    “Where’d you steal this from?” she said teasingly. He moved behind her and placed the necklace gently around her neck.

    “I was given it thank you very much. Pickpocketing isn’t exactly my style.” He said fixing the clasp. “Do you like it?”

    Namia spun around, one hand reaching up to play with the tiny jewel.

    “I love it. Just like I love you.”

    A Master’s advice (Fond)

    “Padawan,” Master Samukay paused at the door to her room. Namia was laying on her stomach studying, knees bent, feet in the air.

    “Yes Master?” She glanced up at him, and he smiled at her. He leant against the wall, watching her play with the tiny necklace that he knew had been a gift. He worried about her and Taeyn. The Jedi code rules about relationships were antiquated and ridiculous but there were some Masters who believed that they were sacrosanct.

    “Some Masters have begun to talk,” he said motioning to the necklace. Namia’s hand instantly flew away and a flush crept across her cheeks. Master Samukay gave a sad smile. “I have no problems with it. Just stay safe little one, sometimes attachment can lead one down dark paths.”

    Gone (Farewell)

    Mace smiled sadly at her miserable, puffy face as she tried to wipe away the tears.

    “Don’t jump to conclusions,” He said gathering her into his arms, “They found Master Indoa but there was no sign of Taeyn.”

    Namia shook her head, scrubbing her face again with the back of her hand.

    “We all know he’s gone. He wouldn’t have just left his Master behind.” There was silence before she added, “and our bond is broken.”

    Her face screwed up as the tears spilled out. He held her tight, not wanting to believe her as he mentally touched the bond where Taeyn had once been. Now there was only empty silence.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    "That's Mr. Idiot to you"

    I adored this exchange!!! I bet Luke had the same reaction with Mara: [face_mischief]

    the moment she’s in the room your Force presence literally glows and then you act like an idiot. [face_laugh]

    Gift just made me SQUEE!

    "A Master's Advice" -- very kind and thoughtful of Samukay even though he personally doesn't have a problem with Taeyn and Namia, he gives a gentle reminder.

    "Gone" :_| ... especially after the adorbsness of Firework.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    a great set showing that Jedi can love
    and the last one with Mace giving comfort, touching
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    I'm glad that Gift made you SQUEE. I think the first two are just joyful and then Master's advice as sad given what happens to Taeyn. :_|

    Thanks. @};- I find the whole concept of Jedi being unable to form relationships in the prequels really problematic. The idea that you can just throw young people together and not expect relationships to form is just mind-bogging. Also that love comes in many, many forms. I'm glad you like the one with Mace too, I always worry about my portrayal of cannon characters.
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    Oct 30, 1999
    Week XI

    The Headache (Skull)

    “Del, you have some really weird friends,” Kit pushed aside wet, overhanging boughs as they made their way further and deeper into the forest. The forest was almost silent, their footfalls masked by the thick layer of pine needles. The air was damp coolness that tasted of leaf litter, moss and fungi.

    “A’radia is certainly rather interesting, but she’s the only one who can make these headaches disappear.”

    “Yeah, but she lives in the middle of a forest.”

    Del turned and looked at Kit, she could see the tiredness and strain on his face.

    “Yes, but what else would you expect from a witch?”

    Shivers (Spine)

    “So, you’re taking me to see a witch?”

    “Yes? A’radia has certain abilities that are useful.”

    “What she just wiggles her fingers and she casts spells?”

    “You just wiggle your fingers and people do what you want. Why is this different? The locals call her a witch and she likes the title.”

    “But what is she really?”

    “A talented herbalist and healer. Are you scared?”

    “No! Of course not! I just…I don’t know… this forest is just giving me the creeps.”

    “Yeah, she says she likes that. Keeps out the riff raff.”

    “All I know is that it makes me shiver.”

    “Make sure you tell A’radia that, it’ll make her happy.”

    Tooth fairy (Teeth)

    “It’s just this way.” Del pointed ahead to a clearing. The light from which made its way into the part of the forest where they currently stood, creating dabbled shadows that twisted and danced in the breeze. There was a tinkling noise and Kit looked up to see hundreds of little bells suspended in the trees. Interspersed with these were things that looked like tiny bones. She shuddered, not wanting to believe what her eyes were telling her.

    “Uh, Del?” She pointed upwards. Del looked up and shrugged.

    “Huh, looks like A’radia’s been redecorating.”

    Little clasp (Fibula)

    The cottage that sat in the middle of the clearing looked like a house from Zallie’s bedtime stories. The thatched roof sat on the white-washed walls. A curl of smoke drifted lazily from the chimney. It was a strange juxtaposition to the eerily silent woods and the bells and bones in the tree tops. Del raised a hand to knock but the door swung open on silent hinges to reveal a young lady, dressed in a pink checked dress, her short black hair swinging around her face. On the collar of her dress was a little brooch and with a start Kit realised it was in the shape of an upside-down skeleton, the leg bones acting as the clasp, making the little piece dance as she moved.

    “Del!” She cried, “Come in! You’re just in time! I’m making gingerbread!”

    Cast (Bone)

    Kit followed Del into the house. The front door opened into a warm and comfortable living room, with a long bench against the wall filled with herbs and vials. A thick-set wood stove sat in one corner of the room, and in front of it was curled a black Loth-cat.

    “So, I figured you’d be back soon, so I went gathering the right things. Then I got the feeling you’d be here today, so I’ve already put them on to steep. Then I thought you’d be hungry, so I made gingerbread and then - ” She paused mid-speech to stare at Kit. Her head titled to one-side and she frowned. “Oh. You. Oh. I’m so sorry.”

    “Sorry for what?” Kithera felt her breath catch. She tried to reach out with the force but the melody was a jumble. The girl shook her head and smiled brightly.

    “Nothing. Would you like me to cast the bones and tell your future?”
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    Aug 21, 2006
    A great set with them exploring the forest and the house with the girl and the gingerbread and bones
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    Aww, thank you. I don't think I hit the right level of creepy. I do like incorporating the fairy-story elements into the descriptions as that was fun.


    I kind of decided last week that whatever this weeks' words were I'd have to make it a continuation on last week's story start. Which was rather *ahem* interesting when the words came out. Hopefully it works. Also apologies to Mr William Shakespeare for stealing his lines.


    Week XII – Song of the Witch

    Double Double Toil and Trouble (Metal)

    A’radia moved across her workbench, grabbing herbs and powders. From her perch on the couch, Kithera kept half and eye on the witch and half an eye on where Del sat, his face as pale as the white-washed walls behind him. The woman’s words were still resonating in her head. She watched as the witch dropped the various ingredients into the copper pot that she’d hung over the stove and then make her way over to the couch.

    “I thought you said you’d already put my stuff onto steep?” Del said, leaning back on the couch his eyes closed.

    “I did. This is tea for Kit and I. Can’t tell a future without tea.”

    Fire burn and caldron bubble (Seismic)

    A’radia stroked Del’s temples and hair as he slept on the couch. His tea had been consumed half an hour ago and A’radia had whispered something in his ear and he had fallen asleep. Kit had reached out to Del but the melody of The Force was still a jumbled mess of discordant bars and half-notes. It hadn’t helped that she’d been fighting with a sudden irrational surge of jealousy at the casual intimacy of the other woman. She finished her last sip of her tea and put it on the table, noting with interest that the witch had barely touched hers.

    “What did you mean, by what you said?” Kit asked to break the silence. A’radia smiled.
    “I can’t tell you,” she said suddenly leaning forward and grabbing Kit’s hands before she could protest, “but I can show you.”

    And then Kit’s world turned upside down.

    In the caldron boil and bake (Fire)

    There were screams and shouts and so much blaster fire. Kit raised her head to a smoke-filled scene of desolation on a world she barely knew. Ahead of her, Kirsh was leading a charge of white armoured troops into battle. Kit watched him and smiled. He still looked the same as the last time she’d seen him, although his face was more lined and care-worn. The troops surged around her and charged towards the droids that were holding the lines of battle. Kit watched the troop carriers fly overhead and the mud churn below the soldier's feet. As the last soldier passed her, the troops slowed and stopped. Their blasters came up, aiming at the Jedi’s unprotected back. Kirsh turned, a look of confusion and horror on his face as blaster fire rained down upon him.

    He fell, still and silent.

    Kit screamed.

    For a charm of powerful trouble; Like a hell-broth boil and bubble. (Impenetrable)

    She pulled her hands out of the witches’ grasp, suddenly shaking and cold. The noise of The Force roared around her and over her, knocking her senses and making the world spin. She reached to control it but she couldn’t. It hit her – a solid wall of noise so loud that she couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t think. She could only see Kirsh’s face as he went down and feel the thousand souls that fell with him.

    “Why. Why did you show me that?” Her voice was a hoarse whisper as if she had been screaming for hours. A’radia’s face was as white as her own, tear tracks marking her cheeks.

    “I didn’t know it would be that.” She said quietly, “I knew it was bad, but I didn’t know it would be like that.”

    “What do I do?” Kit’s voice broke as she sobbed. “How do I stop it?”

    Then the charm is firm and good. (Shift)

    She watched A’radia moved across her workbench, grabbing herbs and powders. From her perch on the couch, Kithera kept half and eye on the witch and half an eye on where Del slept, still and calm.

    “Drink this.”

    Kit eyed her suspiciously. “This time it’s just tea,” A’radia said a sad smile on her face, “and a ginger-bread man. I’m sorry little Kit.”

    Kithera frowned, nobody had called her Little Kit except Namia and she hadn’t heard it since her Master had died.

    “Who are you?” She asked quietly. Thanks to A’radia her world had shifted again. Now all she could see when she closed her eyes was Kirsh’s face as he fell. Her heart ached at the vision.

    “A silly, sorry witch,” A’radia said sitting next to her and stroking her fingers over the back of her hand. Despite her brain’s protestations, Kithera suddenly felt her body relax. The witch leaned toward, eyes suddenly intense although her voice was calm and tranquil. “So Kitkit, shall I tell you some stories?”
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    Aug 21, 2006
    a very intense set with visions from what is to come?
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    Yeah, can't say that was a fun one to write as I quite adore Kirsh and I've always hated Order 66. I remember crying in the cinema, not so much at the deaths of the Jedi on screen but realising that it would also kill all the OC characters people had written that I'd come to adore.


    Last of A'radia for the moment. Luckily the words for this week worked perfectly for what I wanted to cover in the stories. Next week it'll be back to your regular Family of Scoundrels.

    Week XIII

    Creating a prince (Forge)

    “Once,” A’radia’s voice was calm and Kit felt her body relax despite the protestations of her brain that she needed to leave to warn Kirsh of what was coming. Instead she found herself putting her head back against the cushions and listening to the dreamy voice as A’radia gently stroked her hand and then her hair. Her eyes closed gently as the story continued.

    “Once, there was a little boy who was loved and cared for by his mother very much. Then one day a stranger appeared from a far land and told the little boy that he wasn’t a boy, that he was now a prince. Little did he know that if he went with the strangers that he would forge himself and the universe into a dark and malevolent place.”

    The prince is haunted (Wraith)

    Kit found her eyes grow heavy. Everything seemed so far away, the images that A’radia had shown her of Kirsh melted away like Marrafa floss in the rain.

    “So, the little boy left with the stranger to a faraway land and grew tall and strong. He did indeed become a strong and capable prince, but he was always haunted by the thought of what had happened to his mother. The prince met a beautiful princess and they fell in love. She was wise and kind and tried to help the Prince but it was to no avail. Because, unbeknownst to everyone, the Prince was being manipulated by an evil wizard.”

    The dark wizard appears (Greed)

    “The wizard was evil and greedy. He wanted to rule the entire universe, but the only way he could do this was with the help of the prince. So, when it was quiet, he lied to the prince. Told him stories of his mother. Said that the princess and the prince’s friends had lied to him. Told him how we could save everyone if only he listened to the evil wizard. The Prince didn’t know who he should listen to and which path he should follow. The Prince’s best friend, the noble and honourable knight tried to help him, but the Prince had already chosen the darker path.”

    The prince unravels (Undoing)

    “The prince strode down the dark path, wreaking havoc and destruction wherever he went. The people who had once loved him fled in fear. The Prince returned to the princess wanting her love, but the princess turned away from him in terror. The princess ran to the honourable knight but he could not protect her from a broken heart. After the princess’ death, the knight left the kingdom with her children. The great land was now under the control of the evil wizard and the great land that once been was undone, leaving a smoking and ruinous mess.”

    New beginnings (Precious)

    “The knight brought up the children in secret to be wise and kind like the Prince had been and eventually the children returned to the kingdom. They fought the dark wizard and helped their father to see the path of goodness. Once again the land became prosperous and happy.”

    “Rin,” Del’s voice sounded like it was coming from a long way away. Kithera sat up groggily, rubbing her eyes. “A’radia said you’d fallen asleep too. You must have really needed it. I’m sure Zallie is missing you, we’d better get moving.”

    She stood, feeling like she had to tell Del something but not remembering what it was.

    “I’ve packed you a bag of goodies. Hopefully it will keep those headaches at bay for a good while.” The witch was holding a small leather bag that clinked. She smiled at Kit, “I’ve pack something for you too. It’ll help with the morning sickness.”

    Kithera frowned, she why would she need that when she wasn’t pregnant? She went to protest, but Del was already guiding her towards the door. She turned on the step to say something but A’radia held up a hand to stop her.

    “Come what may, you are always welcome here little Kit,” she said softly, “always.”
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    Aug 21, 2006
    The prince in a dream but he will be real to. Great set
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    I'm sorry I've gotten so far behind but these are all fantastic!

    Week 9 - Fun set! :D I love Truth or Dare, and I love your twist of using the next prompt word in each drabble!

    Week 10 - What a mix of emotions in this set! "Party" was funny, "Firework" and "Gift" were so sweet and beautiful (I love the necklace!), a touching moment between Master and Padawan in "Fond", and then the heartbreak of "Farewell". :_| Great work!

    Week 11 - I love how you used these prompts! You really captured the fairy-tale vibe, and the imagery in all of these is incredible.

    I really loved this part! So creepy but it makes an eerily beautiful picture.

    Week 12 & Week 13 - Love how you've carried the story from Week 11 through all these prompts! That's such a fun idea, and kudos for doing such a great job of it with such different prompts! :) "Seismic", "Fire", and "Impenetrable" were heartwrenching. Poor Kit! :( And then loved A'radia's story and the bit of comfort in Week 13. [face_love]

    Such a sweet way to finish this group off!

    Fantastic work with these! =D=
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    Thanks. It was a bit of fun to write even though it bears no resemblance to what I normally do and I'm definitely not going to do it again. Just too good an opportunity to pass up for a bit of foreshadowing.

    Thank you :) There are so many amazing fics that I often find that I accidentally drop one or two and then suddenly remember weeks later! Glad to have you back on board though :) Also glad that you liked the responses and especially that you liked the imagery of the A’radia sets. They were fun to write and I'm going to try and put A'radia back into some of the other fics in maybe a slightly less creepy fashion.
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    Week XIV -

    The outfit (Fedora)

    “I’m not wearing the hat Rin.”

    “Please Del, this whole Akira thing is really ours now. I figure we should live up to the name.”

    “And how exactly is a hat going to do that?” He was looking at it dubiously.

    “Well, it’s red and we have a reputation for wearing red, so I figured it could be your thing.”

    “Hats come off, hats need to be rescued. Hats are hot and mess up my hair. No hats.”

    “Well, what then?” She pouted, hands on hips.

    “What about that?” He pointed to a red-wine coloured leather jacket hanging on the rack.

    “Sure, but I’m not sure it’s as good as the hat.”

    “It has an added bonus.”

    “What’s that.”

    “The colour will hide the blood stains.”

    The oversight (Whip)

    She laughed manically, her rake thin body silhouetted against the flickering light of the torches. She brought her cruel whip down and Del watched as Rin shrieked in agony. Heart racing, his fingers fumbled at the knot behind his back. Sweat beaded his forehead as he heard the crack and his beloved scream again. The sorceress had begun ranting, a mad soliloquy of anger and hate. Del’s fingers slipped and then the knot was undone. He reached for the blaster that he kept tucked in his boot. The mad woman had been so drunk with power, she hadn’t even bothered to pat him down. He pulled the weapon in one smooth motion and fired.

    It was a good death – clean and quick and more than she deserved.

    The delivery (Satchel)

    It sat in the centre of the table, an implement of death in a worn, leather bag.

    “You don’t have to do this.”

    “We don’t have to do this you mean.”

    “Fine, we don’t have to do this. The Jedi code-“

    “What code Rin? None of us are Jedi. We don’t have to abide by any stupid, ancient code.”

    “Yeah, but innocent people might die.”

    “Nobody who has truck with the Empire is innocent. I’ve researched the location, everyone in there chooses to be there. Their deaths are because of their choices.”

    “But Del, if we do this, we change everything - who we are, who we will be. We will never be safe again.”

    “Think about what they did to our friends. What they did to Kirsh, Jazz, T’lor. We already aren’t safe.”

    She glared at him and then picked up the bag.

    “Fine then. We do this. For Kirsh and the others.”

    The armour (Leather)

    She pulled on her leathers feeling the way the material caressed her, gliding along familiar grooves to become a second skin. This was her new uniform. Gone was the obi and tunic, replaced by buckles and belts. Where once she’d taken refuge in the unassuming brown tabard and leggings, now she felt at home in her own burgundy fighting leathers. Finishing with the last zip on her boot, she stood up, sweeping her long blonde hair back and into a messy bun. He was staring at her, smiling slightly as he holstered his weapon.


    “Nothing my love. You are just beautiful and I love you.”

    She poked her tongue out at him.

    “Love you too. Now let’s be scoundrels.”

    The Interview (Tweed)

    “Stop being so nervous, she’ll see it.”

    “She’s wearing one of those wool jackets with the elbow patches Rin, that’s never a good sign.”

    “Really Del? I think you’re being ridiculous. We aren’t asking for much.”

    “Asking for anything from the likes of her is too much. Do you think we look okay?”

    “You look fine. Like a normal business man. Your stuff is in order. We’ll be fine.”

    “Yeah, well, it was pretty hard to put together a plan when you can only reference the legit stuff we do.”

    “Stop stressing please.”

    “She’s got the half-moon glasses Rin, we won’t get this. We’re sunk.”

    He rubbed his hands worriedly on the front of his pants as the lady came to the door. She smiled beneficently at them as she absentmindedly adjusted her name badge upon which was written two words.

    Bank manager.
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    The delivery (Satchel)
    A very intriguing moral question about choices and innocents: [face_thinking]
    “Nobody who has truck with the Empire is innocent. I’ve researched the location, everyone in there chooses to be there. Their deaths are because of their choices.”
    “But Del, if we do this, we change everything - who we are, who we will be. We will never be safe again.”
    “Think about what they did to our friends. What they did to Kirsh, Jazz, T’lor. We already aren’t safe.”

    Kirsh ... :eek: :* [face_love]

    The armour (Leather)

    Oooh, cool "uniform" ;)

    “Nothing my love. You are just beautiful and I love you.”
    She poked her tongue out at him.
    “Love you too. Now let’s be scoundrels.”


    The Interview (Tweed)
    [face_tee_hee] This whole thing. [face_mischief]
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    All of these were awesome!

    [face_laugh] This made me think of Deadpool and I love it.

    "Whip" - whoa, that was intense!

    Great line!

    "Satchel" - Another intense drabble, and as @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha said, a thought-provoking look at choices and consequences and innocence and guilt.

    "Leather" - Fun and sweet and badass all at once! Love it!

    [face_laugh] Great way to finish the set!

    Awesome work on all of these!
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    intense moments in the new set
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    Yeah, I did kind of wonder about that scene and then I was like 'nah, Kit can rock leather no matter the connotations...". As long as it's not a leather bikini aka nearly all D&D cover art girls it should be fine :p

    Thanks. I like moral philosophy and the idea that the worlds that we are presented with in Star Wars aren't nearly so black and white as Lucas originally presented them.

    Thank you! It's very Del. Practical in all things is our Del.

    Thank you :)
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    So I'm taking a punt with this and hoping that the drabble gods (mods?) are kind to me and that next week's words will work as I've left this as a TBC at the end...

    Also for those of you who haven't read the thousands of words of backstory (which is fine) I've got a spoiler below to tell you who one of the character is. Alternatively you can go back a bit and read this set of drabbles which might give it away a bit more.

    Nessa is Estra and Nicco's mother who walked out on Del and the family after Estra was born. There has been no contact with her since. She basically fought a lot with Del and their relationship could only be described as toxic. Del would describe her as a grifter and a con-artist (and be well aware of the pot calling the kettle names although he likes to think his actions are a bit more noble while hers are because she sees people as pawns). He is desperate to keep Estra and Nicco away from her and close and safe with him.

    Week XV - Knights in rusted armour


    There was a flash of crimson amongst the crowd and Del smiled to himself as he watched Rin pass by. A second later she was gone, swept away by her dance partner. He smiled again and then grimaced as he tugged at the necktie she’d forced him to wear. He was glad that she was having the time of her life, although he still didn’t understand exactly why. She seemed so at ease with her position, with the act that this was a place that they both belonged. The invitation to the ball had come from one of the contacts that he knew Rin had been cultivating in order to get themselves some better paying clientele. Del picked up his glass and took a sip, trying to squash the feeling that the better clientele also brought a higher class of danger.


    He was just putting his glass down on the table again when he saw her. The red hair, done up in sleek ponytail, long black, figure hugging dress. She was hanging on the arm of a much older man. Del suddenly realised that he couldn’t breathe. How could she be here? She was a phantasm from history made flesh. She turned and before he could run she had spotted him. Heart hammering in his chest he watched as she left her partner and sashayed towards him. Her mouth smiled but her eyes were hard and cold. He suddenly wished he could be anywhere else. What exactly did you say to the mother of your children?


    “I wouldn’t have expected you to be here.” The voice was the same. He stared at her realising that his mouth was slightly ajar. What he wouldn’t give to be back on his ship at this moment.

    “I didn’t expect to see you again.” His voice creaked and wobbled. She opened her mouth to say something but her partner had moved across to join them, a tall gentleman in an expensive and well-tailored suit, gold cufflinks glimmering at his wrist.

    “Darling, who is your friend?”

    “This is, oh, what are you calling yourself these days?” Her voice was fake, insincere

    “Del. I’m Del D’ladame.” He stuck out his hand and the other man shook it firmly.

    Then an arm slipped around his waist and she was there. He looked down but Rin was already smiling at her, like a tiny blonde knight in slightly dinted armour ready to take on the dragon of his past.


    “Del, my love, who are your friends?” Her voice was like fire, warm and steady and giving him strength.

    “I’m Lord Tovan,” the man said with an easy smile kissing the back of her outstretched hand, seemingly obvious to the tension, “and this is my wife, Lady Nessa Tovin. We were just making Del’s acquaintance. Apparently he knows my wife.”

    “From a long time ago,” Nessa’s voice was a blade drawn sharply from its scabbard.

    There was a pause and Del could feel Kit sizing the other woman up.

    “This is Rin,” he said realising he was supposed to be doing the introductions. He paused - how would you describe their rather complicated relationship…

    “Kithera Rinani,” she saved him, still smiling, “Rin is Del’s nickname for me. I’m Del’s wife.”


    Del felt his heart stop, his ears barely believing the lie Rin had just told. “Only recently mind you. It’s just so exciting. He’s such a treasure.” The blonde haired woman held out her right hand to show a diamond encrusted ring worth more than his beloved ship.

    “What an amazing ring, may I see it?” Nessa asked. Del fought the urge to snatch Rin away. He knew that tone, the cat like narrowing of her eyes. It always spelt trouble. Kit stood her ground, proffering her hand as the other woman inspected it. “It looks just like the Baroness’ favourite piece, don’t you think darling?” Nessa purred to his husband.

    “Oh no,” Del heard Kit say quietly, her smile still in place, “I’ve seen the Baroness’ ring and, while it is quite lovely, I found it to be slightly smaller than my own.”

    Internally he sighed at the fact his beloved could hold her own, even as he braced for whatever would come next.

    To be continued…
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    FANTASTIC!!!! Both Del's discombobulation & Kitthera's poise in the face of Nessa's venomous intent. =D=
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    Go, Kit! You tell her!
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    Kit can outsmart that snake
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