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Science Fiction OPEN Justice League: Apokolips Now

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by TheAdmiral, Aug 29, 2020.

  1. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 28, 2004

    “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”
    ― H.P. Lovecraft

    There stood the two figures in blue, two superbeings standing on the red and desolate surface of Mars. One was the Kryptonian protector of Earth, Kal-El, Clark Kent, Superman, the other was the human turned something else Doctor Manhattan, Jon Osterman, the son of a watchmaker. Their confrontation was over, the blue skinned being started to see the future again, the timeline was fixed and for all intents and purposes his job in this strange universe was over. Only the last experiment remained.

    “You must come with me to another universe that needs hope, something that you can give.” Doctor Manhattan stated simply.

    “What about my universe?” Superman asked, unconvinced.

    “It will be alright, besides it is only temporary. I need you to help me prevent a Third World War.” Osterman continued “I see the folly in Veidt’s plans, besides it was only meant as a temporary solution.”

    Clark turned towards his two closest friends, the one known as Batman, and the Amazonian Princess - Diana or Wonder Woman. They seemed supportive.

    “If there are people who need you out there, it is your duty to help them.” Wonder Woman smiled.

    “Agreed, besides we need to learn more about that part of the Multiverse.” was Batman’s response.

    Doctor Manhattan stood there motionless, observing them, his body shimmering, staying silent. Now that he could see the future of this universe he realized he was misleading Superman, that it will bring an Apocalyptic conflict to the Galaxy and to Earth more specifically. It will be interesting to observe how this world will react to what was to come, will they band together? Set aside their differences and fight for their homes? He knew that there are other forces at work, some primordial, some coming from a dark universe, all the ingredients of a perfect storm.

    “I will come with you under one condition.” Superman pursed his lips.

    “That I will return you home afterwards...” Doctor Manhattan said it instead of him.

    Kal-El simply nodded.

    “You don’t have to worry about that, you will be brought back, when our job is done.” Osterman said simply.

    Superman took another look at his friends, then turned to the blue man nodding in agreement. With that they all vanished. Doctor Manhattan and Superman to the intended universe, Batman, Wonder Woman and the other heroes were transported safely back to Earth.

    Meanwhile in Arkham

    “He knows...” one of the patients murmured “He is coming...” his voice became louder “He will take it all...” he took his metal cup and started knocking on the door “Ding, ding, ding, ding...”

    Somewhere in Gotham
    A dark figure taken as if out of a horror story, a twisted and perverted version of Batman found a small, round, yellow object, a smiley face button with some blood splattered on its face. He bent and picked it up, his mouth wide in a horrendous grin. Things were going to get interesting.


    The time has finally come. Conflict was quickly engulfing the Galaxy. It was just a diversion, for his prize was a small, blue speck of dust… Earth. The board is set, the pieces are moving. Ding, ding, ding...

    About the game:

    The game is set in the DC Comics Universe, it will follow the New 52 and Rebirth continuities. It starts at the end of the Doomsday Clock arc, but with a changed outcome. Most of the events of the aforementioned continuities had happened (though, not the search to free Perpetua). Events and characters from the DCEU, the CW’s Arrowverse, the Animated series and films, the Arkham games can be incorporated.

    The game will be Earth based, so any alien (aside from the obvious ones like the Kryptonians, the Martian Manhunter, the Hawks) must have a good reason for being on Earth. Alien villains can be part of the Apokolips invasion force or could have come before it to sabotage or do tasks for Darkseid. The Guardians, the New Gods (aside from Orion) cannot be claimed. General Zod, his wife and son are acceptable, so is Mongul, the Red, Yellow and Orange Lanters, Lobo are too.

    The players are encouraged to have multiple characters (ideally at least two - one hero and one villain), but that is NOT mandatory.

    There are three major factions:

    • Defenders of Earth: it consists of Heroes and Villains (who chose their allegiance to their home planet over their rivalries with the heroes)

    • Apokolips’ Invasion force (aliens and Earth based villains who decide to throw in with Darkseid)

    • The Wild Cards: characters like The Batman Who Laughs, the Joker (or the Three Jokers) whose allegiance and motivations are not clear;
    Some of the groups that are active are:

    The Justice League
    The Justice League of America
    Justice League Dark
    Birds of Prey
    Suicide Squad
    The Outsiders
    Teen Titans
    The Titans
    Legion of Doom

    The rosters of the groups can be discussed.

    Character Sheet:



    Appearance: Pictures (can be real people images, DCEU, video game, CW Arrowverse, and/or from comics), text, whatever you like.


    Special Equipment:


    First of all I would like to than @The Jedi in the Pumas for the help with fleshing out the idea and also for agreeing to be the co-GM of the game!

    1. Please PM me and @The Jedi in the Pumas your Character Sheets first for approval
    2. No God-modding
    3. Obey the Boards’ rules
    4. The GM’s word is law
    5. If you have to pause your participation or would like to withdraw please notify beforehand so that I can accommodate
    6. Have fun
  2. darthbernael

    darthbernael Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: Double GM Approved for both CS's

    Character Sheet: Hero ish

    Name: John Constantine
    Codename: Constantine, Hellblazer, Yellow Lantern
    Age: 67 but due to his demon heritage has the physical body/appearance of a thirty something
    Species: Half Demon/Half Human
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Pictures, text, whatever you like.




    Bio: John has, literally, had one hell of a life. From an early age, he was fascinated by magic and when things began to turn dark, while he was involved with a magic and metal band, he gave up music and delved deeply into the world of magic.

    His life has been a tragic series of events ever since. Part of why he is so anti-social is that he has lost so much, including, at least, one woman he loved. So now he shuns the company of most because it's better that he not form attachments, at least in his mind.

    As events began to unfold, John was returning to his homebase in London after a case in Paris had gone south.

    Personality: An abrasive person, he is often seen as an anti-hero. He tends to solve problems violently. He tends to be a loner and quite anti-social.

    John is a highly skilled sorcerer, having been practicing magic since he was a teen. He quickly mastered all the magic that Europe had to offer and went to America to train under Nick Necro, a notable magician. John is skilled in various forms of magic, most notably Black Magic, a dangerous and malevolent sort of magic that is known to come at a high cost to it's practitioner.
    Astral Projection: John is able to create astral projections of himself.
    Cosmic Awareness
    Demon Summoning:
    John is capable of summoning demonic entities through various spells.
    Dimensional Travel: John is capable of creating portals to other dimensions and realities.
    John was able to use magic to incinerate a cultist.
    Electrokinesis: John is capable of using magic to project bolts of electricity.
    Energy Construct Creation:
    John can use magic to form solid energy constructs, such as shields or bridges.
    Energy Projection: John is able to use magic to project multiple forms of energy. He was able to create a small sun capable of incapacitating Andrew Bennett, a powerful vampire.
    Radiation Production
    John is able to forcibly remove possessing entities such as demonic spirits from the body they are possessing.
    Illusion Casting: John is able to create illusions to fool people. He was able to trick Darkseid into thinking he was dead, and cast a universe wide illusion, convincing Darkseid that it was a dead dimension he had already consumed.
    Invisibility: John is capable of turning himself invisible and cloaking items.
    Magical Sense: John is able to sense the presence of magic.
    Mind Control: John mentioned that he has rewritten his landlord's brain to think that he'd already paid rent.
    John is capable of using magic to manipulate fire. He is able to engulf his hands in flames, as well as turn the small flame from his lighter into a flamethrower.
    Sigil Magic: John is able to project a powerful magic sigil that he claims is powerful enough to kill a god.
    Spirit Ward Creation: John knows how to create protection circles that once entered, he can't be harmed.
    Telekinesis: John is able to telekinetically freeze and restrain people.
    Teleportation: John is able to teleport himself, others and items, to various locations, and even across dimensions.
    Demon Blood: John's body contains demon blood, which allows him to channel magic and cast spells without facing the cost of it.

    John Constantine is an excellent con artist and negotiator. These skills are often more useful than his magical ones. Constantine faces most of his challenges relying primarily on his cunning skills.
    Indomitable Will:
    John possesses the willpower to resist being possessed by Deadman and was not corrupted by Pandora's box.
    John is a highly skilled occult detective.
    Multilingualism: John speaks some amount of French. Though he claims the only thing that stuck from his French classes was "il, elle, nous sommes", this was probably a lie.
    Occultism: John possesses extensive knowledge of magic and the supernatural. He even knows the true purpose of Pandora's box, which no one else knows.
    Before Constantine became an experienced magician, he was the lead singer in the punk-grunge band Mucous Membrane.
    Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic)

    Special Equipment:

    House of Mystery

    The Moonblade appeared as one of John's arsenal of magical weapons. The blade is said to shape with the different faces of the moon (Longsword when its full moon, dagger when its new), and just like the twin blade, it can kill anyone with one clean hit. John used it to kill Mister E. Those killed by the moonblade has their spirits stored in it, making them the perfect slaves for Constantine.
    Yellow Power Ring: Possibly Formerly
    Helmet of Fate Possibly Formerly


    John is only Human, so yes, he can die.
    He has aggressive lung cancer due to his chain smoking, so he is prone to coughing fits.
    He is 26.....he's not young....
    His own ego and arrogance can land him into trouble
    He has a problem with gaining trust and believing in people


    Character Sheet: Villain ish

    Name: Bruce Wayne
    Codename: Batman, The Batman Who Laughs, The Darkest Knight
    Age: 43
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Pictures, text, whatever you like.



    Bio: Laughs laughs at a bio about himself. If he were to describe anything about his past it would be to say that his early years were just as Batman’s of Earth 0. However he soon grew to recognize that the trauma that he’d gone through could only be repelled and replaced with true vengeance against those who had caused it. To that end he worked and altered himself until he turned into what he is now. He has destroyed countless heroes, taking over world after world in the multiverse, for his own perverse pleasure.

    Followed by his feral Robin’s he has now come to this Earth to enact the artistic beauty of his violence and destruction upon this world and anyone, hero or villain, that stands in his way.

    Personality: Imagine if the Joker and the Batman were one being, with no morals or qualms to use all of his intelligence and abilities to make the world burn, and then you will know Laughs.

    Powers and Abilities:
    The Batman Who Laughs is depicted as having the same abilities as Batman, combined with the twisted nihilism of the Joker. This contributed to the reasons why Batman was forced to ally with the Joker to stop his counterpart, as he anticipated that his other self retained his existing tactical abilities and therefore an alliance between Batman and the Joker was the only thing his counterpart could never anticipate. Hailing from the Dark Multiverse, he is able to see people's dark urges and fears, visualized as alternate realities of their current actions. His characteristic metal crown functions as a futuristic visor made out of "Dark Metal", allowing him to filter these actions and pinpoint his opponents' next moves during combat and manipulate them psychologically by using his knowledge of their fears. Unlike Batman, he opts for lethal weapons that allows him to kill swiftly, including but not limited to machine guns, knives, a chain weapon with a batarang attached at the end and various assortment of bladed weapons.

    Like the inhabitants of the Dark Multiverse, The Batman Who Laughs has a weakness to Nth Metal.

    Special Equipment:

    Weaponry: Batman is a master in utilizing several types of weaponry.
    Bruce often uses Batarangs against his enemies. Some of them were made of Nth Metal and laced with a toxin similar to the modified strain of Joker Toxin that infected him.


    Dark Metal Visor: Using the visor, Laughs can peer through the membrane to the Dark Multiverse and see things which people most feared and desire. The visor is made of Dark Metal to filter out the dark energy and the noise in order to focus on what he wanted to see.


    Batplane: His Batplane consists of mandible-like wings and according to Batman of Earth 0 was quite fast.

    Mental Illness:
    Like the Joker, he suffers from insanity. This however has shown little if any effect in being a barrier for his cunning and well-schemed plans. It however eliminated all facets of his personality that made him a good person, leaving only madness and bloodlust while transforming his personality into like that of the Joker.
    Vulnerability to Nth Metal: Denizens of his universe vibrate at a different frequency to Nth Metal, and are particularly badly harmed upon contact with it.
    Visor Tether: Bruce relies on his visor to keep him anchored to the Multiverse. Without it, his connection would be severed and he would cease to exist outside of the Dark Multiverse.
  3. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Double GM Approved!

    Character Sheet

    Name: Billy Baston

    Codename: Shazam

    Age: 16

    Species: Human

    Gender: Male




    Bio: Billy Batson is an orphan who came to live in Mr. & Mrs. Vasquez home, with their other foster kids. In his following adventures, Billy was transported to the Rock of Eternity where he encountered the Wizard SHAZAM, and because of his inherent goodness was chosen to wield the powers of SHAZAM. With his mew found might, greater challenges found the newly minted hero, battles which tested his mettle and his heart. In the end Billy prevailed, as he understood the power of familial bonds, a virtue which his enemy had forsaken.

    Billy is a cautiously optimistic teen, who is good at heart and takes action to correct the wrongs he sees in the world.

    When Billy transforms into SHAZAM, he is Divinely Empowered with the following:

    Solomon’s Wisdom: Billy is imbued with vast scholarly knowledge,Eidetic memory, polyglotism, mathematical knowledge, tactics, interpersonal finesse and more.

    Hercule’s Strength: Billy is imbued with enough strength to match Superman’s.

    Atlas’ Stamina: Billy is able to endure great physical exertion without tiring, and is able to survive without sustenance.

    Zeus’ Power: Billy is able to wield ‘Living Lightning’, as well as perform other extraordinary feats; such like travel to the Rock of Eternity, or grant those close to him a measure of his power.

    Achilles’ Courage: Billy is granted Indomitable Will as well as near-complete invulnerability. As Shazam he is ageless.

    Mercury’s Speed: The average lightning bolt travels at 3,700 mps or 224,000 mph or Mach 292, which Shazam can attain. He could also exert himself to race The Flash if needed. In addition, Billy is also granted Superhuman reflexes.

    Abilities: Billy is a keen street smart kid with a heart of gold. He is observant, valiant and always willing to lend a helping hand.

    Special Equipment: N/A

    Limitations/Weaknesses: Billy’s inexperience in combat does hamper Shazam when he faces more experienced an trained adversaries. As a boy of 16 years, more cunning villains may exploit his inherent goodness and naivety, but Shazam always sees through their schemes. Also, Billy himself is mortal and subject to the vulnerabilities of a normal human.
  4. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    Character Sheet:

    Name: The Joker
    Age: Really?
    Species: Playing card?
    Gender: Do I hafta say?

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Bio: Do I look like a man with a plan?

    Personality: Ask my shrink
    Powers: Hahahahaha
    Abilities: Please, please stop, you’re killing me!
    Special Equipment: Does Harley count?
    Limitations/Weaknesses: Bats!
  5. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Jedi Master star 3

    Jun 26, 2017

    Harleen Frances Quinzel
    Codename: Harley Quinn
    Age: Don't ya know it's rude to ask a ladies age?
    Species: Human... barely
    Gender: Not obvious enough for ya?


    Bio: Something, Something doctor, something, something Joker... bit of this, bit of that. Went a little bit insane. Ya know the whole nine yards...nothing interesting really.
    Personality: Bubbly, Easily excited, sometimes surprisingly caring.
    Powers: Who needs powers when you've got a good bat?
    Abilities: Oh I dabble in a bit of everything, like to think of myself as a practical sort of gal.
    Special Equipment: Harley does count...
    Limitations/Weaknesses: Doesn't like upsetting Mistah J....
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2020
  6. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    Double GM Approved

    Name: Officer Adrian Montrose
    Codename: Known in the GCPD as "The Irishman"
    Age: 37
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Bio: Adrian Montrose was born in Northern Ireland, his family emigrated to England to escape the troubles there when Adrian was young. His father joined the Metropolitan Police in London and youn Adrian aspired to one day be a policeman himself.

    He joined the Metropolitan Police at the age of 23 and spent a few years on the beat and impressed his superiors with his arrest record. Homicide was his first interest but he decided to start his career in Anti Corruption, he wanted to catch killers, killers who preyed on the innocent and used corruption to escape. Whatever the rank, whoever they were, they would not escape justice.

    After arresting and convicting a high profile gang leader who had quite a few corrupt cops in his pocket Adrian decided it was time to move on, to try the Homicide division. And an opportunity came from across the pond in America, in one Gotham City. Adrian took it with delight seeing it as a step up in his career.

    What he didn't know was he was descending into Hell itself….

    Personality: Loves to crack jokes or wisecracks, very approachable but when it gets down to the nitty gritty is serious and will not stop until his target is arrested. Hates corrupt cops and the criminals that fund them.
    Powers: None
    Abilities: None
    Special Equipment: Handcuffs, baton, police issue sidearm Limitations/Weaknesses: Typical human bits and pieces. Is very dogged in trying to catch criminals so can earn the ire of his superiors in going too far and going after corrupt cops can set him in the sights of some very powerful individuals. As he has no powers he is just your regular human.
  7. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    Double-GM Approved!

    Lt. Detective Harold Driscoll
    Codename: Known as Harry to his peers
    Age: 53
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male


    Bio: In a less than ideal life, which included a turbulent upbringing with absent parents – and later, an estranged wife and child – some believe that Harry turned to law enforcement as a means to escape; as a way to enact his will on the world and to make a difference on society. If he couldn’t help himself than perhaps he could help others.

    In some ways, it was a flawed way of thinking that would take a heavy toll on his body and mind, but it would nevertheless prove effective in the moments that mattered most. He always got the job done, and he managed to do it well.

    Harry spent the majority of his career serving in a small precinct located an hour north of the New York City Metropolitan area. It was a fairly quiet town named Walden, with its storybook setting and lazy disposition, and yet it still had its fair share of homicides and high crime incidents.

    Driscoll recently took the lead on one such occasion – a major case that involved a series of slayings, three young women, and a drug ring. In only a matter of months, he had managed to bring the perpetrators to justice and essentially tied everything up in a neat, tidy bow. He never revealed his tactics, and of course, no one bothered to ask; it remained his secret. Nonetheless, they commended him for his efforts.

    Impressed with his work, the Walden Chief transferred Driscoll across the river to assist the overburdened Gotham City PD. It was only meant to serve as a temporary assignment, though Harry took full advantage of the opportunity. He viewed it as a stepping stone for advancement. After all, it was no secret among his peers that he had aspirations for higher office – to become Chief, work in the DA’s office, or pursue a political career.

    However, the promotion to Gotham would soon prove more of a challenge than he initially thought.

    Personality: Harry is a pragmatic man who strives for perfection in all facets of his life. He expects nothing but the best from those who work under him, which can often come across as strict or abrasive. He also has a history of utilizing unorthodox methods to achieve his goals, particularly in the line of duty – perhaps that is what makes him so effective.
    Powers: None
    Abilities: After years of experience, Harry has become proficient in all aspects of criminal investigative work, criminology, and police procedural matters. He has also developed a keen understanding of the more political side of the job, which has helped him evolve into an efficient leader. In addition, Driscoll knows how to handle a gun and is an expert marksman.
    Special Equipment: Glock 22 pistol concealed in a hip holster; badge and credentials; various pens and a notepad; flashlight; pocket utility knife; iPhone; Chevy Impala with emergency vehicle lighting installed in the grill
    Limitations/Weaknesses: Harry does not exhibit any special powers, hence he is susceptible to the normal rigors of this life. The natural progression of age has also started to have a negative impact on his physical performance. He has slowed down to a certain extent, though he doesn’t care to admit that. He continues to push himself to the limits, which can aggravate his hypertension, along with an emerging sciatica problem.

    Driscoll has also found himself in a precarious situation on a few occasions when he intentionally formed an empathetic – and sometimes personal, bond with his suspects to draw out a confession. Some may view this as a genius technique, while others call it dangerous – especially when the lines begin to blur.
  8. Kurisan

    Kurisan Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 26, 2016
    Approved by @TheAdmiral & @The Jedi in the Pumas ...


    Real Name: Princess Diana of Themyscira / Diana Prince, Countess of the Della Catena
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Amazonian-Olympian demigoddess
    Gender: WOMAN!

    Bio: On this Earth, Diana is the daughter of mortal Queen Hippolyta of the Amazonians, and Zeus: King of the Greek Gods. To hide the infant Diana from the wrath of jealous Hera, she was sent from Themyscira to be discovered by Arianna, wife of the Italian-Maltese Count of Della Catena. They found the infant Diana in 1920 on a tiny uninhabited island, while sailing on their yacht in the Mediterranean Sea.

    Arianna, afflicted with long-term sickness and unable to bear children, begged the Count to adopt the child. A keen archaeologist and historian with particular regard and devotion for the Ancient Greek gods, he saw something in the child and agreed. Diana was raised as their own, and the Count treated her as equally as any son, instilling in her his belief that women should never be inferior to men.

    The Count’s passions took him across the world in pursuit of ancient lost treasures that the Nazis were also keen to steal. Arianna finally succumbed to her illness in 1940 and Diana became Heiress to the Della Catena at age 20. She accompanied her father on his expeditions, which became more dangerous at the outbreak of WWII. During one sortie from their cruise ship while seeking Greek treasures in the Babylonian region, Diana discovered the Bracelets of the Aegis and Tiara of Athena in a long-sealed mountain vault. Unfortunately, she was then kidnapped by Turkish mercenaries.

    The mercenaries tried to ransom her back to the Count, playing him off against their Nazi paymasters for more profit.

    The desperate Count agreed to pay, but he was thwarted when US forces learned of the transaction and turned up to try and destroy or capture the mercenary leaders – whom had been causing the Allies much trouble. Believing the Count had betrayed them, the Turks subjected Diana to torture to teach him a lesson, sending back distressing video tapes, and increasing their payment demands.

    In her darkest hour, Diana was visited by a vision of the goddess Athena, and her true lineage was revealed. Athena instructed Diana to wear the bracelets and tiara she had discovered. Diana slipped her bonds, found the crate containing the stolen artefacts and did so. Transformed into an Amazonian warrior princess, she picked up other historical weapons from the crate, and discovered her newly instilled martial skills. She single-handedly fought her way out of the dungeon to freedom.

    Unfortunately, her father had desperately – and foolishly – decided to lead his own French mercenary group in a rescue bid. He died in battle with Turkish soldiers before she could reach him.

    Diana now vows to fight evil anywhere in the world or beyond, no matter what form it takes, in tribute to her father, and on behalf of those who cannot stand up for themselves. She has lead many fights, first against the Nazis, then later against many supervillains, eventually becoming a co-founder of the Justice League along with Batman and Superman.

    Personality: Diana Prince is demure and serene, but confident and charismatic. When she becomes Wonder Woman, her fiery, ferocious and tenacious side is unleashed.

    Diana Prince, Heiress of the Della Catena

    Wonder Woman unleashed

    Powers/Abilities/Special Equipment: The Bracelets of the Aegis gift Wonder Woman with superhuman strength, endurance, speed, reflexes and agility. The bracelets are almost indestructible; when crossed they project a magical shield that can deflect even powerful energy blasts, and can be used to unleash lightning bolts. The Tiara of Athena gifts her with formidable combat skills, and military wisdom. Since first wearing the tiara and realising her demigoddess powers, Diana has not aged a day.

    Limitations/Weaknesses: Wonder Woman is amongst the most capable of the Justice League’s members in pure melee combat; she is a superhuman athlete and her tiara and demigoddess nature protect her from many kinds of psionic attack. However, she is not invulnerable, and her power is different to that of male superheroes such as Superman. Indeed, many male supervillains or monsters she has faced were more powerful in terms of sheer physical strength. It is her speed, agility, wisdom and skill in combat upon which she relies - as well as the shielding bracelets, not pure strength or invulnerable physique. In this Earth, she cannot fly or cast magic powers, and her lasso is only for scaling and swinging, without the magical truth powers.

    She gets knocked down...
    But she gets up again...
  9. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Force Ghost star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    Like those before me, Double GM Approved!

    Character Sheet:

    Name: J’onn J’onzz
    Codename: Martian Manhunter
    Age: Centuries Old
    Species: Martian
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Bio: J'onn J'onzz

    Personality: Very rational and reasonable due to a martians’ typical stoic outward demeanor, with a quiet type of humor that he usually showcases when one least expects it. Extremely noble and kind, a true hero.
    Powers: Martian Physiology which lends to…Shape-Shifting, Elongation, Invisibility, Phasing, Superhuman Durability, Toxic Immunity, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Stamina, Regeneration, Flight, Superhuman Speed, Extrasensory Input, Longevity, Super Hearing, Super Breath, Enhanced Senses, Martian Vision (Electro-Magnetic Spectrum, Telescopic, Microscopic, Heat Visons), Telepathy, Illusions, Possession, Astral Projection, Mind Control, Telepathic Relay, Telepathic Assault, Thought Sensing, Mayavana (Formerly), Telekinesis, & Matter Absorption
    Abilities: Genius Level Intellect, Skilled with a Trident as a weapon, Investigation Prowess, Multilingualism (Martian, English, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, & Italian), & Meditation (his form of sleep)
    Special Equipment: Kuru Pendant
    Limitations/Weaknesses: Extreme vulnerability to Fire, Addiction to Chocos cookies (I mean, it is a weakness of sorts…thanks Shazam)

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Slade Wilson
    Codename: Deathstroke
    Age: 70s but looking good for his age!
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Bio: Slade J. Wilson

    Personality: Cunning, dark, cares deeply for his family despite their strained relationship, and utterly remorseless about killing…to him it is simply a job, one he is very very good at
    Powers: Enhanced Brain Activity, Accelerated Healing, Decelerated Aging, Toxic Immunity, Enhanced Senses (especially hearing and smell), Superhuman Agility, Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Reflexes, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Stamina, & Superhuman Strength
    Abilities: Master Acrobatics, Deception, Disguise, Escapology, Genius Level Intellect (Leadership, Tactical Analysis, Eidetic Memory), Master at Hunting, Intimidation and Investigation Prowess, Master Martial Artist (especially eskrima), Expert at Military Protocol, Multilingualism (Mandarin, Hejazi Arabic, & French), Master of Stealth and Surveillance, Master at Throwing well anything, Weapon Master (Swordsmanship, Demolitions, Firearms, & all forms of Gadgetry)
    Special Equipment: Ikon Suit, “The Deathstroke” Promethium Sword, Various Firearms, Knives, Nunchuks, Dual Katanas, Energy Lance, & intends to reclaim the God Killer Sword
    Limitations/Weaknesses: He has a Missing Right Eye, also his regenerative abilities are not all powerful, while his lifespan is longer than most humans he is still mortal and will die eventually…if not killed once and for all before then
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2020
  10. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    @TheAdmiral @The Jedi in the Pumas Approved, the lights are up the crowd is watching, put on your smile, it's time to fly.

    Name: Richard 'Dick' Grayson (Yes I don't mind being called Dick, I own that)
    Codename: Agent 37, Nightwing, Robin (The First One)
    Age: 28
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male


    (Babs said this was a good picture, I'm not sure why.)

    (See even I can have rough days)

    Bio: There really isn't much to say, was an acrobat with my family, until I didn't have a family, got justice for them, and found a new family. I grew up, I made friends, I learned a lot, I lost a lot. It's the typical hero's life. I even died, though in this life death is less an undiscovere'd country, from whose bourn No traveller returns, (thank you Alfred for your Shakespeare lessons) and more a revolving door. I had to die, to infiltrate Spyral to figure out what they were doing. That was a head trip, and still don't think everyone's forgiven me for faking my death. Even if I did it on the old man's orders. After coming back I doned the black and blue but it just didn't feel right. It was still me, but was it what I wanted to be? Though existential questions would have to wait something was coming, something big.

    Personality: Happy, smiling, enjoying the life I'd carved out for myself. Saving the world never felt like work, I loved it. Bouncing from rooftop to rooftop chasing criminals. Sure I'm not the worlds greatest detective like the Old Man, or Tim, but I like to think I'm the hero Bluthaven deserves and needs. I have a love of the ridiculous situations I find myself in, punching myself in the catacombs of Paris that was a riot. After doing this for over a decade, it takes a lot to shake me, and I just bask in the absurdity of it all.

    Powers: Nothing beyond that of a trained acrobat and martial artist

    Abilities: Does being able to drink a glass of water upside down count? Being trained by the Big Old Bat I have much the same as him, a broad knowledge of martial arts (though I find I have an affinity for Escrima.), a higher than average intelligence though nowhere near Babs or Tim. Since leaving the circus I've doubled down on the performance aspect of this life. I'm not just here to stop crime but put on a show, to display heroics so others may recognize it in their own lives. I still have that smile that could light up a room, and enough physical charisma to draw you in.

    Special Equipment: Electrified Escrima batons, lightly armored catsuit, grapple gun. (Standard Bat Family equipment, batarangs, smoke bombs, rebreathers.)

    Limitations/Weaknesses: I'm still human at the end of the day and cut me do I not bleed? A well placed bullet will end me, a hard enough crack to my skull and it will break. Deep down, I still don't know who I am, I may act self assured and confident, only because I have to. In my heart I wrestle with what I am, a Hero, a Spy, or a Sidekick. If you threaten my family I will fight tooth and nail to save them. A blessing and a curse. It can make me blind to what is truly going on.
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  11. Master Vo'Un'Var

    Master Vo'Un'Var Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 19, 2017
    Character Sheet - GM(s) Approved:

    Name: Bruce Wayne
    Codename: Batman
    Age: 37
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male


    Bio: Bruce Wayne's parents were gunned down in front of him at the age of 8. It was in this very moment that the fate of Wayne and Gotham was defined.

    Shortly after, the Batman was born. After training in martial arts for several years, Batman returned to Gotham city and took up the mantle of the Dark Knight.

    Now he is the thin line between the fall of Gotham City and its survival.

    Personality: Cold, calculated, and brooding.
    Powers: Money, technology, equipment, martial arts, knowledge
    Abilities: See above
    Special Equipment: Batmobile, Batwing, Utility Belt (along with its contents)
    Limitations/Weaknesses: No "real" superpowers, faithful to his no-kill rule
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  12. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004
  13. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Looks like I 'caved'. Double GM approved.[face_devil]

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Jason Todd

    Codename: Red Hood

    Age: 24

    Species: Human

    Gender: Male



    Bio: The past; an orchestrated series of unfortunate events. Thief of a Father, Drug-addicted Mother, suddenly an orphan. All lies. The Bat took me in, remade me, then let me die. But I came back, much stronger than before, took a new name, got a new purpose. Made friends and lost them along the way. And now this business with Apokolips. I still got a promise to break and a promise to keep. I will kill again, and end this senseless ‘Joke’ once and for all.

    Personality: Dark, focused, relentless, not afraid to cross the line, not afraid of the Bat.

    Powers: Able to summon the mystical ‘All-Blades’ at will, blades that will harm ‘True Evil’ and nothing else, all thanks to his training by the All-Caste. Likely has unknown abilities due to the Lazarus Pit. He is at the very peak of human conditioning.

    Abilities: Pilot, Criminologist, Business manager, Escapologist, Investigator, Intimidator, Multi-linguist, Master Martial Artist, CQC, Acrobat, Disguise Artist, Stealth, Surveillance, Tracking, Thievery, Computer Hacking, Weaponry, Paramedic, Firearms, Marksman, Swordsmanship, Duelist, Genius Intellect.

    Special Equipment: Armored Suit ( with taser field ), Armored Helmet, Twin Auto-Pistols, grappling hook, various grenades, Bat-Family-type Equipment, Portable datapad, Motorcycle, Secret Weapons Cache and HQ, GCPD Radio, Computer, Remote computer server, First Aid kit, Anti-Toxin, Anti-Venom, Drones, Crowbar, Bazooka, mono-blade ( Kris Blade ), Combat Knife, Lots of Ammo.

    Limitations/Weaknesses: All the limitations of a mortal. He has died before.
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  14. Master Vo'Un'Var

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    Mar 19, 2017
    2nd CS Double Approved!

    Character Sheet:

    Name: William Cobb
    Codename: The Talon
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male



    “Beware The Court of Owls, that watches all the time, ruling Gotham from a shadowed perch, behind granite and lime.

    They watch you at your hearth, they watch you in your bed, speak not a whispered word of them...

    ...or they'll send the Talon for your head.”

    Personality: Unknown
    Powers: Increased healing abilities
    Abilities: Advanced hand-to-hand combat, throwing expert (knives), master of multiple different traditional weapons
    Special Equipment: Paraglider wings, throwing knives, daggers, long sword
    Limitations/Weaknesses: Requires electrum if defeated, which can only be supplied by the Court.
  15. Kurisan

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    Apr 26, 2016
    (GM approved)


    Barbara Gordon
    Codename: Batgirl
    Age: 25
    Species: human
    Gender: female


    Bio: Barbara Gordon is the daughter of James Gordon, Chief of Gotham City Police. Her first career choice was to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a forensic detective. However, despite her great intelligence, her father wanted to protect her from the dangers of the profession. She instead became head librarian of the city’s main library. In contrast to this quiet and safe day-job, Barbara has secretly engaged in detective work anyway. She uses her doctorate degree in computer science and access to city computers and archives to work on cases confounding the police, and help solve crimes – often undertaking fieldwork on her own time to follow up leads.

    When she discovered the identity of her hero, Batman, she broke into Wayne Manor to confront the caped crusader and ask her to train him. There she met Dick Grayson, and so began a long and complex relationship.

    Batman refused to take on Barbara – knowing that she was the Police Commissioner’s daughter and also believing that she just wanted to “play” superhero with no idea of the real horrors of the calling. But with Grayson’s illicit help, as well as support from Alfred, she was equipped and trained. Barbara has practiced martial arts since childhood and is a formidable fighter in her own right. She has struck out on her own, operating as a lone crime-fighter also carrying the famous Bat insignia. Though this annoys Batman, when their paths do occasionally cross, he will help her.

    Barbara is aware that her alter-ego technically makes her a vigilante and if she is ever discovered it would ruin her father’s career, but she also sees the exceptional kind of criminal bred in Gotham needs an exceptional kind of response.

    Still, she tries to do as much detective work as she can as Barbara Gordon, and has befriended several detectives in the GCPD, who have come to her for help with digital forensics. She only dons her mask and bat-suit at desperate times…

    Personality: Barbara is very intelligent and a professional career-woman. However, she has a mischievous and vivacious side that shines through, especially in her guise as Batgirl.

    Powers/Abilities/Special Equipment: Barbara is highly trained in Judo, Karate, and Kung-fu. She is also an exceptional athlete and gymnast, and has trained with Robin with the use of batarangs and grappling lines. She is also a gifted computer hacker and data analyst.

    Limitations/Weaknesses: Batgirl is only a human, though trained to the peak of physical fitness, with no super powers or magical abilities.
  16. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017

    Arthur Curray
    Codename: Aquaman
    Age: 35
    Species: Half-Human, Half-Atlantean
    Gender: Male


    Bio: Aquaman
    Personality: Filled with a strong sense of justice, Aquaman is a commander and leader. Confident and extroverted.
    Powers: Superhuman Durability, Stamina, Senses, Reflexes, Speed, and Strength. Enhanced Healing, and Marine Telepathy
    Abilities: Hand to hand combat (advanced), Expert Swimmer, Diplomacy, Skilled with a trident.
    Special Equipment: Trident of Neptune
    Limitations/Weaknesses: Dehydrates quickly
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    Mar 28, 2004
    OOC: Here is the opening for the Heroes, please refrain from replying to the TAGs until @The Jedi in the Pumas makes the Villains opening post!


    Hall of Justice, Washington DC, the United States

    They were back on Earth. There was a faint sense of unease in all of the heroes who have been on Mars. The greatest of them all was away in another dimension, following an impossible being with unimaginable power and rather questionable morality. But there was something more.

    They had to return to a fractured world. Things have been escalating in the past few months. The world powers were developing “Super” programs, developing super heroes of their own to protect them. The so-called Supermen Theory.

    Black Adam added fuel to the fire by granting asylum to all metas who did not want to be part of any governmental programs. They would have to deal with him unless they wanted to risk Kahndaq invading Qurac and that would surely involve Bialiya. The whole region will be in flames.

    The Justice League needed a “game plan” for how they are supposed to deal with the situation.


    Once in the main hall they saw a familiar face. Hal Jordan, the legendary Green Lantern, the first human becoming one. He was sitting in his allotted chair, his feet on the desk. Hal gave a smirk at Batman, he knew how much he hated that, but he loved teasing him.

    GL waved to Oliver Queen aka the Green Arrow and Barry Alen aka The Flash. They were his best buddies after all. “I decided to drop by, I hope you don’t mind.” he let his feet slide off the desk and stood up. “I see Jessica and Simon are doing an adequate job.” he referred to Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, the newest recruits.

    “I was in the neighbourhood.” he smirked again, after all Carol was still on Earth, then his face turned serious “Something big is going on.” Hal sighed. The Galactic War is growing bigger and the Green Lanterns are stretched thin. Where is the Big Blue?” Hal frowned asking about Superman “Anyway, you should be careful, I hope we will be able to bring back peace, but be on the lookout.” he shrugged and sat back.

    TAG: @Kurisan @Master Vo'Un'Var @greyjedi125 @Shadowsun @Darth_Elu


    GCPD HQ, rooftop

    Jim rubbed his eyes. He wanted to smoke so badly, but he had promised Barbara not to do that anymore. The whole insanity never ends. The anti-metahuman protests were still going on, but were dying down a notch, given how unstable things were becoming and other countries getting their versions of the Justice League.

    The Bat was gone again, probably another world-threatening danger, so his young protegees - Batgirl and Nightwing were there in his stead. Hopefully the case will be easy enough.

    The door to the roof opened. The two Rookies, well Rookies for Gotham. Even though they were veteran Detectives, they did not have experience with this city. For them it will be like having to go through the Academy again while studying psychiatry.

    “Gentlemen, thank you for coming.” Jim said in a gruff voice and gestured towards the two costumed heroes “Meet Batgirl and Nightwing.” he gave a small smile “You are going to work with them for this assignment.” he paced “I am sure you were hoping to meet the Big Man himself, I am sure you will have the opportunity.” he chuckled “Anyway, you will have the rare opportunity of having to visit Arkham Asylum, at night, during the first week on the job. An inmate was broken out, a certain...” he lifted his tablet and frowned “Hm, it seems he is a John Doe, anyway, breaking out of the Asylum is a regular thing around here, but what sets it apart is how clean and professional it was done.”

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422 @HanSolo29 @Jerjerrod-Lennox @Kurisan

    Madame Xanadu's Magic Shop


    The Madame was checking on the cards. Things looked strange. All the signs pointed out to a great danger to everyone. She had these feelings for some time now. Premonitions. What was going on around the world, but the darkness she felt was ancient… and very powerful. There were shifts in the astral plane, something was coming, something hungry…

    Then a powerful force tightened around her neck, she knew that nothing physical would be able to hurt it “John...” she managed to whisper, projecting her words, hopefully they will reach the target “Help...”

    TAG: @darthbernael
  18. The Jedi in the Pumas

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    Jun 23, 2018

    The Iceberg Lounge, Gotham City

    There were no crowds this night in the Iceberg Lounge. Normally crawling with Gotham's worst and most devious, from wall to wall, lavish celebrations and the criminal elite mixing and mashing with the affluent underworld. Tonight...would be different. There would be no celebration. No crowds. Only Oswald Cobblepot's bleeding and broken body nailed to the protruded overhang balcony above the center of the dance floor. Maybe a welcome sign to the guests that he had invited. He had seen the light. Honestly, it did not take much convincing. The Batman was gone, unfortunately. Taking it over, claiming it, would not be as sweet nor his coronation complete and legitimate until the Batman returned.

    The Riddler coughed and giggled, seated across from the entrance at one of the tables so that all the guests that entered would see Penguin's body first and then under that, The Riddler sipping a hot green tea, surrounded by three of his emerald-attired henchmen. They would enter, one by one, whatever reason they thought made sense for accepting the invitation. He was sure some of them would be here for a fight. Hell he put up some resistance to, initially. But the host of this little gathering was very compelling. Something had ignited a fire under his butt.

    The Joker entered, Harley Quinn closely behind.


    Mr. Freeze.

    Maybe more. But they would know that the Riddler was not the one who organized this meeting. No. That distinction belonged to the man who was reading a book in the center of the dance floor; barely acknowledging their arrival. All of them had tangled with him before. He was different now. With a resolve and calmness; a confidence never exhibited before. The man who had broken the bat: Bane.


    It was time. The invitation had been clear: Join Him, serve under the new ruler of Gotham, or die.

    Tag: @Sinrebirth @Shadowsun @Darth_Elu

    Rooftops, Outside of the Iceberg Lounge

    Following the Joker and Harley Quinn had led him to the Iceberg Lounge. But...

    ...A text message. From a Blocked Caller. Whoever managed to reach him this way was clever and dangerous. But, unbeknownst to Red Hood, a friend.

    The text message contained an address, Gotham City Hall, and a single sentence...

    "More dangerous than the Joker. Question Mark."

    Tag: @greyjedi125
    Gotham City Hall


    A disturbance. Possibly a B & E. That was all the patrol officers on sight had been briefed by dispatch. Dispatch was right. These were the nights, the eerily silent and peaceful nights that the worst things happened. Where was the Batman?

    The Batman?!

    He was here.

    But he's at the Hall of Justice!

    Two Batmen? Well, of course. The Batman Who Laughs had been drawn to City Hall. Specifically, the Mayor's office in City Hall. The Smiley Faced button pulsed with energy. His visor and his senses would tell him the obvious: The Button was from another Universe. A very strange universe. One that would not have crossed his plate in the Dark Multiverse. Someone was playing a game. He was no stranger to games. Or demons. Or parademons. Parademons that were surrounding him.


    There were parademons on his universe. They were more than a mere nuisance. Bruce was human afterall. But he could take them. But he would also know what their presence signified. The end.

    Thoughts for later. He was under attack now from 4 parademons. He would overcome them. And the police his visor was telling him were outside. He would not pick up that the Question, about 2 blocks away, was the one that called the police. He would be watching intently from a distance how the situation unfolded.

    Tag: @darthbernael
  19. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: The Joker
    Penguin Hunting

    There was much a foot, and much of it he didn't care for.

    But at the same time, there was opportunity in chaos, tough Joker was reluctant to share the limelight with anyone.

    With a shotgun strapped to his waist, tucked into his belt but clearly visible, he towards the Iceberg Lounge without much to add as he stepped out of the commandeered car save to sneer. With a skip, he reached the Penguin's dangling corpse, and held out a hand to catch a drip of blood in his gloved hand. Pinching the droplet, he whirled away, and rubbed at it between his thumb and forefinger, sniffing it slightly. "Y'know, I expected it to smell more like what he ate." He shrugged, speaking to Harley as much as nobody. "Huh. Lesson learned."

    Without another word he swept into the room, eager to riddle the Riddler with bullets.

    Join him?

    What a joke.

    But he wasn't here, well, he wasn't just here. Goons, yes, to be expected, but Bane too?!

    Squaring his shoulders as if frustrated, the Joker blew out his cheeks and then released a bark of a laugh, sweeping his hands out and slamming them together in a clap, but when his hands met, he threaded his fingers and drew his bunched hand to the side of his face as if cuddling a teddy bear to his face. "Oh Bane, the man who broke the bat," he fluttered his eyes as if swooning. "Whatya got for me?"

    His eyes were constantly shifting, taking in the room, the angles, the chairs, and, of course, the others...

    With a swift segue, he slid off to the side, so he could put the entrance and Bane on either side of him, but he was sure to have a clear lane for fire at the Riddler as he did so.

    He flopped forward, one arm out, as if introducing the other players.

    The ones who he would probably also kill before the night was over.

    TAG: @Shadowsun @Darth_Elu, @The Jedi in the Pumas
  20. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    Harley Quinn
    Puddin' Time?

    Harley walked eagerly being the Joker, well it would be more accurate to say she was hopping. Seemingly happy and elated at the situation, she had her trusty bat behind her head, one hand on either end. She waltzed over to penguin watching Mistah J sniff the Penguin's blood, as he did so Harley poked the corpse with bat slightly, making it swing gently.

    "Y'know, I expected it to smell more like what he ate."

    "Well Puddin' he certainly liked to pack the pounds didn't he..." She said wistfully as she poked the corpse one more time. She continued to follow the Joker inside, now skipping giddily behind him. She didn't really mind if they followed Bane or not, whatever Mistah J decided...

    She continued to skip stopping once Joker asked his question and flopped himself out.

    "Ah, Bane, Riddler I missed ya guys"

    A gigglish grin appeared on her face as she spoke. She leaned against the wall, chewing on a piece of gum incessantly waiting to see who else would show up to this fun little get together.

    TAG: @Sinrebirth @Darth_Elu @The Jedi in the Pumas
  21. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: Posting both Constantine and BWL together to avoid double posting.

    IC The Batman Who Laughs, BWL for you who don’t like a mouthful
    Mayor’s Office, Gotham City Hall

    Outside the howls of sirens and squeals of tires told BWL that the police had and were surrounding the building. Which also told him that they were, even now slipping through the building, heading for his location. That honestly concerned him little right now. The innocuous button in his hands, a picture of a face, bone white, a grin as broad as his, a pointed nose, and greenish hair, it seemed almost familiar but at the same time strangely not. He’d traveled the Multiverse, had taken on many worlds, but had not before coming here come across this face.

    The pair of Rabid Robins at his side snarled and growled, facing outward. Looking up from the study of the pin his smile grew, a high laugh escaping his lips, ”So he’s coming too?” he asked, sarcasm dripping from his voice. ”No wonder this universe is already so screwed up and different.” he laughed again, repeatedly.

    Even as he laughed, his eyes were scanning the four parademons, and beyond. The Mayor’s office was well fortified, it was Gotham after all but that did not mean it didn’t have its weak points. Slipping the chains from the collars of the Rapid Robins, ”Birdies, there’s a lot of boys in blue out there, make them go away and let the Bat deal with these creatures.”

    The Robins snarled then darted out from their positions, disappearing through the doors to the office. In moments, the sounds of gunfire, screams, and pounding feet sounded from beyond the doors. Wrapping his hand around a section of chain he tugged then began whirling it above his head. The Nth Metal batarang at the end wouldn’t poison the Parademon, since their wings were Nth Metal anyway but he’d have to stay away from those wings or he’d be the sick one, well sicker than he already was, which brought another laugh.

    ”You must be some bad little boys for your Daddy to send you after me.” With the last of the words the batarang drove through the lights that dotted the ceiling, plunging the room into darkness. He knew it wouldn’t slow the Parademons much but doing so also wasn’t a hindrance for him. Plus letting that end take out the lights hid the fact the other end had been tossed and wrapped around the leg of the nearby conference table.

    He pulled back on both ends as once, when the batarang was at the opposite side from the lower end of the chain. As the upper end came whipping down it caught a wing and wrenched it forward, as the lower end caused the table to fly directly into the path of the stumbling parademon. Shaking free the end from the table he darted behind it, putting space between himself and the creatures.

    He took a pair of incendiary grenades from his belt, pulled the pins, waited a second, then tossed them over the table at the three Parademons that were still upright. Seconds later he was propelled toward the wall as the room turned into a tiny piece of the sun. Tucking into the throw, he rebounded from the wall, then turned toward the center of the room again. A deep, rolling laugh came from him, ”I made sparklers, better not keep them from the masses.” he managed to get out through the laughs.

    In the middle of the room one of the demons was pushing itself up from the floor while the other two were shrieking in their garbled tones as they batted at the flames that now licked up and down their bodies. Reaching down he took a grappler from the belt, firing it past the upright demons. Racing toward the large windows, he shattered the glass with the sharpened spikes on the outside of his gauntlets before tucking into a slide and pulling sharply on the grappler cord. The demons shrieked again and were propelled, headfirst out of the window.

    Slamming a heel to the floor, he leaped forward, looping the cord and letting the loop fall around the upper torso of the remaining semi lucid parademon. Pulling hard, pulling it tight, he yanked the demon from its feet. As it’s claws scrabbled against him he kicked out, just above its waist. It folded into his kick and then his knee came up and it’s mouth clopped shut, as his knee made its head rock backward, impacting on the underside of its chin.

    Grunting as he lifted the unconscious demon, he stayed clear of the wings. At the window, he sliced through its flesh, separating its wings from its body. He then shifted the position of the loop to around its neck and then kicked it out of the window and let it drop, leaving the grappler embedded in the wall.

    Crossing the room he stomped on the chest and then head of the last demon, ensuring it wouldn’t rise and attack again before walking out of the burning office. As he let the door shut behind him he smiled, broadly, as he heard the firestorm cause the ceiling trusses let go and crush everything in the room. As his gaze swept the room he saw the Robins dealing with the last of the police on this floor.

    Whistling loudly, their heads turned toward him and they dropped their prey and came bounding back over to him. ”Good little birdies.” he patted their heads as he reattached the chains to their collars. Tossing a pair more incendiary grenades he leaped over the balustrade of the ornate stairs and dropped a half dozen floors before he caught hold of the railing of the stairs again and swung himself over the railing. The Robins dropped lightly next to him, having simply let the chains slow their fall.

    The explosions from the grenades rocked the stairs and a fireball flashed down through the space he had just occupied. As it splashed against the ground floor, only another four floors below him, he jumped the railing again, tossing batarangs down corridors he flashed past as he fell. Flipping head over heels he landed, feet first on the ground, the Robins feet barely making a noise as they hit the ground.

    Rubble surrounded them and, after looking upward and seeing the cloudy sky through a massive hole the earlier grenades had blown in the roof of City Hall he smiled again. Taking a lamp from his belt he propped it upright in the rubble, flicking it on. As he and the Robins slipped out of the back of City Hall, away from the main entrances and where it seemed most of Gotham PD was waiting, the light of the lamp illuminated the clouds, a round red circle with a more stark Bat symbol of darkness in the middle.

    TAG: @The Jedi in the Pumas


    IC John Constantine
    House of Mystery

    Slumped in an overstuffed chair, the brightest object at the moment was the flare of the tip of a Silk Cut cigarette when John sucked in a lungful. On occasion he coughed, feeling the constriction in his chest from the cancer that his years of smoking had brought on. In a thick Liverpool accent, ’Damn, for a scouser, even this has been a troubling time.’ he thought as he took another drag of the cig.

    As the tip flared it revealed a man, appearing in early middle age even though he was at least twice that, grizzled and in rumpled clothes. Fingerless gloves adorned his hands, the ash negligently falling on the dirty tan duster, or the now semi white shirt and dark tie under it. His feet were up, laying on an open page of an ancient grimoire, oxfords crossed where his ankles crossed, dark pants covered in creases from running as well as his recent collapse into the chair.

    His free hand reached up from where it had been dangling and brushed through the thick, medium length hair and he sighed. He’d stayed at the fringes of the most recent conflict, only dealing with the supernatural threats that had taken advantage of the situation as the ‘heroes’, chuckle, cough, cough dealt with the main threats. And now it was time for some serious downtime. He closed his eyes as he took another drag of the cig then blew out the smoke and flicked a finger, a dark chuckle as the smoke shifted and formed into a half demon/half angel.

    Just as he was about to make a smart remark to the vision, one he himself had conjured, he felt a pressure against the magical wards surrounding the House. He opened his mind’s eye and looked through the wards. As he did he saw a vision;

    It was Madame Xanadu, in her shop, but something was wrong. Looking deeper he saw it, a powerful force tightening around her neck. And then he heard her whisper, strained as it was “John...” she managed to whisper, projecting her words, hopefully they will reach the target “Help...”

    Flicking the cig into the overfull ashtray he stood, straightened the tie, sighed and ran his hand through his hair again. He pulsed a thought to her even as his free hand drew a sigil in the air. ’On my…’ and as the last word was sent he appeared before her, having teleported from the House to Xanadu’s shop, ’...way’

    Power flared around his hand and a sigil branded to the back of it lit in blue flame. His think accent filled the narrow space, ”Begone or face someone more worthy of your attack.”

    TAG: @TheAdmiral
  22. Kurisan

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    Apr 26, 2016
    Wonder Woman
    Hall of Justice, Washington DC, the United States


    Diana entered the grand Hall of Justice with the other members of the JLA. Though the meeting room was designed to hold many more, it seemed filled by the presence of those few mighty individuals now within. She was surprised to find the Green Lantern unexpectedly there already. He made his dire warning, and unease rippled through the team. Diana glanced at her colleagues. In Kal-El's absence, there had been no discussion on formal leadership structure.

    She exhaled. While the men hesitated, and the Bat brooded, she stepped forward.

    She began by giving him a warm smile. "Hello, Hal. It's nice to see you. I hope Carol is well?"

    Then her expression turned serious. "It is a bad time to bring bad news. Kal-El is on an errand to another dimension, and we have big problems already here on Earth. A war is brewing, and Black Adam is gathering an army."

    She turned a slow circle to take in each of the members of the team, ending up facing the Green Lantern again. "But we are here, together we are strong. The Champions of Mars and Atlantis stand with us."

    A sly smile tugged the corner of her mouth. Any friend or foe familiar with the Amazonian princess would recognise it as preceding an outburst of her ferocity.

    "I'm not sure waiting and passively keeping a lookout will satisfy me. If there is a threat I would go out and confront it. Surely you have more details to share, Hal?"

    TAG: @The Jedi in the Pumas @TheAdmiral @Master Vo'Un'Var @greyjedi125 @Shadowsun @Darth_Elu
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  23. Kurisan

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    Apr 26, 2016
    [Apologies for double post!]

    GCPD HQ rooftop, Gotham City


    Barbara appeared on the rooftop of the GCPD, swinging across on a grappling line and recovering silently, catlike. The Batsignal bathed the underside of the cloud above.

    She grinned. D… Nightwing was already there. She felt a surge of excitement tinged with frustration. Excitement, because she could inspect his toned physique once more, and well, imagine. Frustration, because the signal meant dangerous work needed to be done, and that would get in the way of the imaginings coming to pass.

    Daddy paced nearby. Barbara sighed and her smile fell away. She could see he was under strain and probably wanted to smoke real bad. That he resisted made her even more sympathetic. She wanted to run and throw a hug at him, but of course she could not do that while she was Batgirl.

    Two gruff detectives came up onto the rooftop from the stairs. They looked serious to Barbara but she did not think she had met them yet. Daddy introduced her as Batgirl and she smiled, slyly.

    He must have suspected, but was it respect for the Bat, or her, that he never forced the issue?

    He explained the reason for the gathering and now Barbara frowned. Arkham Asylum was never a pleasant place to go. This case sounded bad right from the start.

    She expected Dick would do his usual thing to lighten the atmosphere. It would help the new guys do their jobs better. They looked very tough to her, but Gotham threw insanity at you from unexpected angles and a sense of humour was the only the way to deal with it sometimes.

    She took her place beside Nightwing. Let the fun begin. She leaned toward him.

    “Oh look, new dicks. Do you think they will stay hard enough for this task?”

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC Dick Grayson (Nightwing)
    Gotham City

    In the dark of the night a shadowed figure lept between the rooftops. It bounded, and flipped from building to building, unafraid of the dizzying drops onto hard pavement. There was a thrill to it, of cutting through the city free of all restrictions. The feeling of falling that little bit of danger made him smile deeper. He enjoyed laughing in the face of death, of grinning at his own demise. Fear had little place in him, being a trapeze artist at a young age trained that out of him. Now it was just fun.

    Nightwing lept from a nearby rooftop landing softly on the top of the police department. Puffing his chest out he almost half imaged a crowd cheering him on, applauding his performance. He was the first here no one was a round to appreciate his expert descent and landing.

    Leaning casually against an AC unit he waited for the others to arrive. The commissioner (also known as Jim Gordon, or Babs's dad.) and two detectives that Nightwing hadn't seen before and finally Babs, Batgirl landing silently as always. He couldn't help himself, throwing a glance her way as she stood beside him. As he caught her eye he gave her a wink.

    He'd though about giving her a call, maybe setting up a time to hang out, but with the big night light burning he'd have to put his plans on hold. With the Old Man out of town it fell to the two of them to keep an eye on home.

    "Welcome to the city of masks and nutjobs." The masked hero said to the two detectives. "Seem's you're already adjusted to the nightlife, clandestine meetings on rooftops are the hottest ticket in the city."

    The world could be ending that the sky falling down but Nightwing wouldn't let that dampen his smile.

    As the Police Chief gave them their mission Nightwing smiled deeper.

    "Ah Arkham, I've been feeling a little screwloose." While he joked he still looked it over carefully. Not much was known about the escapee, though it did look like a professional job. "Looks like someone wanted this guy out really bad. Must be true love, nothing says I'll do anything for you like busting someone out of the looneybin."

    He smirked looking to his partner.

    "I'm sure they will keep it up." He replied

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    IC: Adrian Montrose
    Location: Roof, GCPD Headquarters, Gotham City

    Welcome to Hell….

    Adrian mused that they should have put it on the sign into Gotham itself. The streets of London were always tough, he had gone up against gangs, petty criminals, corrupt cops, the big kingpins of the underworld and even Irish Republican Army terrorists. But this...this was a whole new kettle of fish.

    Costumed freaks everywhere and not just the villains but the heroes too. A man gallivanting around dressed as a Bat. Beating up criminals at will and basically dropping them at the GCPD’s doorstep as if nothing untoward had happened. And the villains? Well they were even worse!. Freaks who seemed to be difficult to catch and put away who seemed to love creative ways to create chaos and anarchy. And if there was one thing Adrian loved to do was to put criminals behind bars which earned him the ire of his superiors. But he was itching to at least try and put one of these in prison or maybe even a padded cell.

    He had been summoned by Commissioner Gordon the head honcho of the GCPD and he wondered what this was all about. Of course he had been branded a veteran of sorts in the police even though he was at the relatively young age of thirty seven. And that was compared to the man he was walking upstairs with who looked like he had seen a lot more years than he had and had a face like stone. Adrian had worked as a team player before especially in Anti Corruption. But he was not used to having a partner and he wondered whether this was a joke. Whether Gordon had put them together as a test, a sink or swim mission.

    Well I hope he isn't very abrasive or grumpy. Because I do like having a bit of humour in a conversation…..

    As he arrived he saw the Commissioner with two costumed people, one man, one woman. Both had bats on their costumes so he wondered if they were Batman’s partners. Adrian didn't like vigilantes; they took the law into their own hands and did things that were better done by law enforcement. But perhaps if they were heading into Hell then these two and his new partner could be useful. And it sounded like they were because they were heading to the notorious Arkham Asylum where some of the freaks were being held and one had escaped. Fantastic.

    Batgirl hadn't talked to them but Nightwing did and he sounded rather jolly and humorous, Adrian thought he might get on with him. He had a little bit of a brighter personality himself which he did usually tampered down when he got down to business. But maybe perhaps he and Nightwing could share some cheer.

    “Good to meet you both, i’m Officer Adrian Montrose” he said his Northern Irish accent sounding a little harder than a southern Irish accent, he hoped everyone could understand him “I’m from the United Kingdom, this is my first foray across the pond and it looks like i’ve gone into the seventh circle of Hell itself” he chuckled “I’ve never seen so many loonies in my life I mean what do you do grow them on trees?”

    He turned serious “So what do we know about this John Doe, if there is anything. And how in the hell could someone break them out of an apparently secure place?. Although as you say people escape from there often so I think security definitely needs beefing up, otherwise what is the point of having an asylum because basically it is useless. And what are we going to do there? Babysitting?” he had to smirk at that.

    “Do we also have any information as to who might break this person out? Or why? Maybe even how they did it?”.

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