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    Aug 31, 2004
    by WarmNyota_SweetAyesha
    Genre: Introspection for characters: Hera/Kanan

    This is for the Representing the Under-represented Mod!Challenge


    When he lost his sight, Kanan felt adrift, untethered. Could he mentor Ezra? Would he be of use to the Alliance? There was such a rush of battles and crises, he barely had a moment to breathe, to acclimate... but somehow the successful accomplishments of the missions, the demands of the day, re-instilled in him the confidence that he could and would do whatever was necessary to keep the worlds safe.

    Hera -- her warmth and gentleness was unfazed. Her no-nonsense brisk "let's do this" attitude was as it had always been. She kept things real for him, grounded him in a fundamental way that went beyond the 5 senses.

    When he'd first encountered her, she'd had that same effect. Her acceptance and non-pressure friendship had awakened trust and respect, while her loveliness had awakened other feelings.

    He would follow her anywhere, sacrifice anything for her ... because whatever the old Jedi code said about attachments, that was precisely what kept him moving, literally got him out of bed in the morning on his lowest days.

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    Very well said, Nyota. Any person, suddenly without the use of a vital capability, would question their worth. Kanan is fortunate that he has Hera to love him.
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    A very sweet piece, and one that gives a new dimension of meaning to the "I wish I could see you" / "You could always see me" exchange between Kanan and Hera in season 4 (which I still only know about from a preview clip, I'm afraid, but still :p ). The reason he could always see her is precisely because of the way she has grounded him and "kept him real" throughout the entire time they have known each other. I always enjoy the tender moments you write, and a tender Kanera moment is an especial treat—so thanks so much for sharing! :kanan: :hera:
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    Never seen any of this (not available here in the Netherlands) but you describe Kanan and Hera in a very sweet piece
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    This is lovely! It's a weird thing to focus on, but the way that the story is structured works really well and says so much in a few paragraphs. Hera and Kanan balance and support each other in a really special way, as they have for a long time. The process of them adjusting to Kanan's blindness doesn't change that. It just reveals the strength and adaptability that actually comes to both of them from their attachment. Hera's faith that this too is/will become normalcy helps Kanan to feel like he hasn't become a different person while he copes with the changes of having to find new ways to navigate the galaxy. I really appreciate that you give so much credit to just the everyday, not-a-big-dramatic-event parts of relationships and this tale is no exception. [face_love]
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    @Kahara -- what a gorgeous way to express it! I think that their relationship had a strong foundation and that this new challenge just affirmed and strengthened the process/journey that was already happening. :) @};-
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    I love that challenge answer of yours, too.

    Due to his Hera our Kanan can be exactly the man he is meant to be. Her love does not only make him whole. Its his drive.
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    Och, you have not gotten any more answers for this.

    Currently, I am checking if I answered to all the Mod! Challenge contributions. (Because DarthUncle is busy watching is beloved motor sports while he does the third dialysis session for today.)

    Regarding his slight handicap and that of Kanan, I would like to pick up my last comment.

    Due to his Hera our Kanan can be exactly the man he is meant to be. Her love does not only make him whole. Its his drive.

    There are times of despair and anger for a partner, too. Especially with authorities, who can be so unfair. Everybody seems just to be interested in screwing me over with the little money that I earn. As if a German kindergarten teacher has riches at her disposal. Ha, ha!

    Recently, a mistake happened to the tax office and I had to fight so hard to show them that they did a mistake with their calculation. And not us.

    By now they admitted that they did. But it cost me so much energy and my relaxation that I had build up during the short holidays with my mother was gone in a big ugly puff. Like an explosion really.

    Re-reading your comment made me realize that only love should matter in the end. As it does for Hera. At times I wish that I could be as fearless and loyal as her. But I am not a Twi´lek, just a human being always at the brink of panicking.

    Therefore thanks for the reminder that love and only love matters when it comes to a partner who needs devotion and empathy.
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    Aww, this is such a sweet look at the special relationship these two share! Of course Hera continues to be gentle, loving and supportive in the face of Kanan's blindness. He is still the Kanan she loves and cherishes; his condition has not changed who he is inside. She will always be there beside him, to provide the practical, day-to-day support he needs, as she has from the time that they met.
    Of course Kanan would--and does--sacrifice everything for her.:_| And your observations about the Jedi code and attachments are spot on--whatever it says, love is more than attachment, it's the greatest force for good in the GFFA or any galaxy! And that, I think, is the balance that was missing in the Force--the balance that exists between denying one's feeling like the old Jedi and giving in to every passion like the Sith. It's that love that ultimately leads to Kanan's selfless sacrifice. It's because he finds that true, selfless love with Hera and she with him that they can be a balance for each other, and keep each other going no matter what.

    =D= [face_love] Thanks for another short but sweet and SQUEE-worthy Kanera vignette!
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Thanks for the delightful and sweet reviews! @};- Kanera are endearing and a recently acquired OTP. They are strong as individuals but together - too wonderful. ^:)^
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    I can see your mentor character having doubts that he could discharge his duties to Ezra, with this loss of sight.

    Good to have him come around, and have reasons to recover his confidence.
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    There are many stories about Kanan's blindness, but in Rebels proper, he's this superhuman whose blindness is more of a cosmetic thing

    until the defining moment right prior to his death.

    My first the lyrics.

    The line "Darkness is a state of mind." resonates with this story most. Kanan's heart is not dark. Unlike him, Darth Vader can see with help of his cybernetics, yet the darkness IS a state of his mind. Therefore, nothing changed about him on the inside...

    ...and neither did it for Hera, when it comes to her feelings for him.

    Short, BUT spot-on!
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Thanks I-5 & Poet. @};- I love Kanan and Hera for that very reason. Their relationship continues and adjusts to new challenges. :)
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