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KENOBI Movie/Series Story Ideas (How Would You Write It?)

Discussion in 'Star Wars: Future Films - Spoilers Allowed' started by ObiSpamBaloney, Aug 28, 2019.

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  1. ObiSpamBaloney

    ObiSpamBaloney Jedi Knight star 1

    Feb 12, 2014
    I had a quick look at the forums and didn't spot anything. Please feel free to combine this with an existing thread, if I'm mistaken.

    I would like to start an indepth discussion on the upcoming KENOBI movie/series and how YOU might write/arrange and do it justice. I'm hoping it will just be an 8 part series to keep it concise and not too drawn out. I think the below ideas could work in a single film or that format.

    * It begins with Obi-Wan Kenobi's arrival on Tatooine with baby Luke. We see him exiting whatever space craft got him there. Perhaps he even had to travel the final leg of the journey as a refugee incognito? That would be interesting to see. I hope they show this. This could be part of the opening with just nostalgic music and no dialogue.

    * Of course we see a different angle/perspective on the very ending of Revenge Of The Sith where we see him dropping Luke off with Owen and Beru. Still music at this point.

    * We are offered glimpses into Ben settling into his new life on Tatooine as a hermit.

    * His training and dialog with the ghost of Qui-Gon Jinn. Even communications through his former master with Yoda!

    * We see Ben visiting town and avoiding detection (perhaps later on he even permanently alters his appearance to LOOK OLDER which could explain why he looks so old in Episode 4).

    * TIME JUMP: A couple years later we see Luke first noticing Obi-Wan on a visit as a very young child. As Obi-Wan approaches the Lars home, we see Luke standing outside the home as the binary sun sets finishing up some chores. Ben approaches and says "Hello there", as Beru and Owen come out to receive their guest. Owen has reservations, but does not yet reject Obi-Wan who has to this point been making occasional visits.

    * During this visit, as in times past we see him and Owen secretly discussing about the boys future over dinner. Luke is too young to understand what they're talking about. Luke simply knows Obi-Wan as "Ben" in order to keep things secret. We also see Owen and Ben making secret references to Anakin and Luke's future. While not yet training Luke - begins to impart advise and hints to prepare him for the future (e.g. similar to how Qui-Gon was not allowed to train Anakin, but found a way to impart knowledge and wisdom). Owen grows more resistant and weary of this.

    * On this visit Luke (who is already becoming fascinated with Ben) gets a glimpse at his laser sword (like Anakin did with Qui-Gon in Phantom Menace).

    * One day Luke runs into Ben while in town with Owen and Beru. Afterwards Luke, breaks away from his uncle, and secretly follows after Ben - by now VERY curious about him - suspecting (and sensing through the force) that he is more than his aunt and uncle have told him.

    * Meanwhile throughout all the above mentioned - we see glimpses into the progress of Order 66's post-cleanup/hunting of remaining Jedi one of whom escapes to Tatooine!

    * During this run-in Ben senses this individuals presence and investigates - not yet realising Luke is following him.

    * Ben meets said Order 66 survivor and is updated on what has happened.

    * Ben finally notices Luke spying.

    * Suddenly Empire's agents show up, and the chase begins - and Ben has no choice but to bring Luke along to keep him safe. Who these agents are could be bounty hunters who have ties with Jabba The Hutt who is helping the Empire mop up.

    * Ben also feels obligated to help this survivor (who despite his best efforts, will perish in battle eventually taking to their grave Ben's secret about Luke).

    * In the end Ben rescues Luke from the danger - and no from the Empire realises who Luke is. Nor do they know that Ben is also a Jedi. This is because he'll have been resourceful in other ways than with a light saber to defeat the foe - save perhaps for one confrontation with another foe who wields a laser sword weapon of some kind) .

    * The survivor from Order 66 will be assumed to be the only Jedi detected, which will help keep Ben hidden.

    * Neither does Luke realise exactly what's happening, other than gaining an understanding of the Empire's oppression and planting the seeds to join the rebellion.

    * We should also see scenes with Vader and Palpatine, since they would have a close interest in this hunt. The setting for this should be between Corusant, as well as Vaders new castle under construction. There we see addition Sith training and history.

    * Nearing the end of the film Ben returns Luke to Owen who is furious and tells him to stay away.

    * From there we see a slow time jump where Luke grows and Ben observes him building and racing a Skyhopper and shooting wamp-rats with his buddies.

    * TIMEJUMP: The movie closes YEARS LATER with Ben senses Luke in trouble, and making his way out to the Dune Sea where he observes R2D2, and then Luke's speeder approaching in the distance. The screen goes black, and we hear Luke being attacked by Sand People, and finally Ben making that dragon call to scare off the Sand People.


    The above should be how they do it. Focus on filling in the blanks to help inform casual movie goers of things they might not know otherwise (e.g. they don't watch Clone Wars, Rebels, etc).

    Don't introduce any new heroes - just supporting characters who take a backseat to the person everyone is there to see Obi-Wan. No female leads bossing Obi-Wan around. No emasculation of yet another strait white protagonist as they have with Solo and Luke in Last Jedi. Disney needs to do this with the respect it deserves.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2019
  2. Darth Chiznuk

    Darth Chiznuk Superninja of New Films star 7 Staff Member Manager

    Oct 31, 2012
    You can find on going discussion of the Kenobi series HERE. Locking this one.
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