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    Title: Kiss with a Fist
    Author: Briannakin
    Timeframe: ~22 ABY
    Categorization: Legends
    Characters: Mara Jade Skywalker, Luke Skywalker

    Notes: Muse was being a butt, so my evil twinnie (Irish_Jedi_Jade). gave me some prompts and I took a bit of a quote and turned it into this! (Part of the quote was: “"I support a vulnerable Luke Skywalker. I support a Luke Skywalker who cries. A Luke Skywalker who wakes up screaming in the middle of the night reliving the farm, the Death Stars, Bespin.”) The title comes from the Florence + the Machine song.

    “No! No! Stop! Don’t kill them!”


    Mara woke instantly, annoyed, out of her deep sleep. The bedchambers on Yavin IV were dark, with the exemption of moonlight streaming in through the large windows. Outlines of R2-D2 and M4-K6 in their charging stations and Mara’s nightstand slowly came into focus. There was no curling back up from and going back to sleep. Pain radiated from her ribs where a large limb had hit her and she shivered as she realized that she had no blankets covering her. She turned to look over her shoulder, and behind her on the large bed was her husband; he was thrashing, kicking and creating a pool of sweat on the dark blue sheets under him, for the rest of the bed-linens were somehow across the stone floor. His naked torso shone and his pyjama pants were soaking despite the frigid jungle air.

    Mara blinked a few times in tired disbelief. Luke Skywalker, a man who normally wore a serene mask, especially when he slept, had his face contorted with fear and desperation. Tears ran down his face. Another stray limb trespassed onto her side of the bed, but she blocked it, pinning down his mechanical right arm.

    But, in a flash which caught her completely off guard, came Luke’s real hand, curled into a muscular fighting fist, was colliding with her face and sending her falling off the side of the bed. As there had been no feeling of intention, Mara’s senses of danger had failed her and she hit the hard floor with a thud of her forehead meeting stone tile.

    * * *

    Mara regained consciousness mere seconds later, but blackness framed Luke rushing to her side.

    “Oh stars, Mara!” he said in a tone of shock and horror. He knelt down and gently offered his hands, but he did not touch her. “I am so sorry. Can I help you, please?” he begged.

    She was still drowsy, confused, and dazed. “What the kriff?” she asked as she sat up using her own power. Her graceful fingers intertwined with her hair at her temple and she felt the warm dampness of blood. She pulled her hand down and Luke’s sharp intake of breath startled her.

    “Kriff! I’m going to get you a cold pack and towel. Stay here.” He was up and out of the room before Mara could comprehend his words.

    She ignored him, standing and making her way to the fresher. Tapping on the light, she winced at the extreme change from the darkness, but quickly inspected the damage in her reflection. She had a slight cut and swelling beginning to form around her eye.

    Luke Skywalker had given her a black eye. Mara scoffed. How the krell had he landed that hard? She should have been able to block it, but blamed it on the fact that she had been held asleep and had received no warning through the Force. She began to clean up the cut, which had already stopped bleeding.

    “Mara?” Luke’s voice was soft, almost timid, as he approached the ‘fresher with a cold pack wrapped in a towel. Mara had never seen him so afraid. But she could sense he wasn’t afraid of her (as he should have been), but of himself. “How bad is it?”

    Mara found her voice going soft after being married to this man for two years. “I’m fine.” She tapped off the fresher light. “I just want to get back to my sleep I was so rudely awakened from,” she said, snatching the cold pack from him and pressing it to her eye and flopping back down on the low bed. “Cover me,” she commanded, hoping to get a snappy reply from her husband.

    Instead, as she felt his low, self-pitting emotions through the Force, Luke spread out the sheets and blankets over her lying form. Mara smiled to herself as she snuggled the blankets around her body. Then, when Mara expected Luke’s side to dip down, she heard the bedchamber door open.

    “Luke? Where are you going?”

    “I… I was going to sleep on the couch.”


    Luke’s sigh was sorrowful. “I don’t want to hurt you again.”

    “Skywalker!” Mara’s voice rang with annoyance, not anger. “Get your butt back here. You’ve given me worse bruises sparring.”

    “I have not.”

    “Okay, no, but I know you didn’t mean to hurt me. Besides, I can’t sleep with you feeling so… guilty.”

    “I hurt you, Mara.”

    “It was an accident.”

    “And what are people going to think when they see you tomorrow?”

    “That the great Luke Skywalker beats his wife.” Mara’s words dripped with sarcasm.

    “Exactly! Because I just did!”

    “Luke,” she groaned. “I’m tired. It was an accident. It isn’t going to happen again.”

    “But it is. When I get these…” he paused and she heard him swallow. “Dreams, they plague me. For nights on end.”

    “How often do you have them?” she asked, genuinely concerned now. She sat up to face him.

    “Every few years. Often when life is too peaceful and when I sleep too soundly. Callista made me sleep on the couch when I had them with her.”

    Mara felt herself getting angry. Kriff that body-snatcher. Had she shamed him for his nightmares? How could she send him to the couch? “Have you ever talked about them to anyone?”

    “No, not really.”

    She took a breath and knew she had to become vulnerable to get him back into bed. “I sometimes have nightmares… about receiving the last command again. They are particularly bad when we have spent an extended amount of time apart.”

    “I dream about so many things.” She saw his silhouette rub his eyes.

    “Then let me help.”

    There was hesitation.

    “I won’t let you hurt me,” she promised him.

    “I could have grabbed my lightsaber. You could have been pregnant. I never want to hurt you again.”

    “Luke, cut the bantha shavit. I’m not pregnant and you would have stopped before your skewered me. Now, can we deal with this so I don’t skewer you? What was the dream about?”

    Luke approached the bed. Sitting on the edge, he faced away from her and put his head in his hands. “The farm. I was running for my aunt and uncle as they were being forced to the ground by the muzzles of Stormtrooper blasters.”

    She scooted in the bed so she was now in his spot and ran her hand down his back.

    “I could have saved them.”

    “Luke, it was a dream. You couldn’t. But they gave their lives because they loved you and they believed in you.”

    He nodded.

    “So come back to bed. Even if you don’t want to fall back to sleep.”

    He turned around and smiled at her in the darkness. “Are you getting soft in your marriage, Mara?”

    She snorted. “I never said anything about staying awake with you.” She whipped back around to her side of the bed. A few moments later she felt Luke tentatively shift and lie back down. Mara looked behind her to see Luke lying as far away from her as the bed size allowed. She closed the gap and hung her arm around his waist, spooning him.

    “Mara? Are you sure this is safe?”

    “Farmboy, being married to you is never safe. But I take that risk.”
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    [face_dancing] Very realistic and loving and SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEElicious! [:D] :* I hope the L/M never ever quits!!! ^:)^
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    Briannakin Ooh that was a nice short. I like how you extrapolated scenes with Anakin and transfered onto Luke... a bit more violently [face_laugh]. I have to say, Mara is very understanding. Not sure I would be so forgiving if it were me. And the last line made it a perfect ending. Nicely done and thanks for sharing!
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    It makes complete sense that someone who has experienced as many traumatic happenings as Luke Skywalker would still experience flashbacks and nightmares about those traumatic happenings. And when one factors in his immense Force power, then naturally the effects get magnified. It's a side of him not explored much, especially given that we think of him as this unflappable, mild-mannered, all-Light-Side-all-the-time. So kudos to you for showing that those things aren't necessarily mutually exclusive! =D=

    I love how concerned he is about the involuntary effects his dreams have had on Mara, even to the point of heading to the couch (and later going as far as possible to the other side of the bed) to make sure any further dreams of his won't cause her any more "kisses with fists." That combined with all his "could have"-type worries shows that he really is the gentle, loving Jedi we know and love, whatever his subconscious may do when he's asleep. It's neat too how the mention of Callista sending Luke to the couch increases Mara's resolve to help him talk through his dreams—and it's not just out of ex-hate either, it's because Mara's actually (gasp!) a decent person too! :p

    Nice work—I've been enjoying your recent stories. Keep it up. :)
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    This was a great interpretation of Luke. Like Findswoman said, it's impossible that he wouldn't reflect/dream/think about all the events that have happened to him.

    I'm liking your one shots. Well Done. :D
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    *happy sigh* Ohhhhh Bri. You know how much I love this! And I just LOOOOOVEEEEEE your ending. 1000% more perfect than my ramblings ;) I feel like I may write a companion piece or something using some other part of that quote! We will see. *sigh* I love it so darn much.

    I also really love how like...80% of Mara's grousing comes not from being punched, but from being woken up. Now THAT I can relate to!!! [face_laugh]
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