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Knight Of Darkness Vader-PAdme Romance with a twist AU (05/ 25 Who needs a blaster?)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by sabrelight, Sep 13, 2001.

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  1. Mirik

    Mirik Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 13, 2005
    please update! [face_praying]
  2. sabrelight

    sabrelight Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 21, 2000
    I have a post-FINALLY!! It's iffy but I tried but the wrting cogs in my brain are all rusty.

    ?This is ludicrous!? Padmé muttered with clenched teeth as she walked past her husband who was pacing as agitatedly as her but in the opposite direction. They both reached their respective ends of the small aisle, both turned around again. ?It is the best solution.? He hissed as he passed her, keeping his voice low but not any less menacing. It was obvious to the casual observer at the DOS22 Orbital station?s passenger lounge that the young couples pacing in the middle of the lounge weren?t exactly taken with each other.

    But the spacious lounge was busy with people, mostly holiday makers consisting of young couples who seemed to be too busy with each other to notice the glum pair cooling it off in their midst. At least that is what Padmé thought as she looked at the happy couples with unmasked envy.

    ?I will not go to Naboo!? Padmé said, coming to a decision. And this time she made no efforts to be subtle about it either. This time she stood in his path, arms folded across her chest defiantly, loud enough, at least for the people sitting near by to hear. Vader swept a hurried glanced around the waiting lounge, and was relieved to see that no one seem to be paying any attention to another pair of bickering honeymooners sorting out another of their little tiffs but he did not want to take chances.

    ?Keep your voice down!? he hissed.

    ?I don?t care what they think!? She said, raising her voice a decibel.

    ?You forced me to marry you, to leave my home and hearth, my planet and my people and discard years of planning just to tell me to go back! I tell you I will not be toyed with anymore, Anakin Sky? ?She winced as fingers hard as steel dug into her wrist.

    Padmé snatched back her hand and backed away a few paces. Once again Vader glanced around. He wore a plain brown hooded cloak over civilian cloaks and Padmé doubted anyone would recognize him out here in the backwaters of nowhere but still he was wary of any uncalled for attention. An elderly woman stopped her handwork to see what the commotion was about.

    Vader spared her an angry look that made her turn back to her work, embarrassed. With a sigh he turned back to Padmé, feet planted firmly on the floor arms crossed on his chest. ?I hate it when I give orders and they?re not followed.?
    ?I am not one of your troopers; I have my reasons to??

    ?I don?t want to hear any more arguments, Padmé! Back on the Destructor we had decided that YOU would go back to Naboo and I would go to Manera and that is how it will be. Thauleed is already on his way, in about?? he looked around seeking a chrono, ?three hours approximate, he will be here and this will all end.?

    Padmé was furious at the way he was pushing her around but she clamped down on her rage. It was no use arguing with him she would just have to be stubborn and hold her own for as long as possible. ?Anakin Skywalker, I-am-not-going-to-Naboo and that is final.?

    ?Padmé Naberrie, you will be on that ship even if I have to carry you over my shoulders!? He said through clenched teeth as he bent, pressing his face close to hers.

    ?I doubt it, Anakin, that will most certainly attract a lot of attention and as I recall you most certainly don?t want any of that?? She retorted.

    ?Don?t force my hand, Padmé!? he said sibilantly, his mouth was a thin line now.

    Padmé let out an annoyed, impatient sigh, as though she were dealing with a child. ?Anakin, I?m sure we can discuss this like adults we could come to a mutual understanding, there are always more than one solution to any problem.

    :You?!? He pointed one black gloved finger in her direction, ?will go back to Naboo and that is the only solution, the best solution. ? He stated.

    ?Why?? She stated defiantly.

    ?Why?? He repeated incredulously.

    ?Yes, why can?t I go with you to Dos22. You heard Hiera, she said it?s a very secluded place and a single individual might be bored. Truth be told, we do need an opportunity like this to work thing
  3. indigrl

    indigrl Jedi Youngling

    Nov 25, 2006
    I saw that I had two messages on my blackberry earlier this morning but didn't check them. What a wonderful surprise ! [face_dancing]

    Continued humor was exactly the right way to write this chapter. My favorite was that you had Padme's rival give her that needed push onward towards victory. I would love to read the Princess's reaction
    tobeing duped and her reaction that she aided her rival.

    Is there anything that we can do to make these more frequent ? Cakes, candies, cookies or any other movtivator you might be in search of ?[face_thinking]

  4. sabrelight

    sabrelight Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 21, 2000
    Thanks Indigrl

    would love to read the Princess's reaction
    tobeing duped and her reaction that she aided her rival.

    She would probably kick herself!!

    Is there anything that we can do to make these more frequent

    Cakes, cookies with green tea!! Yum Yum!!

    Anyway I'm back-in familiar surroundings-where my mind works the best. I'm hoping to update regularly (At least once a week) but I can't promise till when this bliss will last. Keeps fingers cross.
  5. satanat_solo

    satanat_solo Jedi Knight star 1

    Sep 12, 2005
    my god!
    it's allliivveee!!!:eek:

    Ooo.. i'll have to re-read and refresh my memory.. it's been so long!

    :D :D
  6. sabrelight

    sabrelight Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 21, 2000
    That you do, Satanat. All of yesterday I sat down and read-some - maybe half the fic and I realized that the post I was writing (and the one I just posted) Has a couple of inconsistencies. Will have to work on it.
  7. grungebunny

    grungebunny Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 20, 2005
    woohoo an update:D And it doesn't disappoint. that padme is one intelligent woman hats off to her
  8. sabrelight

    sabrelight Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 21, 2000
    Thanks for reading grungebunny. Here is the next post. I will notify readers when I return from work.

    The little space taxi sped towards the swirling cloudy soup that shrouded the planet because of which little of DOS22 could actually be seen but she knew that could be misleading; Naboo too had its seasons.

    Once inside the thick cloud cover it seemed to her like they?d run into a blender-a giant blender, blending great masses of cotton and their small vehicle a tiny speck inside.

    The shaking and buffeting increased as they plummeted deeper into the atmosphere. Padmé clutched at her armrest digging her nails into the plush leather-atmospheric reentry was always stressing; especially in a craft as fragile looking as this little orbiter. And the transparent canopy meant to give the tourist a more spectacular view of the planet only added to her anxiety; it felt more like being trapped in a falling glass jar.

    She would have preferred traveling in their own craft but local environmental restrictions on all heavy transports forced them to leave their own transport at the space station.

    She stole a glance at her husband, craving the comfort of his closeness but she knew that was not an option now; they?d fallen out! again! She'd hoped that their seesawing relation would develop as their clocked some more marriage hours together, hoping the seesaw would slow down and eventually would stop when the two would make some an understanding of some sort, enough, to agree on a set rules which would allow for their diverse personalities to function without disrupting their lives every now and then. But Vader instead of working on ways to accept this partnership had run out of control and was now changing his preferences by the hour instead of by the day

    ?So you got your way but I wouldn?t celebrate if I were you.? He?d hissed back at the space sport when the princess? back was turned.

    ?I?ll take my chances!? She?d countered. And he?d given her his most scathing glare.

    ?Then I advise you keep out of my way.? He?d said jabbing his finger at her menacingly.

    She hadn?t replied only raised her chin defiantly challenging him.

    They had both entered the little squat beetle like craft, staying close together but Vader had pushed away to the far side window the minute the craft lifted off and its occupants were out of sight of any observer on the station making it abundantly clear that he wasn?t happy with the arrangement.

    Now the taxi finally broke through the dense clouds and the couple had a brief glimpse through gaps in the roiling clouds of the landscape below. But Padmé was rather disappointed, all she could see was white; the planet was a white ball from pole to pole.

    ?An ice planet!? She exclaimed with a disappointed frown. The glare bouncing off the unforgiving white landscape hurt her eyes.

    ?I thought this was a rich forest covered verdant planet.? She turned to Vader for an answer but he was sulking or brooding or both and ignored her question and finding the endless roiling clouds very, very interesting.

    ?Is this the cold season?? She asked the pilot when she realized Vader wasn?t going to help.

    ?No!? The pilot, a cheery middleman aged man who had introduced himself as Jai Alath, replied. ?This is our warm season; our tourist season.?

    ?Greeeat!? Padmé let out, shaking her head in a helpless gesture.

    ?Damn that?? she stopped herself before she could berate Hiera, heedful of the pilot; he could be her man.

    ?If you ask me the Cresenu plateau is not for you,? Jai said, ?it?s cold, barren and inhospitable even in the summer it is not the place for a handsome couple such as yourselves. Green canyon is more of where you should be. That is the honeymooner?s haven.?

    ?I don?t see any green down there!? Padmé said craning her neck and searching for a patch of any color other than white. ?So does this beautiful planet of yours have any nice warm beaches that a very tired and sun deprived couple could
  9. wkmaksar

    wkmaksar Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 21, 2005
    Maybe Vader will help Padme warm up.
  10. Handmaiden_Azul

    Handmaiden_Azul Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 29, 2005
    I agree Vader should help Padme warm up!
  11. sabrelight

    sabrelight Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 21, 2000
    MAybe VAder will make her warm or maybe PAdme will make him warm...wait and see. ;)
  12. grungebunny

    grungebunny Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 20, 2005
    do I sense some canoodling to come:D
  13. sabrelight

    sabrelight Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 21, 2000
    Updated Finally

    Padmé opened her eyes lazily and rolled onto her back. The bed was soft and warm and? huge. Everything in the Baron?s summer resort was huge and made on a grand scale.

    The first thing she noticed now was the spectacular view before her. The entire wall on front of the bed was a series of floor to ceiling transparesteel panels, letting in the full sun. And the view it gave her was breath taking.

    Lofty white peaks glared sharply against the deep azures sky which was clear as a sheet, blotted only by a flock of white winged birds wheeling care freely in the bright sun.

    She looked around the room; it was probably as big as the landing verandah in her Coruscant apartment had been. One side sported a sizable fireplace before which was spread a white fur rug. ?Synthfur? she muttered to herself, the size of it was too big to belong to any real animal.

    In one corner, near a narrow door was a small com center besides which was a small but ornately carved dining table with four chairs.

    The curtains, wall fixtures and frescoes on the ceiling all indicated a past grandeur. Clearly the Baron?s ancestors had been the ruling family here since a long time.

    She stretched and rolled onto her side again. She would have liked to just go back to sleep; she wasn?t fully recovered, still very susceptible to fatigue and envied Anakin?s energy to go for so long without rest. The last time he?d slept was when the medics had drugged him on his trip from Manera to the Destructor.

    She wondered where he was now; whether he?d decided to take a separate room. The thought frightened her-she didn?t want to be in this vast room alone, especially at night, when she was usually tormented by nightmares of her ordeal on the ship. On another note things would be less complicating if they took separate accommodations. All they did when they were alone together was to argue and fight and bicker.

    Padmé sighed; having him take another room would solve some immediate problems but not the real ones. She slid out of the bed reluctantly and turned to straighten the sheets and stared.

    ?Anakin was here,? she whispered. The sheets on the other side of the bed were mussed up.

    ?That is one question answered.? She said tapping her chin.

    ?No! That?s two questions answered.? He had rested here in the same room which meant that he was mad at her but not mad enough to choose to boycott her completely. That was fine with her. He could be around so that she would be secure in his presence but his animosity would keep him on the far side of the bed. Fine, fine she thought smiling. ?Just the way I want it.?

    On their arrival at the villa, Kate, the server droid, had led them into the grand dining hall-grand as in big enough to pass off for a smash ball court-and served them with a delicious hot breakfast

    Anakin had been reticent to the point of rudeness but knowing he was still seething at her she?d not tried to converse. Later after dessert he?d stood staring out through the huge viewing gallery pointedly ignoring her and not letting her forget that he was displeased with her. She?d sat by the open fireplace for some time then asked the droid for directions to the bedroom where after a warm luxurious bath she?d gone to bed.

    Now dressed in her warmest clothes and a thick over-coat borrowed from Hiera?s cache of clothing she ventured out to look for him.

    A tremendous roaring from somewhere within the building led her to the hanger bay where as predicted she found her husband doing what he likes best; tinkering with machines.

    In the center of the hanger stood an oversized speeder bike it was more akin to a small speeder. The noise came from the two twin engines bulging out on either side of the bike. Anakin; sitting atop the bike revved the throttle back and forth. There was an assortment of other vehicles parked around the spacious hanger, terrain skimmers, speeders and assortment of aero bikes and one sizable ship that seemed space
  14. sabrelight

    sabrelight Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 21, 2000
    Sent out some alerts-hoping readers will find this.

  15. sabrelight

    sabrelight Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 21, 2000
    ?Get away from her!? Vader bellowed; his voice resounding, cold and menacing, above the gurgling of the flowing brook. The man, though, startled held his ground. Holding out his blaster before him Vader inched his way towards Padmé.

    Slowly, from behind mounds and boulders three more dark silhouettes rose up, weapons pointed.

    But the extra guns did not deter Vader ?Get away!? He yelled, ?Or I will shoot!?

    The man moved back a couple of steps and turned his gun on Vader, squeezing his trigger finger lightly to warn him off but did not shoot.

    ?What kind of low bit cowardly warrior threatens an unarmed woman? Are you a one of a kind or is this cowardice the trend of the clan.? Vader said when he got close enough. He pushed himself in front of Padmé so that the tribal?s long blaster was now pointed at his chest.

    ?You have no right to be here!? The man shouted in basic. ?This is private property. You Ajimbo?s have taken over the cities and now you?re bringing your greed here.? He pushed the point of his longblaster in Vader?s face.

    It was clear to Vader that this man wasn?t well disposed to outsiders.

    ?Excuse me!? Vader said pushing aside the muzzle of the gun being waved in his face ?there is no need to shout, I can hear you quite well.?

    The man?s face twisted in anger. ?Then get out of here! This place is out of limits to tourists.?

    ?We are not tourists; we are the Baron Rogress? guests.? Vader said putting away his blaster into the holster at his hips. His cloak concealed it well which was why Padmé hadn?t noticed it before.

    ?I was expecting a local tracker on a hunting expedition as per the Baron?s promise but this morning I waited and he did not turn up. I want to know why?? Vader asked crossing his arms across his chest.
    Hearing the Baron?s name the tribals lowered their weapons.

    ?I am Sha?kaan of the Alori.? The man standing before Vader said. His features relaxed as he said it but his eyes were hard as ever.

    ?The Baron usually informs us of any planned expeditions at least three days before his guests are due.?

    Vader shrugged. ?I am not aware of how the Baron goes about his business but you could talk to the Baron?s PR.? Vader directed one thumb behind him indicating the general area of the villa.

    Sha?kaan did not reply obviously not convinced. They stood silent staring at each other.

    ?I would like to meet your chief.? Vader said finally.

    ?The chief does not have time for your kind.? Sha?kaan bit out. ?But I will ask my commander??He didn?t complete his sentence. A man?s voice from somewhere interrupted him.

    ?And what is your business with the chief of the Alori Tauregs??

    Vader looked around following the sound and caught sight of a man standing on a high ledge, a skeletal airbike hovering besides him.

    ?I am Commander Vader of the Republic Navy. Are you the chief of the Tauregs??

    ?I am Kazik the commander of the Alori warriors.? The man was tall and proud. ?I am also the chief in waiting.?

    ?He wishes the service of a guide for a hunting expedition, my lord.? Sha?kaan put in.

    ?Sha?kaan, escort this gentleman and the lady to the village.? Kazik commanded after only a brief pause. This command clearly had his subordinate surprised; Sha?kaan hesitated as though to protest but Kazik mounted his airbike, and sped away towards the far end of the cavern and in moments was lost from view.

    Vader headed for the swifter and waited for Padmé to take her seat. She walked slowly towards him. She seemed pale and dazed and refused to meet his eyes. He knew that she?d been shaken at suddenly finding herself surrounded by unfamiliar, rough looking men; It must have been a hair raising half a minute when she looked around for him and not finding him where he should be?he could imagine her rising panic as the horrific drama of the mech bay confronted her again.

    He wanted very much at that moment to catch her assailants and tear them to bits with his bare hands, every one of them. And he would, he promised himself; they would regret the da
  16. Hippety_Hopper

    Hippety_Hopper Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 25, 2003
    Great job, sabre! =D=

    Keep it going! [face_batting]

  17. sabrelight

    sabrelight Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 21, 2000
    grungebuuny: Maybe-maybe not but Padme finally has his sympathy.
  18. Mirik

    Mirik Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 13, 2005
  19. LaMortDuCygne

    LaMortDuCygne Jedi Youngling

    Jul 3, 2008
  20. Jainasolorocks

    Jainasolorocks Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 18, 2006
    ;) ack! more more more!!!!! up up up!!!!

    very good story, luv it!=D= [:D]

    pls, pls, PLS update soon!!!!![face_praying] [face_mischief]
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