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Star Wars Knights of the Last Republic ? Twilight of the Gods

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Apr 9, 2011.

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  1. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    [hl=black]Sinre Approved![/hl]

    Name: Marric Renar
    Age: 32
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Class: Criminal
    Appearance: Marric is fairly short for a human, topping off at a mere 5'6". His hair, a shade of black that seems darker than the feathers of a raven, ends just below the shoulders often tied back by a simple peace of cloth, though sometime by a piece of ornate jewelry if in a formal situation, to keep it out of his eyes, save for what bangs occasionally free themselves from the makeshift prison to frame his heterochromatic eyes. His eyes are perhaps his most defining characteristic, the right eye a golden hued amber, the left a shade of almost polished silver. His skin is the unnatural pale of those most often out in the evening or night, rather than the day, which contrasts the color of his hair.

    His state of dress changes depending on location, from the cutting edge of fashion formal wear for occasions such as high profile dinners and gatherings all the way down to slum-like smuggler wear. He prefers darker colors more often than not, unless such dress would make him stand as the odd man out. In most non formal situations his clothing tends to be utilitarian, with many pockets for various items.

    Personal effects: Penthouse Suite in Coruscant upper levels, various safe houses and hideouts spread across a multitude of star systems ranging from one room holes in an alley to upper class apartments, Heavily(and illegally) modified custom built datapad which is his primary slicing tool(with the occasional backup in a few hideouts), a shadowsuit complete with a cutting edge stealth field generator, small blaster pistol, as well as a small holdout concealed in his right boot, Utility vest and belt packed with various odds and ends, a wardrobe filled with clothing befitting anything from a high profile formal event to something found in the slums of Nar Shadaa, and finally several alternate identities created using his skills with complete records and accounts to back them up.

    History/Background: Marric was born into a wealthy coruscanti family thirty-two years ago. He was an only child to the then young couple that were his parents. When his parents died under mysterious circumstances he was only five years old and given into the care of his uncle, Marcus Renar, his father's older brother, after a brief custody battle with some more distant relatives. It would be under his uncle's influence that Marric entered the world of crime. The Renar family had been involved in some way in the criminal underworld for many generations, though the roles they played often changed. The only major restriction they placed on the path they took was that they were never the mastermind, never playing those games of power. It was safer that way after all, with less chance of someone wanting you dead simply for your position.

    Marcus for example had added a small fortune to the family's funds as a slicer and information broker, selling the dirty secrets he unearthed with his skills to the highest bidder. These skills Marcus passed on to Marric at an early age. And while Marric had a talent for slicing and similar endeavors the life of an information broker by itself was far to tame for him. He found the idea, and later the act, of taking something believed to be untouchable the most thrilling venture imaginable. This idea lodged itself in his mind after seeing some of his uncle's contacts perform such feats and he knew then he had found his niche in the family business. His first major score was the theft of Tearison Envear's famous painting of the battle of Ruusan from The Galactic Museum for the Arts at the age of seventeen. It would eventually be sold by his uncle three years later, long after the theft itself.

    Marric was often hired out through his uncle's web of contacts either as a slicer or for his skills as a thief, doing his best to keep both skills honed and ready. These jobs took him to a multitude of locations and situations, which as a side
  2. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    OOC: my apologies for the wait. school has taken up most of my time of late. anyway, updates, updates. etc, etc.

    Oh, and the bottom part is a bit of a combine as well.

    IC: Loriana Vendra the Liar, aka Lady Agape
    Corridor Outside Council Chambers, Sith Temple, Coruscant

    [blockquote]Stalking down the hallway, Loriana was not a pleasant sight to behold for the man who was to guide her. That he lay prone on the ground until she drew next to him was somewhat surprising, but odds were he had seen her slam the gigantic doors shut... not the council. Why should he care? It's not like he had anything to do with getting that staff. It doesn't matter to Zauber, merely a trinket. If he knew it would stop a lightsaber blade odds are he'd have taken it himself. Bastard. That he truly was one only made it that much more satisfying for her to think.

    Not recognizing the man who rose, he turned with nary a word to lead her down the hall, Loriana stretched out with the Force to get a sense of him, and also to calm down some. It wouldn't do to make mistakes now, would it? Something was off about the man, as he felt very muddled. It was as if someone had taken every color of the rainbow, and white and black, and mushed them all together and come out with some unlovely shade of brown. It set her a bit on edge, being in the presence of such an unknown, but she also knew that prying into the councils personal servants was a good way to get not only herself in trouble, but probably the poor man removed. Permanently.

    As they moved through the corridors, the area around them changed dramatically. From the dark rocks of the Sith corridors, lit with actual torches, and the symbolic flame of Korriban to the far more modern section that housed ships and modern lighting, that was glaring and gleaming metal in comparison. Blinking rapidly a few times, Loriana had never favored this building. It was sterile in both aesthetic quality and in life. Most Sith who ever had been in her private quarters had felt distinctly out of place with her personal taste... all of which was stolen now. Or destroyed. That even her lightsaber and the few belongings that had been by her bedside remained was a minor miracle.

    Loriana was lead to a stock room, and the amount it would have cost to furnish it was staggering. The first thing that she took note of was the two men, and the adjutant walking off without having said anything to her. That left her with what was likely to be the two co-pilots that she had been told of. Giving them a cursory glance, merely to identify which was which, neither was a terribly pleasant prospect in her opinion. On the one hand she would be dealing with the Jedi's condemning looks and words the entire journey for being Sith, or the Sith's hatred for her being too much like a Jedi. It was ironic really, and she sighed, deciding to make that decision later.

    Next she looked over the ships, and knew immediately which one of those she was taking. Which probably meant she knew which pilot was going with her as well. The Sith Fury was by far the faster, and better armed, of the two. It was also a much greater pleasure to pilot it, and since Loriana wasn't going to let whoever went with her have that honor, she would take the ship she enjoyed more. Besides, it also was certain to have far more personal armament onboard, seeing as they were used for strike missions sometimes. But it would be flown under the sigil of the Jedi, as they were almost always the more welcome sight to the Galaxy at large.

    That decided she turned to the clothes and found her new electromesh armor with the receipt laying atop it. Loriana was furious that she had to pay for it again considering it was not her fault her original had been lost in the first place, but it was invaluable. It made her nearly invulnerable to blasterbolts, and could even turn a lightsaber blade. It had been suggested to her that cortosis should be woven throughout it, but Loriana couldn't be bothered. If she was that over-matched then
  3. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    ooc: I´ll try to sneak in a post for the presence somewhen this week, until then . . . Sentren II

    Admiral Pest the Leader
    Debris of the Roon system, patrol route Alpha-Niner
    5 years ago

    The Admiral smiled a smile that could kill people if it was ever allowed to jump out of his face. "Certainly. Sir. certainly. I´ll make sure we arrive there as soon as possible." He nodded and left, as he was dismissed. This bureaucrat wanted to put him behind a desk. Laughable. He hammered his fist into the next wall when he was outside and hissed out in pain. a crewman had seen him, he realized. He turned and smiled. "An Admiral must keep his punch, right?"

    Then he moved to the bridge as soon as he could. He stepped onto it and looked at the Chair. "Crewman Kalepi" He yelled and waited until the Duros was at his side. "Please make sure the next time I am here this wonderful Captain´s chair is gone next time I come up here, will you?" he nodded and turned to his officers. "any news from our destination?" He checked reports.

    Tag: Sinre

  4. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    OOC: Loved the firefly reference.
    IC: Marric Renar the Criminal
    Black Hole Station, Tyus Cluster, Safe Zone

    Marric sat in the tech room, much as he had since the data card had first arrived. This had to be the single most perplexing encryption code he had ever seen, and he had seen a great deal. Not even the Republic or Imperial Intelligence uplink nodes had been this hard to crack. He certainly hope the aforementioned agencies never came across this method of encryption, as it would make one of his fields of work much much harder. That said, he was excited. It was rare this days that something he tried to slice gave him this much of a challenge, and here he had been afraid of another boring unchanging encryption. No, Marric wasn't just excited, he was fascinated. The captain on the other hand...

    The door to the tech room hissed open with the sound of hydraulics.

    'Speak of the devil...' Marric thought with a mental sigh.

    ?You best have an update for me!?

    Marric made a show of setting his datapad down and rubbing his ears. "Honestly captain, do you have to yell so loudly? I think they heard you back on Coruscant. Though maybe not in the entertainment district, they have a tendency to drown out all other noise." The look on Reynolds face was deteriorating even quicker than the data with the encryption pattern, so Marric wisely chose to move the conversation towards the direction the captain's latest visit was about. Well, what all his visits were about these days, usually at least once an hour now.

    "Sorry captain, but the most I can say is that I've never seen anything quite like this code before, it's quite fascinating really. Any data I manage to almost reach is cutoff by the degradation techniques employed by the encryption. It's quite impressive really, we best hope whatever this is doesn't become popular. In the meantime, my attempts have been focused on breaking or delaying the encryption's degradation technique in the hopes of pulling something out of the data files before the door slams shut so to speak. Unfortunately, no progress thus far." Marric says, his voice drifting into a sigh towards the end.

    "Heck, if you had any slicer other than me, you probably wouldn't know even this much!"

    Tag: Sinre
  5. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    Marek Pars
    Uknown Location

    [ul]Present Time:

    In an abandon building in an undisclosed location stood a man sweating from head to toe. His shoulder length brown hair dripping with sweat down his naked back. He had only a pair of sweats on, even those were drenched in sweat. His muscular body flexed while he performed repetitive exercises. Marek Pars remained focused as he drew nearer to finishing his routine.

    "Nine hundred and ninety eiiiiight..........nine hundred and ninety niiiine". he said with a bit of struggle.

    "Onnnne thouuuuusannnnnnnnnnd." he said with relief afterwards.

    In the silent surroundings, there was only his hard breathing.

    Suddenly an alarm went off.

    His eyes shifted suspiciously toward the sound.

    He slowly stalked closer and closer.

    No one appeared to be around.

    Then with a swiftness he plucked a little device that was in a sack of clothes.

    He rolled his eyes with annoyance as he pressed the button of the alarm. The sound finally turned off and there was silence once more.

    "Well I guess I better take my pills or my master will have my head." he said as he reached in to the sack of clothes that was his own and got his force reduction pills.

    He plopped one into his mouth. He was instructed to take it three times with a fourth one at midnight. If he missed on the timing his force presence would be known and could jeopardize the Lightwatch. He wanted to avoid anything that would make his master upset. And missing his pill time is something that would get him flogged perhaps killed depending on his master's mood.

    So he did what he was told. He hated taking the little blue pills cause they were quite an inconvenience. Especially when he was doing a job. That reminded him of a job he did last month. His mind started to think back as his breathing started to regulate.

    One Month Ago......

    His target had been a merchant named D'Asta. Marek remembered smashing through the windows without setting one alarm off and decapitating two guards. He was smooth like that. It was due to his extensive training as a Assassin. Still it didn't prevent the unmistakable sound of beep to know that it was time for his pills.

    His target D'Asta stared at him while a team of motly security guards entered the room.

    Marek who was masked had a smile on his face. Nevertheless he brandished his smile like a scoundrel as he lifted his index finger to security guards.

    "One moment please." he quickly plopped one of his pills in his mouth.

    "Ok then, shall we resume." he said to the seemingly confused guards.

    D?Asta rolled under the wooden table, looking to steer clear of the assassin. The officers numbered six, and all had nothing more than basic weapons ? blasters and the like. In the distance Marek heard clanking sounds that suggested something far worse was on its way to greet him. He had better take care of the guards first before his new friend showed up.

    D?Asta moved on all fours, keeping his head low, towards the door at the rear of the room, as blaster shots rang out from the group, be it from pistols or rifles, a veritable storm of bolts.

    His hands immediately gripped his lightsaber and the sound of a Snap...hiss could heard as a bright red blade had appeared. Marek twirled his saber to bat off the string of bolts aiming his blade to make the bolts deflect back toward the guards. He inched closer to them. Then within a small window time he used the force to throw the table at the guards. While the table was in air, Marek decided to visit his target who was slinking by toward the rear of the room. [/ul]

    TAG: Sinre
  6. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Senator Kal Verin the Victim
    Holding Cell, Present

    "Fine then, here are all of my questions in sequence. Who are you? Where are we? What do you want with me? And most important of all what do you intend to do to me after you get what you need?" Kal said, knowing by now well what his fate likely was, after all victims rarely stay alive long. "I feel that these questions should be easy to answer considering there is little chance of me being able to escape as I'm sure you left no traces and have left me with no manner of calling for help. You have nothing to lose by giving me this information and I have nothing to gain other than knowing the identity of the one who will likely be the cause of my own, as I personally see it, rather premature death."

    Kal then looked around especially at himself. "Well now that I'm dressed like most of my cousins I at least feel a little more comfortable." he added a smirk on his face as his bright pink skin. "You really know how to treat a captive who really has no idea what the hell you want from him." Kal added his eyes now burning holes into the shadows from the rage reflected inside them, his muscles straining in vain at the bindings that held him. His desire to charge ahead and tear the head off of the person who'd dare to get in his way right now. This was getting ridiculous was he trying to uncover the secret of the universe? No. So why did it seem in the course of the past few months that everyone in the galaxy seemed to want to blow either him or his close acquaintances apart.

    IC: Kal Verin
    Five Years Ago, Sentren II

    "Hey I'm not the pilot, I'm sure the fuzzball has a good reason to not want to stick around. Maybe he's trying to avoid someone here." Kal said, trying his best to pull at the Wookiee's strings. "You could always drop me off, not like my dad cut me off or anything I'm sure I could find another pilot to cart me around, maybe one that doesn't shed as badly." he added. He was completely ready for the giant ball of fur to snap back and tear his face off, he just hoped that he had some semblance of a sense of humor.

    TAG: Sinre
  7. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Brenn?ar Sha the Traitor
    Star Jewel, In route to Sturges on Borga?s Health Plan

    He patiently waited as this Khatazz of Nei Rin duology of a splintering mind which made a path as if everything was a path, and merely changing direction still changed nothing but made it so. So a mad creature, a symbol of his past, yet hoped to shape his future despite his attempts of distance. Two believers, each seeing the other as something that they might not even be.

    Useful, as even a grutchin has its uses before it has to be ended for the safety of the user. Whilst she saw him as a Yaret-Kor or Dovin Basal given by the Yun?o, due her doubts by something she did not recall, she yet would see him so. A creature to destroy or shield or move, but in all things she saw him a given tool, he was certain. So of these she merely changed direction then deal with countering possibilities even if such things did not exist.

    Nodding in the right places he let her explain of Nial?s accomplices treachery, their enslavement after a fashion, and. . .that was new. As the images formed he could not help but to mark them in his mind, one recent and part of his quest, another new entirely.

    To her question he could but give a curt nod as his lips firmed in recognition, ?Yes.? And then with the knowledge of their own treachery prepared he was drawn back once more unto the dead ship that bore them now across the stars, his mind once more an sanctuary unto itself.

    So Ovan spoke his words, and rallied yet the scattered pieces of a mind to a point of decision. Planets that vanished, not since the Yun?o had sent the living world that called itself Zenoma Sekot had such things happened as Ovan described, was this an end foreshadowed as worlds their would be conquerors revolt against?

    ?Yenagh Ovan,dag zhaelor sos Borgga. . .Prat tsii, tur duwin.? Nodding to both he made the gesture for Nei Rin to rise, and of her question he had no answer as the spaces he knew were this one only. ?Lead me to him.? With that open ended order he left it to the woman if she would follow or set herself to other tasks, her invitation was given in rising and Ovan no choice was given but yet to bring him where he must go. The forces of life were changing, and things yet cascaded beyond his abilities to comprehend, and with such it was better to let them slide. All was revealed in time, no need to pry a tizowyrm from an ear when light pressure and time will work better.

    TAG: Sinre
    OOC: Translation = Youth Ovan, to have truth Borgga. . .us cause, the release.

    IC: Brenn?ar Sha the future Traitor
    Sentren II Spaceport

    His ire was rising, just as the parents of the children and the Domain heads would be viccae over this, so was he building towards it. Lest that anger rule him he listened fully to the Mayor?s proposal, Solan Enterprises!

    Brenn?ar could feel himself forcing the ire down, along with the dragweed that he put in his own mouth to slow his response. ?Fine, but it will have to be proven not to alarm over common biots that even a ?child? is liable to wear even in the crèche?s, and must prove to work on none biot weapons. Until that is proven by these, -Enterpriizers, I cannot succeed far.?

    So many words were treacherous these days, Infidel, Peace, Safety, War. Each was a loaded weapon, like the anger and pride of him and his people in what they were, so too was there danger in the races they now had to live with as though equals. If these devices were proven, he felt assured he could bring the other Domains on board simply by stating the honors and added each of an equal footing in the combats of their young. After all a well placed remark about coddling young unable to face a human or fellow Yuuzhan Vong without aid, and the arguments would be made for him. Some tasks of leadership were, all too easy, at times.

    TAG: Sinre
  8. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    Mid-Week Mini-Update, for one poster, as follows... the Dreaded Update, for some of you.

    [color=purple][b]IC: Samhain and the Shadow[/b][/color]
    [i]Somewhere? let?s call it Twilight[/i]

    [blockquote]The Shadow smiled at the litany of questions. ?You know exactly why you are here.? He paced around the prone form of [b]Kal Verin[/b], a snigger to his tone. ?You?re one of the eight. Well, twelve, but that?s beside the point. You have been given a role in the coming Twilight. The prophecy named two Victims, and you are one.?

    ?My identity is not relevant, as it wouldn?t help you [i]anyway[/i]. Much as it didn?t help your friend [b]Praer[/b]. Or the other one. The Iridonian. Dead now.? The Shadow came back to the front of Kal, and stepped forward, ever careful to conceal his face, the only distinguishing feature being a black and ivory ring on his right hand, as he reached out, tugging with the Force for Kal to focus his head on him, for his neck was fee.

    ?All I care for, my friend, is finding out the identities of the rest of you. I know some of you, already. The Admiral [b]Pest[/b], the Lord, [b]Sallacine[/b]. A Mandalorian named [b]Nephrite[/b]? I suspect little [b]Calal[/b], too, and of course I know all about the shapeshifter [b]Loriana[/b]? the Sith witch. My [i]apprentice[/i] has told me everything I need to know about [i]her[/i].? The Shadow knew quite a bit, it seemed, a worrying amount. ?I even know about the Yuuzhan Vong, as unimportant as [i]he[/i] is in all of this.?

    ?But I don?t know one of you. There?s one more of you who fell into a coma, and I need to find out more about him ? [b]Jak Solan[/b]. The rest of you, are either in my grasp, or will be soon enough.? The Shadow reached forward, into the Zeltron?s mind.

    ?Tell me about the last one is, my dear friend.?

    Interrupted, [b]Samhain[/b] drifted into existence, his face a scowl.

    The Shadow almost immediately dropped to one knee, but of course Samhain saw the hesitation, for he could see everything. ?Lord Samhain,? Smirking at the Shadow, Samhain made himself evident to Kal, and the Shadow lifted a hand, holding the Zeltron's tongue in the presence of his Master - the Master of all things.


    His hand was on his belt, and his hand on a walking stick, the look of malice attached to his face completely out of sync with the laughter lines rippling away from his eyes.

    ?You knew, didn?t you??

    The Shadow looked up, fear filling his eyes, being exceedingly careful to keep his face from Kal even now.

    ?Knew what, my Lord??

    ?You knew about the twelve.?

    The Shadow twitched, giving away that much. ?I did, my Lord, but I have them all in my sights. Three of them are in my employ, and I know the location of all but one of them. I have one of them right here, my Lord.? The Shadow pointed a bone-white hand at Kal.

    ?Kill him.?

    ?My Lord, we cannot control what is to come unless we have them in our power. The prophecy says -?

    ?I don?t [i]care[/i] what the prophecy says. [i]You[/i] worked out they were all on Sentren II, five years ago. You [i]know[/i] what happened there.? Samhain snapped. ?You [i]knew[/i] [b]Samaelia[/b] would only be able to contact eight of them, you [i]purposely[/i] concealed that information from me. You probably intercepted four of them and cut them off from the Force, or created a situation where they would be cut off when all your pieces came together. The Chiss vote, the Lightsaber firing? you had worked out when it would all come together, and Samaelia would act. All without telling me ? me, who you owe your very existence!?

    The Shadow stood, gesture impeaching. ?My Lord, you cannot believe that. If the Hierophants find the prophecy, then they?ll know what is coming, and we still don?t know why they were picked to oppose your Rebirth??

    ?I don?t care what your excuse is.? Samhain jabbed a finger to follow his tone. ?Just kill him. Kill him now.? He rasped, spittle flying from his mouth, eyes turning completely black as he snarled, throwing his arms outward>
  9. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 7 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002
    Name: Thothri
    Age: 120 years
    Species: Fosh
    Homeworld: Mrlsst
    Class: Academic
    Appearance: [image=]
    Personal affects: Cigarras, simple garments, books, bifocals
    History/Background: Thothri's family, being of Fosh stock and so an avian species, felt comfortable settling on Mrlsst - a number of Fosh clans, finding themselves adrift in space during the Sith-Imperial War, settled on the world because the natives, frankly, were not as offensive to their sensibilities as most. Thothri was, from a young age, of an academic bent, and the typical Fosh hunger for intrigue and occlusion led him towards a study of language at the Mrlsst Center for Linguistic Studies. He was taken with the study of history, and through the years he became a galaxy-renowned expert on pre-Republic languages, for whatever that was worth to the average citizen; he never dreamed he'd become embroiled in anything greater than arguments over the finer points of syntax on Olys Correlysi.
    [b]IC: Thothri[/b]


    A word that was linked to the harvest and certain wasn't near the new year, and harvest seasons happen at different times on different worlds...why the messages?

    Unimportant now. Thothri's feathery integument bristled at the apparent lack of couth and patience displayed by sending him message after message this way; in fact, it made him [i]less[/i] interested in what he had to say. Besides, he had a class in five minutes; in fact, Thothri thought as he pushed his chair away from his desk, he would walk to the lecture hall and give class there despite there being no need for him to be there in person, just to show his contempt.

    There was a knock at the door. Who knocked, in this day of chimes? Thothri sighed and turned to his rambling student. "Will you please get the door?"[/blockquote]

    TAG: Sinrebirth>
  10. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Senator Kal Verin the Victim
    The Lair of Lord Samhain

    "You son of a bantha." Kal said, realization dawning on him. "You sick, twisted, I don;t even know if there's a language that has an expletive accurate enough to fit you!!" Kall screamed. When he heard Samhain's order for his execution a small smirk still managed to cross his lips. A mix of resignation, but most importantly a small measure of joy. Through all of Samhain's ranting he didn't stop to think that maybe he was hastening his own defeat by enabling the motions of the very prophecy he sought to stop. So as this shadow he commanded extended its hand he just looked at it despite the sheer agony he felt, a smile growing on his features, despite Samhain's efforts to get the better of him, he would still die on his terms. The last words he spoke, aside from the long chain of obvious curses were these "I'm sure I'll see you again Samhain...and you're little dog too." a broad grin on his face. Then death took him in her comforting embrace, Kal had to admit, she was the almost the perfect comfort he could achieve, but it wasn't the one he had hoped to gain. That person was someone he'd hoped to meet, but regrettably now never would.

    TAG: Sinre
  11. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Edril?rhona?sabosen the Chiss
    Aboard the Stellar Envoy, Crustai, Chiss Space, former Unknown Regions

    ?Say it again.?

    ?Not guilty, your honor.?


    ?Not guilty, your honor.?


    ?Not guilty, your honor.?

    Four times, each one perfectly done, albeit in Basic, but nothing less would be expected of a moactan teel. ?Very good. All you have to do is say that one more time and you?ll be fine,? Edril?rhona?sabosen told Yallo, her client today, ?After that, I will motion to you to sit and then just sit there and be calm. I?ll handle everything else.?

    ?In your Chissese, correct?? Yallo said, flapping her wings to keep level with her counsel?s eyes, ?You are sure I canna get a translator??

    It?s Cheunh you dolt, Edril?rhona?sabosen thought with annoyance. ?The Ascendancy does not deem it an appropriate use of resources to provide translators for every court hearing, especially given the current burdens on the justice system.? Actually, that wasn?t quite true. Edril?rhona?sabosen preferred to not have her clients know what she was saying in Cheunh. They tended to get worried because they did not understand the way one made arguments before a Chiss court. Judges and juries tended to notice such things and drew the wrong inferences from them. Well, perhaps not the wrong inferences since Edril?rhona?sabosen had defended many guilty parties since beginning her practice, just not the inferences that she wanted them to draw.

    ?The court is ready for you, procurator,? the bailiff said in Cheunh, sliding the door open.

    ?Just like we practiced,? Edril?rhona?sabosen said softly in Basic to her client before they went inside, the Chiss striding purposefully, confidently; the Toydarian hovering steadily through the air.

    Most of Edril?rhona?sabosen?s clients were indignant when they were informed that she had been assigned by the Ascendancy to defend them. Responses ranged from a patrician, ?A public defender? Thank you, no, I?ll hire my own counsel,? to a coarse ?I don?t want no stinking Chiss defending me. You?ll just throw the case.? No matter what, Edril?rhona?sabosen said the same thing, always in Basic, her second but flawless tongue.

    ?We are a private people, so you are not expected to know our ways. There are no private practice attorneys or lawyers, as you call them, in the Ascendancy?s criminal justice system. There are only procurators of justice, of which I am one. It is my sworn duty to represent you fully, honestly, and to the best of my ability in your proceedings. Even if you understood the basic underpinnings of the Ascendancy?s legal system, almost all business is conducted in Cheunh. I have yet to meet the non-Chiss who can speak it, so it is my professional, legal opinion that you accept me as your advocate in this matter.?

    She had yet to find a client who did not at least begrudgingly accept her representation after that.

    Edril?rhona?sabosen was surprised when she had heard that Tarak?ha?nuruodo had been dispatched on the Stellar Envoy to hear cases originating on Crustai. As a Syndic?and a Nuruodo at that?she would have expected him to be participating in the CEDF actions against the Republic, not hearing a minor matter like this.

    So minor they didn?t even bother to devote resources to the Families? case, Edril?rhona?sabosen thought bitterly. She felt her cheeks flame with resentment and immediately willed herself to calm herself. It did no good having a calm client if she herself did not display deliberative rationality.

    After the customary reading of the charges?treason, so simple and to the point?Tarak?ha?nuruodo looked to her client, still not acknowledging her presence. Edril?rhona?sabosen was used to it.

    ?How do you plead?? he asked in Basic.

    ?Not guilty, your honor,? Yallo answered in the same. Strong, clear, unwavering, and little trace of that Toydarian accent that sounded so guilty. Nice to have something go right from the start, Edril?rhona?sabosen thought.

  12. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    ooc: From here my road willy be winding and tricky. I have plenty of stuff cooming up, work, Mass Effect: Ashen ending and besides this, my regular updates. If I keep up anything, please PM me sinre and I am certain I can push in an update. Just wanted to tell people it get´s a little crowded in my timetable.

    Admiral Calek Pest the Leader
    Aboard the Bridge of the Ascendancy

    A dozen bulkheads and no tea.

    Pest sighed. ?Call back your teams. We´ll stop the fire the old fashioned way.? He said and turned to the communications-console. ?This is Admiral Pest. I am not dead, but everybody in Section 7 will be, if you don´t evacuate the area within 60 seconds. I repeat, get out of there and to the neighbouring sectors within 60 seconds from now on.? Pest punched in his code into the console, overriding ship-security. Then he gave his orders directly to the computer or what was left of it. 65 seconds, sealing the sector 7. 70 seconds. Open airlocks.

    The vacuum would kill the fire in microseconds. Much faster and much saver than their crews ever could. Hopefully most would make it out. But if not, that was the prize for having a command. Finally he turned to Lorrel.

    ?Dead. Pah. You think death could stop me?? He smiled annd nodded. Then he turned tobhis attachée. ?Get me anything. Even coffee, if it has to be.? Looking at the console again he watched the countdown. The number slowly grew smaller.

    He looked at the Captains chair and cursed. And finally, for the first time in his life he made his way over to it and allowed himself to drop into it. He smiled. It was indeed comfortable. Looking over to Callis he nodded to the man and then sighed.

    ?Lorrel, get me an update on the rest of the war. Fighters reorganise into three squdrons and hunt down our runaway. Long distance torpedoes first, approach target only when necessary.?

    Tag: Sinre
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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Semaj the Future Pariah
    Sentren system, heading towards the spaceport
    [blockquote] Semaj paused, under one of the taller trees in the forest, to make an assessment of the situation. Not only visually but also through the Force. He took a deep breath as he leaned against the tree to see if he could not detect where the sensor and sentries were. As he reached out towards the main gate he found something that seemed to be nothing.

    A blank space in the Force typically denoted Yuuzhan Vong, but other things could cause it as well. Of course what better security would you want then some of the fiercest warriors that were ?immune? to the Force. But Semaj was not concerned with them, because he was not going to be going through the front door and he now knew to be on the lookout for ?holes? in the flow of the Force. He glanced up the tall tree that he had paused next to and decided it was time to get a better vantage point.

    Slowly the fit and youthful Jedi ascended the trunk of the tree. He continued on until he came upon the last of the branches that looked sturdy enough to bare his weight.

    Let?s see what we can see from up here.[/blockquote]---
    Five years later?

    IC: Semaj the Pariah
    ???, Sturges
    [blockquote] I can?t see anything through all this pain!

    He forced his eyes open to read what his little astrodroid partner was trying to ?say? to him. Along with his clothing R19 had also returned the visor that allowed him to communicate more clearly, but at a time like this Semaj wish he had learned to comprehend droid-speak better. That way he would not have to rely on his eyes to be open at that moment in time. Instead he took a deep breath and tried to will the pain into a tiny corner of his mind. He opened his eyes to be greeted by a barrage of words and characters.


    Semaj could not help but grin at the concern this little tin can had shown towards him of the past month. He patted the droid on his dome, ?No Arnineteen, I will make it. Do you have a map of the area you can show me? If not I think whatever is awaiting us inside this room,? indicating the hanger, ?is our safest bet for getting out of here.? The old, battered Jedi gingerly rolled the hilt of his saber in his hand and looked down at his faithful companion.

    ?What do you think, little buddy??[/blockquote][hl=black]TAG: Sinrebirth[/hl]
  14. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    Zayden the Messiah
    Teravi, No Man's Land

    Well it seemed like trying not to finish off the creature was a bad idea as the dragon took off and continued its pursuit. Something he'll have to remember next time; when the beast is wounded, you finish it off so that you eliminate the possibility of it ever being a threat. That would be if there was a next time as it seemed ready to try again at making them a morsel.

    But strangely, it ran away. Well, flew away really. Either way when Zayden and the kid were running to the waters of the beach, as if they could seek sanctuary there, the dragon twisted around and disappeared from sight. That was...odd, to say the least and the Mandalorian had stopped to watch it flee. What...?

    The sound of bubbling water caused Zayden to look over his shoulder just in time to see the Tra'kad that was floating up from the surface. Must've been one of the ones that had got hit, sunk, and was now resurfacing as it somehow managed to get pulled back to the shore. Unfortunately, considering no one was coming out, it didn't seem like the pilot or the passengers were as fortunate. But Zayden couldn't be distracted with what this meant: he now had a ship. He wasn't worried about it not working because it was a Mandalorian ship; as long as it was in relatively one piece, it was still going to fly.

    But his body, still clad in the protective stocking, reminded him that he was a little under-equipped. He again looked at the shore and found pieces of armor that dotted the sandy shore of the beach. While he could hope for it all he wanted, it was going to be difficult for Zayden to find the pieces of his armor and that was if any looters hadn't decided to make off with-

    "Hello what's this," the Mandalorian murmured to himself. Dropping to his knee, Zayden scooped up a helmet. Not just any helmet, however, but his helmet. It was a little busted certainly but he was happy to have it in his possession as he slid it over his head.

    There was a message waiting for him and Zayden was more relieved then annoyed to see it. Maybe if he was lucky it was an order from the rest of the Mandalorian forces. Retreat orders, rendezvous coordinates, anything that could tell him just what the hell happened. Without a moment's hesitation he opened the message.

    5 Years Ago
    Rishi Bar

    The message continued to beep annoyingly at his helmet but it didn't stop from the sense of satisfaction he got when he saw the Wookiee go down in a spray of blood. One down, and that was arguably the most dangerous of his opponents.

    Feeling so good about this kill, the Mandalorian actually opened a channel to the mysterious messenger despite needing to deal with two more oponents.

    "Yes?" he questioned just as one of his remaining two opponents came at him.

    It was the Echani, hoping to use his speed and his own knowledge of martial arts against him. If Zayden had to be honest with himself then sure, the Echani had an impressive style of hand-to-hand combat. Of course, impressive also went hand-in-hand with showy. All feints and speedy punches and acrobatics. When two Echani fought one another then yeah, sure, it was an impressive display. The problem was that Zayden wasn't Echani and he knew from experience that war and combat was rarely as elegant as an Echani's fighting style.

    He meant to prove it right now. Instead of standing there and trying to defend himself between the attacks of the Mistyl and the Echani while the latter feinted and land a strike to bring him down, Zayden decided to counter the Echani's elegance with brute force. Planting his chin to his armored chest, Zayden bent and charged at the Echani. The Mistyl's needle whizzed by his head and by the time she would try to attack him at close-up, he would already be well on his way to meeting the Echani head-on. What the Wookiee had tried to do with Zayden, the Mandalorian now sought to do with the Echani. Though he wasn't as tall as a Wookiee, the Mandalorian was nonethele
  15. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    OOC: And a joint post with Sinre! :D

    IC: Jak the Honest
    Sturges, Facility

    To Jak, things still didn't make sense. Why would a bunch of Jedi and Sith come to collect the cargo he had been entrusted with? It wasn't Borga's style to hire the likes of that scum to hunt him down if he suspected Jak had failed. He would be more subtle than that. In fact, the more likely explanation probably involved Borga holding out information on him...again. The cargo was hotter than he thought and now it had drawn unwanted attention.


    It didn't help that he had learned the boy had used it as bait to try and lure the Force users from the scene. The boy was inexperienced and too clumsy - a real detriment to anyone his age. If something had gone wrong and the cargo had fallen into the wrong hands...

    With his delicate state forgotten for the time being, Jak rose from the bed with a sneer etched onto his face. His glare was aimed solidly at the boy as he placed both feet on the cold floor and straightened unsteadily. The boy would learn from his mistakes and it didn't help the situation at all that he continued to favor Cyn. It could have been as innocent as young puppy love, something that would pass in time, but Jak had a feeling it could amount to something more. After all, jealousy was an emotion he didn't adapt to well.

    But before he could confront the boy about his actions, a loud knock echoed from the door and it burst forth to emit two hulking guards. Behind them, prim and proper as ever even in miniature hologram form, was his brother. The younger man spoke first, which brought an even deeper scowl to Jak's face.

    "What is this?" he gestured with his hand to the walking platform upon which the hologram sat. "I see I'm still not good enough for you to meet me face to face." He narrowed his eyes, a small smile tugging at his mouth. "Or maybe you're too embarrassed about what happened that you still find the need to hide behind a holoprojector."

    He turned as he started to walk back to where Cyn and the boy stood. "And if it's true that you're still the same gutless pig I remember, why help me?"

    Jerrel smiled, softly. "Gutless, or just too busy with reality to be there in person?" Jak's brother laughed. "I'm on my way to see you, actually. It seems you and your little band have agitated a lot of parties, Jak. If I want to restore the companies reputation, it is I who must hand you to the board. It's quite unacceptable that Borga would claim you."

    Jerrel cut his eyes to Cyn, who Ohr stepped between. "Hello again, Cyn. I see you have finally stopped hiding in brother's shadow, and lapping up his affection. About time, I must say." A laugh followed. "Now, you three are going to stay in here and be good little prisoners, until I arrive to pick you up. And then I can have you executed in accordance to the sentence that was passed in your absence, Jak, for what you did. Sentren II cries, after all."

    Ohr narrowed his eyes. His voice changed, subtly, bearing little resemblance to the former tone. "You have no idea what you're messing with."

    Jerrel snorted. "I couldn't care less." And with that, the projector chair and the two goons walked out. Jerrel uttered orders, loudly. "I will be there within the hour. Post a guard to the door, and another to the hangar bay. I don't want anyone getting out. You can kill Cyn or the boy if they try anything." And then he was gone, the clanking droid heading off into the distance.

    Ohr started looking about, checking the rooms confines. "Jak, allow me to say this, but you've got one messed up family, and whatever you did it's really coming back to bite us." Cyn went to a backpack, and handed him clothes, wordlessly. She was shaking again, which was so out-of-character for her that it didn't bear to think. Ohr was at the corner of the room, studying the waste chute, just out of earshot, when Cyn spoke, a whisper.


    The quiet whisper shook him from his thoughts - from his anger - and forced h
  16. Sinrebirth

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    OOC: I am aware that we have TAGs outstanding for Dreadwar, and one from HanSolo29, but in the interest of an update for those of you looking for one, I shall do those updates. DarkLordoftheFins and Sarge221 - you are up for joint posts this week, of the portions of the plot five years ago. Please PM me and we will get things started.

    [blockquote][Time date suggests this was made in 10 ABY, when the New Republic was on the run from the Galaxy Gun]

    Lando, it?s Vuffi Raa here. The Emperor has found us. We?ve had to evacuate our homeworlds in your Unknown Regions? the One, my father? he?s gone. He was hit in the first attack. Please help us.

    [Second message, dated two days after the first]

    Lando, it?s Vuffi Raa again. Why didn?t you come back to me? Do you no longer own the Falcon? Didn?t you think that you should tell me? We?re dying out here. Surely you wouldn?t have just forgotten about me? It?s urgent ? come on!

    [Third message, dated one month after the first message]


    This is the last time I will ever contact you, because clearly you?re too busy to care. The projectiles have stopped, but we?ve lost so much. You won?t hear from us ever again. If you do find us, I can promise, no, I can
    guarantee, that it will not be a warm welcome.

    Consider this a threat. The Council of the Silentium will not brook any further acts of aggression by your species, or any other humanoid species. We will not distinguish between your Empire and your New Republic, even if your Emperor has sided with the Abominor. You have wronged us.

    We will not forget.
    A selection of messages deleted by Millennium Falcon?s junk mail filter, in 10 ABY

    [u][b]Destinies Fulfilled[/b][/u]

    [b]The Victim[/b]

    You will die at the hands of the Shadow

    [b]The Honest[/b]

    You will become jealous of the Mirror.>
  17. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Zauber
    Hangar Bay, Sith Temple, Coruscant

    [blockquote]Trey Antilles shrugged at Slovak with a grin, following after Loriana. He didn?t have a lot to say, to be honest. He was brimming with confidence, as one expected, but he slouched after her, the Force telling her that he was approvingly looking her up and down from behind.

    Trey spat out whatever he was chewing, and made his way up the ramp after her. ?Pretty ship, bright eyes. I?m not interested in what your mission is, but I?ll fly you to the end of the galaxy in a ship like this.? He rapped his knuckle on the bulkhead. ?I do prefer Sith tastes, I must say. Old design, but it does its bit.?

    He shrugged. ?You check that cute backside of you into a couch, and I?ll have look at the cockpit.? He was off in a second, vanishing into the ship. Sleek, it was stealth-matted and armed to the teeth, a modern version of the Fury-class that the One Sith previously made use of, complete with hyperdrive and shields. Long, long gone were the days when the Sith made use of mass-produced fighter craft with little use beyond exploding.

    Loriana was suddenly grabbed with the Force and yanked into one of the rooms. Darth Zauber kissed her fiercely, grinning at her when he pulled back. ?I guessed you?d choose the Corellian, after the last casualty from Phindar.? Zauber chuckled, darkly.


    TAG: Trimaj
    IC: Borga the Hutt
    Star Jewel, In route to Sturges on Borga?s Health Plan

    [blockquote]Events were rapidly spiralling out of control. Two thirds of the mercenaries he had hired for this task were gone, with Cularin, the entire planet missing. Borga the Hutt didn?t have time to wonder what was going on, for the Shadow would not brook failure.

    He would simply have to make use of what he had left, as it was. The Shadow had demanded that Brenn?ar be taken to him when Khatazz brought the comatose Yuuzhan Vong to him for help, but he had also made it incredibly clear that unless the contents of that box made it to Corellia that Borga would be on his list of targets. He?d also made eminently clear, in his last communiqué, that it didn?t matter to him if Brenn?ar lived, if it came to that.

    And so, Borga considered using one stone to kill two mynocks. He?d send Brenn?ar in to recover the box, and slaughter whomever was in their way, on the condition that he would be released from his debt. Borga would then send his remaining mercs in to finish off the rest. A simple solution, and Brenn?ar would either succeed, at which point Borga would reclaim him, or die, and expose whatever traps were evident in the Solan Enterprises facility. Connected as it was to the local police station, there was little chance that this would be a simple mission. This was why Borga was en route in person, complete with his Katana-class Dreadnaught-come-personal yacht Star Jewel, recovered from a scrapyard in the Corporate Sector.

    Borga had much to do in the limited time he had.

    It was merely a matter of minutes as to when he would arrive at Sturges, more or less, when they connected to the Corellian Run. Borga nodded as Ovan led Brenn?ar and Khatazz into the room, and the Hutt gestured, ending the music. Fett stood beside him, hand on his blaster, helmeted visage unreadable as ever. The room cleared, and then Borga spoke. Only the six Zanibar and trio of Trandoshans remained otherwise.

    He had no time for pomp, and he took on Basic. A few mutters were heard from the Trandoshans, but Borga ignored them, in his domain. ?I have a need of you. You have a debt to repay to me.?

    It wasn?t a question.

    ?As such, you will enter the security centre, attached to the local police station, itself with its own private hangar. There is a ship there, belonging to a former employee of mine, one Captain Jak Solan. He went missing for a month, and I believe he may be seeking to run with my product.? He lifted a remote, and tapped it, pointing it at the holoprojector s
  18. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    Five years ago

    IC: Sister Vao
    Orphanage, near the spaceport, Sentren II

    [blockquote]Vao finished her tea, and placed it down. ?Well, I shall certainly keep them inside, my friend. I only have one piece of business outside the orphanage, as it is.? She stood. ?I need to attend the Mayor?s office, about a disturbance at the local school. I?m on the board, and they?ve insisted upon Yuuzhan Vong children being searched for weapons when they come in. I need to find a middle path, as ever, with the Mayor and the Yuuzhan Vong clan leader.? She looked thoughtful. ?I?ve never met him before, but I imagine he?s a warrior??

    Vao glanced at Loriana. ?I am going to assume your job is taking you to the spaceport, as the entire planet revolves around it. The Mayor is based at the spaceport, so you?re welcome to accompany me.? Despite being a Missionary, Sister Vao had a good mind in those brain-tails of hers, and she smiled. ?In a suitably discrete form, of course.?

    Loriana wrinkled her nose at the mention of the Vong. There was just something wrong about them, even though, in a way, she could be said to use organic weapons as well. At least she didn't believe in mutilation. "I'm afraid I don't have any advice concerning that. It might help if they couldn't have something hiding in plain sight and no one even know about it. But yes, odds are he's a warrior. A shaper would be worse, I think." Looking at her cup forlornly, now practically empty, Lori finished it off. "I was hoping for a longer break." She sighed, "But yes, I can accompany you. I doubt that we'll be in the same area though." Lori straightened from leaning against the counter. "Lead on Sister."

    Vao brushed down her robes. "That is fine by me." They made their way out of the room, towards the centre of the orphanage. She nodded to herself, thinking about things as she went, it seemed, walking through the stone passageways of the cathedral. They approached the play area, and Vao waved to the sole other sister. The Caamasi stepped out of the room and shut it and the noise behind her, as she came over.

    ?Sister A?Kla, I need to attend my meeting with the mayor, and you will need to keep an eye on the children in the meantime. I shall not be long.? Sister A?Kla went to comment, but a shadow turned about one of the stone plinths.

    It was a young teen, on the cusp of sixteen. Wearing non-descript clothing the boy had his hands shoved in his pockets and scowled. ?So you get to go out but we don?t? Told you it was a prison, not an orphanage.? His tone was atypically teenage, his tousled hair dropping his fringe down over one of his eyes to give him a menacing expression at the best of times.

    Vao?s tone was unequivocal. ?Until you are seventeen you are legally under my guardianship. As such you will abide by the rules of the coven and the orphanage itself. It is for your own good. Now get inside, and stop wandering the grounds, Ohr.?

    Ohr scowled at Vao, and then shifted his gaze to Loriana. ?So you?re the ?mysterious benefactor?, I bet, whose keeping this hell hole running. How do you feel about that??

    Vao went to admonish him, but Loriana spoke first.

    Watching the exchange was not precisely comfortable, given that she helped the place. Then the boy turned to her and accused her of essentially being a demon, which Loriana was not terribly willing to stand for. "So you'd rather have no food, no roof over your head and no sense of security whatsoever. Cute." Crossing her arms, "And just because I know things you don't, and can't be allowed to, that this city is going to become very dangerous for anyone outside, you think that gives you the right to be a spoiled brat, because that's what you're acting like. Instead of being grateful that there are those who care enough to make sure you have food, a place to live and an education you would spit on them and their sacrifices. Impressive." Her eyes flashed red, without her knowledge, but Lady Agape was not best pleased at the moment.

    Ohr blinked, pulling back minutely, and then he
  19. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Moch Reynolds
    Black Hole Station, Tyus Cluster, Safe Zone

    [blockquote]Marric?s reassuring statements did no such thing for the Captain, who scowled. ?We?ve been here a month, and we were waiting for this data, too, for long enough. There?s been a war started by the Chiss, and we?re not that far from the front. And I?m fed up of walking from one of the station to the other to check on you and your slicing just because your stuff is too ?delicate? to go on board the Serenity.

    ?We?re leaving. I don?t care about the client, or the data, now. We haven?t received a new job, and even if we do, I imagine it?ll be another slicer job.? Reynolds looked at his comlink, which chimed just then. He threw up his hands, and pointed at Marric?s pad. ?We have another slicing job!?

    The data scrolled on Marric?s screen. It was a data package which needed to be translated, again. It had half a dozen encryptions attached to it, but it was quite bulky data. There were instructions of where to send it, as well, and an addendum to search using current Chiss encryptions or old Imperial codes. Marric waved at Marric. ?We?re leaving. He?s asked us to stay again, but you can do those on the fly. We need a crew, and food, and for me to not go mad watching you play with computers.?

    He waved Marric to follow. ?I?ll meet you at the -?

    There was a chime, and the algorithm?s Marric had used against the original data kicked in. The holoprojector activated, showing footage of a cylinder-like vessel that they all recognised as the Lightsaber, the Senate?s new toy. It fired on a gas giant, which turned into a new sun ? footage that even in the Tyus Cluster they had seen ? but then a pair of massive vessels shot out. There were scales attached to them, showing one as twenty kilometres in length, but they moved so quickly that the data automatically slowed it so they could all see.

    Unless you were an expert on ancient droid intelligences in another galaxy that had appeared once from hiding in the last four centuries, which one could imagine a slicer might be but a Corellian pirate would never, ever be.

    But that was a Silentium.

    Captain Reynolds didn?t care. He was grabbing his knapsack and getting ready to go. ?Droids were hiding in a gas giant. So, that?s new. So, I don?t care. Move it.? He kicked open the door, and then turned and kicked the vending machine, just outside the room, reaching down for a can. Nothing came out, and Reynolds?s face turned red.

    He kicked it again.

    And the vending machine came apart. It fell into pieces at the seams, machinery whirring out and Reynolds took a step back. ?What in the Nine Corellian Hell?s??

    But then the machinery turned in on itself and a face emerged, and then arms, and legs, and it roared. Swinging its arm, it smashed through the doorframe, pointing its hand out and firing upon Marric ? no, it fired upon Marric?s extensive computer systems, firing a blaze of weaponary in colours that defied name, setting the desk alight. Reynolds had never seen anything like it in all his time, but that didn?t stop him roaring orders.

    ?Come on!?

    He flicked out his blaster in one smooth movement and fired, a bolt which caught the droids arm at the extreme end and send it up angling up, firing into the ceiling and dumping transparisteel and metal upon it.

    Reynolds backed towards the hangar, firing again, but, apart from kinetic impact, there seemed to be no damage. What was that? Quadranium? Beskar? The droid roared again, a metallic burst of data that seared across comm channels across the station and set off a million personal alarms, attached to any sort of jamming that suggested a threat was en route ? and smugglers and pirates and murderers began rushing out across the concourse, towards the ship.

    The Corellian Captain swore, loudly.

    ?It?s not my fault!?[/blockquote]

    TAG: Yuul_Shamar
    IC: The Shadow

    [blockquote]Samhain left, returning his focus to torturing the past out of Samaelia. The Shadow rued that he could not find these H
  20. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Admiral Calek Pest the Leader
    Bridge Ascendancy

    26 dead. A great crew. Could have been a hundred with lesser men. Pest had only a few seconds of silence ofr the fallen, then he returned to the explanations of Lorrel.

    By the Gods, they did it every time a war broke out. Chiss came raging at them because someone had played them against each other and the Republic did not take the route that would lead to certain victory, but instead tried to show what usupermen they were and how easy they could win the war with one big battle. Vanity to be named the commander of "the big battle" it was probably. Had they not learned from . . . god it were too many to count. Defense was to spread, offense tried to concentrate. So never, ever concentrate until you are back into offensive game.

    He remembered the tale of a Jedi Master called Brandl on Mistra who had long ago beaten a Sith simply by giving him what he wanted. Brandl had been victorious and indeed he had not allowed the enemy to grab him ever anywhere for a big battle on the field. Starzi had done it otherwise and Caamas made the founder of the new GA still look like a fool. Even Thrawn had needed victories for his ego and lost everything by it. "Well, if they give me command I cna probably turn it around, but how likely is it they do until Johnson is dead?" Pest nodded. It was cruel, but he hoped Johnson had paid the price for his folly and had fallen.

    A private audience by Chancellor Valorum came in.

    "Great, the politicians who were obviously pushed into this war and then managed to loose it even are coming to talk." he sighed. His sense of duty commanded him to take this as serious as possible. "Lorrel, you got the bridge. Triple encrypted into my quarters. If I found out you have not taken care of my fishes you´ll be a dead man, Lorrel." He nodded. "And Mondol." He asked one of the attachées."Callis over there gets my best Correlian brandy and a 24 hour leave from service." Pest nodded to the Devaronian. "You´ll be legend for this. Lieutenant." He saluted to the man and turned. The last words were actually a raise in ranks to Lieutenant.

    Once inside his room he straightened his jacket and leaned on the holoconsole, to keep up on his legs. Then he grunted once and opened the channel with the Chancellor.

    "Chancellor, at your service. What can I do for you?"

    Straight to the point. Politicians would otherwise give speeches and Pest had heard enough of them.

    Tag: Sinre
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    IC: Thothri, the Academic

    [blockquote]Tellian Molteel. The name was familiar, but it was nothing he could focus on, now. He had papers to gather, a class to get through.

    Behind him, Thothri heard the door slide open. He heard a compressed pthew! He heard a heavy thud, felt the vibration of it in his feet. He smelled char.

    Hark was crumpled on the floor, smoke rising from her shattered facemask, her lungs making feeble last attempts to suck in poisonous air. In his fear, the Fosh professor saw no more than a shape in the doorway, a vague presence that meant "danger" and none of the details were in sharp relief. He backed away, towards the curtains.

    Xyyz was twitching about.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Sinrebirth
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    May 26, 2005
    Marek Pars
    Uknown Location

    [ul] Present Time......

    Marek finally finished his training regimen which keeps him in tip top shape. He had to be prepared mentally and physically. This was due to the nature of his job. This is the life that he was chosen for. He excelled in everything his master had taught him, and now he was able to show his master that he wasn?t wrong in choosing him to be his Hand.

    His life before was endless days of uneventful and poverty stricken waste that went on forever. He didn?t miss it at all. Tatooine was a harsh planet. If he survived that hell hole he can survive anywhere. That?s just what he did.

    The sound of beep told him it was once again time to take his force reduction pills. It was just one of those things he had to deal with. It was also something he could not miss. Opening the top to the bottle he turned the bottled downward and shook out the pill in to his other hand. He placed the small blue pill in his mouth and swallowed instantly. Just as he placed the lid back on to the bottle a voice came over his comlink.

    ?Hand, I have a mission for you. One which will protect the galaxy from anymore chaos.?

    ?Respond, please.?

    It was his master. Marek immediately grabbed his comm and replied back to his master. ?I?m here my lord, what would you have me to do??

    One Month Ago.....

    He was able to deflect the bolts back at the attackers, killing half of them. Meanwhile his attempt at force throwing the table at the rest did its job by flattening them. Unfortunately he wasn?t able to get to his target just yet. The sound of clanking came more apparent as a hulking monstrosity, humanoid droid appeared with armor just about everywhere.

    He knew it wasn?t going to be easy as he hoped. Blasters were going full force as Marek use the force to balance himself and his lightsaber taking the bolts and batting them away. Then he somersaulted to land in back of the mechanical beast. The droids arms swung at him but missed only to smash a hole into the wall.

    Marek quickly slashed his lightsaber toward an exposed area of the droid , before the three Mandelorians in red came in to ambush him. [/ul]

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    Jun 4, 2005
    OOC: parts of the first post are a combine.

    Loriana the Liar
    Hangar Bay, Sith Temple, Coruscant

    [blockquote]Walking towards the ship Loriana got the feeling that the pilot was giving her the once over several times, which was amusing. Deciding to exacerbate the situation a bit she started sashaying her hips. Maybe he'd trip over his feet or something. The sound of spitting reached her ears, and Loriana quirked her eyebrow without looking. It appeared that this corellian was on the crass side, which she did know how to handle. But so much for a peaceful trip. She had a feeling he would not let her fly the ship without a hassle. Well so be it, I'm going to fly. Then he started talking.

    Oh god. He's chipper. She did agree about the ship though, it was a great model. Very agile. And arrogant. This may have been a mistake. Starting to turn to follow him to the cockpit, a name she had always found ironic to the highest degree, as Loriana was NOT going to let the chance to fly slip through her fingers.

    Before she could follow she was grabbed through the Force, jerked into a room and kissed passionately by grinning lips. Off-balance Loriana didn't respond for several moments before jerking back at the moment he pulled away as well. Zauber, grinning like a cruel school boy, greeted her eyes.

    ?I guessed you?d choose the Corellian, after the last casualty from Phindar.? Zauber chuckled, in a manner that set her teeth on edge at the moment. Other times she had found it endearing.


    Finally gathering herself, Lady Agape slapped him. "How dare you?" That may have been a mistake. Oh well. Irritatingly he had stirred things in her...

    Zauber took the blow on the face, smiling. For a moment his eyes shone yellow, to the point they draped the rest of his face in shadow, nails of darkness hanging from the creases in his cheekbones as his smile increased, and then the moment passed, and he laughed. Loriana felt a shiver run down her spine. When that look was on his face it normally meant there was an angry dragon coming. And that was never good for anyone.

    "Who else could dare, but the Dark Lord of the Sith?"

    There was something ineffably dark about Zauber, and it had always bothered Loriana that she was attracted to him. It wasn't because of his power, or even his looks, but something in his essence. She was again reminded of a school boy, but not in a cruel way this time. "Who else indeed." Tilting her head slightly Loriana grabbed him and pushed him against a wall with a strength one her size should not possess, lips meeting his again, just as fierce as he had been with her before.

    After several seconds she pulled back and looked up into his eyes. "Is it bad that I've missed you?" Loriana said in a hungry whisper.

    Zauber's grin grew playful, as he kissed her nose, and gripped her around the waist as she wound her arms around his neck. "Not at all." He cupped her face with his free hand, not unkindly. "The attraction is mutual, and you do enjoy flaunting it in-front of the Council. And of course torturing me with your nudity for all that time..."

    He leaned his forehead onto hers, looking into her eyes. "Pure torture. Your favourite."

    Smiling up at him Loriana knew this wasn't a relationship with a long term future, and just didn't care. "Which I'm sure you enjoyed every second of." She wouldn't go so far as to say there was love here, but there was damn sure an animal attraction. And maybe something more. "Come with me? I could make the trip... interesting." There was a gleam in her eyes that said everything that needed to be said.

    Zauber shook his head, and broke her grip. "I cannot. There is a war to watch, Samhain to find out about, and something... well... there's something coming." The Dark Lord of the Sith grew distant. "Just watch out. Planets are vanishing, or being devastated. But forget you said it. I don't want you to be a Liar, after all." He went to leave.

    A shiver ran down her spine again as she realized there was something un
  24. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Brenn?ar Sha the Traitor
    Star Jewel, In route to Sturges on Borga?s Health Plan

    An audience with a Hutt to some was a political marking stone of either their lives upturn or downturn in the turbulent galaxy, never a plateau. That was the nature of the Hutts, their greed and love of infidelic power was a scourge that merely served their own ends sapped or rode with those they could to strengthen themselves.

    From what he had leared from Khatazz and by proxy Ovan recently meant that Borga the Hutt was now in a terrible position of having lost most of the leg work that kept that power in existence. And from this and the recognition that the Hutt gave of speaking in basic to him showed how cowed the Hutt truly was in terms of power. It brought a few feelings of gladness and a desire to kill to his heart how the being he owed a debt to was brought low, nearly as low as himself if one did not take heed of the Yun?o.

    The name Jak Solan and the crate made him think of a certain individual he had recently met in dreaming, but a picture would be needed to connect for a certainty, a part of a name was no guarantee. Whatever the reason though he knew the Yun?o did not operate on coincidence but on forced plan, they were merely too low to appreciate it.

    ?I do. Can you supply some of my missing supplies and better arm my people with biots? If you have a map of the facility, working hypercomms aboard the Surronian Conquerer, and the numbers related to the facilities and ship in question I can have it for you in a few hours, merely withhold your men until needed for the escape unless you wish to divulge your own plans fully.?

    It was a dangerous game and one of testing waters and the length of vine given them. Whether enough to merely strangle themselves or Hutt also was a question that practically sizzled in his own mind, but the response would tell. Better than time, a response was all he needed now.

    TAG: Sinre

    Five Years Prior

    IC: Brenn?ar Sha the future Traitor
    Sentren II Spaceport

    A part of him still rose at that locked gaze as though a challenge was being given, but he had to agree. A stern nod was all he gave the politician to it. She knew she had his backing with those reassurances and soon he would be allowed to return to his own personal private studies. Still it did not mean he had to like this situation of over protection that was being layered into the schools with a link that labeled it a response to the Yuuzhan-Vong roots.

    Her last words in toast were peculiar to his ears, true most Yuuzhan-Vong had learned the galaxies definition of ?peace? but it still rankled deep down. So with his own broth raised he simply replied, ?To cohabitated growth.?

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    Zayden the Messiah
    Teravi, No Man's Land

    Zayden couldn't help but cringe at the voice that played in his helmet speakers. Having been knocked out during a battle, getting strange hallucinations, waking up with a lack of armor and weapons, chased by dragons, having no idea what had gone on and where everyone was, getting a message from an old client wasn't exactly something he needed right now. Especially since it was this old client. Nonetheless, Zayden listened and again he couldn't help but grimace.

    Sentren II. Yeah, Zayden remembered that job. As much as a Mandalorian was empowered by combat and all the chaotic, messy aspects of it thereof, even Zayden had to admit that Sentren got a little too chaotic and a little too messy. But, as his client mentioned, he did pay. And he paid well. And Zayden had to admit that the veiled sensitivity of this mission intrigued him, moreso then when this Shadow said that he would pay triple then what he paid on Sentren. But, in the end, Zayden just needed some kind of direction right now. He had no idea where his comrades are, he had no idea as to what was going on on Teravi, and he did have this kid to worry about.

    But what did his client mean about inheriting titles?

    The Mandalorian was distracted by his thoughts when the kid started pestering him with questions and telling him that their ship had reached the shore. When he looked, he found the kid already standing atop of the vessel, looking inside to check for any damage or survivors. There was none of either. But despite himself, Zayden felt a tugging at a corner of his lips every time the kid said "sir". No, he supposed he hadn't given the kid a name yet but neither had he. Other then his name, however, Zayden wondered where this kid came from. Was he just a native to Teravi or-

    A blaster bolt whizzed by his head. No more time for questions.

    Zayden automatically grabbed the blaster he carried and pointed it towards the charging Tofs. Unfortunately, their presence just forced more questions onto Zayden. Had the Mandalorians lost? Or were these Tofs remnant forces? Scouts? In the end it didn't matter and Zayden started running towards the Tra'kad, firing blaster bolts back at the charging Tofs. He didn't expect to hit them, what with running while shooting being a bad combination for accuracy, but he hoped to at least slow them down with some return fire. Maybe he'll get lucky and hit one but right now Zayden was more concerned about scrambling on top of the Tra'kad.

    "Get inside!" Zayden ordered the kid before he jumped into the cockpit.

    Though preferring ground combat, Zayden did know how to work fighters and transports, especially those of Mandalorian design. His hands flying over the controls, Zayden sought to power this ship up. Hopefully the near-perfect condition of the Tra'kad wasn't lying to him and it was indeed functional.

    Engines, Zayden started listening. Shields. Repulsorlifts. Weapons...

    Oh how he hoped that the weapons will come online; then he'll be having some fun.

    5 Years Ago
    Rishi Bar

    Zayden would like to think that when he stood up from the dead Echani with red blood splattered on his armored fists and visors, it was this vision of war that got the Mistryl running. But not before she turned on her employer and killed him.

    It did rankle, the Mandalorian had to admit. More then likely he was going to kill the man anyway - too much of a headache when they were alive -, but he was annoyed that said kill was stolen from him. However, the bounty was still his and that was the important thing. In a way, his target did die by his hand as it was Zayden's intervention that caused his employee to turn on him and kill him. Thinking like that did make him feel a little better. While he approached the corpse of his target, he listened to what could possibly be a future client.

    ?I have a job for you, Nephrite. I have heard you have never failed one before. One way or the other, you target is retrieved, or dead. Is
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