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Star Wars Knights of the Last Republic ? Twilight of the Gods

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Apr 9, 2011.

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  1. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Semaj the Pariah
    Police Station, Sturges
    [blockquote]What am I doing?

    Semaj shook his head to bring himself back to his senses. He could not believe that he gave into a fit of rage like that, now he needed to calm down and let the Force flow through him once more. As the other rack of Police Droids unfurled and opened fire on him, the Jedi batted away each blaster bolt in turn as they came towards him.

    As the droids moved in on him, they outflanked him by forming a semi-circle around him. He kept taking deep breaths to slow down his heart rate and to find his center. The hallucination of Thrawn continued to add his two credits worth, but Semaj tried to ignore him forcing him to the back of his mind.

    R19 rolled up beside him to his support, but the Jedi needed to find a way to make it to the ancient freighter. He decided the only way was to fight his way. He tried to come up with the best course of action and landed on Force throwing his while leaping up to the top of the freighter. The feat would be taxing both his mental and his physical endurance. He drew in as much power as he possibly could from the Force and then sprung into action.

    Here goes nothing.[/blockquote] TAG: [hl=black] Sinrebirth[/hl]
  2. The Loyal Imperial

    The Loyal Imperial Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Nov 19, 2007
    A very old character sheet sees the light of day once again.

    Name: Arik Sagitta
    Year of Twilight: 128 ABY
    Age: 27
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Fairly tall, black hair, blue eyes, slightly aristocratic appearance
    Allegiance: The Imperial Knights
    Weapons: Lightsaber (silver)
    Bio: Born and raised on the Imperial throneworld of Bastion, Arik Sagitta comes from a long line of Imperial officers and was raised and trained from birth to serve the Emperor. After showing the ability to manipulate the Force, Sagitta was recruited into the elite Imperial Knights, where he is now known as one of the most ruthlessly efficient agents of the Emperor. Cold and almost completely humorless, Sagitta holds no respect for those who would oppose the Emperor and the path of Imperial expansion, something which has brought him into conflict with the Jedi Order in the past, a group which he despises.

    GM approved.
  3. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    GM Approved

    Name: Darth Yelos (Mira Frost)
    Year of Twilight: 129 ABY
    Age: 22
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female

    She has long, blond hair, but then has red and black tattoos all over body, like the rest of the Sith. She also has large blue eyes, with blood red lips. Her ears are strangely turned up and pointed at the end. She wears regular Sith robes, but also has a small, tramp like outfit under.

    Allegiance: The Sith Order
    Weapons: Blood red single bladed lightsaber, small blaster

    Mira Frost was born to two famous actor parents, her mother an undercover Force user. When she was born, a horrible nightmare came alive. The Sith interrupted her birth, murdering the doctor and also killing her father. Her mother was beautiful, but along with that fact the Sith forced her to have her child and then mangled her face, destroying her career. The Sith Lord, a Knight well along in the Sith Order, had discovered her through the Force, and had been sent to find her.

    The Sith Lord took her back to the Order, training her in powerful ways. As she grew older, and more experienced, her Master realized she was turning into something more like her mother. So with that he put a vision in her head, a vision of utter horror, of Jedi murdering her mother and father. That influenced her decision, and strengthened her anger against the Jedi. After that, she graduated to Sith Lord Yelos, proud and wearing her title as proud as she could. When the time came to strike at the Jedi, she attacked with vigilance, and anger. She helped murder so many, but now she was ready for more.
  4. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    GM Approved. ;)

    Name: Raine Vartan
    Year of Twilight: 11 BBY
    Age: 27
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Unknown (Lianna)
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Dark brown hair (cut short), brown eyes, lightly tanned skin, tall and wiry. Cybernetic left hand due to a war injury.
    Affiliation: Empire
    Allegiance: Empire
    Rank: Imperial Inquisitor
    Weapons: Lightsaber, blaster pistol, various vibroblades hidden on her person
    Personal ship: [link=]GAT-12m Skipray Blastboat[/link], modified to allow an astromech to take over the copilot and sensor operator functions
    Once upon a time, Raine Vartan was a Jedi like any other. She attended classes, studied philosophy, knew no other life but that of the Temple on Coruscant where she had been raised, and at thirteen she was chosen as a Padawan by Master Mia Regann, a female Miraluka from Alpheridies.

    The next few years were spent travelling the Outer Rim on peacekeeping duties, rarely returning to Coruscant: Regann preferred to report to the Council in via holocomm rather than travel back to the Temple. She claimed to be able to see the will of the Force just as well from the edge of the galaxy than at the centre, and professed a dislike for unnecessary travel, but Raine was always privately certain her Master simply liked the freedom to do as she pleased without interference from the Council.

    When the Clone Wars broke out, Raine and Master Regann were recalled from the Outer Rim and sent to the front lines. Tragically, Mia Regann perished early in the campaign, the victim of a stray missile blast that took her out and half their clone troopers. Raine, wounded and reeling from the loss of her Master, survived to report back to Coruscant - where she would become one of many Padawans orphaned by the war.

    The next two years were a blur of Masters and missions. Sometimes a Jedi Knight or Master could be spared to supervise, but mostly Raine served as one of a group of Padawans, assigned because there were no Knights available. She grew accustomed to leading clone squads into battle, to making decisions where the cost was measured not in credits, but in lives. She killed more than she cared to remember. It got easier as time went on.

    When Order 66 came out, Raine and her temporary Master were in command of a squad of clone troopers. Her Master had just sent Raine ahead as a forward scout when the clone troopers cut him down; she had watched, enraged and horrified, before fleeing for her life. She was on the run for a while, but a lone Padawan - even one more familiar with the Outer Rim fringes than most - could not elude the Jedi hunters forever. And in the end, Raine grew tired of running. She fought back, killing the first Inquisitor on her tail - a victim of overconfidence, for he had not expected such resistance from a Padawan - before being captured by a second.

    After all she had been through, it was not especially difficult for the Inquisitor to turn Raine to the dark side. She was hungry for a purpose again, for the sense of belonging she had lost with her first Master - and she had long begun to resent the Jedi Order, who had sent her and the friends she had lost on mission after mission like disposable attack neks. An Inquisitor was born.
  5. s65horsey

    s65horsey Otter-loving Former EUC Mod star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 24, 2006
    Sinre approved!

    Name: Micah
    Year: 41 ABY
    Age: 32
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Corellia
    Class: (Of the eight choices) Pilot/Smuggler
    Appearance: (If a pic can be provided, that would be perfect) 5?4? shoulder length golden brown hair. Usually wears a closely cropped mustache and goatee. Green eyes. [link=]Linky[/link]

    Personal effects: Blaster, Horizon-class star yacht (again, this will depend on the timeframe. If those weren?t invented yet I can find another ship.)
    History/Background: Micah grew up in an upperclass household on Corellia. His parents were in the process of arranging a mutually beneficial marriage for him when he turned 25 when Micah took off in the family yacht. After almost losing his life several times from deals gone bad with beings from many worlds, Micah knew he needed some help. A beautiful woman stumbled upon him one afternoon while he was stocking supplies and looking for work on Kuat. He fell head over heels for the slim blonde with a recognizable scar who called herself Caylin. The two set off to explore the galaxy together.

    Unbeknownst to Micah, the woman was really Darth Ardeur, a Sith Master and very dangerous.
  6. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    Marek Pars
    Imperial Center, Corulag

    [ul]Marek made it on to the yacht using the distraction of the cultist. He entered the cargo bay, where the cultist, now prisoner was placed afterwards. He hid in a small nook that would require climbing to if a guard decided to snoop around. There were unmarked ontainers around that helped hide any view of him, unfortunately he wasn?t able to see Sallacine, who went toward the cockpit with one of the Moffs.

    The blind and bound cultist all of sudden spoke out. ?I can see you, Hand of the Shadow. Do not fear me, I have been sent by your own masters Master to speak to you, alone. For treachery is the way of the Sith, after all.?

    Alarmed at this, because he had never spoken to anyone other than his master. Surely his master would have mentioned this. Skeptical of the words the cultists spoke, Marek replied cautiously.

    ?And what is it that you need to tell me.??

    One Month Ago....Serenno, estate of D?Asta.

    Marek kept his hold on his force choke on the Mandelorian. In the force he sensed that D?Asta was heading through the tunnel toward the hangar bay. Letting go when it appeared that the Mandelorian was dead, Marek ran with a force speed to catch up to D?Asta. He had to reach him, he could not fail or this maybe his last mission. His master did not take failure well nor should he. Marek ran with sheer determination toward his target. Through the tunnel and closing in on the hangar bay. [/ul]

    TAG: Sinre
  7. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Brenn?ar Sha the Traitor
    Star Jewel, In route to Sturges on Borga?s Health Plan

    It was. . .invigorating after a fashion, though he still held his many reservations to himself, not only on their mission and the Hutt, but of his compatriots in this endevour as well. Each was a problem even if all that was presented to him was the truth, a zealot and slave that might prove an unflagging follower or a spy of the Hutt.

    As the Infidels might say, wheels within wheels, or more aptly to his mind as Quah might of said a situation worthy of a Sith but given to an open eyed believer.

    ?Si sor canbin-tu roik.? Looking at the other two as he gestured at the ship, a simple statement and open siding with the Hutt within his own hanger was a thing of prudence. A trap of death by any name but this for him was a Sen tool that the Hutt had chosen. To the comments that the other two made he gave no reply and simply set with them to the work they were given.

    Soon they were notified of the impending time that the Hutt marked as minutes, and he felt himself sigh out through ragged lips the impertinence that all now had to suffer as their ways were subsumed by those more readily recognized as wealthy or powerful and bent to their ways.

    Ovan of course was vocal at this point, and Brenn?ar had to credit the youthful human for it. ?We shall go to the signal, if you have opinions on how speak. Getting to that ship and pilot are of importance.?

    TAG: Sinre

    OOC: Translation = That against enemies fort. ? Sen=The only/unique object
  8. JediDingo

    JediDingo Jedi Master star 3

    Mar 27, 2005
    Twilight of the Gods: 129 ABY

    Name: Van Shahu
    Age: 41
    Species: Kaleesh
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: ( General Appearance
    Allegiance: Jedi
    Weapons: A dual phase electrum lightsaber. Its original color is orange, and then turns to an emerald green when extended to full length. And a Shoni Spear that he prefers to use more than his lightsaber.
    Bio: Being born on Kalee, Van was brought up in the ritual practices of the Kaleesh. To the Kaleesh, war is seen as an essential part of life. Van was raised to deal with things the way the Kaleesh dealt with things since the beginning of their society, mostly with violence. Being a distant relative of Qymean jai Sheelal, who would later become General Grievous, Van was taught to praise his ancestor and see him as a religious deity. His Force Sensitivity was sensed when Jedi Master K?Kruhk came to settle a dispute on Kalee that was threatening the entire planet. A rouge tribe, being supplied with old nuclear weapons by a shady organization (that has now been identified as the One Sith), threatened to use the weapons if their demands were not met. Jedi Master K?Kruhk was able to end the threat with the help of Van?s father, and several other warriors from numerous tribes on Kalee. However, during the battle Van?s father was slain. Sensing Van?s incredible affinity for the Force, he took him in under his wing and back to Coruscant to train as a Jedi when he was the age of 15.

    Along with him, he took his father?s warrior bone mask that Kaleesh warriors wear. Being raised on Kaleesh, war was all that Van had known. This taxed his Master?s patience and his ability to teach him in the Jedi ways. Van would frequently have fits of anger and rage during his training exercises, even severing a fellow student?s hand during a training session. Due to his increased anger, the Jedi Council considered on writing him off as a lost cause. Jedi Master K?Kruhk fought for him however, requesting more time to work with Van. The Council allowed him to continue Van?s training, and eventually Van began to understand the Jedi ways. Slowly, he began to put away elements of his violent past and let go of his own warrior way. Though it took him a long time, Van began to become a very peaceful monk-like Jedi. No longer wishing for violence, he seemingly turned completely against it. By the age of 23, he became a fully fledged Jedi Knight. Doing several missions for the Jedi, he became one of the most respected Jedi and a example for others because of the 180 turn from what he use to be.

    By the age of 37, Van Shahu became a Jedi Master. By this time he became widely known as the most peaceful Jedi in the entire Order. Several other Jedi had pointed to Van for example on showing how to arrive at a peaceable solution. A year after attaining the Master status, the Council asked Van to investigate a encrypted, strange message emitting from the Unknown Regions. Van took this mission in stride and went off to investigate. It was the last time anyone had ever seen the Jedi Master. Van didn?t report back the Council and seemingly disappeared from the galaxy. Many began to believe he had died; even K?Kurhk began to believe he may have lost his former apprietence since their connection seemed to die since Van?s disappearance.

    Now that things seem very bleak for the Jedi Order, a rumor is being whispered among the Order that there has been sightings of the Jedi Master since the Sith have reappeared. Van has returned to the known galaxy, wearing his father?s bone mask at all times now. He won?t take it off until the Sith have been wiped from the galaxy. Van is now ready to fully return to the Jedi Order to give them his full support.
  9. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    IC: Marric Renar
    Aboard the Serenity, Black Hole Station, Tyus Cluster

    "You have the ship! I'll get to the engine room! If you have to, use the 'boom'!"

    Everything had gone to hell in the blink of an eye. At first it seemed they were home free once they managed to lift off the station, them and everyone else in the place which caused some crazy flying. But then that thing jumped out of the hangar as the station exploded, something from its core twisting and forming some kind of strange, but deadly Marric noted, as it ripped through some of the other smuggler ships. That was when the Chiss Destroyer decloaked. No everything had not gone to hell. It had gone somewhere worse. Though he should be thankful that the Chiss ship had opened fire on the thing that used to be a space station the fact that the Serenity was caught in the crossfire made things worse rather then better. That was when the captain's console exploded and he told Marric that he had the ship.

    With a backwards glance to the door as Reynolds leaped through Marric quickly jumped the undamaged copilots seat, one hand already making hyperspace coordinates practically on its own."Multitasking, is a very important skill..." Marric's uncle had once told him, and though the lessons had been torture, here, yet again, they were paying off as Marric piloted the ship in an angle that would take it below and out of accurate weapons range of the Chiss ship though it would be cutting it close to the nearest black hole. But Marric knew the Serenity could handle it as he remembered Captain Reynolds showing off when they first arrived her by skimming the black holes. Then the light indicating that a gravity well generator had been powered up and a sigh escaped the criminal's lips. That would make things bit more difficult, allowing for more time for the Chiss to try and catch them.

    That was when the whole ship shuddered as it was caught in the tale-tale grip off a tractor beam. From the thing behind them. Marric ignored the captain's voice as he concentrated on a way out of this mess. His eyes briefly closed, concentration on planning a way out before they flared open and his hand, the one not calculating hyperspace coordinates, went to work as his mind ran through the plan. 'Cut all engines...' The engines abruptly went to a silent standby mode. 'Use the maneuvering thrusters to pull you around...' The ship banked around on maneuvering thrusters alone, turning to face the strange ship. 'Let it pull you in, standby full reverse...' There was a strange quiet as the Serenity was pulled towards the thing, only broken by the occasional shuddering of the bulkheads from grazing hits.

    'Acquire a target lock on the tractor beam projector, using passive sensors only...' It seemed to take forever as the slower passive sensors acquired the lock, taking much longer than their active counterparts. The long steady tone finally sounded. 'Fire. Full Reverse ten second burn...' The "boom" launched from its hiding place, sucked up and guided by the tractor beam's own pull as much as its target lock. Even before looking to see if it connected, though it should by what he saw, Marric activated the full reverse for a ten second activation. 'Fire maneuvering thrusters, do a 180, switch engines to full forward...' The stars in the forward view port spun as the ship pulled around as tightly as allowed while the engines switched away from reverse, hopefully rocketing them forward.

    Only after all was said and done did Marric notice the flashing icon of an urgent priority message. From the 'special' channel. Marric hoped the caller, and he knew who that person was, hadn't been waiting to long as he hit the button to open the connection.

    Tag: [hl=black]Sinre[/hl]
  10. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    OOC: One post for the new players, other posts to follow following a few chaser PMs. :)

    [i]11 BBY[/i]

    [b]IC: Darth Vader[/b]
    [i]Aboard the [/i]Mathayus[i], Outer Rim[/i]

    [blockquote]Hissing in, and out, a mechanical beast without parallel, [b]Darth Vader[/b] turned to [b]Inquisitor Vartan[/b]. He had her throat in his hand, as his vessel came under fire. The crew had rebelled, or gone mad, he was not sure. The Force sang with confusion, and agony. But all he knew was that the crew had gone insane not long after this young woman had joined his ship.

    He leaned forward, his visored face coming close to hers. He sensed something else, a presence he had not felt for many, many years, approaching his ship. No, wait, it had boarded, and was on its way to his meditation chamber. It sang with the power of the Force, and Vader knew that Vartan would sense it. It could have been the light side, but the chaos of the crew rebellion was beyond his ability to decipher at this precise moment, when he was so angry with the whelp in his hands.

    He vised her throat, loosening it just enough so she could answer his question. ?What have you done, Inquisitor Vartan?? Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, seethed, and threw her to the ground, drawing his lightsaber and pondering forward.[/blockquote]

    [b]TAG: DarthXan318[/b]


    [i]40 ABY[/i]

    [b]IC: Aden Kya[/b]
    [i]Twilight on Toryaz Station, Kuat system[/i]

    [blockquote][b]Micah[/b] and [b]Caylin[/b] settled upon the couch, staring out into the depths of the stars. They seemed happy, and calm. In the six weeks since they had met, they had done much, seen much, and brought about their own version of chaos while they pursued adventure and fun in a galaxy gone mad.

    For his part, [b]Aden Kya[/b] had spent those six weeks hunting down ?Caylin?. Otherwise known as [b]Darth Ardeur[/b]. Of course, Aden was known as [b]Darth Insipid[/b], a member of the One Sith, currently hiding at the edges of the galaxy on Korriban and Roon. And now, they sat in the very suite which, months earlier, Han and Leia Solo sat in, as Lumiya kick-started the Second Galactic Civil War ? and what Aden considered to be the perfect opportunity for the One Sith to emerge and wreck havoc upon the galaxy.

    Having quietly disposed of the guards, and having disabled the security feed to Kuat, Aden kept his Force presence quiet, deep within the Force. The two of them were happy, amused. He absently hoped he would not catch them ?busy?. He would not be able to hold his rage off, if so. He pushed open the doors.

    ?Hello, Ardeur.?[/blockquote]

    [b]TAG: Sey (you can control Ardeur and Micah, for the purposes of this scene, if you wish)[/b]


    [i]128 ABY[/i]

    [b]IC: Darth Krayt[/b]
    [i]Battle of Anaxes, streets[/i]

    [blockquote][b]Darth Krayt[/b] hurt, in ways beyond he could decipher. The creatures within him were all consuming, eating at his very heart and body ? his very soul. The lightsaber blade of [b]Kol Skywalker[/b] had burned through his armour to the skin of [b]Hett[/b], and he had barely escaped with the Holocron of Darth Andeddu, what he had really been seeking on this war-ridden world.

    Less than a street away, [b]Arik Sagitta[/b], the Imperial Knight, would be waking up in the grip of a gold skinned Firrerreo, absent his lightsaber and his armour sporting a lightsaber burn from his duel with Kol Skywalker, fuzzy as his memory of that duel would be, with a young woman holding onto the Firrerreo?s arms. The nonhuman smiled. ?My name is [b]Brightstar[/b], and hers is [b]Jan Ors[/b].? Ryu put down Arik, handed him a lightsaber. ?It?s red, sorry.?

    Darth Krayt felt the touch of Andeddu?s Holocron, towards the one it had identified as Ryu. He knew Andeddu had made a bond with the Firrerreo. The Dark Lord of the Sith was piqued by the curiosity of the Holocron. He decided he needed the Firrerreo teen. And he couldn?t afford for an Imperial Knight to know about the Holocron, and research it ? and discover the truth, that he was [i]dying[/i].

    Krayt ignited his twin blades, and walked around the corner of th>
  11. s65horsey

    s65horsey Otter-loving Former EUC Mod star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Micah
    Twilight on Toryaz Station, Kuat system

    Micah had never been happier in his life. Over the past year he had traveled across the galaxy taking odd jobs here and there and generally just enjoying life. On one of those such jobs he had met a woman, Caylin. She was gorgeous and everything Micah had ever wanted to find in a female. Smart. Sassy. Sexy. The trifecta. The two had been traveling together for six weeks now and he couldn't imagine life without her. He tucked his arm across her shoulders and sighed happily as she snuggled against him.

    "This is perfect." He murmured into her hair.

    In response Caylin tilted her head up and kissed him on the lips before settling her head back on his chest and staring out at the stars.

    The door to their right opened and in that instant Micah's whole world changed.

    Caylin was a name chosen for her new life. The woman had spent most of her 20 some years training to be a Sith under the chosen name of Ardeur. She had even reached the level where Darth was bestowed upon her. Darth Ardeur was a ruthless killer and visions had shown her to be a very powerful member of the One Sith. To this day, this moment, Ardeur was not sure what made her steal a ship and fly away from the training planet. Perhaps it was an urging in the force to learn a new skill buy traveling the galaxy. Perhaps it was a vision, a nightmare, that showed her former lover going mad with power and she didn't want to be around to have to kill him.

    [i]She wasn't sure she could.[/i]

    Insipid had always been her main weakness in training. Their relationship was peculiar. It had started out with the two attempting to kill each other whenever possible and then morphed into the purely physical. Ardeur was sure that was all the farther it had ever evolved in Insipid's mind. In hers, that was a different story.

    [i]As much as she was able to, she loved him. An emotion that went completely against all of her training, yet still she loved him. [/i]

    So she had fled. She fled and fell right into another relationship that was doomed for failure. This man sitting next to her on the couch radiated love and affection. In a way Ardeur was torturing herself. She was allowing herself to find what she could never have through lies and deception. This man did not love her for who she was, he loved her for who she pretended to be. Yet still she kissed him and made love to him and basked in how human and innocent he was. For six weeks she pretended that she was not one of the most ruthless killers who would ever be unleashed on the galaxy.


    [i]?Hello, Ardeur.?[/i]

    The woman who had seconds before seemed completely relaxed and without a care in the galaxy was on her feet before the greeting was completed. She had also moved herself to intercept the newcomer and completely shielded Micah with her small figure. Ardeur had also pulled from a pocket a cylindrical object. Micah craned his head around to try and see what she had. When he couldn't, he rose to his feet only to feel an invisible hand push him back down.

    "What the..." he sputtered.

    "Aden...Insipid..." Ardeur began. She narrowed her eyes and tried to read him. He was holding his emotions close to his chest and giving off only a faint presence in the force. "I take it you are here to talk first, or we would already be locked in battle."

    She paused again and cast a mournful look behind her at the perplexed looking Micah.

    "How did you find me?"

    [b]Tag: Sinre[/b]

  12. The Loyal Imperial

    The Loyal Imperial Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Nov 19, 2007
    IC: Arik Sagitta
    Battle of Anaxes, streets
    [blockquote]Where am I?

    Pain obliterated that thought quickly enough.

    Memories of a duel danced at the edge of his mind, just out of his grasp. A splitting headache stood as a barrier between him and coherent thought.

    He felt a lightsaber being pressed into his hand, the grip unfamiliar. Distantly, he heard someone say the blade was red. The color of the Sith. Sith. Sith. Something about the Sith. Or was it the Jedi?

    He heard the snap-hiss of a lightsaber igniting - twice. Either his hearing was off, or a Jar'Kai practitioner approached. He reached out with the Force, and recoiled at what he felt.

    ?I apologise for this, Knight Sagitta.?

    Without hesitation, his finger felt for the lightsaber's ignition switch, and a crimson blade sprung to life in response to his fumbling.[/blockquote]
    TAG: Sinrebirth
  13. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Darth Yelos
    Corulag, Streets

    Memories of the battle that had almost torn her apart at the seams came back to her as Yelos crossed through the empty streets that was Corulag. The inner struggles that had gone on inside of herself still seemed to rule, but she suppressed them for the time being. Her duty was to follow the Sith Order, and this alone meant she couldn?t let her mother rule her fate.

    As they meandered along, Darth Maladi spoke.

    ?You have done well. But I fear we have a new enemy ? the former Confederation, of Lord Caedus? time, is being pulled back together. The Confederacy may have been defeated, and the Grand Imperial Union, but this threat? it is not of my creation. Lord Krayt has not blessed it.?

    ?No, he hasn?t.?

    The response came from nowhere. Yelos jerked her head around. Her initial fear was that someone had managed to survive and would murder her and Maladi before they could even place their hands on their lightsaber hilts.The street that had been behind them had changed. Instead there was a room of white. Dreadful white. Yelos shrieked as she noticed Maladi had disappeared. In the white room, all that remained was half a chair. With a shadowed man perched upon it. Her heart was flying out of her chest as she searched desperately for an explanation as to what was happening.

    ?So, it?s you and me. The messed up young woman - I have seen you in my future, and the future. I suppose I should tell your past. Not that you will trust me, of course?. Your parents were slew by the one Sith.?

    No. Yelos wished to shake her head, to disagree with this madness, but she was unable to respond before the room vanished. Yelos found herself back on the streets. Maladi?s lightsaber was open, as she defended them from Bothans. Yelos was disoriented, frightened, and very dizzy. She wished to believe that it had been simply a dream.

    ?You?ve been missing half an hour. I?ve been fighting this spot, waiting for you to emerge from? the event.? She shot back several bolts at three Bothans. They collapsed. ?Tell me what you saw.?

    ?What the hell is going on?? Yelos backed away for a moment, stumbling, ?A man in half a chair. Told me I was in his future, the future. He told me. . .? she almost didn?t say it. Should she tell Maladi? ?He told me the One Sith slayed my parents.?[/blockquote]

    TAG: Sinrebirth
  14. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    IC: Raine Vartan
    11 BBY - Aboard the Mathayus, Outer Rim

    Raine lay crumpled on the cold metal deck, gasping for breath, one hand upraised as if to ward off the Dark Lord.

    A useless gesture, she knew. If Lord Vader wanted her dead (and it certainly felt as if he was nearly angry enough for that) she was dead already, and nothing she did would make any difference whatsoever.

    But why in space did he want her dead?

    What had she done?

    For that matter, how had she wound up here?

    It was disquieting to realize she had absolutely no kriffing idea. She remembered trying to stop the clonetroopers from turning on their own - defending herself when she came under attack as well - and then - nothing. It was all one giant blank between then and being strangled by Darth bloody Vader, who by rights should have been nowhere near this sector. What the hell had happened?

    The Dark Lord was still looming over her, lightsaber in hand, demanding an answer. What had she done?

    "I don't know," Raine rasped finally. It was the most honest answer she could give.

    TAG: Sinre
  15. JediDingo

    JediDingo Jedi Master star 3

    Mar 27, 2005
    IC: Van Shahu
    The Unknown Regions, The Magnificient

    126 ABY

    Despite all of the Kaleesh's Jedi training over the years, Van couldn't help but feel fear.. Things on the Chiss Star Destroyer were spinning downardly into chaos, and fast. This Phantom, for that's the best Van could describe, has appeared seemingly out of nowhere once Van entered this system. Van still wasn't exactly sure what it was, be it an actual Force spirit or some sort of technology Van had never seen before, he did not know. All he knew for sure was that it's dark humor was starting to rub him the wrong way.

    But Van couldn't rip his eyes off his datapad that had suddenly sprung to life.


    A chill traveled down his spine has he read that particular phrase over and over again. How, and why was this computer system lonely. The mysteries of this ship were building at a tremendous rate. This Phantom guide, the lonely computer system, the blood all over the ship without any corpses, and now -- this monstrous bellow coming from a dark corridor. Van ripped his gaze from the datapad and tuned the Phantom out for a moment. Van tried as hard as he could to calm his racing heart with the Force, but sadly failed.

    ?Now that was truly terrifying. What say you?? The Phantom said.

    Van's hand went for his Shoni spear, the smooth touch of the wood offered some comfort.

    "Do you know what that was?" Van asked, but he knew he probably wouldn't get a straight answer. Van's eyes never left the mess doors that had just flew open. The Jedi had sent him, specifically, to deal with whatever was happening here. He would not fail them. Despite what his mind was telling him, he began to walk straight towards the roar.

    129 ABY

    Pammant, Docking Bay

    Van saw the Sith running right for him, with his lightsaber raised -- but Van didn't move. His mind was still racing from what had just happened. One moment he had been fighting Darth Aran and then the next moment he had been transported into a room of seemingly white infinitness. What in the galaxy had just happened to him? Van had a life altering event when he ventured into the Unknown Regions. He had quite literally returned to the galaxy a changed being, with brand new Force powers to show, and a brand new outlook on the Universe -- but even the event in the Unknown Regions hadn't been like what he just experienced -- not exactly. The words sunk into his mind as the Sith continued to charge Van.

    A Fated One...or Fateless?

    You must choose your path once more, three years after your first choice.

    You have the power to defeat the Old One. The first One.

    The Sith was just milimeters before Van, and at the last possible moment Van lifted his saber deflecting what would have been a death blow. Van smiled under the bone mask of his father, the one he swore never to take off again after his experience in to the Unknown. One instant Van was right in front of the Sith, their sabers locked and the next --

    Remember, Van - it is always darkest before the Dawn

    Van reappeared right behind the Sith, bringing his lightsaber right under the neck of the Sith -- using his body as protection from the trained blasters of the ship. Van just barely let his saber singe some of the skin of the Sith. The words echoed through his mind. He didn't know what they meant, but he planned on finding out.

    TAG: Sinre

    OOC: I must say Sinrebirth, that was EPIC. So excited about this storyline.
  16. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Jak the Honest
    Police Station, Sturges

    The escape from the garbage chute had not been an easy one, but at least luck had been on their side. Through Jak's quick thinking and his spontaneous decision to literally fling mud at the onrushing threat, the group was able to bypass the second wave of battle droids before they could pin them down.

    Even Ohr proved to make himself useful by swiping a fallen blaster off of one of the dilapidated battle droids and tossing the borrowed weapon to Jak. It was far from an olive branch, but Jak accepted the gesture all the same, especially with their lives on the line. He juggled the weapon in his hands briefly to clear the slimy residue the best he could before his fingers settled on the familiar grip of the handle. The touch of the weapon immediately boosted his confidence and he felt in charge once more. They were going to make it.

    Up ahead, the corridor narrowed, leading to a ladder rising up into a darkened maintenance bay. Somewhere above in the murky shadows lay an access hatch and their key to a successful escape. Not so bad. All they had to worry about was overriding the code to open the hatch, which Cyn was already working on. She wasn't just quick with her hands, but quick-witted as well and Jak had to smile as he watched her work over the control station.

    They were through in only a matter of seconds and on their way up the ladder, when a startled police officer poked his head through the opening above them, gaping at the approaching group. The kid reacted on pure instinct and leapt ahead, taking out the curious officer with the weight of his body. Both boy and officer slammed hard onto the floor as Jak and Cyn crossed the threshold and quickly straightened to their full height. With teeth clenched and blaster in hand, Jak whirled to help the flailing youth, but one look in the other's eyes told him otherwise. "Run!" came the simple reply and Jak wasn't about to argue. If Ohr felt obligated to sacrifice himself, he wasn't going to intervene. As far as he was concerned, it was for the better.

    Jak continued onward without a hint of hesitation, blowing right by a security office and drawing the attention of a second officer. The man stepped out of the office, brow furrowed with confusion as he called out in surprise at the scene unfolding before his eyes. ?What in the world -?

    That was the wrong answer. Jak turned on his heel, eyes wide as he leveled his newly acquired blaster at the poor sap staring out at them. He shook his head slowly, a hint of a smile forming on his lips. "It's nothing personal, pal. Sorry."

    Before the man had a chance to deduce what was going on, Jak pulled the trigger and fired a bolt of red energy into the man's chest. He saw the man stagger back in pain before he rushed past to continue on down the corridor.

    TAG: Sinre
  17. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    ooc: Crawling back into the Old Mans skin.

    Admiral Pest (the Leader)
    Conference Room of the Ascendancy

    Defending the Correllian systems while showing the Republic how present you were. "Chancellor, I can have as many ships there as you want and I am certain Admiral Johnson would agree with the air superiority thing, but there is one thing I really need if you want to defeat the Chiss there. And if you are ready to give it to me, I promise I won´t let the system slip into the Chiss hands." Calek Pest smiled. Shepard would have laughed to death had he been here now. The Admiral, the former fighter pilot was faced with a problem where the ships did not count. "Six habitable planets, Chancellor. They take in the reserve. The Chiss have 36 systems to draw troops from? We got what, several hundreds of thousands? I need troops. and I mean not an army. I mean armies. One for every planet on Corellia. As we fgight only space battles so far, which is typical for the Chiss, we should have quite a reserves there and I need a big share of them. The ability to withdraw and gibve them planets only to bind them there . . ." Pest realized the politicians might not get that, so he explained. "When we give up one planet to concentrate, they go into orbit and bombard military installations. But planets are enormous. We can easily hide troops there. Then they set down their troops and we get them into the worst hell of a ground war ever to be faced by the Sith since they were the Siths little playdolls." Calek leaned forward, keeping this simple for the two opposites. "And when your troops fight you cannot withdraw without giving them up. Which means if we move around and know they cannot take one single planet fast. We will soon have a lot of sitting duck fleets to pick out one by one. therefore I need massive troops. The newest and best. And I need General Brandl to lead them. And Jedi and Sith probably if possible. Theys are always gold for the morale of the parties involved." Pest nodded. "So do we agree? In that case I would go to work immediately."

    His fleet would be in system. But as the Chiss hated him most, he would not follow their expectations.

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  18. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    GM OOC: I have received notice from my net provider that I will not have Internet until the end of September, so I am limited to my lunch hour. I shall seek to have updates copied to a USB and then done at home to post up later, but it will be slow going so bear with me please! :(
  19. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    GM OOC: The game has recommenced, with the sad departure of Sarge221 and JEDI_TEEGIRLOO who have dropped from the game. Trimaj is, as many of you will be aware, uncontactable, so for now we shall assume he is also no longer participating. However, we have a very large cast still, and more besides, I have no doubt. For now, we commence once more!

    [link=]The Second Somnus shall Come Soon... and Destiny shall be Revealed... for all...[/link]

    The Present

    IC: Chancellor Valorum

    [blockquote]The Chancellor listened intently to Pest's plan. He looked to Praer, who looked back. Unspoken words, and plans, passed between those eyes, and the Chancellor spoke, carefully. "I shall agree to your request. While the Chiss are, as you note, militant in technology and their fleets, fundamentally they cannot fight a ground war..."

    "And," added Praer, "if they did choose to bombard Corellian planets into pieces then their support would completely dry up and they'd be defeated in a matter of days by the galaxy. It is our disunity that is currently hurting us most and benefiting the Chiss." Praer cleared his throat, making sure attention stayed with him. "I would suggest one caveat. We will agree to your request, however you will need to discuss this with the Corellian President, one Gejjen. I shall organise a meeting between the two of you."

    The Chancellor nodded, vigorously. "And I shall have all of our ground forces diverted to these worlds. Most of them will come surreptitiously, so as to avoid any security breach, but you are authorised to speak to Gejjen about it." A flicker of a smile covered his lips. "Make sure you do not until he is aboard the Ascendancy, of course."

    Praer smiled, too. "I shall see to it that a full military deployment will be sent your way, also - specifically as many soldiers as you can carry. General Fey'lya has such a battalion. They'll meet you at the edge of the Corellian system, and then you can head in-system. We'll need approximately two days to get the first deployments of soldiers there."

    "For your plan to work, we shall only moderately reinforce your squadron, re-provisioning your vessels and so forth. We've dispatched a mobile repair yard to meet you at the edge of the Corelian system, at the Kiris Asteroid Cluster, as too will an Imperial Lord, the Emperor's contribution to the affair - Lord Sallacine. It will be a temporary stop-off, and by the time you've threaded through the Deep Core he'll be there to meet you. An hours stop and then your force must be en route to Corellia. I cannot stress this anymore." The Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor were in agreement, looking intently at the man.

    "Can we rely upon you in this, Admiral Pest?"

    "No," said Praer, cutting off the Chancellor, who went quiet. He raised a hand in the hologram. "Grand Admiral Pest - can we rely upon you?"[/blockquote]

    TAG: Fin
    IC: Cyn
    Police Station

    [blockquote]The man dropped, and Cyn rushed on. There was a loud crack behind them, and then a quick glance by her allowed her to see Ohr was running after them. Her heart sung with happiness, and then she dampened it again, to avoid Jak being scornful. They crossed the threshold of the hangar and ran full on into a complete melee - a Jedi Knight slashing fiercely through security droids, a whirlwind dervish of destruction and disaster. Cyn blinked and skidded to a halt, and then, through it all, saw their ship, the Night Watch. Cyn pointed, and felt Ohr skid into her back as he turned the corner too. "Let's go!"

    Of course, Jak Solan would recognise the Jedi as Semaj Calal, and then he launched out of the dozen-odd droids pouring fire at him. He slammed to the roof of the Night Watch, and the droids raised their blasters, firing a blazing barrage that the ship absorbed for the most part. One droid turned to face the newcomers. "Identify yourself." Ohr grabbed Cyn's arm and ran into the con
  20. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    Five Years Earlier

    IC: Zayden Nephrite
    Sentren II, Spaceport

    [blockquote]As young Kal Verin tied himself in, Zayden saw that the situation was about to spiral out of control, and he pointed his rocket launcher at the wall ? and blew it up. The debris rocketed out, a chunk shredding the back of Chak?s ship. The Wookiee roared, as Zayden rushed in, complete in his blacked-out special ops armour, so as to avoid identification.

    This would, of course, set off alarm bells for Semaj, behind one wall, and Sallacine, behind another. The fight for the two boxes had begun, and Zayden was in the lead. Soon he would be joined by a hundred squabbling mercs and smugglers and pirates, all attracted by the money of bounty. Some were already breaking atmosphere, even now.

    The rest of the building rocked, and Brenn?ar, in the mayor?s office above the commotion, would be able to look down and see the armoured man smashing his way in, heading towards a run-down ship. Similarly, the two warriors rushing Jak Solan would pause, sensing the further destruction and realising it was not their targets fault.

    Of course, this made no difference to the various other vessels, jumping in-system to collect Borga the Hutts bounty and secure the two relics for him. The Shadow would take note of the Hutt and his interest in the items, at a later date.

    As Pest and his son moved closer to the planet in their runabout, they would be watching all manner of commotion on the sensors. A private yacht being pursued by an array of defence ships, which even now were turning about to face the motley array of vessels that were emerging from hyperspace over the spaceport. Pest?s son scowled at his father. ?The signal for the pick-up is dead centre down in the spaceport. Which means the Jedi has screwed up, or the Sith back-up has, or something else has happened.?

    It was a combination, actually.

    Had Semaj not reacted so recklessly...

    ... had Sallacine not gone for the relic...

    ... had Loriana not been pre-occupied with her orphans and filling her role as support...

    ... had Kal Verin not convinced Chak to stop on the world...

    ... had Pest not been distracted with Supreme Commander Johnson?s stupidity...

    ... had Brenn?ar not distrusted Solan Enterprises...

    ... had Jak Solan not leaked the information to the Hutts...

    ... had Zayden not taken the contract...

    None of this would have happened... this being the Death of Sentren II.

    For which all eight of them were responsible for. Samhain revelled in the memory, in the horror of it all. These eight had been chosen... and, he imagined, the other four... because they had killed the world, or somehow been involved with the death of it, even if they had not realised it.
    And that was likely to be the only way to stop Samhain.

    How intriguing.[/blockquote]

    TAG: The Original Eight of Which We Have Six Remaining
  21. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    The Distant Past

    IC: Darth Vader
    11 BBY - Aboard the Mathayus, Second Clone War

    [blockquote]Vader growled at Raine Vartan as she whispered in fear. "You are worthless." He stepped over, hand raised to choke at her throat, to shatter her neck and leave her lifeless, when the sealed door to the chamber crumpled inwards and flew to slam into the wall beside Raine. Vader turned to face the intruder.

    "Know she does not, Lord Vader, because under my compulsion, she has been. Not weak minded she was, either ? impressed I was by the Dark Jedi in your employ, Darth." The green creature padded forward on a walking stick, and Vader pointed his lightsaber forward.

    "You did this - all of this." A chunk of the wall detached and hurled forward, and Yoda - for it could only be him - lifted a hand up and deflected the debris.

    Yoda threw out a hand, ripping wires from the ground to ensnare Vader, who whipped his blade in a lightning quick display that disintegrated the attack, as Yoda spoke. "The clones you grew with Spaarti cylinders, going mad they are, in mass numbers. Pushed by the pressure one the first mad clone has placed on the Force."

    Vader took a step forward and gestured down and then forward, slamming a light fixture down and then ripping the floor up to crush Yoda between the two. The Jedi Master leaped, and Vader stepped forward again, lashing at the hurling Jedi Master, which ignited a green lightsaber and blocked in mid-air. Vader continued his swing, Yoda holding on and being flung to the wall. Yoda easily inverted himself in mid-air and launched back, rebounding off Vader's block, who spun around to flank Yoda, Raine forgotten.
    Yoda whispered into the Force. Stay.

    Vader snarled at her, his Force sense suggesting he had picked on the communication from Yoda to Raine. "Leave, and die."

    The two of them had told her the same thing, as the entire wall opposite her exploded, and approximately thirty clone ran forward, hosing the three of them with blaster fire - Yoda grimaced, aloud. "Begun, the Second Clone War, has."

    "Shut up!" snarled Vader, and began blocking.

    This was not looking good.[/blockquote]

    TAG: DarthXan318
    IC: Darth Insipid
    41 ABY, Twilight on Toryaz Station, Kuat system

    [blockquote]Darth Insipid was, for a short moment, caught between Aden Kya and his Sith persona. There she was, the love of his life, cozy with this 'Micah'. Insipid wanted to slay her for being a fool, and then take Micah to torture forever as a testament to his mistake. Aden wanted to take Ardeur with him, and run far away, while murdering Micah in the most terrible way so she would never, ever consider leaving him. Intellectually he knew his orders, from the Dark Lord of the Sith.

    Bring her back, dead or alive, and erase all traces of her existence.

    But Aden loved her, and he knew that if he took her back that he would be expected to die of old age. In this place, where Lumiya had started the rise of Darth Caedus, he knew that Darth Krayt did not wish to emerge yet, and instead wanted them to watch. He had his schemes involving a Jedi named Jaden Korr, but it was all unimportant, and pointless. Caedus had triumphed at Fondor, but the war was over... and so Insipid's mission to infiltrate the GA had ended, and now he had spent his time hunting down Ardeur to bring her back, an errant agent.

    He watched as Ardeur pinned Micah down, who blinked in confusion.

    Insipid scowled at the small man, and realised he'd let his Force presence leak out, as he delved into whimsy and sadness and love. Tightening himself, Aden looked back to Ardeur. "Your boyfriend booked your a holiday using your photographs. Even without the same name, you are distinctive enough to put into a system and trace." Aden sniffed. "I understand that he was planning to take you to Iego, to see the Angels, as an impromptu half-year anniversary gift. A bit premature, one would think."

    The Sith Lord smiled, allowing his eyes to
  22. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: The Victim
    Mrlsst, University

    The Victim knew he had two options, he could toss aside the veil that had been put up around him and strike at Samhain, something that every fiber of him but one screamed at him to do, to let loose all his rage and hack the monster that had killed him to pieces. But the last part of him held that urge back, instead realizing that it was not yet time. The Zeltron may have gained more power, but it still did not yet even rival Samhain's. So taking all that rage and fury he leapt back once more and using every last bit of the fire that now burned inside him he drove his extended limbs deep into the terentatek's spine then with one final burst of power he spread the blades that his arms had shifted into totally tearing apart the back of the beast's neck, shredding what was left of the nervous system.

    The Victim didn't stop twisting or hacking until the beast lay still and lifeless beneath him, having long since breathed its last breath. The Zeltron then climbed down off its back, covered in its blood and his own sweat. Still cloaked by Crepsuculum he kicked the twisted clawed digits of the beast open, freeing the Fosh trapped within them. Then without a second thought he fled the area. He may have been cloaked well by Crepsuculum but not even Samhain would remain ignorant of the power that had just unleashed itself in tearing apart his most recent assassin. Drained of his energy The Victim was hardly as visible in the Force as any other entity on the planet, leaving him as detectable as one particular grain of sand in the Dune Sea on Tatooine.

    TAG: Sinre, BobaMatt

    IC: Kal Verin
    Sentren II, Chak's Ship

    "For the love of the Force!" Kal shouted as the back of Chak's freighter was torn wide open. "Has everyone on this planet completely lost their blasted minds?!" he added coughing slightly from the smoke that was wafting in. Kal unbelted and drew his blaster out of his pocket. "I swear I'll go back to school if I make it off this rock. Chak, you okay buddy?" Kal asked the Wooikee up ahead in the cockpit. "Listen buddy we might need a new ship, I doubt this thing will work out very well." he added pointing out the gaping hole in the rear hull.

    TAG: Sinre
  23. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    Grand Admiral Calek Pest
    Conference Room of the Ascendancy

    They were really desperate, making a half dead guy acting Supreme and then promoting him, because he had won a sihngle battle.

    Pest gave the whole situation a short review. The Chiss planned to deliver a crippling blow to the Republic and the Republic were defending themselves against it. Hope, hope was what the politicians tried to give the Galaxy. They had failed to unite their factions and therefore the Chiss ad been bale to attack in the first place. Now they went to a man called Pest. A man not known for compromises. Pest would win the war, on Corellia or afterwards. The Chiss had not the troops to control vast territories. He would give them a few billions stars and let them spread so thin, they became weak. But not yet. And he still had a chance to turn the war without such terrible tactics.

    He sighed. Would he win Corellia? Chiss would send their very, very best to lead that operation. So chances they would be defeated were not bad. yet, Pest did not accept defeat, without having been bested. And even they lost, the question was how powerful the Chiss would remain. The Republic had more ressources, so a lot of tight losses would certainly win them the war.

    As long as Johnston did not throw away their fleet anymore.

    Pest finally understood he had a question to answer. "You could rely on me to do my best for the Republic when I was an ensign, and adding a grand to my name, doesn´t change a thing. Although I seriously advice to wait until Corellia is over. We got no time for formalities right now. I´ll be on my way immediately. Send in troops transports asap, we need to get them to the ground beofre the space battle begins."

    He saluted. "With your permission, I´ll go to work. Pest out."

    He waited for approval and killed the line. He sighed then and asked his own Captain and the one from the Arca to his private quarters. The tactical ops would update all Corellian charts and send them there, too.

    Tag: Sinre (if you had other plans, we can skip that meeting)
  24. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Edril'rhona'sabosen
    Hangar, The Stellar Envoy, Crustai system

    "Would it surprise you that the CEDF does not trust the Families and their plans, half-breed? The war is a matter for us, not politicians. The Chiss need to strike back against the Republic and convince them to never, ever strike our worlds again."

    No it didn't surprise Edril'rhona'sabosen one bit that the CEDF was up to their usual tricks, assuming that they knew better than everyone else, that they were imposing themselves in an area that they had absolutely no right to do so. Such a very typical military complex. The Ascendancy had to defend itself--to do otherwise was to invite bullying for years to come, if not longer--but giving the generals and admirals a free hand was perhaps even more dangerous than that. Military affairs was of course not the procurator's purview, but with Chiss education encompassing so many topics, she knew enough to have her opinions on such matters.

    "You must not trust him, Edril?rhona?sabosen. It is essential that you do not."

    It came again. Edril'rhona'sabosen looked over her shoulder, sure of it this time, but found nothing. Was the voice familiar somehow? She blinked slowly to clear her mind. She didn't know what to make of this. Voices. She was already viewed as somewhat crazy by the other Chiss. If they knew she was hearing voices...

    But the voice had a point. This Lykofos...his presence unnerved her. Perhaps the voice was only a manifestation of her subconscious mind, but all the more reason to trust it.

    And he had called her "half-breed". Moactan teel was a particular insult. It was still an insult, but there was something about it that still accorded her some a perverse way. Half-breed called her out as unnatural, as a freak. Edril'rhona'sabosen clenched one fist. No, she did not like Lykofos and she certainly wasn't going to trust him.

    Yallo called Edril'rhona'sabosen aboard the Smelly Salt, which was aptly named. She didn't even want to know how the ship had gotten the way it was. It was probably for the best that she didn't know she reflected as she ascended the ramp. On her way up she passed two droids coming down. They had been dispatched to fetch her trunk of belongings from her quarters on the Stellar Envoy and bringing them to the Smelly Salt. They were mainly clothes, a few personal effects, not much more than that. Unfortunately, it meant that Edril'rhona'sabosen saw a large sonic cleaning bill in her future as a result of the atmosphere of the Salt tainting her wardrobe. Well, assuming that she came back, anyways.

    Edril'rhona'sabosen pushed the thought from her mind. She depressed the button to seal the ship and retract its gangway. Next to it she pressed the comm. "I am aboard," she said, assuming Yallo would hear, "It's been a long day. I'm going to rest in my cabin. Let me know when we are ready to revert from hyperspace so I can prepare myself for landing."

    The Salt did not seem like a large ship, at least by the general ease with which Edril'Rhona'Sabosen eventually found her quarters. She slipped inside and closed the door behind her. Remembering the two admonitions she'd heard in the hangar, Rhona locked the door. She tapped the metal to test it out. She figured that someone who was determined to do so could force their way in, but it might give her some warning before it happened. Even so, she was probably being paranoid. She wasn't even out of Ascendancy space yet. The real danger hadn't even begun.

    The Chiss woman got out of her formal silver robes from court and put them away in the trunk. She'd put on something a little more suited to interaction with the rest of the galaxy later. The nuances of Chiss dress were lost on to outsiders. She would need to think carefully about what she wanted to wear when she met the Imperial envoys, Edril'rhona'sabosen decided as she got into her narrow bunk and pulled the covers over her. Though the Empire supposedly had never been misogynistic, she
  25. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Darth Yelos
    Streets of Corulag

    [blockquote]An invasion of the mind was not tolerated.

    Especially when the invader makes a mistake and reveals their own mind to yours.

    . . .the One Sith to murder them both. . .
    . . .just another body to be used in the war. . .
    . . .miniature portals. . .popping up at intervals. . .
    . . .absorbed Kol Skywalker. . .
    . . .Darth Sabith. . .vanished and headed elsewhere. . .

    Yelos. . .no Mira. . .found an uncontrollable amount of speed inside of her. Even after all of the nonsense that had become of this. Her lightsaber, a blood red, whipped out before the lightening could connect with her unprepared body. Inside, Yelos felt herself arguing. She was a Sith. . .and yet she wasn?t. Her parents were murdered by the Sith. . .because they saw potential in her. The one thing her mind agreed on was the fact that Maladi needed to die. And she needed to die now.

    Yelos fought back the lightening, using her weapon to push forward. In a surge of strength, she shoved herself forward. The might of strength, she hoped, would knock Maladi off of her feet.

    Mira. Yelos. Mira. Yelos. Mira.

    The inner struggles continued.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Sinre
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