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Star Wars CLOSED Knights of the Last Republic

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 22, 2019.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Ashban
    Aboard the Pulsar Skate

    A sudden spike of panic is what caught his undivided attention. Ashban turned to face the man who had just boarded the Pulsar Skate. He was much older than himself, venerable even, and felt really odd in the force. The blind man also noticed the older man held a lightsaber in his hand. A jedi? He didn't feel like a Jedi, not after that jolt of fear.

    Those details faded to the back of his mind in the face of very real and potent panic, which seemed to have been cause by the mention of their former heading: Korriban.

    Thankfully, they were now en route to Kathol, but that detail seemed to have escaped the man entirely.

    The older man now pleaded with Eleanor, who looked lost as to what to do. She plaintively asked him to calm down, but to little effect.

    “Please, call me Ashban.” The blind force user said, as he came to Eleanor’s rescue, gently nudging the man away as he placed a hand on his shoulder. “Please, have a seat and take a moment to gather yourself. We are on our way to Kathol, so you have nothing to fear.”

    Ashban radiated a sense of relief to the man, since he was also glad Korriban was no longer their chosen destination. Nothing could be worse than that.

    “I can bring you a drink of water if you like….er…..hmm, what should I call you?”

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    Dec 15, 2002
    Combo with @Sinrebirth and @Kahn_Iceay

    As Leonias entered the boarding hold Vincent pulled up on the controls causing the Corvette to climb, and unceremoniously introduce any remaining jump troopers to the ships engine thrust. For Leonias' question, indicator lights began to blink in the dark cramp corridors of the ship, leading to the hangar that housed the Ivory Dagger and in turn Tekli and Vincent as they commanded the ship from there. ~Master Vincent.~ Callista's voice echoed in through the ship, allowing Leonias to hear as well. ~We still have the wing of TIE fighters on us... and that.~

    By that, she referred to the Finalizer, it hung in the air before them already its weapon batteries beginning to train towards them. Vincent closed his eyes, and a cold resolution reverberated in the local Force, a confirmation of dedication, of what must be done. Leaning back in his chair he reached out int he Force, to Tekli who in such a short time had gone from a person nearly running him over to a co-pilot and comrade. 'This is going to get bumpy...'

    "Thyrsian!" He called out over the comms, "We're going to need your help to hold this ship together." He reached out further, his presence in the Force, compact and secluded to just about his person till now, enveloping the ship. He opened the bond he had with Tekli to Leonias, three minds able to work together. He hoped. "Callista, Authorization code, Vincent 394921 - Theta." There was a momentary pause before the AI Replied. ~Voice recognition and code recognized, bio-metrics recognized through cybernetic linkage. Please state command.~

    Disable safeties, Hyperdrive. Disable Fire Control Overrides, Strategic Arsenal."

    ~Hyperdrive Safeties disengaged. Strategic Arsenal unlocked.~ On Tekli's screen, additional weapon options became available, but without her input the weapon controls activated an option listed as "Helldart", and laid in targeting data for the upper superstructure of the Finalizer. Near Leonias' position the ship rumbled as two bomb bays opened, and a series of munition racks moved into position, before two large missiles let loose forward towards the Destroyer.

    The Corvette veered to Starboard, it's engines rumbling, red lights and alarms suddenly blaring. Then, as the dorsal frame of the Finalizer was enveloped in bright flashes, the sky stretched, safeties overridden screamed in protest, and the ship jumped into hyperspace, and began to violently shake.

    Leonias was already working on holding the ship together, drawing on the combined energy of the other two Force Users from the meld to enhance his telekinetic prowess, but then the ship actually jumped, shaking violently from the pressure put on it from entering hyperspace in a gravity well, and he had to add a little more oomph.

    Struggling and straining, the already exhausted warrior put the remaining strength he had into keeping the ship, and the beings onboard, alive.

    "I'm doing the best I can to hold this thing together," he spoke telepathically through the meld, sounding very clearly strained, almost as if he was "out of breath" inside his head, "but a little help would be nice."

    Tekli reached out and added her weight to the Force, but even then she found herself needing the cocktail to top herself up. Jumping this close to a planet was essentially a suicidal act. But with the Finaliser vanishing into a fireball that promptly knocked the majority of the TIEs surrounding them and indeed all the surviving Solar fighter craft out of the sky -

    They had to go. Wondering for the hundredth time in her life how Han Solo had made an artform into this kinds of jumps, and attributing almost all of the skill to the Millennium Falcon or Falsehood - or maybe YT-1300s generally -the jump kicked in, and the entire ship shook with the decision they had made. Tekli tried to focus her Force strength at the nose of the ship to break up the disruption, though it was not an easy act.

    Huffing and puffing, she send to the meld. I hope this is a micro-jump or we're not gonna make it.

    She didn't have the mental strength to spare to wonder if they'd just killed Kylo Ren.

    Vincent felt the other two of them, felt every rivet, very bolt, every plate of hull. He felt them scream against the stress, felt the hyperdrive groan in resistance, felt the structural integrity fields heat up in protest. He felt everything not simply in the force but as feedback in the artificial Tall-Yor that hooked to his back and through gritted teeth as he held tight on the controls holding the ship on course he issued forth calm.

    She will hold... we need only a moment... and in turn a moment passed, or more specifically several seconds, and slowly the shaking eased. The alarms began to quiet, the lights dimmed from red to pale white, and the sensation that their ship was falling apart at the seems passed, as the ship itself passed out of the gravity well of Chandrilla and into what would have been open space on its course to rendezvous with the Pulsar Skate.

    ~Systems returning to normal, transferring controls to the bridge and engaging automation systems.~ Callista's voice seemed distant as the armor slid back from the cockpit of the Ivory Dagger and the canopy slid away. Vincent released a pained gasp as the cybernetic links to his spine separated, retreating back into the pilots seat and with a grunt he began to pull himself up out of the fighter. I bet that burns you out... Tekli's voice echoed in his mind, and through the still active bond she likely heard it as he finally released a feeling of agreement.

    Standing on shaky legs he removed his helmet and made his way towards the door, opening it up to find the Thyrsian in the corridor. He looked the slightly taller man over finding him to be not a Thrysian at all. <Brother...> He said with a nod in Echani as he held on to a railing along the corridor and started towards the Bridge, he needed a seat, and both he and Tekli we're probably going to need some medication to counter the cocktail high, and crash, they were going to deal with.

    While Leonias was wearing his helmet and as such certain features such as his species could not be confirmed normally, one of the ways Echani identify each other was not normal, and could definitely be used to identify him.

    The Echani Martial Arts was a language of the non-verbal variety, much like the Twi'lek's native Ryl, but focused on reading and communicating with the entire body, most often during combat with one another. A practitioner of this art was so fluent in reading one's body language that they could interpret important details about an individual based upon their movements, mannerisms and breathing patterns. Every species had their own unique differences, and even beyond that every individual varied too. They were all so varied, that even an Echani could be discerned from their Thyrsian genetic cousins, and given how Echani could identify their own easiest of all, and in Leonias' current state, his breathing laboured and movements slowed, an observer could more easily examine him.

    So, when Vincent spotted him, and greeted him in their species native tongue, he was not at all surprised.

    Instead Leonias replied with a nod in return. <Brother...>

    Rising to his feet and following Vincent closely, he removed his helmet, revealing his pale white Echani face. His face was littered with white stubble, which could barely be seen in contrast with the very similarly colored skin it lay on top of and aside from showing up more prominently under certain lighting conditions or angles, mostly just added a rough texture to a portion of his glistening, smooth skin. His long white hair was tangled and covered in sweat, likely from being condensed so long inside his helmet and his silver eyes gleamed as the running lights inside the corridor shined upon them. As they walked, he gestured by pointing a finger on an outstretched hand and closing his eyes.

    <Where might I be able to get some rest on this ship?>

    Tekli released a breath. They'd made it. She detached herself from the mechanics supporting her, and sat on the floor of the chamber. Yes, they'd picked up the other person, and she was decidedly curious about why he was so important. The Chadra-Fan Jedi joined Vincent in meeting him, but arrived slightly after.

    They were engaging in some kind of warrior ritual, but Tekli was shaking on her legs and had to chime in. "Vincent, can I lie down?" She twitched a whisker in the direction of the newcomer. "Tekli, Jedi Knight, at your service." With a nod, she asked Vincent. "Are we going straight to the Kathol Sector?"

    That was a trip, if so.

    Vincent gave a nod, and motioned for both to follow them. "There are quarters up ahead, you can make use of any you wish, except for the one with the clan symbol on the door, it is mine. They've full amenities so make use of them." He was very visibly weakened, with all of the past few weeks weighing down on him. "We'll be dropping out of hyperspace soon, and the ship will re-orient and jump to Kathol, in order to avoid the potential of being followed."

    Unbeknownst to the others, outside the ships hull was being polarized, and the shields were being attenuated to the shape of the hull, a surge pulsing through them to overload any potential tracking devices. "It'll take some time for us to arrive, so rest up, get some food, shower, clean your clothes." He let out a breath as he leaned against the corridor as they arrived at the rooms. "This is just the beginning..."

    Tekli sketched a half-salute and dragged herself towards a room without much more else to add. "You put your thumb in Kylo Ren's eye. He'll be after us now. Whatever is going on, it's messy. If the Pulsar Skate is involved, there may be more Jedi coming back."

    But she didn't have the energy to continue, and she opted to crash.

    Leonias' exhaustion was becoming increasingly apparent with his delayed response to the Chadra Fan Jedi. As they approached the rooms, he perked up and finally replied to the diminutive Knight with a nod, turning to Vincent with his greeting as well.

    "It's a pleasure to meet you both, and thank you for the assist back there as well as the continued hospitality. I am Leonias Colcha, Supreme Sun Guardian of the Thyrsus Sun Guard. I'd love to stay and chat longer, but as you can probably tell, I'm about to collapse."

    Leonias made a slight nod towards the others, and then turned and left to get some rest.

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Aryan Graul
    Aboard the Pulsar Skate, Hyperspace

    There were far too many strangers closing in on him, their voices overlapping and becoming a discordant chorus as they vied for his attention. It was enough to inundate his fragile mind and send him reeling. He failed to hear their reassurances and instead perceived them as part of the threat, particularly with the way they were fussing over him. It was as if they intended to harm him.

    But why? He had only wanted to warn them!

    Aryan abruptly yanked his hands away from the girl, his fear and confusion prompting a reflexive response. He then rebounded by balling his right hand into a fist and raising it in the air as he prepared to strike her...

    That’s when he felt a firm hand upon his shoulder, followed by a sense of calm that seemed to radiate out from the point of contact. It cascaded over his body and helped soothe his agitation, almost like a cool wave providing relief in the midst of a hot day. He instinctively lowered his arm back to his side and exhaled slowly, easing back into his own as he allowed the hand to guide him away from any further confrontation.

    “Please, call me Ashban,” a man’s voice broke through his mental haze to offer some clarity. “Please have a seat and take a moment to gather yourself. We are on our way to Kathol, so you have nothing to fear.”

    Kathol. The name was not entirely familiar to him, though he could take comfort in the fact that it did not immediately conjure nightmarish images of death and suffering. That was something at least.

    He could live with that.

    Collapsing back onto one of the passenger benches, Aryan finally canted his head toward the source of the voice, noting a tall man with a strip of cloth pulled tight over his eyes to conceal them. Even in his impaired state, he seemed to understand the meaning of such a gesture and felt empathy for this man’s plight. He couldn’t imagine what it was like to survive in the galaxy as a blind man.

    Aryan started to reach for the man – Ashban’s face, but he stopped short of touching his brow when he realized that he had asked him a question. An important question. Perhaps the most important one…

    He gasped, his panic spiking momentarily as he pulled back and hastily thrust his hands into his pocket to retrieve a single datapad. Despite his fingers fumbling over the device, he still managed to illuminate the screen and find the file labeled ‘gateway’. Only then did he draw in a sharp breath and begin to recite the simple mantra:

    “My name is Aryan Graul. I am eighty-four years old. I have dementia. I live in the Cottage Nursing–”

    His voice trailed off, faltering.

    Kathol, the strangers, his new surroundings – he was finally able to form a connection, which filled him with a vague sense of hope.

    “This...isn’t the Cottage anymore,” Aryan noted with a hint of relief, his blue-gray eyes wandering eagerly around the cabin. He paused on the bird-like creature, taking a moment to silently scrutinize her. Had she said something to him? He seemed to recall–no, if it was relevant, she would certainly try again. That’s what Cilghal always did; that seemed to help.

    Eventually, he made his way back to Ashban. “After Kathol, are you taking me home?”

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Vergere
    Aboard the Pulsar Skate, Kathol Sector

    "After Kathol, we will take you home," Vergere said, firmly, and for them all. She personally doubted the elderly man, notwithstanding his apparent Force sensitivity, would have a static concept of home, so it rhymed that she could make the promise, and allow Aryan's definition of 'home' to be malleable.

    Bemused, the Fosh glanced to the gathered crew. "What a crew we are."

    Ashban, the one teetering on the edge of something, no doubt... Scut, a Yuuzhan Vong Wraith... and of course Eleanor, who seemed to be being specifically targeted by Destiny. With an amused whistle, she craned her head as the ship decanted from hyperspace. "Whistler?"

    The little droid twittered; they had arrived at a way-point along the way, and would jump once he'd received the latest data from the NavBuoys in the sector - parts of the Kathol Rift were particularly difficult to traverse, after all. Vergere nodded to herself. "I will settle Mr Graul down; I have some experience with healing, so perhaps I will see what I can do. She gestured a claw, lightly guiding Aryan with the Force to her room.

    She peered over her shoulder. "Ashban, if you may appraise Eleanor of our enemy? It is all I have to offer. Scut... perhaps you should reach out to your other Squadmates, as we are trying to reassemble the Jedi Council."

    Scut watched her go. "I'm sure I know her from somewhere." With a human shrug, the burly Yuuzhan Vong headed to the cockpit.

    At the way-point however, they were shortly joined by a ship that Whistler recognised from the Battle of Chandrila. It had dueled with Kylo Ren's own ship, and violently at that. He reached out, offering to dock and share supplies - the Skate was not exactly well-stocked, but they would work it out. Eleanor would agree, no doubt, as they had helped them to that extent at Chandrila.

    Tekli woke herself as she sensed familiar life - was that Aryan Graul? Where was Master Cilghal? She padded out of her room, Jedi robes crumpled because she'd collapsed wearing them, but Vincent would undoubtedly be ahead of her. Colcha, too, being as they were all Force sensitive. It was warming to be with so many other Force users, notwithstanding that they were not Jedi.

    She peered at the Skate in the Force, frowning. "Who is that...? And why does she feel so similarly to Vincent?" Tekli found verbalising aloud good for her sanity. Her head inclined. "No," Tekli said. "Vincent feels similar to her...?"

    "Can we dock, and group up?"

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    IC: Admiral David

    Exocron, Kathol Sector

    It was a brief moment, but even out in the depths, Exocron recognised the Bounty Hunters Guild. It was an old establishment, and notwithstanding some disruption when Black Sun tried to destroy it, the New Republic had encouraged the recreation of the authority to manage bounty hunters in a legal and accountable manner, resurrecting the organisation after the Battle of Endor.

    As such Admiral David responded shortly, but not before sending a transmission into the Kathol Rift; a transmission that Orrin would detect but be unable to decipher - it was an alien, alien language - mainly symbology and the like. The Force felt... difficult, in this region. It was in flux, wavering between alignments and wavelengths. There would be times when it seemed as if the entire Rift existed outside his definition of the Force.

    But the Exocronian official responded to Orrin swiftly enough. "You have permission to land. We would appreciate an update as to your hunt every 24 hours. Your right to remain will be revoked if you do not supply an update as requested."

    A ghost in his sensor grid was evident, and one moment there was a ship evident, and the next, not.


    Ghost ship, though the one that appeared is not firing

    Otherwise, the Jedi-turned-hunter was given coordinates where to land at Caballa City - the capital. Whatever Orrin tried to sense in the Force on the planet below was blocked by the immense presence of the Rift; perhaps it would lesson when he made planetfall.

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    IC: White Eyes
    Depths of the Unknown

    It had gone about as well as expected, as Kylo Ren was involved.

    He chuckled to himself, and then coughed, his body recoiling against the motion. A gasp and spittle erupted from his mouth, bile and blood-filled. Gritting his teeth in frustration and pain, his clouded eyes shifted to an acolyte, who promptly rushed to replace a tank connected to him.

    When his last body failed him, he had turned to the ancient ways to sustain it, happening upon the methods of the Sith King Ommin from four millennia ago. It had worked for a time, and kept him upright when otherwise he could have remained seated and able to move for a time with rest. But now? Without the medical cage to hold him, he would flop without using the Force, and doing so only accelerated the clones collapse.

    He quietly seethed to himself; to think that his original clone source had been sabotaged by treacherous Imperials... to think that he had been required to re-establish his clone laboratories on Exegol, and start again with his geneticists looking to undo the damage done to the few pure samples of his genome that remained... to think that he had been killed by Skywalker and Solo before his new clone line was setup... to think he had spent thirty years trapped in this body.

    His rage reached a peak, and the acolytes surrounding him rushed to stabilize his vitals; they had long since recognized that to request he calm himself would see them dead.

    It would be nearly a year before the fleet was complete; before the First Order was stretched so thin that it had to turn to him to sustain itself. Without the Supremacy, and without Starkiller Base, the First Order had been crippled - only the relative weakness of the galaxy it had invaded saw it succeed at all. With no New Republic or Galactic Alliance or Imperial Remnant - there was only Hapes, Bothawui, Eshan and a handful of other worlds that stood against it. Mandalore, Thyrsus and Dac, they would all fall in due course - or be blockaded to the edge of nonexistence.

    But with Eleanor, and the last of the genetic data he required, White Eyes could act now.

    He could make his offer to Kylo Ren today, and he would have more time to play with.

    But of course Kylo Ren had interfered with Wyyrlok's efforts at Chandrila, and though the Core World had fallen, it was unnecessarily expensive and White Eyes had lost track of the Pulsar Skate... but he blamed Wyyrlok entirely, giving him one more chance.

    It wasn't the first time he had done that.

    Wyyrlok had failed dramatically before, on Serenno, and with his agents at Eriadu... with several efforts despoiled by a turncoat Sith by the name of Insipid, and of course a band of Rebels led by Adalia Tehanis-Durron, Adam Lyons, Corran Horn, Kyp Durron, Bernael, Rem, Rom, Ebony, Loriana, Adrian, Ilona and others... let alone that irritant Darth Caedus - frustrating, to say the least. Insipid and his pilots - Syal, Rhoen, Natalia, Vua... they had all, in their confrontations with Insipid in the middle of a civil war, ruined so many other plans. If Wyyrlok and his agents had just killed the lot of them? Done.

    Dealing with them had cost him what little time his body had left as a mobile physical specimen. To think what he could have achieved if not for their interference...

    White Eyes resolved that he would have Eleanor, and the rest of his data, and it would be over.

    Even if the GEMINI droids were hunting her too, he would have her first.

    Kylo Ren may have killed Snoke, finally, but he would not have this victory too.

    Like any true Sith apprentice, White Eyes had to manage how much disruption they could cause to the Grand Design...

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    Osiran Tek Orrin
    S91X Pegasus, Kathol Sector, Exocron Airspace

    Osiran rarely relied heavily on the Force, but his senses seemed dulled here and he realized he used it more often than he cared to admit. He was afraid just using it would bring notice from the First Order, Snoke, and Kyloe Ren. Ren remained an even greater threat now that he was Supreme Leader,and Osiran had every intention of living.

    "You have permission to land. We would appreciate an update as to your hunt every 24 hours. Your right to remain will be revoked if you do not supply an update as requested."

    He started to reply, but his sensors blipped and was gone just as fast. His astromech, R2-J1, didn't catch the blip either. "Of course, I will be sure to keep you updated."

    As the communication broke, he was sent the coordinates to Caballa City, the Capital, much of which he already knew by research, though the exact location of where to land was not something he would have known until now.

    Exocron was covered in green. It would make tracking the barabel harder than other targets in the past. Osiran was used to urban tracking mostly, not that he hadn't had his fair share of rural tracking, as well.

    As he landed, he made sure to taxi his fighter to be oriented in the proper direction to leave in haste, should it come to that. You could never be too careful, he thought.

    Osiran checked the cargo area in the lower part of the fighter. Just big enough to put another sentient being. He hoped, with this job, he'd finally have enough to get a bigger ship to take on more jobs.

    He was approached by a few crew people at the space port. "Check her over, refuel her. Don't touch the astromech, he's a bit cranky."

    They got to work as Osiran handed over the credits to pay for their services. "Keep everything safe. I should only be gone a few days."

    The lead man, older, all white hair, approached Osiran. "You'll need to pay a docking fee for every day the ship is here. Try to leave witout paying and we'll have the fleet people shoot you down. Understand?"

    Osiran nodded. "I get it, old man. I'm just here for a job."
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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Ashban
    Aboard the Pulsar Skate, Kathol Sector

    Arriving in Kathol Sector, for Ashban, was like a ship hitting unexpected turbulence.

    In the Force, he felt dizzy as his head swam with too many sensations, there was simply too much information for him to filter all at at once, not withstanding the fact that ‘the other’ within him was also reacting to something he himself could not immediately comprehend or identify.

    The blind force user instinctively grabbed onto a nearby seat to steady himself as he half-listened to Vergere. It sounded like she was taking charge of Mr. Graul. Ashban could only nod and mutter some agreement as he attempted to forced his mind to clear. He’d have to look-in on the older gentleman when the chance presented itself.

    “Ashban, if you may appraise Eleanor of our enemy?” He heard the bird woman say amid his unsettled state.

    “Excuse me?” was about all he could manage as a response, but Vergere had already moved on, leaving him to ponder his ‘assignment’.

    Ashban resorted to a quick breathing exercise to steady himself back into focus. As he did so, he was also regaining some clarity. Was he sensing other forces users, in the vicinity? Three in fact. The Sun Guard, he could now recognize that powerful presence anywhere, should he perceive it. But who were the other two?

    He gave a long exhale, indicating the ejection of negative energy. If only it were that simple.

    After a moment, the blind man understood that others were potentially coming on board. This was good. The more force users on their side, the better, especially after what they had experienced at Chandrila, a thought which brought him back to his ‘assignment’.

    ‘Appraise Eleanor of our enemy…’

    What did the enigmatic one mean? Did she mean the Darkside of the Force? Ashban could regale the Jedi on that topic for quite a long time if need be, but that didn’t seem to be accurate. Ashban frowned at the thought of Ben Solo, the fallen inheritor of the Skywalker bloodline. The very thought of such a failure galled him, but fascinated ‘the other’ inside him. No, he didn’t know much about that, which left the Chagrian with the Sith tattoos.


    But…hadn’t she mentioned…three?

    Another long sigh. There was no use trying to force a memory when there was so much noise and interference he was trying to keep out. Still, a decision was quickly made.

    Walking up to where Eleanor was, the blind force user gave a simple nod, before stating to the young jedi: “We must talk.”

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    Mirakh Kayne
    Exocron, Kathol Sector

    The aberration watched in silence as his next victim trudged towards the monolith Mirakh Kayne had been edging towards for a few days now. He was aware of the sickly nature of the structure, but had not yet entered the inverted pyramid. His large, singular eye, blinked as he drew closer and closer to the life form he was only recently made aware of.

    Mirakh was amused as he noticed the life form recognize that she was not, in fact, alone. Mirakh then decided it was time to show himself. After all, she would need to be aware of him before he started playing his usual games.

    At first, a sickly black-green bubble appeared before Saba, an oozing ball of tar-ish slime. Then, another appeared, until there was a large cluster of these tar-like orbs, with a circular eye in the centre. Mirakh chuckled, a deep hollow laugh, sounding as though it emitted from below water, creating a strange muffled sound as he floated mid-air.

    "Little one! You look so... lost... Perhaps you stumbled into the wrong place?" Mirakh crooned, his large slimy eye blinking once. "Please, young one. Let me help you find your way home! You don't want to venture into that... thing. Who knows what it could do to one's mind..." Mirakh informed, gauging the intelligence and wisdom from the person as he engaged in conversation.

    "I wonder what your name is, and what you are? Could you tell me that?" he asked, before his hovering form backed away from Saba, as if in surprise.

    "My manners! I should introduce myself first, no? That is what young beings like you adhere to, of course? I am Mirakh Kayne, and my species is of no consequence. Now, I ask that you politely answer my question, please." Mirakh drawled, peering into the eyes of Saba.

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    IC: Vincent Mikaru
    MSSV Disparue
    Kathol Sector

    Vincent stood in the bridge of the Corvette. It was small, had only a few seats, despite the almost regality of the living areas the cockpit felt, more hodgepodge. Conduits lead from every console, even the command seat. Computer systems were put around, though clearly placed with care, they were obviously not original to the design. The Echani himself was dressed in something out of a Galactic Civil War holodrama. Corellian style pants, shirt with vest even the large blaster pistol on his hip screamed 'Han Solo fan', indeed were it not for the Echani blade and lightsaber that also hung from his belt, one would assume he was just that. A downside of rarely using this ship, was that while he had clothes, he had only a small selection.

    Vincent felt the others coming up to the bridge as he listened to Callista discuss the scans she had taken of the Skate and their offer to dock. Before he could get a word in, Tekli had asked if they could dock and group up, and Vincent gave a nod. "Bring us along side Callista, use the starboard docking port, and bring up a manifest of all of our supplies, and send to my datapad the nearest MSS Supply Station, I'd rather we use it and then send that information off to the Resistance and Republic than have the First Order take or destroy it."

    He pursed his lips, turning and starting out of the bridge, bidding the others to follow at their pleasure. He was going to meet the crew of the Skate at the airlock, and maybe, finally, come to understand why this person on the other ship felt so familiar. "Prep the med bay and the mess as well," He spoke to a small blue light that seemed to trace along the running lights of the corridor, likely a representation of the AI. "They may be injured or need food, or may just want a place to sit that's probably more comfortable than that ship is currently in it's state given all it's been through."

    And of course, he thought to himself, all they had, and were going, to go through.

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    Dec 15, 2002
    IC: Leonias Colcha
    Dream sequence, flashback to Korriban during the Disciples of Ragnos crisis
    Contact / Wait Out

    The Silver Beacon and another Spec Ops Solar Dragon-class flew side by side as they penetrated the atmosphere of Korriban. The Disciples of Ragons had a rather large patrol presence guarding the planet, and as such they were running under extreme stealth precautions. They had disabled their comms and were running at half engine power on their already thrust baffled engines in addition to the specialized stealth systems onboard their fighters. Being seen was not something they wanted.

    Leonias, here’s the deal said a deep, bombastic voice over a telepathic link, The New Republic wants us to eliminate a few targets here by any means necessary. That’s why they hired us. We don’t have the same moral restrictions as they need to adhere to in order to keep up a clean image. I know this might be a bit much to put you through for your first mission, but my training wasn’t any less brutal and you’re my successor. It is my duty to pass down my experience to you as authentically as I can.

    Yes father, replied a much younger adolescent Leonias, I will follow your lead, as you follow the light of the twin suns.


    Proximity klaxons blared as the two stealthed fighters were hit by laser cannon fire. Somehow the Disciples of Ragnos had been able to see through their stealth measures.

    Then Leonias woke from his dream, as the klaxons just turned out to be the intercom chime aboard the Disparue announcing the ship had exited hyperspace. He grinned a little as he arose from his bed. He’s dreamed about that day many times before, and he’s glad that he woke up at that point, because it’s right before things started to get really bad. Needless to say, Leonias’ first mission nearly ended in disaster as soon as it started because he was still struggling to learn The Art of the Small at the time. The mission depended on it and his father trusted his ability to master it and he let him down.

    Then he felt it. A large gathering of Force Users. Some familiar, some not, but he could not sense hostility from any of them. Most notably, he could feel his ship again. Oh good. Beacon made it after all, he thought to himself, I was beginning to worry after that rather hasty pickup.

    Gathering his belongings from the edge of the bed, Leonias headed out to see if he could find a mess hall or something of the sort. If he was going to keep fighting, he would need more than just sleep to refuel him.

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    Meanwhile... (small bit of exposition with no tag, approved by Sinre)

    IC: Thychani Commander Zhast
    Overlooking Hanna City Spaceport
    Inside the Wire

    Zhast's massive frame hulked over in a kneeling position looking towards the nearby spaceport below, his electrum plated Sun Guard armor twinkling as the city lights leaked into the windows of the abandoned building they were hiding in. His white cape billowing as he got up and turned around to face the numerous Sun Guard behind him.

    "Alright Legion, here's the deal," he began, his voice gruff and weary but resilient, sounding to have countless years of age and wisdom behind it, "Today we get to leave. I know you all had signed on expecting you'd die here, but it has been decided that what's left of us is needed to fight another day. The Platinum Maze and Twilight Cathedral are already on their way to pick us up at the Spaceport. We just have to clear the LZ and hold it long enough to load both ships and leave. Understood?"

    The Sun Guard merely grunted in reply, nodding their heads affirmatively.

    Zhast rose, igniting a gold bladed crossguard greatsaber in one hand and readying an electrum plated blast shield in the other.

    "It's a decent fall from here to the roof of the spaceport, but our armor should be able to shield us from the impact as long as we remember or training and land on our feet. Let's go."

    The Sun Guard advanced under the cover of night quickly, jumping from one rooftop to another, all landing in perfect harmony.

    On the rooftop, Zhast addressed the troops again.

    "I'll take point. Wait for my signal to engage."

    He then reached out with the Force, focusing on the roof directly below him, he looked for any flaws and imperfections he could find with it, and poured raw energy into them.

    It started to crack slowly, and then suddenly the roof below him shattered into pieces, somehow staying intact in the area around him.

    Falling through, he landed to the ground in front of a lone First Order officer at a console.

    "Excuse me," he said to the officer, pointing his blade at him and projecting towards him telepathically, "I do think that you'll be disabling your comms for me now."

    "I do think that I'll be disabling my comms for you now," replied the officer nervously, as if in a trance. His fingers tapped against the control panel as he entered a shutdown command.

    Zhast continued. "You have been rewarded for your service and are granted leave. You will return to your quarters."

    "I have been rewarded for my service and am granted leave. I will return to my quarters."

    The trooper got up and left his console, effectively vacating the immediate vicinity of any First Order presence.

    After he left, Zhast reached out again, and the lights flickered slightly, as he used them to signal his troops to come through the hole. One by one they descended from weapon mounted cables, until they had all finally gathered.

    Moments later, they approached the hangar bay doors, and as they were spotted by the two troopers guarding them, alarm klaxons began to blare. Outnumbered, the two stormtroopers opted to instead run, and they were quickly shot down by solar ionization rifle blasts.

    They quickly ran into the hangar bay to wait for the Platinum Maze, but then the other door opened as Stormtroopers began to pour through it and the one the Sun Guard just came through and began firing and setting up an E-Web.

    Caught by surprise, several Sun Guard were knocked down by blaster fire, as Zhast used his blast shield and saber to deflect as many bolts as he could, trying the best he could to hold them off.

    Then the E-Web opened fire, targeting him, the biggest target. At first he managed to stand firm, but you can only hold off repeating blaster fire with a blast shield for so long. The electrum plated shield finally wore down and chipped in half, as the continued fire ripped into his now unprotected left side. Tearing through his armor in what would have been a fatal blow for any other species, instead of falling to the ground dead, sinewy muscle broke through the shattered armor like tentacles, expanding and shooting forth towards the offending weapon. The E-Web was seized by the massive tendril of muscle and hurled towards a group of Stormtroopers, exploding as it hit the ground, killing the troopers instantly.

    At that same moment, a pitch black Gemini-class Corvette came into the hangar suddenly and the entry ramp dropped. On the ramp was a man in an amalgamation of cybernetics and heavily customized Sun Guard armor and what looked to be a cybernetic husk of what used to be a living black Nexu, preserved beyond its natural lifespan and essentially becoming an articicial version of its former self.

    "Alright Captain Fluffles," said the cyborg Sun Guard, "Sic em!"

    The droid Nexu leapt forth with terrifying velocity, shield generators deflecting blaster fire as he pounced on a group of Stormtropers, tearing through and dismembering them with his vibrosaw talons. Rotary blaster cannons mounted on his rear haunches swiveled and pointed in the direction of several more, mowing them down as his master floated down to ground level.

    "Took you long enough, Twisuns Praetor Durame," scoffed Zhast as he stretched himself out, shedding his armor to reveal a Gen'Dai underneath. As he stretched out, he formed a wall between the Stormtroopers and the Platinum Maze as it landed. The first squadron of Sun Guard entered the ramp as it did, taking advantage of the humanoid shield.

    Durame removed the brim from atop his helmet and nodded towards his incorporeal friend, revealing a Borg Construct Aj^6. He then threw it like a frisbee towards a dataport near the door, and it spun for a while, but then it stopped as repulsorlifts kicked in and lights turned on revealing it was a droid.

    Four Stormtroopers took aim at it as they were hit by covering fire from Durame, nailing them in the head with his DeathHammer pistols and pop out blasters hidden in his cybernetic arms. The droid made it to the dataport and began to work, extending a scomplink into the port. A few minutes and a few more dead Stormtroopers later and the doors were closed, temporarily holding off the First Order for the time being.

    "Alright, finish off what's left and we're clear to go," replied Durame as his Droid flew back to him, shooting down a couple more Stormtroopers as they took aim at it, "Lets just hope that these doors stay closed long enough for the Twilight Cathedral. If not, I suppose Niron can handle it. He is basically me, after all."

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Eleanor Magnus
    Aboard the Pulsar Skate, Kathol Sector

    Eleanor felt her heart beat calm down as the others took control of the situation. She glanced up at Ashban as he spoke to her, wanting to talk and nodded, not trusting herself to speak. How are we supposed to beat an army like that? I've never seen so many ships. And that man, he seems so broken. Eleanor wondered just what they needed to speak about, and motioned her hand so she and Ashban could speak privately. "Let's go over here, I have a feeling what you need to speak to me about shouldn't be overheard."

    She turned to face him, and crossed her arms. "What is it? Has something happened? Everything seems to muddled..." Eleanor turned away and looked uncomfortable. Why does everything feel so clouded?

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Ashban
    Aboard the Pulsar Skate, Kathol Sector

    The blind man regarded the young jedi before him, sensing her churning discomfort. Eleanor's aura, her body language, even her words betrayed her feelings. How then, could he engage her in a conversation that would further trouble her?

    Ashban felt the ‘other’ inside him about to lead him into a disparaging line of thinking, and he immediately willed himself to stifle such thoughts. He was not about to do the darkside any favors at this moment.

    To that end, he shelved the original topic he had in mind and focused on something far more important.

    “How are you holding up?” He asked with genuine concern. “You seemed shaken earlier, and though we are not very well acquainted, I just wish you to know I’m available to you, even if it’s just to join in contemplative meditation, or to share a word of encouragement. Remember the Jedi code in times of distress.”

    They had all just come away from an intense battle over Chandrila. It was to be expected that some would be shaken. After all, if he was honest with himself, he would recall several experiences in his own storied past, where his own nerve and self-assurance had been stretched thin.

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Eleanor Magnus
    Aboard the Pulsar Skate, Kathol Sector

    "Thank you." Eleanor replied, looking at him. She still felt nervous, but she admitted that the Jedi Code probably would help her relax. She sighed slightly and rubbed the back of her neck. "I just want to do the right thing. Most of my life I've spent with the Jedi Order, and the way they teach about living for others, it's hard to let go of that." Eleanor looked worried. "Compassion is encouraged, and a Jedi's life should revolve around helping. But who am I helping by running away?" She stared at Ashban. "It's just hard to watch the galaxy fall apart, and being unable to do anything to stop it!"

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Ashban
    Aboard the Pulsar Skate, Kathol Sector

    The blind man smiled once he sensed the young woman allowing herself to relax. It was a step in the right direction.

    “Never lose hope, never stop fighting the good fight.” He said to her, his words clearly carrying a much deeper meaning than what was being said on the surface.

    “When you make mistakes, learn from them, but don’t stop. Just get up and go again. Actively opposing darkness is hardly ‘not doing’ anything, and feeling ‘helpless’ is a waste of time and energy.”

    At that last bit, he did chuckle despite himself as a memory darted into his mind and then back out again.

    “…And you see...” With a hand, he gestured broadly. “The Force is already sending us allies in this battle against darkness. We must make ready to welcome them, yes?”

    Ashban spoke of the force signatures he was sensing, the ones that in moments would be coming onboard. These force users definitely felt ‘friendly’ to their cause.

    “Let’s meet them together Eleanor Magnus.”

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    IC: Tekli
    Boarding the Pulsar Skate, Kathol Outback

    There was not much to be said about the Pulsar Skate, but Tekli briefly summarised to Vincent that it had belonged to Mirax Horn, the wife of Jedi Master Corran Horn. But now Master Horn was missing, much like the other Jedi Masters who had opted to bury themselves in hiding since Ben destroyed the Jedi Academy. It was not a pleasant reminder, but she clearly sensed that neither Horn - nor their children, Valin and Jysella, themselves Jedi Knights - were evident.

    But there were Force users, of course.

    There wasn't time when they reconnected with Leonias for him to describe what he knew of the crew, as the astromech - Whistler - issued an interrogative and sidled the Skate up to the Disparue. Callista made the preparations she was requested to, and Scut padded down to the docking port with Eleanor and Ashban with a sigh. "I may as well get out of the way that I'm a Yuuzhan Vong and not a bad one, but a good one. It's only been a decade."

    That left Vergere in discussion with Aryan, of course, sorting through his mind and memories.

    TAG: @Kahn_Iceay, @Kev-Mas_Colcha, @TheSilentInfluence, @greyjedi125 (four way combo with me as NPC Scut), @HanSolo29 (for us to continue)
    IC: Saba Sebatyne

    Exocron, Wastes

    It took all of her willpower to avoid killing the creature outright, her dorsal spines rigid and tail tense. Saba had seen a great deal, including Abeloth, a creature which defied shape and conformity and sanity, but this... sentience, it was truly unique.

    "Little one! You look so... lost... Perhaps you stumbled into the wrong place?"
    The floating... eye... had crooned, his large slimy eye blinking once. "Please, young one. Let me help you find your way home! You don't want to venture into that... thing. Who knows what it could do to one's mind..." Saba was reminded of Threepio, the golden Protocol Droid which served the Skywalker-Solo clan. There was certainly a prissy quality to its - his? - voice, after all.

    "I wonder what your name is, and what you are? Could you tell me that?" he asked, before his hovering form backed away from Saba, as if in surprise. Sabe tensed again, and nearly jumped the creature, but forced herself to be calm.

    "My manners! I should introduce myself first, no? That is what young beings like you adhere to, of course? I am Mirakh Kayne, and my species is of no consequence. Now, I ask that you politely answer my question, please."

    Very droid-like.

    Saba sucked in her saliva, which was a bit more present due to the heat of this part of the world and the fact her jaw had gone slack as the creature spoke to her. "I am Jedi Mazter Saba Sebatyne," she said, practised in keeping the z out of the s in her name in Basic. "I am here inveztigating an anomaly in the Force." She lifted a hand and pointed at the Temple and its strange construction.

    "That. What can you tell me about it, Mirakh Kayne," Saba said, carefully.

    TAG: @Master Vo'Un'Var
    Caballa City, Exocron

    As with every bounty hunt, the first thing R2-J1 did was remotely access the local data-net. Sometimes, their target was actually under a warrant on the world they arrived on - a lucky break, to be sure, but not impossible. But here, that wasn't the case. They did however have the advantage of the target being a Barabel, which was not an especially simple species to hide in plain sight. But even then, R2-J1 reported to Osiran that there were no records of a Barabel within the native population.

    There was an entry about a unauthorised landing some months ago...

    It had arrived from hyperspace far too close to the planet, and then before the orbital fleet could say much to it, crashed into the atmosphere and gone down in flames in the Wastes. A single fly-over was made of the approximate location, but no landing party was dispatched and it had been simply filed as an unknown. But R2 had no record of any wreckage being found, either. The jungle had consumed the arrival, and R2 could only trace a location from where they presently were to the jungle , but there was no notes of any landing zone that could accommodate them.

    While the astromech supplied Osiran with the locations of various speeder-hire and expedition groups, a small voice, but also firmly male and basso, spoke up to Osiran.

    Who are you? You feel like a Jedi, but those that Dwell Behind the Veil did not foresee your coming.

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  16. E. L.Knight

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    Dec 4, 2012
    Osiran Tek Orrin
    Caballa City, Exocron

    Osiran's datapad beeped as R2-J1 finished the scan of the data-net. Curious. He made a note of the location of the downed ship. R2-J1 had also made sure that he had information on local groups that could get Osiran out to the location. R2 would stay back with the ship, though. The jungle was too thick to allow an astrommech to safely travel through.

    Their relationship was an odd one though. Osiran hadn't wanted a droid, infact it had come with the ship. He was on a job on Corellia, a simple delivery of some hard to find contraband. He hadn't asked what was in the packages, he didn't care.

    That's when the job went from simple to complicated. He was double crossed and they tried to kill him rather than pay him. Osiran had been using a Clone Z-95 Headhunter, but it got blown to bits by his new employers. Luckily the deal was going down in a junkyard. There sat the Pegasus. He'd never heard of this model of ship before, but he really liked the design.

    As he made his way to the ship, R2-J1 came rolling out. The damn little thing had a mouth on it too. He cursed like a soldier. Something he must have picked up as an Imperial astromech. Osiran was impressed that the little guy hadn't been scrapped. As he had climbed into the Pegasus, R2-J1 locked it's self into it's socket on the ship and quickly let Osiran know he would not be taking the ship. Now, for most, this would have been a moment of comedy, but Osiran could see the fraking guys trying to kill him closing in.

    The droid and he came to an agreement. R2-J1 would let him take the ship, but only if Osiran never came back to Corellia. Osiran agreed, but only becasue he wanted to live. Since then, the droid had proven himself a 1,000 times over. So now the two worked as a team.

    Osiran never asked why the droid insisted on never going back to Corellia, it made little difference to him, honestly.

    His tohughts wre interrupted, though, by a voice. Who are you? You feel like a Jedi, but those that Dwell Behind the Veil did not foresee your coming.

    "There are no Jedi, and I resent the implication, sir."

    Osiran could feel the lightsaber at his back. He rarely used it, but he always carried it. He instinctively let his left hand rest on the butt of his blaster.

    'And who might you be?"
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  17. Master Vo

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    Mar 19, 2017
    Mirakh Kayne
    Exocron, Wastes

    "A Jedi Master!" Mirakh exclaimed in delight, his hovering form bouncing slightly in excitement. "How wonderfully delicious!" He leered at the creature, before turning to the odd construction.

    "That? Why, I am not quite so sure myself, hard to believe I know... You don't plan to go in there do you? Not alone surely... Perhaps I should come and help you, in case of any possible... danger..." he finished, his floating form lazily drifting from side to side as he spoke.

    "I must say, it reeks of... uncertainty..." he drawled, rolling every R that he spat out. His large eye refocused on Saba, narrowing slightly.

    "Perhaps you could inform me of what you want with it, little Saba Sebatyne..."

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC:Ashban, Eleanor, Leonias, Scut, Tekli & Vincent
    Boarding the Pulsar Skate, Kathol Outback

    Ashban could not remember the last time he was in the presence of so many force users. He felt both excitement and uncertainty wash over him; a near forgotten juvenile sentiment for someone with his living experience. He had never encountered a 'Vong' before, so that was a new experience entirely. His long torturous imprisonment had occurred a few months prior, and lasted long after the Song Invasion- those thoughts however, he kept safely locked away.

    The blind man walked with Eleanor towards the ship's docking port, measured steps resounded rhythmically down the ship's corridor. As they went, Ashban perceived a particular 'empty' spot in his senses, which he had now associated with Scut. He didn't think he could quite get used to that- but that also was not a subject for the present.

    "This is a hallmark moment." He observed, speaking the words aloud to settle himself more than anything else. "Alas, Vergereshould be here." He lamented, but also mentally conceded that the bird woman had a great responsibility on her hands, concerning the man named Aryan...for in Aryan, Ashban saw a possibility for his own future.

    'Focus on our guests' He chided himself internally. 'The Force is with us today.'

    And so, Ashban readied himself and patiently waited for the auspicious moment to materialize.
    Eleanor felt the warm sensation of the force wash over her, and she looked curious. She didn't remember the last time she had been around this many force users. The Jedi Temple maybe? She felt even more curious at the appearance of the Yuuzhan Vong. Her Master had taught her about them, how she had fought against them and Eleanor couldn't help but feel a little nervous. He seems okay, but what if it's a trap?

    She frowned a little, more out of nervousness then anything and looked over at Ashban, not sure what to make of this situation before she looked back at the Yuuzhan Vong. "Why are you here?" Eleanor asked politely. "I mean, were...uh not exactly on the best of terms with you're people."

    Had he eyes, Ashban's would have grown twice in size at Eleanor's question, though he did raise an eyebrow.

    Oh, the question had merit, indeed and of course, but the timing of it could have been better. Still, he opted to say nothing as he was sure Scut was probably used to it as much as he was used to questions about his blindfold. A soft chuckle did escape his lips as he refocused on those coming on board.

    Scut chuckled. "I'm a former Shamed One. The Jedi redeemed by people, and helped us overthrow our oppressors. Now I'm an Extolled One. I served in Wraith Squadron for a couple years; before, y'know, everything went to kark."

    He was very, very tall, for a human, but ordinary height for a Yuuzhan Vong, and he made a curious passenger. "I was helping Mirax Horn track down scattered Jedi. Quite a few have been hunted down since the Jedi school was destroyed..." His voice trailed of.

    "But I didn't expect to find you, let alone so many other Force users." The Yuuzhan Vong eyed the three that arrived. "Nor, Tekli, was it?" The small Chadra-Fan twitched a nose.

    "The Force truly works in mysterious ways," the Jedi Knight gestured to the others with her. "Vincent Mikaru, and Leonias Colcha I gather you know anyway." She looked at Eleanor, wide-eyed. "Eleanor! You've been missing for so long!" She dashed over to place her hands on Eleanor's arm. "Where have you been?"

    Of course, Eleanor wouldn't know.

    Scut's expression did something odd, which was within Ashban's peripheral vision, and of course directly in that of Vincent and Leonias.

    Vincent stood at the edge of the airlock, hands at his hip as he surveyed the group. Being around Force Users was not unusual for him, given his history as a Firedancer but, being around a Yuuzhan Vong, that was an interesting experience. His eyes looked about the bit of the Skate visible from the entry way, and he nodded slightly to himself. The ship was worn, but seemingly well taken care of, it's recent adventures not withstanding.

    "I am the CEO of the Mikaru Security Solutions paramilitary company." He added on, not wanting to regale them with all of his added titles and honorifics like he had Tekli. His eyes fell on Scut, and he surveyed him curiously, having in truth never meeting a member of his species in person. "I've supplies onboard if you need them, and a location of a place we can go to to repair if necessary... That said I assume there's some sort of plan at play here?"

    Leonias nodded at the others in greeting, and then offered his input.

    "The Sun Guard are anticipating a retaliatory First Order assault on Thyrsus, so unfortunately I'm unable to provide any more reinforcements to the cause and they're all being allocated to defending our home."

    He paused for a moment as he collected his thoughts, and continued.

    "That being said, I believe our top priority is to protect what's left of the Jedi. To that end I can offer asylum on one of the Sun Guard worlds in wild space, far from galactic civilization, making for a good hiding place, especially since it comes with the added protection of the Sun Guard. However, there still remains the problem of getting there. It's not exactly a short trip from anywhere in the Galaxy and the distance means there's a chance of being caught before you get to your destination."

    “Well, it’s a delight to meet you all and have you in one place, I am known simply as Ashban.”

    The blind man said as way of introduction.

    “Master Clocha.” He nodded, starting with the most senior and most familiar to him.

    “Uhm...Master Jedi. He intoned to the diminutive one.

    “Master Mikaru.” He said respectfully to the young man with the noble bearing.

    Ashban did notice the small one’s nose when it twitched, as well as Scut’s odd facial expression, but could not say if the two events were in any way connected. Admittedly, he was inwardly happy for Eleanor who in his estimation, needed someone familiar to be with her in these moments, especially after Chandrila, which left her shaken.

    Silently, the former Jedi listened to both Master Mikaru and Master Colcha and nodded wordlessly, opting to speak only after they had spoken.

    "Scut and Eleanor, respectively." Ashban managed to introduce the two with him in a brief manner, since he was uncertain if everyone was already acquainted.

    “These are both welcomed suggestions you have made and I support them, though I don’t know how we would ever repay you for your kindness…”

    A pause and a nod is given.

    “Still, there’s an additional member of our crew that must be consulted. Vergere, whom Master Colcha is already acquainted with. She is presently our de facto leader and has the strongest connection in the force amongst us. At the moment she is attending a new arrival who's in need of succor. I believe we must consult with her before any final agreements are made, yes?”

    Ashban contained his excitement at the thought of what was being proposed. A Sanctuary for jedi would be a dream come true.

    “But please, come, let’s make ourselves comfortable in the ship’s lounge. I could then see about inviting Vergere join us.”

    The blind man gestured to be followed, then proceeded to move forth.

    Eleanor listened, feeling a little embarrassed though she didn't think the question was rude. She nodded at his explanation, and felt curious. Perhaps she would ask him more about his people later. He didn't seem so bad. Although she wondered what Master Octa would think of this.

    "Hello." Eleanor greeted the others, and felt surprise ripple through the force at the Jedi that came rushing towards her, grabbing her arm. "It's nice to see you again Master." Eleanor said respectfully, feeling elated that there was someone alive from the Jedi Temple. She frowned at the question, and shook her head. "I'm sorry, I just...I don't remember anything that happened. I don't even remember setting out for my mission." Eleanor felt a twinge of guilt, because she wanted to know what she had done. All that time. Gone.

    Tekli nodded. "That's understandable. Trauma would have that effect. Master Cilghal and I were working undercover as nurses in a retirement home. Lots of dementia." Her whiskers twitched. "She stayed behind to coordinate the Resistance, but I know that she pushed one of our Force-sensitive patients aboard before she left... a Mr Aryan Graul?"

    Scut nodded. "He's with Vergere." The Yuuzhan Vong looked down at Vincent. "I don't know if Leonias said, but we're trying to regroup the Jedi Order. Now the First Order's threat is in the open, it's time to reunite the Order. Master Durron had a datapad in his possession which told us where Masters Cilghal, Sabetyne and Solo are. Once we have the Masters with us, we can track down the Resistance and add the weight of the Force to things."

    "Admirable," Tekli said, looking to the others. "We can all offer something to this mission - we all have our part to play in the story." She nodded to Leonias and Vincent. "Not just fleets, armies, or fancy-mid-life-crisis tech, but a camaraderie."

    She paused a bit. "Hang on, did you say Vergere? You have a Sith aboard?"

    Eleanor nodded, and listened to every word that Master Tekli was saying, about the Jedi Order potentially being brought back, and picked up on Master Solo's name. It had been a long time, and for a moment Eleanor thought about what being apart of a Jedi Order again would feel like. Where would they have an academy? But it wouldn't be safe unless the First Order was gone. She wondered what part she had to play.

    A Sith? "A Sith...really?" Eleanor answered quickly, concerned. "Whistler and I, my droid...and Vergere; we were the only ones on board the Pulsar Skate when I awoke." She tilted her head and frowned, looking contemplative. But what would have happened if she hadn't been there? Would I have been captured?

    "Who cares if she's a Sith?," interjected Leonias, "Regardless of her religion, she is perhaps the one individual most responsible for all you Jedi being still alive. It should have been obvious by now that the Force does not pick sides. It's time we stopped as well. Your survival is at stake here. You have no time or place for zealotry."

    "Well said." Ashban put in after a beat. He whole heartedly agreed, but tried not to appear too celebratory or as if he were picking sides. Such base demonstrations would only undermine the very sentiments Master Leonias was making.

    "Allow me to inform her that we are all aboard and wish to confer with her."

    Not wasting another moment, Ashban went ahead towards the location where he sensed both Vergere and Mr. Aryan Graul.
    He hoped he wouldn't find himself interrupting anything important.

    "I have sensed no ill intent from anyone on this ship, so I see no need to fret Tekli." Vincent had his hands clasped behind his back, striding after the group, eyes taking in every detail of the ship, famous as it was. "Besides as I mentioned in our little flight together that there are no sides to the force, only the force itself and the intent of the user." He really didn't want to get philosophical with the beliefs and precepts of the Firedancers but he did hold true to them. "I say we meet this Vergere, and we go from there, we are all on the same boat after all. Or well, starship."

    In but a few moments Ashban found himself at Vergere and Aryan's location.

    "Pardon the interruption, Vergere, but our congregation of Force Users is here." He announced easily. His blind folded gaze turned to regard Mr. Aryan Graul for a moment, then returned to Vergere.

    "Will you be coming along?"

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    The following is a combo with Sinrebirth:

    IC: Aryan Graul and Vergere (and mention of Ashban at the end)

    Aboard the Pulsar Skate

    "After Kathol, we will take you home."

    Despite the uncertainty surrounding the bird creature – she was a stranger to him, after all – her words flooded Aryan with relief. Perhaps it was the melodic tone of her voice or the gentle, almost lovable nature of her avian features leading him into a false sense of security, but either way, he had found an inkling of hope. No one had ever promised to take him home before.

    Not even Cilghal.

    That thought strengthened his resolve and ultimately spurred him into action. Leaning forward against the bench for leverage, Aryan slowly staggered to his feet and began to follow the bird creature toward the passenger quarters of the ship. He was completely submissive as he shuffled along at an awkward, uneven gait. In truth, he did not want to squander this opportunity.

    “I, uh...I want to thank you,” he uttered in a quiet murmur once they were out of earshot of the others, his words slightly slurred due to his mental deficiencies. “I thought that if I waited there – at the Cottage, my family would come for me. I've been there for years, but they've never shown up. That's a long time for anyone to wait. At least now I can go directly to them. They’ll be surprised to see me.”

    He was beginning to ramble by this point, a product of his delirious mind. “My grandchildren, Rylla and Bren, and my wife–umm, my wife...Ashaiya.” It did not occur to him that he had actually recalled his mother’s name. From his perspective, it sounded correct.

    “And Arek,” Aryan whispered after a brief pause, his brow furrowing with consternation. “My son. He’s back on Nubia as well. He’ll never leave me again.”

    Vergere nodded slowly. "Of course, of course." She reached out for him with her hand, the cold-skin touching the back of his own hand. "I am sure." The Force flowed from her to him, and there was a flash of memory. Of a hand reaching out of the shadows and holding Aryan afloat; then pain - fiery, terrible, incredible, monstrous pain.

    This was different from before; this was one of his memories.

    There were others flitting in-between; a team. A squadron he had belonged to... and then a flash of light, immense and impossible, and a hundred thousand cries.

    A cloying... creature, surrounding him and pulling his arms taut, crushing his ankles against each other, smaller insectile things crawling over his naked form, tugging at his hairs, with all he can sense is an intense, intense, stare.

    Vergere drew him back to the moment before a mass of horror. She held him there, for a moment, and in her free hand, a mass of black energy was in her palm. "Ah yes. I can see the trauma. Apologies for taking advantage of your brief pause, but I thought a Nightsister or even Theran Listener technique might assist."

    She hefted the swirling darkness. "This is your pain. A memory, covering an event twenty-odd years ago... which was reactivated relatively recently..." Vergere paused. "It will cost you something, but it may help with these... episodes of yours."

    There was a gasp, and Aryan’s eyes snapped open with startling clarity. He was resting upon the cold deckplates of the ship’s rear hold, his arms and legs splayed out beneath him at awkward angles. He must’ve fallen at some point, though he couldn’t remember the incident itself. All he knew was that it wasn’t natural, the uncomfortable position inducing a wave of pain that presently rendered him speechless.

    And yet, he wasn’t entirely convinced that his aged body was the source of his current predicament. Something else had transpired in the short time it had taken him to retreat from the cockpit. It was as if his pain was residual from an event he had recently experienced.

    That’s when he noticed the bird creature hovering nearby, a roiling black mass suspended between her open palms. He stared at it for a long moment, utterly transfixed by its many intricacies as he wondered about its purpose. It wasn’t until she offered an explanation – that the orb contained his past trauma and that she could aid him in his recovery – that he sought her face.

    Even as he scrambled to pick himself up from his vulnerable spot on the ground, he perceived a distant echo; a silent vibration that triggered a series of lingering memories at the back of his mind. It was like a window into the past, but instead of the usual suffering that accompanied these distinct images, he found only calm acceptance. He felt more…in control.

    What had happened to cause this change?

    Aryan parted his lips to speak, but no words would come forth. It was a distressing moment, but he soon pulled himself together to offer a simple nod in response to her proposition – yes, he wanted to accept her help.

    But before the bird-woman could respond, the door slid aside to admit Ashban, the blind man he had met earlier. "Pardon the interruption, Vergere, but our congregation of Force Users is here.”

    Aryan slowly settled into a sitting position and narrowed his eyes curiously. With his newfound awareness, he simply observed the man and silently took in the nuances of his visage. Surprisingly, he did not feel the urge to recoil from his presence.

    "Will you be coming along?"

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    IC: Vergere

    "Will you be coming along?"

    When the Fosh stepped through the doorway, Vergere eyed the collected Force users. Her eyes found Tekli, who had a lightsaber in hand. "Ah yes."

    "You're a Sith."

    "What is a Sith," Vergere replied, evenly, eyeing the others. A wry human-like grin she delivered to Eleanor; to Ashban a feline twitch of her whiskers; to Leonias, a predatory bird like stare as she lowered her beak... to Vincent her crest flared, a variety of colours, and her eyes twitched from Eleanor back to him, before she continued to speak. Scut she ignored.

    "Words fail us; everything I tell you is a lie... I cannot explain to you what happened, save for that the three Sith we need worry about... the Cyborg... the Warlock... and the Traitor..." Her crest turned red to that. "One is dead, and two live; one, he pursues us even now." She didn't opt to reveal that Ashban knew all this, but she spared a glance at him.

    Vergere shrugged. "If I was a Sith, then I am not now. But with the Jedi scattered, and the galaxy under siege by a man-child with incredible power..." She fluttered her hand, as if discarding a notion. "Kylo Ren seeks to destroy both the Jedi and the Sith, and chooses to be neither; to be above you all."

    She stepped into the middle of them all. In her palm appeared a spectral darkness. "I have just taken from our other passenger," Vergere said, eyeing Aryan Graul, "his psychic trauma. A torture session at the hands of a man that could only have been Snoke, who is now dead, of course - so I gather."

    A slight chuckle. "I have counselled Ashban on his pain... nurtured Eleanor's mystery about her past..." Vergere smiled; a human-smile. "Perhaps my actions speak louder than words, no?"

    "But if I was a Sith, then I would take this trauma, and shove it in... say, you, Tekli, and use the ensuring madness to stage a daring escape. Because we all know that the Sith are simply Sabers and dramatic Dark Lords." Vergere drew the memories into herself.

    "I am here to help; in ways you do not know." She peered at them. "Do you accept me as I am?"

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    IC: Saba Sabatyne

    Exocron, Wastes

    "Perhaps you could inform me of what you want with it, little Saba Sebatyne..."

    Mirakh was an odd creature, but it was enthusiastic, even curious. Saba judged that it was a young member of its species... perhaps even immature. It may be old, but older species matured at much slower rates - like Hutts, or whatever Master Yoda had been. She decided to trust him, notwithstanding that its drawl of the R's in words was far too close to her own abuse of the S.

    "Stinkz of the dark side, it does," Saba said, checking her lightsaber for a moment. "Inveztigating the darknesz behind the war, I am. The long hunt for the truth behind what befallz uz now." She stepped through the foliage, intending to cross the debris and broken ships strewn across the front of the monolith temple.

    The ground ripped apart, and Saba suddenly realised the reason for the slippery sensation within the Force.

    It was a Taozin.

    She recognised these monstrosities from the Holocrons back in the Jedi Temple... from before the attack by Ben Solo had changed everything.


    Saba held off igniting her blade; it would allow her to be detected - the creature screamed at her, and launched itself at her and Mirakh -

    She leapt off to the left, coiled her feet beneath her body, and leapt up, claws bared -

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    Exocron, City

    The voice did not reply to Osiran. There was a faint sense of amusement, from the direction of the cloud in the sky that was the Kathol Rift. Then there was a great pulse into the Force - a feral rip that burst outward - utter glee that would tell the bounty hunter precisely who was here.

    Master Saba.

    A Barabel.

    Also not foreseen... the Old Ones will not be happy that the future is so unwritten.

    Then the connection disconnected, and an almighty roar echoed across City...

    ... from the direction his droid had suggested.

    There was a wave of screams of panic, but the threat was clearly further away than not, to the trained ear.

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    IC: Vincent Mikaru
    Pulsar Skate

    "What is a Sith?" Vincent asked, not actually looking at anybody, instead looking along the wall of the lounge, shelves, counters, keepsakes. Taking in history. "Sith is a title, a meaningless one that's lost it's umph. It's a counter balance, to the point of having the exact same amount of letters. Sith. Jedi. One is what the other isn't, just proposals of light and dark." He turned, clasping is hands behind his back, "I am Vincent Mikaru, Firedancer, and spoiled rich kid. I helped in your escape and now sit and offer assistance. Yet I am also Heir Apparent of Lord Kallig, Dark Lord of the Sith, does this change your view of me? Or is it just words?"

    He closed his eyes, taking in a breath. When did he become so, philosophical? Had his master's tendency to wax poetic truly rubbed off on him that much? "Those that have traveled with our feathered friend here, have you had any reason to believe her evil? Do you trust your interpretations of her character?" He turned his eyes to the Fosh, his eyes seeming to glare through her, scanning up and down. "Echani are known for a few things, one is our ability to read people by simply seeing how they are. It is hard to hide the true subtle aspects of ones body language. I see worry, I see anger, frustrations, and sadness, and one need not be Echani to sense the sarcasm." His eyes narrowed, silver locking on red. "But I do not see lies, at least not in their intention."

    He gave a shrug, "The enemy of my enemy is my enemy, but they may yet be a better if strange bedfellow."

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    IC: Ashban
    Pulsar Skate

    ”You’re a Sith.”

    The accusation was made and a witch trial immediately ensued.

    In what he’d come to learn to be her customary fashion, Vergere presented her defense with didactic precission. She had been a Sith, but she was a Sith no longer. Instead she was helping them collect the lost Jedi. Why could they not see that simple fact?

    Ashban himself had been a Jedi, but was a jedi no longer. But what was Ashban now, if not sometimes Ashmet?

    The blind force user kept his counsel for the moment, though he did take a step closer to Vergere in silent solidarity, but also, because she had purged darkness from Aryan Graul. Ashban was silently astounded by this and his heart skipped with hope. Perhaps she could do the same for him?

    She had taken what darkness she’d pulled from the older force user and taken it into herself without ill-effects. Indeed, she was powerful, maybe, just maybe he could finally be rid of his darker self.

    No doubt Ashmet would refuse to go quietly into the night. Ashban could almost feel the other begin to stir, so he quickly changed his line of thinking.

    Young Mikaru spoke well and made very valid points, despite being a recent arrival and an unfamiliar presence. Ashban regarded Sun Guard Colcha, who like him, found such Force distinctions unprofitable.

    Perhaps his words could set this matter to rest once and for all and bring assurance to the two doubting Jedi.

    There was still a lot of work to be done and no time to waste on petty matters.

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    IC: Eleanor Magnus
    Pulsar Skate

    Eleanor felt largely out of place. So she really was a Sith. Eleanor wasn't sure what to make of that information, even though Vergere had tried to assure them that Kylo Ren wanted them all dead the same. But, what if she tries to turn me to the darkside. I can't abandon the Jedi Order if they want to rebuild. But she still saved my life. Eleanor frowned a little, and shook her head. "I don't trust anyone much lately." Eleanor pointed out, and she stood back a little. "But I also think that taking down the First Order should be our priority. People have suffered enough at their hands." She looked at Master Takli, "We all have. Maybe it's time we turn the tide, and figure out the best way to help take them down." She looked troubled for a moment at the thought of an all out War, but if they could have a chance to beat the First Order once and for all, wouldn't the galaxy be a little safer.

    I wish I had completed my training. Maybe then I would have a clearer picture on what to do.

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    IC: Leonias Colcha
    Pulsar Skate

    Leonias eyed the others in the room before turning his attention to Vergere and began a very long history lesson.

    "Being a Sun Guard and son of Kev-Mas Colcha, I have every reason not to trust a Sith. It was Darth Plagueis who perverted our prophecies in order to manipulate us into serving him, then his apprentice, Darth Sidious, whom you might know better as the late Emperor Palpatine, who discarded them in the Clone Wars, all but destroying the ancient group of warriors. My father was most likely one of the last original Sun Guard to escape that fate, having been forced into serving Sidious after defying him with a Sith talisman that reduced him to nothing more than a mindslave, serving Sidious for over forty years until the second death star was destroyed and the connection was severed by death."

    "However," he said as he removed his saber pikes from his back, slamming them down on the floor with a resounding thud, volume amplified slightly for effect with the Force, "These weapons tell a different story. They are far more than just family heirlooms. They tell a story that begins over three and a half millennia ago, in the midst of a great galactic war between Jedi and Sith."

    He ignited the one on the left, an electrum plated pike of which its shimmering golden finish shone under the interior lights of the Skate before he even ignited the golden blade.

    "This weapon tells the story of the Thyrsian Jedi Master Ubo-Kal Colcha, who was exiled from the order after refusing to take part in the war, insisting that they seek diplomatic options instead, warning the other Jedi that blind hatred for the Sith simply because they're Sith would lead them to their destruction."

    He ignited the one on the right, a matte black pike in an identical shape, but devoid of nearly all color until he ignited the bright red blade with a snap-hiss.

    "This weapon tells the story of the Echani Sith Lord Darth Simulacris, who was hunted down viciously by his own kind for refusing to fight a war against an enemy he felt the Sith only deemed an enemy based on a hatred that came from a source that had been long forgotten."

    Almost as soon as they were ignited, the blades were back safely inside their respective weapons, and holstered on Leonias' back.

    "Ubo-Kal and Simulacris eventually joined forces, hiding out deep within the unknown regions on the planet Decameron Alpha, where they lived peacefully studying the Force. They eventually died not from a senseless and needless war, but of old age."

    "I don't care if you're a Sith. I don't care if you're a Jedi. Your intentions and actions are in line with my own, and as long as they are, I accept you as you are. Whether you're a Jedi, or a Sith."

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    The following is a brief combo with Sinrebirth!

    IC: Aryan Graul and Jedi Master Tekli

    Aboard the Pulsar Skate, Hyperspace

    The method Vergere had employed to heal Aryan’s fractured psyche seemed to have achieved the desired effect. His mental haze, which had been a debilitating complication of the trauma he had endured all those years ago, began to fade with relative ease. He became fully aware of his surroundings, and he found that he could function with minimal intervention – his age limitations notwithstanding. It was a liberating experience in its own right.

    However, he was still mindful of his shortcomings, even if his condition had improved. It was difficult to recall certain memories, plus he wasn’t the sharpest when it came to following the narrative of current events. He was seemingly oblivious.

    This was readily apparent by the time Aryan had garnered enough strength to hoist himself to his feet and emerge from the cabin. The others were already in the midst of a heated debate, and while he was thoroughly perplexed about the details, his curiosity soon got the better of him. With both hands now perched on either side of the doorframe in a causal way, he simply leaned forward and observed the proceedings in silence.

    He immediately noted Ashban and the young woman he had encountered earlier, as well as two other humans he did not recognize. All of them practically strangers. But perhaps the most intriguing was the diminutive form standing nearby – Nurse Tekli from the care home. When had she come aboard?

    Tekli saw her former patient, and stepped over, eyes wide. "Mr. Graul?" She regarded him briefly - even his gait was improved. "You seem to have completed an almost full recovery? This is most impressive."

    She eyed Vergere. "I guess she had something to do with that... but keep in mind she might have done it to ingratiate herself with you, and for no other reason." Tekli took his hand in hers, mentally taking his pulse while maintaining a smile and warming him with the Force.

    Aryan canted his head and sought her gaze as she took his hand, his eyes narrowing with a soft smile. He could feel the Force emanating from her touch, which bolstered his confidence and helped him to relax back into his own. Only then did he turn to regard the bird-like creature at the center of the debate.

    “Yes, I know,” he acknowledged in a clear and lucid tone, his lips pressing together into a thin line. “You believe Vergere is Sith.” A haunted expression flitted across his features for a brief moment, the words seeming to evoke a fleeting memory that he dared not share with the Jedi. Fortunately, he was able to clamp down on his insecurities and press on before things turned awkward.

    “But where is the benefit in helping an old man? She cleansed me of the darkness and eased my trauma, something no one else could do...not even Nurse Cilghal.” Aryan exhaled softly and gave Tekli a knowing look. “I owe her for that – or at the very least, I feel that I should give her the benefit of the doubt.”

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