Beyond - Legends Knights of the Outer Rim (Winter Fanfiction Olympics)

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    Title: Kinghts of the Outer Rim

    Author: Anedon

    Genre: Friendship, Adventure

    Characters: Mira Grau, Julien Firestone, Others

    Summary: Mira and Julien. Both are nobles, both are Jedi, yet from very different worlds, follwing in the footsteps of their parents they fight to bring Peace and Justice to the galaxy.

    List of Stories:
    1. Laughing Luge
    2. Hockey Hug
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    1. Laughing Luge

    "Is that how you planned our mission?" Julien asked her tauntingly.

    Mira let out a groan, the pain in her neck was raising already. "If you ask me like this... no I didn´t, I had hoped seeing your pretty head in a condition like this."

    "Mine?" Julien grinned. "Then why did you feel the need to insult the queen? Didn´t you learn how to treat nobility?"

    Mira rolled her eyes, "where I live the first rule of behavior is to not put your guests inside a pillory on your market square."

    "Even if the guests deserve it?" her friend continued, patting Mira´s short hair.

    "What could I know that she would feel insulted by me stating just the truth?" Mira squirmed inside the pillory but it held her well, and unable to move her hands she couldn´t use the force to get out of it.

    "That she looks fat in that pink dress?" Julien chuckled.

    "I inquired if it wasn´t just a bit too tight for her..." Mira muttered. "What can I know that sixteen year old monarchs of backwater worlds are so easy to offend?"

    Her Dathomirian friend laughed. "As if it was the first time this happened, remember when you caused the trouble with Emperor Fell, or that one time in the Tion Hegemony? I sometimes wonder if you enjoy getting in trouble with nobles... oh wait. I know you do."

    "You know you I will get you back for all of this, do you?" The Eriaduan Jedi pressed through her teeth.

    "Oh, then maybe I should go back to the queen and convince her to pull back her pardoning of you. To ensure to stay locked up here..." he grinned.

    "She pardoned me?" Mira let out a sigh of relief.

    "Yeah, she said if you apologize you only have to spend the next three days out here..." Julien said.

    "Three days? Is she insane? I will never be able to walk straight afterwards... and that isn´t mentioning all the insults and rotten fruit thrown at me!" Mira screamed.

    Julien patted her head again, "yeah, sorry but that was all I could achieve. Best next time you think before you give fashion advice to a royal."

    "I will kill you!" Mira threatened him.

    But Julien smiled as she turned around and left her. "I know. I always know my friend."

    I will never accept a diplomatic mission on a feudal world again... Mira thought as she saw another group of children approach her. Each of them armed with a water gun.

    2. Hockey Hug

    "You know, it's funny, I am eight years older than you, yet I often feel like I am your younger sister," Mira said. She had taken off her top and was laying face down on her bunk in their ship while Julien gave her sore neck a massage.

    "Awww," Julien smiled. "My clumsily hot heated younger sister. Always needing me to get her out of trouble."

    "Now that is hardly true." Mira said, her eyes closed as she enjoyed his strong hands on her skin. They had fist met each other years ago before either of them had been a Jedi, and had been cousins in a way, as Mira´s aunts where close with Julien´s. Both were outsiders in the order as both of them hadn´t forgotten their cultural heritage and often visited their homeworlds to attend duties beyond that of a Jedi. Since those days they had been close friends and always had each other's backs. "Who always has to save your butt if we get into a fight?"

    "You..." Julien conceded the point. The Dathomirian boy was an excellent diplomat, tracker and had a connection with animals not seen since the days of Jacen Solo. But was also one of the weakest swordfighters in the order and an even worse pilot. "Sorry about that whole incident."

    "Hey it's not your fault," Mira reminded him. Just as with her aunt Ulrika her temper would sometimes just get the better of her and while she usually could fight her way out of stick situations this sometimes wasn´t an option without causing a diplomatic crisis. "I just sometimes talk before I think."

    "To be fair, that brat down there utterly overreacted." Arien said. "Should really tell us all about the dangers of inheritance. Might mention that to Vikki..." Vikki was Arien´s older sister and the heir to the Dathomirian Misty Falls Clan.

    "Would love to see that. I am sure you would make a great clan leader as well." Mira said.

    Julien chuckled, "tempting, but I fully trust Vikki. Besides, if I were to rule the clan, who would then look after you?"

    Mira smiled. "Good point my friend, good point."
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    Love to see your family of characters expanding with two very likeable Jedi. Funny stories.
    Laughing luge: Teased by children with waterguns
    Hockey hug: Julien being the diplomat and Mira just like her aunt Ulrika
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    Thanks, yeah Mira defenetly takes after auntie dearest. :)

    3. Snowboarding Adventure

    „But I‘m eleven, I don‘t need a babysitter!“ Mira protested.

    „No, and what happened last time we left you here alone?“ Elena asked with a smile. She looked so different wearing a dress for once.

    „I wasn‘t alone, I had a sitter!“

    „Who you looked in the attic for the entire night before trashing the apparetment.“ Ulrika reminded her. Unlike her wife Ulrika even today had decided to wear a fancy pants suit instead.

    „That wasn‘t my fault.“ Mira crossed her arms in front of her chest. How could she have known that trying tocolk something by herself would lead to such a mess.

    „We had to pay that poor girl tripple her usual fee to avoid being sued.“ Elena shook her head. She loved her niece more than anyone in the galaxy, but even she had her limits.

    „I had to pay that, you took it from my pocket money.“ Mira reminded her, clenching her hands.

    Ulrika gave her a grin, „that was only fair, you pay for your own screwups.“

    „Did you ever pay for Tobin‘s eye?“ Mira shot back.

    Ulrika was silent for a moment. „I would have.... If he asked me...“

    „Hah!“ Mira looked at her aunts triumphantly. „I bet you never had a sitter either.“

    „She had me,“ Elena said gently. „And now discussion. I am sure it won‘t be so bad.“

    Mira swallowed hard but hung her head. She just hoped it wasn‘t another college student whose idea of fun was reading and doing schoolwork.

    „You must be Mira,“ the voice was cold, yet not utterly devoid of emotions. As the girl looked up she saw a deadly pale woman with short silver blonde hair and icy blue eyes approach. She didn‘t look that old but Mira could feel she was much older than her aunts. Great an old hag, probably even worse than a student... This would be the most boring night ever.

    ...Five minutes later her entire outlook had changed. „And you are that Asajj Ventress? Like from the Clon Wars?“

    „I fought in the war, yes. A lifetime ago.“ Ventress said quietly averting her eyes. This wasn‘t a topic she liked to discuss.

    But Mira was far too excited to notice. „Wow, I thought you were dead. And you know my aunts,“

    „We fought together during the war.“ Asajj bit her lip. She considered Elena and Ulrika amongst her friends, wich was the reason she was here today. But there was more to this babysitting than just keeping Mira from causing another disaster.

    „I‘ve searched you on the holonet. Because you were so cool in that show.“ Mira continued.

    Ventress allowed herself a small smile. Mira had a certain innocence to her. Someone who knew who she was yet not afraid at all but instead intrested and excited. Ir reminded her a bit of her own youth and her studies under Master Narec. „Show she asked?“

    „You don‘t know it? It came out pretty recently,“ Mira took hold of the holoprojector before Asajj could even react...

    „Oh stars that‘s so wrong,“ Ventress said but a part of her couldn‘t help but smile at how over the top everything was portrayed. „I never met that Tano girl, and why is she in that outfit? Did the makers ever saw a real Jedi?“

    „What about your outfit in that scene...?“ Mira asked a bit disillusioned by Venteress comments about the show. „Did you really wear stuff like that?“

    The blush on Asajjs face was so weak one could have overlooked it. „You know, women on the dark side are required to show a certain amount of skin. Its in our job contracts.“

    „Aunt Ulrika says that when I wear my cropped running top I‘m distracting to boys.“ Mira said.

    „That‘s the other half of it.“ Ventress grinned. „Saved me a few times.“

    „Do you still have the outfit?“ Mira suddenly asked.

    Ventress shook her head, „no but another you might find intresting.

    Given how small Mira still was the nightsister rober was far to big for her. The skirt that had been extremly short on Ventress reached down past her knees. And it was hardly form fitting. Yet Mira clearly didn‘t mind. As she walked through the appartment in it.

    „A real little Nightsister.“ Ventress said. Her suspicions proving more and more correct.

    „I‘ve actually been to Dathomir before.“ Mira said.

    „You have?“ Ventress raised an eyebrow.

    „Yeah my friend Ion brought me along.“ She smiled. „His cousins are the matriach‘s kids.“

    „Its truly a small galaxy sometimes.“ Ventress muttered.

    „ You know...“ Mira suddenly became serious. „Why do you claim to be dead? Why don‘t you tell people you are alive?“

    Asajj took a deep breath. „I did some terrible things Mira. There is little good that could come from me returning to the public. People would hate me, maybe even try to kill me.“

    „But you are so cool,“ Mira looked up to her.

    „Thanks, but most beings would disagree.“

    „Than they are stiupid.“ Mira said firmly. „There is nothing evil about you anymore. I can only sense sadness.“

    For a brief moment their spirits met and Ventress was confirmed in her belief. „you can sense it, can‘t you, how other people are feeling?“ She asked.

    „Yes,“ Mira said, „but can‘t everyone?“

    „No,“ Ventress shook her head. „People can learn to read body language but what you have is different.“

    „I...“ Mira realize what she was talking about. „I have the force? Like you. That‘s why you came here tonight?“

    „Yes, your aunts suspected it for a while now. They asked me to confirm it.“

    „Does that mean I will become a Jedi?“ Mira became exited yet also worried. Would that mean leaving her home and her friends behind.

    „You won‘t become a Jedi...“ Ulrika said after she and Elena had returned.

    „But....“ Mira started.

    „Not yet at least.“ Elena said. „The Jedi order used to take kids away from their families and force them into this dangerous live. We won‘t let that happen to you.“

    „But I need to be trained.“ Mira protested.

    „You will be trained.“ Ulika assured her.

    „By whom?“

    „By me, and maybe a few others.“ Ventress said.

    „By you? That is so cool!“ Mira almost screamed in excitment.

    „Once you come of age you can decide what you want to do with your gift. If you want to be a Jedi or not.“ Elena said. She placed a hand on Mira‘s shoulder. „You are the one to decide that, no order, no master. Its your descision.“
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    I love how you describe Ventress. A kind woman and a great warrior. And Elena letting Mira decide if she wants to become a Jedi or not
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    Really like the dynamic between the characters in this story. Would love to see more of this kind version of Ventress.
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    I think honestly most parents would be worried about sending their kids to the dangerous life of a Jedi. So I think it makes sense Elena and Ulrika are worried for Mira, but at the same time don´t want to block that path for her.

    Thanks. Well just introduced her in my main Ilona/Ulrika series to explain how she has been doing since the Clone Wars, and how she became a friend to our Eriaduan heroines. ;)