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    Title: Knights of the Old Republic: Whispers of the Force
    Author: JediDingo
    Timeframe: c. 3694-3 BBY
    Characters: Orginal Characters
    Genre: Action/Adventure, some Humor, Drama
    Keywords: Jedi, Sith, Mandalorian War

    Knights of the Old Republic: Whispers of the Force

    Chapter One
    Among the Shadows

    The Dancing Cu-Pa, one of Nar Shadda's fastest growing and most popular cantinas was packed as usual with a wide assortment of aliens of all different kind of species. From a group of Chanda-Fan's sharing a drink together, to the Twi'lek dancers up on poles to many male species delight, and even couple of Gran spread through out the cantina.
    A young hooded male sat in the corner of the large cantina among the shadows, letting his almost golden hazel eyes scan the room. Though one wouldn't know due to the hood that shaded his face, but underneath sat a bright and handsome human male with light brown hair. He reached for his caf, taking a sip and waiting on his targets arrival.

    Despite all the diverse species located in the room, there was only one that he cared about. An Aleena who went by the name of Mesco. The cold caf went smoothly down the man's throat, hitting the spot for him. As he brought down the drink, he saw him. The little Aleena was squirming his way through the crowd towards a table made up of an Ithorian, Wookiee, and a Twilek.

    His eyes followed him all the way to the table, where he laid down a datapad and kept walking. By this time the man was quickly on his feet, also walking towards the table. The small group of three tried not to look like they have noticed the datapad yet, but were doing a terrible job of it.

    Just before the Ithorian reached for it the man snatched it as he walked by. As he did so he slightly flicked his wrist towards their table, causing all three of their drinks to spill on them.

    ?E chu ta!? The tan skinned Twi'lek cried standing up slightly to see his favorite drink was all over his lap.

    The man smirked, quickly blending into the crowd and out of sight of the three who were suppose to receive the datapad. He kept his eyes on Mesco the entire time, but still fully aware of his surroundings. Mesco made his way out of The Dancing Cu-Pa and out into the dangerous streets of Nar Shadda.

    Mesco made his way through the streets, walking past a group of human females, Twi'leks, and other close humanoid species that were selling out their services to anyone had the credits they were offering. As Mesco walked past, the small alien managed to lift the skirt of one of the girls and take a quick peek.

    ?Hey, slimeball if you wanna a look then you better get them cred's out!? She slapped his hand away.

    ?Aw, come on. It's me, Mesco. Why not one on the house?? He said in accented basic.

    ?I know of you. Yeah, your the one who is in with those bucketheads. I've heard of you.? The prostitute seemed to be teasing him. Mesco took in full stride.

    ?Business is business, doesn't matter who it is with.? Mesco gave whatever passed as a smile in species.

    ?You got any credits?? She asked. Mesco looked her up and down, and then backed away.

    ?You are not worth it, human.? Mesco turned and continued in the direction he was going. The man had stayed back, blending in and continued to follow when Mesco walked on. The man passed the group of prostitutes and heard that one girl still cursing Mesco's name.

    One very attractive blue Twi'lek crossed in front of the man, smiling.

    ?Oh, you are a cute one. Mysterious, too! How about it, sweetheart? Only one hundred credits for you.? She winked, blocking his way. The others in her group begin to converge around him, all asking around the same questions. He tried making his way through them but was not encountering much luck.

    Suddenly he heard a loud Wookiee roar coming from behind. The man turned to see the group of three making their way out of the cantina and pointing in his direction.

    ?Out of my way!? The man yelled at the girls, trying
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    Nice start! You've got me on the edge of my seat wondering just who everyone is and what they want.
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    Chapter Two
    What It Takes

    ?Who are you?? Aaryn asked, keeping his lightsaber posed and ready.

    The Zabrak woman sneered showing her jagged teeth illuminated by the yellow of her lightsaber. ?You are no Jedi, boy! You are still a Padawan, according to that braid of yours.?

    ?Look, I don't have any trouble with you. I have to take Mesco in for questioning. He has been in league with the Mandalorians. He may know something about a possible invasion.? Aaryn tried to put some influence in his words but quickly found that she was guarding herself from such attempts.

    ? The Republic and the Jedi you serve are weak! They do not have the strength it acquires to survive in such a harsh galaxy. This Republic will fall when the Mandalorians burn Coruscant-? She continued her speech but Aaryn stopped listening.

    Is there a manual somewhere stating that villains are required to give their view on things just before a fight? He thought.

    ?Alright,? Aaryn cut her off. ?I get it, you are here to protect Mesco because both of you are rooting for the Mandalorians to win. I get that. It would be much easier for me if you just put your lightsaber down and walked away.?

    ?Arrogant human,? She hissed. She jumped towards him and landed right in front of him. She swung towards his head, beginning the duel. Aaryn easily blocked it. She slashed at him repeatedly trying to find a weakness in his defense.
    With every blow, Aaryn managed to block it. This made the Zabrak angrier. Suddenly she lashed out with Force lightening, catching the Padawan off guard. The electrical currents ran through his body, almost causing him to cruel up. Aaryn fought off the sensation and brought his lightsaber up to block the strands of lightening emitted from her fingers.
    With her other hand she pushed at him with the Force. Aaryn flew back into the side of the building. The Zabrak female snatched Mesco into her arms with amazing speed, using the Force to propel herself up. She kicked into the sides of the buildings until she made her way to the top and out of sight.

    Aaryn slowly stood up, feeling the back of his head for any injury. He was relieved to find none. This situation just got a lot more complicated. The fact that a Force user, a dark Force user had stepped in to save that vile, little Mesco showed Aaryn a lot. It showed that Mesco's dealing were bigger than he'd originally thought and it also meant that someone was trying to protect that information.

    ?So, the obvious question is who?? Aaryn said aloud.

    * * *

    Aaryn Karsa, Jedi Padawan, made his way through the tough streets of Nar Shadda with a lot on his mind. Not only was this his first mission alone, but it was also his Trial to become a full-fledged Jedi Knight. He wasn't use to doing things alone. His whole life he had been use to doing things with people, from the Temple to with his Master on missions.

    He always wanted to go off on his own, be a legendary Jedi that could do everything on his own. Oddly enough, he felt alone.

    Your only companion on this mission will be the Force, his Master had said before his departure.

    This mission was simple until now. Now it appeared that there was a much larger operation here on Nar Shadda than anyone knew. Aaryn looked down at the datapad he had picked up from Mesco. For some reason he couldn't seem to focus on it. His mind kept wondering.

    * * *

    ?What are you going to do about it? Bring it, kid!? The swoop gang goaded. The mixture of species that were apart of the swoop gang seemed to let their human leader speak for all of them. A younger, fourteen year old Aaryn clenches his jaw to try and suppress the rising anger.

    ?Aaryn, just calm down. Remember our teachings.? His female friend warned.

    ?See, your good for nothing kid. What are you? Some kind of temple brat out on break? I didn't think those Jedi let you freaks out into Coruscant.? He laughed, his gang joining in. Aaryn clinched his fist.

    The young duo had come up upon this
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    Sounds like the youngster is still figuring things out!

    I'm intrigued and interested, you've got a reader here. Definitely wondering where in the war we are and how all this is going to play out on the larger stage!
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    Looks like he's got a tough test ahead of him to earn his knighthood.
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    Pretty cool fic and a good start. :)

    Please add me to the PM list. :)
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    Chapter Three
    Keep Your Head Down, Sweetheart


    ?Do you like it??

    Aaryn finished off his plate by scooping the remaining nerf into his mouth. He sat it down, quickly reaching for his caf. After a couple of gulps of the caf he wiped his mouth. Ta'sa stood trying to gage his reaction.

    ?This is the best thing...ever.? Aaryn sighed. The Padawan stretched back, holding his stomach as he did.

    ?Well, thank you. I've been trying to open up my own restaurant for so long. I came here to Nar Shadda hoping to get it off the ground.? Ta'sa said. They both were in the kitchen of the ship, the Sunseed.

    ?Until those Transdoshin thugs showed up, huh?? Aaryn asked.

    ?Yeah. You showed up about three minutes after they did. One minute later and I may have been losing a hand.? Ta'sa almost laughed as he began washing the dishes.

    ?Just doing my job.? Aaryn stood up, giving out a small belch as he did. ?Excuse me,? he muttered.

    ?No, no. It's a compliment in my culture.? Ta'sa extended his hand. ?Thank you again.?

    ?It was nothing, really.? Aaryn shook his hand. ?Maybe I'll come back by one day and eat at your restaurant??

    ?Of course. I would be happy to have you. Farewell, Jedi.? Ta'sa said with a nod to his head.

    Aaryn gave a farewell nod back, deciding it would be okay to let the Ho'din believe him to be a Jedi Knight. Besides, after all of this was said and done he would be...hopefully. Aaryn exited the rusty old starship and entered the smog filled atmosphere of Nar Shadda. With his lightsaber well hidden and his stomach full it was time to continue to search for Mesco.

    This moon seemed to never sleep. There were so many species crowding the streets it was almost claustrophobic to Aaryn. First, he needed to get information on this group called The Exchange. If he knew were to find them, he would find Mesco and Yevu. All his mission required was to bring in Mesco. When he got back to Coruscant, he would let the Council deal with Yevu.

    Perhaps he could go back to the Dancing Cu-Pa and ask around, but he doubted that anyone would want to talk about it in the open. He knew he would have to go down into the lower levels of the city to really find out the information he wanted. He sighed.


    Ta'sa locked the ramp to his ship, making sure that no one would be able to get in. Maybe it wasn't his destiny to open up a restaurant here on Nar Shadda, but this was the cheapest place where he could start his business.

    ?We've all got to start somewhere.? Ta'sa would tell himself. However, Ta'sa never thought that he would be starting his place here on this moon. The Smuggler's Moon as it was called by some, was a place were crime was a constant in the everyday life.

    He had always imagined himself becoming the top chef for the Chancellor of the Republic. That would be the life, wouldn't it? Ta'sa sighed as he sat at the controls of his father's former ship, looking out into the city.


    Aaryn wondered around the lower level Pazaak Den with his hood back over his head, taking in all the sights and the people. He hadn't been able to tell what the name of the Pazaak Den was, because he wasn't quite sure which language it was written in. Judging from a large majority of the people being Twi'lek, he was going to guess it was some sort of name from their language. Like the Dancing Cu-Pa, there was a large amount of mixed species inside.
    For a while he simply walked around, listening. His master had taught him how to pick up certain words while he was in a crowded area with the Force.

    ?Excuse me, my friend.? A hand placed on his shoulder. A forceful hand.

    ?Yes, excuse you.? Aaryn commented back. The man he was talking to only had one eye, the looked as if it were scratched out. His missing teeth made for an amusing accent.

    ?I have been watching you just simply walk around, I was wondering if you would like to play a game of Paazak.? The man smiled.

    ?Actually, I'm here for some information.? Aaryn said.

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    Cool update man! :D Thanks for the PM. :)
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    I'm glad you like it! I'm working on Chapter Four right now. More fun and exciting characters are coming. I'm excited about introducing one of them to you, he' do I put it? Very Han Soloish?
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    Hey guys, I'm not even sure if I have any readers here but sorry for such the long delay. My computer recently crashed, but now it's fixed I do plan on finishing this. I lost my work but that's okay because I'll just rewrite everything I lost. Stay tuned!
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    Chapter Four
    Hide and Seek

    ?Thisss one killed our brother. She must die.? Bruuz, one of the surviving three Transdoshin brothers, hissed. Beside him stood his last surviving brother, Lruuz; with only one hand remaining.

    Lruuz roared over his brother. ?The Jedi boy mussst die firssst! He took my hand.?

    In front of the two Transdoshin brothers sat the current Exchange leader over Nar Shadda, Zenzo the Hutt. He licked his grotesque lips with his large tongue, reaching for another gizka to eat. Even for a Hutt, Zazz was extremely overweight; he could barley even move across the floor without some assistance. After swallowing the gizka whole, Zenzo seemed to suddenly hear their complaints.

    <?Why did you let Mesco??> Before the Hutt could begin his verbal assault on the two Transdoshin brothers, he was interrupted by a more commanding voice.

    ?You let that incompetent informant get away!? Emerging from the shadows, a fully armored Mandalorian warrior pulled out a long vibroblade and pointed it at the Exchange leader?s throat. That is, if Hutt?s were considered to have throats. Lruuz and Bruuz cowered in fear.

    <?My lord, if I may explain-?> Once again Zenzo was cut off by the imposing Mandalorian.

    ?You may not explain, you fat slug, you let sorry excuse for a being slip through those disgusting fingers of yours with our secrets! Mandalorian secrets!? The Mandalorian let the words hang in the air. Slowly, he lowered his custom made vibroblade and walked past the two Transdoshins.

    ?We will recover them, Commander.? Bruuz bowed.

    The Mandalorian grunted. ?I highly doubt that. My superiors decided that an alliance with the Exchange may be useful, seeing how the information we shared could be very valuable to both sides. Though I do not agree with these new?tactics, I still follow my orders.?

    The Mandalorian turned to face them.

    ?I gave you specific orders not to get caught. And what did you do? You let a Jedi boy, a girl, and a Ho?din capture that pathetic excuse for a life form. If the boy gets the informant to Coruscant?well let?s just say Demagol will have fun with you.?

    The three Exchange cronies said nothing, simply because they were afraid. They had learned early not to cross a Mandalorian.

    ?You will recover Mesco and bring him back to me. Take the Zabrak Jedi with you. Am I understood??

    Lruuz, Bruuz, and even the great and mighty Zenzo the Hutt replied in unison. A universal ?yes.?

    ?To make sure you do recover him, I am sending some Mandalorians with you.? The Commander said. Lruuz and Bruuz exchanged glances.

    ?Forgive me for assssking, my lord, but how do we find Messsco?? Lruuz asked.

    ?We implanted him with a tracking device. My men will know where to find him.? The Mandalorian made his way back towards the shadows, leaving the two Transdoshin brothers worried and the Hutt extremely worried.


    The entire interior of the quirky, old ship was dimly lit. The rest of the Sunseed?s strange and last minute crew were asleep in their respective quarters, including Mesco. Jove was surprised the Aleena had actually shut up and stopped yelling. It was beginning to get real irritating to her. Jove snuck out of her bed, tip toeing to the cockpit of the ship. She flopped into the pilots chair and let out a sigh. Through the transparisteel she saw that the ship was in hyperspace. It had always comforted her to watch the expansive blue and black walls go past in a whirl, even when she was a kid. She smiled, remembering those happier times?simpler times.

    ?Commandeering the ship?? A friendly voiced asked from behind. Jove turned around to see Aaryn leaning against the doorway of the cockpit.

    ?I was thinking about it.? She smiled back.

    ?Do you care if I join you?? Aaryn questioned.

    ?By all means.? Jove replied, watching the young man slide into the co-pilot seat. She returned her gaze to the hyperspace beyond. After a few moments, he finally spoke.

    ?I never got a chance to really than
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    A friendly bump!!!
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    Chapter Five
    A Narrow Escape

    Aaryn was almost sure he had never seen so many different species in one confined place, not even on Nar Shadda. He brought his drink up to his lips, gulping down some more of his caf. His eyes scanned the area, while he extended his senses in the Force. So far, so good. No trouble for the unlikely crew of the Sunseed.

    ?I?m ready to get out of here.? Ta?sa whispered in his direction. Aaryn rolled his eyes.

    ?We just sat down.? He replied.

    ?You are correct. And now I want to leave.? Ta?sa glared Aaryn.

    ?At least let me finish my drink. We have enough time to kill anyways. The Sunseed is still undergoing repairs and probably won?t be finished for another hour or so.? Aaryn took another sip.

    Ta?sa let out a very loud, and much exaggerated sigh. Aaryn couldn?t help but smile at the Ho?din. The crew of the Sunseed had to set down on the planet Esseles for repairs to the hyperdrive. Ta?sa wasn?t exactly sure what was wrong with it and decided to put it down just to make sure. It turned out that coolant was leaking from the ship, but thankfully they found someone who could repair for cheap. Jove had chosen to stay back on the ship to watch Mesco and make sure he was in line.

    ?We?re almost to Coruscant, Ta?sa.? Aaryn glanced sideways at Ta?sa and saw a slight hint of a smile.

    ?I think it?s a two day journey from here.? Ta?sa layed his green head on his hand.

    ?The Jedi won?t forget what you have done for us. Thank you, I mean it.? Aaryn patted him on the back.

    ?Well, I didn?t really have much of a choice did I?? Ta?sa sighed audibly again.

    Aaryn laughed and brought up his caf to take another sip when suddenly he felt a massive amount of panic. He almost dropped his drink into the floor. Something was severely wrong and coming their way. Whatever it was, they intended to kill both him and Ta?sa.

    ?Are you okay, Aaryn?? Ta?sa asked.

    ?We have to go. Now.? Aaryn stood up quickly, bringing his hood over his head. Ta?sa looked confused.

    ?What happened? What?s wrong??

    ?Just follow me and look normal.? Aaryn said, making his way through the crowd in the cantina. Ta?sa straightened up, his walking visually different. Aaryn cringed inwardly; he shouldn?t have told him anything was wrong. Now he stuck out like a sore thumb. Aaryn cursed to himself.

    ?Sit down.? Aaryn said through his clinched teeth, pushing them into a booth. He let Ta?sa go in first, and then took a seat.

    ?Why are you in my booth?? Called a voice across from them. Aaryn looked and saw a human male with his boots on the table. His light blue eyes looked at Ta?sa first and then Aaryn.

    ?I?m sorry, sir. We?ll be going.? Ta?sa said standing up.

    ?That?s more like it.? The man smiled, scratching the five o?clock shadow forming on his face.

    ?Shut up and sit down, Ta?sa.? Aaryn forced him back down. The man raised an eyebrow.

    ?Hiding from someone, are we?? The man smiled, running his hand through his long, dirty blond hair.

    ?Can we just please keep quite? Ta?sa, scoot down into the seat. They?ll be looking for you first.? Aaryn said.

    ?First off, you are going about this the wrong way. Both of you are being way to obvious. Secondly, you are in my kriffing booth. Get out.? The man said again.

    ?You will let us stay in your booth.? Aaryn waved his hand. The man raised his brow again and laughed.

    ?Nope. Get out. You better hurry, too. Looks like those Trandoshins have spotted you.? The man smiled.

    Aaryn looked over his shoulder subtly, seeing that in fact both Lruuz and Bruuz had found him and Ta?sa. He tried to relax himself with basic Jedi breathing techniques. Both the Transdoshins were reaching for their comlinks.

    ?Look, kid. Nobody sits in Maverick Baron?s booth and gets away with it. So why don?t you and your snakehead friend get the?? The man named Maverick stopped talking as soon as the cantina broke out into screams. Maverick turned his attention to the commotion.

    ?Holy-? Maveric
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    Hey guys, I'm very close to finishing chapter six. I think it's probably my favorite so far. It's going to be the beginning of a two-part story arc dealing with Aaryn's arrival on Coruscant. Just to give you guys a hint, there will be a lot of new Mandalorian characters gunning for Mesco. Literally. I hope that with the start of this two-part story arc, it'll draw some new readers in! If you any of you are reading, I ask that you please continue to read my fic and please, please tell me what you think about it! Also, for those wondering where my story fits in regrads to the KOTOR comics, you'll find out in chapter six. Let's just say there is some discussion about the turmoil on Taris and a fugtive Padawan named Zayne...
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    Chapter Six
    A?den be Te Manda?ad
    -Part One

    ?You saved my neck?twice.? Jove said with her arms folded, eyeing Mesco as he ate his food. Mesco quickly glanced up and just as quickly turned his attention back to his food.

    ?Thanks,? She said.

    ?If you died, they would have taken me.? Mesco replied as he chewed his nerf sausage. Aaryn stepped forward.

    ?Why was Maverick in here?? Aaryn asked. Mesco shrugged his small, blue alien shoulders.

    ?He never said anything; he was just looking with his blaster out. Then he popped the buckethead a good one.? Mesco burped. Jove gave Aaryn a disgusted look. He still wondered how Maverick could have possibly spotted the camouflaged Mandalorian hiding on the ship, waiting for the right moment to take Mesco.

    ?We should be arriving to Coruscant any minute now; I?m going to head back to the cockpit.? Jove whispered to Aaryn. Aaryn shook his head and watched her walk out. It had been two days ago since the attack from the Mandalorians, but Aaryn still had a lot of questions that had not been answered.

    ?You must know a lot since the Mandalorians want you so badly.? Aaryn said, trying to trick Mesco into saying something he shouldn?t.

    ?Of course I know a lot. And I know a lot more than they think I do.? Mesco said. Aaryn sensed the change in the alien, seeing that he did not mean to let that out.

    ?What exactly do you know?? He asked. Mesco began to laugh.

    ?You think I tell you, Jedi boy? No, no, no. That kind of information requires credits. Lots of credits, cause this one be the jackpot!? Mesco continued to laugh. Aaryn thought about using the Jedi mind trick, but decided against it. It was not his place to probe the criminal mind, only to deliver him to the authorities.

    ?We?ll be on Coruscant soon, so hang tight.? Aaryn said as he began to restrain him again. Oddly enough, since the close encounter with Mandalorian strike team Mesco had cooperated very well. After finishing up with Mesco, Aaryn headed out towards the cockpit. He was very nervous about returning to the Council. He had completed his mission successfully, which meant that he passed the Trials. That also meant Aaryn would be knighted. He could hardly believe that he was about to become a full fledged Jedi Knight, guardian and protector of the galaxy.

    ?What?s got you smiling, padawhatnot?? Maverick asked as Aaryn passed him through the galley. Maverick sat at the main table, shuffling a deck of cards.

    ?Huh? Oh nothing.? Aaryn said, caught off guard.

    ?Want to play some Paazak?? Maverick gave a mischievous smirk. ?We?ll play with some creds.?

    ?Sorry, but gambling isn?t really a Jedi thing.? Aaryn said.

    ?But you?re not Jedi yet. Isn?t that right? Or did I just overhear wrong?? Maverick continued shuffling the Paazak deck.

    ?Well, hopefully after we touchdown that is going to change for me.? He replied, starting again for the cockpit.

    ?You know they ain?t going to give up.? Maverick said, stopping Aaryn in his tracks. ?They are just gonna keep coming after him until they have him.?

    ?Who, the Mandalorians?? Aaryn asked.

    ?Well, look at that. You must be some kind of Jedi scientist to figure that one out.? Maverick sarcastically said. ?They don?t like to lose.?

    ?You can leave as soon as we get to Coruscant.? Aaryn said, hoping he would.

    ?Hey, don?t say I didn?t warn you.? Maverick smiled. Aaryn stood there a moment longer, mulling over what Maverick had told him. He glanced at the shady man that he had allowed on Ta?sa?s ship and wondered if it had been a good idea. Maverick was definitely a shady character. Aaryn continued on to the cockpit, sitting down beside Jove in the co-pilots seat.

    ?We close?? Aaryn asked.

    ?Getting ready to drop out of hyperspace now, you may want to contact someone when we do. ? Jove said.
    The mottled sky before them dropped back into normal space, the city-planet and capital of the Galactic Republic in front of them. Ta?sa, sitting in the navigator?s seat, happy to g
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    Very very great and interesting story. PM me when you add another chapter. Very good. =D=

    I hope you don't mind my nerdiness, but you spelled Trandoshan wrong. You spelled it Transdoshin, when it is spelled Trandoshan. :-B Sorry for the nerd moment, it's just those little things bug me. :p

    Anyway, please PM me when you update again. You got a new reader for sure.
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    Thanks for reading! I'm glad someone is actually reading it. I'm sorry about the Trandoshan thing. I should have double checked with wookiepeedia.
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    Chapter Seven
    A'den be Te Manda'ad-Part Two

    ?That?s it?? Ta?sa asked as they sat down the speeder at a very crowded walkway. The Ho?din?s head appendages moved widely about on his green head. The bluish pale skinned Aleena nervously peered out from behind the speeder?s seat. Jove parked the speeder, looking over at Aaryn.

    ?I need in communication with the Jedi now. They can send some help.? Aaryn said, helping Jove out of the speeder. He kept stretching his senses out to see if the Mandalorians were still chasing them. But ever since jumping into the speeder, he hadn?t felt anything.

    ?This is too easy.? Jove said, as if she were reading his thoughts.

    ?I agree, but we need to keep moving. Jove, you lead the way. Mesco you follow her and I?ll take up the rear. Don?t try anything, understand? I?m trying to keep you from getting killed.? Aaryn pointed at Mesco.

    ?They won?t kill me, Jedi boy. No, no. I?m too valuable to the Exchange.? Mesco smiled.

    ?I thought you were afraid that they would kill you-? Ta?sa said curiously.

    ?No, no, no. I?m worth more alive.? Mesco surmised.

    ?You want to test that theory? Then shut up and follow me. Don?t even think about wondering off.? Jove said with a stern look. Mesco shrugged and fell into line behind her. Jove led them into the crowd of aliens, humans, and droids. The entire time she was aware of anything that stuck out and even the things that didn?t stick out. Aaryn and Ta?sa walked briskly side by side. He kept trying to reach out with the Force to try to feel something, anything that may give him a hint. He glanced over at Ta?sa.

    ?I?m really sorry about your ship.? Aaryn said.

    ?Yes, so am I.? Ta?sa said after a few moments.

    ?The Republic will compensate for your loss. I?ll make sure of that.? Aaryn tried to reassure him.

    ?I?m sure they will. It?s just?I had a lot of good memories of that ship.? Ta?sa replied. Aaryn didn?t say anything back, because he wasn?t sure what he could say back. When he use to think about being a Jedi when he was younger, he always envisioned himself saving countless lives and not thinking about the consequences that came with everything that he did. Aaryn shook his head, he had to focus on the now?the living Force. He could think about those things later. Right now he needed to focus on keeping Mesco alive.

    Jove continued to weave through the large crowd, Mesco following close behind, a little too close for Aaryn. She looked back at him as if sensing Aaryn?s discomfort with Mesco.

    ?What are you looking at?? Jove raised her brow at Aaryn, but continued on before he could reply. ?Your comlink working yet??

    Aaryn checked it, shaking his head. ?I think it?s done for good. Something must have happened to it during the explosion.?

    Jove sighed, and turned around still leading the way. A small Chanda-Fan walked by, talking on a personal comlink. Jove snatched it out of its hands, not even breaking her stride. The Chanda-Fan didn?t even know what had happened. Aaryn suppressed the urge to say he was sorry to the unsuspecting alien. Jove tossed the comlink to Aaryn without even looking.

    After a few moments to set it to the right frequencies, Aaryn finally could call in for help. ?Hello? Can you hear me??

    ?This is a secure Republic line, how did you get this?? A stern voice called back.

    ?This Jedi Padawan Aaryn Karsa, I need to speak with Jedi Master Cruuso.? Aaryn said back.

    ?I?ll need the recognition code.? The voice seemed doubtful.

    Aaryn stopped for a moment, trying to remember exactly what it had been. If he got one part of it wrong, they would ignore his request.

    ?Delta 48-1516-2342.? Aaryn winced, hoping he was right. There was a long pause on the other line.

    ?We are transferring it now.? The voice said, with an audible click.

    ?Aaryn, what is it? I am very busy at the moment-? Cruuso started but was quickly cut off.

    ?Listen master, I don?t have time to argue. The ship that I brought the informant in was bombed j
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    Hello all! Thank you for taking time to read my fic! If you haven't read the chapters before this one, this is a great jumping on point! While I would encourage you to read the whole thing, you can still pick up the story from here.

    I consider this chapter to be the jumping off point in the story. From this point on, Aaryn will be thrusted into the heart of the Mandalorian War. It's been fun writing up to this point, but its only going to get better from here. I can't wait for the new direction the story will be taking. I hope you enjoy the journey as well! You might get a couple of surprises from some guest. *Cough*Zayne and his crew*Cough.



    Chapter Eight
    Knight of the Republic

    The music boomed throughout the tapcafe, causing the amber liquid inside Maverick Baron?s cup to jump slightly up and back down. He sighed, watching his drink while trying to get the images out of his troubled mind. He took another sip of the drink, feeling the warmth go down his throat. He closed his eyes and the image of the Mandalorian warrior stabbing Mesco. That face sinking back into the darkness, back to the darkness where it came from. Maverick quickly opened his eyes and shook away the thoughts.

    All around him different species and aliens chatted with each other, seemingly representing the diverse population of Coruscant itself. Maverick?s eyes gazed out at the scene before him, but his mind was elsewhere. He sat in a booth, alone and isolated from everything that was going on around him and that was exactly the way he liked it. He was a highly skilled con-man, simply put. He couldn?t get close to anyone or anything, because to him it was all just business. But to the few that did know Maverick, they did not know of his other profession. Maverick Baron kills Mandalorians. To Maverick, it was just a hobby really, something on the side of his con-man jobs.

    Maverick took another sip of his drink, watching the crowd before him. After he had helped save the girl and the Ho?din?s life, he had run into the one that killed the Aleena, the face that came from the darkness. After he had got away, Maverick had departed the scene the same time the girl did. This time, Maverick didn?t follow her or even care where she went this time. All that was on his mind was that face.

    The scar that ran down the side of his face, all the way down to his chin, it haunted him. Over and over, the images flashed in his mind. He ran his hand through his dirty blond hair, tightening the grip around his cup. He picked it up, smashing it on the table in anger. Everyone in the area glanced in his direction, but quickly ignored the man sitting alone.

    The face of Jagi A?denika shrunk back into the shadow of Maverick?s mind, haunting him.


    Jedi Padawan Aaryn Karsa looked around his room, his arms across his chest. He didn?t have much since his family never sent him anything, and Jedi aren?t really supposed to have possessions. The Order was less strict on Padawans, but despite not having much, it was home to Aaryn. He had a lot of fond memories in this room, including constructing his own lightsaber.

    Soon he would be before the High Council, and explain the situation to them and everything that had happened to him; from Nar Shadda, to here. After Republic officials took care of the bodies, he let Ta?sa know that he would find him after his meeting with the High Council and set him up with the right people to reward him with his efforts to help the Republic. He hadn?t even got to say goodbye to Jove before she left. He sighed, lost in his own thoughts not even aware of the things around him.

    Behind him, the door slid open.

    ?Aaryn Karsa, it?s been a while.? A familiar voice said. Aaryn grinned from ear to ear, turning around to see his old friend, Kaylee Rendos, standing with a smile on her face too.

    ?Kaylee! I feel l
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    I'd really appreciate it if some people could tell me what they think of my fic! Thanks!
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    Chapter Nine

    The Onslaught

    Six Weeks Later?

    On the Outer Rim planet of Jebble, tensions were very high. Everyone, it seemed, kept looking over their shoulder, expecting to see a Mandalorian solider bearing down on their dreaded war droids. There were no more smiling faces, no more happy times, the real Mandalorian War had finally started and everyone knew it. Especially the citizens of Jebble, who were very close to the breakout.

    With every war that breaks out, there are those who will seek to profit from it. Everytime. Jedi Knight Aaryn Karsa, investigating the cause of the war, watched silently at the setting sun, its blue haze giving warmth the ice-world before its retreat. A cold wind blew across, causing him to shiver. The ice crunched under his boots, his eyes followed a pair of Duros that walked into the adjacent building.

    ?This is crazy, Aaryn.? Jove?s voice was almost a soft whisper. Aaryn glanced over at her, giving a smirk.

    ?I?m serious. Onderon has fallen, and we just saw on the holo-net that the Mandies have finally sprung their attack. Taris is under siege, and they?ve attacked Vanquo. They embarrassed the Republic Fleet. They are probably on their way to take this planet right now.? Jove put an edge into her voice.

    ?As soon as Maverick is finished, we?ll leave. I promise.? Aaryn looked back at the setting sun. A light snow began to fall on the capital city of Jebble. Not many people had faith that the Republic would save the planet from the inevitable invasion of the Mandalorians, so they packed up and left. In many ways, it reminded Aaryn of some sort of ghost city. There were some who decided to stay, hunker down, and hope for the best?but there wasn?t many. After a string of investigations, they had finally been lead to the ice-world. Maverick knew some contacts in the area that may be able to give some information.

    ?We can?t trust Maverick; we don?t know anything about him.? Jove folded her arms across her chest, gazing at the building across from the pair. The ?Ice Cavern? where Maverick had gone to talk with his supposed contact.

    ?I also don?t know much about you,? Aaryn muttered, glancing at her. She didn?t say anything in response, her eyes glazing over a bit as if she were remembering her past. ?Look, I don?t trust Maverick that much either. I know he isn?t doing this for the Republic War Effort. No, he is doing this for himself. For some reason, it seems to be personal for him. He?ll come through.?

    ?Well, I don?t like it. I have a bad feeling about this, Aaryn. We need to leave this planet as soon as we can.? Jove shivered.

    ?We will as soon as we can, Jove. You knew what you were getting yourself into when you decided to come along, you can still leave you know.? Aaryn reminded her.

    ?I?m going back to the ship; it?s too cold out here.? She said, turning towards the ports. Aaryn sighed as he watched her walk away, every time he tried bringing up the question of why she decided to come along she avoided it. He turned back towards the open sky, the sun now gone, its last rays of light painting a beautiful and yet haunting picture in the sky. Jove was right; they needed to leave this place as soon as they could.

    He looked back at the building Maverick was in, wishing he would hurry.


    ?You cheat!? Ta?sa exclaimed, standing up in frustration. Belo wiggled his trunk in a humorous gesture, a sign of laughter for the Ortolan.

    ?Calm down, Ta?sa, he isn?t cheating.? Vanuy snickered. The young Caamasi folded his arms across his chest, leaning back in his own chair. Ta?sa shook his head back and forth. Over the last few weeks, Belo had become the ship?s reigning champion in holo-chess.

    ?Whatever. Fine, you win, Belo. Are you happy?! I hope you are, because I?m never playing this game with you again.? Ta?sa shook his head and disgust. Belo laughed, holding his belly. Vanuy also joined in the laughter. Jove walked in, still brushing the last bit of snow from her ja
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    Chapter Ten
    The Onslaught Part Two

    Vanuy extended his furry hands behind his head, gazing out the viewport of the ship. Belo sat beside him in the co-pilot seat, his trunk wiggling as he looked over the equipment. Life had taken an unexpected turn for the both of them six weeks ago. After being caught red-handed trying to steal Ta?sa?s wallet, they had offered for the both of them to work and care for the ship during their trip. Granted, flying around to battle-zones and investigating the cause of the Mandalorian Wars was dangerous, it was a lot better than living on the streets of Coruscant.

    Jove had said she understood what both he and Belo had gone through, but he wasn?t so sure she understood what Belo had been through. His life had been a lot rougher than his own when they had met each other. Vanuy glanced over at his friend, who now seemed to be alarmed about something. He started pointing at sensory data.

    ?What?? Vanuy said. ?What is it?? He looked over what he was pointing at. Vanuy?s snout dropped open as he looked at the information. He punched the comlink for the entire ship.

    ?Jove, you should get in here.? Vanuy said.

    ?Why? What?s wrong?? Her voice came back immediately.

    ?The Mandalorian Fleet is here?and it?s big,?


    ?Look, kid. I don?t know what your problem is but you need to pull it together.? Maverick pulled Aaryn up to his feet. Harman had long since ended the holo transmission to take command of the coming battle. Aaryn looked around the command station of the Citadel, everything was seemingly in slow motion as the Republic soldiers stationed there were abandoning their posts.

    Do not be doomed to die on this planet, use the Force? A voice whispered to Aaryn. He wasn?t sure where it came from, or what exactly had told him, perhaps the Force, but it snapped Aaryn back to his senses. Aaryn looked at the expansive comm station, it was now time to act. He ran to it, broadcasting to the entire planet and to anyone near who would be listening.

    ?The Mandalorian?s are here! If you are still on the planet, it is time to get off now. Please, listen to me. Get away from Jebble, as fast as you can! May the Force be with us all.? Aaryn put the transmission on a loop and turned to Maverick.

    ?We have to get out of here,? Aaryn said.

    ?You think so? Wow, that Jedi intuition of yours sure is great! I?ve been saying that since we?ve got here, genius.? Maverick growled.

    Aaryn balled his fists up, reaching for his comlink. Before he could call Jove, her voice broke through.

    ?Aaryn, we?re right outside.?

    ?Got it, we are on our way.?

    Aaryn and Maverick quickly made it out of the building and into the Divinity, both rushing to the cockpit. Jove piloted the freighter up into the atmosphere, the sub-light engines blazing.

    ?Wow, look at that.? Ta?sa muttered. They all saw several hundred ships also racing for the escape of space, apparently haven got Aaryn?s message.

    ?Belo, put be through to the Republic Fleet.? Aaryn said, standing over the small blue Ortolan. Belo nodded, punching the buttons with his pudgy hands.

    ?I?m a little busy, Jedi.? Harman?s voice abruptly came through. Aaryn could see the four Hammer-head class warships had now started to move into a defensive position. Approaching rapidly was the massive Mandalorian Fleet.

    ?I know you are planning to jump to hyperspace any second now, but you can?t! Not yet.? Aaryn shot back.

    ?Why not?? He asked.

    ?Yeah, why not?? Maverick repeated.

    ?Because you have to give a chance to all of these people fleeing the planet, if you jump now they are all going to be slaughtered.? Even more ships seemed to be entering the atmosphere, trying to flee the doomed ice world.

    ?They made their choice to live here a long time ago, mining this pathetic planet. Hell, the Mandalorians have already claimed it?s their planet. We are just here because he had to make our presence known.? Harman didn?t bother buttering up the truth.

    ?You?ve sworn an oath
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    Hey there guys! I'm working on the next chapter right now and it should be out tomorrow for the Thanksgiving holiday for all of you to enjoy! I'm really excited about this next story arc that will span over three chapters, possibly four! It is titled 'The Fallen'. In this next story arc, we'll be diving into Maverick Baron's shrouded past as a con man and learn what makes him tick and why he is out to kill as many Mandalorians as he can. We'll also be introduced to a brand new villian that is of the Dark Side of the Force! Prepare yourself for an epic and chilling journey to Taloraan, as Jedi Knight Aaryn Karsa and his companions investigate the mysterious deaths occuring on the planet!
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    Chapter Eleven
    The Fallen

    ?We should be arriving to Taloraan in about?five hours,? Jove said, looking at the star chart on the navi-computer. Aaryn nodded in reply, gazing at the map himself. The entire ship was quite except for the hum of the hyperdrive engine of the Divinity, and Aaryn and Jove?s conversation in the cockpit. It seemed everyone else had turned in for the night and rest up before arriving to the gas giant.

    ?That?s good; it gives us enough time to get some much needed rest in.? Aaryn replied.

    ?If anyone deserves it, it?s you. That was a very brave thing you did back there,? Jove said, referring to his fight with the Basilisk War Droid.

    ?If it wasn?t for you and your piloting skills, we would have been dead when we first met on Nar Shadda.? Aaryn smiled.

    ?Well, you do have a good point.? She laughed. Their eyes connected for a slight moment as they laughed. Slowly, it the laughter died down and they stood awkwardly in front of each other. Jove couldn?t deny that she felt something for the young Jedi. He knew she had a shady past and a rough couple of years leading up to their meeting, but he never asked what she had done. He just assumed whatever had happened, it wasn?t her fault or some kind of misunderstanding. Aaryn didn?t judge her from her past, but accepted for her who she was. She also thought it was obvious he also had feelings for her, but he just wasn?t sure how to express them. She wasn?t sure she knew how to express them back either.

    ?Jove, I-? He began to say and then stopped. She looked up into his hazel eyes patiently. Aaryn shook his head, becoming frustrated with himself.

    ?We should get some rest,? Jove broke in. Whatever he was going to say, it could be saved for a later time when she was more prepared to accept it. Aaryn looked confused for a quick moment and then regained his composure.

    ?You?re right, of course. I?ll see you soon, sleep well.? Aaryn nodded, patting her on the shoulder. She smiled, and nodded back as he turned to go to his quarters. She stood there a moment alone and sighed. She just wasn?t sure she was ready for whatever Aaryn was going to say to her.

    She balled up her fists, and decided she should at least try and get some sleep. She made her way through the main cabin area, on her way to her own room.

    ?You and the Jedi, eh? I?ve got to say, I think everyone saw that cliché moment coming.? A voice called behind her. Jove jumped, startled at the sound of Maverick?s voice. She turned to see him sitting alone in the dark with his feet propped up on the table.

    ?Nothing is going on, Maverick.? Jove replied.

    ?Yeah? It sure didn?t seem that way, sweetheart.? Maverick gave a roguish grin, standing up to face her.

    ?I?m going to bed,? Jove said, turning to return back to her way to her room.

    ?When he finds out whatever you?re running from, he won?t have those feelings for you anymore.? Maverick said.

    ?Excuse me?? She asked as she stopped in her tracks, turning around.

    ?You ain?t fooling me; I?ve been with your type before.? He said, smiling. ?You?re like me, living out of the Fringe, never staying in one place to long. You are on the run from something, from your past. He may think you are all sweet and innocent, but I know the truth. You?re a killer, just like me.?

    Jove didn?t say anything in reply, just staring back at him with a fire in her eyes. He moved even closer to her, making her uncomfortable. She clinched her jaw, and shook her head. Jove didn?t want to admit it, but everything he said was right and that was what she was afraid of. Maverick had nailed the nail on the head. This time she didn?t say anything at all and made her way to her room.

    Maverick stood alone in the dark, watching her walk away. Slowly his smile faded. His head dropped to the ground, looking at his own boots. He reached in his jacket pocket, pulling out a small holocube. He turned it on; it?s blue light illuminating the immediate area around him. He squeezed the cube as he looked at the p
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    Chapter Twelve
    The Fallen

    Maverick aimed down the scope of his blaster, quickly bringing it around as he heard a noise behind him. He gulped, keeping his trigger finger ready at all times. In front of him stood the Jedi Knight, Aaryn Karsa. Aaryn also turned to peer down the long corridor where the noise seemingly came from.

    ?Well, this has to be one of the creepiest things I?ve ever done,? Maverick muttered.

    ?Let?s just keep moving,? Aaryn said as they continued down the corridor. They were hoping to find Veed Primus, a man that knew important information about the Mandalorian war machine.

    ?We going to search the entire facility for this guy with this monster in here?? Maverick said out loud, more to himself than to Aaryn.

    ?I figured there has to be some sort of control center or something, so if we can find that we can find Veed.? Aaryn said, moving slowly.

    ?Or what?s left of him,? Maverick said.

    ?Let?s just find him, get what we need, and get out of here.? He replied.

    ?Whatever you say Master Jedi,? Maverick piped sarcastically. He held the blaster rifle close moving with caution as Aaryn did.

    The two men continued down the long, empty hallways. The entire facility was dim, that is if the lights in a hallway were working. The ones that did not work, they blinked on and off. There was a small hum of the generators and sometimes the occasional sound that Aaryn or Maverick may have heard. Both of them slowly came upon something that lay still in the middle of the floor.

    ?What the krif is that?? Maverick gulped, having a dread feeling in the put of the stomach. He knew exactly what it was, but his mind didn?t want to believe it.

    Aaryn approached it first, looking down on it with a hint of mild curiosity and disgust. He bent down looking over it and then looked up at Maverick.

    ?It?s a body,? Aaryn whispered. Maverick came closer, still pointing his gun at the body.

    ?What?s wrong with it?? He asked. The body itself was curled up as if it had died in a massive amount of pain. They couldn?t tell wither or not it was a male or female, but the body still wore the mining uniform. The rest of the body appeared to be mummified a husk of a body.

    ?I don?t know?? Aaryn shivered. ?It?s like the life was sucked right out of him,?

    ?Or her,? Maverick provided.

    ?Right, let?s just keep going.? Aaryn stood up, unhooking his lightsaber from his belt. He held on tight the grip, but did not ignite the blade.

    ?Whatever you say Master Jedi, you?re the expert.? Maverick grinned. The two men continued down the long corridors. ?Say, you and Jove seem awful close.?

    Aaryn raised his brow, wondering why he would be bringing this up now. He guessed it was either because Maverick was as nervous as he was, or he was just a son of a gundark. Aaryn figured it was the latter.

    ?I don?t know what you?re talking about,? Aaryn muttered.

    ?Oh is that right? I guess that?s just Vanuy and Belo giggling in the cockpit late at night. Wait, nope that would be you and Jove. So you are going to make a move anytime soon?? Maverick pressed.

    ?Shut up,? Aaryn turned around glaring at Maverick.

    ?Whoa now, anger leads to the Dark Side. Remember? I was just wondering because if what you say is true and there is nothing going on between you too, I was going to move right on in.? He smiled.

    ?You and Jove?? Aaryn sounded skeptical as he turned around and kept going down the empty facility.

    ?Yeah, I like the sound of that. She?s perfect for me,?

    Aaryn laughed. ?Right, think whatever you want to.?

    ?What? You don?t think we?d make a good fit? I?m hurt, Jedi. Can I call you Jed for short? But you?d be surprised how much me and her have in common. I see the way she looks at me, we have a?connection.? Maverick said. Aaryn didn?t say anything in reply, just kept right on moving.

    The two didn?t speak to each other until Aaryn stopped midway in front of a locked door. He looked around his surroundings and then looked back at the door.

    ?I think this
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