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Before - Legends Learning to Fly - OCs - Mystery - Drama - Multi-chapter

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Vek Talis, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Caught up at last! A thrilling, chilling, riveting conclusion to this story, full of edge-of-seat action. Vizif, Vek, and Britmar really are making a great team here. Vek's healing powers are really being put to the test, too, between the Sith soldier and Britmar; the way he works so hard to heal them both, even in the midst of battle and his own injuries, and even though he pretty much knows there's no hope in the soldier's case, shows that he's got a lot of heart under that sarcastic exterior. I should have known the mysterious and nefarious Âtsadushbag would make a return appearance, and he turns out to almost be more than a match for Vek and Vizif, but their teamwork pays off, and "a dead enemy ain't an enemy no more."

    Very intriguing findings in the enclave, as well, from Kavia's corpse, to Su'jaki's observations about her use of Teräs Käsi, to all those holocrons—not all of them Sith, and one seemingly exerting a hold on Vek himself... very cool setup to a sequel there. And of course Vek and Vizif's portion of the story ends, as always, with banter and repartee! You always do a great job with that. :)

    This final epilogue-like chapter raises many questions indeed. So Mr. Craroc is still at large, and he's got this little child-apprentice now in Fyrda—there's got to be some story there. [face_thinking] What will their plans to "rebuild" involve? Presumably it's the Knights of Lettow they're rebuilding? What are his plans for training (indoctrinating) Fyrda? I'm a bit worried there and picking up more than a little vibe of sinister manipulation, though from Craroc that shouldn't surprise me. And he's still out for vengeance against that one particular Frag, and we know which one... [face_nail_biting]

    Wonderful conclusion once again, and a very intriguing setup for stories to come! =D=
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    Oct 12, 2018
    Sorry about the long delay in replies... I love each and every one of my readers! [:D]

    Thanks! One is rattling around in the old grey matter upstairs somewhere. Unless the crotchety old timer living up there stole it. [face_worried]

    Sheevy the Sheevster is in a class by himself, yes. But don't sell Craroc short. :D

    Aw, shucks. [face_blush] You had other pressing matters during that time.

    Thanks for reading/enjoying/replying!

    [face_shhh] Don't tell anyone; you'll give Vek a swelled head.

    [face_laugh] Very appropriate nickname for our buddy. It was a challenge to remember to put that little accent mark above the 'A' each time. :p

    What will come of it all? Only the Shadow knows!!! *evil laugh breaks down into fits of coughing*

    Thanks; that's an awesome compliment coming from a master in dialogue. :)

    Perhaps you shall see... I just have to get the current muse satisfied before moving back to the arena of writing. Work on my Role Playing Video Game is proceeding well. :)

    Thanks everyone for reading and hope you'll be onboard for my next multi-chapter adventure in Before the Saga-land!
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    Of course! :D
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    A better nickname than Assytush? :p

    Nice to hear.
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