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Star Wars Legacy of the Force: The Last Stand

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 4, 2019.

  1. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    "The pilots of the Wild Knights, Wraith and Blackmoon Squadrons, once upon a time, formed the back of the Galactic Alliance Starfighter Corps, with the Twin Suns, Rogue and Vanguard Squadrons. The six of them fought at Borleias, Ebaq 9 and Coruscant during the Yuuzhan Vong War, but now the Galactic Alliance is at war with itself, and the elected government, not a month ago, was overthrown by a military coup. The pilots of these squadrons, and their successors, now find themselves wondering whether what they are doing is right, but facing a Confederation which is desperately retooling Centerpoint Station - a superweapon which can destroy stars.

    In the middle of this, these pilots, led by Adalia Durron, find that their old nemesis, Aden Kya, is released from prison to shore up the depleted Starfighter Corps... and Jacen Solo places him in charge of these starfighter squadrons. For Jacen Solo is secretly Darth Caedus, and he intends to reshape the Galactic Alliance into his Sith Empire..."

    The Master, narrating to the Protectors via their Holocron’s

    Coruscant, Armand Isard Correctional Facility

    Co-Chief of State Jacen Solo took a step into the prison cell. There he was. Aden Kya. Not quite as slim as the other prisoners; not quite as addled by his isolation; not quite maddened by his term. Aden had attempted to murder several Alliance pilots, and, as a Force user, had required quite the prison. Yet, he had not suffered for it, and Jacen Solo thought he knew why.

    Closing his eyes, the Force briefly shifted, and Aden edged back to the wall, feeling the unnatural movement to the natural current of the galaxy. "What did you do?"

    Jacen returned, his eyes flashing open. His expression was knowing. Crudely grinning, he gestured to the door. "I thought as much. Wing Commander Kya, are you ready to serve again?"

    Aden's mouth was ajar, jaw open in shock, and he suddenly remembered to salute, drawing himself straight. "Of course, Chief!"

    Behind Jacen's now amiable smile, Darth Caedus grinned malevolently. Of course, Master.

    Perhaps one day.

    Aboard the Mediator-class battlecruiser Ocean, Coruscant orbit, flagship of the Third Fleet Emergency Response Force

    Co-Chief Niathal was having a none-too-dissimilar conversation with Adalia Tehanis. "I appreciate you coming, and on such short notice." The Mon Calamari stared at the woman, and nodded. "Basically, we need you, and we need both of you, to reassemble your Wing and hold the Confederation firm."

    "Both of us?" She said, incredulous. She had expected to be contacted about her absentee partner, Kyp Durron. The Jedi had refused to fight for Jacen Solo, but had declared that they were still loyal to the cause.

    "Him." Niathal confirmed.

    “HIM!" Realisation came crashing down on her shoulders. "You cannot be serious! Is this some kind of joke? Cause it ain't funny."

    “I know,” the Admiral said, looking glum. “But Jacen has found a way to shore up our forces, issuing pardons to criminals. Meanwhile, I have no choice but to turn to retired officers who can keep the war going without abandoning our moral compass.”

    Niathal regarded Adalia directly. “And you were known as the only person who could keep Aden on track.” Her hands threaded. “I don’t agree with Jacen’s methods all the time, but we are losing this war and we need every veteran we have to win it the right way.”

    Adalia turned to look out across the city, her arms folded over her chest she snorted and muttered, "Hardly kept him on track, on track to destroy me maybe." she frowned adding clearly, "and you make the word Veteran sound so old." Turning back she raised an eyebrow. "Is there ever a right way to win a war?" It was a real question, there were always losers on both sides in war, no matter what side you took. She let out a sigh. "So how would this work?"

    “Joint command of the wing. A squadron under your direct command. Whatever resources I can spare I’ll offer. Incom has its next delivery of X-wings, A-wings and E-wings ready, I just need pilots. Good ones - and fast.” She produced a comlink. “That’s a direct like to my office, if you need it.”

    “Because I surely need you.” Admiral Niathal, Supreme Commander of the Defence Force and co-Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance, held out the comlink to Adalia.

    Taking the comlink slowly she bit her bottom lip in thought. 'Need me', she'd heard that before, wasn't it Antilles the last time? As for good pilots, she'd been out of the game too long to know who was good now, this sounded like hard work, most the ones she knew were retired and content in their new lives.

    "Do I have time to consider or was taking this me accepting?" she asked raising the comlink.

    Niathal paused. "I can give you time. Not long though - the Confederation is marshaling forces from Kashyyyk to re-start the assault on Kuat, and the Second, Third and Fourth Fleets are not going to be able to hold the line and defend Coruscant. The half of the Fifth Fleet we have left is in dry-dock. We need a few days to put it back together enough to return to the front..."

    "That's all I can give you."

    Adalia wanted to growl, it wasn't enough but it was going to have to do. She did love a challenge. "Then I have a couple of days, best get moving."




    Welcome to The Last Stand, a squadron based RP set during Legacy of the Force, between the novels Inferno and Fury. The Galactic Alliance is on the back-foot, having lost the support of the Jedi, Hapans and Wookiees against the Corellian-led Confederation, which is about to repair the starbuster Centerpoint Station.


    An elite Wing of pilots is to be assembled to hold the line at Kuat, which the Confederation will capture without the return of the Hapans to the fold. While Jacen Solo and Cha Niathal, co-Chief of States of the Alliance put in place a plan to restore relations with the Hapan Queen Mother, you are being recruited by the former Wing Commanders that led the six squadrons against the Yuuzhan Vong more than a decade ago.

    Will you join up, or return to service, in the Alliances time of need?

    The Alliance needs you!

    Species: Everything apart from Rakata and Sith are around. Nothing is extinct nowadays...
    Personal effects:
    Personal starfighter: If you have one, tell us about it...
    Appearance: A photo is required; to know your face tells us a thousand things.

    Sheets jointly to Sinrebirth and Adalia-Durron!

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  2. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    GM approved, and in the Resource Thread!

    Name: Aden Kya
    Age: Early 40s
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Personal effects: his grandmothers lightsaber, white-bladed, and a green shoto. A standard issue GA pilot blaster.
    Personal fighter: TIE Blur, a stealth equipped prototype from Seinar. Think TIE bomber, but the missile chute has been replaced with anti-sensor tech.



    The typical. Father sold him into slavery on Fondor. Mother didn’t care; she was so Imperial she still prays for Palpatine’s return at bedtime. Grandmother saved him from the Vong and taught him the ways of the Force. Via the Jensaarai, he joined the war and became a Wing Commander, for his skills were more spatial and coordination oriented than piloting. According to Kre’frey, anyway. He made a friend and enemy in Adalia, a ‘frenemy’, but took matters too far for peace-time - when standards are always higher - and was imprisoned for attempted murder.

    But now it’s wartime again, and standards are dropping as the Alliance becomes desperate again. So he’s back, coordinating the depleted squadrons of the Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Fleets to try and stop the Confederation before they take Kuat - besides his old friend Adalia, and with a fresh crop of pilots to turn into merciless killers.

    Just like Jacen Solo wants.

    Adalia edit as he is LYING about his age :p
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  3. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Force Ghost star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    GMs Approved

    Name: Rhoen Aquilla

    Age: 21

    Species: Human

    Gender: Male

    Personal effects: A holo of his mother Valere Aquilla, her old helmet, a few changes of clothes, a blaster pistol, and his mother's engagement ring his father wouldn't be needing it.

    Personal starfighter: None, he was provided his


    Bio: The son of a respected veteran of the past wars Rhoen took up his mother's work, even though she was vehemently against it. It was her own fault, she taught him how to fly, put the love of the stars in his heart. She tried to stop him at every turn, cashed every favor she had to try and keep him out of the academy, or failing that have him wash out. None of it worked, seems he'd gotten her perseverance as well. No matter what got thrown at him he kept going, kept fighting through. It came to a head the night before he was to be commissioned, he'd returned home to tell his mother. She sat him down and gave one final teary plea for him to reject it, to not follow the path she had for so many years. He couldn't this was his legacy, the path set before him by her. He wanted to honor her, to see her name spread across the stars. This hurt her more than he could know, this was her greatest fear, that he would follow in her footsteps.

    He was only a few years into his service when he got horrible news, his mother had passed away, at home after an illness. When he asked for leave none was given, in a fit of rage he resigned his commission. He would not miss his mother's funeral. That was just before the galaxy turned upside down. Now he didn't have a clue who to fight for or what to do. So he remained at home, helping his father with the farm.

    Until one of his mother's old friends came calling. Looking for her, the legendary woman that claimed the stars. He clearly hadn't heard the news. Rhoen invited them in, and told them. When he heard what was going on, what was planned, he couldn't stay silent, he couldn't remained sequestered on his homestead. His mother would have strapped on her helmet and gone up without a second thought. He did too. Now he rubs shoulders with the greatest of their generation, hoping that he is good enough. He has his mother's skills, and her determination, he will have to hope it is enough.
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  4. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 8

    Aug 31, 2004
    GMs approved :)

    Name: Loriana Starskimmer

    Age: 25

    Species: Human

    Gender: Female

    Personal effects: Holos of family: 2 siblings and adoptive parents.

    Personal starfighter: XJ-wing. Astromech is nicknamed RBJ.

    Appearance: Sky-blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. She is well-toned and agile.
    View attachment 1051

    Bio: Adopted by Correllian parents when her parents were lost during the Vong war. Her adoptive siblings live on Selonia.
    Inspired by the great examples of Kyp Durron and the entire Solo family, Loriana is determined to make a difference in the upcoming conflict.
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  5. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Aussie Rebel At Heart. star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003

    Adalia Tehanis
    Homeworld Akrian (not on the map, don't look - outer rim)
    Age 47
    Hair burgundy
    eyes green
    Height 178cm

    Blaster, Hold out Blaster, virbroblade x 2

    T 65 XJ X Wing

    At the Age of 16 she fighting with the Underground Southern Resistance Cell against the planets Imperial Rule, becoming the youngest Resistance Cell leader and instrumental in over throwing the Empires rule of her home world. Trained as a pilot with the NR she topped her classes with determination and it was during this time on Coruscant she had a chance meeting with Kyp Durron. They started a 'friendship' that years later developed further. She joined the fight against the YV and in a short period rose to XO of the Wild Knightz. It was her ability to think outside the box than led to her being made Lead of the Knightz.

    After the war ended she and the team were broken up and the Shadow Sabers were born, which she shared lead with Col. Adam Lyons. They were transferred to Oracle base in the outer rim to fight the pirates out there with the new line up of the Twin Suns, lead by Aden Kya. They locked horns from day one and were often pulled apart often physically. It was during this time on a routine stop over that her relationship with Durron became more intimate in intense. She has a temper and is known for her creative ways to punish her pilots for indiscretions. She loved her Sabers and the Knightz before them, many one in the same and hated it when the squadron was disbanded. She retired then, not feeling the need with no real wars around.

    Adalia is tough but fair, she is a 20 year veteran and knows the deal. She is hard on the outside, but once you get to know her, marshmallow. Many of the men she used to serve with considered her dangerous and to some she was. But she is retired now working security detail for senators mostly and has soften somewhat. She has a temper still, but it takes a lot more to bring it out these days. She is more sarcastic now, a trait she picked up from her long time lover.
  6. Rebecca_Daniels

    Rebecca_Daniels Force Ghost star 5

    Sep 3, 2006
    GM approved!

    Name: Beka "Bouncer" Tiarri
    Age: 38
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Personal effects: A worn but trusty blaster pistol, a ring hung from a simple chain necklace, practical civilian clothing, some old medals in a nondescript box
    Personal starfighter: X-wing, purple and orange detailing, impounded.
    The way some tell it, Beka was born into the rebellion. Her parents spied for the Alliance, moving from planet to planet every few years, disrupting the fading Empire until the reclamation of Coruscant. And she moved with them, trained from a young age to sneak, to fight, to listen, to survive. The lessons stuck, even as the Rebellion became a Republic and their lives settled onto the more stable capital world.

    Beka started flying on a whim. A friend of her parents handed her the controls of a speeder, and she took to the skies in every way she didn't to the classrooms. Faster couldn't be fast enough, and soon enough she was putting her name down for the Starfighter Corps, ready to prove herself. But trouble found her there, and she was just as quick with her fists as she was with her X-wing.

    Discipline wasn't a priority when the invasion hit. Shunted from squadron to squadon as they were decimated, Beka eventually ended up with the Twin Suns, where she thrived through the end of the war, rising through the ranks through quick thinking and expert flying.

    But a lot changes with time. The Republic became an Alliance, and decided it didn't need the ones who played fast and loose with the rules, and Beka ended up in an early "retirement"-- or at least that's what they called the ultimatum after a squadron prank got out of hand. Underground speeder racing became a way to stay sharp, her X-wing impounded and out of reach, and by day she worked security, barely a step above mercenaries... and there was a lot of work available, with the Galactic Alliance imploding. At least, until she got a holocall...
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  7. The Real Kyp Durron

    The Real Kyp Durron Jedi Knight star 2

    May 6, 2018
    Game Master Approved.

    Kyp Durron (Jedi Master)
    Age: 49 (Crap I'm 50 soon)
    Species: Human
    Gender: male
    Personal effects: Lightsaber, bad attitude
    Personal starfighter: Not got one right now, broke it.
    Appearance: @Sinrebirth says I don't need a bio, and Adalia knows who I am.
    Image: This will do.

  8. Anedon

    Anedon Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 11, 2016
    GM Approved

    Name: Adrian Malek
    Homeworld: Eriadu
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26

    Personal Effects: Eriaduan Vibor Blade, Blaster, his father´s old astormech.

    Personal Starfighter: standart unmodified X-Wing

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Bio: Adrian Malek was born in 14 ABY as the second child of the, then still senator of Eriadu Ethan Malek. Ethan had been important in brining in rebel support for the Eriaduan resitance against the empire and was later named for ambassador then senator in the new republic. Like their father both of his kids choose military careers but where Adrian´s older sister was more patriotic for her homeworld and became an officer in the ORSF Adrian choose to join the GA military academy some time after the Vong war, as he believed in cooperation and unity amongst the galaxy. Though passing his grades very well Adrian's further career was hampered by prejudice and generall mistrust of Eriaduan's by many others in the galaxy, which lead to him being stuck a simple pilot, despite the rising tensions between his homeworld and the GA Adiran still belives in the central goverment.

    Adrian is very idealistic almost to the point of naivety, he fully believes in the cause of the GA and that it will bring a better future to the galaxy, though the grim realities of the war might change that very soon. As a soldier he takes his duty very seriously and keeps a professional appearance.
  9. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    GM Approved

    Name: Corran Horn
    Age: 54
    Species: Corellian / Human
    Gender: Male
    Personal effects: Silver-bladed lightsaber, Green robes of the Corellian Jedi Order
    Personal starfighter: X-Wing Starfighter, green colour scheme.
    Bio: Son of Valin 'Hal' Horn, born on Corellia. He followed in his father and grandfather's footsteps and joined CorSec. Years later, he left and went undercover and on the run with his droid Whistler. After Endor, he eventually became a member of the reformed, Rogue Squadron. Participated in key campaigns against Isard, Zjing and Thrawn.

    During the campaign against Isard, he eventually learnt of his true heritage; that his grandfather was actually Nejaa Halcyon, a Jedi of the Corellian Order. He befriended Mirax Terrik, the daughter to his father's 'nemesis' and eventually they later married.

    When Mirax was taken soon after the campaign against Thrawn, Corran took Wedge's advice and allowed himself to the trained by Luke Skywalker at the Jedi Praxium on Yavin IV. He was one of the first pupils there. With the new skills he developed mixed with the ones he already had, he located and rescued Mirax while putting an end to the Invid Pirate group. He alternated between Jedi and Pilot until peace was brokered between the New Republic and Empire.

    He went on to instruct his two children in the ways of the Force until the Yuuzhan Vong invasion happened. He was called into service. During the fateful mission to save Ithor from the Yuuzhan Vong, Corran bested their commander in a duel… however, the Vong went against their word and ravaged the world, leaving the blame to fall on Corran and he took a leave of absence. He later returned to help turn the tide in the war and uncover the secrets of Zonama Sekot.

    He later became a leading member of the Master's council.
  10. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    GM Approved

    Mirax Terrick Horn
    Age: 52
    Species: Corellian / Human
    Gender: Female
    Personal effects: Blaster,
    Personal starfighter: Pulsar Skate - Modified Baudo-class Star Yacht
    Daughter to Booster Terrik, Mirax grew up with Wedge Antilles and remained close friends. She continued her father's business and continued to run smuggling operations and aided the Alliance on several occasions.

    Friction developed with one of the pilots, Corran Horn. The son of Valin Horn who had put her father away in prison on Kessel. Friction developed into friendship and eventually cared for each other. Following the Bacta War, Mirax and Corran Horn finally married.

    She turned her attention to a shipping business and continued several smuggling operations to assist the New Republic during hard times. She was kidnapped by Invids pirates until Corran Horn and Luke Skywalker came to free her.

    Mirax gave birth to two children, Valin and Jysella. She developed a friendship with Mara Jade and worked together on several occasions. She assisted the Jedi Order where she could, always keeping an ear out for Jedi requests. She worked together with her husband several times during the Yuuzhan Vong war.
  11. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Seha Dorvald
    Aboard the Jedi-commandeered ship, the former GA tender , Resolve, at a rendezvous point in deep space by Kuat, Core Systems

    The last few days had been hard ones. Jacen Solo, the co-Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance, had ordered the Galactic Alliance Guard to attack the Jedi Temple in response to the Jedi refusal to fight in the Battle of Kuat barely a week ago. Seha, initiate but not yet Padawan, had helped the Jedi escape with the Temple’s staff into the undercity of Coruscant, including the most mobile of the Jedi computer systems and the Sith artefacts held at the Temple.

    That had included three Holocrons. Two Jedi, and one Sith. Seha had stayed clear of the latter, which had been making a good half of the small supply ship filled with the dark side. It was a sick feeling, made all the more sick by the fact that Seha had been found, orphaned, in the Coruscant undercity and sponsored to join the Jedi Order by Jacen Solo - who had just burned down Kashyyyk and ordered a Jedi massacre on Ossus. Some thirty Jedi Knights had died in the last week because of the man who had acted as her surrogate father for years.

    But all of that had to be pushed aside and contained and controlled around the other Jedi, around the Holocron’s. The Sith one was encouraging her emotions, she was sure. Jedi Master and Chief Librarian Markre Medjev had point - and they were meeting here to rendezvous with Council masters Kyp Durron and Corran Horn, who were being couriered by the Pulsar Skate, captained by Mirax Terrik. The yacht was large enough to carry an X-wing, after all. It was thus the perfect ship.


    Markre Medjev

    Seha knew that they were to meet the Masters, update then, and head on to Endor. But any temptation to tell Jacen about it was squashed by the reports of the massacre - and, mercifully, if she had been tempted, Master Medjev had not left her side. She hadn’t confessed to helping Jacen keep tabs on the Jedi Order - in hindsight, he’d been pumping her for information - but she knew that she would have to at some point. Either Medjev had worked it out, or he was being careful because of the Holocrons.

    The two Holocron’s on-board were important because they had been found not a month earlier on Telos. The masters had apparently been suspicious of the two Holocron’s - one light, one dark - being found simultaneously, and had been studying them in the Temple before the war interrupted.


    The Great Jedi Holocron


    The Telos Holocron

    Either way - moments before the Resolve arrived in-system, the dark side told the crew of the Pulsar Skate that the Jedi were about to arrive... pursued by three GA E-wings.

    Master Medjev scowled. “We’ve been followed.” Seha felt guilty, even though she’d done nothing to assist Jacen in finding them.

    “Masters Durron, Horn,” Medjev said, slapping the comm. “We’re unarmed. Any help you can give would be appreciated.”

    They’d been tracked, and they now had plenty to deal with. The GA was not their enemy; Jacen was. So many loyal soldiers, pilots and crew were now pointed at the Jedi Order and he was all too happy to sacrifice them all.

    The three E-wings opened fire with their ion cannon, focusing on the tender’s engines. No doubt they’d soon be calling for support from the Alliance Navy.

    TAG: @Corellian-Outrider, @The Real Kyp Durron
    IC: Aden Kya
    Aboard the Ocean, flagship of the Third Fleet, edge of the Coruscant system

    The flagship of a Galactic Alliance Fleet was a bustling, busy place. The Ocean, the Mon Calamari battle cruiser, was no different. But that didn’t stop a co-Wing Commander from ordering everyone out of his hangar unless they were pilots.

    Aden Kya, blue-haired, with a black flight-suit in stark contrast, watched over the bustle from the upper walkway. Thirty six fighter craft - half of Rogue Wing. Rogue Squadron under Lensi, his reconstituted Wraiths, and the surviving half squadron of Blackmoon E-wings and four technically-still experimental Aleph-class starfighters. In this hangar, that is.

    The Blackmoon’s had been rotated from the First Fleet, having lost a quarter of their number at the brutal Battle of Kuat. The Aleph’s has always been with the Second, and the Rogues with the Third, though Aden had insisted on them being rotated to him. Giving Adalia command of the Rogue’s was a bad idea. The Wraiths were a mixture of new pilots, criminals on probation, and survivors from other squadrons. Most of the formerly retired pilots had been returned to Adalia’s half of the Wing - the reconstituted Twin Suns, Wild Knights and Phoenix squadrons. The GA was reclaiming the names of famous Jedi squadrons, and remodelling them for the new war. Assuming Adalia accepted, of course.

    Chief of State Solo had emphasised that the Wing was not just an attempt to stop the Confederation but also a collection of loyalists and potential issues; Adalia was known to be dating Jedi Master Kyp Durron... and among the Aleph’s was Syal Antilles, daughter of Wedge Antilles, who was an enemy of both the GA and Confederation. So Solo was running lots of schemes and plots through the Wing, and putting them on the frontline was a good use of resources in Aden’s mind.

    The pilots were going to be reassigned to the Anakin Solo when it left drydock repaired - it had been damaged at Kuat and Kashyyyk. But for now they were crossing paths, chatting, getting to know each other - forming cliques, connections and maybe even rivalries. The Rogues kept to themselves; the former criminals did also. But everyone else could go between those groups. The other half of the Wing was in its own hangar.

    Aden found himself looking for Rhoen Aquilla. His mother was the reason that he was here, after all. Oh, yes, and Loriana Starskimmer. She had adopted relatives on Selonia, in the Corellian system. Potential traitors were among his responsibility too... but Aden was not worried about divided loyalties.

    He wondered what the two of them would do in such an open environment. Would they be in awe, intrigued, or sneaking. Syal Antilles was walking with her Sullustan wingmate through the hustle and bustle... and Rogue Leader Lensi, the grim-faced Duros looking all the more grim, was also. As Aden watched, the five of them were about to cross paths...

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422, @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha
    IC: Cha Niathal
    Aboard the dreadnaught Bounty, edge of the Coruscant envelope, monitoring the Ocean hangars

    We are always surprised by rough waters, and we try to keep them calm every time.

    Co-Chief of State and Admiral Niathal starred into the sea of stars, ignoring the scintillating beauty of Coruscant, the capital of the Galactic Alliance for the more natural view. But even then, some of the stars moved too fast, or vanished as ships blocked them from sight briefly. All was unnatural in the natural state of matters. The Mon Cal reviewed the holocams and data readouts again. The Third Fleet was at the systems edge, with Aden Kya putting together his half of the Wing. Adalia had yet to turn up aboard the Ocean with her final recruits, though she was sure they would arrive soon. Wild Knights, Twin Suns and Phoenix Squadrons were ready and waiting.

    The Fourth Fleet was attempting to hold Kuat all on its own, and it was not likely to be able to do so for much longer. The Second and the Third Fleet held Coruscant, waiting for the Fifth to finish a rush of repairs from its battering - and halving - at the Battle of Kashyyyk. Niathal always had to keep three fleets defending Coruscant, or the capital world would fall... and that meant she didn't have three spare for the front. The Bounty and Megador counted as fleets on their own, but the latter would take months to repair.

    All she had, for now, was the six squadrons she was about to send to Kuat. Its all she could afford to send. Unless the Confederation could be turned, or distracted, they would always have more strength in the field than her. Niathal hoped that Adalia was the miracle worker that she had always heard that she was.

    TAG: @Adalia-Durron, @Rebecca Daniels, @Anedon (please continue your combo's with Addie).

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  12. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Aussie Rebel At Heart. star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    Adalia Tehanis
    Private quarters

    Sitting on the end of their bed, Adalia stared blankly at the wall. It'd been nearly 30 hours since she' sent out the call to all the former Knightz and Sabers and so far, she'd gotten nothing. Not a sound, not a call back, nothing. Drawing a deep breath, she let it out slowly before putting her face into her hands and running her fingers through her overly long hair.

    Standing she walked to the massive transparasteel window the bedroom had that overlooked the city of Coruscant. Lights flickered and she could make out speeders moving at pace below. How could one person be so alone on a city planet this populated? She wondered as she turned slightly to look at the holo image beside the bed. Regret washed over her as the words she'd spoken over three standard months ago echoed through her head for what seemed like the millionth time.

    "Go away!! Give me a chance to miss you!!!"

    And he did.

    The very next day, he was gone. She'd had a few random messages, saying how he missed her and hoped it was far enough, wondering when and if he should bother coming back, and every time never saying where he was. "I'm sorry." She muttered not for the first time. She could use his council, as she was sure Jacen had ulterior motive in all this. Why Aden? Why her? Why now? There had to be a reason, but right now it alluded her.

    Sitting back on the side of the bed she studied the image and reaching out touched it only to have it fade into lines briefly. She did this to herself and in a show of exasperation she threw herself back to lay down. Staring at the ceiling she fought back the prick of tears for another night as she gazed at the sparkling crystals that resembled stars dotting the ceiling. She'd put them there when he'd said he likes sleeping outside, because he could see the stars.

    Out in the lounge the sound of the com station brought her back, she sat up. It was an incoming call. Could this be it, the start? Time would tell.


    Sent from my X Wing via sub space.
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  13. Anedon

    Anedon Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 11, 2016
    Adalia Tehanis, Adrian Malek(combo with the amazing @Adalia-Durron)
    Adrian´s quarters

    Adalia Tehanis stood outside the door, reading the name, she was in the right place. Drawing a deep breath, she straightened up and knocked four times on the door before clasping her hands behind her back and turning away, didn't want to look too interested. Rolling her neck, she noted the scratchy fabric of the new uniform against her skin and wondered how long it would take to break it in. The shiny new rank buttons reflected nearby light letting all around her know she was back as a Colonel, again. She kept her back to the door, this was an important port of call, one she needed to add to her staff list and one she couldn't mess up.

    My son, it seems that events are escalating here. In the last weeks the voices in the Quintad arguing for a secession from the Alliance have become louder and louder. Your sister told me that the ORSF has been set on alert ready to drive out any GA loyalists at the signal of the Quintad, so I believe Eriadu’s joining of the confederation is only a matter of time. I don´t know if this could endanger you as well but...
    Adrian was quietly reading in his quarters when he heard the knocks on the door. Quickly deactivating his datapad to hide his father message he stood up, straightened his uniform and stepped to the door of his small room. Opening it he saw a red headed woman in the corridor, she had turned away from him, but he recognized the rank buttons of a colonel on her uniform. He snapped to attention and saluted. "Colonel."

    Behind her the door opened, she wasn't going to spin instantly, that wasn't her way. She heard him come to attention and salute, she lowered her head before turning and giving him a very small smile. "Major Malek?" she asked calmly?

    "Yes, Ma’am. Adrian Malek at your service," the young man replied, keeping his straight posture and salute. For a moment worries overcame him, could it be that she was here because of the events his father mentioned? To remove him from his post, or even arrest him? No, that couldn´t be, he was a loyal and dedicated soldier.

    "At ease, for goodness sakes." She brushed past him and entered his small quarters. "Close the door please, what I have to say I don't have time to waste and I need you to listen and concentrate." She turned to face him and continued to speak, "Colonel Adalia Tehanis" she introduced herself, "I have been scouring records as I have been returned to duty to form up a wing and a personal squadron. I am able to choose who I want from where I want. I need and XO, I like your record and ....." she paused as she had no idea why but it was the truth, "I was drawn to your record. I need a quick answer and I need it now. Yes or no?"

    Adrian relaxed a bit but remained standing straight, folding his hands behind his back after closing the door. It relived him that Colonel Tehanis wasn’t here to arrest him, but this offer was surely surprising. Despite his promotion to major he still had served as a regular pilot, becoming an XO was a step up. He was glad that finally, it seemed his hard work and loyalty were paying off. All his instincts told him to say yes but he controlled himself and thought a quick moment about it. He had heard stories about the colonel in the academy, she was a war hero. But there was something else, he had heard the name Tehanis before but wasn´t quite sure where, maybe from his father. Brushing that aside he said, "it would be an honour to serve as your XO, ma’am."

    "Good. We have no time to waste. Pack your gear, we move out in one standard hour. I will have your ship waiting in hangar 29, western wing. Be there with your gear before that so you can pack it in your craft." Walking forward again she stopped beside him and turned to him, he long braid whipping as she did so. "And do me a favour Malek? Lose the uptight Military stance, you'll find I'm way more lay back than probably anyone you've served under. I need to be able to rely on you, and if you're acting like you're petrified of me, I can't do that. We clear?"

    For a moment Adrian asked himself if this was a test, the military protocol usually required lower ranks to stand straight in the presence of their higher ups. But he followed her command and relaxed himself but kept his hands folded on his back. "Of course, mam," he replied. He was a bit surprised how quickly they would move out, but it wouldn´t be a problem, he only had very few personal belongings with him and packing them would only require a few minutes.

    She opened the door and paused, lowering her eyes to the floor. "There are......." she needed to find the right words, "extenuating circumstances here, and I need to be able to trust you......" she looked to him "with my life, all will be clear once we are under way. Can I do that Adrian?" she asked quietly.

    "Of course, you can, ma’am," Adrian replied and he meant it. Trust and reliability both in personal as well as in professional relationships had been taught to him from a very young age by his parents. "I will do my best to stand by your side and have you covered."

    She softened her expression and gave him a smile. "Good, I look forward to it. See you in an hour, bring your droid." She said before leaving and closing the door behind her. Now to make sure Becca was set to take on her new role. So much to do, so little time.

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Rhoen Aquilla
    Aboard the Ocean

    Rhoen never thought he'd be back here, back on board an Alliance carrier. He hadn't had time to check this gear into his room. He was taking time to check it all over. A few work shirts from back home, equally rugged pants to go with them, his old dress uniform, his work on the farm kept him fit so it still fit, a battered heavy blaster pistol and holster, his moms, and in a special pocket, her engagement ring, on a simple chain. It was a little tarnished lost a little of its luster but, it was still hers, she still wore it into battle. With a breath he stuffed it back into its place and closed up the spacers bag he'd brought all the stuff in.

    He shouldered the pack and started making his way toward the pilot's quarters. It might have been a while but, he still knew the layout of ships like these. He looked up noting the catwalks and maintenance arms, just like he remembered them. Felt like these things never changed, it wasn't like he was out of the military for long.

    The reason he 'resigned' came full into his mind. His mother, he could still see her face. Gaunt, with sunken cheeks and hollow eyes, it was painful to see her that way. See her weakened like that, slowly wasting away. Part of him though it would have almost been better for her to die in the Vong War, or in a battle rather than at home. On the other hand, it was probably for the best that she pasted at home, surrounded by her family rather than some far flung star alone.

    He was still lost in his thoughts not really thinking about where he was going. Maybe he should have looked where he was going. His forward progress was stopped by running into something...well someone. He reached his hand out to stabilize the being he'd ran into. Though to be honest it was to stop himself from falling too.

    "Sorry, sorry," He looked up a slight smile on his face. "I should have been watching where I was going." He looked for a rank insignia, or a name, trying to figure out exactly how sorry he should be. Not finding one quickly he chose to go with farm boy charm. "Really sorry. Been a while since I've been on one of these still getting used to it...again...Rhoen Aquilla." He extended his hand for a shake. The smile deepening as he looked at her. Blonde hair, blue eyes, angled features, she left an impression. Though he hoped he hadn't just made a poor one. "I'm sorry, I get lost in my head a little, when I'm not behind the controls of an X-Wing of course."

    TAG: @Sinrebirth @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha
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    Aug 31, 2004
    IC: Loriana Starskimmer -- on the Ocean

    Loriana gazed in wonderment at the hustle and bustle on the Ocean... Pilots and command staff rushed here and there with commlinks and harried expressions.

    She consulted her own datapadd for directions to where she needed to berth when she was nearly bowled over.

    Loriana smiled at the sincere apology offered to her by the pilot who had just literally ran into her. "I'm Loriana Starskimmer ... and I can understand what you mean about being lost in your own world -- I was the one who always wanted to "wander the stars" in my family ... Looks like things are gonna heat up pretty soon, as soon as we get our squadron assignments." Loriana gave an expressive shrug. "Maybe you'll be my wingmate?"

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    IC Beka Tiarri and Adalia Tehanis
    Hangar 29, Coruscant

    Their comm conversation had been brief, she was on Coruscant and nearby and on top of that, she was the only call back Adalia had. Now she waited. Stuffing her duffel into the storage of her ship and closing the hatch, she looked around. She said she'd meet them here, and there was a sense of anticipation as she'd not seen the woman in many years and the excitement of reuniting with a friend was there. So much to tell her, so little time. Beka needed to know about Aden before they moved out, and she had to be ready to accept the role Adalia was going to offer her in all this.

    "I thought former Colonels got better parking spots than this," a voice drawled out from a side door. A duffel slung over her shoulder, containing every possession she had left, was all she carried, aside from the dangerous-looking blaster strapped to her thigh. "Or at least the Jedi could have sprung for something a bit nicer." Despite the teasing, Beka wore a smile at the sight of her old friend. "It's good to see you again Addie."

    Adalia spun at the sound of her voice, a grin on her face. "They forget who they are dealing with, I'm here to remind them." she crossed the gap between them and opened her arms. "You are a sight for sore eyes! and damn you look good girl!"

    "Oh I don't know about good, but I'm here." She hugged her former squadron leader. "Where's everyone else?" It had taken her a while to get travel back to the core, but the three X-wings didn't seem to add up; one was Addie's, the purple was unmistakable, but the other two...

    Adalia released her old friend. "We're it." she glanced back over her shoulder at the craft. "Of the old team, its you and me. Walk with me." She turned and started toward the ships. "I have myself an XO, one the best, I found him, names Adrian, but sure we can fix that." she said with amusement referring to the 'nicknames/call signs' they'd used back in the day. "But you are the only one who came when I called."

    Beka shook her head. "Guess they've all moved on. Thought I had too, but, well." She thought back to the planet she'd been holed up on, and the credits she owed there. "Not a lot of people could have made me come back, but I know a good opportunity when I see it."

    "Better than you think. Want to lead again?" she asked as they reached one of the new ships "Cause that's what I got for you." she folded her arms over her chest. "And for the record, when you hear the reason I needed those I know on my six, you'll want to hit someone again."

    Lead? That was a surprise given the way she'd been quietly ushered out of the Starfighter corps years ago. "If you've convinced them to overlook my... record, then I'm all yours. Just tell me who to hit. Or shoot." She grinned. "I know how to hide a body."

    Adalia laughed openly, she forgot how good it felt to be around people she trusted with her life. "You're gonna love this." she patted the new ship. "This ones yours, you can, when we get time, paint whatever the hell you want on it. " The next part was going to be a shock. "Your record is.........irrelevant compared to who I have to work with. The Chief of State has asked me to team up with her counterparts choice of Wing Commander......Aden Kya." She left the name hang to give the younger woman a chance to absorb the words.

    "What?!" Beka stared at her, trying to read her face. Was this some sort of joke? Aden Kya was in prison, and for good reason; everything he'd done, the way he'd manipulated people, including herself, into doing terrible things on his behalf... there was no way they'd release him. But Addie wouldn't joke about such things, she knew him just as well, even better than Beka did. "Where is that little cretin, I'll put him where he belongs."

    Adalia smirked. "Cretin, I like that. On board the Ocean, where we are heading. They're waiting for our arrival before we...." she paused and drew a deep breath. "We attempt to do the right thing, although at this point I'm not even sure what that is. Its feeling wrong, no idea why, just feeling wrong." She shrugged. "I'm hoping when we get there, we can figure this out and maybe, just maybe put the 'cretin' back where he belongs".

    "Yeah things aren't nearly as clear cut as they used to be. Empire bad," she ticked one finger, "Yuuzhan Vong bad," she added another, "but this is not so easy." Beka hesitated, for a moment wondering whether she might be on Corellia instead if someone else had asked her first. Especially if she'd known Aden was here. "You know, we had a lot of Corellian friends back in the day."

    Adalia bit her lip and remembered. "I hope we still do. Politics can divide nations, worlds. In my heart I hope it doesn't tear friends apart." She knew Beka could have gone the other way if the right person had contacted her.

    "Well, at least you and me are still here," she winked. "Causing trouble, breaking heads... back to the good old days. Might even get to blow something up." But the prospect didn't seem half as fun with most of their number unaccounted for. "Probably a bunch of stuffy academy graduates in the squadron, don't know how to rig a blaster to shoot silly string in their CO's office."

    "You're gonna love my XO then." Adalia laughed. "Stiffer than a parasteel beam and more military than ..........well not even sure, its been so long since anyone I worked with was! Gotta break that one in." She turned to her ship and smiled at the new art on the side. "As soon as he gets here, we need to haul out, we;re holding up the works."

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~OOC~ Thanks goes to @The Real Kyp Durron for this joint post.

    ~IC~ Mirax and Corran Horn + Kyp Durron
    Location: A board the Pulsar Skate - Rendezvous point in deep space - Kuat Sector

    Inside the cockpit of the modified Baudo-class yacht, the Pulsar Skate, the console chimed. The scopes had picked up the arrival of a ship exiting hyperspace a few klicks off their position. The readings all checked out.

    "That's our contact…" Mirax's voice trailed off as a couple more chimes came from the console. "…and some friends to go along with them."

    "Yeah, they look really friendly." The familiar husky voice sarcastically remarked from the copilot's seat. It made Mirax smile to herself.

    "Hush." Mirax pursed her lips as the comms came to life. They heard the call for assistance from their contact. She adjusted the power to the shields and engines as she responded back on the channel. "Copy, Resolve. We're on our way."

    "Just like old times, Kyp. Nothing to worry about." Corran murmured as he assessed the contacts. A trio of E-Wings. Galactic Alliance markings. Their formation suggest they were intending to chase down and disable the larger craft.

    "I don't think that would reassure the man, Corran." Mirax remarked. "These times are stranger."

    "Yeah," Corran sighed wearily. "Its something to tell ourselves in the face of the absurdity of it all."

    Standing behind Corran, one hand holding the bulkhead above, Kyp gave his head a shake. "Doesn't matter what we tell ourselves."

    Corran rose up from the copilot seat. "I best get the X-Wing fired up. Two of us can divide their attention better than one."

    "How about you put your old man body in the guns and let the better pilot take the ship?" Kyp stated and started to walk backwards.

    "Yeah, no. My X-Wing, I pilot it, thank you very much!" Corran looked at Kyp with annoyance. "If you want to fly, you should have brought your fighter… Oh, I forgot, you crashed-"

    "Oi!" Mirax cut in. "Which of you is the better gunner?"

    "He is!" Kyp answered before turning and starting to run to where the X-Wing was docked.

    Mirax smirked to herself. "I'm glad that clears that up." She used her hand to wave Corran over to the weapons station.

    Popping the cockpit, Kyp jumped in and began flicking switches. "Where's your helmet?" He muttered, groping around the floor before finding it and pulling it on. Adjusting the microphone. "Copy, Mirax." Before adding. "Smells funky in here."

    Corran strapped himself in. He whacked the headset on while the targeting systems booted up. "Remember, these guys used to be our friends."

    "Still are, sorta, I guess." Kyp said with resignation, "war makes strange bedfellows… Kriff, someone needs to ease up on the cologne."

    Corran sighed and ignored the Kyp's jab. "Just make sure they can still buy you a drink afterwards when this all blows over."

    Whistler tooted a response to Kyp, the message translated on the flight computer.

    "You do as you're supposed to and we'll both bring this bucket of bolts back in almost one piece." Kyp said with a laugh. "Ready when you are." He told Mirax. "Let's get this show on the road."

    "Copy, Kyp. Setting you up on my mark.." Mirax said, her brow furrowed in concentration as she angled their vector to arc themselves around to the inbound vessels. She intended to allow the Skate to perform a fly over their ally while coming at the hostile E-Wings head on to spook them off their target. The counter ticked down as the distance grew shorter between them and their targets.

    Corran knew Kyp and his X-Wing were going to be blind for the first few moments, so he marked their targets and range and transmitted a brief sensor data packet from the Skate to his astromech.

    Whistler whistled an acknowledgement, and feed the information to the X-Wing to give Kyp a heads up on what to expect.

    "Get set to rock and roll." Mirax's voice on the comms counted down. "Three… two… one… Mark!"

    TAG: Kyp Durron, To Be Continued
  18. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Beka Tiarri, Adrian Malek, Adalia Tehanis
    Hangar 29 West Coruscant (thanks guys, always fun!)

    Adalia had finished packing her craft, it was refueled, and she was ready to go. Turning to check the door she glanced at her chrono again, 'where was Malek?' she thought with a touch of annoyance knowing he was not late she was just anxious to get moving. Turning back, she called out. "All set Beka?"

    Checking his chrono again Adrian entered the Hangar, he wasn't too late but rather early as packing his few belongings hadn't taken much time. "Ma'am," Adrian approached Adalia who had turned towards one of the other pilots. He saluted quickly towards her, then taking a, slightly, more relaxed stance. He noticed how R7 mustered the colonel curiously, when Adrian had told him about her, the little droid seemed to have recognized her last name. He droid had been his fathers for many years and was much more independent than most other astromechs. Adrian had at first felt uncomfortable taking such an unruly droid with him, but his father had insisted and so far, R7 had more than proven his worth. Turning his attention back to Adalia he gave her a quick report, "I've packed my things and my droid says my fighter is fuelled and ready for action."

    "Yeah, I'm good to-" Beka banged her head on the underside of her new X-wing as she stood, letting out a stream of curses. "Blast it. Oh, hey." She emerged from underneath, spotting the new arrival. "Addie, you didn't say your XO was a teenager."

    Adalia smirked, "Not sure if they're getting younger or we're getting older Bek, pretty sure it’s the former." she turned to look at Beka's ship, "Oh, be careful under there, had the suspension lowered to look, you know.....gangster." She winked at her friend before turning to Adrian. "Adrian Malek, Beka Tiarri" she said giving them both a very brief introduction before noticing the confused look in Adrian's eyes. Giving her head a shake "Commander Beka Tiarri, see Bek, doesn't even know how to greet you without a title!" This amused Adalia, she dispensed with titles a long time ago, her team knew she was in charge and in her mind a salute only served to identify the leadership to any onlooking enemy.

    "Commander," Adrian gave Beka a formal nod, he briefly considered saluting again but given her reaction this was an informal meeting. It made him uncomfortable, in the world of rules and correct behaviour he felt at home, he knew what to do, but here? When they were younger his sister had sometimes teased him that he would make a good imperial, words that even tough meant in jest had hurt him. To say something and appear less awkward he offered Beka his hand, “Major Adrian Malek, at your service. I'm sure our cooperation will be fruitful."

    Once again Adalia smirked before turning back to her ship "Oi, Sparks? Start bringing her up will ya?" The chortle of a droids’ happy response could be heard. "We're pulling out in ten, but need a ....." She turned back as the two interacted, she waited till they'd finished before adding "...a quiet chat, there are things you both need to know before we go."

    Beka shook his hand with a grin. "It's good to meet you Adrian." She threw a glance Addie's way. "I'd say it was the years away, but I never really stood on ceremony, not about to start now." She had some memories of what she and the then-Sabres had done to their dress uniforms, something she might have to do again...

    Waving her arm in a circular motion to indicate them to come and waited for them both to do so. "Ok,...." She looked to the deck, "Beka knows a bit of the history here, but not sure if you do Adrian. Do you know who Aden Kya is?" She waited for his answer as it would decide the direction of her next sentence, and there was a good chance Beka would do the damage for her.

    Adrian thought about the name for a moment, but it said nothing to him. Have I overlooked something? Am I supposed to know him? He threw a quick glance at R7 but the little guy didn´t seem to remember the name either. "Not that I know of."

    It had been ages; it wasn't surprising that Adrian hadn't heard of him. "He deserves to be forgotten," Beka said, crossing her arms. "No one should know who he is."

    Adalia smiled at Beka's comment and acknowledged Adrian's expression. "Be that as it may Beka, Adrian needs to know the back story." She turned to face the young man. "12 or so years ago, I ran a base, Oracle, in the outer Rim. The teams on board were there to hunt down smugglers and stop the trade, we did good. Aden and his Twin Suns were the other half of my Wild Knightz. I was given Command; he was younger and more hungry for the role and didn't like it. That was when he decided to destroy me. Took him a couple years, off base and me to a new team, the Shadow Sabers, but he managed to create if you will, evidence to have every member of the squadron incarcerated for crimes they did not commit. From embezzlement right up to attempted murder, and none of it was true." She paused to allow Adrian to let this new information sink in, "I resigned my commission and decided, to save my team I'd run, stupid move but it's what I did. What I didn't know is my Sabers weren't going to leave me, and all 12 of us went into hiding. Long story short, took a few months but his deception was discovered by us and thankfully we have friends on the inside to help clear us. He was arrested and convicted of crimes against the GA and each one of us individually." She glanced at her friend beside her, "Beka included, and sentenced to 20 standard years in prison." This was a lot for the young man to take in

    Adrian kept a stoic face at this story, but it disturbed him. He knew that many people on his home world, even within his family suspected the galactic alliance of corruption, but this? A military officer getting away, at least for a time, with blackmail and forged evidences against his own squad mates, sounded like a horrible crime, and all for the sake of his ambitions. "So, did he escape?" Adrian asked, suspecting that this was what was going on. "Did he use the confusion of the war, or was broken free by some of these," he hesitated a moment before saying the word. "Terrorists. And it is our job to bring him to justice once more?" It felt clear to him that as long as people like this Aden where running around the galaxy this conflict would only escalate further.

    Adalia glanced at Beka, "That'd be nice, but No. Seems Chief of State Solo saw fit to have him released from custody, pardoned, from what I understand.....and…'s the kicker," she drew a deep breath. "brought in to head up a wing jointly with" He needed to understand the gravity of the entire situation. "So, that's why I need people I can trust on my six, do you understand?" She turned to Beka, "and we need to find him a call."

    In the first moment Adrian believed he had misheard Adalia's words, then for another he believed this was some kind of tasteless joke, but the sincerity in her eyes and her request for their trust. No! This couldn't be real! The government wouldn't decide on something like that, why would they release a dangerous criminal to lead a squadron? Weren't they supposed to bring people like that to justice? For a moment the young man started to shiver, while trying to keep his face straight. Jacen Solo was a hero, Adrian had heard stories on how the Jedi had saved the galaxy during the Vong war, why was he doing such an immoral thing? "How," he almost stuttered. "How could that have happened? Is this just a bureaucratic mistake?" It had to be; this couldn't truly be their leader’s decision. But if it was that would mean... no that couldn't be true, that shouldn't be...

    "Doesn't really matter how or why, or even who for that matter. Fact is there is something way deeper going on here, I can't say what right now, cause I don't know. But I need you two to be my eyes and ears and be on alert at all times cause the fact is we cannot trust Aden no matter what anyone says, branch leopards just don't change their spots." she stated referring to a creature she'd read about. She turned to Beka "We've done this before, I know we got each other’s back, " she faced Adrian again. "You with us?"

    Adrian swallowed. This wasn't about a soldier’s duty anymore. It was something personal, and his first instinct was to decline, to politely excuse himself and ask for a transfer to a different squadron. But he couldn't do that, he was already part of this, for better or worse. Whatever high command or Jacen Solo was hoping to achieve with this... criminal, Adrian knew he couldn't turn away from it and pretend it didn't happen. This wasn't right and he had been taught to stand against injustice for his entire life, he was a Malek, there was only one choice for him: "I am," he said while trying to keep his voice firm. "This Aden is a threat to all of us and someone needs to keep an eye on him and figure out the truth behind all of this."

    "Good man," Beka said, nodding. "We'll need to recruit more to stand fast against Aden, but we have to be cautious." She glanced at Addie. "Or I could just shoot him and take my chances."

    Adalia shrugged, "May come to that, I can't say how I will react when I see him again." She gave her head a shake, "deal with it as it comes. Let's move out."

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    IC: Rhoen Aquilla
    Aboard the Ocean

    Rhoen chuckled a little as the woman introduced herself. Out of the corner of his eye he saw two more beings stopping short. His embarrassment grew tenfold, the blush on his cheeks deepening to a crimson color. The mention of family made him look away. Part out of embarrassment and part out of recalling many many conversations he had with his mother before joining the Alliance Navy. Thankfully it moved on to squadron placements. Everything was all up in the air it seemed.

    "Maybe," He made eye contact with Loriana nodding his head. His cheeks were still a little red but, he was trying to cover that with a deep smile. His gaze shifted just slightly to the others, a sullustan, and another human. He gave a slight wave to both though he lost his words slightly. "Yeah, maybe we will be if you're not already taken." And then with his words back he instantly regretted them. Though they were towards Loriana, he found himself looking slightly to the other woman, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

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  20. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    Game Master Approved.

    Name: Jesse Coulson
    Position: Wild Knightz Lead.
    Age: 45
    Species: Human - Coruscant
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Dark longer hair, brown eyes, 180cm tall,
    Personal effects: blaster

    Personal starfighter: XJ X Wing painted grey

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Bio: Raised as the son of a Military family (the oldest of three he has two sisters), Jesse knew nothing more, and when old enough he learned to fly and joined the defence force. A charismatic man, he’s risen slowly but steadily to where he is now. He’s likeable, friendly, has a wicked sense of humour and a bit of a flirt. Reliable and trustworthy, he is all about doing the right thing and right now he’s not sure he is. Divorced ten years ago, he’s avoided a second time due to her leaving him for someone ‘who was around more’. He’s a good pilot and follows orders well, and rarely questions orders but has been known to frown if he’s not comfortable. He’s studied hand to hand combat and enjoys practicing it as a way to keep fit. He’s even tempered and takes a lot to rile him, considers obstacles nothing more than a challenge to find a new way to do something.

    He put his hand up to fly with Adalia, he’d heard of her and read her career reports and decided she’d be a good boss. He’s looking forward to working with her.
  21. adaml83

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    Dec 8, 2004
    GM Approved

    Name: Adam Lyons
    Age: 38
    Planet of Birth: Corellia

    Race: Human
    Gender: Male

    Affiliation/Former Affiliations: Galactic Alliance, Twin Suns, Shadow Sabers, Currently not really aligned with any side until he gets some information.
    Personal effects: Blaster pistol, Semi-Standard flightsuit (green instead of orange). Twin Suns and Shadow Sabers battle patches are attached. Non-descript sneaking clothes.
    Personal starfighter: An updated E-wing Generally painted Dark blue with a white stripe, though that may change depending on the mission.
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personal History: Spent some time with the Wraiths in Intel as one of the pilots and one of the better marksmen with blasters, but left them to get more flying time eventually ending up with the Twin Suns.

    Adam was ordered to investigate the Wild Knightz by commanded by Adalia Tehanis, which led to a working relationship, which led to friendship and respect between the two squadron leaders.

    Eventually, his Twin Suns and her Knightz would be combined to form the Shadow Sabers. High Command found their antics...unconventional, to say the least, and the whole squadron was retired.

    He joined a somewhat new company building starfighters, became very disillusioned with the company after it changed ownership, and resigned immediately when he received a distress message from a former squadmate. It didn’t initially go well.

    At the beginning of the Second Galactic Civil War, he’s now living on Corellia where he can talk with several other well-known Corellians all he needs now are some of his former squadmates from the Twin Suns or Shadow Sabers.
  22. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Adrian Malek, Jesse Coulson, Adalia Tehanis,
    Outside Ocean

    They'd been in hyperspace for what seemed like forever when in actuality it amounted to 4 hours. Spark, her droid chortled and she read his comment. "Yeah, I know, I'm ready." she muttered as she started to flick switches. "Coming out in 3, 2, 1." She counted as she pulled her ship out of hyperspace. Glancing to her left and right she was rewarded with a ship either side of her arriving moments later. A massive ship loomed before them. She opened a comm. "Welcome to the Ocean guys, be ready for anything."

    "R7 give me a check of the surroundings, just in case," Adrian whispered as they closed in on the Ocean. They should be safe here but in war times one couldn't be careful enough, especially when they were ordered to fight alongside a dangerous criminal. Adrian still couldn't believe how this was possible that the government had pardoned a man like Aden Kya not to mention giving him a command position. Something darker was behind this. He had sent his father a message of this over a private channel but so far Ethan hadn't responded. Adrian knew that these kinds of communications could get him in trouble, especially as Eriadu was moving closer and closer to seceding, but he wanted to keep contact with his family, besides he suspected if he wasn't informing them R7 would likely send them messages on his own.

    "Flagship Ocean, this is Colonel Tehanis, requesting permission to land." Adalia said as she checked her screens, everything about this felt wrong, she'd spent the better part of her life relying the 'her gut feelings' and this was no exception. As she waited for an answer she opened a private channel to her wings "Bouncer,, we need a call for you, you ready for this?" They really needed a code to use so others wouldn't know who they spoke of. She got an answer from The Ocean. "This is Ocean prime, you are cleared for Hanger bay 1, port. Come o at .024. Copy." The other channel was still open. "Did you both get that?" She got a double click response from Beka which caused her to smile and a simple “Copy” from Adrian. She needed to get that lad into shape. “Let’s make an entrance team.”

    He’d just checked the final roster and been around and spoken to each pilot, he had a mixed bag but was grateful this lot was nothing like the original Wild Knightz. Their records were dotted with failures, mistakes and disastrous examples of very poor judgement, yet he’d been impressed by how they’d been turned into a formidable fighting force. Jesse had no idea how she did it, but somehow the only person who’d been able to turn that last chance dead end lot into a dangerous team and he wanted to learn from her. Yes, he had a bit of a ‘worship’ kind of attitude toward the woman, but after he read Adalia Tehanis’ files he knew he wanted to work with her, he wanted to learn from her. This was the opportunity of a lifetime in his mind, and he had no intention of wasting it. Looking up as the alarm indicating ‘incoming’ craft went off he smiled as he watched three X Wings come through the magfield. Shutting down his data pad, he hung it on his belt, he wanted to greet her and the new Twin Suns Lead, a former Twins Suns and Shadow Saber. The later team another Adalia had headed up so he expected Beka would be a formidable woman as well. The prospect excited him, he liked strong women.

    “Sir? Is this the other half of our Wing Commanders?” his XO asked, a Twi’lek male with green coloured skin and youth on his side. Jesse glanced at him.

    “Think so.” He said without emotion, “Stay here, keep the others here too. I’m going to do the right thing and introduce myself.” He said evenly.

    His XO nodded and smiled as he watched him walk toward the now settled craft, he was aware of the touch of ‘hero worship’ going on at this point and thought his Lead amusing.

    He watched as the cockpit opened and she removed her distinctive purple helmet, a mop of dark red hair was released, and a long braid hung over her shoulder. She unstrapped herself and stood before tossing the helmet over the side to the attending deck officer, seconds later she was over the side and sliding down either side of the ladder, a move she’d clearly done many times before. Jesse locked his hands behind his back and stood patiently waiting for her to complete her landing routine.

    “Thanks” Adalia said to the officer as she pulled off her gloves and stuffed them into the helmet. She glanced back to her two counterparts and made sure they were down safe and being attended too before stopping and narrowing her eyes. He was here, she could feel it, just couldn’t see him but she knew Aden knew she was here too. As she scanned around, she turned to face a man standing off from her at ease, his hands behind his back, dressed in black and grey. A lock of his slightly longer than average dark hair hung in his grey eyes, and as she caught his attention, he flicked his head slightly to remove it. She frowned, he seemed to be waiting for her.

    ‘Didn’t expect that.’ Jesse mused, she was more attractive in real life than her holos and he felt himself a little in awe. How was he going to work with her when he was looking at her like this, surely, she’d see it? Well, if she could, there was no hiding it now. Lifting his chin, he stepped forward and extended his hand. “Commander Jesse Coulson, Wild Knightz Lead.” He introduced himself, knowing this woman would at least know the squadron name.

    Adalia raised her eyebrow, she’d read his record but not seen his face and to say she was pleasantly surprised would have been an understatement. She took his hand and shook it. “Good to meet you Jesse, your record tells me you are very good at your job.” She released his hand. “Please excuse my state, was a long journey.” She added before putting her fingers into her fringe and messing it up after it’d been flatted by her helmet. She turned to look back at Beka who was still disembarking. “That’s Beka, Twin Suns Lead, and “she nodded toward Adrian “my XO Adrian, for now.”

    Jesse looked passed her to the other two and noted their appearance, “Duly noted Ma’am, I will be sure to assign someone to……….”

    She spun back to him, “You can stop that now, I will not and cannot tolerate that kind of military formality. I demand respect, but not the titles, bowing and scraping that go along with it. So, you call me Adalia or Lead, or when we know each other better, Addie. Clear?”

    Jesse felt a small thrill, so this was how she did it? She treated all those around her as equals, now that was interesting indeed. “Duly noted, Adalia.” He said with a smile as he glanced away. He was sure his cheeks had flushed. “I’d be pleased to show you to your quarters after you’ve met your Phoenix Squadron. “

    “That’d be great.” She responded before turning back to the deck officer. ‘Did he just blush?’ she wondered. “Can you get someone to look at my hyperdrive please, was making a strange noise. I’ll leave Sparks up there to help you.” Truth was the droid was staying to keep an eye on things, she trusted no one. She turned back to the man, “So, where’s my Squadron, and what, if anything can you tell me about them Jesse?”

    He smiled, “I don’t know much about them, but whatever I have is yours.” He stepped aside to allow her past, “After you, to the right and up the stairs.” He added with an incline of his head.

    Adalia narrowed her eyes, before giving her head a slight shake. What ever this guys deal was, she’d figure it out later. ‘Probably just exhausted and imagining things here’.

    Jesse turned away; dammit, he needed to tone down his hero worship.

    Adrian made a few routinely checks on his X-Wing while he waited for Adalia. She was talking to another squadron leader. Adrian had never seen him before and he who he was and which role he played in all of this. Hopefully he isn't another criminal. Finishing his inspection, he approached Adalia. He saluted quickly and then stood comfortably, his hands folded on his back. "Ma am, I've taken the liberty to let my droid put together a list of all members of our flight, do you want to have a look at it?"

    Adalia turned as Adrian approached and scowled at his salute. "Do we have to do this again Adrian?" she shook her head and glanced at Jesse. "Adrian Malek, my XO, this is Jesse Coulson, Wild Knightz Lead. If you two want to play 'military' I'll let you, but I'm saying it again, kriffin relax. I can't handle all this structure and if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, saluting indicates the leader to an enemy!" She waved her hand dismissively before heading toward the stairs. “Come with us Adrian, you need to meet the Phoenix as well.”

    Jesse watched her and couldn’t help but smile, he decided she was going to be fun to work with and a challenge compared to all he’d been working at for the last 15 years.

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    Dec 8, 2004
    IC: Adam Lyons

    Adam was sitting at his terminal looking at information gathered on the events of the last year. It was clear that he would have to pick a side sooner than later. The problem was that there wasn't a side that he was even remotely comfortable serving with.

    The Galactic Alliance seemed to be heading into a moral tailspin straight to the Dark Side, or at the very least, their leadership. What they did to Wedge at the beginning of the conflict didn't help it out from his point of view. Also releasing Aden early from jail to lead a squadron didn't help, certainly when spacing him in the direction of an asteroid field was a viable option.

    The Five Worlds government was just about as untrustworthy as the Galactic Alliance, primarily because of Thracken Sal-Solo's policies, and their actions to the Antilles family as a whole which led them to leave the planet to destinations unknown.

    Fortunately for Adam, he had a couple of former Wraiths in Myn and Kirney to help gather information to figure out what was going on. He had a series of messages from each of them, of which the last several made mention that whatever he does, make sure that Myn's and Kirney's kids get involved in any way. It was both amusing and slightly worrying given Kirney's background.

    The latest message also mentioned that a couple of former squadmates were in the squadron that Aden was commanding.

    "Hmm, I might need to leave a message for them, somehow..." He pulled out his commlink, "Cubber, it's me. When you get a chance I need a favor from you, I need you to paint my fighter black. Yes, I know you did the most recent paint job, but it's better than me painting and you flying the mission. Thanks, I'll make it up to you somehow."

    TAG: All
  24. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    Name: Da'mina Shonest
    Age: 29
    Species: Twi’lek
    Gender: Male
    Possition: XO to Jesse - Wild Knightz

    Possessions: Blaster, personal affects and clothes, he travels really light.

    Skirting character, not much needed to know about him.
  25. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Caedus
    Coruscant, private chambers of the Star Destroyer Anakin Solo, presently under repair

    The Dark Lord of the Sith shrugged into his garments, exulting in the pain that his wounds gave him. Not a day ago, he had fought Luke Skywalker in a brutal duel, one which Caedus had fundamentally lost, but he had wounded the Jedi Grandmaster and done sufficient damage to young Ben Skywalker that Luke had opted to leave without finishing him off. The pain, and pride, commingled as he eased into the puncture hole in his back, into the cut across his face, into the bruised jaw -

    He will strengthen himself through pain.

    Caedus grinned. The prophecy from the Sith tassels beat upon him, reminding him of what he had embraced. He absently reminded himself what he had completed of the prophecy as he placed on his boots.

    He will know brotherhood. The Galactic Alliance Guard - the quasi secret police that he had used to bring order to Coruscant, destroying the Corellia terrorist network.

    He will rename/remake himself. Why, that was his Sith name, of course. Jacen Solo was dead; Darth Caedus wore his skin for now, moved his face, worked his limbs, but soon his Sith title would become his entire persona. The galaxy would know, and they would cheer him.

    He will immortalise his love. Ah yes, Caedus thought as he fastened his cape to his neck, peering into the mirror as he did so. Killing Mara had done that - by doing so, he had killed the love of Ben. His nephew had inexorably poisoned his affection for his uncle with suspicion, and though he had gone after Caedus himself, pushing himself perilously to the dark side, Caedus knew that Ben’s love of Jacen would be immortalised, as much as his hatred of Caedus would be too. Perfect.

    There were other tassels. He will ruin those who deny justice; he will crawl through his cloak; he will choose how he will be loved; he will shed his skin and choose a new skin; he will win and break his chains, and another one which was split into two meanings, or perhaps it was the gap between two -

    And whilst Caedus was thinking of those who chose to love him - those being in singular now, his secret daughter, hidden away on Hapes - today Caedus was thinking of another line of the prophecy.

    He will make a pet. There was always the possibility that his candidate, Tahiri Veila, would not be good Sith apprentice material. Caedus turned to the screens on desk as he finished with his cape-clasp. There was a gamut of data present on the various screens - a shot of the Fourth Fleet, working to get whatever functional hulks they could from Kuat; a probe droid feed of Kashyyyk, still the site of the combined Wookiee-Confederate fleets, which were cooperating to defeat the inferno Caedus had enacted mere days ago; an update from the forces that limped from Ossus after the Jedi turned on the protecting GAG battalion; the update from GA Intelligence that there was an increased amount of enquiries from a private origin point on Corellia to old and present military sources of data about the war, but it was not current data, just an effort to obtain a true narrative of events, which had thrown the GA investigators off track -

    But one screen was his focus. It was split between the two hangar bays of the Ocean. The six squadrons that would hold the line, under the joint command of Aden and Adalia, both nominated by Caedus and Niathal respectively.

    He eyed Adalia. Perhaps she would deliver unto him Kyp Durron, and he would hand her the location of the Jedi Order. Under torture, of course. Or perhaps Aden would excel, and his secret Sith heritage would shine through. Oh yes, Caedus knew everything about Aden and Adalia. Until Aden killed Adalia, or vice-versa, of course, they would be perfect pets to lead the holding offensive.

    Indeed they would.

    TAG: @adaml83, and only peripherally
    Primary bay to the Ocean, Third Fleet

    Aden watched the interaction between Rhoen, Loriana, Syal and her wingmate, using the Force to augment his hearing. Syal Antilles was looking around the hangar, and she tripped over her own feet doing so, stumbling into the chitchat between Rhoen and Loriana, in a not too different an interaction between the two of them. Loriana was warm to Rhoen, but he seemed distracted. Of course. Aden promptly began to rework some call-signs on his datapad.

    Syal grinned. “Sorry, I’m trying to find someone. Some of the techs from the Mawrunner came over with us, because the Aleph’s,” she pointed at the oversized fighters to the front of the hangar, “are still prototypes and none of the ordinary techs want to touch them.”


    Syal Antilles

    “I’m Syal Antilles. Yes, that Antilles, and no, I’ve not heard from him for months. Daddy is hunted by both sides and I’m not involved in whatever craziness he’ll get himself into.” She rolled her eyes a bit. “Civil Wars are a bit messier when everyone used to be on the same side,” she said jokingly, but it was strained.

    “You’re pilots too? Which squadron? We’re supposed to be attached to Wraith Squadron as Third Flight, as the real Wraith Squadron was decommissioned and made an Intel team.” As if coordinated, the datapads of Loriana and Rhoen caught up with the fact that they were Wraith’s 3 and 4, and would be in the Co-Wing Commander’s flight. It included a note that the Wing briefing would be held in the pilots salon in an hour, and a route was shown on their pad’s to their bunks and the salon itself. Loriana and Rhoen were sharing a room, it seemed.

    Aden was distracted from whatever reaction or reply occurred by the update that Adalia had made it to the Ocean. Good. She had wanted to personally recruit a bunch of old friends and cohorts, and it both warmed and concerned him to see Beka was back. He’d always had a soft spot for her, one which Sey had been intensely jealous of, once upon a time. Sey was very much... elsewhere, but he’d seen her recently. A grin touched upon his lips and he keyed his comlink, recording a voice message to be delivered to her datapad.

    “Addie! I think it’s appropriate that we have a brief chat before we head into the briefing with the pilots. Wouldn’t do to have our personal history interfere with our pep talk, would it now? Let me know. Briefing is in an hour - if you pilots need a refresher break or something, Mom, best make sure they have it before!”

    He shut down his comlink. The protocol droid who was acting as his XO - and Solo’s spy, no doubt, looked at him blankly. “Oh, Emtrey, calm down. Thanks is so uptight that you need to tease her before she explodes. I can’t see that she’s changed all that since I last saw her. Go be useful - keep track of those special orders I asked for. I’d like them loaded into my X-Wing before we leave.”

    Emtrey nodded slightly and wandered off.

    TAG: @galactic_vagabond422, @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha, @Adalia-Durron, @Rebecca_Daniels (peripherally)
    Waypoint between Coruscant and Corellia, in the Kuat Sector

    Seha watched the display as the Pulsar Skate rocketed over them, coming so close that she could see them through the viewport. “What are they doing?” Seha gasped.

    Markre smiled. “Child, Masters Durron and Horn have been flying for longer than you were alive. They’re simply making their signals merge with ours so when they approach the E-wings -“

    Sure enough, the moment the Skate broke from the tender the E-wings scattered, one wing-pair diving right and the sole remained fighter going left. A coordinated response but nonetheless a surprised one - even Seha felt their emotional response in the Force.

    From the wingpair, one of the two fighter craft was sure to hang back, screening the other as it turned, intending to give one of them a clear shot. Sensors told them that the screening E-Wing had focused its energy into the shields facing the Skate, which, of course, would be the Skate and an X-Wing any moment. But of course there were two separate targets and the sole E-Wing was turning more sharply to face the tender.

    Seha held her breath, even as Markre redistributed the shields towards the E-Wing. He appraised the readings on the engines, marking the damage from the brief ion fire, and re-opened the comm to Mirax. “Engines seem fine, but shields are down 34%. We can probably take another pass before we start taking damage.”

    His voice sounded perfectly even, as if he was regaling a tale in the Archives - and not staring death in the face. But there were two Jedi Masters out there - they’d be fine. Seha tried to find her calm, one more time. Of course, in an instant, there was one E-wing left, with the others disabled, and Seha barely managed to keep track of it all.

    “Whoa, these guys are good.”

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