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Star Wars Legacy of the Force: The Last Stand

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 4, 2019.

  1. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Captain Shula
    Taris, now very, very dead

    Mere moments after their orbital bombardment began, signals activated around them, and Captain Garch came across the channel, panicked. "Mines! Limpet mines! CEASE FIRE!"

    Captain Shula paused, and the firing stopped immediately, even before she verified it. She rushed to the console, leaning over the officer's shoulder. Shula cursed inwardly; they were indeed nimbused in a minefield. "Colonel Tehanis prepared for us, it seems - these are not standard GA issue... Taris wouldn't have them."

    Aden Kya watched the mines surround the two capital ships, his eyes narrowed. Mines were not the kind of thing Addie did. They were indiscriminate; she was as likely to kill a civilian as a military target. Similarly, there was nothing stopping the GA from, after eventually clearing the minefield, from continuing their punishment of Taris. Yet... they wouldn't continue it, as they could ill-afford a slightly more numerical Confederate task force blowing up too trapped targets.

    So, they would withdraw the moment they were safe.

    Which told Aden that it was a balancing act.

    To which there was only one person he knew who cared about such things; the mysterious intruder, who had not been seen since Tehanis fled, killed a tech, and took her pilots with her. Foiled, and maddened, Aden simply turned the channel to focus upon the battle at the edge of the Coruscant system.

    Watching three ships wink out into hyperspace, Aden pouted, and moved his hoverchair to meet those who arrived.


    Loriana, Da'mina and Tracy jumped out, but Syal knew that Loriana had jumped in a different direction to the other. Scowling, Syal focused on Rhoen. He had spoken out, but, his tactic made sense, and Loriana had picked a point to dump her ordnance before fleeing.

    "That point, everyone!" Syal ordered, and focused her heavy quad-weapons on the same location. The newly arrived Wraiths did so, loosing torpoedes. The frigate's shields shattered, and, finally, the nose of the ship exploded, catching the nearby Howlrunners, only two of which were active.

    Syal saw Vua's beacon activate, and she saw the debris hurling that way - and the last two Howlrunners fleeing. Syal was looking the wrong way, but Keizar and Rhoen were the only pilots nearby. She painted a target on their HUD and sent it over. "Wild Knights Lead is here; protect him!"

    The frigate entered its death throes, and Syal had time to wonder what the hell the fight was all about - and where Loriana had gone. "Zan, work out her jump point. If she was stupid enough to defect, she might be stupid enough to leave a trail."

    Hangar, Anakin Solo, Coruscant drydock

    Aden exited the turbolift as Da'mina and Tracy, bereft of fuel and flying on fumes, reached the hangar. The crew had been forewarned, and cleared the area, which was generally devoid of fighters as the Wraiths had taken the active pilots. The other fighters had been pushed back to the sides of the hangar and the crash barrier erected - with repulsors active to catch them.

    Wraith Leader watched their landing from the safety of the lift, unsure whether they were crashing, landing, or worse. He raised the Force to protect him, wincing at the necessity of their panicked arrival. They had acquitted themselves, and Aden would make sure they knew how impressed he was...

    ... if they survived their landing.

    TAG: @darthbernael (peripherally), @Adalia-Durron, @WarmAyesha_SweetNyota (@adaml83 here she comes), @galactic-vagabond422, @I_am_Kooky
    IC: Palpatine, Telos Holocron

    Errant Venture

    "Who knows what lays ahead on this current path… but for now, what can you tell me of this incident before it becomes time to say good night?"

    The Palpatine holocron seemed to consider. "What to tell you..." He ambled his head from side to side, and Mirax stared at the man. Palpatine himself... she had never met the man, and barely paid attention to whatever propaganda the Empire had put out, nearly four decades ago. It felt like a life-time ago, because it clearly had been. Why was it, with the Sith gone - now Lumiya is dead - would this particular Holocron resurface.

    The image seemed to notice her scrutiny, and gave her a sly smile. "... nothing. Later, perhaps. You have an appointment to meet with Skywalker, after all."

    The channel boomed with the voice Booster Terrik. "Mirax! Is that lay-about husband of yours around? We have updates, and no Jedi Master to complain about them to."

    TAG: @Corellian_Outrider (combo if you want_)
  2. adaml83

    adaml83 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Dec 8, 2004
    IC: Adam Lyons, Briana Odan, Kael Swiftflight, Jesse Coulson, Kate Leeash

    The three freighters left hyperspace at their destination, Adam sent the coordinates over to Kate so she’d know exactly where to land. He also knew that several members were dead tired. He also quickly got the status from various freighters.

    It would be best to get them all on the base so they could rest. Adam sent his freighter towards the base. He’d need to check if any new messages and communicate the plans once everyone was rested.

    Briana at the controls of her freighter twitched the controls and heard Jesse rolling around again. Kael quietly chuckled in his seat while they were headed on the final approach.

    Being woken in a sudden painful jolt was not what Jesse had hoped for. He’d gone and lay on the floor again, he didn’t trust the pilot and almost immediately fallen asleep. As he’d hit the bulkhead he realised she’d done it again and groaned outwardly. Rubbing his head he noted it was wet, a quick look confirmed, he was bleeding. “Great. This has got to be the worst week of my life. Stang you can pick them Jess.” he moaned bitterly.

    Eventually, the three freighters landed on the base and prepared to send people off to their quarters. That said Adam would need to talk to Kyp, Briana, and Kael soon, with Beka, Kate and Ariadne later.


    Kate was glad to have gotten away safely into hyperspace, she would have enjoyed the small thrill of the flight through the asteroids if it wasn’t her daughter’s life on the line too. Once away, she struggled to control her mind as it was racing with how they tracked them? if they meant her? It was her ship was docked after all, but the Admiral didn’t seem the type to go back on her word. But, what was her word really worth, it is a war,. . . and...Kashyyyk.

    She wanted to chat, talk to Ariadne, get to know her better but was lacking the mental strength to really hold a conversation with someone new-ish. She saw Beka fighting off sleep, so she didn’t want to bother her. She looked back to see Kara still eating, and she took the bag off her and gave her a stern look, but didn’t really have it in her to do much more. She eyed off the unconscious lump in the shape of a man on the floor, but couldn’t do much about it. The Flight looked like it was gonna be short anyway.

    She wasn’t sure how everything had gone so wrong so fast, the whole galaxy was spinning faster than she remembered. She wasn’t sure how many decisions she had left in her, she just needed it all to stop for a bit, somewhere safe. just a few more hours she thought to herself. Then she would be as safe as she could be for the moment, surrounded by friends, although she was struggling to let go, relax, the knot in her gut was painful, the memories that threatened to flood her.

    Coming back out of hyperspace she followed the others down and landed with them. She almost wanted to cry the relief was palpable to her. “We’re here,” she said simply in a neutral tone. Adam or someone would tell them where to go next. She struggled to work out what time her body thought it was, what it even could be. She got stood up and felt tired, a bone weariness that hadn’t gone away in the past 6 days. . . 6 days, she could barely comprehend that. She gathered the bags and hanged ‘Adrian’s’ bag to Kara. She was very excited to give it to him.

    TAG: @Sinrebirth

  3. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Aussie Rebel At Heart. star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Tracy, Loriana, Vua, Syal, Rhoen, Da'mina, Natalia,
    Somewhere near the middle of Nowhere!

    His console was flashing red, his fuel was very low. If Da'mina stayed much longer he'd be dead in space. He opened his comm "Two here, low fuel. Can't stay, but will take out what I can on the way out." he closed his comm and started toward the jump point. "Jump co ordinates set?" He asked the droid to which he got an affirmative. "Good, let's see if we can hit something in the way."

    Trip had heard what she said, he thought she was better than this, what was it with humans and the need to keep fighting when the odds were so stacked against them? That he could never figure out, but now that all low fuel alarm had triggered. He was granted extra control, of the ship. He took this chance and took over all main controls, as to his logic, the prime directive of his kind was to save the pilot, so that is what he was going to do, Save her from herself. He kicked back and headed for home, ignoring Tracy's words!

    Rhoen set his face staring down the frigate his shields gone only armor between him and death. In that moment everything became clear. Checking his sensors he saw Syal behind him. That was fine, he'd stay there...maybe it was for the best, it would end this stupid infatuation, put his heart at ease. Remove a problem brewing for Syal and Toim. He flicked a switch arming a torp ready to launch it. He aimed for the bridge finger hovering over the trigger. Just as he was about to fire his craft was knocked off course deadly turbolaser blasts passing right through where he was. Both he and Syal were flung off to differing sides reinforcements coming in to support and getting laid into by the howlrunners and the frigate turning about to get a bead on them.

    Keizar took a breath angling her shields letting the fire glance off as she scattered. Cavanaugh was not so lucky taking the brunt of the attack and not seeing the other side. She was juking avoiding the incoming fire from the frigate. Teb and Drojan following suit. It was a mess and she had her orders, but wasn't sure how to carry them out. She had an academic understanding of all this, had time in the sims, but this was different. Her mind was racing her heart sinking as the wreckage of Cavanaugh's fighter cooled. There had to be something…

    "Nova flare." A voice sounded over the com, Rhoen's voice. It seemed a little dazed a little weak from getting thrown around. "Dancer one, form up with me, link your targeting computer to mine, we'll hit the same spot with everything we've got, Dancer Three your help would be appreciated." In the cockpit of his damaged X-Wing the young pilot fought to control his craft down an engine and stabilizer acting up. "I'm a bit of a sitting squall here, Wraiths keep those fighters off our backs." He slammed his throttle full looking to see if Syal was following. Yes he was usurping command, yes he was giving orders without a rank, but he felt as though something had to be done, and the longer he waited for it it wouldn't happen. "With your allowance Dancer One." He added already getting into position.

    Keizar heard his words, the jamming finally clear.

    "Understood Dancer two moving to cover you."
    She swallowed hard pulling around and diving at Howlrunner that had over shot her and opening up with her cannons.

    Loriana got caught between the crossfire between fighters that were trying to get out of the way and the Howlrunners. The shields would take only so much of that. Loriana sent a duo of torpedoes towards the port side of the frigate bridge and calculated a micro jump out of the danger zone once she saw that Rhoen and Syal were out of immediate danger.

    She sent a command to RubiJay to implement the microjump.

    "We have a meet-up to make." She told RBj with a conspiratorial wink, to which Rubi tootled in anticipation.

    His jump point was only seconds away and nothing had crossed his path, so it looked like Da'mina was leaving without a big goodbye. Just at that moment a damaged howler screamed past him and he instinctively pulled the trigger. "Too easy," he said with a toothy grin. His droid advised him his jump point was imminent so he waited the last seconds and then left this party.

    TAG@galactic-vagabond422 @I_am_Kooky @Sinrebirth
  4. The Real Kyp Durron

    The Real Kyp Durron Jedi Knight star 2

    May 6, 2018

    Ic Kyp Durron
    Hawkbat Base.

    He'd carried her, she was never really that heavy. Adam had showed Kyp a room to put her in and he'd lay her on the bed. Covering her with a soft blanket he was grateful she was still asleep. He'd done all he could to help her mend. Her mind just had to find its own way now, the damage had been repaired. The connections had been made, the light just needed to be turned on. He saw no harm in leaving her as the worst she'd do if she woke would be wander the base. So once Kyp decided she was comfortable, he left to find Adam. There was much to discuss and hovering over Adalia wasn't going to get that done.

    Tag @adaml83 @Adalia-Durron @Sinrebirth
  5. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Aussie Rebel At Heart. star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Adalia Tehanis
    Hawkbat Base.......Private quarters.

    She had awoken slowly and without moving gazed around taking in the dim light from the nearby room. She didn't know where she was, she didn't know what happened and worst of all, she didn't know who she was. Slowly she sat up and took in her surroundings, it was warm and quiet here. She felt safe at least here, they'd promised her safety. Looking down at her clothes, why was she in some kind of uniform and lifting it wondered why it wasn't her size. Pulling the blanket back, she slipped her feet to the floor and very slowly stood, wobbling slightly. She felt weak, but these clothes felt hard, stiff, and tight. Clearly not hers. Looking around the room she saw two duffel like bags against the far wall, so she made her way over to them, slowly as her balance wasn't great. Using the wall to brace herself, she lowered her body to sit on the floor in front of the bags, pulling the nearest one open. Pulling out some of the clothes, she frowned as she somehow recognised the clothes, but didn't. But they all seemed fitted and firm for the most part, they couldn't be hers, looking down, no they couldn't be hers. She, whoever she was, was fatter. Digging further she found a pair of black work out pants, they were soft and stretchy and she was sure they'd cover her belly. She had bare feet already, so taking the tight stiff pants off wasn't hard and pulling the soft one's on was easy. She'd thank who evers they were later. Going back to the bag there was no top that fitted so she went to the next bag. The garments inside were clearly male, even the smell. She riffled through till she found an over sized dark green sweat shirt with a stretched neck line. She smelled it, it was familiar, but once again, she didn't know why. It mattered not, it was big and would cover her fat, why was she so fat? Pulling off her shirt she slipped it on and it felt soft and warm and comfortable. She was hungry, and thirsty and needed to address that, but not too much, she was already too fat.

    Using the wall she stood again, it was time to work out where she was, why she was here and most importantly of all, who she was.

    TAG @Sinrebirth @The Real Kyp Durron @adaml83
  6. adaml83

    adaml83 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Dec 8, 2004
    IC: Kirney Slane
    Waiting on Kidriff 5

    While it would be nice to get out and about while on the planet, the GA had conspired to not allow her much time to rest. It seemed that while the group on Taris had escaped, someone had spotted them and reported them to the authorities. Which allowed a couple of GA capital ships to show up as the freighters were leaving. The freighters managed to escape, and apparently as a result of orders from High Command those ships initiated an orbital bombardment.

    Kirney shook her head at this, records had indicated that Taris control had received 72 flight plans from Adam’s freighter, or at least those were in the computer records. Were they not forwarded, or did those ships simply not care? If it was the latter it was a temper tantrum that Kirney wouldn’t have tolerated from her kids when they were toddlers, much less, adults.

    She sighed, she had to wait for her guest before heading off to Adumar, but first she sent some thoughts off to Adam and Face, maybe it would be a good idea to keep the names of those people who performed these acts and send them to someone who’d be able to discipline these toddler-like tendencies.

    TAG: @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    IC: Adam Lyons, Kael Swiftflight, Briana Odan

    Adam showed Kyp the quarters which would suit Addie, then went back to the hanger. He saw Briana and walked over to her.

    Any news HQ?

    Briana nodded, “Quite a bit Stealth, apparently there’s been a small battle at the outer edges of the Coruscant system. Also...” she paused not sure how Adam would take it, “those ships initiated a bombardment of Taris.

    Adam gave Briana a confused look, “Even though they’re loyal to the Alliance?” He received a nod from Briana, “I’m guessing this is Aden’s work. If you can get me a video of it, and we need at least three copies of this, maybe four or five, or more.” He grinned, “Think of it this way HQ, they’re doing our work for us. A government that’s supposed to be a Republic is behaving more restrictive than the Empire at its height, how do you think that’ll play on various planets around the galaxy?

    Briana was a little surprised that Adam managed to smile, “You’re really cooking up trouble aren’t you?

    Adam kept grinning, “All I can, we can’t stop them, but if we can motivate enough people maybe...

    Briana grinned, “I like it when you cause trouble like like to think big.

    Adam nodded, “That said we need to figure out who are insiders, and who are doing this because they’re being fed bad information, which if that’s the case we have to put pressure on them to make a decision.

    Ok, and how many copies do you think we’d need?

    Adam thought quickly, “Well we’d want to get something to where we’re going soon, Naboo and Eriadu. We’d want our own copy. Also, I’d like the Jedi Order and either Iella or Wedge to have a copy.” He paused for a bit, “We might need some research for this, but we might need to see if we can find a way to get this to an alternate faction in the GA, or even the Empire as well.

    Briana’s jaw dropped, “Stealth, even I don’t stir up that much trouble! Do we even know those factions exist?

    Don’t know, but we need to know if they do... good luck.

    TAG: @Sinrebirth, @Adalia-Durron, @Rebecca_Daniels, @The Real Kyp Durron, @Anedon (basically if you want to talk to Adam, here's your chance)
  7. The Real Kyp Durron

    The Real Kyp Durron Jedi Knight star 2

    May 6, 2018
    Ic Kyp Durron
    Hangar Bay

    Kyp over heard the conversation as he approached. "Trouble? What a surprise, Adam's in the middle of it." He commented as he reached the pair. "She's sleeping." He explained before he was even asked, "And I thought I might do some maintenance on Corran's ship." He gave a lopsided grin. "Won't he be grateful?" he asked no one in particular with a good deal of sarcasm.

    Adam grinned, "Well Addie has a tendency of teaching bad habits....that is if the Wraiths didn't teach enough as it is."

    A while later he'd began to pulled down the coolant system for the engines, to replace the fluid. It didn't really need it, but he needed a distraction. Whistler, Corran's droid sat quietly watching, no doubt recording. There was every chance this would be reported to the ships owner in detail. Knowing this he looked down at the droid. "You getting all this?" he asked, the droid to which he received an affirmative sound. "Good." he smirked.

    Adalia Edit: As per request by author, addition needed to be made.

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  8. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 8

    Aug 31, 2004
    IC: Loriana Starskimmer \ Kidriff 5

    Loriana arrived without incident and used a couple of slidewalks and holomaps to get to Kirney's location.

    On spotting her, Lori smiled and eased up on her casual vigilance. "Hello. Made it here without creating a bunch of chaos or questions, fortunately."

    TAG: @adaml83
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  9. adaml83

    adaml83 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Dec 8, 2004
    OOC: Thanks to @The Real Kyp Durron for the collab, it was fun!

    IC: Adam Lyons, Kyp Durron

    Adam finished his conversation with Briana, not that there was much left, then he watched as Kyp went over to Corran's X-wing and followed him over there. "It's been serviced so it shouldn’t be a problem. That said it probably shouldn't be what you take wherever you're going. Besides I've got something better for you."

    "Better?" Kyp looked to Whistler, "what do you think buddy?"

    Adam grinned, "Yeah, a StealthX just for you, though it'll need to go in a freighter large enough to fit it to go wherever you're going...or though I could use your help with something."

    Kyp gave him a suspicious look. "Why and what? And I ask knowing you as well as I do. Also, you're smiling and experience tells me I should be worried." He raised an eyebrow in question.

    Adam continued smiling, "Because unlike Aden, I know how to get people things that they'd actually be interested in. Which means I want to pick up the Crimson Dawn and get Beka's X-wing out of impound. You can certainly help with one, Adrian can help with the other, which is a good thing since I need to head to Adumar to check on things and possibly pick up another pilot."

    "You want the Dawn? Why?" Kyp knew where the ship was, it'd gone in for maintenance months ago. As far as he knew it was still on Naboo. "The message I got on route was from the Council you know." He pursed his lips. "They want me home, kinda ignored it for the time being. Can't do that forever."

    Adam shrugged, "Stability...she hasn't had a lot of that recently." He considered the rest of Kyp's news, "Is the Dawn's location roughly in the same direction as the Council? If it is, you, Briana, and maybe a couple of other people fly out to the Dawn, they bring it back while you take yours and Corran's fighters in the freighter out to wherever you need to go."

    Kyp shook his head. "I take Corran’s ship alone to the final destination. I can't take anyone else. I can get the Dawn out but that's as far as it goes." There was no way he was taking an outsider to Endor, trusting Adam as he did, he didn't know the others and the stakes were too high. "I appreciate the Stealth, but not right now. I just can't take the risk."

    Adam raised an eyebrow, "No I mean you take that freighter alone to Endor and everyone else comes back on the Dawn. I'm sure Corran would appreciate his fighter and Whistler back, and the StealthX will probably be more useful given the mission profiles you'll most likely be running in the near future." He smirked, "Besides you'll have that commlink so if and when we need to pick the freighter up, we'll be able to do so."

    Kyp considered his words. "So I take the freighter?" He rubbed his goatee beard. "I could get a message to Corran to come to get his ship. " He looked up with a smile. "Cause I got a better one." He gave a slow nod. "Yeah, that could work. I guess I will have to leave before she wakes up. Not that she even knows who I am." That was weighing heavily on him. "A few things I need to do here, then we can get on it. That ok?"

    Adam nodded yes to the first part and shrugged, "Nah we have a freighter that can fit both of those fighters along with a few passengers." He thought for a second, "Briana's going, I need her to do something while on Naboo anyways,,, besides need to figure out what she's going to do with her 'guest'," he looked back up to Kyp, "Any hints? Once we have everything figured out, you all go...probably the sooner the better."

    "A party, wonderful." Sarcasm, it was his mantle after all. "No ideas right now, but..." he paused, "I have a feeling something will come up. Give me an hour or so." He wasn't sure but knew he needed at least an hour to do what he wanted to do. Pranking was a learned gift and right now he wanted to leave Corran with one. "I'll check on Ads in that time too."

    Adam shook his head, "Maybe four tops, though three total could do." He shrugged, knowing that Kyp was up to something, "I have a few things to check on myself before I head out to other places."

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  10. Anedon

    Anedon Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 11, 2016
    IC: Adrian Malek, Jesse Coulson (combo with @Adalia-Durron)

    The snoring continued, it wasn't even that loud but to Adrian it filled his entire mind, made it impossible to fall asleep again. On the flight here the sheer exhaustion had allowed him to find sleep despite the noise surrounding him but now he couldn't fall asleep again. Adrian scolded himself for this, called himself a spoiled rich boy who needed a room for himself. In the military his room mates had almost driven him insane in the first nights until he had bought himself a set of earplugs, but as with everything else other R7 and his uniform he had left them behind on their escape. Now he would have payed a fortune to get them back. When finally had enough he trashed around on his mattress and, "accidentally" caused his pillow to fall down on Jesse who sleep beneath him.

    Jesse was physically and mentally exhausted so when he'd been shown a bunk, there was no hesitation. It only took moments for him to fall into a deep almost death like sleep. One he hoped would last 8-10 hours at least. So when a pillow hit him he was somewhat shocked. "What?!" he snapped, "Is it time to wake up already?" he groaned. Couldn't be, he was so tired.

    Adrian turned around with a sigh as if Jesse words had just awoken him. Looking down to the older man's bunk he said, "not sure, been quite some time I guess," he sat up, sleep wouldn't come back anyway he reasoned. And why they were at it, this was probably an opportunity to speak to Jesse in private. "Do you have any idea where we are?"

    Jesse rolled to his back and covered his eyes with his arm. "I have a feeling I know." His research and fandom of The Shadow Sabers had led him to Adam's Wraith past. Knowing that and the approximate distance they'd traveled he'd made him make an assumption. "The Wraiths had a secret hidden base, I think this is it." He did not feel like it'd been some time asleep.

    "A secret base?" Adrian asked, and again felt like an outsider to the rest of them. Then he had another, alarming though. "Does Aden know about this place?" He had been a squadmate of Adalia once.

    Jesse shook his head. "Don't think so. Doubt Adalia knew where it was." His head ached. "Adams the former Wraith". He picked up the pillow that had dropped on him and looked at it with a scowl. "Was I snoring?" He asked. "Cause that happens when I'm exhausted, apparently."

    "Somewhat," Adrian said, loud enough at least to keep me from sleeping. "So if this is a secret base, what do you think are we doing here? Hide until all of this is over?" He doubted that, Adalia wasn't the person who would just hide from the galaxy. But it also reminded him that this wasn't his war anymore and that he needed to contact his family.

    Jesse snorted as he tossed the pillow low up again. "Sorry about that, and I doubt that." He rolled to his side, "Adam Lyons, former Wraith and colonel is not going hide, nor is Adalia." He thumped his own pillow. "And I don't think they will take sides, otherwise Adam'd be on the other side to what we were. He's not, he's here." He got more comfortable. "Which makes me think we are going to make trouble for both sides." A wry smile touched his lips. "And that kinda sounds fun. I've rolled to my side, been told I snore in my back."

    "Problem is I kinda have a side," Adrian admitted, maybe just in an attempt to keep their conversation going so he wouldn't be alone with Jesse's breathing again. "Eriadu will have joined the Confederacy by now and my parents and sister will be with them."

    Jesse frowned. "Do you always blindly follow leaders? The fact you're here kinda tells me you have free will." He paused, "do you want to fight and kill? I know I don't." He sighed. "It's your choice of course but I doubt they're gonna let you walk away from here now, cause you know, secret base and all." He wanted to say 'and I know now so I'm not letting you compromise us', but he needed to sleep at some point and he didn't know it Adrian was capable of eliminating him.

    Adrian felt how anger grew inside of him at Jesse´s words and so he turned towards him and said, "you accuse me of blind loyalty for wanting to stand by my families side? Very rich from someone who blindly follows Adalia around in hopes she might choose him over the man who has been in her life for more than a decade now." He jumped from his bed and made his way towards the door, he just needed to be alone now.

    Jesse was shocked at the reaction. He sat up and watched Adrian leave the room before laying back down. On some level he was right, he punched his pillow in an attempt to make it soft but to also let out frustration. He really had no right to judge him but he wasn't going to let him compromise their situation either. He sighed again. "Oh well, at least I can sleep in peace."

    Tag: Anyone
  11. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Aussie Rebel At Heart. star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Ilona, Rooty, Erbas, Jem, Emiline and Marie
    Somewhere out there.....beneath the pale moonlight......

    Rooty narrowed his eyes at his screens, he was quite literally looking for a needle in a haystack. He opened his comm. "So, do we just hang out here and wait?" he had no idea if Emilines' hunch had been right, but it was all they had.

    Erbas smiled. "Sure Stealth would notice a bunch of ancient fighters hanging around? Especially yours Speed, it's so"

    Jem smiled as he sat back. Felt like old times. Emiline was just happy to be part of all this. "How about we send out a random message with stuff that only Adam or Addie would know?"

    "Like how Blue Speeds ship is?" Marie asked. "Or maybe how good it looks with a mirror ball?"

    Rooty smirked, and without missing a beat rolled is A Wing 180 degrees. "Like this?"

    "Maybe a little less visual." Erbas said with a laugh. "How about Pink Ewok?"

    "I like it." Jem said watching the A Wing, "I feel like I need to tickle your ships belly, flip it will you?" Emiline giggled beside him as they watched the A Wing flip back.

    "I'm on it." Rooty said as he opened a channel to outer space. "This is Disco ball A looking out there to find a Pink Ewok. Anyone out there with a Pink Ewok?"

    Ilona rolled her eyes at the bickering of the other pilots. She wasn't sure if there was any logic to these call signs and codes which made her feel a bit like an outsider to them. So she opened a com channel to the man who had been introduced to her as Speed. "Just wondering, is there a code behind this or are you just sending out a bunch of nonsense to attract attention?"

    Rooty smirked. "It's all good, those who need to hear will know what we mean. Trust us."

    "Well please excuse that I don´t have an easy time trusting strangers, especially when they don´t even tell me their names," Ilona responded but without any malice, she understood the secrecy, even if she wished they would trust her at least to give their names.

    Jem listened and felt a pang of sympathy for the woman. He opened a private comm to the others. "Its time guys, she's come this far and if she crosses the line we know what to do, but it's time."

    Marie nodded in her helmet. "Jem's right."

    "Better tell her our real names and who we are." Erbas conceded.

    "On it." Rooty agreed as he switched to include Ilona. "Speed here honey, but you can call me Rooty Aran, or just Rooty."

    "Sweets is Marie Firestone."

    "Kid is Jem Vercetti."

    "Hot shot here, but Erbas Hawcron in the real world."

    Emiline wanted to say something, "I'm Emiline and these guys are all former Shadow Sabers, War heroes!"

    Jem shut the comm down from her "Em!?!? Stop that, it's embarrassing!"

    Ilona was surprised but glad that they had finally opened to her. Who could have known that a simple joke was all they needed. "Well I´m Ilona Malek," she introduced herself a second time, "corporal of the ORSF, veteran of the Vong War and countless campaigns against pirates and other raiders." She could have mentioned her father as well Ilona mused but it was probably for the better to stand on her own two feet than use her parents reputation.

    Jem smiled from his shuttle. "Well now we are all introduced we have to wait now and hope someone picks up our message."

    TAG @adaml83 @Sinrebirth


    IC Adalia Tehanis
    Wake up call........Base (thanks Adam, teams back together!)

    The room was dimly lit and silent but she recognised it as a briefing room. Adalia had been wandering Hawkbat base for a while now, steering clear of its's current occupants, hiding when necessary and avoiding all contact. She'd found a kitchen like place, and some food. Having picked at it for a few minutes and had some water, she moved on. Things had been slowly becoming familiar to her, her surrounds were not familiar per-say, but the feeling of them was. She now found herself standing before the holo table the usually displayed battles past, strategies and future encounters. Having not spoken a word since she awoken, her mind reminiscent of a broken mirror reflecting shards to the outside world, she had no desire to interact. She didn't even know who she was anymore nor where she fitted into this picture. Nothing made any sense. Touching one of the buttons curiously the table activated, she stepped back slightly as what looked to be a battle in progress appeared before her. Leaning forward she frowned, a part of her recognised this one as she tilted her head to one side. There were two larger ships, a ship yard somewhat destroyed and a planet. Three squadrons of what appeared to be X Wings swooped in on a massive attack force of ships, she couldn't make them out, too many. Reaching up she absently poked at the ships as if that would clarify their identity. Another three squadrons went the opposite way, away from the incoming danger, she was confused, why wouldn't they assist? She watched as ship after ship winked out of existence, and to her surprise the outnumbered X Wings were giving a lot better than they were getting. 'A good leader?' she wondered.

    Adam was walking the halls thinking, he was wanting to get things moving soon, but he paused when he saw flickering lights coming from one of the smaller planning rooms. Adam walked in and saw Addie watching a battle. He stood there silently with various thoughts running through his mind. Why was Addie here? What battle is it? What is she trying to figure out? At the point where he saw one uniquely painted X-wing go after the ancient Corvette, he knew it was Kuat. He could only hope Addie's mind had healed, or much closer to healed. I can use another troublemaker

    After a few minutes one ship broke away, it headed for a larger enemy ship behind all the smaller craft, and it acted entirely strangely. She watched it do loops of what appeared to a habitat of some kind. Moments later escape pods broke free and the X Wing targeted something under the habitat that exploded in spectacular fashion, rocking the side of the nearby enemy corvette. Her mouth fell open, recognition began to grow in her mind like a vine twisting through the memories and the ideas, linking them together. She blinked as the ship then joined another escorting what looked like a small freighter. The vine twisted and pulled at memories, tugged at thoughts and ideas and drew them into a semblance of order as her understanding became clearer. The X Wings left the ship and only a minute later another swooped in and destroyed it. She gasped and leaned on the table, "No." she breathed. "Aden". Suddenly in that moment, she knew who she was and she knew what she was meant to do. It was a sudden awakening, memories flooded back in a tidal wave of emotions. Closing her eyes she she leaned more heavily on the table and allowed them to fill her mind as it felt like the lights had just been turned on. Drawing a deep breath she stood up straight as a keen awareness of her not being alone become clear. Her mind was awake, the fog gone, she could see the battle continue before wasn't focused there anymore as a slight smile touched one side of her lips. She lowered her head, holding her new found clarity close to her heart and soul as she turned 180 degrees and approached the man behind her to stop at his shoulder facing the opposite direction to him. Reaching out her hand she lightly placed her finger tips on the butt of his clipped in place blaster before reaching down and up clipping it. She slowly wrapped her fingers around the handle and put her index finger on the trigger. Lifting it slightly she looked up into his blue/grey eyes, her own green eyes sparkling and clear and a almost threatening smile touched her lips as she raised an eyebrow. An unspoken question was asked as she gazed at him. 'Are we going to get him?'

    Adam quietly nodded. He wasn't quite sure exactly how much to say. "I have a plan, partically along the line of what you usually do....with some twists." He grinned wickedly.

    Adalia gave him a cheeky smile and winked as she dropped the weapon back into it's holster. Without a word she skirted him and left the room, leaving the man to watch as she left. She was back and there was work to be done.

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  12. Anedon

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    May 11, 2016
    IC - Kate and Kara Leeash, Adrian Malek (Combo with @I_am_Kooky)
    Hawkbat Base.

    "Mum, we gotta find Adrian!" Kara pleaded.

    "Well he wasn't in his assigned room, I'm not sure where he could be" Kate offered. She had left Jesse's bag next to his bed, he was sleeping soundly and didn’t want to disturb him, and she left Adalia's in her room.

    Kara was still holding on to his bag, she really wanted to see his face at the shirt she had picked out for him. They wandered the halls, Kate taking notes of the place.


    The observation deck was a quiet place, after Jesse's snoring and their fight, the large window and the old bench felt like a paradise to Adrian. He felt guilty over what he had said to Jesse, he shouldn't have acted this way he knew, but at the same time he had been in the right, it wasn't wrong to help one’s family. He just needed to think about a way to get to them.


    "Mum, Cant you ring him or something?" Kara was starting to get frustrated as they walked about.

    "I don't know if he has a comm, and if he did, I don't know it" Kate offered back, she didn't even know where to start, she didn't know this man at all. She sensed he was a good person, but she had only interacted with him twice. Not quite enough to know where he would be, what would he do, or even what he would be feeling.

    Kara grumped, and Kate was already just over everything, but was doing her best to keep her self as normal as she could, to keep some sort of stability in Kara's world. She had an idea to keep Kara's mood from spiralling. "Well, what do you know about him? maybe that might help us find him, what do you remember? how should we track our pray in an unfamiliar setting?"

    "Hmmmm" Kara looked around the halls as she thought back. "Well, he likes Star Trek, he is really friendly, and he . . .has a Sister. . .and he . . .was sad or angry or maybe uncomfortable about being on our ship, not because of us but something else, I don't remember if he said what"

    "Well that's a start," Kate thought about it, knew why he was 'uncomfortable' as Kara put it, she wondered if he was treated alright on the other ship. She came to a possible conclusion, and started to head in that direction subtly, and would try and get Kara to come to it herself.

    "So, if he was upset, what do you think he might do?" Kate offered gently.

    "Well. . .if he didn't know anyone else very well, maybe. . .he might . . .I don't really know"

    "Well, what would you do if you in the same position?"

    "and not have you?. . .I would. . .go somewhere to be alone, and maybe like be somewhere where I could see everything, but no one could see me until I felt better." Kate smiled, like mother like daughter.

    "Where do you think we would find such a place?"

    "Here? I don't know, I've never been here before!"

    Kate nodded, that was about as much as she could draw Kara out, she was only 10 after all, and knew only her home.

    "I think I know," Kate said walking up to the observation deck and opening the door.

    "ADRIAN!" Kara shouted in excitement and ran past her mother up to greet him. Kate walking up behind her.

    Adrian managed half a smile as Kara ran towards him, he saw her mother coming up behind her. These two had been friendlier to him than anyone else here and so he was glad it was them who had found him. He asked himself if they knew about his fight with Jesse and what he had said. "Hey, Kara," he said quietly and gave Kate a nod.

    Kara dropped the bag she was holding and wrapped him in a hug and squeezed tightly. Once she let go "I got you something!" She said bearly being able to contain her excitement. She grabbed the bag and pushed it on him.

    Kate stopping just behind her daughter smiling, letting the interaction play out before having her say.

    Adrian examined the contents of the bag, "for me? That´s very nice, thank you." The polo shirt was in a light blue colour, a bit lighter than his families colours. He grinned at the Star Trek shirt, when he was young he had one but could rarely wear it as ‘a noble boy always has to dress properly’. Looking to up Kate, then back to Kara, "Thanks, this is great," before holding up the damaged dessert, "I wouldn´t mind sharing. That´s the least I can do."

    Kara clapped her hands together in glee, he seemed to really like the shirt. Then he offered to share some of his cake, she saw it was so smooshed, that it was super messy and kinda everywhere. But she still managed to take a small bit and enjoy it as she sat next to him.

    Kate nodded but waved off the offer for some of the cake. She didn't take a seat, she wasn't sure if he wanted to be left alone or not, so wouldn't impose otherwise. She still had a base to scout out, and other people to say hi to. Kara was too wound to go to sleep, and she kept finding more sugar to eat, her crash was going to be fun to deal with.

    "You going okay?" Kate asked softly. "I know what it's like to be dragged from your comfort zone and be thurst with people you don't really know," she said with a slight smile, referencing her week from hell.

    "Guess we all were dragged out of the life we knew in the last couple days," Adrian responded slowly. "Should have listened to my sister when she told me not to join the GA navy, she said that, my parents said that, but I wouldn´t listen. And now I´m here, away from them."

    Kate nodded "Yeah, but it's your independent spirit that makes you who you are, and your experiences that will make you a better person, . . .even if it doesn't feel like that right now."

    "Don't let yourself become bitter because of perceived mistakes you've may or may not have made. You've made your choices, now own them. I may not know you all that well, but I think I know you well enough to say that you are a good person. The decisions you have made have been the right ones for you. Don't second guess yourself now, you can't change the past."

    She gestured for Kara to get up, and Kara wiped her hands on her pants then grabbed her mum's hand as Kate tried not to make a face at the sticky fingers in her hand. Kate couldn't help but give a more genuine, and more reassuring smile as she looked back at Adrian.

    "A saying I heard once, helps me sometimes. 'Everything is okay in the end, if it's not okay, then it's not the end.' So right now it may not be okay, but it will be. We are all a little lost right now, but Adaila has the will, Adam has the way, and Beka's has the explosions so we are in good hands to have a good time."

    Adrian thought about Kate´s words, he knew they were true but still, was this his war? Shouldn´t he return to his family? He would need to think about it. "Will have to think about this, thanks for coming though," he said with a smile.

    She gave him a wink then she and Kara headed back out to leave him to continue with his thinking. //At least he had some food, that makes most people feel better// Kate thought. “See you soon!” Kara waved back!

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  13. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Rhoen Aquilla, Natalia Keizar
    Edge of the Coruscant system

    The plan worked, a coordinated assault on a single point, his idea worked, and caught the last 'Runners with it. It was always going to work, he had no doubt of that. The Wild Knights had left, they were low on fuel, they couldn't stick around long. He let out a breath leaning back in his seat. Checking his scopes he noticed that Loriana was gone.

    "Dancer three, Dancer three come in?" maybe she was just being quiet. Hiding off the frigate's scopes. With no reply he started looking for debris, or signs that she was damaged. Though it could just be that his craft was damaged, Ace still trying to get it repaired.

    "Wild Knights Lead is here; protect him!"

    "Understood Dancer lead." He replied fighting to get his craft to the point designated. "Any word from Dancer Three, they're not on my scopes."

    Keizar checked hers as well, Dancer Three was missing, and Wraith Seven. That was on her, she should have told them to scatter sooner, to have them go evasive quicker. That blood was on her hands. She was the commander, the leader of this group. Any deaths were her fault. That could be dealt with later; right now they needed to protect the Wild Knight.

    She dropped into a circling pattern around the beacon seeing the small body of Vua still hanging in the middle of space. Across the way she saw him, Rhoen his engine sparking and sputtering, but he was still keeping control. They held their positions keeping an eye out for threats for danger.

    The other Wraiths had fanned out doing a search pattern for any other support that might be coming their way.

    "Dancer Lead, this is Dancer Two, do we have an ETA on pick up for Wild Knights lead? We are not equipped to pick him up with only a few X-wings." Surely there were some shuttles they could send, it wasn't that far out for them was it?

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  14. The Real Kyp Durron

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    May 6, 2018
    Ic Kate Leeash, Kara Leeash-Schyler, Kyp Durron
    Base. Hangar (Gracious thanks to @I_am_Kooky for this wonderful collaboration)

    Kate took Kara to a fresher to wash the cake of her hands, then Kate continued her deliberate walking about. She had been spiraling out from her room, and going out in ever wider circles. Not down every hallway or anything, but enough to get a sense of the place. But maybe to an outsider she just milling about, her daughter at her side. She had found Adrian and given him his new clothing, Kara was still talking about how pleased he was about her gift and how he shared his cake, Kara didn't need much input as she kept talking.

    By the time she got out of the building Kara had finished up recounting the story. "Where is everyone else?" Kara asked. Kate looked about, then headed toward the hanger, "Where would we find a bunch of pilots?" she asked her daughter, trying to encourage her to start to answer her own questions. "Aahhhh, in the hanger?". "Well that would be a good place to start huh?"

    Once they entered, they saw Kyp working on a ship and he was a good distance away. Kate stopped and took a deep breath. She tried to calm herself, and to remind her emotions that she wasn't mad at Kyp for what happened at Kashyyyk, it wasn't his fault and there was nothing he could have done. Kara had taken the hesitation to mean something else. "Are we gonna sneak up on him?" Kara whispered in her small devious tone. Kate smiled and looked back at Kara. "Lets see if you can" she said, a challenge in her tone, glad to distract Kara.

    Kara smiled and looked around for a way to get to him.

    He'd been trying to figure out a way to prank the ship that wouldn't be dangerous at a later date. Addie would know, she was good at this kind of thing. Kyp frowned, someone he knew was near by and a smile curled his lips as he sensed the playfulness. He would allow her to think she'd beaten him.

    "Stay here mum, I don't want you tipping him off" Kara whispered in a deliberate tone. Kate smiled, raised her hands and took a step back, watching the gears turn in her daughters head, this would be interesting.

    Kara looked around, plotting paths, calculating view points. She thought about going up high and coming down on him, but all the equipment was too high for her, and too slippery, too metallic. She paced all the way to the left of the hanger, seeing down, and then walked all the way right, getting a good 3D scan of the area in her mind. She looked back her mum, and nodded. She then took off, slowly and carefully, making sure her feet didn't leave a sound as she came through.

    From box to barrel, Barrel to create, the hanger had all sorts of hiding spots about her size, to keep her from being in his eye line for very long. At last, she was about 20 steps from her prey, she was crouched extra low as it was quite a small covering. He legs twitching ready to leap up, her hands, on the ground covered in grime from the floor. She tried not to wiggle in excitement, she was so happy to see Uncle Kyp again. She waited for the right moment, when he would turn his back to do something to the ship.

    Then she saw her chance, she leaped over the box, but not quite high enough, causing it to knock over, and make a noise, but her speed was impressive for a 10 year old and she covered the distance and jumped to leap onto his back "UNCLE KYP!" her voice echoing around the hanger.

    Every step, he felt her every movement. Purposely making sure she didn't know he was aware of her stalking him. He continued to pretend he was working. So when she lept onto his back he was ready. Grabbing at her legs to support her, he laughed openly. "Kara!! Your skills are improving!" he said over his shoulder. "Where are your rogue parents?" he asked turning to see Kate alone. His heart sank, she was alone. He began toward her with the girl on his back, she was pulling at his hair. "Kate, how are you?" It was a genuine question.

    Kara squeezed him tight, "You mean I didn't surprise you? Awww" she said a little disappointed, she said fiddling with his hair, but she was still basking in the compliment on her improvement. She knew that last box was her downfall, but next time she would get him. Kara was about to answer his question when she realised, then remembered what had happened. She didn't say anything and just rubbed her face in his back in an attempt to gather comfort, still squeezing him. She remembered that Mum had to tell him.

    Kate had already began walking in as Kara was getting ready to pounce, she was too focused on her 'prey' and not her surroundings, something she would have to work on with her. She smiled watching the two enjoying single moment of just something so normal. But the moment was broken, she saw his face, she saw him recognition as he made his way to her.

    "I've been better" she answered honestly, she knew he would have questions, so offered the answer to the main one first. "Liam didn't . . ." she couldn't even finish that sentence, her eyes closed as memory of his peaceful face filled her mind, her heart clenching and all air was robbed from her lungs. She let the moment pass and looked back at Kyp. "I don't know about Eak, but . . .I haven't heard from him, I can only assume. . .It. . .was. . ." She sighed "There is nothing left"

    Releasing one of his arms from Kara's leg he leaned forward, reaching up to hug the taller woman. "I'm so sorry Kate." he whispered in her ear. "Someone will pay." He stepped back, unable to imagine the grief she felt. Grief she was clearly holding deep inside her. Losing a husband was one thing, he had no comprehension of the loss of a child. "You look tired, have you eaten?" Her welfare was paramount now. He could feel Kara's joy had slipped away as she buried her face into his neck. He re-supported her leg. "What are you doing in there Kara?" he muttered to her.

    She returned the hug, gleaning what comfort she could from it although it slightly highlighted how alone she was feeling with her husband, her best friend and companion. She was taking a moment to think back, when she had eaten?, she wasn't even sure what time it was? why was this question hard to answer.

    Kara opting to answer instead, "I don't know" she leaned her head against his shoulder. She missed her dad now. "But we had some food about 5ish hours ago, on Taris"

    Kyp felt her sadness, her pain. He felt Kate's emptiness as well, both were deeply wounded. Swinging Kara around to his hip he looked at her. "You know I am sure your Uncle Adam has chocolate on this base. Because we both know who'd strangle him is he didn't." he winked. He turned back to Kate. "If you go down that corridor," he indicated with a nod of his head, "You'll find a kitchen. Pretty sure Adam's got it stocked up. Get some food and sleep." He turned back to the girl. "And you are getting heavy young lady, I'm not as young as I used to be." He put her down. "We'll talk later, I promise." he said hugging her.

    Kate smiled with a light 'hmm' at the mention of chocolate for Adalia. That reminded her, she would have to check on Addie as last Kate knew, she wasn't doing all that well. Kate was gonna ask Kyp what he knew, but he was talking to Kara.

    Kara pouted slightly as Kyp put her down, but then gave him another big hug.

    Kate reached out for Kara's hand once she had finished, and nodded to Kyp as they headed off in the direction he indicated.

    Kyp returned Kara's hug, the child needed it. He then stood quietly and watched them go. There was so much pain in Kate and confusion in Kara. He'd be as stable as he could for them.

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  15. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Kyp Durron, Adalia Tehanis
    Hangar on Hawkbat Base - this was fun - WATCH OUT SHE'S BACK!!! :p Thank you @The Real Kyp Durron

    Having walked clear of Adam, she thought about finding him, she stopped and used her own feelings to reach out, she was back and getting stronger by the minute and she needed to find him. She remembered he'd been there, held her hands. He was here, she knew it and it had to be for her.

    "Kriff it!" Kyp cursed as he attempted to loosen the bolt to change the dark cooling fluids in Corran's X Wing. He'd found some that was sparkly and looked like glitter. The thought of Corran finding it at later date amused him. It really didn't require changing but right now he needed distraction. He didn't want to think about Kate and Kara, their loses were insurmountable. This was a delay tactic as well, something to keep his mind occupied and on base. The alternative wasn't an option. Not yet. Beside him Whistler made a sound that gave him the impression he was being sympathetic. He looked down at the droid. "Yeah, keep it Whistler, don't need it." he grumbled lifting the hydro spanner but stopping to cock his head to the side. Someone else was looking for him?

    She saw him across the hangar and began to stride, she crossed the deck quickly, her breathing increasing, it'd been too long. Reaching him she put her hand on his shoulder.

    He'd felt her approach but was not sure of her state of mind, it wasn't clear. Then her hand was on his shoulder, he knew it was her and turned to face her, his heart rate increasing.

    Adalia threw her arms around his neck burying her face there too, pulling him as close as she could. She'd missed him so much and the fact he was here when she needed him meant so much to her.

    Dropping the hydrospanner, he wrapped his arms around her waist. She felt warm, soft. He closed his eyes as the sheer joy of having her there was all he needed. "Welcome back." he murmured to her ear.

    Her lips trembled, she wanted to cry. To her, the awakening had reminded her of the hell she'd been through and now, holding him, things were going to be right again. They had to be right again.

    Pulling away she smiled as she put her forehead to his. "Miss me? I missed you." She had to be honest, her stubborn pride was part of the reason he'd left, no more pretending she could live without him as her current condition had come back to her memory. Mental games were out, there was too much at stake.

    That was unusual, she missed him? "Of course I did, but am surprised to hear you say it." He lifted his hand to tangle into her hair, "But miss you as I did, and I do have an awful lot of questions and there are things we need to talk about, something I have to tell you." He didn't want to tell her it was Jacen, and he was the reason. He knew if she didn't know, he had to tell her.

    She pulled back slightly feeling very unsure suddenly. "Tell me?" Oh Stang! He's moved on, he might have missed me, but he's moved on from me!' She started to push free. "Oh, I'm sorry." She swallowed hard, the emotions with those thoughts were agony. "Of course you moved on, I'm sorry, was stupid of me to think...... .......well..... you wouldn't.....and.."

    "NO NO NO!!" he pulled her back. "Never, I will NEVER move on from you Ads, I can't even......" he shook his head. "Just not an option." he kissed her lips lightly. "Never....." he said quietly. He needed her to know their reunion was going to be short lived. Not yet. He wanted to kiss her more, and hold her more. He had to speak up though, "And.....I have to be honest I'd love to kiss you smell." He tried not to smirk while saying that. "No offence love, but......." he shrugged.

    Adalia leaned back and frowned before sniffing. "Oh Stang! I do!!" She pulled out of his arms, "Whoa, I stink!!" She pulled away but his hand was caught in her tangled hair. "Ow!!"

    "Hey, stop! Let me untangle...." he leaned forward a gently pulled his hand from the red mass, in the past that had never been a problem. Not today. Looking at it, it reminded him of a nest he'd found when he was a kid. "How about you go get cleaned up and I'll finish this and meet you in our quarters?" he suggested pulling a long hair out from his fingers. He needed to get this job done. He couldn't leave it half done as he had no idea when he'd get back to it. Down side of starting a time wasting job that had to be completed.

    She stepped away again, wrapping her arms about herself. "Yeah, that might a good idea. Our quarters? We have quarters?" She frowned as a memory threaded into her mind. "Yeah I think I remember. See you there.........soon?" She gave a quick nod, suddenly very self conscious not only of her smell but her appearance and duly wrapped her arms around herself before turning and walking quickly away.

    He watched her leave suddenly and smiled. He could feel she was very uncomfortable. Adalia had pride and she always liked looking reasonably good even after battle. Not right now. In fact he couldn't recall her ever smelling like that. Couldn't even put his finger on what the smell was. It was just bad. Turning back to the X Wing he looked at the bolt. "Ok, I don't have time for you to be stubborn. So you do as you are told and this will be over in a few minutes." He said to the metallic bolt. Beside him Whistler let out what could only be described as a chuckle.

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Bernael
    En route and Around the Halmad system

    As the Fury followed the ships that had his target onboard, Bernael collated the various video streams, labelling each and ensuring they were stored in a secondary, external drive, that could be given to whoever could use it best. He knew this had to get out, if even to balance things more. He sighed, “How many parsecs of space have I crossed in the last hundred years even?” he asked out loud, musing. “36,454, Sir.” came the response from his Pilot AI, dutifully answering his Master even if the question had been rhetorical and for Bernael alone

    He snorted, ‘Have to keep my mouth shut if I don’t want an answer that such a droid would give when asked.’ he thought. As the ship flew he could feel a distant spike, more of a slow burn with that spike, and tasted it. A half smile appeared, apparently Aden Kya was displeased with recent events. It would make later necessities a bit more complicated but that was the nature of Bernael’s work.

    The trip through hyper was otherwise uneventful. In a short time, the pilot reported imminent hyper emergence. Bernael ensured that the Fury was still in stealth, as he had a feeling this was somewhere important to the escapees. The system they emerged into was the Halmad system, and he saw the ships head to a remote area, docking in an old base, according to his records Hawk-bat base.

    The ship slowly made its way in system, staying as quiet and as slow as possible as its sensors marked out and avoided sensor beacons and satellites that were different from what he’d expect from this world, meaning they had to belong to whatever group had taken in Colonel Adalia and her compatriots. It would not do to be picked up by them before he could arrive and make his presence known. ‘Speaking of’ he thought, and reduced his own force presence to that of the universal background, so as not to alert the Jedi master that was there, or any other being there that could feel such.

    He continued through the system, mapping its entirety so that he had a complete record of its sensors and defenses, not that he’d release that information, but for his own purposes. He could have approached and landed, but something, a feeling, told him it was not time, that he needed to wait for the opportune moment. So he cruised, mapped, and bided his time.

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    Jun 28, 2004
    (Thanks for another fine combo)
    IC Tracy, Da'mina, Aden
    The Anakin Solo Hanger Bay

    Trip had plotted and got them back as close as he could to the ship. Tracy looked up in bewilderment, it was closer than she thought ships were allowed to jump near other ships. She immediately put the ship into full reverse thrusters, all power, trying to slow down even more for landing. They knew she and 'Two' were in trouble, she knew the on deck protocol so knew it would be alright, she just had to get in there.

    She saw that she was still flying 'upside-down' compared to the Anakin Solo, she always marvelled how space had that ability to be so arbitrary about location and wondered if one could ever really get used to that. She tried to carefully angle the ship toward the docking bay that was assigned to her the moment she reverted to real space before she tried to right her self. But then the console went dead. "Trip?" she called out, but only the emergency light and life support were on.

    She was so close now, the ship was almost her whole viewport and her forward momentum still pulling her along. She was wondered if it was even possible to land upside down, she started to feel the coolness of space on her face. She strapped down her harness a bit tighter, secured her helmet. Then took off the panel to her right and started to mess with some wires.

    If she could just get, maybe, . . .she wouldn't be able to steer, but she had already had a good enough angle, she wouldn't be able to stop, but the on-deck crew would have repulsors to catch them. She just wanted enough power in the upper shield so that the cockpit wouldn't be crushed as they landed. She could move power from life support to that, it would last anywhere between 10 and 40 seconds, she would have to time it right and just hope for the best. Lucky she was travelling slow enough that she could count it out.

    They where bearly inside the hanger, when she had to swap the power around, she hoped it would work, the emergency light when out but she couldn't know until she hit the deck. She closed her eyes, Ruby covered her face. She heard the scrape of metal and the craking of the glass but it not shattering, the shields where working, and within 20 seconds she stopped, and she wasn't dead. She felt gravity return as she was now pulling against her harness. It was dark-ish, the ship was leaning to one side, it would take a little while to get her out, but she was safe and alive.

    She cried in relief, releasing the stress and adrenalin of the whole mission. But she calmed herself quickly, she didn't want to be even more embarrassed in front of everyone, well more than landing upside down would be. She took a deep breath, part of her never wanted to fly again, it was traumatic and scary and she could have died for real. But then she thought back, and she had accepted her fate rather quickly. To her surprise was stronger than she thought, and . . .and that she loved the rush of that whole adventure, and was looking forward to another go, but perhaps not for a few days.

    Tracy was helped out by the onboard tech's, she didn't recognise any of them, she kinda hoped she would have, then again, she didn't want to be, not after that landing. It ruined her record of not scratching ships. Medical staff gave her a once over, and all she had a was small bleeding cut on Ruby, and some bruising from the harness, her suit had protected her from most things.

    She looked for Trip, but he was damaged and unresponsive, she hoped that he would be fixed and good as new, she had grown fond of the little guy. She looked back and saw the deck, and the ship, her heart sank and she knew how much that was gonna suck to fix them, as she had been the one fixing them on other occasions.


    Reverting to real space Da'mina scanned his read outs. He was about to live up to this callsign. Opening a channel to the Anakin Solo he put in a landing request. "Anakin Solo, Wild Knights two requesting permission to land." He waited a few moments and was approved but in a different hangar to WK 3, he wondered why, but did not question it openly. Bring his ship in he crossed the magfield only to have the engine splutter, his fuel was gone. Not even vapours this time. Thankfully he'd predicted this and had come in low only to drop to the deck heavily and slide ever so slightly. He sighed deeply. "Getting tired of living up to that one." he muttered.


    Aden hovered over, eyeing the two ships. Da'mina had landed well, meanwhile Tracy had torn up his flight deck. With no Vua in sight. As he waited for them to clamber out, medics and techs rushing from the wings, he called out. "Report on the status of Wild Knights One?"

    It was better than saying. Where the frak is One?

    Da'mina heard the call out and turned as he slid down he ladder. Closing the distance between them he reported. "EV Sir, I pinged him."

    Aden nodded to Da'mina. "At least we know he went EV. Losing Vua too would be a loss." He let Tracy and Ruby sort themselves out, and Aden moved closer to Two. "What are your thoughts on Three? She is a relatively new recruit, with moderate to good scores. She may need some guidance to bring her full potential out."

    Da'mina glanced through to the young woman's craft, he spoke in a formal tone. "She dangerous, reckless and will probably get one of us killed," he said honestly.

    Aden blinked and frowned. "That bad? Well... that's not what I hoped to hear."

    He paused and re-framed his question. "Can we afford to be without her? Should I assign her back to the tech pool? You know our strategic situation."

    Da'mina paused. "We do need a pilot in a ship out there, but I ask that you keep her away from me, Sir."

    Aden sighed. "Alright. I'll take that as a recommendation." He turned his hoverchair to face Tracy, who seemed to have finally extricated herself from her ship. How she was now would decide for him, Aden reasoned.

    She saw Colonel Kya and 'Two' at the exit to the hanger, she would have to face him, she couldn't get around it, she wasn't looking forward to it. Holding Ruby, she walked up toward him and offered a slight bow instead of a salute, keeping a good two feet away. She didn't want to let go of Ruby, her excuse was she was holding pressure on the cut, the reality was she didn't trust Ruby not to do something stupid and get her into more trouble.

    Aden noted the bow but didn't comment on how it wasn't a salute. "Three, sitrep. Is your ship going to be up and running soon? We may need to redeploy if that skirmish continues." He nodded at Da'mina as techs refuelled and rearmed. "Will you be up for heading back out if needed?"

    Da'mina stood at ease, hands clasped behind his back. "Of course Sir, refuel, torps and I'm set." He glanced at Tracy, she did not seem to be in the same situation.

    "Ah, . . ." Tracy looked back at the ship that was still upside down, and the deep scratches on the flight deck, she turned back to face him. "Sir, it would be a 6 to 9-hour turn around to get the ship back into safe flying order and only if all parts are available, and with at least two techs on it," she sounded concerned, and not bothering to talk about how long it would take to fix the flight deck.

    Aden narrowed his eyes. "Three, I'm reassigning you to tech support in the interim," though in his mind it may end up being permanent, but he was willing to give her another chance what with the lack of pilots. X-wings? He could requisition. Pilots? It would take years to make up the losses from the war and the secessions.

    //I was already tech, not sure how I got to be a pilot!// She kept quiet and nodded, she already felt the pang of guilt, she had let him and herself down somehow? even though she did the best she could under the circumstances.

    "Wait..." Aden seemed to think about. "Two, get yourself sorted and back up and running for an escort..."

    "On it Sir." Da'mina gave a nod then a quick salute before turning and jogging back to his ship.

    He lifted a hand to point at one of the shuttles that was being lowered into launch position. "Three, we're taking that. You're my pilot. We need to pick up One - then you can help repair your X-wing." He grinned mirthlessly. "You broke it, you fix it."

    Her gaze followed where he pointed she saw the ship, then snapped her head back around when he said she was going to fly him. "You're. . ." she stopped her self, who was she to say if he was in good enough condition to fly, or if he should even be out there? He was the boss man, and Lead needed to be rescued, well, what was left of him anyway. Then the smile he gave her, it made her feel really uneasy, but she tried to hide that as she snapped a salute this time with her right hand. "Sir, Yes Sir"

    Aden glowered at Tracy's reluctance. "Let's go." He commandeered the shuttle following a brief exchange with the Quarren the same, and he headed up the ramp, or, rather, hovered his way up in his chair. Once inside, he craned his head to look at Tracy. "Take off in five, Two. Three, come on, we need to hurry."

    With a slightly straighter posture than normal, and keeping real quiet, she got into the ship and checked that the required equipment was available for a space rescue. Once done she took the pilot chair and got all the systems up and running and was ready to launch within 4 minutes. She looked at Colonel Kya for his approval and when she got it, took off. She would wait to think about fixing her ship until she got back.

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    IC Kyp Durron - Adalia Tehanis
    Hawkbat Base. - as always such fun!!! @The Real Kyp Durron - sorry guys its a big one. Drama queen is on stage attempting to out drama @I_am_Kooky !!!

    Truth is trying to get all the story out so we can move on.

    The clothes were in the washer already, the droid picked them up and took them away like they were poison, and she was sure they were now, the smell had become obvious. She had no idea how long it'd been, she'd lost hours, days, for all she knew weeks. He'd said he had a lot of questions, but she had some too.

    Only minutes later she was washing her hair and body, feeling more alive than she'd felt in weeks, no months. Running her hands over her body she stopped at her stomach and closed her eyes. She felt stronger, alive and for the first time able to possibly connect with the life within. A glow, it was a gentle light but bright and she felt it's presence reach out to her, she smiled as she touched it with her own feelings, her love. She could almost feel his smile. Her eyes shot open. "HIS" she whispered before grinning. Her son. A wave of emotions were spilling but she pushed them down, she had too. There were too many people around her who would feel this, who would wonder, she had to keep this quiet till she was ready to share it.

    Opening the door, Kyp was grateful the bolt had done as it was told and like he'd said. It only took minutes. He could hear the water running and thought for a moment, deciding his course he moved over to the doorway and peered in. Leaning on the frame he smiled. Her back was to him, long hair trailing down her spine to a point. Folding his arms over his chest he tilted his head to take note of how well a woman of her age had held her physical health. She didn't even really work at it, he knew that. He'd decided long ago it was genetic. There was no other explanation. She turned to the side, her eyes were closed with long hair covering her. 'She must be enjoying the water' he thought. He followed her arm down to her hand, where it lay over her lower belly. He frowned, she'd put on weight. He'd not noticed before now, not that it mattered at all. It didn't change how he felt about her at all. Her other hand moved to the bump.

    Kyp sucked in his breath and held it. 'Bump'? Was it a 'bump'? His eyes widened slightly as the implications of what he was seeing began to sink in. Could she be? Was it possible? She was smiling and his eyes were drawn back to her hands. He couldn't breath, he'd not even let the air he'd sucked back out again. Her eyes opened suddenly, a look of surprise on her face. He was sure she knew he was there, but she didn't somehow. Turning away from the door he leaned against the wall outside the refresher letting the breath out finally. Disbelief washed over him. If she was, she was well along. He now had another question that went to the top of his list.


    Slipping into the brand new clothes someone had put out on the counter for her, she was now standing in front of the reflector Adalia allowed herself a small smile. In the middle of the nightmare she'd come through, there was a light. She couldn't wait now to share the news, a son, she was sure he was going to be thrilled.

    Kyp had sat down, he needed to sit down. With his head dropped he now sat on the end of the bed. It felt like a million questions and thoughts were tearing through his mind. His training kept him externally calm, and suppressed in the Force thankfully. He heard her enter the room but chose consciously not to look up.

    She walked out of the refresher and saw him and was surprised he was there already but he looked upset? "Hey? You ok?" she asked moving around in front of him. "What's wrong?" she knelt down, maybe he'd broken Corran's ship, that would upset him. The joy of the earlier reunion was not there as far as she could see, and as for feeling, he was gone. Reaching over she took his hands, "Talk to me." she urged with a warm smile and a touch of amusement.

    She was holding his hands. She felt obviously happy, and maybe that was good? His mind was clouded with mixed emotions and questions as he looked up at her. Her hair was damp but drying and she was wearing new clothes. "I was watching you bathe." he said evenly hoping she'd get his reference.

    Adalia rolled her eyes. "Really? Geezz, after 10 years you'd think you'd be over that kind of stuff!" she said with amusement, internally she was thrilled by the admittance. Every woman like to hear her man found her attractive. She stood up again. "Now you bathe, my turn." She teased.

    He didn't release her hands as she stood and followed her with his eyes. Looking up as she teased. He didn't believe in drawing this particular issue out and a full frontal assault was his choice. "Are you pregnant?" he asked in a cool even tone.

    She smiled warmly, he'd noticed. "I had wanted to tell you in my own way, but this works. Yes, I am." She squeezed his hands.

    Kyp missed the gesture, he missed her smile, his focus was on his question. "Who's is it?"

    Adalia felt like someone had just physically put their hand around her heart and crushed it. She gasped slightly pulling her hands free and stepped back. Her voice broken, "Are you seriously asking me that?" she could not believe he'd even consider such a thing as she balled her hands into fists. How could he?

    "Well, you weren't when I left, and clearly.." he pointed to her belly, "It's there now." he said evenly, "and from what I saw, you're very well aware of it." he was holding anger down. How after all these years could she have just fallen into bed with someone else? He could feel she was a mess of torn emotions, must be hard hiding deception on this scale.

    Adalia backed up, putting distance between them, her emotions a turmoil and she was sure he'd feel that. "How could you?" she asked weakly, fighting the temptation to lash out at him, she was angry but hurt and with all that had happened, she'd found a target now.

    "How could I?! How could you!?" He asked firmly, standing and taking a step forward.

    "How could I What? Your implications sicken me!" she snapped, the anger was taking over. "If you'd bothered to ask, you'd know. I only found out on The Ocean when I was in the infirmary, however long ago that was, cause I've lost time here! But they told me I am over 16 weeks!! Four Kriffin' months!! Do the Fracking math you idiot." Too late, tears were coming.

    He'd been hit hard now. Her words were like a massive Force slap. She'd not done that, she didn't know how. Kyp felt instant regret for his thoughts. Not to mention his words. They'd been cruel, hard, hurtful and down right insulting. He tried to find the right words. "Addie, I'm sorry, I didn't know." He'd done the math, it'd only been a few days from then. That would put her close to 17 weeks, and the child his. Seemed he was doomed to feel guilt in his life.

    "No, you didn't! You didn't ask, you just assumed I turned into a Corucsanty Call Girl the moment you left! Thanks for that!! Ten fracking years of my life committed to you, and you assumed that!! " She almost yelled, this hurt.

    "Committed?! You're kidding right!? You can't commit to me or anything! I know, I've asked you to do it, three times!! THREE TIMES YOU SAID NO!!!" his anger flaring now. Commitment was an issue for her, always had been. "Don't think I'll ever make that mistake again!" he regretted the words as soon as they'd left his mouth.

    Adalia held her hand up to him. "Don't think I will ever accept if you did!" She snarled, she was wounded and defending herself the only way she knew how. She wanted to hit him, thump him really hard and knock some sense into him. He'd somehow taken what should have been a wonderful moment for them both and turned it into an emotional insulting war of words. He was the only person in the galaxy that could reduce her to this. It was this kind of thing that made them go separate ways four months ago.

    He turned away. This was wrong and he was sure they both knew it. No one in his world could rile him and then shoot him down again like she could. No one would even try. This one was on him this time though, he knew it. Kyp ran hands over his hair and head, lacing them at the back of his neck to think for a moment. He turned back. "Addie, this is not right, I was wrong. So very wrong, and I am sorry. " he stepped toward her. "Can't we ......" he wanted to say 'start again'. He wasn't sure what the right words were anymore. He'd messed up and reached a hand to her.

    Adalia was like a wounded animal now, and held her index finger up to him. "No." she growled firmly. "Take a long walk Durron, you're done here for now. I need space. Lots of it!!! Go!" she ordered.

    Kyp opened his mouth to argue, but closed it again immediately. She was right, he'd made a colossal mistake. Not as bad as previous ones. It was pretty close, and on a very personal level. He shook his head. "I really am sorry Ads....." he said in a defeated tone. He knew when he was beaten, and this time he had to retreat. He backed up a few steps, then turned and left her.

    She watched, she could see his regret, she could feel it now, he was allowing her feel it, but it was too late. The door closed and she lowered herself to the floor holding her unborn child and began to cry. It wasn't supposed to go like this.

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    IC: Senator Doe
    Halmad, Senator apartments

    To call himself Senator for the sector was hardly an incredible feat, but he was, and even if it is was a thankless job which saw him elected again and again, and probably would for the next decade, Senator Doe would keep doing it. At present, his constituents had not expressed any view on the war between the Confederation and Galactic Alliance, not withstanding that nearby Katraasi and Altyr V had both very loudly signed up, and the Imperial Remnant was not far away.

    He himself did worry that the Remnant might made a 'land-grab' while the GA was distracted, and he'd deployed one or two spies to keep an eye on the Imperial contribution to the GA - the Megador, a Super Star Destroyer - but there was not a single suggestion that Pellaeon was going to allow the Moffs to abandon their traditional allies. So. He was satisfied, and calmly so. The Confederates were reported to be reaching out to the Remnant and others while the war was going their way - the Halla Sector had joined them recently, for example - but the Corporate and Seswenna Sectors were reported to be wavering. But, that was not here, and now.

    As long as nobody drew attention to Halmad, he would not draw any attention to Halmad.

    The sector 'defence fleet' was a handful of old customs frigates and a cruiser-carrier that was old during the first Galactic Civil War, but Doe's only consolation to the increased galactic violence was to replace the five squadrons of Y-wings they had with five new and shiny squadrons of Eta-5 starfighters. Nifty, though not hyperdrive equipped, they relied upon rings to jump to hyperspace. The Y-wings he had shuffled to fixed positions, but none of them were on Halmad.

    But the Quelli Sector was not particularly large, and the Drackmarians kept their own forces close to home and Dathomir would be defended by the Hapans if the GA or Confederation looked their way. If anything, Vinsoth would be targeted as a crucial hyperspace junction on the Axxila-Tangrene hyperlane, which is why tjje Y-wings were there on Vinsoth. But the sectors relative small size meant that any attack could be met within half a day by the roving task force that was presently holding at Vahaba.

    Contented, he shut the holoprojector and went back to sleep, while his wife pretended that he hadn't woken her with his late-night worries.

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    IC: Aden Kya

    Shuttle, en route

    In short order, Wild Knights Two and Three were back at the edge of the Coruscant system, homing in on the beacon of Wild Knights One - Vua. Nodding to Da'mina from the cockpit window, he appraised Tracy, who, thus far, had flown well, if neutrally so. Aden had checked her file, and was looking for the rogue arm to intervene. But nothing so far...

    The skirmish was essentially over. Aden opened a channel to the surviving Dancers and Wraiths. He used an open channel on GA frequencies. "Dancer One, Wraith Thirteen, sitrep."

    Syal spoke up first. "Three is missing, sir, she jumped out-system without authorisation, and Two and I have taken damage. We may need to be picked up. I'm air-tight, for now, not sure about Two."

    Aden gestured at Tracy to go and check the rear hatch as the automated systems activated to lightly tractor Vua in. She would find the man was cold, cold, and beneath his spacesuit his face was, quite literally, peeling off. As he came to, he threw off his helmet and spat in an alien language - and Tracy would be greeted by a Yuuzhan Vong, for that is what Vua was, a fact known to very few in GA High Command and indeed only Aden and Da'mina knew of the pilots assembled. Vua grabbed at her, snarling, panicked by his sudden awakening.

    The wreckage of the frigate slowly turned, and as it did, Da'mina would notice what was there. A pair of Howlrunners, their cockpits dimmed to hide their location. A shuttle suddenly burst from the wreckage before Rhoen could reply, and Aden snapped. "Don't let those Confederate operatives escape!" The two Howlrunners hurtled towards the Wraiths on what was clearly a suicide run - the cockpits popped open and the pilots shot out, though the Howlrunners rushed towards Keizar and the others.

    Aden found himself watching in panic, a feeling he suppressed.

    That left Da'mina, Rhoen and Syal to pursue the shuttle - but Syal's ship was a slow one, it would ill-reach that. Aden stretched out, and felt the Force... keying the comlink. "Warning, Dancer Two, Wild Knights Two... the enemy pilot is a Force user."

    Something dark answered Aden angrily, and he knew it.

    The pilot was a One Sith.

    Aden grinned maliciously.

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    A fun! turning point combo with @adaml83

    IC: Kirney Slane

    Kirney looked up and smiled, "It's a good thing, then again it's easier for one person to get away than several."

    Loriana sighed with a sense of liberation. "I feel like I can now start to pick my battles instead of being constrained to follow the mandates of those with no conscience ... like a tame moof-milker. No thank you... my trusty droid RbJ7 - RubiJay - can be upgraded and fitted for any novel tasks that suddenly arise. She's already proven to be quite ... cooperative." She winked.

    Kirney nodded, "Picking battles are part of it. The other part is figuring out who the true believers are and who are only following orders because they've been fed lies. Have you heard anything about Taris?"

    Loriana thought about it. "Only what would qualify as Galactic History. Not anything about what's happening there now."

    This was the real test, Kirney looked in Loriana's eyes, "It's been bombarded by two GA ships, apparently for not delivering three unarmed freighters to them."

    Loriana felt her stomach tighten. "Civilians caught literally in the crossfire...?" She mused aloud remembering the innocent family who'd been shot down at Kuat. She and Rhoen had tried to circumvent getting their hands dirty but they'd been taken out anyway... If she never had to be caught in that kind of situation again, it would be too soon!

    "So," Lori said with a glint, "Is it by the seat of your pants strategizing or a step-by-step plan you're wanting? Which is standard OP, anyhow? Frankly, I like a bit of each." She smirked.

    Kirney nodded, "Yeah, they didn't even give the government time to send those two ships the data that was provided by the freighters, not that it would have done them any good, but..." Part of the point with the flight plans was to have them running around all over the galaxy using up resources, it was iffy whether or not it would work, but it was probably better than nothing, at least that's what Tawg told her.

    Kirney considered for a minute, "Well with what I do, there's an amount of both as things can change, and plans tend to only work out so long as they are flexible enough to handle various changes. That said with the man we're going to meet elsewhere, I have no idea how many times his plans have changed. Have you grabbed everything from your X-wing?"

    Loriana laughed. "I wouldn't be Corellian if I didn't get more than a slight charge out of making it up as you go, to some extent, within the bounds of what needs doing. At least I expect it. Yeah, I've got everything. Travelling light, got my datapadd and Rubi and the carrybag of my family holos and flight-suits that I had on the Ocean, then the Anakin Solo."

    Kirney grinned at the first part, "Well I learned from a different Corellian, along with the guy we're meeting elsewhere. So if you're ready to go, go ahead and come aboard with your droid, and I already have someone to come and take care of your X-wing, even though there'll probably be a replacement by the time you get to the base."

    Loriana gave a brisk nod of assent. "OK." She dug out her commlink and tapped a message: "Follow the signal Rubi. We're about to make tracks."
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    OOC: Thank you to @Adalia-Durron for the fun combo!
    IC: Kael Swiftflight, Adam Lyons, Adalia Tehanis

    Kael looked at the message that they received from and was thoroughly confused, "Disco ball, pink ewok!? Stealth, you spread your curse to others!" He sent a quick come here message to Adam.

    Adam walked into the communications room, and Kael was looking at Adam in an annoyed manner, "Could you make sense of this, I mean what the kriff does a Disco Ball looking for a Pink Ewok mean!?" Adam burst out in laughter, and was having trouble keeping it in check, "That doesn't help Stealth..."

    She'd cried only for a few moments having decided she'd done enough self-pity for one day. Cleaning herself up and decided it was time to share her news with someone who might be happy for her so Adalia went in search of Adam. The best place to start would be the last place she saw him so she headed for the briefing room where she'd 'woken up'. Stopping in the corridor she was lost now, where to look alluded her totally, till she heard him laughing. A faint smile touched her lips, she needed to laugh so she followed it. It led her to a nearby room where he stood with others, stopping in the doorway she listened silently.

    Adam continued laughing while Kael looked annoyed, when he felt something, it wasn't the Force, ever since he, Kael, and Briana had been hunted by a Vong hunting pack during the Vong War, he knew what that felt like, besides he hadn't had that feeling in what seemed like years now, not since the reunion. No, it was a pilot's sense of when someone or something was near and he looked towards the doorway and saw Adalia leaning against the doorway, he smiled, "Good, you'll like this message Addie, I mean really like this message." Adam moved out of the way so she could get closer to read it, while Kael offered her the chair.

    She smiled, a forced fake smile as she stepped forward silently and read it. A grin formed as she felt a warm feeling wash over her. She began to chuckle. "Rooty," she said quietly. She looked at Adam. “He’s nearby?

    Adam grinned, "Not many people would understand that reference that is actually able to pay attention to the communications. That said I think we should respond in kind, but we need to know whether they want to come to us or vice versa, how many are with them, and it needs to be done in a way only us would understand. Am I missing anything?"

    She gave her head a shake, she was sure he knew what he was doing. At this point in time, she had no idea what they were doing and what she’d joined. It didn’t matter, she trusted him implicitly. “Go ahead.” her tone was soft, she was still reeling and still hurting and even still recovering.

    Adam nodded in Kael’s direction, “I think we got it from here, I think I heard something down near the galley, thought I heard Kara, you might want to go ahead and check on that for now.” Once Kael left, “Hmm, send something along the lines of…” he thought for a second and then typed a message, “Office filled with foam, with a pink Ewok handing out demotions if the disco ball is in the wrong place…” He looked at Addie, “I’ll add the location and have it encrypted with one of our codes from back in the day.

    She smirked. “I like it, if they don’t get that, they’re not who they say they are. That simple really.” She folded her arms but almost wrapped them around herself. “When we’re done here, can we talk please?

    Adam grinned, “Yeah, fortunately, Tawg already put in the codes, so all we have to do is send it back to them, and we’re good to go. And we can talk in here, I don’t think we’d get many if any interruptions, at least not immediately.”

    She nodded. “Not here, privately please?

    Adam sighed, “Well Wedge’s old office, which is now mine,” he offered her a smirk to let her know how much he enjoyed that fact, “isn’t far away, will that work?

    She gave a slow nod, it surprised her a little how he wasn’t picking up on her mood, but it had been a few years. Quietly she followed him, there was so much to talk about.

    Adam opened the door for her, and let her go first, “So what’s going on?” he spoke after he had closed the door, “Is it still the mess from Jacen?

    She walked in with her head down. “No, well mostly no.” She looked up. “How’d you know it was Jacen?” she frowned before shaking her head. “Doesn’t matter. We all know he’s …..” she wanted to find the right word. “Evil.” She turned to face him. “My problems are more personal.” She lifted her chin slightly. “I’m pregnant.

    Adam’s eyebrows shot up, “Pregnant? How long?” He was certainly surprised, and common sense would dictate that Kyp was the father, only an idiot would think otherwise.

    Nearly 5 months, starting to show,” she said, placing her hands over her lower tummy. “Judging by the clothes I was given, someone else knows,” she stated looking at the sweatshirt she was wearing.

    Adam nodded and grinned, “Yeah, we know a couple of Force users from a tree planet that can find things out like that. How many others know?

    She gave a sad smile. “Told him,....” she turned away. “He ……” she could hardly find the words. “Accused me of infidelity.” It was the most polite way she could put it.

    Adam shook his head, it was the first time where he was truly disappointed in a Jedi Master, “But at that time of pregnancy, there’s only one real option of who it could be...and you don’t need the force to know how much you care for him.” A thought settled in his mind, one that would let Kyp know indirectly what he thought about that move, he looked back at Addie, “Do you mind if I start something? Something to know that he messed up badly and indirectly what I think of it?

    She shook her head. “I don’t know, he’s feeling pretty bad. He worked it out, you know math wise pretty quickly after my verbal onslaught.” She gave a sad smile. “And you can imagine I wasn’t delicate about it.” She turned back. “I have my own plan for humiliation, but so long as you don’t chase him off……

    Adam winced, “The Jedi Council took care of that part. He’s leaving soon enough for elsewhere, though he’s going with us far enough to pick up the Dawn.” He hated the next part he was going to have to say, but it was going to be necessary, “Also, I don’t think you should be flying combat missions in your current state. So long as we aren’t going to have to do anything too bad you can go with us on freighter missions to safer places, but I really don’t want a repeat of what happened last time.

    She’d been bombarded with information in that short time. Kyp was going soon? He was helping them get the Dawn? And the final salvo? “I don’t want Aden or Jacen thinking they won!” she began to pace. “You ground me and they think I either gave up or I’m dead, or worse.” she turned to Adam. “They find out about my baby! Can you imagine how much they’d want to get their hands on him?

    This reaction was kind of expected, he put his hands up defensively, “They won’t win, though I don’t know how much we can necessarily do to accomplish that…” he paused sort of reluctantly giving Addie information, it was a lot for someone who’d been through what she’d been through in the last couple of days, “Part of the plan is to spread their war crimes far and wide to see what places think of it, we just need a break. Also, given what little I know of what you went through,” he looked her directly in the eyes, “I can guess, I’d at least ground you temporarily because of that, what I know of what Beka went through, I’d ground her temporarily also. That said, you always push too hard, and I’m not going to let you have another miscarriage. I’m not. If it means we trick them some way, so be it.”

    She eyed him. “You’re going to ground me? You’re not going to ‘let’ me?” Despite her mind and condition, she was still able to challenge. “I’m not risking this baby either, he’s been a long time coming.” She started to pace slowly while thinking. “I can’t help you with Beka though, have no idea, kinda wasn’t here for it all.” She waved her hand, “I don’t even know who we got here?” She considered the message that was coming in. “I think a meeting of everyone we’ve got here is in order, so we know who is with us.” She had a flashback and winced. “ I think I might have forced at least two of them here,” she confessed as she recalled Adrian and Jesse. Things were still coming back to her in flashes. “Do you expect me to sit around and get fat?

    Adam met her stare, then somewhat shook his head, “...Wait, he? Did a doctor tell you, or is this one of those things you ‘know’?” He thought for a minute, “Yeah Beka’s a problem also, I don’t know if she’d be able to stay, and Ariadne just seems to be confused.” He looked back at Addie, “I need to talk to them, maybe even privately, and Kate...this place isn’t a great place to raise a child. I don’t know if she can stay either. We actually need Adrian, Beka’s personal X-wing is on Eriadu. I’ve looked at both him and Jesse, we could use them if we can convince them to stay.” He paused for a moment, “And no, I don’t expect you to sit around, what I want is for you to come up with ways to make Jacen and Aden very very mad.” He grinned, “I know you can do that very well, and you have all the motivation in the galaxy to do so.

    She smiled. “Opens Comm. ‘Aden oi! Missed me’ “ She gave an exaggerated wink. “That’d do it.” She drew a deep breath. “I know it’s a ‘he’ cause ‘he’ told me.” She placed her hands back there. “He smiled and told me.” Looking around she found his chair and without asking sat in it putting her feet on his desk. “I didn’t even know Ariadne was here, and you are right, Kara shouldn’t be here, I think that kids been through enough already.

    Adam grinned, “You know we don’t open communications without blowing something up, that’s a squadron tradition,” he winked in return, “Just need to find the right target and need just the right equipment,” Adam paused at how Addie knew her baby was a boy, it sounded like the Force to him, he nodded at the mention of Ariadne, “Yeah apparently she saved Beka, and you know how the GA’s justice system is these days,” he rolled his eyes, “but things aren’t making much sense for her, so she might not be able to stay, then again,” he paused, “How much do you know about Kirney Slane?” He had been thinking that both Kate and Kara had been through more than enough and it was their right if they didn’t want to be directly involved in this.

    Heard of her,” she said absently, as her mind was already working on her personal plan.

    Adam nodded, “She’s pretty much responsible for me flying in the middle of a battle just to get a message to you, also she got a couple of Intel Wraiths, people I trust implicitly, that I served with back during the Vong War, to give us skills in areas that we lack. Also, we have Cubber and a team of mechanics to service the fighters here at the base.” he shrugged, “Though the company I consult with is more responsible for Cubber than Kirney is…

    She gave a sage nod. “You know I trust you, and your decisions. Do and use whoever you need and I’m good.” She needed to get herself sorted. Swinging her legs down again she stood. “I need to do something, and if he’s going soon, I need to move.” She walked over to him and confidently draped her arms over his shoulders, placing her forehead on his. “Missed you, missed this.” She stepped back and skirted him. “Oh, secret.” she said patting her stomach, “Till I’m ready, ok?

    Adam nodded, “I’m going to need everyone’s troublemaking ability if we’re going to make it out of this… besides, I don’t know if you ever got him back for the Pink Ewok thing…” He grinned wickedly, “I know someone who can help with that, at the very least he needs to know what I thought about what he did.” He sighed, “Yeah I missed this quite a bit, and I won’t tell, it’s really up to you to tell everyone when, where, and how you want to.” He checked his comm unit quickly, “Go cause a certain Jedi Master some trouble, I think Kate’s cooking something up, you know where the cafeteria is, right?

    Oh, I will let you know, might need witnesses” She winked and left the room, she had a plan to make him know how badly he messed up. Then onto business.

    Adam grinned, Make it hurt, and make it public...have fun Addie.

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    Jun 28, 2004
    IC Tracy, Vua and Aden. (Thanks for the Combo!)
    Location - What's left of the Space Battle

    Tracy went as she was silently ordered, to the back of the ship to check on 'One'. She didn't expect anything but a lifeless corpse. As he moved, she stood in frozen confusion that was edging on fear, it wasn't impossible to survive such a thing, that is what the spacesuits are for.

    As he took off his helmet roughly, as he said something, her eyes wide in horror as his skin fell to the floor. Her personal fear of skulls was suddenly intensified, then adding to that, a realisation that something else was staring back at her, something scarier than a skull. She couldn't even begin to comprehend what it was as it grabbed for her, her mind already fleeing this whole situation.

    She leapt back squealing in fear as she hit the consoles behind her. She clambered quickly to the front of the ship. Her eyes never leaving his or 'its' face, that face that would never let her sleep peacefully again. Her own face as pale as his. She thought she had faced fear in her previous flying stunts today, but this scared her even more than that, she couldn't even come up with words to say to the Colonel Kya.

    Vua was injured, bruised and battered, and his ooglith masquer had died in the cold. Disoriented, and his tizowrym unconscious, he could ill form his words nor understand her. For a moment Vua regressed, snarling in the face of an infidel.


    The war cry of the Yuuzhan Vong burst free from his split lips.

    //Vong? VONG!?// she was only a child when the war was on, stories she had heard from traders, and defectors and survivors. She kept walking back until she hit the pilot's chair, Ruby grabbed at it, and for the first time, she shifted her gaze to Colonel Kya still in his hoverchair, if only for a second before returning to this Vong in 'Ones' flight suit.

    Kya turned back to Tracy as she backed into the cockpit, and into him, cursing and slapping silent the comms. Hopefully nobody heard anything Yuuzhan Vong. "Vua! Stop!" Aden snapped.

    Tracy's brain filled with all the advice she had ever heard, 'don't attack', 'don't make them feel pain, they love it' and 'nothing can kill them, not even jedi'. Well, she was no Jedi, she wasn't even a fighter, not even basic training, she had skipped that. She half stepped in front of Colonel Kya, in an attempt to defend him, but she had no weapon, and none was available. The ship wasn't ready to be boarded, but she could try.

    Then she had the idea, the ship, at the very least she could fly it roughly for a second or two, knock him around a bit the back of the ship, but that wouldn't knock him out. That would take seconds, and she didn't know if she had them, if her fear had robbed her. Her last hope was that he would come back to whatever senes got him into the GA, and as her 'Lead' and she prayed to the Force that he wasn't a spy.

    Tracy took the controls and threw the ship to the side, spilling Aden from his hoverchair and throwing Vua into the wall. He recovered before Aden did, snarling and reaching for Aden, who rolled away. Shaking off his suit sleeve, it was shredded as a snake-like amphistaff uncoiled, straightening into a staff.

    Tracy heard the thumps, she hoped she didn't hurt Colonel any further, but hurt is better than dead. She was racing back for the jump point, maybe she could get back to the Anakin, people with guns could help!

    "Shavit," Aden cursed, using the Force to pick himself up, and nearly blacking out from the pain. Drawing deep, he plucked a lightsaber from his flight suit pocket, igniting the white one. "Tracy, time this together - when I say."

    She heard a lightsabre ignite just behind her, and she jumped a bit in her seat, it was a sound she had often heard only in holo's. The thick hum just behind her made her teeth vibrate slightly, she tried to relax her jaw. She only allowed her self a momentary glance to see Aden with a lightsaber. //Is he a Jedi? but he was hurt!//

    Vua paced forward, snarling. "Jedaiii." Aden saw him coil his feet under him, ready to pounce -

    "Now, Tracy!"

    At his command, she threw the ship upwards at the sharpest angle she could, hoping it would at least knock the Vong back to the back of the ship.

    Aden rooted himself with the Force, merely using his lightsaber to block the hastily thrown amphistaff slash - was he nostalgic about fighting the Vong? - and watched as Vua slammed into the wall, head-first. Groggy, he tried to rise, and Aden booted his head with the tip of his foot.

    Vua fell unconscious, and Aden dropped to the floor, unable to keep standing. He unholstered a blaster, looking for the amphistaff, which would become snake-like as dropped. He couldn't see it as he shimmied himself back to a wall, using his lightsaber to cast a light for him to see the staff, but he couldn't, which mean it was probably under Vua or -

    He saw a flicker of movement by the co-pilot chair.

    "Tracy, look out for the snake!"

    It rushed up the back of the chair with a flash, fangs bared.

    Once she heard the thud, she levelled the ship back out and set the auto-pilot to get back to the Anakin Solo and land. She wanted to fly it back herself, but she wasn't sure how this internal battle would go, history dictates not all that well. At the very least the ship would make it back. She hoped no one else would need their help for a little bit.

    "Wha. . .?" as she heard the Colonel speak, she caught a flicker of movement to her left in the corner of her eye, she spun her chair to the right just as it leapt. She heard it go thunk, but she was already leaping up out of the chair trying to getaway. She heard it hiss and felt or heard something wet hit the side of her suit, //poison? acid?//.

    She turned to face it, as she kept trying to shuffle away. It coiled and leapt again for her, she closed her eyes and waited for the impact, but it didn't. She opened her eyes to see Ruby holding the snake tight, very close to its head so it couldn't bite her. She saw it starting to curl around her arm tightly. Still just fighting on pure instinct she spun around and slammed the head of the snake into the side of the ship, she heard a crack, she wasn't sure if it was the snake or her hand. She couldn't feel either anyway.

    She saw the Colonel on the floor still conscious and he still had his lightsaber. //Lightsabers can cut anything, and kill!// She ran toward him, Ruby outstretched still holding the snake as far away from her as it could. "KILL IT!" she screamed in panic.

    Aden heaved forward, and did all he could - he stabbed it in the mouth, through the back of its head. It died, and he sagged back, the lightsaber deactivating as it clattered to the floor.

    “Good work, Tracy,” he eyed the burning part of her suit. “The acid will get through soon; take it off, change, whatever.”

    He pointed his chin at the Yuuzhan Vong. “That’s Vua. He is afraid of dying; it drove him to survive the Battle of Yuuzhan’tar; it made him an outcast. It’s why he regressed when he nearly died out there.” Aden sighed. “He will be sorry, apologetic, but he will refuse to speak it. But he will soften to you, because you know his secret, if you keep it.“ Aden paused.

    “It is up to you.” Aden rested as much as he could.


    Tracy looked at the dead snake on the floor, taking deep breaths trying to calm down, even just a little. "Suit. . .right. . .ah. . ." She felt a little awkward about taking off the suit, but she could see the acid had already eaten thought a lot of it, and she didn't want to know what it would do to her skin. She carefully but quickly peeled it off. She did have socks on, very short shorts, and a tight tank top on underneath, the suits famously got hot in normal conditions. She put it aside, back where the attack first happened, there would be acid there too, at least it could all be together.

    She saw her arm, Ruby, had deep purple bruises, and some cuts that where bleeding, all the way up and down the arm were the snake took hold, her hand was purple and not looking the best either. She winced, not because it hurt, but because it looked like it would hurt. She glanced back at her two passengers, a Jedi and a Vong. It had been a long day and it wasn't over yet.

    She eyed off Vua, as she picked up and handed back the Colonel his lightsaber. She knelt down next to him, she had to get him back for medical attention too. "I won't tell anyone" she whispered. She cleared her throat a bit and said louder "I won't say anything, about him as Vong, or you as a Jedi, I swear. . . I don't want to wake up dead" She wasn't sure why she was afraid of both of them, maybe it was just leftover feelings form what just happened. "Is there anything I can do for you?" she said in a genuinely concerned tone.

    Aden smiled slightly. “I’m a Jensaarai. It’s common knowledge, in the right circles; don’t worry, we’re on good terms with the GA.” He looked to Vua. “But yes; Vua is a Yuuzhan Vong.”

    “Take us home, Tracy. The sooner we escape, the better.”

    Tracy nodded, feeling the ship make its small jump like she had programmed. She got up and slid across the floor in her socks, smiling a little as sat back in the pilot seat. Using her formal clear voice, she hailed the ship as she took back control and made her approach "Anakin Solo, this is shuttle one, requesting permission to land and for urgent medical assistance, there are three souls injured, two severe, one minor" as she waited on a response, she wondered if she should say something about Vau, but decided that the Colonel should deal with that. It was way beyond her pay grade.

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  23. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Rhoen Aquilla
    Edge of the Coruscant system

    "Three is missing, sir," Syal's voice spoke over the comm, Rhoen was still on guard though his engine was still giving him trouble. "she jumped out-system without authorisation, and Two and I have taken damage. We may need to be picked up. I'm air-tight, for now, not sure about Two."

    His read out was a bit of a mess a few red lights shining at him, one of his engines was on the fritz, shields were still recovering and he was out of torps, but otherwise he was doing alright. Still had to fight with it, wrestle trying to keep it going in the direction he needed it to go. He soured his face where had Loriana gotten to? Why would she jump without authorization? Was she damaged? He didn't have time to think about it or even reply before a shuttle and two howlrunners came bursting out of the cooling wreckage.

    "Don't let those Confederate operatives escape!" Colonel Kya called over the comm,

    "Understood," He along with the remaining Pilots in the system replied.

    Keizar moved at fall in behind the shuttle rushing for the edge, but she had her own issues. A pair of 'runners heady right towards her. She had no choice banking hard and accelerating away. She was out of position forced away by the two suicidal ships. Only Aquilla and Da'mina could get to them now.

    "Ace need you give me everything you've got, need engines at full power." The droid tweeted a scared response. "I know, I know the engine is weak right now, but I need everything you can give me." He set his course throwing the throttle to full. The sudden acceleration slammed him in the chest, but he kept control.

    Letting off a burst the shuttle ducked it to the side.

    "Warning, Dancer Two, Wild Knights Two... the enemy pilot is a Force user."

    Well that made sense. Another bust of fire was dodged. The regular tactics weren't going to work. With not much option he continued to let off controlled bursts almost dictating where they would go, keeping them boxed but forcing them to slow to avoid his shots. This slowness eventually brought his nose right up to them, his shields nearly sparking on their hull. His nerves were steel, his focus determined. A far cry from the love sick boy he was outside of his cockpit. Here, he was in control, he could dictate the fight. Though he wouldn't deny a pit forming in his stomach or his heart racing as he got closer. This was reckless, this was insanity, but he didn't have torpedoes and this pilot could read his every move...sometimes one had to act irrationally to achieve victory.

    "Dodge this." He swapped to quad linked, set the zero point as close to his nose as the safeties would let him and fired away at point blank.

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Bernael
    Near Hawk-bat Base

    Bernael continued his cruising around the system mapping all the defenses and security near Hawk-bat. There were a few spots he had found that were exploitable and he knew such information would be valuable to those that called it home. After all, his target was there and he was sure she’d be calling it home for a time, at least the next few months and it wouldn’t be good for what was to come if she wasn’t as secure as possible.

    His head cocked to one side in thought. He reviewed all he had learned of Colonel Tehanis while he had been in her mind and why she seemed vital to the future. He wasn’t always gifted with the vision of what was necessary to come but sometimes things, when looked upon from a new viewpoint rang like a crystal in how they were needed. He knew he’d have to divulge information no one but he himself knew, to attempt to convince her to do what was necessary. He knew what he was and the fact that his kind were known to be some of the darkest and more terrifying beings in existence but he also knew that he was dealing with beings that might or could look past that to see the being that was standing before them. He wondered, as he thought, if she was one such being.

    As he traveled he thought about all else that was going on and what he needed to accomplish after this soon visit. He realized he had spoken to Count Dooku but he had not touched base with Count Malvern recently. It would behoove him to, at least, send a communique to Count Malvern to discuss or notify him that he would be at Serenno in the near future and need to acquire a more recent Letter of Introduction from him.

    Leaving the bridge he entered the main lounge and activated the holotable. Reviewing his list of codes he knew the one he had for Malvern was an older one but one that he had set up, with the family many years ago so that he could communicate directly and they know that he had need of them. Setting the addressee as Count Malvern, he began to write.

    *Count Malvern,

    It has been many years since I last had dealings with you or your family. However, I do know the last we worked together, we parted on good terms. I have been made aware of an item the the current Count Dooku has in his possession and that I have interest in, to remove it from the Galactic stage. I have an older Letter of Introduction, from a time before the Galactic Empire, but I have need of a newer one and I can think of no better person than you to have such from.

    I am out of the system currently but have looked upon the social calendar for the near future on Serenno and know there is a noble ball in a few weeks. That event would be a fortuitous one for us to meet and obtain that from you. It has been past time for us to renew our acquaintance and, given the current situation in the galaxy keep the channels open between us.

    This channel will stay open if you’d prefer to call and discuss this. Of course I would not mind speaking again, it has been too long, old friend.


    Finishing the communique he sent it and returned to the bridge to finish his mapping while he waited for something, he knew not what, that would make him sense that it was time to approach and land at Hawk-bat to find his target.

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Adalia Tehanis.

    Decisions had been made and choices as well. There was a part that understood him, and she knew Jesse had been more than attentive, so in a very strange way, she understood his line of thinking. She didn't like it, and was enraged he'd go there but she did find a way to understand it. Her talk with Adam had settled her down, he had that effect on her. She didn’t' want Kyp to go again, to leave her, she’d realised her mistake in regards to that. She had pride, but it was time to swallow it and even the odds. She'd told him to go again, and she knew that if she let it happen, he'd not come back. Using his call to the Council as his excuse to go, she had to stop him before that happened. Interestingly enough, he had pride too.

    Returning to their room she began to wonder about Jacen Solo. This wasn't a standard GA or even Galactic torture method, or at least none she'd heard of. It was very personal and Force driven. She gave her head a shake; things were so much clearer in there now. Jacen had done this to her because he believed she knew that piece of information, believed she could reveal where the Jedi were. She didn't know, and didn't want to know, it was safer that way. She put her hand to her temple for a moment, this was profound and revealed the depths at which the man had changed. Granted it'd been years since she'd spent any time with him, he'd been on her Oracle base 11 years prior when she Commanded it. He was a good young man back then, her chest tightened slightly with guilt. The entire reason she had fought with Kyp months earlier was over Jacen, he believed the man was turning to the dark side, she didn't, Kyp had been right. So, her folly was now revealed and it was pretty much cancelling out his now, as it'd wasted over four months of their lives.

    Entering the room, she crossed it and got down to her gear. Rummaging in her bag she found the zip compartment near the base, it'd not be opened in years, more than she had the desire to count so when she tugged the zipper, it was stiff. It took a good few good attempts to get it open but she was relieved when it finally yielded and the contents were revealed. Lifting the tiny bag out she pulled the almost rotted draw stings apart and emptied the contents into her waiting hand, a smile touched her lips. The countless years may have rotted the bag, but its contents shined like the day they'd been put there. Adalia picked up one of them and turned it over to look at it carefully, the emeralds and diamonds till sparkled in this dim light and even after all this time, her mother’s wedding ring was still beautiful. Replacing it to her hand she picked up the other, its solid gold band, the slash of diamond and emerald chips across the flat face was still perfect. She could still see it on her father’s finger in her mind’s eye. Her parents had designed their rings together and they'd both love the green stones, so when Adalia came along with her fathers green eyes, they'd felt the rings were perfect. After they'd died, their personal affects had been returned to her and she'd not looked at these in over 30 years, there'd been no need. Today, now, she had a need.

    Putting her mother’s ring back in the bag she bit her lip as she closed it again and put it back in the zipped compartment, one thing at a time, she had to make this work. Standing she went to the refresher and looked at herself. The bruises were gone for the most part now and her long hair had been washed and brushed so it was tamed now. She leaned forward to study her features, was she glowing? Isn't that what women in her condition did? Didn't they 'glow' with the joy of new life? She couldn't tell and as she stood straight again, she put her hands on her belly, it was getting a little round, she noticed it now. Smoothing the purple sweatshirt over it she smiled at the bulge before screwing her nose up. No, this shirt wasn't right, she needed leverage. Returning to the room she dug around the newly cleaned and folded clothes a nearby chair. She found the green sweat shirt she'd donned earlier, and pushing it to her face she noted it still smelled like him, even after a wash. Seconds later the purple one lay on the bed and green was on her body, the over sized neckline slipping off one shoulder. A quick check in the reflector made her grin, yes, this was perfect. She glanced at the bedside chrono, time was running short, she had to move faster.

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