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Star Wars Legacy of the Force: The Last Stand

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 4, 2019.

  1. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Aussie Rebel At Heart. star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Kyp Durron, Adalia Tehanis-Durron - a final wonderful piece with @The Real Kyp Durron
    Akrian - Adalia's home.

    Home. Adalia stood on the front porch of her family home holding baby Jesse in her arms as she watched the sky. The war was over, and Jacen was dead. She’d been told there would be a funeral for him but she was still angry and couldn’t bring herself to even consider attending. The man had caused so much pain, so much hurt and if not for Bernael he’d have killed her and her unborn son. She was no Jedi and forgiveness for those crimes would come slowly, maybe not ever. Sighing deeply, she turned and went back inside.

    “Nothing?” Chrissy asked as she walked over to Adalia, the woman had raised her since the age of 14 and now was a grandmother herself. “Here, let me take him, you’ve been wonderful since you got home but you don’t have to hold him all the time. It’s not good for you or him.”

    Adalia gave a slow nod as she passed the baby boy over and sighed. She knew Kyp had ‘Jedi things’ to do and said he’d get there as fast as he could. He’d not even met his son, and her heart was aching now, she just wanted to hold him, be close to him. It felt like a lifetime ago and now as she watched Chrissy take the child upstairs to his room she was alone again. Flopping into the lounge she let her head fall back and closed her eyes. Adalia was tired. Collecting Jesse, her cousin Amber had given her medication that would bring her milk back in and she’d been doing her best to get up at night and feed the boy. So, closing her eyes resulted in her dozing off on the lounge in the warm spring sunshine shining through large window.

    Jacen Solo’s funeral was the last place Kyp thought he’d find himself and consequently had no intention of attending. True to his form of being opinionated and defiant he now found himself entering the atmosphere of Akrian. Everything that was important to him was on this planet. Having gotten clearance he now broke through the cloud cover in his Stealth X Wing sighting his destination. He reached out through the Force and felt her but she was relaxed and quiet. He smiled as he realised she was sleeping and it was the middle of the day. Corran had made a joke or two about the lack of sleep new parents got and it amused him that even the strongest woman he knew was now suffering from those affects. Turning his ship he saw the front field where he’d put his craft down in the past and it was cleared. Only minutes later he was setting the ship down.

    Adalia was asleep, she loved being a mother, and to her surprise she fell into the role with ease, but something woke her. Opening her eyes she listened carefully, was that? She wasn’t great at sensing at distance but she instantly felt him when she tried. Jumping to her feet she raced to the front door to look out and gasped emotionally as she saw the ship. Without hesitation she broke into a full run, clearing the stairs two at a time and after crossing the drive and descending, leaping over the fence that usually kept livestock in place. She could see the cockpit opening as she ran.

    He saw her standing on the porch for a moment. It was only a moment as she was now running. He couldn’t get out of the ship fast enough and hit the ground running toward her. He wanted to hold her and tell her how much he loved her.

    Tears, from the wind? Must be Adalia thought as she reached him, slamming her body into his and wrapping herself around him, legs and all. She held him for only a heart beat before she kissed him, deeply and passionately.

    She hit him hard but he didn’t care. His arms wrapped around her and he felt her legs around his hips before her mouth was on his. This was perfect. It was heaven holding her and responding to her kisses.

    More tears, but she decided they were happy tears. “Gods, I have missed you, I love you!” She said kissing him again, “thank you for coming here.” She was brimming with emotions, ones she wasn’t used to having.

    “Love you too. Where else would I be?” He asked as he pulled her closer. “I was never going to the funeral. Everything that matters to me is right here.” He kissed her again.

    She ran her hand over his hair and put her forehead to his as she slipped her legs to the ground. “Wanna come see what we made?” Adalia asked with a warm smile, her eyes sparkling with unshed tears and pride.

    “I love that you say that.” He held her tight. “We made. That’s perfect. When you told me you called him our project. I liked that too.”

    “We did, and if you want to think about making another, I’m ready.”

    Kyp laughed. “It’s defiantly something we can work on.”

    Adalia laughed as she stepped back and took his hand beginning to lead him. “Come on, he’s sleeping but that’s the best time to adore him!” She began to almost gallop before running again.

    Kyp did not resist and was more than happy to run with her. Her utter joy was washing through the Force and over him. He’d been admiring her as she ran and didn’t even notice as they reached the house. Her hair was down and in his mind she’d not aged a day since they’d met.

    “Chrissy!!” Adalia called as she opened the front door, but she didn’t need to do that.

    “I saw! But better than that I think this little one felt!” She was leaving the stairs with baby in her arms.

    Adalia released his hand and ran over, taking her child she turned, her face beaming as she approached him. “Kyp Durron, Jedi Master, I’d like you to meet your son, Jesse Durron.” She stopped before him and pulled the blanket away from the child’s head to reveal a shock of almost black hair that was already 5 or 6 cm long. She held him out to Kyp. “Hold him.” She said softly.

    Kyp was overwhelmed with emotions. This tiny human with what was clearly his hair felt fragile as he took him from Adalia. He gazed down at the tiny face as the boys’ lips moved in a sucking motion. It may have been instinctive but he felt compelled to put his finger out as the child’s hand move. As the tiny hand curled around his finger he looked up to her. “He’s perfect. You made him perfect.” He said with deep emotion in his voice.

    “We made him perfect.” She said glancing back to see Chrissy had disappeared. “And as soon as I feed him, we can start working on another if you like?”

    Kyp laughed lightly as he stared at the baby. “Let’s get this one walking and talking first hey?”

    "Not waiting that long, you should know that!" Adalia leaned in and kissed him before leaning down and kissing Jesse’s forehead, to which the boy opened his bright emerald green eyes.

    Kyp gasped softly. “He has your eyes.”

    Adalia grinned, “The rest is you, and maybe we just practice till we’re ready?”


    Thank you to everyone to participated in this game over the last two years. I look forward to reading everyone else's wrap up of it. Post away you lot!
  2. darthbernael

    darthbernael Game Winner star 4 VIP - Game Winner

    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: Finale's for Bernael, Ren, Romulus, and Remus. Combos with @Sinrebirth

    IC Rom, Rem, Renn, and Face

    Renn had retrieved his ship after Bernael had returned to the role he knew the vampire was most comfortable with. Which left him with other duties, besides those of trying to find the other Neti that he hoped still lived, in the galaxy. He’d been bouncing, world to world, as the war drew down, the battles fierce but now done. Peace reigned but, as it always was, peace was a fragile thing, which was one reason the Society existed.

    Which was what had brought him to Chandrila. Not only was it an important world but he’d received an encrypted call from a pair he’d known had been prisoners after the Centerpoint incident. The call intrigued him, not only because it meant that Rom and Rem were coming in from the cold but they hinted at something more.

    He had landed and shifted into the form of just another alien that was wandering the world, a possible refugee that had come to escape the war, before it’s end. He spotted the two Nagai, speaking with a third man that seemed familiar. Approaching, he brushed past Rem, continuing to walk. The corner of his lip turned up as he heard a gasp from Rem behind him.

    She’d felt the apparent wookie brush past her and ignored it at first. But then her senses warned her, the wookie didn’t smell right, it smelled...earthy, woody. ’Renn?!?’ the thought launched from her at the being. It paused in it’s loping stride, turning, and smiling at her.

    Rom chuckled, ”You always were a bit more perceptive, Rem.” as the wookie stepped up to them.

    Renn smiled at them both, then shifted in one swift motion, luckily not too many people were present as he did. His head turned, glancing at Face, ”Hello again, spymaster, what brings you here, besides these two troublemakers?”

    Face looked adroit. “I mean, this is a job application,” he indicated the Nagai. “And these two are the dowry.”

    He shrugged. “Figured that as I’ve just been unceremoniously let go from my old job at the GA, I could apply to your Secret Society.” He cut right to the chase.

    May as well.

    He could hardly pay for a flat on Coruscant otherwise, could he!

    Renn glanced at Rom and Rem, the latter shrugging as though to say He has value, and he did get us out. A smile crossed the Neti’s face and he turned back to the spy. ”Getting those two to me is quite appreciated. I do have a good idea what you can bring to the Society.”

    ”How much does he know?” he asked Rom, knowing full well that Face would be filing away any information that was released.

    The male Nagai shrugged this time, ”I doubt he’s figured out the overall structure but I’m sure he knows enough to cause much chaos if we don’t hire him. It’s your choice, Uncle.”

    Renn grimaced, Rom was right, this was a man that could sink them if he chose. ”This is not necessarily something to discuss on the street. But, perhaps it is best I ran into you here.” he gestured around the street. Nodding his head, ”In here.” he pointed to the storefront by where they stood.

    Walking in himself, he looked to the proprietor, ”Ùine dùnaidh, feumaidh mi bruidhinn ri fastaiche.”* The man nodded, ushering customers out of the store with some made up excuse. Renn waited for Face to enter with Rom and Rem, knowing the man wouldn’t want to fully release them until their business was done.

    Face smirked as the store was emptied. “Oh how useful; the one I screened for recording devices a moment ago is part of your network. Who would have known?”

    He swept in, ahead of them. He was at ease, all in all. Clearly he knew a fair amount about the Society, but also just as clearly he knew how to speak relatively freely but in a sarcastic manner that nobody could interpret in a specific way. Especially as the word ‘society’ was so generic that it was impossible to pick out as special in a conversation.

    Renn snorted, ”Do you honestly believe there’s such a thing as coincidence? There is always a flow to things, the will of the Force as it were. It would be a bit put out if I was putting words in its ‘mouth’, so to speak.”

    The proprietor nodded at Renn, disappearing into the back, most likely to pass on that there was a possible recruit being spoken to in his store, to the local cell. Rom and Rem wandered around, apparently looking over the merchandise but paying attention to the discussion nonetheless.

    Looking at the spymaster critically, ”This is not how the vampire usually recruits, but often he does leave recruiting to others.” From a couple aisles over ”You mean he leaves it to you unless there’s a situation where he adopts another child, don’t you?”

    Renn scowled, the hadn’t fully recruited Face yet and Rem was giving away information freely. ”Need to get you both settled, soonest.” he muttered. ”I agree, you would be a valuable addition to the Society, not to mention the fact you could do a decent bit of damage if I didn’t do so, at least in a couple systems.”

    Face grinned. “Then I’m in, if I am so allowed. I’ve always wanted to be a member of a completely independent organisation.” He winked. “Let’s get going. Daala has founded Galactic Alliance Security to replace GA Intelligence and the Galactic Alliance Guard, and it’s basically going to be as bad as the GAG.”

    He pulled a face. “Free tip for that; Caedus and his cronies are gone, but the culture of Coruscant means the galaxy is going to embrace Imperialism anyway. Daala will have a powerful mandate to clamp down and crush resistance.” A shrug. “Apparently Caedus wasn’t bad enough for long enough.”

    Renn chuckled, whistled softly. Rom and Rem appeared as though they’d only been an aisle away, which they had. ”We’re back to being the shadows behind the Shadow, my friends. And we now have a strong asset to assist.” he gestured at Face as he spoke.

    Turning his gaze to Face, ”You’ll travel with me until we get you to one of the intel centers. As I’m sure you expect, very few know every cell, and often cells go unneeded for years, but it’s the nature of the work. These two,” his massive hand waved at Rom and Rem, ”Need to return to public view as soon as possible to avert too much knowledge of their true activities to be known.” A broad smile crossed his face, ”Your training company has been relocated from Eriadu to Kuat, a new ‘contract’ so get your butts moving. And pass through the network the information Face just shared.”

    Rom and Rem nodded to Renn, ”Yes, Uncle.” Rom said softly. They nodded to Face in thanks for their rescue before disappearing outside, into the crowds. Renn turned back, ”The spaceport awaits, Face.”

    *Closing time, I must speak with a recruit.

    TAGS: @Sinrebirth, @Adalia-Durron, @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha, @Anedon, @adaml83, @Corellian_Outrider, @galactic-vagabond422
    IC Bernael and Aden

    After the failed negotiation and the firing of Centerpoint, Bernael had done as he said he would, disappearing back into the shadows of the galaxy. He’d received word about Face, Romulus, and Remus and trusted that Renn would handle that situation. He had other concerns and he’d finally tracked down one of them.

    It had taken some time, Aden seemed to be deliberately hiding himself, but it was hard for anyone to hide themselves for long when he’d put the word out to the Society. And word had come, not a perfect match but of high enough probability that he decided to investigate. Arriving at Contruum in his rebuilt Fury, to be honest it was his second, one that he’d had upgraded with newer tech since the war was drawing down, he landed at a private hangar and entrusted the craft’s safety to the local Society assets. He’d taken a speeder and headed to the last confirmed location of the man he sought, in the seedier area of the industrial academy's student town.

    He found a small café that seemed popular with the students of the nearby academy, perfect for them both to blend into, taking a seat in a corner booth. After settling himself and giving off a sense of non-disturbance around the booth, he reached out, in an omni-directional thought, ’Time to stop running Aden. Meet me here.’ with the thought he sent an image of the café and the location of it, to the man. That done, he sat back, hood up, and waited.

    Aden hesitated as the telepathic connection rolled around his head. For a long moment he worried that his mental defenses had collapsed, but then he realised it had been an omnidirectional shout. Quietly seething, his curiosity was piqued.

    He couldn’t see the shadow associating with the One Sith - it had been a large organisation but not that sizeable that Aden did not know each member in some manner. He didn’t enjoy being treated like a lapdog though. Setting his expression, he hailed a cab and headed to where he had been summoned, checking the charge on his lightsaber hilt and location of his holdout blaster in his underarm holster.

    In short order he was there; it was indeed a simple tapcaf. He eyed a cloaked shape and headed over, exchanging a smile with the ship owner who simply nodded to acknowledge where the new customer was intending to sit. “So,” Aden said, reaching for the pot of caf. “You found me.”

    He didn’t mince his words.

    Bernael smiled behind his mask, waiting for Aden to pour his caf. ”It took time to find you. One would think that you were trying to hide from...everyone. But I do have resources the various Sith or Jedi Orders do not have.” He leaned forward, a touch of humor drifted from his form, ”I’ll put it plainly, if I wanted you dead this world would be in flames. However, I, and that which I am an agent of, have a proposal for you.”

    “That which you are an agent of?” Aden dug into the food being lain out; he’d not eaten properly for some time. Around a mouthful, he spoke. “You know Caedus is dead, right? I picked the wrong Sith horse in the race.”

    He gulped a drink. “Not sure what use I’ll be to anyone with such judgment.” He grumbled. Out of the three most powerful Sith in the galaxy, he’d picked the strongest, and seemingly Jacen Solo hadn’t cared about the legacy of the Sith at all.

    Bernael chuckled, ”Choices are made, every day. Sometimes they pan out, sometimes they do not. You made a failed choice, it does not mean you are a failed Sith. If you felt that way you’d be of no use to me.”

    He sat back slightly, ”My care is not the Sith nor the Jedi, but the galaxy itself. However, I do not do so alone. So tell me, are you the one who believes he failed or are you just attempting to put me off my guard so you may get the upper hand?”

    He smirked as he poured more caf. “Whichever will allow me to rejoin the One Sith, which seemingly is something you’re leading me towards doing - probably in-exchange for a trickle of memories from the Next Big Bad so you can manage it for your Boss.”

    A shrug. “I don’t have many choices, do I?”

    A smirk crossed Bernael’s face, ”Sometimes options are reduced to the most simple subset, survival or not.” He had expected as much from the man. He didn’t need the Balance to know the man would rise in prominence in the future, that too was part of what was needed, but he was still missing something.

    ”Of course you may rejoin them as you desire but...if you do you may want to keep my gift from being known as I suspect Wyyrlok, at least, would be quite suspicious as to where you acquired it. Not to mention that their leader would want to strip you of it.”

    Verifying that what he’d do next would be unobserved by the patrons of the café, assisted by the fact of the location he’d chosen, which drew a fractional smile as he wasn’t sure Aden had realized the last, he reached to the satchel by his side. And his hand emerged, a holocron in its grasp. ”You do grasp most of it, you would be my agent of the Dark. Which does suggest its own opposite. But this, this may prove fruitful to your future. If you keep it to yourself that is.”


    "My agent in the Dark..." Aden shrugged. "I'll keep that titbit to myself, if I may."

    "But the gift, well, I'll just say I killed you and took it, and they'll be content you're gone, you'll get anonymity back, and I'll have something else to get back into their good graces..." He sipped a caf, peered over the mug. "It'd have to be one helluva of a good gift."

    The triangular holocron pulsed slightly in Bernael’s hand. He smiled softly, ”Killing me would be a coup to begin with but I’m sure you know what the Holocron of Heresies is.” he replied. ”Many would kill to have the secrets in this little item. And I’m using it as a gift.” he didn’t say it but he was sure Aden would believe that he’d studied the holocron and absorbed whatever secrets it had, which he had but it wasn’t necessary to state.

    Aden’s eyes widened. “The Holocron of Darth Anddedu, the Dark Lord of the Sith?” He wanted to snatch it away, and hide it. His eyes narrowed, furtively watching the other caf visitors; none were paying them any attention. “There must be more of a catch to all this than that. Agent in the Dark is pretty nebulous, and all that. What do you need me to specifically do?”

    He was looking for an angle, something exacting that the Anzati required of him.

    The raw, naked desire for the holocron in Aden was an almost physical sensation. It brought a smile to Bernael’s face, as much as the question. He had one agent already, not that he would tell Aden who that was. Nor would he tell Adalia who his agent of darkness was.

    Nodding to the man, rolling the holocron around in his hand, ”I serve the Balance, that means ensuring both light and dark are in balance. My agent of Light serves to suggest to those that serve the Light either things that aid their cause or ones that would allow the Dark to ascend, in such a way that doesn’t seem negative. You, as the agent of Darkness, your part would be similar. We would not, of course, be in constant communication, although you will have a secure frequency to reach me by and vice versa. But you will work to ensure that the Dark does not return to the least quantity possible. The Rule of Two was a mistake I made.” The last was said almost ruefully.

    “I’m sure,” Aden said, eyes fixed on the Holocron. An idea occurred to him. “But if you want the Darkness and the Light to be consolidated so you can manage them, I’ll need help.”

    He sat back. “There are dozens of Sith loose ends - unintended consequences of other Sith like you suggested…” Aden’s eyes narrowed. “So if you find other groups beyond the One Sith, you should let me know. The more of them we destroy, the easier your job is, no?”

    “I can steer the One Sith from the inside; do your work for you.” His eyes glowed briefly. “Does that sound like an agreeable agent?”

    Bernael laughed, the sound muted beyond their table. ”Loose ends are thing that need to be snipped, and does increase your standing among the One Sith. I never said that that was something that was not acceptable.”

    He nodded, ”You do have the gist of what I have in mind as an agent.” he agreed. Setting the Holocron just before him, he set a small device, seemingly similar to a Vong communicator, next to it. ”Their tech works and is all but invisible to the Force, hence why I use them.” he said, before moving both to the center of the table. ”Go, spin your yarn about my destruction, rise in power. We will see each other again, of that there is no doubt. I will return to the shadows and watch, direct the flow of things.”

    Aden eyed the Yuuzhan Vong tech. "I used to love this stuff; its so versatile, and if you ever fight a Force user, the moment you pull out something they can't sense, they're done." He tapped his eyelid - "Maybe one day I'll install a bol." He palmed the mini-villip, and then placed a hand on the Holocron.

    "I'm content to play a role in the Grand Design, but don't be surprised if it doesn't go the way you expect."

    He snorted. "I sided with Caedus, the most powerful Sith in history - a Jedi with the potential of the Chosen One..." Aden growled. "And he didn't care about it; any of it. He spurned Ship, he didn't create an adequate apprentice, he had no plan..."

    His eyes widened. "He had no plan."

    Aden looked at Bernael with understanding. "He didn't intend to win. He wanted to make himself the villain... play out some theatre and kill billions... and be defeated." His eyes narrowed. "How does that fit in with the shadowy puppeteers?"

    Bernael sighed, ”You’re right, he wanted death, destruction, and ultimately defeat. You may not agree, now, or might, but what matters is that the Balance is kept, as close to it as possible. And death, it is a part of the life cycle of the galaxy. Wars that cost billions happen all the time, have happened, will happen. It affects the balance but...given the balance of how even those beings that are not Force users are aligned it only rocks the true Balance lightly.” He smiled, knowing that was a harsh mathematics of life itself but it was the truth.

    There was a shimmer in the Force, and a hammer slammed into Bernael.

    There has been a Change.

    It was hard.

    So strong a thought that Aden flinched as if it was flung at the entire planet of Contruum.

    Bernael sighed, as the thought pressed him against the wall of the booth. He breathed deeply then lifted his mind in a return thought, ’We cannot prevent every Change, and sometimes a Change of our own prevents the End.’ he mentally replied as calmly as he could.

    His eyes dropped to Aden’s, ”And now you know why I fight my fight, the most basic reason for it. If Balance isn’t maintained the End comes, before it’s time.”

    "A Change," Aden said, carefully.

    There was too much Chaos, we could not ascertain the Source

    The words of Balance were almost a reprimand.

    But now we know Darth Caedus was not supposed to be. His death secured the Change. The Agents do not matter now.

    ”Then you miss the point of my agents.” Bernael said with a snort. ”They are the tripwires to find the parts of the Change that can be altered. I cannot be everywhere at once, now can I?” He glanced at Aden, ”Yes, it does speak, doesn’t always reveal everything, but it does give what it believes is needed.”

    Aden watched, curious. “Can the Change be mitigated?” He said, aloud.

    A pause.


    “Well presumably it didn’t change too much, just enough to derail your… vision?” He shrugged.

    The future.

    He adopted a tone of disdain. More fairytale beliefs. “Right. That. Whatever Caedus did, he’s dead, and his influence on events can be limited, and what should have happened encouraged.”

    Yes. There was a swivel of perception. The Dark Man must be restored to the Throne of Balance. Once done, withdraw.

    At that, the voice left.

    Aden arced an eyebrow. “So you serve a telepath?”

    Bernael snorted, ”It would find that very humorous that you think that may be so.” He sat up more, one talon extending and tracing random patterns on the moisture on the table. ”There are four fundamental Forces of the galaxy. What you call the Force is only two of those Forces, Light and Dark. The other two are Chaos and Order. When I speak of the Balance, I literally mean the Balance, all four Forces together. It flows almost as though a circular pendulum. Too far to one side or the other and it falls to pieces and with it the galaxy.” he said, giving the rough outline of what he served.

    ”So the true Dark Man must be found and encouraged to take the Throne of Balance, to become the Father. In that way the Change can be mitigated.” he snorted once more, ”And that proves why my agents are needed, even though it doesn’t see that. You are probably best set to accomplish what is needed.”

    “Oh lord,” Aden said. “You’re talking about Mortis.” Blinking a few times. “Alright. I’ll play ball. So you’ve created this… Society to find altruistic Jedi and Sith who buy into your ideals? Isn’t that monstrously high maintenance?”

    Bernael laughed again, deeply. ”Broaden your horizons, Aden Kya, Insipid. Mortis is, or was until about 36 millennia ago, when some fool opened a hole in reality and let the Balance manifest, the physical attempt to be, by Celestials who lessened themselves, what I serve. The Father was a vessel of the Balance, he knew it, knew my fight. But they were another defense in the war I fight.”

    Recovering slightly, he smiled, ”The Society is not high maintenance at all. As a matter of fact, they cover so much of society that should they ever withdraw from it the galactic economy and government would take dozens of years at a minimum to recover. I honestly only make an offer like this once a generation or millennia even. The Jedi and Sith, overall would not understand the full need for what I do.”

    “Uh-huh. Very GenoHardan, or Star Chamber. What was the latest one? The Order of the Canted Circle.” He sneered. “Spare me the party line. I don’t believe you’re that powerful and you don’t need me to, or you’d have led with it.”

    “So we’ll get on with our respective lives and I’ll do what you need me to do and I’ll do what I need to do.” He regarded the Holocron. “As long as that’s the original Holocron of Heresies, I’ll be getting going.”

    Of course, he knew not that this was one of five such Holocron of Heresies made, and was merely the only surviving one left - overwritten by the Sith.

    Bernael smiled softly. Aden was Aden and he had no problem for the man to believe what he would. If that too passed out to the Sith about the ‘ineffectual’ and ‘merely political’ Society their work would continue with less interruption. So he didn’t attempt to dissuade the man of his opinion.

    He glanced at the Holocron, the smile still in place. Aden wouldn’t get as much from it as he hoped or thought he would, it wasn’t as in depth as it used to have been. But there was still plenty he could learn from it and that too was of value. That and when it became known he had it people would come for him rather than for Bernael when it was known to be in the galaxy again. He slid the holocron over to Aden, ”As you said, getting on with our respective lives.” Over his shoulder a swirl of greys formed, merely observing for a moment. Bernael glanced at it, winked, then turned back to Aden, ”Believe as you will, my agent. I know we will, besides what we’ve agreed to, have many more encounters in the future.”

    The field around the table destabilized, collapsing, as he stood. ”Grow in power, I expect you to rise high indeed.” he whispered to the man before he disappeared into the crowds and from sense and sight.

    Aden watched him go.

    Taking up the Holocron of Heresies, the only surviving one created by the Master of Masters, he knew that it was going to be hard enough to convince Darth Krayt and White Eyes to take him back even with this.

    Finishing the food and caf, he scooped the Holocron up. He decided it would be best he didn’t use it; it would sell his sincerity more if he turned away from the chance of eternal life, after all.

    Standing, he faded into the people of Contruum and stole a ship; he could hardly take a public transport to Korriban - nobody went to a graveyard world.

    It was time to rejoin the One Sith.

    He did not try to track the Anzati; it wasn’t necessary. Once he was on Korriban, he would do as he wished - but if he happened to get told about a Sith offshoot, he would of course destroy it for the One Sith…

    … after he plundered it for artefacts, of course.

    With a slight smile, Darth Insipid dedicated himself back to the cause.

    His cause.


    Bernael had disappeared into the shadows, hidden himself away in the Force once more, as he left the cafe. A small smile crossed his face as he watched Insipid leave, work his way offplanet. He didn’t have to even truly touch the man’s thoughts to sense them, they radiated from him.

    ’That one will bear watching over the years.’ he thought quietly.

    He will become what you’ve set in motion. Did my performance satisfy, my agent?

    Bernael snorted as he settled into the command couch of his Fury, ’He bought every aspect of it. For now, the shadows.’

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    May 11, 2016
    IC: Ilona Malek, Katherina Ricter, Welmo Darb (combo with @Sinrebirth)
    After the War

    The last few weeks had been pretty exsausting and so now both Kat and Ilona where ready for a break. With the end of the war both had left the military. Ilona had been planning this for a while now, with her father now going into retirement she would take over the leadership of the Malek family household and their buisness around Eriadu. In a few days she had already planned a party at the families mansion to officially celebrate her new position as well as prove herself as a host for the first time. Kat had left the military at the same time, turning down Ilona´s offer of takeing over the squad leadership. Instead she had taken an offer for military veterans to study at the Eriaduan university and would begin her first semester in sociology soon.

    But before this would begin they still had a few days of peace and quiet to relax themselves and so they now sat lazily in the living room of the Malek Penthouse in the Eriaduan capital city and talked about their plans for the future.

    Before the penthouse security could notify them about their guards, their comlinks squealed loudly - they’d just been jammed. That was their only warning something was wrong.

    A moment later the ceiling blew in, downwards, as if a grenade had been thrown onto it and exploded -

    Which of course it had.

    A rain of splinters and glass came down on Ilona and Kat, both not even having a second to react. One of the glass pieces hit Kat close to her eye and she broke down on the floor clutching the wound.

    Ilona had been spared from any major damage and so she now carefully stood up again amidst the dust. Trying to figure out what had happened.

    The windows blew in as blaster fire ripped apart the panes, and the door was hit with a thump-thump-thump before it toppled into the room.

    Welmo swept in, guns ready.

    "You!" Hatred flired up in Ilona as she saw Welmo approach. How was this possible, he should be in prison, locked away for the rest of his miserable existance.

    "Me, me, me!" He pointed his blasters and began to fire, ripping into the couch and table and carpet -

    Ilona threw herself behind the couch to take cover, looking around she saw Kat, still clutching the bleeding wound on her face. "What do you want?" Ilona yelled over to Welmo. She had to win time, sooner or later security would arrive and take him down.

    Welmo focused his fire, repeatedly firing into the same spot on the couch with the intent to blow through it. “I want to kill you,” he shouted. “You ruined my life. You and this whole stinking family.”

    „I ruined your life?“ Ilona asked, preparing herself for quick dash into better cover. With Kat wounded she knew what she had to do, make him angry. So he would focus on her alone. „So its my fault you abused me? You cheated on me? If you truly believe that then you are the most pathetic being in the galaxy. Pathetic.“

    “You made it impossible, twisted everything until I was the bad guy in every way.” He stitched fire after her, tossed aside a blaster that was drained and drew another from his holster. “Every breakup has two parts - do you really believe your own lies that I was basically born evil?”

    He was advancing on her new hiding aoot, his voice getting louder - angrier.

    „Just how dumb are you actually? I never told anyone what you did until you returned. Because I was ashamed at what a stupid little girl I had been to fall for you, you could have gone anywhere and done anything.“ Ilona continued so Welmo would fully focus on her. „Or are you even implying I forced you into bed with that other girl why we where dating?“

    "You were so needy! It wasn't a relationship! You were basically co-dependent! I couldn't breath without you panicking that I was going to leave!" He stalked forward, pulled out a grenade, thumbed it on. "But now we won't even be independent of each other."

    "I was co-dependent? You were the one following me around?" Ilona felt how she got heated herself. "You were the one asking if you could 'borrow' money and whatnot."

    Ilona heard the grenade and knew they only had a few seconds. Now she could only prey her gamble would pay off.

    With Welmo focused on her he didn‘t saw Kat rising from behind him. Ignoring the bleeding scratch on her face she tackled Welmo and grabbed the grenade, throwing it out through the hole the inithial attack had caused.

    The grenade hurled into the air and through the gap and exploded in time with Welmo slamming to the floor. He pawed for his dropped blaster, his words twisted into a snarl. “You don’t understand what she did to me. She ruined it. I was going to be big in the GAG - stand beside the ruler of the galaxy -“

    Ilona stood up looking at the man whose shadow had hung over her life for so long and remembered how ashamed she had been over the whole thing. How she had resolved to never speak about what happened to anyone, in fears they could see her as weak or dumb. How afriad she had been someone would find out. When she saw the shard in Kat‘s left hand she opened her mouth to say something. To maybe try and stop her or maybe give Welmo some final words, but it was too late.

    Kat drove the shard of glass deep into Welmo‘s throat. Her entire body shaking with rage. Both for what he had done to her best friend but also an ounce of her own frustration at Ilona being unable to return her feelings. Feelings she had never fully been able to let go of.

    She felt how the warm blood run across her hands calling her back from her thoughts, driving away the darkness in her mind. At least somewhat.

    „Kat,“ Ilona muttered, unsure wether she should be sad, angry or even happy.

    „Believe me, its better this way. He would have never left you alone, even if imprisoned. The only thing that mattered for him was your death.“ Kat said firmly, but she felt how her hands where shakeing. She had killed before, but never been that close to the victim.

    Ilona stared at her. Welmo had tried to reach the blaster. He had still been a threat. So she stumbled over and hugged Kat as the tension began lifting from her mind and she began to cry. It was a cry of relief but sadness as well. Relief that a decades long nightmare was over. But also sadness over someone she had once held dear.

    A few hours later, after the authorities had collected Welmos body and made note of the destruction he caused, Ilona sat in Kat´s appartment. It was quite comfortable as befiting an honorably discharged ORSF soldier, but not comparable to the dwellings of the noble class. She was still shakeing a bit, still no completly over what had happened today. But she was with her best friend, and so felt save, that was all that mattered now.
  4. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Marie, Adrian, Ilona & Kat.
    Warrior, the wars not over, but soon.

    Marie listened to Adalia and her heart sank a little. She'd joined this 'rebellion' for her, knowing Addie would guide them. Now what? She understood her reasons, she really did, but now she had choices to make. She looked to the hangar deck, confusion on her face.

    Adrian swallowed hard. He had expected something like this. Even if Marie had said it would happen. He took a deep breath and laid a hand on her shoulder. Not saying anything but giving her a glance of support.

    She felt his hand and turned. "What now?" She asked quietly.

    "The war isn’t over, “Adrian responded as thoughts kept racing through his mind. "Ilona and her squad, they came here for Adalia, but they can’t leave now. I will join them. To watch over her...“

    Marie looked after Adalia then back to Adrian. "Then I will join them to watch over you."

    Adrian had hoped she would say this but hadn’t been sure if she truly would. "You will? Follow Ilona’s commands and all?"

    Marie considered his words. "I will interpret them." She winked, "just like Addie taught me too." A wry smile on her lips.

    Adrian returned the smile, "well if she annoys us too much, we could simply shove her into a locker and take the squad over ourselves."

    Marie grinned. "We have a plan."

    “Well then let’s let her know she has two new squad mates.“ Adrian said with a smile and began making his way towards his sister.

    "There is a chance she will say thanks, but no thanks to me you know?" Marie was a strong woman and listening to Ilona 'baby' Adrian irked her more than she cared to admit.

    "Think of the locker if it gets too intolerable," Adrian said confidently. He loved his sister but he wouldn't tolerate her treating him like a small child anymore either.

    Ilona looked up as she saw Adrian and Marie approach. She first turned to the Dathomirian woman. "Sorry to hear Adalia resigned from her post. But I think its understandable why."

    Marie gave a nod. "I do too, I can't imagine being so far from a new born babe." She was grateful Ilona wasn't being snarky about it.

    "But with her gone, I guess that means her squadron is dissolved?" Ilona asked, looking at her brother.

    "Think so, I'm technically still her second so I would take over, but I don't think that's really an option," Adrian said solemnly.

    "So you are heading home then? Or to Dathomir?" Ilona raised an eyebrow having noticed the sparks between them for a while now.

    "Well," Marie looked to Adrian, "he's got a question for you." She urged him to be a man and not afraid of the woman mentally.

    "We would join your squadron, for the rest of the war, someone’s got to look after you after all." Adrian said firmly.

    Ilona was surprised, she hadn't expected that. "You would? Both of you?"

    "Both. All or nothing." Marie said folding her arms, "you take him, you get me, prickly package."

    Ilona took a deep breath, "the Eriaduan military codex has squads be gender segregated. As well as certain rules on the inclusion of outsiders."

    "But this can be ignored, in times of war, can it?" Adrian asked, knowing what she was going for.

    His sister nodded slowly. "It can, squads can be merged if its necessary. As you are technically the leader of Adalia’s squadron I can include you and Marie into mine. If you are willing to apply to certain rules."

    Marie eyed her. "Keep talking, I'm listening."

    “First, my squad mates may not be the Sabers but I want you to treat them with the same respect. Similar I'm not Adalia but I would be your squad leader." She made a pause after the basics, to give them a moment to react to it.

    "Agreed, and?" She felt there was more coming.

    "The ORSF gender segregates its squads for a reason," Ilona explained. "To prevent or at least limit romances during wartime so they might not interfere with a soldier’s duty. Thus, both of you will have to keep your flirting to minimum. The girls in my squad, several of them have loved ones in other squads, I don´t want them to get jealous at seeing the two of you together. It wouldn't be fair."

    Adrian raised an eyebrow, "that is your biggest concern? Not me abusing the chance of being in an all-female squadron?" He hadn't been serious and thus gave his sister a smile.

    "I would, but I know and trust you, Adrian. Shocker I know but you are far too decent to take advantage of that. Still, you will have to respect our shower times." Ilona responded, returning the smile.

    "That's it? Too easy, not into massive public displays." Marie said evenly, glancing at Adrian. "Who are you and do you matter to me?" She asked with a grin.

    "I hope I do,“ Adrian said with a smile. "You mean a lot to me that’s for sure. “

    Ilona looked at them for a moment. "You know as an officer I can hold wedding ceremonies. But seriously, if you join my squad, you may also use my callsign... princess.“

    "Um...........with all due respect to Adrian.........hell no, I am not ready to be married yet!" Marie was a little surprised at the suggestion. "And I'm Sweets."

    “They call me youngblood, though I‘m not sure if that name still fits.“ Adrian said.

    "We could call him Prince, he is your brother after all," Kat said as she approached them. "Do I get this right; the squad is getting two more members?"

    Marie giggled. "Prince. I like it." She grinned at Adrian. "Well, I hope you are." She responded to Kat.

    "Cool, always useful to have more allies," Kat gave Marie a smile.

    "Forget it, she is already taken," Ilona responded having guessed her best friend’s way of thought.

    "Can you just stop acting as if we were already married," Adrian said as he rolled his eyes. "Should have gone with the locker." He muttered to Marie.

    "Still can."

    Want to do it then? Might have shove Kat into it too, not that she would mind?"

    Marie shook her head, the antics had started, was she too old for this? Time would tell.

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    Aug 31, 2004
    IC, Rooty with Loriana (thanks to @Adalia-Durron)

    He and Loriana had managed to land on the Warrior and we just in time for a gathering. Then Adalia made her speech. Rooty stared in disbelief as what Adalia had just announced. He'd come all this way, was he going to continue the good fight? He was wanted now, he knew that and until the war was over he'd remain that way. He turned to Loriana beside him, "what now?" He asked in a soft voice.

    Loriana considered. "We have the options laid out before us. There'd be no judgment or dishonor in cutting our losses and going back home ... quitting while we're ahead versus plowing on into unknown perils and potential defeat. I feel I've helped make a difference. Is this 'my war' any more? I'm not sure. I feel like going home and finding my niche there. This has been a great adventure and I've met some amazing folks along the way." She smiled. "How about you? Connections to get you into the next hot spot could also be used to forge a cover identity until the smoke clears if that's what you want."
    Rooty looked down in thought. "You are a wanted woman, if they went to look for you, where would be the first place they'd look do you think?" He asked seriously. "I can't go home for the same reason."

    Loriana answered, "Selonia probably. But we're 'small fry.' Not remotely what you'd call in the line of command, just a couple of flyjocks. You think they'd really work that hard to snag us?"

    Rooty looked at her and smiled. "Maybe not the big guns, but there are local law enforcement out there who all want their moment of glory. Your image.." He shrugged, "and mine are out there and all it takes is one wannbe to spot us..... and we spend the rest of the war in a cell somewhere." He didn't want upset her, but he'd played this game before, he knew what they had to do if they wanted to disappear.

    Loriana felt an icy chill. "Sounds ominous, like no matter what we do there's no going home again. What do you suggest?"

    "I have ideas, and prospects. We need a backwater planet and new ID's." He said thoughtfully, "I have a connection on that one....." He touched his hair, "colour change is in order maybe?" As the words came out he wondered when he'd decided to abandon the cause, then he realised it was the woman in front of him. His need to protect her had kicked in and he wasn't going to allow her to be caught and locked up, no, it wasn't an option. "Did you want me to do this? Did you want me to take you somewhere safe till this is over?" He gestured around the hangar.

    Loriana felt a rush of something bone-deep. A mix of gratitude and something ... else. She had she could trust Rooty in the trenches and that he'd tease unashamedly and compliment her with the utmost sincerity, but this... "You'd do that?" She asked in wonder. "You don't owe me that..." She trailed off, the last not quite a question.

    She paused and grinned impishly. "As to backrocket... I remember a world mentioned in my Galactic History course, Saleukami I believe it was called. Nothing much happening there except equestrian/agri."

    "Of course I would..." He shrugged awkwardly, "I really like you Loriana, like........really like you and I am not letting you spend the war in a cell somewhere, or worse. Saleukami it is, might take a day or two, but I can get us what we need." He held his hand out, "stick with me and we'll make it though this in one piece."

    Loriana smiled. "That's settled then. Something tells me you'll make what should be a peaceful time on Saleukami an adventure. Let's just say, I've found you incredibly easy to be around and count on in a tight."

    "Stick with me and every day will be an adventure!" Rooty winked with a warm smile. He had work to do and now to explain to the others that he was going, that was going to be a fun conversation, but his choice had been made.

    Loriana laughed. "I'll let you get started."

    He withdrew his hand, she obviously wasn't ready to hold his, time, he'd get her there.
  6. Anedon

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    May 11, 2016
    IC: Valentina Calles

    Valentina adjusted her coat as she slowly walked through the streets of Kuat. It was unlikely that they were still searching for her now, months after the end of the war, nor that, even if she had not concealed her face anyone would have noticed her. And even if, outside of mad vigilantes and Confederation die hards you have nothing to worry.

    The battle had left its scars on her, some in her face having burned away most of the hair on the left side of her head in addition to giving her several burn scars. She had also lost several fingers and the majority of her left leg in the attempt to escape the energy blast with her ship.

    So she had spend the rest of the war in a hospital and after that a recovery home. There, she had learned of Jacen Solo´s defeat and known she had to disappear. So she had traveled to the outer rim and hidden herself for a few months, living from her savings and the occasional mercenary contract as the GA had frozen her bank accounts shortly after the war to pay for her 'crimes'. It had been a rather simple existence but at least she had been free. Free to brood over her turned fortunes and desires of revenge.

    Until one evening, when someone had contacted her. "Good evening Miss Calles," the voice had been soft and cultivated. "My name is Adas, we have a common enemy, can I rely on your services?"

    Adas, most certainly a code name. Valentina wondered if it was in reference to the legendary Sith King of Korriban.

    "And who are you?" She had asked the caller, wondering if this was a trap.

    "I am an interested party, interested in the services of a woman of your skill. Someone with aligning interests."

    "What interests?" Valentina had continued.

    "Power, wealth, a stable galaxy, revenge against our enemies," the caller responded, talking like a businessman offering a trade deal.

    "The Confederation..." she had muttered.

    "The Confederation, the Jedi, and others who meddle in galactic affairs."

    "Lofty goals, but why do you believe you can succeed where Jacen Solo failed," Valentina had asked. This man was probably a nobody, or it was truly a trap.

    The called, Adas, chuckled, "we have been playing this game for far longer than Jacen Solo existed. We do not make the blunders he did, we do not drive our allies away one by one for short term gain. We play the long game. And our influence is everywhere, even in the highest ranks of our sworn enemies. But I don´t expect you to believe me just by my word. So I allowed myself to show you a little demonstration of our power. Check the holonet for your name." With that he ended the communication.

    Valentina had shaken her head, probably just a maniac seeking attention. But curiosity had overcome her and so she had typed her name into a search engine. Expecting to see the wanted posters of herself again. The offers to every bounty hunter of the galaxy for the steadily rising price on her head.

    But they were gone, instead she had found something that nearly made her hearth stop. A news article, well several, talking about her being cleared of all charges. As she read further she found several quotes of GA officials apologizing to have 'furthered a witch hunt against an innocent woman'. Clearly Miss Calles was 'a good and loyal soldier, who some actual war criminals had tried to turn into a scapegoat for her crimes'. Valentina couldn´t believe it, but the more she had the more her grin grew as she realized what was written there. She even chuckled at the outraged comments from several Confederated worlds over this 'clear disregard of justice'. Her favorite part though was the quote of the new Head of State of the Galactic Alliance. "I don´t know where Miss Calles is currently residing," Daala had said. "But I can only deeply apologize to her for the hell our nation put her through in the last months, and assure her that we will do everything to ensure that she and other victims of this injustice are properly repaid."

    Following it Valentina had checked her bank account, now unfrozen again, and had become a believer. Whoever this Adas was, he seemed to hold considerable power.

    "Are you now willing to listen to me?" Adas had asked her after calling her again a few minutes later.

    "You can bet on it," Valentina had responded.

    They had talked for a while and while Adas had made no further comments on his identity he had given her several instructions on how to move on from here. "There are others in the galaxy just like you. Lost Sons of the war, find them and bring them in line. We will need forces like them in the battles to come."

    An instruction that had now lead her here. To Kuat, to meet with other GAG survivors, including Captain Girdun, to recruit herself an army, to recruit herself her first Lost Sons.

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  7. Corellian_Outrider

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Corran Horn, Jysella Horn and Mirax Terrik Horn
    Location: After the Battle of Rendezvous Point - Endor

    “That’s still pretty neat.” Jysella stated.

    Whistler tootled in agreement.

    Corran smiled as he overheard the two. He had been back a few hours after the skirmish. The council debriefing was over and he decided to the hangar to go over the craft before the next meeting. While Valin was busy with an assignment however his daughter, Jysella, stopped by to catch up for lunch though she too was caught up inspecting the Stealth X with him and Whistler.

    Corran couldn’t help but think that she was looking more and more like her mother each time he saw her. Maybe there was a hint of her grandmother too... for a moment he wondered what his parents would think of their grandchildren and in his heart he knew they’d love them. They grow up too fast. Pretty soon she would find interest in boys and that would be another level of anxiety. Unless she was already interested-

    He nipped that thought there and then. Jysella will always be his baby girl, no matter what.

    “Mum’s coming!” Jysella called out.

    Her voice snapped Corran out of his thoughts. He cocked his head. A familiar whine of engines passed overhead and Corran looked up to see the Pulsar Skate. The craft swung around and landed nearby. Corran approached though furrowed his brow as he noticed a fighter clamped in place where his own T-65 X-Wing usually went.

    A flush of jets and the boarding ramp lowered. Then smartly strutting down, in her classic leather jacket and dazzling pirate smile came Mirax.

    “Hi flyboy.” Mirax winked. “Did ya miss me?”

    For a brief moment he felt like a giddy teenager in awe of her beauty before he snapped out of it and approached her.

    “Well, absence does make the heart grow fonder.” He murmured as he pulled her into a tight embrace.

    “Well I missed you too.” She chuckled and cupped Corran’s jaw. Her fingers slide through his beard as they leaned in for a kiss.

    “Really?!” Jysella called out.

    Mirax and Corran broke from the kiss and laughed.

    “Yes, really!” Mirax outstretched her arm towards Jysella. “Come here, you!”

    Jysella approached and Mirax pulled the girl into the hug. “You aren’t getting away that easily.”

    Jysella then squealed with giggles as Mirax tickled under the armpit and then kissed her brow.

    Corran embraced them both, though his gaze went over Mirax’s shoulder to the Z-95 clamped to the Skate.

    “Is that a new ride?” He asked. “I got something more advanced.”

    “What?” Mirax gave him a quizzical look then followed his gaze over her shoulder. “No. That’s something for a museum... I’m sure someone would want to buy that relic off me.”

    “I sure you’ll be able to find a buyer in no time.” Corran smiled and felt Jysella tapping his arm and he then loosened his hold on them. “Jysella and I were going to lunch. Care to join us?”

    “Please!” Jysella added.

    “How can I refuse such an offer?” Mirax smiled to them both. “Of course, lead the way.”

    After the War - Kashyyyk

    Corran pursed his lips. The Horn Family arrived at Kashyyyk in support for the Skywalker/Solo Family during their time of mourning. They kept a respectful distance while the ceremony took place at the grove and there was also mixed feelings about the affair. Memories of the boy Jacen once was before he lost his innocence in the Yuuzhan Vong invasion... and the dark persona when he took over everything and the harm he caused everyone. Not to mention the damage done to Kashyyyk by Jacen’s doing. So many lives were affected by the man’s actions and that of his leadership-

    “Credit for your thoughts?” Mirax whispered as he felt her hand gently squeeze his upper arm.

    “The war is over... but I can’t help but think ‘at what cost?’” Corran whispered.

    Mirax looked off thoughtfully at the horizon. “There is a lot of rebuilding and recovering to go around... a lot of people who will need help. Just like the previous wars.”

    “That is true. Though who will take over and lead that effort?”

    “Haven’t you heard?” Mirax asked as she looked to him.

    Corran shook his head arched a brow. “Not yet. Have they announced it?”

    Mirax gave a sly look and then grimaced. “Remember Admiral Daala of the Imperial Remnant?”

    “The same one whom guarded the Maw Installation? Sworn to be former mistress of Grand Moff Tarkin and went on a rampage after... well... when you were kidnapped by the Invid pirates...” his voice trailed off. “Oh no.”

    “Yes, the same and ‘oh no’ indeed.”

    Corran gave a bewildered look to Mirax. “Who in their right mind allowed that to happen?”

    “Your guess is as good as mine.” Mirax sighed. “I suppose we’ll have to brace ourselves- oh, here they come.”

    Corran looked over and saw the Skywalkers and Solos were leaving the grove. The ceremony must be over.

    “Brace for the storm.”

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    Jul 11, 2009
    (A final send off for everyone's favorite walking disaster done in cooperation with @Sinrebirth )

    Rhoen Aquilla
    After the battle

    Rhoen came in to land worn out and needing to be with one certain person. The canopy opened and he ripped off his helmet and moved swiftly down the ramp leaving the helmet in the cockpit. As his boots hit the deck his eyes swept around quickly finding Syal's Aleph. He'd recognize it anywhere. As he came up he found Zeub being carried out on a stretcher, but no sign of his blonde haired love.

    "Syal!" he called out furiously scanning every face he could find, instinctively moving towards every light hair person he could find before he could figure out they were not who he was looking for. "Syal!" He called out again desperation in his voice. He started pushing and shoving his way through a small crowd that was gathering. With all the fighters shoved into the hangar it made things a little cramped. "Syal!" His words seemingly going unanswered. Where was she, she wasn't shot down, he'd seen to that, given everything he was to keep her alive. His heart pounded in his chest. He needed her, he needed to give her a hug, to make sure she was alright, and that they would be alright.

    He muscled his way past a bulky twi'lek that took exception.

    "Hey watch it."

    "Sorry," Rhoen replied curtly pushing past the crowd and into the halls leading to the lockers. Maybe she was here. There were many beings some of them in states of undress but, that didn't matter to him. He was looking for one person and one person only, the one person that could make all of this right.

    "Syal!" He called out one final time his voice finally breaking. He ran his fingers through his hair. Was he going mad, had the stress of the battle make him forget something? Was she in medical? Checking on Zeub? With thudding footsteps he rushed towards the medical wing. Even after the battle he still had enough left to dash from the hangar to where they took her co-pilot. Again no luck, he walked up and down the beds, through the hall of bacta tanks. No sign of her.

    "Excuse me," He asked coming up to a nurse, "Has a Leuti...I mean Captain Syal Antilles come through here?"

    "Not that I know."

    "Are you sure?"

    "Sir I would know if the daughter of Wedge Antilles came through."

    "Thanks..." he said with barely contained sadness. He walked out hanging his head. Where was she? What happened to her? She wasn't injured, her fighter made it back, where could she be? He rested his head against the bulkhead remembering the final moments of the battle, the flash of light, the death of thousands, or millions, the loss of Tiom. And now he couldn't find her, the only other person he trusted. The only person left in the galaxy he loved…

    The Anakin Solo made it back to Coruscant with a heave, and as suddenly shuttles began to dock at ports and allow medics and techs and engineers here - there wasn’t space on the hangar floor for them to land. The shipyard crews began to move starfighters out of the hangar with cranes and repulsorsleds, and then shuttles began to land inside, to add to the general pandemonium.

    But even in the middle of it all, a Duros with a Rogue Squadron patch stood out as he traipsed the decks. He could have used comms, but he wanted to speak to the man face-to-face. He eventually found out where Rhoen was temporarily billed tapped on his door. “Dancer Two, it’s Rogue Leader,” he called out.

    How long had he been in this room, just laying on a cot staring up at the ceiling. It was a cramped dark space barely enough room for his bunk. At the end of the day he was just a Pilot Officer, no fancy rank badges on his chest. He was at least given his own private quarters such as they were. That was a plus, he could just stare at the ceiling, and when his back got tired of that he would roll onto his side and stare at the wall. All the while wishing she was here. He knew she was alive but, he didn't know where she was. No one seemed to know where she was.

    Her curled up tighter he could almost feel her in his arms, feel her heat next to him, her short blonde hair tickling his nose as he nuzzled into her neck. But this was all ghostly memories. She wasn't there and that fact made his heart hurt even more.

    The knock at his door made him open his eye, the commanding voice on the other side made him sit up. Rogue Leader, what was he doing here? And what was he doing asking for him? He struggled to his feet, slowly putting on some pants hearing another knock.

    "I'm coming." he shouted through the door. The door opened, Rhoen squinting his eyes against the harsh lights. "Yes?" He asked still barefoot his face haggard and voice rough as if woken up from a nap.

    Lensi looked at the man before him. "Rhoen Aquilla?" He appraised the pilot. "We have been present at several briefings together, before the attack on Kuat - and the defence of the Coruscant system." He didn't bring up the recent rendezvous in deep space; Rogue Squadron had not been attached to the Second Fleet for that mission.

    But they could have been, and that was why he was here.

    "I can come back at a more acceptable time, if you wish?" His tone was concerned, but the Duros did not want to intrude on the mans privacy. "I did have a squadron proposal for you, though."

    He stood in the doorway, the Captain waiting for an invitation.

    "I..." Rhoen nodded his head still squinting a little. "I know who you are." Who won't know the leader of one of the most storied and elite squadrons in the GA. "A proposal huh..." He groggily stepped out of the way allowing the other man to enter. "No, I wasn't doing anything important." Not that he'd done anything important for a long while. "Come on it, sorry there isn't much seating..."

    Lensi stepped in, and nudged over a box with his foot. He sat on it, careful to check it could take his weight. "Long story short, Rhoen, I need a pilot." He nodded at him. "You're a pilot, and a good one at that. So, I wanted to see if you wanted a position."

    "You want me for Rogue Squadron." Rhoen had to stifle a laugh. Here he was a broken worn down man and he was being offered a place on the squadron that Skywalker built. "My file doesn't really show that, unless you're really desperate..."

    Lensi tried not to become annoyed. He knew Rhoen has been… involved with a young man killed with the Second Fleet, as well as the Antilles girl, Syal. She was gone - taken by General Celchu on a top-secret mission.

    The Duro took another tack, meeting Rhoen’s tone. “What I am desperate to do, Aquilla, is not see your potential wasted because of this war. What happened with Centerpoint was tragic, and monstrous - the Confederates have crossed all lines of engagement.” He took a slight breath and stooped forward, whispering. “And that’s why I wanted to give you a chance to take a crack at it.”

    The young man took a deep breath. As he exhaled there was a growl towards the end. There was an anger inside him, a hate for the Confederates, for their actions, the use of a superweapon, cruely taking the lives of thousands in a blinding flash of light. Tiom's face appears before him only increasing his anger.

    "We're going after Centerpoint?"

    “Colonel Solo is planning to head to Corellia as soon as he can,” Lensi confirmed. “It’s not known to the other squadrons and commanders, but Colonel Solo asked for Rogue Squadron to escort the Anakin Solo and I’m one pilot short…”

    And Dancer Squadron is eleven pilots short.

    The Duros didn’t say that.

    Being a pilot short, such a cheery way of saying they'd suffered a loss. The weight settled across his shoulders pulling him down even more. They were just kids, Dancer Squadron, well, what was Dancer Squadron, the youngest squadron in the fleet, and now he and Syal were the only ones left. All the more reason to not let their deaths be in vain.

    "I'll do it." He said with a noticable crack in his voice. "I'll fly, it's about time we take the fight to these slime balls..." The weariness fell away leaving only a grim determination. "When do we ship out?"

    Lensi stood up. “In an hour, Rogue Three. I’ll see you at the hangar deck. In a pilots uniform, and wearing boots, please.” His eyes briefly glowed red in amusement.

    "Right, an hour." Rhoen nodded her head scratching his head. "I'll see you there." As the leader left Rhoen let out a breath. It was time to get back into the fight, to destroy the weapon that had taken so many lives, to finally end this war that had taken so much from him.

    He pulled on his uniform slowly returning to the man he was, the skilled pilot and loyal soldier. Breathe in, breathe out, he reminded himself, finding his center finding that focus that would see him through this. The pain of distance rose up in him. His love, the piece of him that was missing, was far away from him. She wasn't dead, he wouldn't let himself believe that. They had sacrificed too much for her to just die. Taking another breath he locked away that pain. Though for the first time in his life. He couldn't, it lingered, that loneliness, that loss, it hung in his heart, not fitting into the box he had created to lock it away.

    Fully dressed he made his way to the hangar finding Lensi he approached giving a crisp salute.

    "Rogue Three reporting..."

    Lensi saluted. “Welcome to Rogue Squadron.” He indicated two other pilots, besides their X-wings. “Ordinarily I’d do a full orientation, but Colonel Solo wants us in the air soon. So I’ll introduce Rogue Two,” he indicated the Rodian. “Far’nar, and your co-pilot,” this time Lensi indicated a human male roughly Rhoen’s age. “Adan Beruss.”


    “Yes,” he said, speaking with a singsong quality. “I’m the grandson of Doman Beruss, the former famous Corellian Senator.” He shrugged.

    Lensi smirked. “Adan mentions this a lot nowadays, so that the GAG doesn’t take him away. But I keep telling him that Corellians can serve against their home system.”

    The Rodian warbled. The Squadron is home; is family.

    Lensi nodded. “Any immediate questions? Generally we’re to escort the Solo but specifically the Colonel wants us to jump into hyperspace besides the task force rather than waste valuable time deploying from the hangar. He’s grouped elements from the Fifth and Ninth for this raid, but we’re heavy on troopships and fighter craft.”

    “The extras leftover from the Second Fleet,” Adan murmured.

    Rhoen nodded to Far'nar and Adan. He didn't mind serving with a Corellian, not when he'd spent this whole campaign fighting alongside one of the more notable Corellians in the fleet.

    "It's an honor to fly with Rogue Squadron." As lead gave the mission profile Rhoen furrowed his brow. "I do have one question. The transports are we trying to destroy Centerpoint...or take it?" He couldn't help the weight settling in his chest at the mention of the Second Fleet, his former home.

    Lensi hesitated; unlike before, they were in the bustling hangar, and he could be overheard. "That's need to know."

    But he narrowed his eyes. "Does that make a difference to you, Three?"

    Rhoen lowered his head eyes looking askance before returning to Lensi. "Understood sir." he replied with a nod at a normal volume to keep up appearances. "Personally." he started in a whisper. "I don't think the galaxy needs another active superweapon."

    Lensi suspected he knew what Rhoen had said, and he privately agreed, but for now he was Rogue Leader. “Mount up; we launch in five.”

    Adan slapped a hand on Rhoen’s shoulder. “Come on, partner.” He did smile, quite genuinely, and scrambled up to his X-Wing. The Rodian said nothing as he headed to his X-wing, and Lensi had already turned to go.

    Around them, dozens of pilots were gearing up and techs were performing last minute maintenance. The air was electric with anticipation.

    They were going to stop the Confederation and it’s superweapon. They were unmistakably the bad guys, and no matter how much people complained - this is what the GA stopped. Mad, bad people who were willing to rule by fear.

    "Yes sir." Rhoen replied not completely satisfied with the answer but, it was the only one he was going to get. He turned with a slight smile to Adan. He found himself to be much less talkative now taking a breath and readying himself for the fight ahead. Climbing up the ladder he dropped into his seat and pulled a holo from his pocket. The one of his mother the reason he fought, his time with Syal was too short for him to have swapped it for her but, it was his habit, his good luck charm...maybe that was why Tiom died.

    "If a butterfly flaps it's wings..." he said recalling a science class from ages ago. Chaos Theory or something like that. That even the smallest actions could have enormous consequences. "You all set Adan?" Rhoen asked strapping in.

    Adan checked in. “Rogue Four, lit and ready to kill some bad guys.”

    However, when Rhoen replaced the photo, his fingers would belatedly inform him that there was a second photo tucked in to the pocket of his go-to flight-suit.

    Syal had snuck it in, and it was one of those booth strings of four pictures, captured during a brief break on an entertainment deck…

    Rhoen furrowed his brow a little looking towards Four. The Corellians hadn't really made their side look good. Did that make them bad? Now wasn't the time for semantics. There was a superweapon to disable...hopefully.

    He was about to reply but felt something in his pocket. A slight chuckle left him as he looked at the photos the first one was clearly Syal dragging him into the booth, the second his annoyed look while she just smiled, the third his vain attempt to smile, interrupted by her kissing his cheek, and the final them staring into the camera, with a lipstick stain on his cheek. That felt so, so long ago, a crazy night of downtime something they had desperately needed. A memory of a happier time.

    With a wistful smile he stuck the strip to his panel a reminder of what would be soon...he hoped.

    "Rogue Three all green."

    They were out the Anakin Solo in short order, and within minutes Captain Nevil gave the signal. “Hyperdrive in two minutes.”

    Their astromechs promptly synchronised.

    “Get ready, Rogues,” Lensi said. “Rogue Three, brace yourself.”

    Before he had chance to wonder what was about to happen, Rhoen would be enveloped in a battle meditation. A Sith one. His anger and grief would be stoked; his frustrations shaped against the Corellians who took away Tiom; to kill and kill and kill -

    Lensi grimaced across the open comms, but the Duros pushed against it, he wanted to keep his mind sharp.

    Nevil’s voice


    They vanished into hyperspace -

    The Sith battle meditation clung to the entire flotilla -

    A countdown told Rhoen he’d arrive in five minutes -

    Rhoen didn't know what to brace for until he felt it. That rush of anger, of rage, of hate, the image of Tiom being wiped from existence. His scream that ripped through him in that moment. His hand gripped the fight stick feeling the anger building and building. The Corellians they were the ones that took Tiom away that kept him from Syal. Was that true, where they the reason? It didn't matter the anger, the rage that mattered. That was going to see him through. Vengeance, that's what this was, revenge. He could focus on nothing else, just his anger, the loss of Tiom and how they murdered him, took him from this galaxy.

    He sat in this cauldron of hate, of pain for a long long time...

    His gaze slid over to the photos, the smiles on their faces, the one on his.

    Was this anger really the answer?

    Didn't matter, the Corellians had to pay for everything.

    They dropped out of Hyperspace Rhoen's brow furrowed his grip tight on the stick.

    The Corellians were caught off guard as they arrived, and the capital ships opened fire on the distant defenders and sent them on a retreat before the Rogues even reached them. Centerpoint was below them, and it became obvious Colonel Solo intended to capture the superweapon - dozens of troops ships descended to the station!

    There was sudden a GA shuttle carrying the ID code of Colonel Celchu rushing into the melee, being chased by X-wings taking potshots. It skidded into the hangar of the Anakin Solo - as well as a pursuing X-wing - and the order went out. “Rogue Squadron, engage.”

    The eleven remaining X-wings had moved off to harass another shuttle already, which was heading towards Centerpoint Station -

    Lensi clicked to Rhoen. “Three, are you okay with us taking this station? Colonel Solo will point it at Corellia’s sun as soon as he takes it. We win here; we win it all.”

    It was right below him, the weapon that killed a part of him. He knew his small ship could do nothing to destroy the star crusher beneath him. Though he desperately wanted to. The anger the rage at the Corellians that was burning through his veins was now focused on Centerpoint. His scanners picked up on a shuttle diving through the furball. The IFF marked it as Colonel Celchu What was he doing here? Didn't matter he was given orders to engage and he did. Falling in behind a shuttle heading towards Centerpoint.

    Then the message came in from Lensi...

    "What?" He barked, "This is a weapon of mass destruction and he wishes to use it as a deterrent?" The pilot was incredulous. "This weapon shouldn't be allowed to exist much less be used to ward off another attack." With a snarl he descended upon the squadron of X-Wings his eyes scanning looking for a target. Out of the corner of his eye he saw her picture.

    Should he really be fighting...

    He fired off a stream of fire that sent his target turning away. Falling in behind he fired another stream that missed just to port causing the fighter to shift to starboard. Another burst forcing it down. Then he had them a final blast like daggers tore through the X-wing and sent it tumbling to the side...

    The shot did damage, and the X-wings split into groups - with only three coming to face First Flight; including the damaged X-Wing.

    One X-wing drove straight for Lensi, and his wingmate dropped behind him. The damaged one rose up and Rhoen’s astromech shouted out that it had dropped a torpedo - which accelerated with no engine fire!

    The third X-wing hung back, tentative, as if it didn’t want to get involved.

    Rhoen would have the most bizarre moment though, as the angry pressure left him; Colonel Solo must have stopped leaning on them. That lack for a moment would be most telling, especially in the split second of a starfighter fight.

    But the bizarre element was the brief second he saw the pilot of the X-wing charging at Lensi and breaking up their formation.

    Was that Wedge Antilles?

    Rhoen turned hard just avoiding the torpedo his anger flaring as he came back around on the X-Wing he had damaged. He fired off a few shots over the shoulder of the pilot before diving at a harder angle to follow the inevitable turn the other pilot was going to make. His target pulled into a climb and in that moment a fog cleared, the anger faded into the background. As he came up the fighter gunning for lead fell past him. There was something familiar about that X-wing, that

    It couldn't be...

    Antilles? Had he finaly given in and joined with the Corellians? He didn't have too much time to think as his target tried to get behind him. Cutting his throttle he turned then slammed it full open undercutting the attempted turn to get behind him. A few more shots that were close to the target, but weren't if Rhoen was hesitant to do lasting damage to the pilot...

    Lensi was being chased hard by Wedge, and Two went after him, firing continuously -

    As Rhoen danced, he was pursued by the second X-wing, what was clearly a young Jedi visible in the pilot seat, her shot overshooting him -

    No, her shots splashed on Four’s shields -

    And then the third enemy X-wing that was standing off opened fire and hit Two. The X-wing rushed in, cutting across Rhoen’s flight path -

    Did he see her?

    Did he?

    In the distance, the other eight X-wings of the respective squadrons danced and tangled -

    The Anakin Solo moved off from the main battle as the GA forces overwhelmed the Corellian ones -

    Were they really about to capture Centerpoint Station?

    Rhoen flicked his shields to the rear watching the shots fly past him striking Four's shields. Was this her plan? Miss him and attack his wingmate? He banked hard around ready to put more shots into the pursuer, but found himself cut off by another fighter diving through his path.

    In that moment his heart was her, what was she doing, why was she fighting against the Alliance...was this her father's doing. A bit of anger flared in him betraying him, betraying Tiom trying to take the weapon that killed him. He wanted to chase her, to make her tell him what was going on, but Four was in trouble he faked that he was continuing the turn before cutting hard around balancing out his shields and coming back around on the Jedi.

    "Ace mark that fighter...I don't want to lose track of it."

    Ace tweeted to confirm was much, and then cried out as Two exploded under Syal’s guns, even as Lensi managed to whip around under Wedge and open fire on her - he missed, but not by a massive margin.

    As Four struggled to get the Jedi away from his underside, Rheon’s view was momentarily eclipsed as he spun around as Second Flight crossed his path, all eight starfighters caught in a complex catch-up-ball of tension -

    This dogfight was clearly between aces, and the only way Rhoen would be able to distinguish them was to pick out the red trim GA colours against the motley colourings of the enemy squadron.

    Data scrolled across his screen.

    They were called Rakehell Squadron.

    Rhoen's heart jumped as Rogue leader opened fire on Syal. They might have been on opposing sides but, he didn't want her to perish. As he came around to try and clear the bandit off Four a furball cut him off. He had to get back to his wing mate. Throwing his throttle full he dove into the mess rising quickly to just clear a Rogue chasing a Rakehell. A quick roll to port and he just got past a scramble of two fighters rising past him. Setting his shields forward as laser blasts from some fighter, it was hard to tell which side splashed against them. Looking up he found a gap in the fighting cutting throttle and wrenching back on the stick before slamming the throttle against the stop throwing himself into the chair.

    Clearing the furball he snapped over moving with all due haste toward Four and opening up on his pursuer. With a moment to breathe he gave a quick look to his sensors following Syal his heart pounding while he looked for her, his anxiety spiking when he couldn't see her right away.

    That mild panic over he swooped down upon the jedi hunting his wingmate firing off a few shots that just missed then a few more closer to the target trying to get her to think about something other than the Corellian she was hunting.

    “Thanks,” gasped Four, clearly grateful and in trouble when Rhoen had stepped in. The Jedi X-wing was shot up, listing away from them before the eight-fighter brawl began to swing their way again -

    Then there was another detonation -

    “Was that One?”

    The Rogue Squadron channel filled with words - not panic, but consternation.

    Wedge had just vaped Lensi.

    He and Syal swung about to join the big furball and press the advantage -

    "That's not good." Rhoen said looking to four. Their leader was gone and Hakehell squadron was pressing their advantage. His stomach was tied up in knots, not so much at having to face one of the greatest pilots of his generation...just he didn't want to hurt Syal... Swallowing his fear he looked to his wing. "Alright Four on me we're going hunting." He slammed his throttle full open heading right for the furball eyes looking for a pair already locked in a chase.

    Finding a Rogue being chased he pulled hard on the stick dropping quickly behind a Rake, and opening fire tearing into it.

    "That's right, we're here." he said to himself. After putting some hurt on his first target he broke from the melee then dove back in after finding another target. An x-wing with a checkered pattern down the fuselage. He raked blaster bolts down the side of the ship before turning hard and falling behind it and launching more shots taking chunks out of the armor. Checking his sensors again he could see Syal on her father's wing. Part of him knew he would have to face him, would have to take him on. But, now wasn't the time for that. He had many more to chew through before he got to the Legend...

    The X-wing he was targeting exploded, caught by surprise by Rhoen’s sudden attack - with no ejector seat; a full kill. The Rogues and Rakehells suddenly separated, and Wedge and Syal dove after them, Four tilting towards the pilots who had killed One and Two.

    He was leading Rhoen into an engagement with his girlfriend…

    … another X-wing slid behind Rhoen a second later -

    The Rakehells had started with a numerical disadvantage, but now they were equal - ten against ten.

    Rhoen's heart pounded in his chest as he followed his wingmate over towards Wedge and Syal. They were going to fight, him and Syal. He looked to the photo on his panel. Could he really bring himself to fire on her. His finger hovered over the trigger as he prepared to engage. Then a fighter fell in behind him.

    A deep breath left him, fate avoided for another few seconds.

    "Four I've got one on me...going evasive." Rhoen called out snapping over and pulling into as hard a turn he'd dare to make. With aplomb he straightened out and cut his throttle, moving just to port as he did so. The fighter behind him slowed in time with him blocking the throttle hop. Slamming the stick to the side Rhoen powered through another turn before attempting a feint pulling to starboard before coming hard around buying him a few more seconds as red lances flew past him.

    It was rough but he'd take it over facing Syal any day.

    Before his pursuer could come fully around Rhoen dove pulling an inverted loop to finally take the advantage on the other X-Wing opening up with all lasers the moment he had a clear shot.

    The lasers bit through the fuselage of the X-wing and the pilot launched free, extravehicular, before the fighter exploded behind her.

    But then another Rogue exploded, cut apart with some savagery by a pilot. She cut across Rhoen’s path, inverted, and she looked down at him.

    In that moment he would recognise another of the most dangerous pilots in the galaxy; Jaina Solo.

    Then Syal opened fire on Four, his shields boosted forward so he could lob a torpedo at her, and another at Wedge. They split, and the missiles tracked them -

    Syal gunned straight towards him even as Jaina took a wide turn around the battlefield, clearly telegraphing her intention to pop up on his rear -

    "Of Course..." Rhoen said to himself watching the daughter of a smuggler crossing his viewport. It wouldn't be a galactic struggle without a Solo on both sides. He watched the deadly dance play out in front of him. With narrowed eyes he put together what was happening. Snapping his fighter around he rushed towards his wingmate.

    "Four dive now." He called out as he lined up his path to intersect with Solo's. She would either break off or have his lasers rake across her side. He couldn't help but feel there was something else at play here...

    Four dove and Jaina snapped away, clearly intending to use that action the moment Rhoen turned -

    Syal however doggedly headed to him, the missile behind her -

    She intended to trick it into targeting him!

    He had hoped that Four's sudden movement would have made Syal break off, but she didn't. Jaina broke off but that didn't matter much. Rhoen turned hard falling with Syal and Four. His crosshairs fell on her, on the woman he loved, the woman he'd been separated from for months. He thought about it, the anger still resting in his mind, she was the enemy.

    The blasts left his lasers, striking at the torpedo following behind Syal...detonating it and removing her weapon.

    Syal swept by him, looking forward, clearly focused on the next moment -

    He'd saved her, saved himself, saved them all -

    The Rogues and Rakehells had passed each other again, with no casualties this round -

    There was a signal from the Anakin Solo, moving to the edge of the engagement zone.

    "Rogue Squadron, pull back to our position," came Captain Nevil.

    Indeed, there were many other signals in-system; the vestiges of the Commenori fleet had jumped in, and the Confederates now had local superiority of numbers -

    The GA could lose this battle the ordinary way, even without Centerpoint, at this rate -

    He let out a breath seeing that Syal was ok, even if she didn't notice. She was still alive and he was still alive. It still felt as if they came too close to the flame here, came too close to losing everything they had. He wasn't entirely sure it hadn't already been damaged beyond saving. They were on the wrong sides of this fighting each other, nearly killing each other in this war.

    Could they survive another round.

    As he came back around the orders came in, to pull back.

    Another blast dodged.

    "Alright Four you heard the orders pull back." Over his shoulder more ships that were very unfriendly to the GA arrived, it seemed the Rogues lost this day...and that was fine with Rhoen...

    Better losing this fight than losing the person he loved.

    The surviving Rogues disengaged, as the Rakehells pulled back too.

    It had been a pretty even match overall, with similar casualties, but the Rakehells had been an X-wing short when it started.

    From the Anakin Solo was suddenly emerged a Corellian freighter - the Millennium Falcon.

    Orders rang out across the comms that nobody was to fire on the Millennium Falcon -

    A moment later, Centerpoint Station exploded, a five hundred kilometer sphere of white that consumed the Corellian, GA and Commenori warships that had been fighting over it. The surviving ships on all sides were rebuffed by the shockwave, including the Rogues -

    And the Millenium Falcon vanished into hyperspace.

    He took a breath as both sides parted giving him a moment to calm down. His usual cool demeanor had slipped before the battle and in it. The anger consumed him for a moment, and he wasn't sure he liked it. Though with the quiet the pain settled back in. She was there, just on the other side of the battlefield. He could break ranks fly to her, with Lead gone, and the Rogues weakened they couldn't stop him. His mind dwelled on the thought longer than he should have. He gave his word to the Alliance, he would fight for it, even if he disagreed.

    A freighter burst out from the hangar Rhoen turned to engage when the orders came down. And he pulled back, settling back into formation his eyes looking across the black to her. He couldn't see her but he knew she was there, side-by-side with her father, it should be him. She should be next to him on this side of the fight. Or maybe...he should...

    The thought was banished from his mind as Centerpoint detonated sending a bright flash out into space, Rhoen had to turn his gaze away and close his eyes. As the blinding light faded he looked up seeing most of the enemy fleet destroyed...though thankfully Rakehells were still alive...she was still alive...and the pain returned...

    She was right....there...

    And then she was not.

    The Millennium Falcon, a shuttle that had fled Centerpoint Station, and the remaining Rakehells, vanished into hyperspace.

    There was silence over the comms, and then contact from the Anakin Solo.

    "All ships back to Coruscant. Hyperspace in five minutes. If you cannot make the trip, get aboard a ship."

    The Rogues had been dogfighting, and they all had low fuel. As one, the rest of the squad headed towards the Anakin Solo with some speed; they didn't want to be stranded, and the rest of the surviving GA ships were out of range. The remaining Corellian forces were heading there way, and in decent numbers.

    "Rogue Three, do you have enough fuel?"

    It was his wingmate, checking in.

    He sat there watching her leave wanting to following her. But looking at his fuel he didn't have enough to get anywhere. The fight had taken a lot out of his fighter. Though he couldn't help feeling like he was letting her get away again.

    "Huh..." He replied to Four shaking his head a little as he came around. "No...running on fumes..." The pain in his heart stabbed him again his chest feeling tight. The only silver lining was that Centerpoint was gone.

    They were aboard the Anakin Solo soon enough, and, well, back to Coruscant.

    Rogue Squadron was assigned to the defence of the capital planet, and essentially grounded until a new Rogue Leader could be found. It was a rare occurrence that the leader of the famous squadron was shot down, and the GAG wanted to keep it under wraps.

    Which meant they had to be isolated to prevent morale being hit.

    But even they heard that Jacen Solo had throttled to death a bridge officer for letting Luke Skywalker sneak aboard and save the Hapan heir, Allana Djo, who Jacen had kidnapped.

    And that two weeks later, he and Niathal had came to blows at Fondor, and Jacen Solo was now to be known as Darth Caedus, and that the Imperial Remnant had dedicated to the war because Tahiri Veila had assassinated the ninety-year old Gilad Pellaeon.

    And then, not three weeks after that, the Remnant attacked Roche and the entire galaxy headed there for a big finale - the Fourth Fleet and a quartet of Imperial fleets facing the Hapans, Wookiees, Niathal, Daala, Corellia, Bothawui -

    And that Bwua'tu, the new Supreme Commander, led the Megador and what was left of the Fifth Fleet two weeks later to smash them all and allow Darth Caedus to attack the Hapans -

    And that he was dead, and the war was over.

    Eight weeks, with the GAG keeping them under guard, forgotten - decommissioned, in essence.

    And then, they were retired by the new Galactic Alliance Chief of State for being Jacen Solo supporters.

    With what seemed like half the GA upper military.

    Face Loran, Bhindi Kalenda, Eldo Davip, the Wraiths, the Rogues -

    All freed.

    Allowing Rhoen to meet Syal here and now.

    The time seemed to crawl by for him and his fellow Rogues. They were all grounded and under guard for an interminable amount of time. Punishment for their failure at Centerpoint, and likely other things. The Galaxy changed around them and they had no part to play in any of it. Worst of all he couldn't get ahold of Syal. The yawning void in his heart seemed to consume every part of him. There was only so many times he could run the sims, only so many times he could read the handful of holonovels he had on his datapad. The thought of her, the pain of her being so far away ate away at him.

    As the war drew to a close, as assassinations were made, fleets clashed all he could think about was her. His blonde haired girl that was so far away from him. He hardly ate, choosing to sleep through most of the day so as not to feel this constant pain. He fell asleep holding the pictures they took that day that felt so long ago. It was a fading memory that he held tight to, the only thing keeping him from going off the deep end.

    Then after an eternity, he was told he was free. Drummed out of the Starfighter Corps but he was free none the less. He could be with her again, finally. He sent her a message asking if they could meet and where. He looked in a mirror, his hair a little longer, his beard grown out looking like a prisoner than a pilot. In a panic he quickly started to comb out the knots, hissing and gritting his teeth as he did. He didn't have a razor that could cut through the scurf that now called his jaw home. He took the comb to it as well, doing what he could to tame it.

    Right as she got back to him, a time and a place, he wasn't waiting any more. He grabbed his few possessions and moved to meet her. A little place on Coruscant, easy enough to find for a pilot freshly out of work.

    Would she even recognize him, with the beard and longer hair?

    She did. From across the plaza, she recognised him. Syal stood abruptly, upending a drink, but she ran towards him nonetheless.

    In galactic time, a couple of months wasn’t long, but for these two, unable to fully grieve the loss of Tiom without the other part of themselves…

    … it has been an eternity.

    She hadn't changed a bit. His eyes met hers and he rushed to her meeting in the middle of the plaza with a statue from the Old Republic stood behind them. He wrapped his arms around her squeezing and sweeping her off her feet. His lips met hers and didn't let go for what felt both like forever, and not near long enough. They were finally together, he could finally hold her, feel her, she wasn't just a phantom any more. Tears of joy fell from his eyes as he held her close. He kissed her neck his facial hair brushing against her cheek.

    A small giggle left her as he continued to hold her, to touch her. He pulled away just enough to look into her eyes resting his forehead against hers. There were no words, not that his mind could find them. He'd waited for so long for this felt so far away and now she was right here.

    He never wanted to let go. Not after what they've been through.

    She brought her hand up running it along his jaw.

    "You hate it don't you." He said looking into her eyes, finally finding his words.

    "Well" she said her voice soft and ringing in his ears like an angelic bell. "Hate is a strong word..."

    "Is it?" His voice wavered just a bit.

    She pulled him in for another kiss her fingers running through his long hair, his beard brushed against her and she couldn't help the smile on her face. It was new, and different something she hadn't experienced before. And she found it exciting.

    He broke the kiss looking deep into her eyes again expectantly.

    "I don't love it..." She gave him a little peck on the lips.

    Pressing into her again he could feel his heart racing, hers too, neither of their hearts had slowed from the moment their eyes met. His arms hold her tighter a sobbing laugh leaving him.

    "You''re here..."

    "Yeah...I'm not going anywhere..."

    He held her tighter kissing her cheek swallowing hard.



    "I've got something to ask you..."

    "What is it." She kissed his cheek and down to his neck.

    Swallowing again he reached into his pocket his other hand gently pushing her away. She was loath to be even this far away from him but she relented. He pulled a small box from the pocket and dropped to a knee. Opening it up he offered it to her...His mother's engagement ring the one his father had given to her on Chandrila. It was a simple silver band with a small emerald. For his father it represented the Sliver Sea and the green hills where they met. For Rhoen the silver was the shine in her eyes when she smiled, and the green her Corellian blood.

    "Syal...Antilles Will you marry me?"

    It was quiet for a long moment. He was left kneeling for what felt like an age. She looked down at him tears in her eyes hands held to her mouth. A few beings from across the plaza noticed many of them holding their breaths, the same as Rhoen.

    "Yes..." Syal said through tears, "Yes..." Rhoen's breath finally returned to him as she held out her hand. With shaking hands he grabbed the ring and slipped it on her finger. He rose up taking her into a loving embrace kissing her deeply as the crowd, which wasn't that big, maybe a dozen, clapped. It was the happiest he'd ever been in his entire life. He wished it could have gone on forever.

    "You'll have to shave..." She said a slight chuckle in her throat.

    "Come on..."

    "My father would never allow me to marry a scruffy scoundrel that nearly shot him down."

    "Hey, I never locked horns with the man, I knew where my skill lay."

    "Just shave alright..." She kissed him again.

    "So just a shave and I'm Son-in-Law material."

    "We'll see you haven't met my sister or my mother yet."

    "Really running the gauntlet here aren't I."

    "You survived a civil war, I'm sure you can survive have had Counter-Torture training correct?" She asked with a smile.


    With a cheeky smile she kissed him again.

    "No seriously what do you mean..."

    She started walking away pulling on his hand. "You'll find out then won't you..."

    "Hey if my wellbeing is in danger you have to tell me..." He said following after her.

    "It won't be too bad...I promise..." She stopped for just a moment giving him another kiss.

    "I love you Rhoen..."

    "I love you Syal..."

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    OOC: This combo has been brought to you by an old Imperial, a Rebel, and @Sinrebirth
    IC: Natasi Daala, Adam Lyons, Jag Fel

    Adam raised an eyebrow, "Colonel? That's a rank I haven't been in years, I was a General once, but I was undercover."

    “Perhaps I want you to be a Colonel,” Daala said, turning around with her arms tucked behind her back military style. “I am doing a reshuffle of the armed forces after all.”
    A datapad was in the middle of the table; it was the one he’d given her some weeks ago.

    Adam offered a small smile, "So does the Intelligence network, you don't abduct a man in his 50s who just wants to be left alone.", he sighed, "Though it needs to be done carefully, there are some good people that nominally served the Alliance, but worked against Jacen's burn and destroy tactics. In fact, going after those who enabled it might be the best thing to do right now."

    Daala looked back at Coruscant. “Niathal is gone; Bhindi Kalenda and Face Loran I fired too; Eldo Davip has negotiated to be put out of pasture but still serve.” She huffed at that. “Gavin Darklighter I’m keeping because the Galactic Marines and Fourth Fleet have vouched for him, as well as Nek Bwua’tu.”

    “But Admiral Atoko is going to probably be executed for burning down Kashyyyk with the Fifth and attacking Mandalore.” Daala grimaced at that. “I’d go after that murderer Tahiri Veila if I had the GAG, but its replacement, the GAS, it’s not ready yet… and the Jedi are important to the peace process because of their ties to the Hapans and Imperial Head of State.”

    She was unhappy with that.

    Adam gave Daala a hard stare, firing Face was a mistake... before clearing his throat, "and the rest of the Wraiths? Not all including Face faithfully followed Jacen into the black hole he was determined to fact I'm willing to bet none of them did. I'd also vouch for Gavin Darklighter as well, very few fleet commanders understand starfighter tactics anymore, and he's a good man."

    "That said elements of Intelligence were overzealous, particularly the agents that sent Jacen Solo and Ben Skywalker to Adumar, which their leadership says was illegal, and the two agents that kidnapped Wedge from his home. Then there's the GAG which needs to be cleansed before they join the GAS."

    "That said, what job do you want me to do? Bear in mind I already have a job, along with a couple of other offers.

    “The Wraiths are all gone, and most of the current Intelligence community. I’ll put GAS on watching them, locking them up if need be.” Daala lazily added. “Vouch away for Darklighter; I’ll put it on his record and you’ll join the dozens of people who have requested he stay.” Her tone was hard. “I’ve already dispensed with all of those who aided Jacen Solo, even before he became leader of the GAG. I also agree that Antilles was mishandled by Intelligence. Pellaeon had the right idea, but there were lines, and they were crossed by Intelligence.”

    She sniffed. “Capturing Heads of State? Targeting elite Corellians? A fleet appearing as a distraction from the sabotage of Centerpoint is one thing, but the rest? Excessive.”

    Daala looked at him. “I’ve appointed a Director of the GAS already - Borath Maddeus. The heads of the Army and Starfighter Command have already been named.”

    “But I want someone to be leading the GAS more directly; I didn’t refer to you as a Colonel inadvertently.” She smiled. “Colonel of the GAS is what I’d like to offer you. You’d have a wide remit to fight terrorism across the galaxy, and not just a domestic aspect. The Director can run the cross-political elements, and the Colonel can be the direct handler.”

    She was basically asking him to replace Jacen Solo’s position in the GAG.

    Strike two...

    Adam offered a small smile, "That's an interesting offer, though as I said earlier I have a couple of other offers, both by younger people than me that have just been suddenly elevated in their respective positions. Ironically both of them told me that I got them into their current situation." he shrugged and offered a small grin.

    "That and I already have a job, though that position has changed, both in importance and pay. Finally, I finally made a promise to settle down to someone else and I really don't want to disappoint her."

    "Secondly, I don't think I'd be right for that position...I would suggest Shalla Nelprin maybe take that position. That said I can be useful in other areas in terms of keeping background communications open with the three galactic governments. It could be useful to prevent war. I can help in several other areas though, whether it's starfighter training, helping Gavin with tactics, Intel gathering, hunting down Kya, I think all three governments could back that."

    "Oh and I think the Jedi messed up with Tahiri, it seems pretty clear that she's been manipulated at least twice by outside forces and they didn't do anything about it. Also, I don't think they did anything to make sure that she had properly dealt with Anakin Solo's death. That was one Jedi that was left behind at some point that the Order failed. A couple of close friends interviewed her and she's provided a lot of information on some of the depths that Jacen Solo went. After all the betrayal she's been through, she's talked... a lot. It would be fair to say that she was neglected by the Order." Adam wasn't sure what Daala would do in terms of that last bit of information, but it was useful in his opinion and that the Order should admit that mistake publicly.

    Daala was nonplussed by the suggestion of Nelprin, but she did narrow her eyes at the name Kya. Another Sith, though the Jedi claim them extinct again. A Jedi off his meds.

    But she did focus on Adam’s comments about Tahiri. Her mind was razor-sharp, and she asked, abruptly. “And does that same logic apply to Caedus? That the Jedi neglected him?”

    Adam shook his head, "No, his actions are his own. People supported him, some were tricked like Tahiri, some wanted to join Jacen in his scorched galaxy policies like Kya. Then again the Adumari have put quite a price on his head, and there is quite a list of bounty hunters after him."

    Daala raised her chin slightly. “Wasn’t Caedus tortured during the Yuuzhan Vong War? Acquire strange powers after an absence, where everyone described him as different?” Her tone was leading. “Don’t you think Skywalker should have done more? With billions dead?”

    Adam shrugged, "That was a standard Vong thing to do. I've seen some former interrogation sites that they used. Then again war isn't great on your psyche in the first place. In terms of Caedus or Jacen...well there were rumors that he met some Force user escaping from the Vong, and definitely ran into her again fairly early on in the conflict, so either he took his path willingly, or whoever it was...I think both were described as women who were able to manipulate him down that path. Then again both could be true."

    Adam sighed and sort of stared off, "In terms of Skywalker seeing that in Jacen and doing more about it. Probably, but things get tricky when it's family. When it comes to this war, I think there's more that a lot of people could have done starting at least from the end of the Vong War until now to make sure that this war didn't happen. From making sure that the fledgling government learned all of the lessons of the Vong War, to simple communication." He looked at Daala, "Communication could have done more to prevent this than anything else. Never mind Jacen, those politicians who failed to do that are just as guilty as Jacen or Aden. They didn't commit war crimes, but they allowed those people to come into power. In my mind, that makes them just as bad. Besides, it could lead to another conflict in a couple of years' time if nothing's done about it." He sort of left a hint that cleaning the house of those particular people could be a good idea.

    It turned out; they agree that the last war was wasteful and ridiculous that it reached the extent it did. In six months most of the galaxies militaries had been decimated - the Nine GA Fleets were reduced to less than three; the Imperials bled a dreadnought and half their fleets; the Hapans lost most of their contribution to the GA; the Mandalorians were smashed by a nano weapon and GA assault; the Confederates lost three-quarters of their fleet.

    All the good of the recovery since the Yuuzhan Vong War, undone by Sal-Solo, Cal Omas, Cha Niathal, Turr Phennir, Dur Gejjen, and Fyor Rodan - you could only blame Lumiya so much for manipulating them, but you could heap the greatest massacres of the war at the feet of Darth Caedus.

    But they’d all enabled him, and so too had the Jedi, the only ones who could have stopped him and let Corellia be beaten to the edge of collapse, Kashyyyk burned, Commenor be bombarded, and Fondor nuked before they finally threw their full weight at the Dark Lord.

    “So what do we do about it, Colonel?”

    Adam sighed a bit, he wasn’t sure that they agreed on all of the problems, but his answer was as if they were all relatively equal problems. “I think there are three main avenues to deal with these problems, military, political, and the Jedi. There’s also sort of sub-categories that we can go into later.

    First is the military, it’s clear to me that they need to learn some lessons that they haven’t learned. I don’t believe that they learned every lesson from the Vong War, and there are quite a few lessons to learn from this one. Along with that, they need to work on their training, across the board. There were quite a few military leaders who caused more harm than good.

    Second is political, it seems what sorts of checks and balances there were supposed to be in the government failed, horribly, worse than anything the Jedi did or failed to do. They either need to be strengthened or removed and replaced with something more effective. As it was no one outside of Palpatine was able to gain power as quickly as Niathal, Omas, or Caedus did. I think those three did it faster than him. Then again probably the whole governmental system needs to be examined with a fine-toothed comb.” Adam shrugged, “At least, that’s my opinion on that. Others might know better.

    Finally, the Jedi. This one is tricky since there’s little that can be done directly. First, they need to stop relying on Luke Skywalker so much. It’s not because he’s bad, but he’s also imperfect with a limited number of people who had, at the beginning of the war, the ability to set him straight. They lost one in his wife, Mara, but from what I’ve heard gained one in his son, Ben. Another reason is time if there’s another problem in 20 years, what are they going to do? Send out an 80-year-old Luke Skywalker?Adam smiled a little bit at the thought.

    I think the solution to that might be to strengthen the Jedi Council a bit, so they can approach the Grand Master, with more strength rather than waiting for the Grand Master to wake up. Secondly, they also need to learn lessons from the past two or three conflicts, though I’m not sure what they’ve learned and what they need to learn.

    I’m sure there’s more, but I think I’d need to talk to some of the Jedi before they have a more firm plan to change things. That and it’s very important to keep communication lines open with them, and I’d love to assist with this. It’d also be pretty simple for the Confederation, and the Remnant, as I have ties high up with them also.

    The woman nodded. “Well, I can get the military elements sorted swiftly enough. I’ve founded a new Galactic Alliance Academy, and reconstituted the Army as the GA was sorely lacking in ground forces during the last war. Save for secessions, precisely one world changed hands by military action in six months.”

    “As to politics, we’ve bills in place to remove the Supreme Commander from the chain in succession, and I’m also intending to raise taxes to increase the size of the Federal military and reduce our reliance upon our allies. The GA had seven Federal Fleets and the Bounty, really. That’s not much more than the New Republic ever had, and it’s taken a much more militant standpoint.”

    Daala hesitated at the idea of making the Jedi more organised. She didn’t want that. “If there is a new Grandmaster, I need it to be someone I can work with.”

    Adam nodded, “I’d also include a War College, in there, so mid-level officers can gain some more tactical and strategic thinking.

    Adam thought while Daala was talking about political changes, “Maybe allow individual sectors to directly provide to the defense as an alternative to a Federal Fleet? Then again smaller fleets and forces, in general, were able to do damage in excess of what is conventionally thought possible. Your Irregular Fleet is a great example of that. Something also has to be done about Intelligence and GAS resources so they don’t necessarily impede other citizens’ rights in the name of ‘security.’” Adam even used air quotes for the word security. He believed it was one of the reasons that the previous war started.

    Adam shrugged at the mention of the Jedi, “It might not be a new Grand Master, maybe it’s more finding one or more members on the Council that you trust.

    Daala nodded along. "A War College would make sense." She actually opened a datapad and began making notes.

    "I'll see what the Senate thinks about sector fleets, but I want Regional Commands, so we can ensure each region of space has a fixed and dedicated deployment. Not just one fleet a region, of course, but multiple. The Core Fleet for example being clearly delineated so there is no accusation of bias or Rimward forces being recalled to defend Coruscant, Kuat, or Corellia as ever. The GA's first move was to recall the Second, Third, and Fifth Fleets to target Corellia, and all three were held in the Outer Rim otherwise."

    The Admiral chewed a nail absently. "Do you have a suggestion? Kenth Hamner is ex-military, as is Kyle Katarn, though Katarn was NRI. Corran Horn was in Starfighter Command but didn't command a squadron before he retired. I'd rather not work with Saba Sebatyne or Cilghal, and Kyp Durron blew up Carida. I never agreed with him being allowed to be an active Jedi again."

    Especially not when he tried to kill me with the Sun Crusher.

    "And I imagine General Thaal will take umbrage with me promoting Durron after he barely escaped Carida."

    Daala was getting sidetracked and she cut off from her question. She would not be making a move against the Jedi until she was secure in her new control. Probably at the same time as the Unification Summit in two years.

    “This is all invaluable advice, Lyons, but I need to know if you’re on my team. As Chief of the GAS, my Chief of Staff, what. I want you in grip for when I squeeze my hand into a fist and target disorder and the causes of disorder.”

    A merciless grin. “Even if I have to put it in carbonite and manacle it with beskar.”

    Adam was about to go through his list of promises when a thought hit him, he quickly asked for a second to send a quick coded message to Tawg to forward it to Briana and Kael. That took care of most of his promises to most of the other people. There was still his new fiance, Rachel, but he was settling down and his priorities have changed.

    I don’t have any interest in being Chief of the GAS, though your Chief of Staff is intriguing since I tend to work better in the shadows anyways. That said I think you can find someone better at some point. Then again I tend to have good relations with the Jedi. That would be useful in the short term at least.

    Daala‘s otherwise quite expressive demeanour shut down hard. “Then get out of my office and send Wyn Dorvan in. He’s waiting for an interview and I need to announce my government sooner rather than later.”

    At that, she scooped the datapad up that lay in the middle of the table and dropped it in the trash can to her left. Turning aside, she had no desire to talk to the man any further.

    There were no ‘useful’ Jedi contacts; they would come to heel or be destroyed.


    Somewhere in Deep Space near the Unknown Regions

    “Welcome to the Hand, Adam.” Jag extended his hand.

    Thank you.” Adam took it smiling. “How’s Briana doing?

    Jag shook his head, “She might be less popular than my Chief of Security, especially among the Moffs.”

    Adam laughed, “Good. There’s a lot to discuss later with the GA and the Jedi, I’ll have a report for you soon.

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    IC: Garm Bel Iblis
    Nickel One, Roche Asteroid Belt, just before the final scene with Jaina and Han and Leia

    The battle came to messy but inevitable end.

    The Galactic Alliance Fourth Fleet, commanded by Admiral Darklighter, had the combined remnants of the Corellian, Bothan, Wookiee, Hapan and Maw fleets on the run, having driven them across the Roche system as far as Carbos Thirteen. The contingent commanded by Admiral Niathal had been destroyed days earlier, along with the Viscount-class Star Defender Bounty. The star system was littered wth the hulks of hundreds of capital ships and thousands of small vessels, of a million starfighters.

    At the battles height, ten fleets had fought here - four GA-Imperial, and six from the Jedi Coalition, GA-in-Exile, and Confederation. The Megador and the remnants of the Fifth Fleet had passed through the battle to allow Darth Caedus and the last Imperial fleet to advance to Shedu Maad, casually turning the tide and allowing Admiral Bwua'tu to take command.

    Nobody had expected the Megador, the Imperial fleet, and the Hapan Home Fleet to rejoin the battle and surround both sides.

    A New Galactic Alliance had been born.

    Now they had to talk it out.

    Garm Bel Iblis, as Supreme Commander of a member state of the Galactic Alliance - and contributor to its military - had been summoned, along with the Lanever Vilecham, who was at the start of his first term and likely to be elected for a second.

    As an aged man, Garm had wangled that he would get to arrive first with the Tarsunt, but by and large he wanted to get a good look at the delegates coming in. With the speed which the so-called Second Civil War had happened, it had been impossible to get a political consensus on which side to pick, especially when they were as bad as each other. Six months after the Confederation had been formed, it was defeated, but not undone.

    The Corellian settled down, thinking on the past great treaties. There had been no formality that ended the Clone Wars, but the Galactic Concordance and Bastion Accords had the war with the Galactic Empire, and the Sekot Accords ended the Yuuzhan Vong War. What would the inevitable 'Roche Accords' shape?

    He wanted to know.

    It seemed he wasn’t the only who wanted to be here first. But that didn’t mean he was happy to see her; Natasi Daala. He narrowed his eyes as she headed towards him, taking a seat in the amphitheater besides her. He glowered at the woman.

    “Garm Bel Iblis,” she said, archly. “What has it been? Twenty years?”

    “Twenty four,” he said. “Since you fled the Battle of Columus.”

    “I’ve kept a low profile.”

    “I’m sure you’ve been busy propping up the Deep Core.”

    “And the Meridian Sector,” she quipped.

    “So you do confess to being behind the Second Imperium?”

    “An ersatz Palpatine was in-charge of that,” Daala pointed out.

    “Created by Royal Guards you promoted.”

    She shrugged. “Ancient history.”

    “As if you weren’t planning a fleet with advanced warships to wipe out democracy…”

    “… you weren’t so choosy when my forces intervened at the Battle of Esfandia.”

    Bel Iblis was about to snap, ignoring Villecham’s gaze, but the others filed in.

    From the Confederation there were six - at their head, Supreme Commander Turr Phennir, and then two pairs. Kre’frey and Babo for the Bothans, and Teppler and Delpin from Corellia, the co-Chiefs of State. There was also trialing to the rear, Fyor Rodan of the devastated Commenor.

    “Fyor’s present is never good,” Bel Iblis muttered.

    “I agree.” Seemingly Daala overheard, but rather than a sarcastic one liner, she looked genuinely concerned by his presence. He was a idealist, and had demanded far too much from the New Republic and Galactic Alliance. His Commenor was rigidly controlled, and had ambled into the war besides the Corellians because of a lie - that the GA was planning to invade Commenor.

    Then followed Jagged Fel and the surviving Moffs; Luke Skywalker leading the Jedi Council in, less the two members who had died during the war who had yet to be replaced, but with Han and Leia following. Bel Iblis watched Daala as the three who foiled her time and time again in the past; she seemingly did not acknowledge them - not even Kyp Durron, though he certainly stared at her.

    Thereafter came the Galactic Alliance in Exile contingent. Niathal led the two others - General Celchu and the Fondorian President, Vadde. Daala made a noise of understanding. “No Fett.”

    Bel Iblis didn’t comment.

    Lastly there were the three representatives of the main Galactic Alliance. Nek Bwua’tu, Gavin Darklighter, and G’vli G’Sil, the head of the Galactic Alliance Security Council, followed by Queen Mother Tenel Ka and the leader of the Hapan Navy, Astarta.

    “This is going to be a nightmare.”

    Now that Bel Iblis did agree with.

    It was; they argued and squabbled and threw accusations, especially the Confederates to the GA to the Moffs, until Luke reminded them that the Confederation and the Galactic Alliance had lost the war to the Jedi, Hapans and Imperials. They couldn’t keep fighting, because the Jedi Council had the firepower to enforce it.

    “There it is,” Daala said.

    Bel Iblis didn’t like that.

    “So all I want,” Luke, “is for the borders as they are to stay.” He looked to Phennir. “The Confederation can retain Balmorra; the Imperial Remnant can retain Borleias and Bilbringi, and the full Galactic Alliance will reunite with Fondor.” His eyes took in the President of that planet, who nodded.

    “In two years time, the Galactic Alliance, Hapans, Imperials and Confederates will meet and meet at a Unification Summit on Coruscant to discuss reunification and moving forward.” There was no disagreement - each faction retained their territory, and they would have their own space - the Confederation was recognised, and the Hapes wasn’t expected to converse with the Imperials directly for two years; time for wounds to heal.

    “Reparations will be paid by the Galactic Alliance to Fondor, Commenor, Kashyyyk, Verprine, and Corellia,” Luke said firmly. There was no grumbling from either GA contingent - Niathal and Bwua’tu would both want to repair the worlds their government damaged by attacking.

    His gaze took in them all, but notably not Daala, Bel Iblis and Villecham. They’d had minimal personal stakes in the war, and Daala had turned up for the last month of it.

    “All we need to settle upon is a leader.”

    What happened next you all know; Niathal supported Bwua’tu, who passed the crown to the one person in the room that was not a Confederate, was not an Imperial, was not a GA supporter.

    To Natasi Daala.

    The ex-Imperial who had attacked Mon Calamari decades ago; had scoured a colony of civilians from Dantooine; had led a campaign of terror from the Deep Core; had attacked time and time again the Jedi Order; had dedicated to killing Moffs...

    ... and had gassed the most heinous of the Warlords; had stopped Imperials determined to use plague to expand the Empire; had fought for systems abandoned by the New Republic during the Yuuzhan Vong War; had threw her weight into the Battle of Esfandia and won it; had stepped back into the public eye and remained in it to stop Darth Caedus...

    She had as many flaws as she did strengths.

    But she wasn't a Confederate, wasn't an Imperial, wasn't a GA supporter.

    Which made her the only compromise candidate.

    For better, or for worse.

    Had Jacen Solo died for this?

    To unify the galaxy beneath the next tyrant-to-be?

    Seemingly so.

    IC: White Eyes


    The man who called himself White Eyes, did so to avoid his true name becoming known. If it was spoken enough, the Force would resonate with his existence, and his survival.

    Thus the pseudonym.

    It served the purposes of Darth Sidious to be unknown.

    He regarded his hand, and the distorted digits upon it. He had been trapped in this clone body for decades now - his line had not been fully restored when he threw his spirit from Onderon to the first clone of his new division. Traitorous Imperials had sabotaged his clones at the behest of Lumiya and her apprentice, Carnor Jax. But he had been desperate - his last body shot by Han Solo, unable to seize the baby Anakin Solo - and so he occupied a defective body and was caught within.

    Only if he was killed by a powerful Force user in anger would he be able to possess their body - without a perfected clone, anyway. But at the edges of the galaxy he had only the scraps of resources he once had, and so he had initially launched many campaigns to retake the galaxy - the Empire Reborn and Second Imperium among them, before Darth Krayt came to Korriban and reinvigorated his fledging One Sith.

    But this clone only had another five or so years in it. His sight had already vanished, thus his milky eyes. Soon he would have to confine himself to an Ommin Cage, pioneered by an ancient Sith King whose body had suffered the ravages of the dark side. When that happened, he would have to focus on his pursuits in the Unknown Regions.

    And now with these reports of a group of Sith that had struck at freighters near Eriadu… and the theft of a group of frigates from the Corporate Sector. There was a sizeable number of Sith in play, clearly…

    … and with the Change wrought by Darth Caedus undoing the fate of the galaxy, the one in which his new apprentice, Krayt, had taken the Throne for him…

    … it was time to exit stage left, and make sure that they were not discovered. Their final preparations in the Unknowns would bear fruit soon, and of course Senator Treen had thoroughly infiltrated the Galactic Alliance now led by that irritant Daala

    He approached the Krayt, fresh from his latest discussions with Mas Amedda - Darth Wyyrlok, for some years - about the efforts to replace Jaden Korr with a clone based on Thrawn’s secret program, using the last of their Rakatan mind-spears - an apparent failure, though all the rogue clones of former Imperials had been destroyed. As much as White Eyes would have enjoyed killing Lumiya’s clone, apparently named Seer, or Mara’s clone, it was best they were gone.

    Limping slightly but demanding the Force straighten out his deformed leg beneath his robes, Palpatine stood before Krayt, firmly in stasis but his mind alive with thought.

    My apprentice, it’s time to withdraw to Exegol.

    IC: The First Darkness

    The Force

    His body died.

    It was severed by his sister, and Caedus was free.

    The Change had been wrought, and inevitably, Abeloth would escape from the Maw.

    Thereafter, as inevitably as time, the End of all reality would follow.

    Abeloth would be the Herald for the Twilight Wars return.

    The Protectors and Destructors would clash anew.

    But without the Celestials to step in.

    They were dead, after all, killed on Mortis.

    At last, the victory of the Darkness was at hand.

    Not the Original Darknesses, no, those Six.

    The First Darkness.

    The One who had faced the Maker; had encouraged the corruption of the Celestials; had manipulated the Bedlam Spirits; had brought into being the Old Ones; had brought to their knees the species of the Killiks, Gree and Kwa, and advanced the creation of the Sith, Rakata, Anzati, Hutts and a host of other so-aligned species.

    Jacen had sought how to Change the Throne of Balance.

    Many did not know, but the future had been steered towards the Dark Man.

    Darth Krayt
    would rule the galaxy, and among his acolytes had stood many faces...

    ... among them little Allana Djo, all grown up and on the dark side.

    Jacen Solo had recognised his daughter before she was even born.

    He knew he had to stop that future.

    And so he dedicated himself to discovering how to master the Change.

    Which meant also ensuring it was not undone; that his daughter did not fall later - that she had an example of pure evil to stand before her and prove to her that the Dark Side was a horrible, monstrous thing, that had corrupted her father.

    To ensure she would never, ever fall, Jacen Solo had became the Dark Man of his vision, and usurped the Throne of Balance for his daughter...

    ... and in his last moments, he had flow-walked.

    He hurled himself into the past.

    Yes, he had learned how to perform the Force Phantom tricks that Lumiya had, as easily as he had any other technique...

    ... he knew he could be tethered to one place, if he moved himself along the Force...

    ... he would go back to the first Change, and find out the Truth of what had happened in the first battles between Light and Dark, and how he would truly bring to an end the great conflict.

    Jacen Solo
    was not yet done.

    He would head back, even if only to change the memories of everyone who had been lost to this senseless conflict...

    ... and Caedus was happy for him to do so.

    What would he Change?

    Nobody in this timeline would even know.

    It was over, a Legend now, to those who had escaped it.

    Told by survivors, epic tales of life and death and conflict.

    But for these people, here and now.

    They had lived these fights, and saved the galaxy in their own way - for themselves.

    What was to come, the release of Abeloth, the rise of Daala, the conflicts to come, they would happen with or without them. They had all earned their peace, and their future. They had done their part.

    This was the end, for them, and, as ever, the beginning at the same time.

    To Dark Beginnings.

    To Twilight Endings.

    To Light of the Future.

    To the Legacy of the Force...

    ... and the next Last Stand.
  11. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
  12. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004

    I would like to say my special thanks to those who joined this game, which has been running since 2019!

    It's quite the brilliant achievement.

    As a kernel of an idea with @Adalia-Durron and myself, an intention to reunite the cast of the older games on the Galactic Center off-site, we created a truly wonderful story with a weaving of incredibly beloved characters.

    I would thank @galactic-vagabond422 for his contributions as Rhoen, a character nearly erased by the abortive After the Awakening games and then resurrected firstly here and later in Episode X: Duel of the Fates.

    Next, to call out @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha and the ever dependable Loriana Starskimmer, who jumped with the rest of Rogue Wing in a second wave of defections which was insanely fun, especially with her handling a Sullustan proposal!

    For a time we had back @Rebecca_Daniels and Beka, who had a brief but fun and helluva tense scene with Aden which I will always remember. Similarly we had the participation of @I_am_Kooky, with her characters providing some quite fun moments (Needa especially).

    Adrian Malek became a great and fun character in the hands of @Anedon, providing us with a lot of dramatic moments as his homeworld seceded and his family tree became embroiled in the drama to follow. Even more fun, events spiralled with Ilona and Welmo (good riddance to him!) and the introduction of Valentina fleshed out the GA side a chunk.

    Corran and Mirax Horn came to life in the hands of @Corellian_Outrider, a fairly delicate balance between the scenes he was occupied in, and his own subplots involving Kyp (as played by @The Real Kyp Durron) and Valin (and for a time Seha). A pleasure to have my fellow RPF Mod in one of my games (I think for the first time!)

    Along came @adaml83 with his fleshing out of the universe, a player who absolutely loved this universe and let me introduce my old favourite Teren Rogriss, and even cameo Natasi Daala, who we all love to hate. So thank you to Adam Lyons, Trec, and more besides there.

    Later in the game we had @darthbernael join and supply the ever indomitable Bernael, as well as the intriguing Nagai twins Rem and Rom, as a pretty curious counterpoint to the Umbaran twins serving the One Sith.

    But we can't not speak often and loudly about Adalia Tehanis and the many characters that Addie ran for old RPers on their behalf. It was extremely fun to see them back in the saddle of an X-wing, and Addie herself provided a confrontation with Darth Caedus, a sucker punch for Aden, a wedding, an ex, a baby subplot.

    Dear me.

    All blown apart by the last superweapon.

    Our great and grand Last Stand, everyone.

    Thank you form the bottom of my heart for playing for the last two years plus!

  13. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Aussie Rebel At Heart. star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    What he said. This game was created around characters I wrote about more than 10 years ago, the people who created those characters, well, many have moved on. Having you new people move into the world I created all those years ago so effortlessly was an amazing thing and incredible. That was a huge part of my life back then and I made the most incredible friends out of it, I have now made more. You guys all rocked this, and it was meant to be a short run that somehow turned into an epic. Thank you to @Sinrebirth, whose character Aden hated Adalia so much back then that he tried to destroy her career and that of her squadron, he came close too! :eek: Kinda expected him to blow me up, thank you for not doing so! LOL And thank you for allowing her to get to her 'quiet retirement' and motherhood. I'd always wanted to get her there its really appreciated.

    I have loved this ride, its been a rollercoaster and the fun discussing it will stick with me. Amazing to have 'my brother' back on the boards, love your guts @adaml83 - my board brother and I so miss working with you, love you mate! Hope to see so much more of you [face_love]

    @Rebecca_Daniels and @I_am_Kooky - you two were part of the original crew and to have you back even for a short time was a dream come true for me. I cannot thank you guys enough.

    @galactic-vagabond422 - well, what can I say? I know you way better now, better than most I would say and this game brought a lot to your world I think. I cannot wait for what your future brings you. [face_love]

    Working Rooty with @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha was a hoot, I asked his owner @A-WingsRule and he was happy for him to come back to life. Let's hope Loriana and Rooty find happiness! :p

    Adrian and Marie, wow, that took off didn't it!?!? @Anedon and I created a HUGE world for them and if you ever are curious, the Fan Fiction section has them almost 20 years in the future with a family and changing EVERYTHING on Dathomir!!! Thank you!! Wild ride!

    @Corellian_Outrider - you know how much I love your work, you are amazing [face_love] I keep telling you, time you started listening!

    @The Real Kyp Durron - thank you so much for being my Kyp, you know I it means a lot to me. I know you want to fade from the boards, so thank you for your time.

    @darthbernael - wow, weren't you a dark horse? Who knew Adalia's life would take that twist and if people could read the epic adventures post this game they'd be blown away I think! LOL Thank you for everything but most of all for becoming my best friend on line. You Sir, are a true gentleman and scholar.

    For a Star Wars period that was only a month or 6 weeks, we managed to make it past two years, and you are all pure gold for that. Thank you is just not enough.

    MTFBWY all.